By Deric John 1998

"The result of many years' research, this book is the ideal guide to the meanings and derivations of the place names of the Cynon Valley from Ystradfellte and Penderyn in the North to Abercynon and Ynysbwl in the south............................... Written by Deric John with contributions from notable place name etymologists, this book contains detailed explanations for the names of over 75 places in the Cynon Valley and is set to become standard reference for anyone with an interest in the place-names of the valley."

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The index from the book is reproduced below as a guide to the names listed in the book and their location


Aberaman House,see Aberaman

Aberaman Ironworks,see Aberaman

Aberaman Ycha/Isha,see Aberaman




Aberdare Canal,see Cwm-bach & Abercynon

Aberdare Cemetery,see Trecynon

Aberdare Hospital,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Aberdare Junction,see Abercynon

Aberdare Park,see Trecynon


Abergwair,see Abergwawr


Abergwawr St see Abergwawr

Abernant House,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Abernant Ironworks,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Abernant Station,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Abernant-y-groes Uchaf/Isaf,see Blaennant-y-groes



Abertaf a cynon,see Abercynon

afallen,see Aberdare

Alaw Goch,see Ynyscynon

Allen's town,see Caegarw

Alltwen,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Amanw, see Aberaman

Ammanford,see Aberaman

Andover,see Dyffryn

animals in place-names,see Penderyn

Arberth,see Perthcelyn

arosfa,see Y Werfa

Ash grove,see Llwyn-onn

Avon,see Aberffrwd


Bailey,Crawshay,see Aberaman

banhadlog,see Gelli -dafolog

Bannow,Wexford,see Aberaman

banw,see Aberaman & Cwmaman

banwen,see Gelli-dafolog

Bargoed,see Bwlch-y-Lladron

Basin,see Abercynon

Bedlinog,see Ystradfellte

Bedo,see Nyth-bran

Bedwellty,see Ystradfellte

Bedwlwyn,see Cwmaman

bedwos,see Y Rugos

Beeches Nursing Home,the,see Maerdy

Began,see Tyntetown

Bigwn,Y,see Cefn Rugos

blaen as a place-name element,see Blaen-gwawr

Blaenau Gwent,see Blaen-gwawr

Blaenau Ffestiniog,see Blaen-gwawr

Blaenau'r Dyffrynoedd,see Blaengwawr



Blaenaman,see Cwmaman

Blaennant,see Abernant

Blaen y wenallt,see Abernant-y-wenallt

bod as a place-name element,see Bodwigiad


Bolgoed,see Cefn Rugos

Bon-y-groes,see Blaen-nant-y-groes

Braich yr hwch,see Cefn Rugos

Bron Iestyn,see Hirwaun

Brondeg,see Cefn Rugos

Brown's Pit,see Cwmaman

Broxhead & Broxted,see Penderyn

Bruce,Henry Austin,see Dyffryn

brwynog,see Gelli-dafolog,Trebanog

Brychan,see Blaengwawr

Brycheiniog,see Blaengwawr

Brynaman,see Aberaman

Bryn-glas,see Y Darran-las

Bryn-syfi,see Gelli-dafolog

bwl as a place-name element,see Ynys-y-bwl



Bwllfa-Dare Colliery,see Bwllfa


caber,see Penrhiwceibr

Cadole,see Bwlch-y-Lladron

Cae Cristinas,see Blaen-nant-y-groes

Cae Felin Parc Parc Cae'r Felin


Cae'r ty uchaf,see Ty-fry

Cae ysgubor,see Ysgubor-wen

Candover,see Dyffryn

Canon St,see Hirwaun

cantref,see Meisgyn

Cap Coch,see Abercwmboi


Cau-glas,see Dyffryn

cawn, see Gelli-dafolog

Cefn as a place-name element,see Cefn Rugos

Cefn Rugos


Cefndrum,see Cefn Rugos

Cefnmabli,see Tyntetown


ceirch,see Gelli-dafolog

Celynen,river,see Aberdare

celynnog,see Gelli-dafolog,Trebanog

celli,see Gelli-dafolog

Cerdinen,see Mountain Ash & Cwm-bach

chevron,see Penrhiwceibr

Cilgeti,see Ynys-boeth

Cilsanws,see Blaen-gwawr

Circulating Schools,see Pontcynon

clovers,see Gelli-dafolog

Clydach, see Abercwmboi

clyn and glyn interchanging,see Meisgyn

Clyn Gwyn,see Meisgyn & Abercwmboi

Cobbler's Row,see Tre-nant

Coed Ffos-ceibr,see Penrhiw-ceibr

coediog,see Trebanog

coedcae,see Cae Felin Parc & Llwydcoed

Cole,river,see Aberdare

Comin,Ysgol-y-,see Trecynon

commote,see Meisgyn

Craig-y-bwlch,see Bwlch-y-lladron

Crookebotruan,see Bodwigiad

cross,as a symbol and boundary marker,see


Cwar Llwyn-onn,see Llwyn-onn

cwm as a place-name element,see Cwmaman

Cwm Cynon

Cwm Ynysmintan






Cwmrhyd-y-ceirw,see Bwlch-y-Lladron

cynddaredd,see Aberdare

cynhesfa,see Y Werfa

Cynn pers name,see Meisgyn

Cynnon Farm,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Cynog,see Blaengwawr

Cynon,river,see Abercynon

Cynvoi pers name, see Abercwmboi


Dai,see Nyth-bran

Dar,see Aberdare

Dare Foundry,see Foundry Town

Daren,see Aberdare

Daron,see Aberdare


Dart,river,see Aberdare

Darwen,see Aberdare

Dean St,see Hirwaun

Deep Duffryn Colliery,see Dyffryn

Dei,Deio,see Nyth-bran

Deicws,Deicyn,see Nyth-bran

Derravarragh,see Aberdare

Derrylough,see Aberdare

Dervonae,see Aberdare

Derwennydd,see Aberdare

Derwent,see Aberdare

dialect,see Nyth-Bran

disgwylfa,see Y Werfa

Dolgynog,see Blaengwawr

Dover,see Dyffryn

dreiniog,see Trebanog

dreinos,see Y Rugos

drum as a place-name element,see Cefn Rugos

Dugoed,see Llwydcoed

dwfr as a place-name element,see Dyffryn

dyar,see Aberdare




eirinog,see Gelli-dafolog

eithinog,see Gelli-dafolog

Epynt,see Dyffryn

esgair,see Abercwmboi & Cwmaman

Esgair Llaithdir,see Cwmaman

Eversheads,see Penderyn

ewigiaid,see Bodwigiad


fallan,see Gelli-dafolog

Farcet,see Penderyn

Fedw-hir,see Aberdare

fetchys,see Gelli-dafolog

ffa'r palog,see Gelli-dafolog

fforch as a place-name element,see Fforchaman

Fforch-don,see Cefn-y-don




Fforest Uchaf,see Newtown

Ffrwd,see Aberffrwd

Ffynon Groyw,see Bwlch-y-Lladron

Fochriw,Y,see Cefn Rugos

Foundry Town


Gabrosentum,see Dyffryn


Games,Richard,see Bodwigiad

Gamlyn,Y,see Pen-y-waun

Gardd Aberdar,see Abercwmboi

garth as a place-name element,see Cefnpennar

Gateshead,see Penderyn

gelli as an element in CV place-names,see Gelli Dafolog

Gelli-ben-uchel,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli Bur,Y,see Gelli-dafolog


Gelli Dawal,Y,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli-deg,Y,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli-ddu,Y,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli-fach,Y,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli Fanaches,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli Fendigaid,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli Ffynhonnau,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli-lwch,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli-neuadd,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli-tarw,see Gelli-dafolog

Gelli Wrgan,see Gelli-dafolog

Gerynt,Y,see Dyffryn

Gibbon,pers name,see Tregibbon

Glamorgan Canal,see Abercynon

glan and llan interchanging,see Glancynon

glan as an element in CV place-names,see Glancynon

Glanaman,see Aberaman


Glandare,see Glancynon

Glanffrwd,see Glancynon & Aberffrwd

Glanynys,see Glancynon

glas,see Y Darran-las

Glascoed,see Llwydcoed

Glascote,see Llwydcoed

Glasgow,see Darran-las

Gloucester St,see Hirwaun

Glynhafod,see Hafod


Golden Post,The,see Ynyscynon

gorffwysfa,see Y Werfa

grug,see Y Rugos

grugog,see Gelli-dafolog

grugos,see Y Rugos

Gurnos,see Y Rugos

Guto and other pet names,see Nyth Bran

Gwar-y-scwd,see Cefn Rugos

Gwastad Onnos,see Gelli-dafolog

gwaun, see Hirwaun

Gwawr,see Blaen-gwawr

Gwenallt,see Abernant-y-wenallt

gwenith,see Gelli-dafolog

Gwenno,see Nyth-bran

Gwentian dialect,see Ystradfellte,& Cwm



gwern as a place-name element,see Gwernifor

gwernen,see Gelli-dafolog

Gwern-y-pawl,see Penderyn


Gwigiad,see Bodwigiad

Gwili,see Aberffrwd

gwinydd,gweinydd,see Gelli-dafolog

gwrageddos,see Gelli-dafolog

Gwrgant,pers name,see Hirwaun

Gwynno,pers name,see Llanwynno

Gwys,see Aberaman



Haidd,see Gelli-dafolog

Haiddog,see Gelli-dafolog

Hall St,see Hirwaun

Haydock,see Gelli-dafolog

Helygen,see Aberdare

Helygos,see Gelli-dafolog

Hendre,Hendy,see Hafod

Hen-dy-cwrdd,see Trecynon

Heol-y-felin,see Trecynon

Hirwaun Iron Works,see Hirwaun


Huwcyn,see Nyth-bran

Hwch,see Aberaman

Hwlcyn,see Nyth-bran

hwnt, as a place-name element, see Ty Draw

hynt,see Dyffryn

hypocoristic or pet names,see Nyth Bran


Ianto,see Nyth-bran

Iestyn,see Hirwaun

Ilfracombe,see Cwmaman

inis for ynys,see Ynys-boeth

Iori,Ioryn,see Nyth-bran


Kanturk,see Penderyn

Kendon,see Cefn-y-don

Kenwyn,see Cefn Rugos

Kincon,see Penderyn

Kinneigh,see Penderyn


Jones,Gruffydd,Llanddowror,see Pontcynon

Junction Hotel,see Abercynon


Leam,see Aberdare

Lemon,see Aberdare

les Cevennes,see Cefn Rugos

Letoceto,see Llwydcoed

Lewsyn,see Nyth-bran

Lichfield,see Llwydcoed

loaf of bread,see Ynyswendraeth

lladron,see Bwlch-y-lladron

llan as a place-name element,see Llanwynno

Llanbradach,see Glancynon

Llancaeach,see Glancynon

Llandafen,see Glancynon

Llanedeyrn,see Tyntetown

Llanmorlais,see Glancynon

Llanpumsaint,see Llanwynno

Llantrisant,see Llanwynno


Llawhaden,see Cefn Rugos

Llechwen,see Ystradfellte

Lletty-shenkyn,see Cwm-bach

llety as a place-name element,see Llety-turner

Llety'r Adar,see Llety-turner

Llety'r Filiast,see Llety-turner

Llety'r Fran,see Llety-turner

Llety'r Llygoden,see Llety-turner

Llety-gariad,see Llety-turner

Llety-llyffant,see Llety-turner


Llio,see Nyth-bran

Llwydarth,see Cefnpennar


llwyfen,see Aberdare

Llwyn-celyn,see Perthcelyn

Llwyn y dadleu,see Y Gadlys


Llygad Cynon,see Cefn Rugos

Lygos,see Y Rugos,Gelli-dafolog

Lymn,see Aberdare


Maenor Gwynno,see Llanwynno

Maerdre,see Maerdy


Maes-y-dre,see Hirwaun

Maes y rhydiau,see Cae Felin Parc


Malvern,see Cwmaman


Mardy House,see Maerdy

Mayberry,John,see Hirwaun

Meg,see Nyth-bran

Meisgyn Miskin

melarian,see Gelli-dafolog

Melinaberaman, see Aberaman

Mellte,river-name,see Ystradfellte

Merthyr,Lord,see Maerdy

Minton,pers name,see Cwm Ynysmintan

Miskin Manor,see Meisgyn

Moel yr Hyddod,see Cwmaman

Molly,see Nyth-bran

Morris,Pit,St,see Cwmaman

Mountain Ash,see Aberpennar

Mountain Ash Inn,see Aberpennar

Mountain Ash RFC,see Dyffryn

mynedfa,see Y Werfa


Names and surnames in place-names,see Cwm Ynysmintan

Nanno,see Nyth-bran

nant,see Blaennant-y-groes

Nant Tynplancau,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Nant-y-geugarn,see Ynyscynon

Nant-yr-afallen,see Aberdare


Narberth,see Perthcelyn

National Eisteddfod,see Aberpennar

Navigation,see Abercynon

Navigation House,see Abercynon

navvies, see Abercynon

Nebo Chapel,see Hirwaun

Neuol,see Fforchneuol


Nicky Nocky, see Aberaman



-og, as a suffix,see Gelli-dafolog

onn,see Llwyn-onn

Onnos,see Y Rugos

-os,as a suffix, see Y Rugos & Gelli-dafolog


Pandy,see Trebanog

Pandy Tudur,see Bwlch-y-Lladron

pannau,see Trebanog

Pant Farm Estate,see Cwm-bach

Pant-y-cerdin,see Cwm-bach

Pant-y-gerddinen,see Cwm-bach

Pantynenbren,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Parc Cae'r Felin

Parc Dyffryn Pennar,see Dyffryn

Parc Newydd,see Carnetown

parts of the body and place-names,see Cefn Rugos

pebyll,-au, see Gelli-dafolog

Peggy,see Nyth-bran

Pembroke St,see Hirwaun

Penberthy,see Perthcelyn

Pen Hydd,see Penderyn

Pen March,see Penderyn

Pen Ychen,see Penderyn

Pen yr Afr,see Penderyn

Pen yr Hwrdd,see Penderyn

Pen-carrow,see Penderyn

Pen-kivel,see Penderyn

Pen-vrane,see Penderyn



Penicuick,see Penderyn

Pennar,see Aberpennar

Penrhiw Cradoc,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Penrhiw werfa,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Penrhiw ymenyn,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Penrhiw'r Mynach,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Penrhiw'r porthmon,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Penrhiw-angen,see Penrhiw-ceibr


Penrhiw-las,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Penrhiw-llech,see Penrhiw-ceibr

Pentrebach,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Pentyrch,see Penderyn

Penychen,see Meisgyn

Perth,Sco see Perthcelyn


Perthgelyn,see Perthcelyn

Perthi-llwydion,see Perthcelyn

Pertholau,see Perthcelyn

plantos,see Gelli-dafolog

plants in CV place-names,see, Gelli Dafolog

plas, as a place-name element, see Plas Draw

Plas draw

Plas y Dyffryn,see Mountain Ash

poeth as a place-name element,see Ynys-boeth

Poets and place-names,see Aberffrwd

Pontargynon,see Pontcynon



Pont Mynydd-y-gerdinen,see Aberpennar

Pontyclun,see Bwlch-y-Lladron

porfa,see Y Werfa

Powell Duffryn Co see Aberaman & Dyffryn

pwllfa,see Bwllfa

Pwll-y-dylluan,see Penderyn

pys,see Gelli-dafolog


Rammell Report,see Tre-nant

rhedyn,see Gelli-dafolog

rhedynog,see Gelli-dafolog

rhedynos,see Y Rugos

Rhiwmenich,see Ty-fry

rhodfa,see Y Werfa

Rhondda,Viscount,see Ysgubor-wen

Rhos-gwawr,see Blaen-gwawr

Rhos Wenallt,see Abernant

Rhufawn,pers name,see Bodwigiad

rhyg,see Gelli-dafolog

Roberts,James Lewis,see Robertstown

Robertstown Tresalem

rowan,see Mountain Ash


rye grass,see Gelli-dafolog


Sais,see Fforchneuol

Salem,see Robertstown

Sanos,see Blaen-gwawr

Seymour St,see Hirwaun

sgwrfa,see Y Werfa,

Shepherds,Arms,Pit,see Cwmaman

Shepshead,see Penderyn

Shoni Sgubor-fawr,see Pontbren-llwyd

Sketty,see Ynys-boeth

surnames and pers names,see Cwm Ynysmintan

Swineshead & Swinesherd,see Penderyn

syfi,see Gelli-dafolog


tafolog,see Gelli-dafolog

Tangwystl,see Blaen-gwawr

tap-house,see Trap

tarran,tarren,see Y Darran-las

tawlu,see Ynys-y-bwl

Telynog,see Cwm-bach

Tir as a place-name element,see Aber-gwawr

Tir Dafydd Sais,see Fforchneuol

Tir Evan y gof,see Abergwawr

Tir y Vodwen, see Hafod

Tir-bach,see Cwm-bach

Tir-y-founder,see Cwm-bach

Tir-y-Iorin,see Abergwawr

Ton as a place-name element,see Cefn-y-don

Ton-coch,see Cefn-y-don

Ton Dafydd Bengyrch,see Cefn-y-don

Ton-glwyd-fawr,see Cefn-y-don

Ton-llwyd,see Cefn-y-don

totemism,see Penderyn

Trallwng,Y,see Cefn Rugos


tref as a place-name element,see Trecynon

Tre Telynog,see Cwmbach


Trealaw,see Ynyscynon

Treaman, see Aberaman


Trebanos,see Y Rugos


trees in CV place-names, see Aberdare

Tregibbon Tregibwn

Tresalem,see Robertstown

Tre Telynog,see Cwm-bach

trewynau,see Gelli-dafolog

trip, see Trap

Troed-rhiw-forest,see Newtown

Troon,Sco see Cefn Rugos

trum as a place-name element,see Cefn Rugos

Trwyn Llwyd,see Cefn Rugos

Tudful,pers name,see Blaen-gwawr

Tunnel,the,see Blaen-nant-y-groes

turner, see Llety-turner

TVR see Abercynon

Twrch,see Aberaman

twlu,see Ynys-y-bwl



tyllest,see Y Dyllas

Ty-llwyd,see Cwm-bach and


Tynte,Charles Kemys,see Tyntetown


Ty'n-y-ton,see Cefn-y-don

Ty'r Arlwydd,see Meisgyn

Ty'r ysgol,see Pontcynon


Vale of Neath Railway,see Abernant-y-wenallt

Vaynor,see Llanwynno

Vole,y,see Penderyn


Warren,see Aberdar

Waun Ysgubor,see Ysgubor-wen

Weatherall St,see Hirwaun

Wendover,see Dyffryn


Wernos,Y,see Y Rugos

Whitcombe St,see Hirwaun

Winscombe,see Cwmaman


Y preceding place-names,see Y Dyllas

ynys as a place-name element,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys Byr, see Ynys-boeth

Ynys Daf,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys Enlli,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys fain,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys Fawr,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys Glandwr,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys Mon,see Ynys-boeth

Ynys pwll-llif,see Dyffryn




Ynysawdre,see Hafod



yonder,see Ty-draw

Yr Ynys,see Ynys-boeth

ysgallog,see Gelli-dafolog

Ysgubor-fawr,see Pontbren-llwyd


ystrad as a place-name element,see Ystradfellte



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