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  •  From the The Cardiff Times 12th June 1869

BARRY. IVORITES' ANNIVERSARY.—Once a year the beautiful woods and valleys of this place are filled with music. On Wednesday, the 2nd inst., being the day appointed for the above entertainment, the members of the Lord Romilly lodge met at their club room, and at ten o'clock formed a procession, headed by the Llantwit-Major brass band, and marched to Porthkerry church. The excellent discourse given by the Rev. E. E. Allen, taken from Rom. xii., 5, was greatly to the satisfaction of all who heard it, and we think it was one of the most appropriate we have heard. The service being over, they reformed in procession, and went their usual route, calling at the principal houses at Rhoose, where they were warmly received by Messrs. Savours and Morgans, being refreshed by them with bread and cheese and beer. They then returned, calling at the residence of Mr. E. Romilly, and from thence to their club-room, where they found the tables groaning under the primest joints of meat that could be purchased,      ......(part extract).......

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 12th December 1896

BARRY. PARLIAMENTARY DEBATING SOCIETY.—At the weekly meeting of the Barry Parliamentary Debating Society on Thursday evening, Mr Ainscough (Sheffield) continued the debate on the Address by moving an amendment to the effect that the Government take action in concert with the other Powers that are signatories of the Berlin Treaty with reference to the Armenian massacres. This was seconded by Mr J. Spargo (Cornwall). The debate was continued in a very spirited manner, and eventually the House divided, with the result that the amendment was defeated by 14 votes to 23.

  • From the  South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 24th November 1897

BARRY. LITERARY AND SOCIAL SOCIETY.—At the meeting of this society held on Tuesday evening Dr. Joseph Parry, Penarth, read an admirable paper on "Schubert, Beethoven, and Chopin." Madame Ashworth Hughes sang selections from their works, and Mr A. M. Setter and Mr T. R. Lewis rendered selections on the pianoforte and violon- cello respectively.

PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.—Mr W. Thomas presided at a meeting of this committee of the Barry District Council on Tuesday evening. It was decided to ask Messrs Pethick Bros., contractors of the Vale of Glamorgan Railway, to contribute £100 towards the cost of completing roads adjoining their property. On an average 12,385 persons, 698 horses and carts, 85 horses and carriages, 103 horses, and 70 bicycles pass up and down Holton-road each day. It was resolved to apply to the County Council for a grant towards the maintenance of the road.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 24th March 1900

BARRY. Wesleyan Methodist Bazaar.—The bazaar held on Wednesday and Thursday at the Wesleyan (English) Methodist Chapel, Holton-road, Barry Dock, in aid of the building fund of the proposed new chapel, realised over £100. 

Smallpox HospitaL-At the usual monthly meeting of the Barry Health Committee of the District Council, Mr W. Paterson presiding, the surveyor submitted a scheme for the erection of a smallpox hospital in place of the scheme which had already been before the Council, providing for an expenditure cf about £9,000, whereby a saving of about £I,000 could be effected. Another suggestion was to the effect that the old temporary building should be removed and another erected at a cost of about £400. The committee finally recommended that they were still of opinion that a permanent hospital was most advisable, but as the majority of the Council were against this, they thought it best that the existing hospital be removed, and that No. 2 scheme be adopted.

New Conservative Club.Yesterday evening the informal opening cf the new Barry Dock Conservative Dock and Institute took place, the occasion being celebrated by it supper and smoking concert. Mr James Price presided. The club,, which is situated in Station-street, Barry Dock, is a commodious structure, and when completely furnished will have cost over £ 3,000.

  • From the  South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 14th October 1898

BARRY. SCHOOLS MANAGEMENT.—Mr John Lowdon. J.P., presided over a meeting of the School Management Committee of the Barry School Board on Thursday evening, when a letter was received from the Education Department affording sanction to the temporary accommodation provided at the Bible Christian Chapel, but stipulating that it should not be for a longer period than 12 months. The salary of the clerk to the Technical Instruction and Evening Schools (Mr R. Treharne Rees) was fixed at £15 exclusive of all grants and payments.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 18th April 1899

BARRY. School Board.—A special meeting of the School Board was held on Monday evening, Mr J. Lowdon, J.P., presiding. Mr W. Britton, Barry Dock, whose tender at £ 2,692 for the erection of a new school at Barry Island had been accepted, wrote informing the board that errors had occurred in his estimates, and his tender would now amount to £ 2,772. The board decided not to entertain the amended tender, and accepted that of Messrs Jones Bros., Barry Dock, at £ 2,894. On the proposition of Dr. W. Lloyd Edwards, seconded by Dr. P. J. O'Donnell, a vote of condolence was passed with the widow and parents of the late Mr T, E. Ellis, M.P.

  • From the  South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 28th September 1900

BARRY. Fire Engine and Station,—The District Council have erected a model fire engine station, and the engine itself is shortly expected. The Council having determined not to have a volunteer fire brigade, an engineer will be appointed to live on the premises. Superintendent Giddings is to report on arrangements for the local police to carry out the duties of firemen.

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 21st October 1898

BARRY. STRIKE RELIEF FUND—Captain F. MurrelL treasurer of the Barry Relief Fund, shows in a statement of accounts that 1,500 relief tickets were issued by the committee. £359 was received and £370 expended, £93 15s being in respect of wages, bread, flour, and stores for the soup kitchen.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 7th December 1897

BARRY. NAVVIES' UNION.-On Sunday morning a mass meeting in connection with this Union was held at the foot of Weston Hill, when Mr John Ward and Mr R. Davies delivered addresses. In the course of the proceedings a presentation of £1O, gained as compensation, was made to one of the members. The chair was occupied by Mr S. J. Wade.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 14th September 1900

BARRY. School Attendance.-Since the erection of the Hannah-street Schools at Barry the town has been divided into districts, and the children are compelled to attend the school situated in the district in which they live. This has given rise to complaint on the part of the parents of those who have been compelled to remove their children from one school to another, and at Thursday evening's meeting of the Board's Bye-laws Committee—Captain Davies presiding—it was reported that parents had called on the clerk and disputed the district in which they lived, demanding that their children be sent to their proper schools. ......(part extract).......

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 15th April 1899

BARRY. Shebeening.—Before Mr Lewelien Wood and Mr John Lowdon, Hannah Taylor, married, residing at Cyril-street, Barry Dock, was summoned for selling beer without a licence. Mr Alfred Jackson appeared for defendant, against whom evidence was tendered by P.C.'s Harris and Wm. Evans (415), and those persons found on the premises were examined for the defence, but eventually defendant was fined £5

  •  From the Evening Express (Fourth Edition) 19th July 1894

SHIPMENTS AT BARRY DOCK. The official returns supplied to us show that the coal and coke shipments at Barry Dock during the six months ended June 30 last amounted to 2,491,799 tons 19cwt., being an increase upon the corresponding period of 1893 of 237,830 tons. It is expected, with the new tips provided and the steady growth in the volume of trade, that the mineral shipments alone at Barry Dock this year will exceed 5,000,000 tons.

  •  From the Evening Express (First Edition) 26th November 1894

BARRY EAST DOCK. progress of the Work and Increase of the Original Acreage. Messrs. Pmce and Wills, the contractors, have completed the "earth wall" running the entire length of the East Dock Works at Barry, and temporary lines of railway are being laid upon the site so as to facilitate the construction works. which will now be undertaken with increased energy, as the operations will not again be impeded, as heretofore, by an inrush of water at every tide. Considerable accessions are being made to the working staff, and in a week or two many hundreds of men will be busily employed upon the contract. It is stated that the first section of the new dock will cover an area of 30 acres, instead of twenty acres as  originally intended

  •  From the Evening Express (Pink Edition) 29th July 1895

SHEBEENING AT BARRY DOCK. At Barry Police-court on Monday Thomas Smith, 22, Holmes-street, Cadoxton-Barry, was fined £ 10, or one month's imprisonment with hard labour, for selling beer without a licence 011 Sunday, the 21st inst.

  • From the  Evening Express 8th November 1892

BARRY DOCK SCHOOL BOARD. The last meeting of the above board, previous to the triennial election, was held on Monday afternoon at Hutton-road School, Barry Dock, Mr. J. Lowdon presiding.—A committee of the board presented a scheme for the erection of an infant school in Barry Parish for 240 children, the building to be capable of easy enlargement for the reception of 344 children. It was resolved that in future no children from fever-infected houses be allowed to attend school without having previously obtained a medical certificate.—The seal of the hoard was attached to a certificate for £2,909. the last instalment of loan No. 8 from the Public Works Loan Commissioners.—On the motion of Major-general Lee, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. Lowdon for the excellent manner in which he had fulfilled the duties of chairman during the past three years, and a similar compliment having been bestowed upon the deputy-chairman (General Lee), and the clerk (Mr. W. H Lewis) the board was dissolved.

  •  From the  Barry Dock News 4th July 1890

BARRY DOCK. DRUIDISM. -A lodge connected with the Ancient Order of Druids is about to be opened at the Victoria Hotel, Holton (Barry Dock), and a goodly number have already expressed their readiness to become members.

NEW WELSH BAPTIST CHAPEL.-At the Welsh Glamorgan Baptist Association held at Treorky, on Thursday, the 26th ultimo, on the motion of the Rev T. T. Jones, Cardiff, seconded by the Rev Charles Davies, it was resolved that Salem Baptist Church, Barry Dock, of which the Rev G. LI. Williams is pastor, should be included in the association. The new chapel is now in course of erection, and the opening services will shortly be held.

  •  From the Barry Dock News 30th March 1894


When I look back and ponder o'er—- Some half-a-dozen years or more— Those muddy slopes along the shore When the first sod was cut, Then what busy times we had, With many happy hours and sad. With many changes, good and bad, We started Barry Dock

But now a change is seen around, On hill and vale, on sea and ground, A quickly growing town is found, And business to it flocks. It now is known the world all o'er,. Its commerce reaches every shore, Daily increasing more and more Is our famed Barry Dock

There's business of every sort, Some start for gain, some start for sport, Some start and reach the bankrupt's court, Minus both cash and stock But honest men that know what's what They wink and smile and heed not that, But daily flourish and grow fat Around the Barry Dock.

Professions, trades, and speculation, Both by home and foreign nations, All shapes and forms, all ranks and stations, Are rising up like smoke. Their influence is on every side  And spreading commerce far and wide, Sending afloat with every tide The goods of Barry DOCK.

Religion is not left behind, Churches and chapels both we find, With able shepherds, good and kind, Watching o'er their flock. When at the flock we take a peep We find some goats and some black sheep, And Pharisees who in will creep, There are some round Barry Dock.

The jerry-builder he is there, And rears his "fabric in the air," Oft when half-finished needs repair, And propped by plank and block. You see great rents and flaws all through, Though tied by paint and paper too, Sometimes collapse for all they do, Those shells round Barry Dock.

Others start without the cash, And rush ahead at first too rash, Then all at once come to a smash  A great financial shock But still they at their place remain, To make another start would fain, Ready to make a smash again- They do at Barry Dock.

The mashers seem the best to thrive, They're buzzing round here all alive, As thick as bees within a hive. They fool about and smoke. They think themselves so extra fine, They try all plans to cut a shine, But all their fades was tried langsine- Long before Barry Dock.

There're lots of lady mashers too, Some very pretty, good, and true, While some look lovely, some look blue, And some look almost broke. Some smile and bow as they go by, Some a little talk would try, And others wink the other eye At the girls of Barry Dock.

There're thieves and robbers in large number, Who steal the fruit, fowls, coal, and timber, And every sort of goods and lumber, Not stayed by bolt or look. But there are men we're proud to own, Men of genius and renown, A credit to their race and town, The men of Barry Dock.

'Twas talked about both soon and late That Barry Dock would have a mate, And said the contract had been let, And plant and men bespoke. Has something come their plans to stifle ? Perhaps they differ o'er a trifle, They hang fire like an old flint rifle O'er this new Import Dock.

They have the Act, they have the land, They have their leading men at hand, Then what for do they make a stand- They have the cash in stock. And if their courage flags or fails, Look to the Grand Old Man of Wales, Whose statue stands, reading details, Beside the Barry Dock


  •  From the Barry Dock News 24th June 1892


To the Editor of the "BARRY DOCK NEWS."

SIR,—I have been spending my holidays in Newport, and enjoyed myself much with my old friends. But I must honestly confess that I felt relieved when I came back to Barry, and, standing on the Dock View-road, the sight was refreshing. In every part of the dock could be seen ships of large tonnage. Indeed, in the middle of the dock, moored to the buoys, are quite a fleet of sailing vessels that for class, tonnage, and model cannot be found side by side in any dock in the world. And to the eye of a sailor it is a pretty sight. To the novice in seafaring matters it looks like a mighty forest of tall trees, stripped of their green herbage, and stretching forth their gaunt arms defying the winter storms. But I am getting prosy (or rather poetic), so I shall take a walk round the other side of the dock, where can be seen, all along the ballast wharfs, vessels, which, for general appearance, I have never seen surpassed in my long career. The dry dock is nearing completion, and this is a step in the right direction, and when the gates are opened it will be an opening for the energetic business men of Barry to make use of the same. In political parlance it might be called "a Liberal measure." The competition between the two docks will give greater facilities to vessels requiring repairs, and I have no doubt will be the means of bringing more trade to Barry, and will be a benefit to all.—

I am. Sir, Yours truly, THE MAN ON THE LOOK-OUT."

  •  From the Barry Dock News 22nd August 1890

BARRY DOCK. OPENING OF A NEW BANK.—Convenient premises have been secured at Barry Dock for the establishment of a new branch of the South Wales Union Bank. The new branch, which will be opened in the course of two or three weeks, will be under the management of Mr L W. Jones, manager of the Cadoxton Branch, the new premises (in Vere-street) in connection with which will be completed by the end of this week.

  •  From the Barry Dock News 9th December 1892

BARRY DOCK. THE BARRY DISTRICT TEMPERANCE COUNCIL will meet at the Bible Christian Chapel this (Friday) evening, at 7.30.

  • From the Weekly Mail 12th May 1906

BARRY ISLAND. PROPOSED PROMENADE AND SHELTER. Barry Island as a holiday resort is evidently in but the initial stage of development. Last year a scheme was published for the erection of a pier, pavilion, and promenade running out on the sands near the eastern approach to Whitmore Bay. A movement is also on foot by the district council for the erection of a public shelter, capable of accommodating 4,000 or 5,000 persons, on a site facing the Channel extending from near the railway station to Paget-road, and this week excavations have been begun to test the foundations along the high water fore- shore at Whitmore Bay with a view of the erection of a seafront and promenade. In this project the Earl of Plymouth has evinced the deepest interest, and it is expected that the carrying out of the work will be taken in hand early in the autumn.

  •  From The Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian Glamorgan Monmouth… 20th August 1870


Fair Isle of Barry I will ever treasure Fond mem'ries of thy pure and balmy air, Where health I've found in the pursuit of pleasure, And in the truant chase have lost all care.

O'er thy majestic rocks I love to ramble, Which full of fossils are pronounced to bear History of prehistoric times, or scramble Along thy cliffs for ferns and flowers rare.

.....(part extract of a poem by W.)........

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 24th December 1898

BARRY ISLAND. SMOKING CONCERT.—On Thursday evening, at the Marine Hotel, Barry Island, the second of a series of smoking concerts was held under favourable auspices. Mr C. W. Vine occupied the chair, and among those who took part were Messrs G. Saunderson, H. Vine, Sydney Davies. J. Deere, S. Harwood, J. Jones, and others, and an enjoyable evening was spent.

  •  From the Barry Dock News 19th June 1903

BARRY ISLAND. JIMMY SHIELDS ON THE BEACH.—Mr Jimmy Shields begs to inform the visitors and residents of Barry and district that he will be on the Beach at Barry Island during the season with a Troupe of first-class Artistes, every one a star, and trusts to receive your kind support. Jimmy Shields' Pierrots at 11, 2.30, and 7 daily, in songs, duetts, quartettes, comical interludes, funny jokes, and side-splitting sketches, with change of programme at each performance. Friends, bring your wives and let them laugh, for there will be fun without vulgarity.

  •  From the Barry Dock News 22nd August 1902

BARRY ISLAND. ITS HISTORY AND LEGENDS. INTERESTING WORK BY MORIEN." The renowned Morien has just issued a new work. this time entitled "Barry Island, its History and Legends, Strange Noises under Barry, the Chapel of St. Bruach." The interesting work assumes handbook form, price 3d, published at the Observer Office, Pontypridd, and copies are available at Barry Island Post Office. "In Barry Island," Morien writes, "are the ruins of a hermitage and a small church dedicated to Saint Bruach, or Breach. It will be observed that the site of the ancient chapel and habitation of the hermit is on the highest point of the island. The name of the island has undergone several changes at the hands of writers ignorant of the meaning of the original name in its native Welsh garb. Leland, writing between A.D. 1535 and 1542. spells the name S. Barrok.' Camden, the author of Britannia,' writing in A.D. 1582, spells it Baruch,' and he adds that the name Barry is derived from Baruch.' Thus foreigners spell the name :— BARRY, BARROK, AND BARUCH. The three modes they spell it indicate the uncertainty of the ancient writers as to the meaning of the name and whose name it originally was. Now, the sacred character of this island in ancient times, as conveyed by Camden and Leland, writing in the time of Henry VIII. and at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation, when there arose a tremendous popular upheaval against the practices of the Roman Catholic Church and the customs of making pilgrimages to spots deemed from unknown times sacred, conclusively proves that Barry Island, for some reason or another, had, until the time immediately preceding the visit of keen-eyed and sharp-eared Leland to it, been deemed a most holy island. Leland states that Barry Island was a place to which many pilgrimages were made. His words are :—' Wher much pilgrimages was usid.'  It will be observed that, writing, as he did, at the dawn of the Reformation, which commenced in A.D. 1535, he refers to those pilgrimages which were 'much'—were even then things of the past; therefore, that the Roman Catholic Church had discontinued them prior to the Protestant Reformation, which is described by a recent writer as the older Kimmric Church washing her face to rid herself of the blemishes which an alien heretical fraternity had bedaubed her with. ......(part of a lengthy article).........

  •  From the Barry Dock News 31st July 1903

BARRY ISLAND. GRAND OPEN-AIR CONCERT ON BANK HOLIDAY. —A grand open-air concert will be given at Friar's Point, Barry Island, on Bank Holiday, by the Barry Temperance Choir (conductor, Mr W. H. Shinn), assisted by the kind permission of Colonel J. A. Hughes, by the Band of the Severn Division R.E., Submarine Miners, under the conductorship of Mr J. Matthews. The concert will commence at three p.m. Admission to the ground, 6d ; seats, 6d extra.

  • From the Barry Dock News 25th June 1909

BARRY ISLAND. Miss VIOLET ROMAINE WITH THE ROYAL MASCOTS. — Everyone should visit the Royal Mascots, at The Gardens, Barry Island, this week, if only to hear Miss Violet Romaine. Miss Romaine is principal soprano with Mr George Edwards' Company, and the Mascots have been indeed fortunate in obtaining her as a special attraction for this week only, thus securing an especial vocal treat for their patrons. In addition to Miss Romaine, the usual artistes will appear. Seats Is, 6d, and 3d.