Newspaper extracts for Briton Ferry


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  •  From the Evening Express (Extra Special) 30th December 1899

BRITON FERRY. Thirty-two men and officers of the Briton Ferry Artillery Corps have volunteered their services. Some are also prepared to go to the front.

  •  From the Evening Express (Sports Edition) 14th June 1902

BRITON FERRY. The encounter between the first eleven of Briton Ferry and Cardiff Seconds proved a very interesting affair, although the match ended in a draw.  .....(part extract)......

  •  From the Evening Express (Revival Number Edition) 4th March 1905

BRITON FERRY. A district council Meeting has been postponed in consequence of the Revival meetings.

Climbing Into the Pulpit The approaches to the pulpit at the meeting, which was to have been addressed by Mr. Evan Roberts but for his illness, were so crowded that entrance by the ordinary way was impossible, and so the brass work in front of the organ loft was removed. A small ladder was obtained, and the pastor by this means climbed into the pulpit.

  •  From the Evening Express (Special Edition) 9th March 1897

ELECTRICITY AT BRITON FERRY Great progress is being made with electricity at Briton Ferry. Recently Messrs. Herbert Lewis and Fletcher, electrical engineers, of Cardiff and Briton Ferry, put down electric light and power plants at the Albion Steelwork and the Baglan Bay Tin-plate Work and on Saturday last the opening ceremony was performed in the presence of a large company, which included the Baglan Bay directors. Lady Caroline Jenkins set the engine in motion, and Mrs. Lewis, the Vicarage, switched on the light. The ceremony wa.san interesting one, and votes of thanks to the two ladies were proposed by Messrs Lewis Jenkins and W. Morris.  We understand that the electric plant at the Albion Steelworks will shortly be added to by the addition of another motor

  •  From the Evening Express (Extra Special) 9th November 1899

BRITON FERRY MOULDERS' DISPUTE. We are requested to state that the report that the moulders' dispute at Briton Ferry had been settled is incorrect. The only firm which has re-started work is the Baglan Engineering Company, all the other works being still idle.

  • From the Evening Express (Extra Special) 29th June 1900

MEASLES AT BRITON FERRY. SCHOOLS TO BE CLOSED. At the meeting held on Thursday evening of  the Briton Ferry Urban District Council, the medical officer's report showed that there had been registered in the district eighteen births and six deaths, giving a birth-rate of 27 per 1.000 per annum and death-rate of 9 per 1,000 of the inhabitants. A few cases of diphtheria  and typhoid fever had been notified during the month, and also a number cases of measles. —The Medical Officer advised the immediate closing of the schools for a fortnight.

It was unanimously agreed that the petition from the Ashborne District Council, asking support for the proposal to rate bicycles and motor cars, be supported by the Briton Ferry Council.

  • From the Evening Express (Fifth Edition) 18th May 1900

BRITON FERRY SCHOOLS. On Wednesday afternoon, at the meeting of the Briton Ferry School Board, the reports of the various schools from her Majesty's inspectors were very satisfactory, most of the schools having obtained the highest grants.

  •  From the Evening Express (Fifth Edition) 27th April 1900

BRITON FERRY TRAIN SERVICE. To the Editor of the "Evening Express."

Sir,—According to the new time-tables issued, it is with a shock that the inhabitants of Briton Ferry, and those who visit and have business with this thriving town, find that the Great Western Railway 12.15 mid-day passenger train, which has for the past two years stopped to pick up passengers, is on the 1st of May to be discontinued. Why this step has now been taken by the Great Western Company is a mystery, as this train is one of the best suited to Briton Ferry. The previous up train stops at 10.18 am., and the next up train, now that the 12.15 is to be discontinued, goes at 2.20 p.m. Between these times trains will pass through at 11.30 p.m., 10.15 p.m., and not one of them will stop at Briton Ferry. The bookings by the 12.15 train are not small as a rule, and it is regretted that the authorities and discontinuing it. Briton Ferry is served badly by the Great Western Railway Company in the matter of trains, and a strong deputation to the officials at Swansea might have good results in this matter.—I am, &c., TRAVELLER.

  •  From the Evening Express (Third Edition) 25th May 1900

BRITON FERRY WATER SUPPLY. Notwithstanding the enormous outlay a couple of years ago for the increase of water storage, the Briton Ferry Urban District Council have issued notices stating that the town supply would be commenced at 7.30 a.m. and discontinued at 7.30 p.m. each day. A previous notice threatened legal proceedings against all found wasting water.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 21st December 1896

BRITON FERRY. BOATING CLUB DINNER.—The second annual dinner of the Neath and Briton Ferry Boating Club was held on Saturday evening at the Royal Dock Hotel, when Mrs Norman catered in an admirable way. The chair was occupied by Mr W. H. P. Jenkins, of Baglan, the president of the club. The toasts were few, and an excellent musical programme was given.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 21st August 1896

BRITON FERRY. FOOTBALL.—A well-attended general meeting in connection with the Briton Ferry Association Football Club was held at rho Royal Dock Hotel on Wednesday evening. It was decided to form a 2nd XI. Thanks to the efforts of the secretary some splendid fixtures are being arranged. The following were the officers elected :—  ....(part extract).....

  •  From the South Wales Daily News 28th April 1891

BRITON FERRY. The population of this parish, as shown by the recent census, is 5,786 as compared with 6,061 in 1881. There has thus been a decrease in the population of 275 since 1881. The population is now increasing, and the demand for houses exceeds the supply. To meet such demand a new company has been formed to build dwelling houses. Lord Jersey, through his agent, Alderman Hunter, is granting leases to the company for 999 years

  •  From the South Wales Daily News 31st July 1891

BRITON FERRY. THE RE-BUILDINO OF ST. MARYS.-A few weeks ago the ancient parish church, St. Mary, Briton Ferry, was mounted by workmen and pulled down level to the floor for the purpose of re-building, and on Thursday the foundation stone of the new edifice was laid by Lady Caroline Jenkins, sister of the Right Hon, the Earl of Jersey, Governor of New South Wales. The old church was considered a neat structure, and the churchyard, remarkable for its picturesque appearance has been celebrated in an elegy by the poet Mason, who, with Gray, occasionally visited at Baglan House, then the residence of the Rev William Thomas.  ....(part extract).....

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 14th December 1891

BRITON FERRY. COLLISION IN THE DOCK. The storm on Sunday morning caused the schooner Eugene August, of Castletown, to break loose from the buoy to which she was fastened in the dock, Briton Ferry. She was driven with great force by the heavy gale against the pilot boat the Countess of Jersey, and broke her bow- sprit. Much damage was done by the storm in this neighbourhood. One of the chimneys of the Board School was blown down.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 16th July 1892

BRITON FERRY. INSPECTION OF THE FIRE BRIGADE.—The inspection of this Volunteer Brigade took place on the riverside on Thursday evening before the members of the Briton Ferry Local Board. The brigade has only recently been formed, but has shown great efficiency in drill. The officers are Captain J. Griffiths, Lieutenants G. Harris and Rickards, Foreman, Mr S. Griffiths, Sergeants Lloyd and Escott; secretary, Mr R. H. Rowlands.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 4th January 1892

BRITON FERRY.  WORKMEN'S SUPPER.—The annual supper of the Victoria Tin-plate workers, at the National School, was attended by hundreds of the workmen and several dozens of the gentry of the neighbourhood. The supper was catered by Mr Rickard, Jersey Hotel, in an excellent manner, and a long toast list was gone through.