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References to Aberpergwm

  • Family and estate records, 17th-early 20th cent., of Williams of Aber-pergwm, relating mainly to cos Glamorgan, Monmouth, Brecon and Carmarthen; records of industrial interest, mainly relating to collieries; correspondence of the Williams family and the associated families of Smith of Castellau and Lloyd of Castellau and Aberpergwm, co. Glamorgan, and Bush of Durcot, co. Oxford. Other records in West Glamorgan R O. Schedules (1964), 143pp. (correspondence); (1968), 116pp. (deeds and documents); (1993), i + 26pp. AR 1939-40, p.35; 1949-50, p.39; 1964-65, pp. 60-1; 1965-66, p.62; 1990-91, p.64. See also AR 1978-79, p.52.

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