Cockfighting in 1703


List of subscribers in the cock fight article described on page 21 of the book "Monks to Millennium "
Transcribed from the original document at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwth

Contributed by Linda Ware (April 2009)

"It is concluded and agreed upon by and between the Persons subscribing in manner following

William Lewis upon the eleventh day of May 1703 by seven of the clocke in the morning is to produce att his house in Neath a fatt pig fitt for to be made into bacon with his harpe well tuned and in good repaire his cellar well stock'd with good and wholesome ale and an honezt tapster to keep true reckoning

A treasurer is to be chosen by lott, who shall execute with two of the subscribers that he shall call to his assistance as well as the office of Judge as Treasurer during the whole campaigne.

Each of the persons subscribing is to putt into the treasurers box the summe of two shillings and six pence as a recompence to the sd William Lewis for his pig and then to procure a whole cocke not any way diminished by any person tooll or art whatsoever in any parte of his body or feathers and without any artificiall weapons or spurs which cockes soe procured shall all be drawn out by lotts and be fought two att a time.

The cocke remaining conqueror in the field of battle shall winn the sd pig and be called for ever after by the name of Noe turn Coate no turn Coate

If any of the persons subscribing omitts to appear by himself or proxy he shall forfeite the summe of 2s. 6d. To be paid to the Treasurer to the use aforesd

If any unjust or over reckoning be offered to any of the subscribers the said William Lewis shall forfeit one shilling and his tapster two shillings for every such offence "


  • Leyson Llewelin
  • Philip Williams
  • Leyson Williams
  • John William Bowen
  • Edward Howell
  • John Bowen
  • John Griffith
  • Morgan John
  • Roger Williams
  • David Jones
  • Howell Bowen
  • Edward Lawrence
  • John Williams
  • Morgan Evans
  • William Awbrey
  • David Hopkins
  • Hopkin John
  • Thomas Dorsett
  • Thomas Popkins
  • John Popkins
  • John Rogers
  • John Llewelin
  • Thomas Matthews
  • William Awbrey
  • Griffith Williams
  • John Jones
  • John Jones
  • William Morgan
  • Sha. Davies
  • William Thomas
  • John Davis
  • Leyson Hopkin
  • Godwin Herbertt
  • Robert Thomas
  • John Herbertt
  • Howell Powell
  • Isaac John
  • John Lewis
  • Thomas William
  • William Thomas
  • William Harris
  • Charles Seys
  • Richard Herbett
  • George Herbertt

There are also two names which are indecipherable .

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