NB. This is an INDEX- the photographs themselves are not available for viewing here.

This is a cumulative index, compiled by Sue Mackay with the consent of the author Stewart Williams, of all 36 volumes of the 'Cardiff Yesterday' series, published between 1980 and 2000.
Each volume contains just over 200 photographs of Cardiff places and people, making some 7,500 photographs in all. I have compiled the index to aid family historians locate photographs either of their ancestors or of where their ancestors lived, worked, studied or worshipped. I have therefore omitted many photographs from the index, mainly transport photographs purely of old buses and trams, photographs of visiting royalty and group photographs without named individuals where the faces are too small to be recognised. Roman numerals refer to the Volume Number and the other number to the Plate Number where the photograph can be found. Early volumes of 'Cardiff Yesterday' are now out of print, but later volumes can be purchased in most Cardiff bookshops. All Cardiff branch libraries have a set, but please note that at Cardiff Central Library the earlier volumes cannot be borrowed and need to be asked for at the desk in the Local Studies Department. The index is in three sections:



(1,957 entries) Photographs of streets, schools, churches and business premises. These are usually indexed first by area, e.g. Roath or Whitchurch, and then by place, but some buildings which are further identified by a street name will be found under the name of the building, especially for shops and small businesses. Pubs and hotels in the city can mostly be found together, indexed under T for 'The', as in The Rose and Crown, Kingsway. Photographs of places in the old parishes of Cardiff St.John and Cardiff St.Mary are initially indexed under C for Cardiff.


Places A-C

Adam's Grocery Shop, Carlisle Street, 1912, IV-53Adams' Confectioners, Splott Road, 1920s, XXIX-57
Adamsdown, Adamsdown Gardens and Schools, 1906, III-103Adamsdown, Adamsdown Square Tram Terminus, 1939, IV-35
Adamsdown, All Saints Church, ---, XI-143Adamsdown, All Saints Vicarage at 42 Meteor Street, ---, XI-144
Adamsdown, Buzzard Street, 1965, XIV-15Adamsdown, Davis Street, 1965, XIV-13
Adamsdown, Garth Street, 1965, XXXIV-15Adamsdown, Glossop Road, 1939, IV-36
Adamsdown, Godfrey Street, 1965, XXXIV-16Adamsdown, Howard Gardens, 1890s, XXXV-122
Adamsdown, Howard Gardens, 1908, XI-10Adamsdown, Howard Gardens Municipal Secondary School, 1910, IV-95
Adamsdown, Miss Vaughan's Ladies' Boarding School (Adamsdown House), c1875, V-153Adamsdown, Pellett Street, 1960s, XXXI-14
Adamsdown, Pendoylan Place, 1965, XIV-16Adamsdown, Tram Terminus and Adamsdown Primary School, 1938, XIX-104
Adamsdown, West Luton Place, 1965, XV-36Adamsdown and East Moors, Aerial View, 1927, XXIII-17
Adamsdown and Plasnewydd, Aerial View, 1971, XXXIII-201Adamsdown Drapers, Moira Place, Early 1900s, IX-36
Ainsdale, 36 Cathedral Road, 1920s, XXII-30Albany Road School, In Use as Military Hospital, 1914-18, III-198/199/200/201
Alex Callinicos & Co Ship Chandlers, George Street, ---, VIII-63Alexander Fountain, St.Mary Street, pre 1908, VII-11
Alexandre's Shop, Queen Street / Dumfries Place, 1979, XXXV-15All Saint's Church, Tyndall Street, 1856, V-145
Allen's Bank, Mr.Hurley's Farm, 1891, I-35Allwood's Grocery Store, 1Talbot Street, 1920s, XXX-50
American Roller Rink, Westgate Street (Interior), ---, I-169Anderson & Co, 'Cheapest Clothiers in the World', 1890s, I-62
Anderson & Co., Closing Down Sale, 1890s, XXXV-117Andrews & Son, St.John's Square Fruit Shop, c1910, XXXV-124
Andrews Building, Queen Street, 1924, XXI-7Andrews Café (now Louis Restaurant), 32 St.Mary Street, ---, XVII-17
Andrews Garage, City Road, c1946, XVII-12Andrews Ironmongery Shop, City Road, Early 1900s, XVII-21
Argyll Stores, Albany Road / City Road, 1937, V-51Argyll Stores, Pen-y-wain Road / Donald Street, 1929, XXV-49
Arnold's Grocery Store, 29 Whitchurch Road, 1920s, XV-46Ash Cottage, 127 Queen Street, 1925, XXXV-17
Ashdown & Son, Leckwith Road, 1950s, XXIII-117Ashton's Fishmongers, Central Market, ---, IX-44/45
Batten's Butcher's, Salisbury Road, ---, IV-54Batten's Butcher's, Salisbury Road, pre 1920, XXX-44/45
Bearings Ltd., Cowbridge Road West (Drawing), 1948, XXV-67Bell & Nicholson, North Edward Street, 1924, VIII-70
Bell & Nicholson, North Edward Street (After Extension), 1927, VIII-70Bethany Baptist Chapel, Wharton Street, ---, II-80
Bethany Baptist Church, Wharton Street, ---, XXXIV-75Bethany English Baptist Chapel, Wharton Street, ---, X-83
Billiards Room, Cory Institute, ---, III-139Bingham (Cardiff) Ltd., Westgate Street, ---, XXII-45
Birchgrove, Pantbach Road, 1920s, V21Birchwood Grange (now University Hall), Ty Gwyn Road, ---, XXXII-24
Blackweir, St.Alban's Church, 1981, XXXIV-80Blackweir Post Office, North Road, 1935, XII-57
Blogg's College, Greyfriars Road, ---, IX-103Bon Marche, Woodville Road / Crwys Road, c1912, V-42
Bowles & Son, Sand Dredgers in Roath Dock, 1964, XI-31Bowles & Sons, Tobacconists (St.Mary Street), 1920s, II-58
Bowling Green, Sophia Gardens, c 1930, XV-74Boyle & Co., 80 Cowbridge Road, 1907, XVI-44
Boyles Footwear Shop, 1 Bute Street, 1880s, XXVI-12Boyles Footwear Shop, Albany Road, 1920s, VII-44
Brain's Off Licence and Bottling Store, 105 Wellington Street, 1913, XIX-40Brains Brewery, Old Brewery Yard, 1930s, XIX-1
Brains Old Brewery, St.Mary Street, 1934-35, XIX-34/35Brind's Bread Shop, Cowbridge Road, c1923, VIII-42
British Electrical Repairs Ltd., Wharf Street Workshops (Interior), 1948, XXXV-126Brown & Evans, Ely Paper Works, 1865, V-61
Burrow's Sweet Shop, Habershon Street / Marion Street, c1920, XV-42Bute Estate Office, Castle Street, 1905, XI-196
Bute Hospital for Women, Glynrhondda Street, pre 1914, XVI-175/176Butetown, Aerial View, 1927, XVIII-36
Butetown, Aerial View, 1950, XIII-51Butetown, Aerial View, 1964, XXVIII-23
Butetown, Aerial View, 1964, XXXII-46Butetown, Aerial View, 1969, XXVIII-25
Butetown, Bute Road, c1922, XX-60Butetown, Bute Street, c1910, IV-41
Butetown, Bute Street, 1914, VIII-34Butetown, Bute Street, 1914, XXV-39
Butetown, Bute Terrace / Hayes Bridge Road, 1960s, V-72Butetown, Christina Street, 1960, XXX-17
Butetown, Hannah Street Congregational Chapel (Engraving), ---, XII-137Butetown, James Street, 1920s, I-41/42
Butetown, Loudon Square, 1910, VI-34Butetown, Loudon Square (East Side), 1960, XXX-16
Butetown, Loudon Square (West Side), c1960, XXXV-41Butetown, Lower Bute Street, pre 1914, V-186
Butetown, Merchants' Exchange Building, 1897, XV-1Caerau, St.Mary's Church, ---, XXVI-144
Cambria (P. & A.Campbell Paddle Steamer), Pier Head, c1895, XV-37Cambrian Patent Fuel Works, ---, ---, XVII-40
Canal Bridge, Kingsway, 1910, X-7Canal Bridge, St.Mary Street, 1927, XIII-13
Candle King, Cowbridge Road, ---, XXX-36Canton, Aerial View, 1927, XIX-19
Canton, Albert Street, pre 1970, XII-20Canton, Altar of St.Mary's RC Church, ---, II-84
Canton, Canton Bridge, c1880, IV-8Canton, Cardiff Bridge, c1910, XVI-9
Canton, Cardiff Bridge, XXXI-24Canton, Cathedral Art Studios in Cowbridge Road, 1915, V-40
Canton, Cathedral Road Tram Terminus at Berthwin Street / Sneyd Street, 1938, XIV-122Canton, Chancery Lane, 1937, III-32
Canton, Conway Road and Methodist Chapel, 1912, XI-17Canton, Conybeare Road, 1910, XXXII-31
Canton, Cowbridge Road, c1910, I-17Canton, Cowbridge Road, c1915, VII-17
Canton, Cowbridge Road, 1910, XV-17Canton, Cowbridge Road, 1910, V-39
Canton, Cowbridge Road, 1913, VI-25Canton, Cowbridge Road, 1914, VI-24
Canton, Cowbridge Road, 1915, XXI-135Canton, Cowbridge Road, 1917, XVI-16
Canton, Cowbridge Road / Cathedral Road, 1910, XV-18Canton, Cowbridge Road / Llandaff Road, 1909, III-33
Canton, Cowbridge Road and the Cross Inn, 1911, XXVIII-15Canton, Cowbridge Road and Victoria Park, c1914, XVI-14
Canton, Cowbridge Road from Clive Road Corner, 1919, XV-19Canton, Fish Market, 1920s, XV-41
Canton, Glynne Street, c1925, XII-136Canton, Halket Street, 1892, V-24
Canton, John Black's Cobbler's Shop, c 1910, XV-20Canton, Kingsland Road, Early 1900s, VIII-19
Canton, Lansdowne Road Board School, ---, XXXIII-168Canton, Lionel Road, 1910, XVIII-15
Canton, Llandaff Road, c1930, XXXII-32Canton, Pembroke Road, c 1910, XV-20
Canton, Penhill Crossroads, July 1913, IV-31Canton, Police Station, 1889, V-166
Canton, Pontcanna House, ---, XV-22Canton, Rear of Canton Square (now Atlas Place), 1890, I-16
Canton, Romilly Crescent, 1906, VIII-18Canton, Romilly Road, Early 1900s, XV-21
Canton, Ryder Street, pre 1914, VII-22Canton, Secondary School in Market Road (now Chapter Arts Centre), ---, II-96
Canton, Severn Road School (Part), c1900, XIII-54Canton, Shops in Cowbridge Road, 1937, II-31
Canton, St.John's Church, ---, XX-129Canton, St.John's Church, ---, XXXIV-78
Canton, St.John's Church (Interior), ---, XXV-137Canton, St.John's Church (Interior), ---, XXXIV-79
Canton, St.Mary's Church in Kings Road, c1910, II-85Canton, Thompson's Park, ---, III-38/39/40/41
Canton, Thompson's Park, Early 1900s, XXXIV-19Canton, Thompson's Park, 1910, XIII-25/26/27
Canton, Victoria Park, ---, III-35/37Canton, Victoria Park Lake, ---, XIII-24
Canton, Victoria Park Looking Towards Ely Paper Mills, c1912, X-22Canton, Wellington Street, 1960s, XII-19
Canton, Westbourne Crescent (now Cowbridge Road East), ---, XXXII-19Canton, Wyndham Hotel, 1908, II-72
Canton Cinema, Cowbridge Road, 1920, XI-123Canton Cinema, Cowbridge Road, 1930, XVI-15
Canton Cinema, Cowbridge Road, 1950s, XI-124Canton Liberal Institute, Billiards Room, c1919, IV-186
Canton Secondary School (Market Road), Chemistry Laboratory (Interior), c1909, XIII-185Canton Secondary School (now Chapter Arts Centre), Market Road, 1920s, VI-83
Capitol Theatre, Queen Street, ---, XI-106Capitol Theatre, Queen Street, 1920s, XVIII-109
Capitol Theatre, Queen Street, 1970s, XXIX-136Cardiff, 2 Park Grove, 1908, XXI-25
Cardiff, 5 and 6 Working Street, 1955, X-10Cardiff, Aerial View of Centre, 1950, XXXV-3
Cardiff, Angel Hotel, 1917, VI-57Cardiff, Approach to Castle from High Street, 1876, V-5
Cardiff, Baker's Row, pre 1890, XIII-8Cardiff, Barrack Lane (off Bridge Street), ---, XXII-19
Cardiff, Bird's Eye View, 1890s, VI-10Cardiff, Brains Brewery (Drawing), 1890, XIX-33
Cardiff, Bridge Street, 1972, XX-13Cardiff, Bridge Street, 1962, XIV-14
Cardiff, Bridge Street, 1968, XXII-11/12/13/14Cardiff, Bridge Street, 1981, XXXIV-12
Cardiff, Bridge Street / Mary Ann Street, 1970, XXII-15Cardiff, Bute Street / Custom House Street, c1910, XI-1
Cardiff, Bute Terrace / Hayes Bridge Road / Custom House Street, 1939, XVI-6Cardiff, Canton Bridge, 1910, XVIII-13
Cardiff, Cardiff Castle, 1905, VII-3Cardiff, Cardiff Castle, 1931, VI-6
Cardiff, Cardiff Castle, 1948, XX-105Cardiff, Cardiff Union Workhouse, 1910, XVIII-14
Cardiff, Caroline Street Entrance to Brains Brewery, pre 1934, XIX-38Cardiff, Carpenters' Arms Court, 1890, XXXI-57
Cardiff, Castle and Duke Street, Late 1920s, XXV-6Cardiff, Castle Clock Tower and Cardiff Arms Inn, c1876, V-2
Cardiff, Castle Clock Tower under Construction, 1872, V-10Cardiff, Castle Keep (Bird's Eye View), 1927, XXI-2
Cardiff, Castle Street, c1910, II-7Cardiff, Castle Street, 1929, X-5
Cardiff, Castle Street / Duke Street with Castle Cinema, 1920s, XI-5Cardiff, Cathays Park, c1900, XIX-12
Cardiff, Cathays Park, 1944, XXXI-9Cardiff, Cathays Park (Aerial View). 1946, XXI-15
Cardiff, Central Bus Station, 1950s, XXX-68Cardiff, Central Bus Station and General Station (Bird's Eye View), 1957, XXXIII-118
Cardiff, Central Cinema, 1930s, XVII-15Cardiff, Central Library, c1905, I-7
Cardiff, Central Library, 1896, IX-2Cardiff, Central Library, 1898, III-2
Cardiff, Central Library (South Face), 1920, XX-1Cardiff, Central Library and Market Stalls, 1898, V-7
Cardiff, Central Market (Interior), 1890s, XVII-42Cardiff, Central Market (Interior), 1895, VII-49
Cardiff, Charles Street, Early 1900s, II-12Cardiff, Charles Street, 1912, VI-19
Cardiff, Charles Street and Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1912, XIV-6Cardiff, Church Street, pre 1908, XXXI-5
Cardiff, Church Street, 1973, XXXIV-1Cardiff, Churchill Way, 1949, XIX-14
Cardiff, City Centre (Aerial View), 1930, XX-3Cardiff, City Hall, 1904, XXXII-14
Cardiff, City Hall, 1914, VI-186Cardiff, City Hall, 1928, XXII-163
Cardiff, City Hall, 1945, XXXIII-7Cardiff, City Hall (Interiors), ---, XXI-11/12/13/14
Cardiff, City Hall Clock Tower (Under Construction), 1903, XVII-23Cardiff, City Road, 1938, XXI-17
Cardiff, Civic Centre, 1905, XVIII-10Cardiff, Civic Centre (Aerial View), 1950, XXXVI-12
Cardiff, Civic Centre (Aerial View), 1960s, XXXIV-2Cardiff, Civic Centre and the Ruins of Herbert House, 1935, XXI-1
Cardiff, Civic Centre Road Layout, 1955, XV-5Cardiff, Corner House at Church Street / St.Mary Street, 1893, XXXVI-1
Cardiff, Custom House, c1875, V-13Cardiff, Custom House Street, 1941, XXIX-9
Cardiff, Custom House Street, 1950s, XVII-28Cardiff, Custom House Street Market, ---, XXXII-16
Cardiff, David Street / Little Frederick Street, 1970, XXII-16Cardiff, David Street and Corner of Old St.David's RC Church, c1970, XXII-17
Cardiff, Docks Feeder and 'Calder's Corner', 1930s, XXVIII-30/31Cardiff, Duke Street, 1925, XVIII-4
Cardiff, Duke Street, 1928, I-10Cardiff, Duke Street, 1930s, III-13
Cardiff, Duke Street, 1935, XXI-9Cardiff, Duke Street, 1935, XXX-2
Cardiff, Duke Street, 1948, XXXVI-6Cardiff, Duke Street / Castle Street / High Street, 1921, VIII-2
Cardiff, Duke Street / High Street / Castle Street, c 1922, I-9Cardiff, Duke Street / Kingsway, 1939, IV-14
Cardiff, Duke Street / Queen Street, Early 1950s, XXIV-5Cardiff, Duke Street / Queen Street (Bird's Eye View), Late 1950s, XXVI-6
Cardiff, Duke Street and Castle, Late 1920s, XXIV-10Cardiff, Duke Street during Widening, 1924, XXV-5
Cardiff, Duke Street from Castle Clock Tower, 1906, III-7/8Cardiff, Duke Street from the East, c1912, V-8
Cardiff, Duke Street from the East, 1923, XVI-2Cardiff, East Terrace (now Churchill Way), 1949, XIV-9/10
Cardiff, Ebenezer Church, 1932, V-151Cardiff, Ebenezer Church Interior, 1932, V-151
Cardiff, Edward Street and Station Terrace from Brunel House, 1977, XXXIII-16Cardiff, Eleanor Street School, ---, II-93
Cardiff, Empire Pool, 1978, XXXIV-6Cardiff, Empire Pool and Cardiff Arms Park (Aerial View), 1958, XXXII-3
Cardiff, Entrance to Cardiff Castle, c1870, V-12Cardiff, Evans Court, 1890, III-6
Cardiff, Frederick Street, ---, XXXII-17Cardiff, Frederick Street, 1954, X-12
Cardiff, Frederick Street, 1962, XXXI-11Cardiff, Frederick Street, 1970s, XXVI-14/15
Cardiff, Frederick Street, 1977, XXXI-12Cardiff, Friary Gardens, ---, XXX-5
Cardiff, General Station, 1920s, XX-54/55Cardiff, Golate and Western Mail Building, 1936, XXIII-13
Cardiff, Great Frederick Street Presbyterian Church, 1977, XXVII-132Cardiff, Great Western Hotel and St.Mary Street, 1910, XXXIII-3
Cardiff, Green Garden Court, 1890, XXXI-58Cardiff, Guildford Crescent Baths (Exterior), ---, XXVI-11
Cardiff, Guildhall, 1890s, XXXVI-2Cardiff, GWR Station Approach, 1920s, XI-6
Cardiff, Hayes Bridge, ---, XXXIV-49/50Cardiff, Hayes Bridge / Mill Lane, c1891, II-177
Cardiff, Hayes Bridge Road, 1939, IV-23Cardiff, Hayes Bridge Road, 1981, XXXVI-9
Cardiff, Hayes Bridge Road / Bute Terrace, 1955, X-15Cardiff, Hayes Buildings, ---, XIV-8
Cardiff, Hayes Island, 1939, IV-50Cardiff, Hayes Island, Late 1940s, IV-51
Cardiff, Hayes Island, 1972, XXVII-12Cardiff, Head Post Office, c1900, VI-15
Cardiff, High Corner House, 1872, XIII-7Cardiff, High Street, c1950, XXXIV-5
Cardiff, High Street, 1893, XXVII-2Cardiff, High Street, 1894, III-4
Cardiff, High Street, 1905, I-4Cardiff, High Street, 1920s, XVI-7
Cardiff, High Street, c 1947, XXIII-8Cardiff, High Street Arcade, c1914, II-9
Cardiff, High Street from Castle Wall, 1933, XIII-1Cardiff, High Street Through Main Gate of castle, 1930, VII-2
Cardiff, High Street with Bute Statue and Triumphal Arch, April 1872, I-2Cardiff, Houses at Dumfries Place / Windsor Place, 1912, III-17
Cardiff, James Howell's Department Store, 1898, XIX-52Cardiff, James Howell's Store, 1891, XXXII-8
Cardiff, Jubilee Arch in Kingsway, ---, II-193Cardiff, Kingsway, 1922, XXXI-19
Cardiff, Kingsway, 1924, IV-13Cardiff, Kingsway, 1935, XXI-10
Cardiff, Kingsway, 1950s, XIII-9Cardiff, Kingsway, pre 1950, XXII-9/10
Cardiff, Kingsway, 1950s, XXIII-11Cardiff, Kingsway (Aerial View), 1951, XXVII-1
Cardiff, Kingsway (Aerial View), 1953, XXV-1Cardiff, Kingsway / Queen Street, 1926, XVII-24
Cardiff, Kingsway and St.John's Square, c1947, XVII-25Cardiff, Kingsway from Prudential Building, 1960s, XXX-7
Cardiff, Landore Court, 1891, XXXI-55/56Cardiff, Law Courts, ---, XXXIV-9
Cardiff, Looking East from Castle, 1892, XXXII-4Cardiff, Looking East from Castle, 1972, XXXII-6
Cardiff, Looking East from Castle (Ground Level), 1907, XXXII-5Cardiff, Looking North up Kingsway, c1910, II-11
Cardiff, Love Lane, 1965, XXX-9Cardiff, Love Lane (now Rapport's Car Park), ---, XXII-42
Cardiff, Lower St.Mary Street, 1898, XIV-2Cardiff, Market Buildings, 1891, XXXII-7
Cardiff, Market Buildings, 1897, XXXI-2Cardiff, Mary Ann Street, 1893, V-22/23
Cardiff, Masons Arms Court, ---, XXXI-59/60Cardiff, Mill Lane, 1939, III-12
Cardiff, Mill Lane Market, ---, XXVI-16/17/18/19Cardiff, Monument Roundabout from Penarth Road, 1950s, XVII-27
Cardiff, Morgan Arcade (originally Central Arcade), c1914, II-10Cardiff, New Street, c1894, VII-4
Cardiff, New Street and Glamorganshire Canal, 1894, VI-5Cardiff, New Theatre, ---, IX-177
Cardiff, New Theatre, 1921, XI-103Cardiff, New Theatre and Institute of Engineers, 1906, XXXI-10
Cardiff, Newport Road, 1918, XXV-28Cardiff, Newport Road and Welsh National School of Medicine (Aerial View), 1927, XXII-27
Cardiff, Old Railway Bridge over Taff, 1908, VII-5Cardiff, Old Town Hall, c1890, XVIII-3
Cardiff, Old Town Hall Decorated for Visit of Lord Mayor of London, 1892, XIII-6Cardiff, Old Town Hall Yard, 1904, XII-1
Cardiff, Olympia Cinema, ---, XVII-14Cardiff, Parade Station, 1922, XXXVI-131
Cardiff, Paradise Place, 1910, III-14Cardiff, Paradise Place, 1971, XXXIV-13
Cardiff, Park Hall (Interior), 1920s, VII-194Cardiff, Park Place, 1905, XI-8
Cardiff, Park Place, 1920s, IX-7Cardiff, Park Place, 1923, XXV-11
Cardiff, Park Place (Aerial View), 1953, XXVI-1Cardiff, Pembroke Terrace and Dock Feeder, c1948, XXIX-11
Cardiff, Premises Adjoining St.John's Schools in Queen Street, pre 1912, V-14Cardiff, Prison Exercise Yard, c1880, XXXI-3
Cardiff, Quay Street, c1881, XXIII-12Cardiff, Quay Street, 1933, XXV-14
Cardiff, Queen Street, c1930, XXXI-8Cardiff, Queen Street, c1913, XXXV-5
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1890s, I-8Cardiff, Queen Street, 1890s, VI-2
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1924-25, XXXVI-4/5Cardiff, Queen Street, 1904, XVI-4
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1906, XI-3Cardiff, Queen Street, 17 Sep 1890, XV-2
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1907, IV-9/10Cardiff, Queen Street, 1909, XXII-3
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1910, XXVIII-7Cardiff, Queen Street, 1912, XXV-4
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1913, XI-4Cardiff, Queen Street, 1914, XXI-3/4
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1915, VI-8Cardiff, Queen Street, 1915, XX-9
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1918, XXVIII-5Cardiff, Queen Street, Early 1920s, XIX-10
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1920s, XXXIX-3Cardiff, Queen Street, 1924, XXII-4
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1928, XXVIII-6Cardiff, Queen Street, 1935, XIV-3
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1935, XXI-5Cardiff, Queen Street, 1937, XVI-10
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1938, IV-20Cardiff, Queen Street, 1939, XIX-9
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1939, XXII-5Cardiff, Queen Street, 1945, XXIX-10
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1948, XV-4Cardiff, Queen Street, 1948, XXXI-6
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1948, XXII-6Cardiff, Queen Street, 1950s, XXII-7/8
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1950s, XXIII-7Cardiff, Queen Street, 1950s, XXIV-2
Cardiff, Queen Street, Late 1950s, XXVI-7/8Cardiff, Queen Street, 1950s, XXXIV-4
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1951, XV-3Cardiff, Queen Street, 1955, XXI-6
Cardiff, Queen Street, 1987, XXXIV-10/11Cardiff, Queen Street (Aerial View), 1927, XX-8
Cardiff, Queen Street (Aerial View), 1951, XXCII-6Cardiff, Queen Street (Andrews Buildings), Early 1900s, VIII-5
Cardiff, Queen Street (East End), 1904Cardiff, Queen Street (Park Hotel), Early 1900s, VIII-6
Cardiff, Queen Street (Semi-Pedestrianised), 1975, XXVII-15Cardiff, Queen Street (was Spring Gardens), 1982, XXXV-16
Cardiff, Queen Street / Castle Street, 1938, XXVI-9Cardiff, Queen Street / St.John Street, 1950s, XXVII-9
Cardiff, Queen Street and the Victoria Hotel, 1890s, III-3Cardiff, Queen Street with Office of Grover & Grover, 1893, XIV-4
Cardiff, Queen's Cinema, 1955, II-165Cardiff, River Taff Pre 1849 Diversion (Engraving), c1840, I-Intro
Cardiff, Riverside Station, 1920s, XXXII-119Cardiff, Roath Park, c1910, II-22/23
Cardiff, Roberts Corner, 1923, XVI-1Cardiff, Roberts Corner, 1954, XXIII-10
Cardiff, Royal Arcade, c1914, II-8Cardiff, Royal Arcade, 1906, XI-7
Cardiff, Royal Exchange Building, ---, VI-30Cardiff, Savings Bank at Duke Street / North Street, 1887, X-6
Cardiff, Shops Near Castle Arcade, c1874, V-4Cardiff, Solomon Andrews Llandaff Horse Bus Outside Castle, XI-2
Cardiff, Sophia Gardens, c1910, II-19Cardiff, Sophia Gardens, ---, XXXV-6/7
Cardiff, Sophia Gardens, Early 1900s, XXVII-16Cardiff, Sophia Gardens Fountain, 1913, III-10
Cardiff, Sophia Gardens Lodge, c1910, II-18Cardiff, Sophia Gardens Lodge, Early 1900s, X-4
Cardiff, South East View from Castle Clock Tower, c1873, XIII-3Cardiff, St.Andrew's Church, ---, XIV-141/142
Cardiff, St.Andrew's Crescent, 1950s, XXII-20Cardiff, St.David's RC Church, 1903, XVIII-132
Cardiff, St.John the Baptist Church, c1895, XXXVI-144Cardiff, St.John the Baptist Church (Interior), 1912, XXXVI-146
Cardiff, St.John's and Church Street, 1925, X-3Cardiff, St.John's Church, c1910, II-82
Cardiff, St.John's Church, ---, XII-138Cardiff, St.John's Church, ---, XXX-140
Cardiff, St.John's Church, April 1928, I-6Cardiff, St.John's Church, 1930s, XXXV-2
Cardiff, St.John's Church, 1950, XXXI-4Cardiff, St.John's Church (Bird's Eye View), 1963, XIV-1
Cardiff, St.John's Church from Working Street, 1930s, XXV-134Cardiff, St.John's Church Tower (Floodlit), 1935, XIV-138
Cardiff, St.John's National School, 1912, VII-100Cardiff, St.John's Square, 1960, XXXV-8
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, c1893, II-2Cardiff, St.Mary Street, c1895, XVIII-2
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, c1913, XXXV-4Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1872, I-3
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1882, V-3Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1888, IV-2
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1893, IX-3Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1893, XII-2
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1898, I-11Cardiff, St.Mary Street, c 1910, II-6
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1910, VII-13Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1910, XIII-4
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1910, XIV-5Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1910, XXIX-2
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1913, IV-15Cardiff, St.Mary Street, pre 1914, XIX-4/5/6/7
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1915, IV-6Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1920s, XXIII-4/5
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, Late 1920s, XXIV-4Cardiff, St.Mary Street, Early 1920s, XXIV-6
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1920s, XXVI-4Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1920s, XXXIV-51
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1925, XIII-5Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1927, X-8
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1928, IX-4Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1930s, XXXI-98
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1930, XXIV-7Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1935, XXIX-3
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1939, XXVIII-3Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1947, XXV-3
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1948, XII-8Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1948, XXXVI-8
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1950, XV-6Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1950, XXIII-2/6
Cardiff, St.Mary Street, 1950s, XXIV-3Cardiff, St.Mary Street (South End), 1950, XXII-2
Cardiff, St.Mary Street / Church Street, 1903, V-9Cardiff, St.Mary Street / Quay Street, 1955, X-9
Cardiff, St.Mary Street / Wood Street, pre 1914, II-5Cardiff, St.Mary Street / Wood Street, 1938, XXIV-8
Cardiff, St.Mary Street and Theatre Royal Hotel, 1893, X-2Cardiff, St.Mary Street Looking Towards the Docks, c1890, VI-14
Cardiff, St.Mary Street Monument, 1950s, XXIV-9Cardiff, Station Terrace, 1985, XXXII-21/22
Cardiff, Station Terrace / Queen Street / Dumfries Place, 1987, XXVII-13Cardiff, Technical College, 1945, XXXIII-157
Cardiff, Technical College (Interior Shots), 1945, XXXIII-158/159/160Cardiff, Temperance Town, 1930, IV-22
Cardiff, Temperance Town and Big Tent Mission, 1923, IX-63Cardiff, Temperance Town and General Station (Aerial View), 1920s, XIX-3
Cardiff, The Angel Hotel, 1930s, XVIII-46Cardiff, The Hayes, c1914, XIV-7
Cardiff, The Hayes, 1912, XX-2Cardiff, The Hayes, 1922, XXV-2
Cardiff, The Hayes, 1948, VII-8Cardiff, The Hayes, 1954, X-11
Cardiff, The Hayes, 1965, XXIX-13Cardiff, The Hayes and Oxford Arcade, 1970s, XXXVI-20
Cardiff, The Hayes from Hayes Island, c1914, XVII-9Cardiff, Theatre Royal (Painting), 1840, XI-101
Cardiff, Trade Street, 1930, XXXVI-60Cardiff, Tram in Cathedral Road, 1902, II-180
Cardiff, Tramcar Crossing Original Wood Street Bridge, 1939, V-183Cardiff, Tredegar Street, 1965, XXXII-18
Cardiff, Tredegarville Baptist Church, 1904, VI-76Cardiff, Trinity Street, 1916, IV-7
Cardiff, Trinity Street / Wharton Street, 1891, XXXII-12Cardiff, Union Street, 1962, XIV-11/12
Cardiff, Union Workhouse, 1905, XIII-32Cardiff, View from Castle Clock Tower, c1871, V-1
Cardiff, View from Castle Clock Tower Looking South, c1908, VIII-7Cardiff, View from Castle Clock Tower Looking South, c1871, III-1
Cardiff, View from Castle Clock Tower Looking West, c1871, V-6Cardiff, View from City Hall Clock Tower, 1916, I-189
Cardiff, View from St.John's Church Tower, 1912, XXXVI-13Cardiff, View Looking East from Hodge Building in Newport Road, 1966, XXVIII-10
Cardiff, View Looking West from Hodge Building in Newport Road, 1966, XXVIII-9Cardiff, View South from Castle Clock Tower, 1962, XXXII-10
Cardiff, Welsh Board of Health Offices (later Welsh Office) in Cathays Park, ---, XIII-10Cardiff, Westgate Street, c1886, I-5
Cardiff, Westgate Street, c1898, XIX-13Cardiff, Westgate Street (Aerial View), 1927, XIX-8
Cardiff, Westgate Street and St.Mary Street (Bird's Eye View), c1898, IX-6Cardiff, Wharton Street, ---, XXXII-11
Cardiff, Wharton Street / Trinity Street, 1959, XXV-8Cardiff, Windsor Place, 1916, IV-17
Cardiff, Windsor Place Presbyterian Chapel, 1890s, XXXII-141Cardiff, Womanby Street, 1880s, XXXII-2
Cardiff, Womanby Street, 1891, III-5Cardiff, Wood Street, 1927, VI-3
Cardiff, Wood Street, 1937, IV-21Cardiff, Wood Street (Pre Bus Station), Early 1950s, XXXI-7
Cardiff, Wood Street / St.Mary Street, 1938, VI-4Cardiff, Wood Street Board School, 1903, XXXIII-156
Cardiff, Wood Street Congregational Chapel, 1907, IX-57Cardiff, Wood Street Congregational Church, 1940, XIX-107
Cardiff, Wood Street Congregational Church (was Temperance Hall), ---, XXXV-144Cardiff, Working Street, 1890, XVIII-7
Cardiff and Channel Mills Ltd., Bute East Dock, 1920s, XIII-89Cardiff Arms Hotel, Broad Street, ---, XXXI-74
Cardiff Arms Hotel, Broad Street, pre 1882, IV-58Cardiff Arms Park, ---, 1928, IX-112/113
Cardiff Arms Park, Aerial View, 1930, II-115Cardiff Arms Park, Cricket and Rugby Pavilion, c1912, XVI-82
Cardiff Arms Park, New Pavilion, 1904, III-142Cardiff Asbestos & Belting Co., Clarence Road, ---, XXXIII-56
Cardiff Baths, Guildford Crescent, 1947, II-16Cardiff Castle, Aerial View, 1922, XXXV-14
Cardiff Castle, North Gateway, ---, III-9Cardiff Castle, Old Roman Wall and Main Entrance, 1929, XVIII-5/6
Cardiff Castle, Prior to Alterations by Bute, c1866, V-11Cardiff Castle, South Gate, ---, VI-16
Cardiff Castle, South Gate, c1880, XVI-5Cardiff Central Library, The Hayes (Interior Shots), ---, XXXV-195/196/197/198
Cardiff Central Station and Cardiff Arms Park, Aerial View, 1961, XXVII-14Cardiff City Fire HQ, Westgate Street, pre 1973, XVI-184
Cardiff Co-operative Society, 158 Clare Road, 1912, XIV-42Cardiff Docks, ---, 1870s, XXXI-48
Cardiff Dogs' Home, Sloper Road, 1920s, XXXI-185Cardiff Empire, Queen Street, 1900, XIII-146
Cardiff Empire (Exterior), Queen Street, 1910, VIII-186Cardiff Empire (Interior), Queen Street, ---, VIII-184
Cardiff Free Library, Trinity Street, 1891, XXXII-174Cardiff Gas Light & Coke Co. Offices, Bute Terrace, pre 1895, V-62
Cardiff Intermediate School for Girls, The Parade, 1910, III-101Cardiff Intermediate School for Girls (Later Cardiff High School), The Parade, ---, XIX-133/134
Cardiff Intermediate School for Girls (Later Cardiff High School), The Parade, 1905, XXXII-146Cardiff Motor School, 363 Cowbridge Road, 1932, II-73
Cardiff Municipal Hospital (Now Lansdowne Hospital), Lodge and Main Entrance, 1910, XXXI-179Cardiff Power Station (was Roath Power Station), Colchester Avenue, 1950s, XXXIV-181
Cardiff Prison, Aerial View, 1951, XIII-15Cardiff Royal Infirmary, ---, 1891, XXXII-170
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Aerial View, 1923, XIII-189Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Aerial View, 1930, XX-7
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Bute Ward (Interior), ---, XIX-168Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Bute Ward (Interior), 1930s, XXVIII-182
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Chapel, 1920s, XIX-167Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Convalescent Home at St.Mellons, ---, XXVII-188
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Ear Nose and Throat Department (Interior), 1909, XXXIII-199Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Kitchens (Interior), 1937, V-174
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Llanbradach Ward (Interior), 1914-18, V-171Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Newport Road, ---, VII-136
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Newport Road, ---, XIII-190Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Operating Theatre, 1901, XIII-191
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Original Building, pre 1883, VII-135Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Shand Children's Ward (Interior), 1909, V-172
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Shand Ward, c1905, XII-186Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Thomas Andrews Ward (Interior), 1909, V-170
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, View from Longcross Street, 1950s, XXIV-200Cardiff Royal Infirmary, View from Newport Road, 1950s, XXIV-199
Cardiff Sanatorium, Now Lansdowne Hospital, 1919, XXI-185Cardiff Savings Bank, Duke Street / North Street, 1887, XXXIV-7
Cardiff School Board Offices, Howard Gardens, ---, XXXIII-161Cardiff Telephone Exchange, Custom House Street, 1904, IV-11
Cardiff Training College, Heath Park, 1950s, X-129Cardiff United Synagogue, Cathedral Road, c1910, XI-141
Cardiff University, Cathays Park, 1930, XII-144Carey Thomas & Sons, Bute Street, 1960s, XXII-46
Carey Thomas & Sons, Merchants & Importers (Bute Street), 1914, II-74Carlton Restaurant, Queen Street, 1932, II-57
Case Brothers Florists, St.John Square, 1950, XII-53Castle Lodge, North Road, pre 1941, VII-9
Castleton, Village, 1913, XX-30Cathays, 1-15 Fairoak Road, c1900, XX-21
Cathays, 31 Daniel Street, 1916, XXI-32Cathays, Canada Road (Under Construction), 1913, XVII-63
Cathays, Coburn Street (War Damaged), 1941, XXX-28Cathays, Corner Shop Robert Street / Gower Street, c1912, V-41
Cathays, Crwys Road, 1910, III-22Cathays, Crwys Road Board School, ---, XXXIII-167
Cathays, Gladstone School, 1903, II-94Cathays, Grange Farm at West End of Llantrisant Street, 1899, I-36
Cathays, Library and Gladstone School in Whitchurch Road, 1916, VII-26Cathays, Maindy Barracks, 1899, XI-18/19
Cathays, Salisbury Road, 1908, VIII-9Cathays, Whitchurch Road, 1918, III-24
Cathays, Whitchurch Road, 1928, V-20Cathays, Whitchurch Road, 1930s, XIV-121
Cathays, Whitchurch Road and Forward Movement Mission Hall, 1907, XX-33Cathays, Woodville Hotel, c1888, I-67
Cathays, Woodville Road, c1912, IV-38Cathays, Woodville Road, c1904, XII-21
Cathays, Woodville Road, c1910, XXIV-16Cathays, Woodville Road, 1903, XXXIV-22
Cathays, Woodville Road / May Street, 1908, V-43Cathays, Woodville Road from Coronet Cinema, 1937, XXX-11
Cathays Café, Crwys Road, ---, IX-39Cathays Library, Whitchurch Road, c1920, XVIII-189
Cathays Park, Civic Centre (Aerial View), 1959, XXXIII-5Cathays Park, National Museum of Wales, 1920s, XXX-187
Cathays Park, University College Main Entrance, 1909, XXX-149Cathays Park, Welsh National War Memorial, ---, XXVI-10
Cathays Park and TVR Wagon Works, Aerial View, c1960, XXIX-4Cathays Park Civic Buildings, Aerial View, 1923, XIII-14
Cathays Railway Yard, Aerial View Showing Nazareth House, 1927, XI-137Cathedral School, Sanatorium and Carpenter's Shop, 1958, XXII-124
Central Cardiff, Aerial View, 1952, XXXVI-15Central Cinema, The Hayes, ---, I-166
Central Cinema, The Hayes (Interior), ---, I-167Central Hotel, West Canal Wharf / Penarth Road, 1910, XV-7
Charles Hunt & Co., Frederick Street, 1950s, XXIV-30Charlie Richard's Grocery Shop, Montgomery Street / Agnes Street, XII-47
Chestnut Tree House, 125 Queen Street, 1925, XXXV-17City Centre, Aerial View, 1927, II-1
City Hall. Assembly Hall (Interior), 1950s, XXII-64City Lodge (was Cardiff Union Workhouse), Aerial View, 1930, XXVIII-16
Civic Centre, Aerial View, 1960, XXVII-8Clarence Bridge, Aerial View, 1921, XXIII-18
Clark's College, Newport Road, ---, XXVI-156Clark's College, Newport Road, 1913, III-102
Clark's College, Newport Road, 1965, XXXIII-12Clarke's Monumental Masons, 98 Cardiff Road Llandaff, ---, XXVII-26
Cleves Secretarial College, Newport Road, 1965, XXXIII-10Clive Hall, Clive Road, ---, XXX-152
Clyde Arms, Byron Street / Castle Street (City Road), 1908, IV-60Coal and Shipping Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, 1891, XXVI-44
Coal Washery, Queen Alexandra Docks, 1907, XXII-33/34Colbourn's Hairdressing Salon, Wharton Street, ---, XXXII-11
Coliseum Cinema, Cowbridge Road, ---, XXIX-120College Buildings (was St.Illtyd's College), Courtenay Road, ---, XXVII-145
Colonial Buildings, New Street, c1914, XX-10Co-op Shirt Factory (Interior), Bute Terrace / Mary Ann Street, 1920s, V-45
Co-operative Society Shop, Splott Road / Railway Street, 1914, XVII-47Corfield and Morgan's Slate Works, Metal Street, October 1893, I-70
Coronet Cinema, Woodville Road, pre 1958, XXXIV-210Cory Hall, Station Terrace, ---, XXXV-23
Cory Hall and YMCA, Station Terrace, c1912, IX-5Cowbridge Arms, Broad Street, c1870, V-67
Cox's Bakery, Union Street, 1956, XX-16Crossland's Canton Fish Market, 170 Cowbridge Road, ---, XXVIII-38/39
Custom House (Original Building), East Canal Wharf, 1875, IV-12CWS Biscuit Works, Moorland Road (Aerial View), 1930, XXI-118
Cyncoed, Corner Shop at 293 Cyncoed Road, 1930s, XXVIII-17Cyncoed, Cyncoed Road (formerly Lisvane Road), 1913, XVII-33
Cyncoed, Houses Under Construction in Cyncoed Road, 1912, XXII-31Cyncoed, Village, 1936, XIV-20
Cyncoed Methodist Church, Westminster Crescent, 1930s, XXIX-145 

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