Pigot's London Provincial Directory,1822-1823.



Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

CARDIFF The capital of Glamorganshire, is a handsome well built town, pleasantly seated on a fertile flat, about three miles from the eastern extremity of the county, where it is joined by Monmouthshire, 40 miles from Bristol, 2 from Llandaff, 12 from Newport, and 160 from London. The river Taff runs along the west side of the town, over which is a good bridge of five arches, and falls into the Bristol Channel 3 miles below, which, with the River Elai, forms the harbour of Penarth. The town contains two parishes, St. John's and St. Mary's; and several good streets, which are well lighted with gas. It was inclosed by a stone wall, in which were four gates, and a deep ditch, with a watch tower still to be seen. At present there is only one church, for, by a great innundation of the sea in 1607, the church of St. Mary, with many other buildings in that parish, were undermined and swept away. The church of St. John stands near the centre of the town, is a plain Norman structure, supposed to have been erected in the 13th century. The arch of the west door is rich and handsome; the tower, of more modern date than the body, is a lofty square building of great beauty, having at the corners open pinnacles or lanterns, much admired for their elegance and exquisite workmanship, which have been lately repaired in a manner highly creditable to the artist. The interior of the church is handsome, though there are no objects of antiquarian interest. There are also six Dissenting Meeting houses, viz:- two Methodist, two Baptist, and two Independent; in one of each the service is perfomed in English, the other in Welsh. The castle still forms a most interesting object. The Western front has a remarkable fine appearance from the road approachingthe town from that side, the interior was repaired and modernised some years since, but the additions do not harmonise with the ancient architecture. The ditch that formerly surrounded the building has been filled up, and the whole of the ground laid out in a fine level lawn. The rampart, within the external wall, has been planted with shrubs, and on the summit a terrace walk extends the whole length, affording a most delightful prospect; among the most striking objects are the bold promontory of Penarth, and two islands in the Bristol channel, called the Flat and Steep Holmes, about three leagues distant; on the former of which stands a light house. The Town hall is a respectable modern erection, and stands in the middle of High street : here the assizes for the county are held, and near it is the county jail, built upon the plan of the late Mr. Howard. Cardiff is an ancient corporation, under the government of the constable of the Castle, two bailiffs, (the present bailiffs are Wm. Prichardand John Bird), twelve aldermen, twelve capital burgesses, a steward, town clerk, two sergeants at mace, (who are sheriffs of the town), a water bailiff, two common attorneys, and several inferior officers. The town in conjunction with the contributory boroughs of Swansea, Neath, Cowbridge, Lougher, Aberavon, Kenfigg, and Llantrissiant, sends one member to Parliament. The present member is Wyndham Lewis, Esq. The town and neighbourhood carries on a considerable trade with Bristol, sending great quantities of oats, barley, poultry, &c. but its greatest trade is the export of wrought iron, tin, &c. of the former, not less than 100,000 tons are shipped annually for London and other ports. It is brought from Merthyr and its vicinity by the means of a curious canal, cut through a mountainous country, with great ingenuity, for more than 25 miles; the head of which, at Merthyr-bridge, is above 568 feet higher than the tide lock. Four miles from Cardiff, on the river Taff, are the extensive tin-works of Richd. Blackmore, Esq. & Co. called "Melin Griffith," and 2 miles farther, are the iron furnaces and forges, called "Pentyrch," belonging to the same Company; a little higher is the porcelain china manufactory of Mr. Young, and at the distance of 4 miles from that is the coal works of B. Grover, Esq. called "Porth-y-Gloe." The population, according to the last returns, was 1,841 females and 1,680 males, total 3,521. Market days: Wednesday and Saturday. Fairs, 2nd. Wednesday in March; 2nd. Wednesday in April; 2nd. Wednesday in May; 29th. June; 19th. September; and 20th. November.

Post Office. Castle-street - John Bird, Post Master. Mail to Bristol every morning at eight, to Swansea and Ireland every evening at half-past five, to Merthyr Tydfil every evening at six.

Custom House

Collector, Thos. Bourne, Esq.
Collector's Clerk, Thomas Stephen Todd, jun.
Comptroller, John Davies, Esq.
Comptroller's Clerk, Richard Jones Todd
Surveyor, Francis Minnitt
Searcher, Landing & Coast waiter, Edward Thomas


Allen Miss, (ladies'), St. Mary's
Phipson Mr. (gentlemen's), Trinity street
Vaughan Miss, (ladies'), High st


Dalton Thomas, Castle st
Homfray Jeston, Angel-street
Matthews Wm., St. Mary's
Morgan Henry, St. Mary's
Richards Edw. Priest, High street
Thomas Thomas, Duke-street
Williams Richd. Windham, High-st
Wood Nicholl, Duke street


Watkins Thomas, High street
Wilkes Giles, Broad street

Bakers, &c.

David Llewellyn, Angel street
Dimond Samuel, Duke-street
Edy John, Duke-street
Lewis Joseph, St. Mary's
Thomas Robert, St. Mary's


Savery, Towgood & Co., High st
Wood, Wood & Co. Duke-street

Boot & Shoe Makers

Lewis Philip, St. Mary's
Leyshon Evan, High street

Booksellers, Printers, and Stationers

Bird William, (and actuary to the savings bank; commissioner for taking special bail in the courts of King's bench, common pleas and exchequer), Castle street
Lloyd Richard, Angel-street
McLode Daniel, Duke-street
Reed William, Duke-street

Braziers, Tinplate-workers, & Plumbers

Bird Edward, Angle-street
Williams Wm., St. Mary's street


Walters James, (and maltster), St. Mary's-street

Builder and Architect

Wheeler Joseph, Trinity street

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers

Harris Wm., High street
Robotham John, Duke street
Rugg Wm., Duke street

Chemists, Druggists & Surgeons

Bird James, High street
Evans Edward, Duke-street
Vachell Charles, Duke street
Vachell William, High st

Coal Dealers

Price John, St. Mary's street
Thomas Robert, St. Mary's street
Thomas John, Crockherb-town

Coal Fitter and Ship Agents

Davies Edward, (agent only), Wharf
Fairclough Morgan, High street
Vine William John, (fitter only), Sea-locks


Morgan John, Womanby street
Yorath Ann, Womanby street

Corn, Flour, & Seed Merchant

Hogg William, High street

Curriers & Leather Cutters

Redwood William, High street
Hogg William, High street

Fire and Life Offices

Albion, Wm. Jenkins, Trinity st
Guardian, David Evans, Duke st
Norwich Union, Edward Thomas, Wharf
Phoenix, John Bird, Castle Parade
Royal Exchange, Wm. Bird, Castle street
West of England, Edw. Bird, jun. Wharf

Grocers and Tea Dealers

Daniell Eleanor, Duke street
Evans Thomas, High street
Gower John, High street
Hogg William, High street
Hook Nicholas, Angel street
Hopkins Thomas, Angel street
Lewis David, High street
Morgan William, Angel street
Thomas Robert, (and maltster), St. Mary's street
Thomas Wm. (& maltster), Duke st
Yorath Llewellyn, Duke st

Hop Merchants

Hopkins Thomas, Angel street
Morgan William, Angel street

Hat & Shoe Warehouse

French Nathaniel, sen. Angel st


Angel, Wm. Davies, Angel st
Cardiff Arms, Wm. Barriett, Broad st

Iron and Brass Founders

Bird Edward, jun. & Co., Cardiff Iron Foundry; and agent for Acraman's patent chain cables, Wharf


Bird Edward, Angel st
Rugg William, Duke st
South John, Duke st
Williams Wm., St Mary's st

Iron Merchants

Thomas Robert, Hayes
Wood & Bird, Wharf
Blakemore Richard, Esq. and Co. (ironmasters) Pentyrch

Linen & Woollen Drapers, &c.

Evans David, (& stamp distributer), Duke st
French Nathaniel, jun. High st
Lloyd Griffith, Duke st
Williams J. & W. Duke st
Williams Lewis, Duke st

Liquor Merchants

Dalton Mary, Castle st
Leyshon Thomas, Duke st
Rees George, St. mary st

Millwrights and Iron Founders

Riddle, Catlaugh and Co., Wharf

Painters and Glaziers

Griffiths John, Castle st
Herne Thomas, High st
Thomas Wm., St. Mary's st


Hopkins Wm., Crockherb Town
Moore John, Roath

Rope Makers

Morgan Wm., Duke st
Thomas David, Angel st


Glascott Wm., Angel st
Williams Wm., Duke st

Ship Builders

Davies Wm., Wharf
Trediven Richd., St. Mary's st

Straw Hat Makers

Gregory David, Broad st
McLode Mary, Duke st


James John, Hayes
Reece Richard, High st

Tailors, &c

Gibbon Morgan, St. Mary's st
Payne Olive, Broad st
Thomas Evan, Crockherb Town

Tallow Chandlers

Gower John, High st
Hogg Wm., High st

Taverns and Public Houses

Bell, John Thomas, High st
Black Lion, David Rees, St Mary's st
Blue Anchor, Jn. Davies, St. Mary st
Cardiff Boat, Edward Evans, Womanby street
Cross Keys, John Thomas, Crockherb town
Crown and Anchor, Jane Jenkins, Duke street
Carpenters Arms, Thos. Morgan, Nelson street
Five Bells, Eleanor Thomas, Broad st
Fives-court, Andw. Powell, Crockherb Town
Globe, John Barrett, Angel st
Glove & Shears, Jn. Smith, Duke st
Griffin, Philip Lewis, St. Mary's st
Horse Shoe, Geo. Watson, High st
Horse & Groom, Evan Jones, Womanby st
Lock Hotel, Jas. Watters, Lockgates
Mason's Arms, Rees -, Crockherb Town
New Green Dragon, David Harris, Duke street
Old Green Dragon, Wm. Emanuel, Duke st
Prince Regent, John James, Crockherb Town
Red Cow, Elizabeth Phillips, Womanby street
Red Lion, Thomas Lewis, Crockherb Town
Rope and Anchor, Wm. Wynn, St. Mary street
Rose and Crown, Ann Rowland, North st
Royal Oak, Thomas Scandrett, St. Mary st
Rummer, Thos. Leyshon, Duke st
Ship and Dolphin, Mary Brewer, Church st
Ship & Launch, David Lewis, Womanby st
Sunderland Bridge, Mary Russell, St. Mary st
Three Castles, M. Davies, High st
Three Cranes, Rees Howell, Crockherb Town
Three Tuns, Morgan Jones, Duke st
Unicorn Jn. Rees, Crockherb Town
Wheat Sheaf, Thos. Evans, High st
White Horse, John Jenkins, High st
White Lion, Philip Woolcott, Castle street


Perkins Wm., near the Castle

Watch & Clock Makers, Silversmiths & c.

Marks Michael, Angel st
Marks Solomon, Broad st
Thackwell John, Angel st

Tin Manufacturers

Blakemore Richard, Esq. and Co., Melin-griffith


Farmer Geo., gun maker, Broad st
Lewis Wm., dealer in fire & common brick, general commission agent, and agent to S. Brown, R.N., & Co. patent chain cable manufacturers, Wharf
Marks Levi, pawnbroker, St. Mary's street
Matthews Samuel, gardener, &c. Crockherb Town
Morris Lewis, collector of the canal tonnage, office Wharf
Pewtriss T., skinner & wool stapler, Womanby street
Thomas M., milliner, Angel st
Wood John, clerk of the peace, St. Mary's
Wood J. B., governor of the county jail, &c.


Caerphilly, Wm. Edwards, everyday (except Tuesday), Green Dragon
Cowbridge, John Thomas, from the Globe, twice a week
Llantrissiant, David Shepherd, from the Globe, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Llantrissiant, Thos. Richards, from the White Lion, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday


By Water

Bristol, Pritchard, Heafley, and Co., every week
Bristol, John and Matthew Pride, every week
Merthyr Tydvil, and all places on the canal, James & Thomas, every week
Merthyr Tydvil, J. & M. Pride, daily
Merthyr Tydvil, Thos. Reece amd Co., daily

Regular Traders to Bristol

AmityThomas Phillips
CastleDavid Watters
FriendsJohn Roberts
LydiaEmanuel Todd
Merthyr PacketWilliam Brown


London and Bristol, Royal Mail, from the Angel, every morning at eight
Swansea, Royal Mail, from the Angel, every evening at five.
Bristol, the Cambrian, from the Cardiff Arms, every Thrusday, and Saturday at twelve
Gloucester, and Chepstow, the Regulator, from the Cardiff Arms, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at twelve
Swansea, the Cambrian, from the Cardiff Arms, every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday afternoons at two
Swansea, the Regulator, from the Cardiff Arms, every Thursday, and Saturday afternoon at two

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