Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859.



Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

CARDIFF is a market town, a borough both corporate and parliamentary, and a seaport, in the parishes of Saint John and Saint Mary, hundred of Kibbor, and is the capital of Glamorganshire; 160 miles w. from London, 40 w. from Bristol, 56 s. w.from Gloucester, 25 s. w. from Chepstow, 35 s. s. w. from Monmouth, 12 s. w. from Newport (Monmouth), and 53 s. by w. from Hereford. This ancient town is situated on the river Taaff (or Tav), about two miles from its junction with the BristolChannel, and on fertile level ground, about three miles from the eastern extremity of the county, where it is joined by Monmouthshire. THe river is crossed by a handsome stone bridge of five arches. Cardiff was formerly encompassed by a stone wall, in which were four gates, with a watch tower, and a deep ditch surrounded its ancient castle; in those days it was considered to be very strong, and still forms an interesting object, as seen from the road approaching the town. The rampart within its external walls has been planted with shrubs, and on the summit a terrace walk extends the whole length, affording a delightful and extersive prospect which, through the kindness of the Marchioness of Bute, is thrown open to the public when the famil Cardiff is a well-built and compact town, having several good streets, which are kept clean, well paved, and gas-lighted, and upon the whole, it may be said to boast a respectable and neat appearance. This town was an ancient corporation, remodelledby the Municipal Reform Act; the corporate body consists of a mayor, six aldermen, and eighteen councillors, and is divided into two wards - North and South. Three councillors in each ward go out of office annually, but are eligible for re-election.The qualification to vote is a rating for three years. The salary of the mayor is fixed at £80 a year. The autumn assizes are held in the New Town Hall, St. Mary Street, a handsome structure, admirably adapted to its use, and is creditable to the liberty and public spirit of the town. A court leet annually by the owner of the manor, and the new county court, monthly, for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding $50. The borough, in conjunction with Cowbridge and Llantrissaint, sends one member to Parliament. The mayor is the returning officer; and the present representative is Lieutenant Colonel Stuart. The county gaol, situated ner Adams' down, is a substantial building. The theatre, in Crockherb town, is a neat structure, the int Saint John's church situated nearly in the centre of the two parishes, is an ancient edifice, with a finely proportioned and enriched tower, containing a peal of well-toned bells and musical chimes. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester. The church of Saint Mary, erected near the Bute canal, was completed in August 1843; it is a neat structure, having two towers in the Norman style of architecture: the living is in the gift of the Marchioness of Bute. There are places of Worship for various religious denominations (in which the service, both in English and Welch, is performed), including Independents, Baptists, Wesleyan and Calvinistic Methodists, and a Roman Catholic Chapel - the last named is a substantial and handsome buildin, in the Anglo Norman style. The principal charities comprise comprise an infirmary, in the Newport Road, erected in 1836, at the sole expense of Daniel Jones, Esq. of Beaupree, at a cost of upwards of £4,000; the Union poor-house, in the Cowbridge road, built at an expense of £7,500; and two or three public schools. Cardiff has its literary and scientific institution, a news-room, a mechanics' institute, a savings' bank, and a farmers' club. A new market-house has LLANDAFF is a city, and the See of a Bishop in the same hundred and county of Cardiff, two miles from that town, situated on the river Taaff. Although a city, it is but an inconsiderable place; and divested of its See and Cathedral, would only be considered as a village, destitute of any claim to notice. The diocese contains one hundred and seventy-seven parishes forming but a part of the two counties, Glamorgan and Monmouth. The Cathedral stands near the river; a part of it was some years since repaired, chiefly at the expense of the then bishop, Dr. Watson- but without attention of the style of the original, the fine ruins of which throw this renovated portion into the shade: it contains some curious ancient sepulchral memorials, lately repaired with more respect to taste. Strictly speaking, Llandaff is neither a vicarage, rectory or curacy; the duties are performed by two vicars - choral who are appointed by the chapter of Llandaff : the present bishop is the Right Rev. Alfred Ollivant, D.D. The ecclesiastical court of the dean of Llandaff is held here, and a manorial one occasionally by the trustees of the late Sir Samuel Romilly, the lords of the manor. There are two annual fairs; one on the Monday in Whitsun week, the POST OFFICE, old Church street, Cardiff, Mr. Frederick Charles Webber, Post Master.
Arrival of the Mails. - From London, Bristol, Gloucester, Newport and all parts of England and Foreign Countries every morning at a quarter past eight.
From the North of England, Scotland and Ireland every morning at half-past ten.
West Mail - From Carmarthen, Swansea, Neath, Bridgend, Cowbridge, Aberdare, Merthyr and Pontypridd, every morning at a quarter past six

Despatches of the Mails. - To London and all parts of the Kingdom, Foreign Countries, &c., every evening at half-past seven.
North Mail. - To Newport, Gloucester, and all parts of the North of England and Scotland every evening at forty-five minutes past four.
West Mail. - To Cowbridge, Bridgend, Neath, Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire every morning at a quarter past eight, and night at a quarter before ten.
To Pontypridd, Aberdare and Mertyr every evening at a quarter before ten.
Branch Office, Bute Docks, W. T. Morgan, Post Master. - Letters are despatched daily from this office to the office, Church Street, as follows :- The North Mail every evening at four. The London and South Mail at seven, and West Mail at nine. On Sundays to London, Bristol and the South generally at half-past five afternoon.
Money Order Office opens from nine in the morning till six in the evening.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

Allen Mrs. Ann, 17 Crockherb Town
Bailey Rev. John, Bute Terrace.
Bevin Rev. Henry B., Llandaff.
Bocock Mrs. Elzbth. Ton Villa, Canton
Booker Thomas William, Esq. M.P., Valindre House
Bridgewater Mr. Wm. B., 36 Charles St.
Bright Mrs. -, Rose Cottage, Roath rd.
Brown Miss Ann, Roath rd
Brownrigg Mrs. Francis, Roath rd
Bruno Rev. Stephen, Bute Terrace
Bushell William Donoe, Esq. Crockherb town
Bute the Marchioness of, Cardiff Castle
Clinton Mrs. Tabitha, 67 Crockherb town
Coffin Walter, Esq. Llandaff
Cooper Mr. Hiram, 48 Crockherb town
Curteis Mrs. -, Llandaff
Daltan Mr. Thomas, Working st
David Evan, Esq. Fairwater
Donovan Lieut. Hy. Douglas, Union st
Dornford Lieut. Frederick, Pierhead
Edger Miss Verginia, 8 Windsor pl
Edmunds Mr. William, Roath road
Evans Edwd. Esq., 73 Crockherb town
Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, Wenvoe
Evans Rev. James, Llandaugh
Evans Mr. William, 21 Charles st
Fothergill Rowland, Esq. Hensol Castle
Garrilli Rev. Michael, Bute terrace
Gavan Mrs. Jane, Tenby Villa, Roath
Hastings Rev. J. P., M.A., Llandaff
Howe Rev. -, James st
Hughes Mr. Thomas, Road road
Jackson Captain G. C. Roath Castle
James Mrs.-, King's Castle, Canton
Jenkins Rev. Isaac, Union rd, Canton
Jenkins Mrs. Mary, Ivy Villa, Canton
Jenner Robert Francis, Esq. Wenvoe Castle
Jones Captain Jenkin, Rimac Villa, Canton
Jones R. O. Esq., (stipendiary magistrate) 3 Windsor place
Lee Mr. Edward H., Road road
Lee Henry Esq., Dynas Powis
Lewis Henry, Esq. Green Meadow
Lewis John. Esq. New House
Lewis William Wyndham, Esq. Heath
Miles Mr. Thomas, Albert House Charles st.
Morgan Rev. C. Augustus S., Llandaff Court
Morgan Rev, R., B.D. Llandaff Court
Morgan Rev. W. H. Victoria pl, Roath
Morgan Rev. William Leigh, Roath
Ollivant the Right Rev. Alfred, D.D. (Lord Bishop of Llandaff), Llandaff Court
Ollivant Rev. E., M.A. Llandaff Court
Owen Mr. John, Bute st
Parker Rev. John F. M.A. Llandaff Court
Patrick Mr. George, Llandaff
Powell Rev. W., B.D. Llandaff Court
Price Mrs. Maria, 16 Crockherb Town
Pride Mr. James, 22 Charles st
Richards Thomas, Esq.
Romilly Edward, Esq. Porth Kerry
Sage Mr. Thomas, Brighton House, Roath road
Scales the Misses - 3, Park place
Sladen Mrs. Margaret, Roath road
Smith Mr. Edward, 30 Charles street
Stacey Rev. Thomas, St. John st
Stephens Edward, Esq. Llandaff
Stuart Lord James, Cardiff Castle
Thomas Mrs. Mary, 99 Gt. Frederick st
Thomas Rev. Nathaniel, Canton
Thomas Rev. Thomas, Whitechurch
Tilly Rev. Alfred, 5 Charles st
Traherne Rev. John Montgomery, Coedriglan
Tyler Sir George, Cottrell House
Vachell Chas. Esq. 5 Crockherb town
Verrall Rev. Robert Thos. Roath rd
Watson Rev. Richard, L.L.B., Llandaff Court
Williams Mrs. Ann, Maindy
Williams Charles Croft, Esq., Roath
Williams Evan, Esq. Duffryd frwyd
Williams Henry, Esq. Duffryd frwyd
Williams Rev. & Worshipful Hugh, M.A., Llandaff Court
Williams Mr. John, 20 Charles st
Williams Rev. R., M.A., Llandaff Court
Williams Mrs. Sarah, Roath House
Williams Very Rev. Thomas, Llandaff Court
Williams Mr. Thomas, Maindy Villa
Wily Capt. Henry William, Roath rd
Wootton Mr. William, Clifton Villa, Roath road
Wrentmore William, Esq. Sydenham Villa, Roath road

Academies & Schools

Allum Mary (boarding), 9 Charles Street
Atkins Harriet (boarding and day), 2 Charles Street
Bedford Philip W., L.L.D. (classical and commercial day & boarding), 4 Charles st
British & Foreign School, Millicent st - Charles Prouse, master; Mary Ann Prouse, mistress
Browne Maria (day and boarding), Park House, Crockherb town
Collett Annie, Mount Stuart Square
Evans Selina and Caroline (day and boarding), 189 Bute rd
Gower Hannah, St. John st
Gregory M. (boarding and day), 6 Windsor place
Hopkins Elizabeth (boarding and day), 3 Windsor place
Infants' School, Working street - George Osborne, master; Priscilla Osborne, mistress
Llewellyn Mary, Roath
Marks Julia, 9 St. Mary street
Matthews Phoebe, Elizabeth and Mary Ann, Canton
National School, Llandaff - Wm. Evans, master; Alice Moses, mistress
National School, (St. John the Baptist's), Crockherb town --- Thomas Osborn, master; Eliza Thomas, mistress
National School, (Saint Mary's) Bute terrace - John Simpson, master; Mrs. Simpson, mistress
Osborn William, Roath road
Pardoe Emma (day and boarding), 2 park place
Petherick Mary (day and boarding), 25 Charles Street
Protheroe Annie, 30 Adam st, Newtown
Roman Catholic School David st - William Bird & James Morris, masters; Girls - sisters of the order of Providence
Sloggett Jane, 41 London square
Trice William Walter (day and boarding), 12 Charles st
Vaughan Martha (day and boarding), Adams' Down
Webb Joseph, North st
Webb Joseph, 23 Patrick st
Wesleyan Day Schools, Working st - Edwin Moss, master; Emily Upright, mistress
Williams Charles F. (day and boarding), 16 Charles st
WIlliams James, 6 London square


Chapman Borthers, Old Church st
Edwards Richard, 6 London square
Gordon John (and law stationer), 10 Smith st
Osman Edward, 7 Park place
Thomas John D., Crockherbtown
Thomas St. John, London square
Webber Thomas (and agent to the Taunton and West of England Building Society), 80 St. Mary st
Woolley John S., 8 London square


Marked thus * are Commission Agents
(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents; Agents to Coal Proprietors; Iron Masters, &c.)
Abbott Samuel (to the British Permanent Building Society), 13 High street
* Angel, Gibbs and Co., 44 Stuart st, Bute docks
Ash Leonord (for shipping seamen), 221 Bute road
* Atkins & Foster, Bute st, Bute Docks
Bird Hugh (for Gibbs' Peruvian Guano, and sole district agent for James & F. Howard, Bedford - B. Samuelson, Banbury - Richmond & Chandler, Salford - Burgess & Key's McCormick's reapers), Duke st - (See advert)
Calder Nathaniel B. (to the Aberdare Iron Company), West Bute street, Bute docks
Corbet John Staurt (to the Marchioness of Bute), Cardiff Castle Tower
* Cory & Son (for Brown, Lennox & Co., anchor and chain cable manufacturers, and for Wood's patent fuel, and preserved coal & coke), Bute st, Bute Docks
Culverwell John (for the Stogumber ale), West wharf
* Davies & James, 19 Stuart street, Bute docks
* Davies Wm. Morgan, West Bute st.
* Davis Richard, 28 Patrick st
Dempsey William Churchill (to Glamorganshire Canal Co.), Wharf
* Dornford, Oswin & Co., West Bute docks
* Edwards D. B., 82 Bute street, Bute docks
* Gannett Charles (for shipping seamen), 169 Bute road
Gaskell James (news and book binder), Canton
* Hall John Morgan, Womanby street
Hall William Morgan (for Lawes' super-phosphate of lime), Womanby street
Hooper Henry (to the Plymouth Forge Iron Company), Wharf
James & Price (for Doulton's drain pipes, &c.) Canal Wharf East
Jenks William (to Lucas of Dronsfield, near Sheffield), 14 Old Church street
Kernick Samuel P. (for Horniman's tea), Duke st
* Knapp, Jenkins & Co., West Bute st
Marks Solomon & Son (to John Poole, of London, chronometer maker), 101 Bute st, Bute docks
* Martin William Henry, 47 Stuart st, Bute docks
Matthews Thomas (for William Harris, of Merthyr, water carrier), Wharf
* Morgan William & Co. (to Pinchin & Co.), Canal Wharf West
Noel & Austin (licensed for shipping seamen), Bute st, Bute docks
* Ogleby & Davies, 96 Bute street, Bute docks
* Oppenheim Henry, Canton
O'Rourke Michael Spain (house, land & mineral), Crockherb town
Osman Edwd. (house), 34 Creighton st
* Owen & Downing (and to Lloyds' and the Cork steam packets), Bute st, Bute docks
Palmer Alfred (to the Bristol steam Navigation Company), Bute street, Pier head
* Parry, Brown & Co., Bute street, Bute docks
* Parry Richard W. West Bute st
Payne Edward (to William Crawshay, iron master), Wharf
* Reed John B. (and canvass merchant), Mount Stuart square
* Rogers Brothers (and custom house), 106 Bute street
* Rowland J. & C., Bute crescent
* Saunders William Henry, Roath rd
Smart George (to Crayshay Bailey, Aberaman Iron Works), Bute crescent
Sneezum William (to Railway Carriage Company), 139 Bute road
Strawson George Smith (house and land), smith st
* Sully & Stowe (for D. Davies, and honourary secretary to the Shipwrecked Fisherman & Mariners' Benevolent Society), Bute crescent
* Tellefsen & Holst, Bute crescent
Thomas E. J. (to the Cardiff Steam Navigation Company), Bute st, Pier head
* Todd Richard Jones (and for the Cardiff and Rotterdam Steam boats), Rothsay terrace, Bute docks
Ware James (to the Bute Merthyr Steam Coal Association), Bute crescent
* Webber Thomas (and house and estate, and to the Taunton & West of England Building Society), 80 St. Mary st
* Williams & Paynter, 46 Stuart st, Bute docks
Williams J. E. (to Gadley's Iron Company, and to T. W. Booker & Co.), Bute road
* Woolley John S. (house), 8 London Square
* Xeno Brothers, 64 Bute st, Bute docks

Agents to Coal Proprietors

Cope William (to Froedyrhiw Coal Company), Bute crescent
David Charles & Toms (sole agents for Mayne's Merthyr & Aberdare Steam Coals), 25 Bute st, Bute docks - Branch office, Somerset Place, Swansea
Duncan Robert (to John Jones), 125 Bute road
Erichsen, Hardcastle & Co. (to Carr Brothers& Co.), 98 Bute street, Bute docks
Howard S. (to Guest & Co.), West Bute st, Bute docks
Marychurch James (to Wood & Co.), Bute crescent
Sully & Stowe (to David Davies), Bute crescent
Taylor & Cory (for Nixon's Duffryn Steam Coals), Bute road, Docks
Vachell John W. (to the Lletty Shenkin Coal Company), Bute crescent
Willett John (to the Forest Coal Company), 278 Bute road
Woolley John S. (to the Forest Coal Company), 80 Bute st Docks

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers

Bird Hugh (and manure and seed merchant), 18 Duke st - [ See advertisement.]
Hall John Morgan (& woolstapler and skinner), Womanby st
Lemon Thomas (and seed merchant), Duke st

Ale & Porter Merchants

Bird Philip (bottled), 184 Bute road
Bowdon John & Co. (and general commission), West Bute warehouses
Clements William & Co., Whitmore la
Lewis & Co. Crichton st
Nell William (bottled), Eagle Brewery, St. John st - [See advertisement]
North, Low & Co., Bute bridge
Prosser Frederick & Co., Old Brewery, St. Mary st - [See advert.]
Rees Thomas, London place
Stockdale John H., West Bute st


(See also Auctioneers,)
Harris William, High st
Jones Noah, Caroline st
Osman Edward, Trinity

Architects & Surveyors

Fawckner J. F. 7 Charles st
Hartland & Son, 79 St. Mary st
James & Price, Canal Wharf East
Lloyd W., Splottsland
O'Rourke Michael Spain, 15 Crockherb town
Pritchard & Seddon, 4 Church st, and Llandaff
Strawson George Smith, 6 Smith st
Wallis Joseph Haythorn, Post Office buildings, Old Church st
Waring Thomas, Town Hall buildings, St. Mary st


Arnold James F. (photographic), 263 Upper Bute st
Harris William (photographic), 168 Bute road
Jacquier Joseph, Duke st
Marks Barnett Saml. 33 Charles st
Marshall Thomas, 8 St. John st


Bird John, Crockherb town
Bradley Wm. Alexander ( & notary public), James st, Bute docks
Champ Augustus B. 77 St. Mary st
Dalton T. M. Working street
Dalton Thomas (& notary), Working st
Davis H. J. Old Church st & Newport
Ensor Thomas Henry, Guildhall chambers, St. Mary st
Grover Montagu, Crockherb town
Haviland Edgar, 73 St. Mary st
Heard Henry, 27 Charles st
Ingledew & Daggett, 132 Bute road
James William Herbert, office, Literary Institute, St. Mary st
Langley J. H. & R. F. (& registers of County Court, Cardiff district), 6 Smith st
Matthews Benjamin (and notary public & proctor), 1 Old Church st
Morgan Thomas Henry, Llandaff
Owen John Gwynne, 5 Smith st
Reece & Salmon, 70 Crockherb town
Reece Richard Lewis (and county coroner), 6 Crockherb town
Reece Richard Llewellin, Maindy
Rees Daniel, 42 Crockherb town
Richards Edward Priest (& county treasurer and commissioner in all the courts and clerk to the Lieutenancy of Glamorganshire), Castle street
Stephens Thos. Henry, Post Office chambers, Old Church st
Waldron Clement (& commissioner for taking affidavits in Ireland), Old Church st
Wilcocks Frederick James, Guildhall chambers, St. Mary st
Williams Richard Wyndham, 7 Angel st


Abbott Samuel, 13 High st
Burden James, 2 Broad st
Graham & Co. (& valuers), Guildhall chambers, St. Mary st
James & Price, Canal Wharf East
Marks Mark, St. Mary st
Morgan William, 74 Saint Mary st and Old Canal Wharf
Oppenheim Henry, Canton
Roche Francis (and land agent), 10 Smith st
Thomas John D. 66, Crockherb town
Watkins Thomas (and gunpowder merchant), Town Hall buildings, St. Mary st

Bakers & Flour Dealers

Allen John, Duke st.
Bailey George, Canton
Batty John, Eleanor st
Davies David, Hayes
Davies Sarah, 5 St. John st
Day John, 18 Upper Bute st
Gould John, Nelson terrace
Gould Samuel, 20 South William st
Hammet Nathaniel, 9 Stuart street, Bute docks
Hardy John, 288 Upper Bute street, and 8 High st
Howell Christopher, 18 Bute terrace
Howell William, Plucca lane
Hurley Samuel, St. Mary st
James Samuel, Llandaff
John Edward, 52 Millicent st
Jones Thomas, 10 St. John st
Lewis Leah, Wharton st
Locke Sarah (& biscuit), Trinity st
Matthews Francis, Canton
Milner Charles (biscuit), Bute st
Murdock Samuel, 18 Christina st
Oakey George, 232 Bute road
Parr William, 44 Adelaide st
Pollard J. & B. 270 Upper Bute st
Powell John J. Plucca lane
Reynand Louis, 43 Stuart street
Rutter Isaac, West Wharf
Shaddick Robert, 30 Louisa st
Simester John Edwin (and ship biscuit), 93 Bute st, Bute docks
Slater Charles, East wharf side
Stark John, 6 George st, Bute docks
Warne James, Little Millicent st
Watkins Edward, 13 Caroline st
Williams Griffith, 17 High st
Wood Robert, 256 Upper Bute st


Brecon Old Bank, Wilkins & Co. - (draw on Barnett, Hoares & Co. London) - Henry Jones Evans, manager
National Provincial Bank of England (Branch), High street - (draws on the London and Westminster Bank) - Robert Stewart, manager
West of England and Couth Wales District Bank - draws on Glyn, Mills & Co. London - Clement Lucas, manager
Savings' Bank, Duke st - James Emerson Williams, actuary

Bark Merchants

Batchelor Brothers, West side of Bute docks
Hamlin Richard H. Bridge House
Watsons & Co. (& timeber & slate) East Wharf

Basket Makers

Jones Edward,31 Hayes
Jones Philip Lloyd (and dealer in fishing tackle), High st
Naish Jacob, 61 Bridge st
Nash Richard, Working st

Billiard Room Proprietors

Cooper Alfred, Mount Stuart Hotel, Bute docks
Cousins Henry, Angel Hotel, Angel st
Gatti J. French & Italian Restaurant, 151 Bute road
Nicholas Mary Ann, Queen's Hotel, St. Mary st
Quelch George, 14 Brad st
Taylor William, Bute Arms, Upper Bute st
Twigg C. S. Hasting's Hotel


Davies William. (& farrier), Hayes
Evans Roger, Wharf Bridge
Hurley Jas. West side Bute docks
James Job, Roath
Jenkins William, Mill lane
Jones S. H., Hayes
McCarthy John, West side of Bute docks
Morgan Richard & Co. West side of Bute docks
Newbery J. G. (& engineer, &c), Mill Lane Foundry
Parfitt & Jenkins (and engineer) Hayes Foundry
Parry John, School st
Phillips henry, Park place
Richards John, Bute road
Thomas Daniel, West wharf
Vokes William, 14 Working st
Williams James, East Wharf

Block and Mast Maker

Brabyn Joseph (and boat builder), West side of Bute docks
Cole William, 12 Edward st
Craig George (and boat builder) West side of Bute docks
Gullyes George, Dudley place
Pratt Richd. Werst side of Bute dock
Rosser Wm., 52 George st, Bute dock
Williams James, Canal Wharf west
Williams James, jun., West side of Bute docks

Bonded Stores

Dornford, Oswin & Co. Bute dock warehouse, Bute docks
Elliott Joseph, 48 Upper Bute st
Lewin Henry, 258 Upper Bute st
Peake Brothers, Herbert st, West Bute docks

Booksellers, Printers, Stationers and Binders

Allen Henry, 292 Upper Bute st
Arnold Jas. Fredk. 263 Upper Bute st
Bird Hugh (& map and charts and manure & seed merchants, agricultural implement manufacturers, agent to the Royal Exchange Insurance Company), 18 Duke st. [See advertisement]
Glass Thomas George (Lithograms and engraver), 75 St. Mary st
Hewitt Samuel (binder and account book maker), East Wharf
Howell Georgina (and circulating library), 24 St. Mary st
Jones Edward (news agent and stationer), Hayes
Jones William, 23 Duke st
Roderick Ebenezer, 166 Bute road
Wakeford Charles, 245 Upr. Bute st
Walters Evan (printer and binder), 4 North Church st
Webber Henry, Duke st
Williams Mrs. (nautical books, charts, maps and general stationery), Mount Stuart terrace, Bute docks
Williams John, 2 Angel st
Wood James (& lithographic), West Bute st

Boot and Shoe Makers

Ames J., James st
Batten Joseph, 23 South William st
Bower J., West wharf
Clifford Thomas, 37 Fredrica st
Date Samuel, Canton
David William, 27 Bute terrace
Davis David, Hayes
Day Charles, James st
Day George, 247 Upper Bute st
Evans John, 10 Old Church st
Evans Joseph, 53 Hill's terrace
Ford John, 19 Christina st
Hallam George & Co., 54 George st, Bute docks
Harris Mary A. (dealer), 6 Angel st
Hickey John, 21 Hayes
Hoult Thomas, 52 and 53 James st, Bute dock
Hyde William, 18 High st
James David, 35 Stuart st, Bute dks
Johns John, Rodney st
Jones Samuel, 268 Upper Bute st
Jones William, Llandaff
Lee Henry, 35 Sophia st
Lewis William, 63 Millicent st
Lewis William, Queen st
Manning Thomas, Charlotte st
Meyrick David, 277 Upper Bute st
Mitchell John A., 4 Upper Bute st
Mitchell Thomas, Angel st
Morgan Alfred, 46 Sophia st
Morgan Henry, 29 Caroline st
Muggleworth John, 73 Union st
Northover William, 39 George st, Bute docks
Osborne Edward, Duke street and 242 Bute road
Reeves Wm. 29 Stuart st, Bute docks
Sheehan William, 17 Hayes
Shepherd John, South William st
Thomas William, 6 Sophia st
Wilkins Robert, Llandaff
Williams John, 35 George st, Bute docks


Andrews Wm. Springfield, Canton
Beard James, Charlotte st
Nell William (and wine, spirit and bottled ale and porter merchant), Eagle BrewerySt. John st - [See Advertisement]
North, Low and Co. Bute Dock Brewery
Phillips William, Ship Brewery, Millicent Street
Prosser Frederick & Co., (and wine, spirit and ale and porter merchants), Old Brewery, Saint Mary st - [ See Advertisement]
Ramsey Joshua, Whitmore lane
Thomas Elizabeth, Gt. Frederick st
Watson George, Cambrian Brewery
Williams P. & Co., Albion Brewery

Brick & Tile Manufactrs.

Evans John, Canton Common
Knight & Son, Grange Works, Penarth road
Vachall John W. Old Brick Works, Penarth Road

Building Material Dealers

Biddiss & Co., (& plaster & cement and modellers), Old Canal wharf - [See Advertisement].
Charles W. (Bath freestone), West Canal wharf
Chown J. C. John st
Davies David W. West side Canal wharf
Davies Owen, Canal wharf
Evans William, Hayes Bridge
Sessions J. Canal wharf East
Stowe & Slocombe (sanitary depot), East Wharf and East terrace


Atkins William, 46 Mary Ann st
Bond Christopher, 13 South Church st
Brearley Ann, Hayes
Cattle Isaac, 15 Queen st
Clode William, Bute st, Bute docks
Daniels Samuel, Bute st
David William G., 84 St. Mary st
Deignton James (pork), 41 Sophia st
Evans William, Plucca lane
Gerrish Christopher, Canton
Gibbon Thomas, 43 George street, Bute docks
Grant Thomas, 9 London square
Grey Mary, Queen st
Grey Samuel, James st, Bute docks
Hallett George, 58 Bute st, Bute dks
Harris Charles, Plucca lane
Hewlett John, 66 Bridge st
Howells David, Adam street, Newtown
Hughes James (Pork), 234 Bute rd
Ingram James (Pork), Hayes
James John, 21 Charlotte st
Knight William, Herbert st
Kyte William, 44 Caroline st
Lewis Edward, 3 St. John st
Long James, 201 Bute rd
Mills James, 14 Bridge st
Morgan John, 260 Upper Bute st
Newton Frances, 299 Upper Bute st
Parry Ellen (pork), Canton
Peters William, 20 Bute Terrace
Prout William H., James st
Putman James, 23 Maria st
Roberts William Alfred, Bute st
Seaborn Richard, Llandaff
Smith John, George st, Bute docks
Taylor Humphrey, 37 Stuart st, Bute docks
Thomas John, Canton
Tucker James, 31 Maria st
Turner Thos. (pork), 20 Caroline st
Vaughan Matthew, Bute terrace
Wadley Henry, Canton
Wadley Richard, 9 Smith st
Walters Thomas, 92 Bute st, Bute dks
Watkins Richd., 101 Gt. Frederick st
White Joseph, 294 Upper Bute st
White silvester, 125 Bute road
Winn Charles, James st, Bute docks

Cabinet makers and Upholsterers

Cutlan Ellis, 218 Bute road
Davies John, 1 Trinity st
Harris Thomas & Co. 10 High st
Lewis Daniel (& paper hanger and decorator), Duke st
Lyon William, Canton
Marsh John, 9 Old Church st
Morgan Morgan, 62 & 63 Bridge st
Morris & Davies, 13 Old Church st
Williams George, Wharton st

Carvers and Gilders

Broom John, 10 Quay st
Delling Edwin R, James st, Bute docks
Harris William (and printseller), 168 Bute road

Chemists and Druggists

China William F., 6 Bute st
Coleman James, 7 High st
Drane Robert (and photograpic depot), Upper Bute st
Evans William Luke, M.P.S., High st
Greaves Edward T., 57 James street, Bute docks
James & Williams, 281 Upper Bute st
Jones John Thomas, 222 Bute road
Joy Francis William, M.P.S., 17 Duke st - [See Advertisment].
Kernick Samuel Penrose, Duke st and Bute st, Bute docks
McCarthy Chas., 34 High st, Angel st
Morgan William, 2 High st
Reineck Frenz Charles, 202 Bute road
Sawyer George, Canton
Smith Benjamin, M.P.S., Mount Stuart terrace, Bute docks
Smith Charles William (manufacturing), Roath road; works, Pontypridd
Thomas Morgan, Duke st & High st
Wakeford Theophilus, 255 Upper Bute st
Yorath Thomas, Canton

China, Glass, &c Dealers

Casey Louisa, 250 Upper Bute Road
Evans Benjamin, Broad st
Groves John, 170 Bute road
Jones Isaac, 278 Upper Bute street
Podesta Stephen F., 300 Upr. Bute st
Primavesi Deborah, 264 Upr. Bute st
Roberts Sarah, St. Mary st
Sherrin George, 5 Old Church st

Civil Engineers

Barnard Charles E., 74 St. Mary st
Bassett Alexander (and mining and surveyor of the county of Glamorgan). County Surveyor's Office, Old Church st
Bowen Henry (to the Cardiff gas-light and coke Company), Bute ter
Michell Richard Henry, 8 Bute crescent
O'Rourke Michael Spain, 15 Crockherb town
South Thomas G. (to the Waterworks Company), Charles st
Spiller Joel, 14 Charles st
Williams John Thomas, 2 Broad st

Clothiers & Outfitters.

Bird George, 246 Upper Bute st
Chapple Hugh, 266 Upper Bute st
Evans Griffiths, Upper Bute st
Gibbon Richard, 248 Upper Bute st
Joseph David, Hayes
Lewis Rees, Bute bridge
Lewis William, Mount Stuart terr.
Meredith D., James st
Monk George, 55 Bute st, Bute docks
Morris John, 68 Bridge st
Perrott William, Duke st
Price William, 51 St. Mary st
Quelch & Parsons, 147 Bute st
Sanders James, Hayes
Sillifant Samuel, 110 Bute st, Bute docks
Thomas William, Upper Bute st
Tipping John (second hand), 13 Bridge st
Williams Ellen, 33 St. Mary st

Coach Builders

Edwards Morgan, Canton
Gainer John & Benjamin, St. Mary st
Kent John, Quay st

Coal Dealers

Bennett Henry, 13 Adam st, Newtown
Davies David, 1 Crockherb Town
Giles Thomas, East Wharf
Haddock John, Millicent Harris Thomas, 50 Sophia st
Hartland J. F., Mount Stuart square
James Daniel, Rodney st
John Ebenezar & Co., Working st
John Thomas, Hayes
Jones & Co., Sophia st
Jones Daniel, East Wharf
Jones Owen, 29 Little Frederick st
Jones Thomas, 16 Frederica st
Jones William, Plucca lane
Kirkpatrick Robert, 29 Working st
Llewellin William, Back Charles st
Matthews Moses, North st
Thomas Daniel, Canton
Williams William, Canton

Coal Owners and Coal Merchants

For the Agents, see Agents to Coal Proprietors
Bage W. & co., 64 Bute st, Docks
Booker T. W. & Co., 136 Bute road
Bute Merthyr Steam Coal Association, Bute crescent
Calder Nathaniel Brown, West Bute st, Docks
Carr Brothers & Co., 98 Bute st, Docks
Coffin Walter & Co., Bute docks
Cope William, Bute crescent
Covy & Sons, Bute st, Docks
David Charles & Toms, Bute st, Docks
Davies David, Bute crescent
Davies Simon & Son, 144 Bute road
Dunraven Coal Company, James st, Bute docks
Erichsen, Hardcastle & Co., 98 Bute st, docks
Ferguson & Co., Bute crescent
Forest Coal Company, Bute st, Docks
Fothergills & Co., West Bute st, Docks
Fowler Brothers, 123 Bute road
Greenhill Curteis & Co., Mount Stuart terrace, Docks
Guest & Co., West Bute st, Docks
Harris Anthony, Bute crescent
Harrison Brothers & Co., 100 Bute st, Docks
Insole George & Son, Bute crescent
Jones David, Bute crescent
Jones John, 125 Bute road
Joseph Thomas, James st, Docks
Lletty Shenkin Coal Company, Bute crescent
Matthews John Erskine, 122 Bute rd
Nash Samuel & Co., Bute crescent
Nixon John, West Bute st, Docks
Ogleby & Davies, 96 Bute st, Docks
Page Oblsen & Co., Bute crescent
Powell Thomas, Bute st, Docks
Rochester, Verwoert & Co., Bute crescent
Rowland J. & Co., Bute crescent
Smart George, Bute crescent
Sully & Stowe, Bute crescent
Vachell J. W., Bute crescent
Wayne & Co., Bute st, Docks
Wood Thomas & Co., Bute crescent
Worms H., Bute crescent


Allan Ann, Duke st
Allpass George, 167 Bute road
Bissicks Francis, Queen st
Day John, 18 Upper Bute st
Hardy John, 288 Bute st & 8 High st
Llewellyn Gwenny, 3 Angel st
Locke Sarah, Trinity st
Lusty Ephraim, Hayes
Lusty George, Canton
Maggs Richard, Duke st
Minifie Richard, 4 Bridge st
Roberts James John, 62 Bute st, Bute docks
Thomas Jane, 25 St. Mary st
Wood Robert, 256 Upper Bute st

Consuls - Vice

America, Denmark, and the Netherlands - Parry, Brown & Co., Bute st, Bute docks
Austria - J. R. Smith, Bute crescent
France - Augusta Jacquinin, 246 Upper Bute st
Germany - Parry, Brown & Co., Bute st, Bute docks
Greece - Emmanuel Xenos, 64 Bute st, Bute docks
Hanover - William Morgan Davies, West Bute st
Honduras - Cory & Sons, Bute st, Bute docks
Mecklenburg - John Owen, Bute st, Bute Docks
Naples and Sicily - R. J. Todd, Rothsay terrace, Bute docks
Oldenburg (consul) - R. J. Todd, Rothsay Terrace, Bute docks
Ottoman - A. Favaretti, James st, Bute docks
Portugal - R. J. Todd, Rothsay terrace, Bute docks
Prussia - RIchard William Parry, Bute st West
Russia - Parry, Brown & Co., Bute st, Bute docks
Sardinia - R. J. Todd, Rothsay terrace, Bute docks
Spain - Juan Pico, Villanueva, 123 Bute road
Sweden and Norway - William B. Watkins, Wharf
Tuscany - Michele Strina, Bute crescent


Collings Robert, Herbert st
Lewis John & Thomas, Louisa st
Lucas Charles, Herbert st
Yorath Thomas & Son, Quay st

Corn & Flour Merchants

Bird Hugh (corn, seed & manure), Duke street:- [See advertisement]
Bowden John & Co. (& flour, cider, ale & general commission), West Bute docks
Coleman George, Llandaff
Cornish Thomas Smerdon (flour), Canal Wharf West, and Llandaff
Ellis Charles, 11 Angel st
Hadley Brothers, Bute docks
Hall John Morgan, Womanby st
Hayles Henry & Co., 265 Upper Bute st
Hibbert John, Wharf st
Hopkins John B., 17 & 18 Angel st, and 135 Bute road
Kimberley & Co., West Bute docks
Lemon Thomas (corn, seed and manure), Duke st
Spiller and Brown, West Bute docks
Walker Joseph, 2 Smith st

Curriers and Leather Dealers

David C. W. & Co., Duke st
Goodman Hatton, 36 Bridge st
Hamlin Richard H. (tanner), Bridge house
Manton Frederick P., 15 Bute terrace
Ridd Charles, 297 Upper Bute st


Boulton Richard R., 72 Crockherb town
Farthing John, Louisa st

Eating House Keepers

Crichton Frances, George st, Bute docks
Davies Henry, 271 Upper Bute st
Dunn Ellen, Bute road
Eddleston Elizabeth, 28 George st, Bute docks
Felix John, London Pie Shop, 187 Bute road
Gatti Joseph, 150 & 151 Bute road
Hollwood James, 21 Stuart st, Bute docks
Jenkins William, 48 St. Mary st
Jenks William, 14 Old Church st
Jones Elizabeth, 272 Upper Bute st
Matthews William H., 3 Stuart st, Bute docks
Morgan Jenkin, 3 Patrick st
Robert James J. (coffee rooms), 62 Bute st, Bute docks
Schillig Henry, Evelyn place
Thomas Edward, 284 Upper Bute road
Ward Eliza B., 2 George st, Bute docks
Watts Saml., 33 Louisa st, Bute docks
Williams Alice, James st

Fire, &c. Office Agents

Alliance, Francis William Joy, Duker st - [See advertisement]
Argus, Francis William Joy, Duke st - [See Advertisement]
Association of Scotland (life), Benjamin Bowen, 5 Great Frederick street
Bank of London and National Provincial Insurance Association, Augustus Champ, 77 Saint Mary street
Birmingham (fire), Thomas Henry Ensor, Guildhall chambers, Saint Mary st
British Guarantee (life), Samuel P. Kernick, Duke st
British Provident (fire and life), James Molineux, 173 Bute road
Clerical, Medical and General (life), John W. Vachell, Bute crescent, Bute docks
Commercial (life) Henry Heard, 27 Charles st
County (fire) and Provident (life), Graham & Co., Guildhall Chambers, St. Mary st
District (fire), Frederick James Wilcocks, Guildhall Chambers, St. Mary st
Eagle, W. Bage & Co., 64 Bute st, Bute docks
Globe, Thomas Michael Abbott, East Terrace
Great Britain Mutual (life), Jas. Emerson Williams, 136 Bute rd
Lancashire (fire & life), St. John Thomas, London square, and Joseph Jacquier, Duke st
Law (fire), Francis Roche, 10 Smith st
Leeds and Yorkshire (fire and life), Edwd. Osman, 34 Crichton st
Manchester (fire), Samuel P. Kernick, Duke st
Medical, Invalid and General, Montagu Grover, Crockherb town
Minerva (life), Frederick James Wilcocks, Guildhall chambers, Saint Mary st
Mutual (life), Thomas Henry Ensor, Guildhall chambers, Saint Mary st
National (life), W. Spiridion, Duke st
National Guardian, Henry Allen, 292 Bute st
North of England (fire & life), Charles Potter Pullin, 18 South Church st
Maritime Passengers', Charles Potter Pullin, 18 South Church st
Pelican (life), John Bird, Crockherb town
Phoenix, John Bird, Crockherb town
Promoter (life), George Noel, Bute st, Bute docks
Provincial Welch (fire and life), Benjamin Bowen, Gt. Frederick st
Railway Passenger, William Henry Martin, 47 Stuart street, Bute docks
Royal (fire and life), John Gordon, 10 Smith st
Royal Exchange, Hugh Bird, Duke st
Royal Farmers, George Frederick Urry, 1 Church st
Scarborough Insurance Assocation, Richard W. Parry, West Bute st
Scottish National (life), George Jenkins, 4 Stuart st, Bute docks
Standard (life), Francis Roche, 10 Smith st
Sun, John Henry Langley, Smith st, and James & Price, Canal Wharf East
Travellers' and Marine, George Jenkins, 6 Stuart st, Bute docks
Union Assurance Society (fire and life), Stephen Thomas Crocker, Steam Towing Co.'s office, Bute st, Bute docks
West of England, William Alexander, East Wharf; D. B. Edwards, 82 Bute st, Bute docks
Westminster (fire and life), Ebenezer Roderick, 166 Bute road


Harding James, 31 High st
Llewellin William, 5 Wharton st
Mouls Christopher, St. John st
Smith F. W. (and game dealer), 86 St. Mary st
Stockwood William, 39 Wharton st
Ward Edmund (and dealer in game), 89 St. Mary st

Fruiterers and Green Grocers

Andoe Francis, 34 Patrick st
Ashby Eliza, 23 Stuart st, Bute docks
Ashman James, 67 Bridge st
Bennett Hy., 13 Adam st, Newtown
Brown Richard, 42 Christina st
Burfitt George, James st
Butt Charles, 6 Trinity st
Cochlan Denis, Hayes
Collins George, 12 Smith st
Coulson Charles, James st
Day John, 19 Adam st, Newtown
Daymond James, High st
Evans John, James st, Bute docks
Fielding William, Queen st
Frost William, Plucca lane
Fry Thomas, Queen st
Gliva Frederick, 25 Edward st
Grant William, 267 Upper Bute st
Greening James, 20 Crichton st
Good James, 22 St. John st
James Stephen, 230 Bute road
James Thomas, 293 Upper Bute st
John William, 8 Adam st, Newtown
Jones David, 18 Hayes
Jones William, 42 Maria st
Keefe John, 84 Bute st, Bute docks
Leicester George, 70 Millicent st
Lockyer james, 33 Little Frederick st
Moore William, 45 Stuart st
Ossington Emanuel, 28 Caroline st
Oxhenham Henry, 273 Upper Bute st
Poulter Chas., Bute st, Bute docks
Putman James, 23 Maria st
Shapscott Abraham, Plucca lane
Singleton Jeremiah, 21 Bute terrace
Smith Andrew, 15 Margaret st
Smith John, George st, Bute docks
Stockwood William, Wharton st
Tack Mary, 19 Charlotte st
Thomas Evan, Hayes
Thorn Martha, Edward st
Vincent John, 3 South William st
Watkins Emma, 76 St. Mary st
Williams John, Queen st
Williams Lewis, 56 Bridge st
Williams William, 29 Bridge st

Furniture Brokers

Helps James, Canton
Lewis George, Bute terrace
Llewellin Evan, Hayes
Marks Barnett, 3 Caroline st
Phillips Thomas, 15 Trinity st
Stott Alice (and iron bedstead and bedding), 211 Bute road
Waterhouse Abraham, 217 Bute rd

Gardeners & Seedsmen

Caird Thomas, Roath
Cattle John, Roath
Evans Richard, Llandaff
Evans Thomas, Llandaff
Griffiths William, 9 Crockherb town
Harding John, Roath
Hopkins John, Adelaide st
Jones Richard, Llandaff
Matthews J. Scott (and nursery), Crockherb town
Shepherd George, Roath
Treseder William (and nurseryman and florist), Union road; Nursery, Canton
Wootton Stephen, Roath

Grocers & Tea Dealers

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Arnott William, 102 St Mary st
Baker Thomas, 1 Upper Bute st
Beavington Samuel, 3 Smith st
Benjamin Richard & Co., 14 Trinity st
Bird Hugh (and seed and manure merchant, and agricultural implement manufacturer, County Tea Warehouse), 18 Duke st - (See Advertisement)
Bishop & Batchelor, 17 & 18 Queen st
Brown John, 32 Maria st
Collett John K., James st, Bute docks
Davies George, 37 James st
Davies John, 54 St. Mary st
Davies Roger, High st
Dunne Philip, 219 Bute road
Elliott Joseph, 48 Upper Bute st
Evans David, James st, Bute docks
Evans Thomas, 137 Bute road
Flint Joseph N., Duke st, & 1 Upper Bute st
Hammet Nathaniel, 9 Stuart st
Hartnall Elizabeth, Canton
Harry C. & J., Broad road
Hayles Henry & Co., 265 Upper Bute st
Hibbert John, Old Church st
Hopkins John B., 17 & 18 Angel st, and 135 Bute road
Hornwood John, James st
Hoult Thos., 53 James st, Bute docks
Howell William, Plucca lane
Hughes John & Co., 24 Stuart st, Bute docks
Jeffries Walter, 225 Bute road
Langley Edmund, Milton st, Roath
Matthews Francis, Canton
Milner Charles, Bute st
Milner William H. 224, Bute road
Norris & Pritchard, Duke st, and 5 Upper Bute st
Pollard J. & B., 270 Upper Bute st
Powell John J., Plucca lane
Rees John, 19 St. John st
Rees John, 12 George st, Bute docks
Ridler George, Upper Bute st
Ridler Thomas, 291 Upper Bute st
Bowden Edward Arthur, Upper Bute st
Simester John Edwin (and ship bisent manufacturer), 93 Bute street, Bute docks
Smith & Co., 23 St. Mary st
Thomas Evan, Nelson terr, Canton
Thomas Jane, 25 St. Mary st
Thomas William, Hayes
Vardy William (and corn, flour and provision dealer), Hayes
Walker Joseph (and seedsman), 2 Smith st, Crockherb town
Webber Henry, Assam Tea Warehouse, Duke st
Wells Russell & Co., Upper Bute st
Wensley Jas. 2 Tyndall st, Newtown
Whiffen & Co., 20 Trinity st
Williams John, Hayes
Williams William, Maindy


Farmer George, Broad st
Jacobs Jeremiah, 32 Wharton st
Portlock John, Castle st

Hair dressers

See Perfumers and Hair Dressers

Hardware Dealers and London, Birmingham and Sheffield Warehousemen

Ching Samuel, 26 Hayes
Davies J. H., 252 Upper Bute st
Pedrazzini Baptista, High st
Podesta Stephen F., 300 Upper Bute st
Primavesi Deborah, 264 Upper Bute st

Hat Manufacturers

Aston Charles (and cap), 19 Saint Mary st
Weichert S. & W., Herbert st
Williams William, 9 High st

Hop Merchants

See Maltsters & Hop Merchants


See also Taverns & Public Houses
Albion, William Williams, Upper Bute street
Angel Hotel (family, commercial & posting house), Henry Cousins, Angel st
Cardiff Arms Hotel (family, commercial & posting), Anna Woods, Broad st
Globe (commercial and posting house), John Lord, Angel st
Mount Stuart Hotel, (commercial & posting house), Alfred Cooper, Bute crescent, Bute docks
Quuen's Hotel (commercial and posting house), Mary Ann Nicholas, St. Mary st
White Lion, William Yorath, Castle st
Windsor Hotel, Samuel Dimond, Stuart st, Bute docks

Iron Founders

Evans & Co. (and engineers and anchor and chain makers), Bute docks
Hood Joseph, John st
Lisle Morgan Alexander, Wharf
Newbery J. G. (and engineer and millwright, locomotive engine, carriage and waggon spring manufacturer), Mill Lane Foundry
Parfitt & Jenkins (and engineers), Hayes Foundry

Iron Masters and Iron Merchants

Aberdare Iron Company, Aberdare -- Nathaniel Brown Calder, agent, West Bute st
Bailey Crawshay, Aberamon - George Smart, agent, Bute crescent
Crawshay William (Cyfartha Works), Edward Payne, agent, Wharf
Gadly's Iron Company, Aberdare - J. Emerson Williams, agent, 136 Bute road
Guest & Co. (Dowlais Iron Company) - S. Howard, agent, West Bute street
Hollyer & Co., Bute st, Bute docks
Page Ohlsen & Co., Bute crescent
Plymouth Forge Iron Company - Henry Hooper, agent, Plymouth wharf
Rhymney Iron Company, Bute docks - Robert Duncan, agent
Russell Isaac, Maindy
Thompson & Co. (Pen Y Darran Iron Company, Merthyr Tydvil), William B. Watkins, agent, Wharf
Vachell W. and E. (and oil merchants), Wharf st

Ironmongers and Tinplate Workers

Bagridge J., Working st
Chamberlain Thomas, 1 Alice st
Cross & Herne, 3 St. Mary st
Grey Wm., 2 James st, Bute docks
Jenkins Mary, Angel st
Jones Thomas & Son, 195 Bute rd
Lownder & Son, 19 Angel st
Mason William, 21 Trinity st
Roberts Hety, 46 Upper Bute st
Trist Thomas, Duke st
Underwood Thomas, 257 Upper Bute street
Verity, Richard, 241 Bute road
Williams John (farm and furnishing, and dealer in bar, rod and hoop iron, and oil and colourman), 27 Duke st; wholesale iron and steel warehouse, 1 North street

Joiners and Builders

Bourne John, 3 London square
Davies Joseph, Canton
Edwards Charles, Plucca lane
Gainsford William, Adelaide st
Griffiths Edmund, 47 London sq
Griffiths James, West Bute docks, and Mount Stuart square
Hallett Samuel, East terrace, Canton
Harris David, 29 Crichton st
Haynes Thomas, Frederica st
Horton J. R., 64 Union st
Jacob Philip, 277 Upper Bute st
James & Price, Canal wharf East
James David, East terrace, Canton
Jenkins Evan, 76 Great Frederick st
John William, 6 East terrace
Jones John, London square
Jones Noah, Caroline st
Jones Thomas, 195 Bute road
Lake John, London square
Mitchelmore William, 12 St. Mary st
Morgan Asa, Crichton place
Parry William, Llandaff
Powell Howell, 8 Crockherb town
Shelper Thomas, Canal wharf East
Thomas David, Canton
Thomas F. J., Victoria place, Roath
Thomas James, 34 Crichton st
Walter T. J., 105 and 106 Great Frederick street
Williams John, 4 London square
Williams William, 11 Gt. Frederick st

Linen & Woollen Drapers

Adams Phoebe (baby linen), 189 Bute rd
Baker William, 216 Bute road
Baker William & Co., 16 Angel st
Brewer John, 209 Bute road
Burke Abigail, South William st
Davies Alice, Duke st
Dyke R. & W., 2 Upper Bute st
Evans Griffiths, Upper Bute st
Evans Reuben, 14 Upper Bute st
Evans Richard, 60 Millicent st
Foster William, 28 High st
Grierson John (and carpet warehouse), Duke st
Herne Brothers, 29 High st
Jones David William, Duke st
Jotham Daniel, St. Mary st
Linklater & Co., 249 Upper Bute st
Lockey J. & Co. (and silk mercers and milliners), Duke st
Lowrie Charles, 3 Old Church st
Morris David, 16 Duke st
Morris Jenkin, 253 Upper Bute st
Perrott William, Duke st
Price Thomas, Upper Bute st
Reece Thomas, 12 St. Mary st
Sanders James, Hayes
Stroud Robert, Duke st
Thomas Henry (and silk mercer), 1 St. John st, and 27 Queen st
Thomas William, 12 Upper Bute st
Thomas Wm. Hughes, 19 Queen st
Trew Richard Peyton (and silk mercer), 22 Angel st
Williams Thomas Morris (and silk mercer), 11 High st
Yorath Richard Joseph (and silk mercer), 12 High st

Maltsters & Hop Merchants

Nell William, Eagle Brewery, St. John st - [See advertisement]
North, Low & Co., Bute Dock Brewery
Phillips William, Millicent st
Prosser Frederick & Co. Old Brewery, St. Mary st - [See advert]
Thomas Elizabeth, Gt. Frederick st
Watson George, Cambrian Brewery
Williams Philip, 98 Gt. Frederick st

Manure Merchants

(See also Seed Merchants)
Bird Hugh (and agricultural implment manufacturer), 18 Duke st - [See advertisement.]
Hall John Morgan (and agricultural implement manufacturer), Womanby street
Hopkins John B., 17 and 18 Angel st, and 135 Bute road
Lemon Thomas (& agricultural implement manufacturer), Duke st
Willet J. J., 10 Smith street - [See advertisement. ]

Marine Store Dealers

Cody Thomas, 8 Thomas st, Newtown
Knowles John, 19 North Church st
Richardson Thomas, West side, Old wharf


Coleman George, Llandaff
David Griffith, Ely
Evans Jane, Roath
Hembry Brothers, West side, Old wharf, and at Bridgewater
Spiller & Browne (and ship biscuit makers), West Bute docks

Milliners & Dress Makers

Anderson E. A., 22 South William st
Baker Mary, 19 Maria st
Bliss W. B., 243 Bute road
Boddington Louisa, 25 Frederica st
Brown Elizabeth, Dudley place
Burke Abigail, South William
Burleigh Susannah, 36 Caroline st
Chappelow Mrs. -, Canton
Forster Mary Ann, 3 Sophia st
Glade Mary, 47 Sophia st
Glover Mary Ann, 46 Union st
Grey Caroline, 2 James st, Bute docks
Griffiths Louisa, Working st
Hek Sarah, 10 Sophia st
Hopkins Elizabeth, 21 Sophia st
Hussey Mary C., 32 Trinity st
James Ann, 55 Adam st, Newtown
Jarvis Ann, 42 Union st
Leach Ann, 2 George st, Bute docks
Lewis Cecilia, South William st
Lloyd Caroline, 32 Caroline st
Ludlow -, Stuart st
Matthews E. J., James st
May Margaret, 3 Christina st
Miles Margaret, Canton
Milstead Elizabeth, 212 Bute road
Morris David (& hosier), Duke st
Nicholls Jane, 38 Caroline st
Owen Elizabeth, 60 Bridge st
Paddle Elizabeth, 44 Union st
Palmer Eliza, 36 Crichton st
Powell Mary, 103 Great Frederick st
Price Catherine, 8 Hannah st
Price Lydia, 30 Bridge st
Rowe Caroline, 31 Stuart st
Seagar Ellen, 28 Working st
Sheppard Emily, Canton
Taylor Mary, 27 South William st
Townsend Ann, Queen st
Townsend Henry, Hayes
Walker Mary, 14 Millicent st

Music Teachers

Atkins Frederick Pyke (& organist), 2 Charles st
Davis George F., 65 Crockherb town
Righton John Hayman (& organist), 74 Crockherb town

Nail Makers

Davey John, 8 Great Frederick st
Jenkins Mary, Angel st
Mason William, Trinity st
Williams John (and furnishing ironmonger, and bar, rod and hoop iron), 27 Duke st; wholesale iron and steel warehouse, 1 North st


Cardiff Advertiser (Friday) - G. W. Jones, Publisher, 81 St. Mary street - J. C. Paterson, proprietor, Cardiff and Newport - [See advt.]
Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian (Friday) - Henry Webber, Proprietor, Duke st
Cardiff Times (Friday) - Duncan & Ward, publishers & proprietors, St. Mary st - [See advertisement.]
Merlin & Silurian (Friday)
Star of Gwent (Saturday) - J. C. Paterson, of Newport, proprietor; Gwilim W. Jones, editor for Cardiff, Saint Mary street - [See advertisement.]

Opticians and Nautical Instrument Makers

Barry James Trotter, Duke st
Grant Henry, Bute road
Marks Solomon & Son, 101 Bute st, Bute docks
Plaskett C. (successor to Canzi & Co.)
Spiridion Wlaelislaw, Duke st

Painters & Glaziers

Avis James, 70 Crockherb town
Bryant Evan, 32 Great Frederick st
Cowen Pincase, 58 Bridge st
Davis William, Old Church st
Franklin John, Llandaff
Griffiths Thomas, 44 Union st
Hayman Joseph H., John st
Hill & Prosser, Trinity st
Holcomb John, Canton
Jones Benjamin, 68 Crockherb town
Jones George, 5 Castle st
Moore William (and ship), 51 George st, Bute docks
Morgan James, 6 and 7 John st
Nicholl Robert Joseph, 66 and 67 Saint Mary street
Rosser James, 27 Millicent st
Smith Paul, 8 Wharton st
Thomas David, Great Frederick st
Tregunno Thos., James st, Bute docks
Williams Thomas, 70 Union st
Woods William, 5 Working st


Barnett Simon, 9 Nelson Terrace
Goldstein Abraham, 44 Sophia st
Harris Ephraim, 276 Upper Bute st
Joseph Solomon, 20 St. Mary st
Levene Solomon, 38 Union st
Lyons Barnett, 59 James st, Bute dks
Marks Barnett, 43 Caroline st
Phillips David, 275 Upper Bute st
Phillips Jebeil, 12 Bute terrace
Samuel Moses, St. Mary st


Edwards W. T., 75 Crockherb town
Taylor William, 1 Charles st
Vachell Chas. Redwood, 18 Charles st
Wallace Samuel, 33 St. Mary st

Plasterers & Tilers

Biddiss & Co., Canal Wharf East - [See advertisement.]
Chowen J. C., John st
Kendall Henry, Working st
Palmer James, 36 Crichton st
Stowe & Slocombe (sanitary depot), East Wharf and East terrace


Avis James, 70 Crockherb town
Bird Henry (and hydraulic pump, engine, and water closet manufacturer), 17 Working st
Griffiths Thomas, 44 Union st
Hill & Proger, Trinity st
Holcomb John, Canton
Milton William, 14 South William st
Reynolds William N., Bute bridge
Woods William, 5 Working st
Young Thomas, 26 Working st

Potato Merchants

Archbold Richard & Co., West Bute Docks Warehouses
Bunyard Alfred, Old Bute docks
Callaghan Thomas (dealer), 49 Great Frederick st
Case Frederick (delaer), 19 High st
Driscoll John, West Bute docks
England John, 62 St Mary st
Le Moignan Ph., & Co., Stuart st, and Cornish mount
Morgan William & Co., Canal Wharf West
Pinson William, Wharf st
Rees Lewis (dealer), 10 Peel st
Stockwood William, Hayes
Tessier Henry, Herbert st

Printers, Letter-Press

See under the head Booksellers

Provision Merchants

Bishop & Batchelor, 17 & 18 Queen st
Collett John K., james st, Bute docks
Dornford Oswin & Co., West Bute docks
Elliott Joseph, 48 Upper Bute st
Hayles Henry and Co., 265 Upper Bute street
Hibbert John, Wharf street, and Church street
Hopkins John B., 17 & 18 Angel st, and Bute road
Lewin Henry, 258 Upper Bute st
Peake Brothers & Co., West Bute dks
Pollard J. & B., 270 Upper Bute st
Rees E. W., East Wharf
Simister John Edwin, 93 Bute st, Docks
Smith & Co., 23 St. Mary st
Taverner Robert, 285 Upper Bute st
Walker Joseph, 2 Smith st
White Silvester, 125 Bute road
Wood Robert, 256 Upper Bute st

Rope Makers

Glass, Elliet and Co. (parent wire rope), West Bute docks, and at Leadenhall st, London, and Morden wharf East, Greenwich - E. Alting, manager.
Lewis David, 14 Quay st
Morgan & Sanders, 251 Upper Bute st, & St. John st
Ward John, Edward street, Crockherb town

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Davies David, Broad st
Downton George Thomas, 5 Angel st
John William, 13 Angel st
Lampin Frederick, 40 St. Mary st

Sail Makers

Atkins & Foster, 108 Bute street, Bute docks
Jenkins & Jukes, 145 Bute road
Knowles John, 196 Bute road
Morgan & Son, Bute docks
Rundle Charles O., 91 Bute street, Bute docks
Thomas George, 107 Bute st, Bute docks
Thomas Thos., 97 Bute st, Bute dks
Verity Richard, 241 Bute road

Seed Merchants

Bird Hugh, 18 Duke street - (See advertisement)
Ellis Charles, 11 Angel st
Hall John Morgan, Womanby st
Hopkins John B., 17 & 18 Angel st, and 135 Bute road
Lemon Thomas, Duke st

Ship & Insurance Brokers

Alexander Edward, 103 Bute street, Docks
Angel & Elliot, 141 Bute road
Angel Gibbs & Co., 44 Stuart st
Ash Leonard, 121 Bute road
Atkins & Foster, Bute st, Docks
Bage W. & Co., 64 Bute st, Docks
Calder Nathaniel J., 109 Bute street, Docks
Carrel Francis Peter, 105 Bute street, Docks
Cory & Sons, 94 Bute st, Docks
David Charles and Toms, 95 Bute street, Docks
Davies & James, 19 Stuart st, Docks
Davies Richard, 28 Patrick st
Davies Wm. Morgan, West Bute st
Edwards D. B., 82 Bute st, Docks
Erichsen Hardcastle and Co., 98 Bute st, Docks
Favaretti A., James st, Bute docks
Ferguson & Co., Bute crescent
Harris Anthony, Bute crescent
Harrison Brothers & Co., 100 Bute street, Docks
Hollyer & Co., Bute st, Docks
Jenkins W. & Co., Bute crescent
Knapp Jenkins & Co., West Bute st
Le Moignan Ph. & Co., 8 Stuart st, Bute docks
Lee James, 13 Bute road
Marriott Matthew, Louisa street, Bute docks
Martin William Henry (& manager to the Bute Docks Steam Towing Co.), 47 Stuart st, Bute docks
Mathews John Erskin, 122 Bute road
Marychurch James, Bute crescent
Middleton William F., Margaret st
Morgan & Co., 54 1/2 Bute st, Docks
Nash Samuel & Co., Bute crescent
Owen & Downing, 4 Powell place, Bute docks
Parry, Brown & Co., Bute st, Docks
Parry Richard W., 8 West Bute st
Pendola Peter, Louisa st, Bute docks
Phillips J., Stuart st, Bute docks
Rochester, Verwoert & Co., Bute crescent
Rogers Brothers, Bute st, Bute docks
Rowland J. & Co., Bute crescent
Sully & Stowe, 7 Bute crescent
Tellefsen & Holst, Bute crescent
Thomas De la Courneuve Ernest, Bute st, Bute docks
Todd Richard Jones, Rothsay terrace, Bute docks
Williams & Paynter, 46 Stuart st, Bute docks
Williams Robert, 39 James st, Bute docks
Xenos Brothers, Bute st, Docks

Ship Builders

Batchelor Brothers, Bute docks
Hill Charles & Sons, West Bute, Graving Docks, and Bristol
Hodge Thomas, East Wharf
Michell Richard Henry (engineer and iron ship building yard), Margaret st, Bute docks

Ship Chandlers

Angel Gibbs & Co., 44 Stuart street, Bute docks
Chamberlain Thomas, 1 Alice st
Grant Henry, Bute road
Jenkins & Jukes, 145 Bute road
Knowles John, 196 Bute st
Morgan & Son, Bute street, Bute docks
Rundle Charles O., 91 Bute street, Bute docks
Thomas George, 107 Bute st, Bute docks
Thomas Thos., 97 Bute st, Bute docks
Verity Richard, 241 Bute road

Shipsmiths & Shipwrights

Brabyn J., West side, Bute docks
Cowell & Robinson, West side, Bute docks
Cowell Jas., Mason terr, London sq
Craig George, West side, Bute docks
Davies & Plain, East side, Bute docks
Davies John, 183 Bute road
Galliver & Brown, West side, Bute docks
Hambly & Fifoot, West side, Bute docks
Hodge Thomas, East Wharf canal
Hopkins, Duncan & Foley, West side, Bute docks
Hurley Thomas, West side, Bute dks
Luxton Wm., West side, Bute docks
Madley & Tamplin, Canal Wharf East
Morgan & Co., West side, Bute docks
Owen T., West side, Bute docks
Penpound H., West side, Bute docks
Rees Wm., West side, Bute docks
Richards John, Bute road
Rogers Brothers, West side, Bute dks
Rough John, West side, Bute docks
Tomkins William H., West side, Bute docks
Williams Charles, West side, Bute docks

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries

Allaby Edward, 24 Evelyn st, and Dudley street
Arnott William, St Mary st
Babea Charles, 26 Edward st
Baker Maria, 42 Adam st, Newtown
Batty John, Eleanor st
Beard Edwin, 35 Caroline st
Beynon Richard, Trinity st
Bissick Francis, Hayes
Bond Thomas, Tyndall st, Newtown
Bowen John, 16 Bute terrace
Brebyn Joseph, 12 Frederica st
Brooks James, 1 Pendoylan street, Newtown
Bryant Leah, Millicent st
Bryant Thomas, 87 St. Mary st
Bryant William, 5 Sophia st
Chadwell Robert, Margaret st
Childs William, Penarth road
Choppell Henry, 9 Patrick st
Chown William, 13 St. Mary st
Christopher Wm., 5 Station terrace
Cooke John, 6 Cross st
Corfield George, 152 Bute road
Cornish John, 22 Peel st
Craddock Henry, 41 Crockherb town
Cronin Thos., 16 Thomas st, Newtown
Cross John, 15 Tyndall st, Newtown
Dando Joseph, Llandaff
Davies Daniel, 32 Alice st
Davies David, Hayes
Davies Thomas, Penarth road
Dickman Launcelot, Louisa st
Docton John, 8 Peel st
Edmunds Isaac, 39 Hill's terrace
Edwards John, 33 Great Frederick st
Evans John, Canton
Evans Owen, 35 Bridge st
Evans William, 76 Gt. Frederick st
Evans William, 11 Nelson st
Fisher John, 32 Christina st
Frost James, Margaret st
Gay John, Llandaff
Gordon Edmund, 14 Pendoylan st, Newtown
Grant Thomas, 9 London square
Gray Louisa, 28 South William st
Griffiths Griffith, 29 Mary Ann st
Guy David, 15 Adelaide st
Hallett Samuel, Canton
Hancox John, 24 Christina st
Harding William, 9 Sophia st
Harris Ann, Tyndall st, Newtown
Harry Thomas, 82 St. Mary st
Hilliar Stephen, Canton
Hopkins William, Llandaff
Howell Christopher, 18 Bute terr
Howell David, 24 Adam st, Newtown
Hughes Owen, 38 Maria st
Hughes Richard, 72 Gt Frederick st
Humphreys William, 39 Charlotte st
James Daniel L., 22 Bute terrace
James Samuel, Llandaff
Jeffries Robert, 186 Bute road
Jifkins Ann, 1 South Church st
John Thomas, 48 Bridge st
John Thomas, Quay st
John William, 23 Bute terrace
John William, North st
Jones Ann, 22 Bridge st
Jones Elizabeth, 37 Alice st
Jones John, 35 Peel st
Jones John, 22 Millicent st
Jones Jones, Roath
Jones Owen, Little Frederick st
Jones Thomas, 14 Mary Ann st
Keefe John, 84 Bute st, Bute docks
Knowles Ann, 8 Frederica st
Landreth Margaret, 1 Frances st
Lewis John, 4 Ebenezer st
Lewis Leah, Wharton st
Lewis Richard, 10 Angel st
Lloyd George, Evelyn st
Lyle Samuel, 24 Bute terrace
Millward Sarah, 7 Mary Ann st
Milner Charles, Bute st, Bute docks
Milner William H., 224 Bute road
Morgan Daniel, 1 North William st, Newtown
Morgan Edward, 1 Ellen st, Newtown
Murdock Samuel, 18 Christina st
Noel Francis, 8 Maria st
Noel Joshua, Frederick st
North Henry, Penarth road
Nurton Henry, 49 Adam st, Newtown
Parry Thomas, Hayes
Penfound Henry, 65 Union st
Pound Henry, Canton
Price John, Little Frederick st
Price Llewellyn, 47 Bridge st
Price William, 37 Bridge st
Rees E. W., East Wharf
Richards Isaac, 40 Tredegar st
Ridler George, Upper Bute st
Roberts Edward, 41 Christina st
Roberts Mary, 43 Union st
Rogers Thomas, 13 Frederica st
Rosser Charles, 53 Bridge st
Rutter Isaac, West Wharf
Ryan William, 19 Bute terrace
Shaddick Robert, 30 Louisa st
Silver Geo., 24 George st, Bute docks
Simester John Edwin (and provisions), 93 Bute st
Stait Thomas, St. Mary st
Symons Richd., Stuart st, Bute docks
Terrell John, Hayes
Thomas Ann, 17 Patrick st
Thomas David, Canton
Thomas Evan, 1 James st, Bute docks
Thomas Jenkin, 25 Caroline st
Thomas John, 11 Charlotte st
Thomas Jonathon, 37 Sophia st
Thomas William, Hayes
Tilley George., 24 Mary Ann St
Todd Jane, 9 St. John st
Toozer George, 5 Nelson st
Torbay Jas. Harris, Margaret st
Tutton Sarah, 42 George street, Bute docks
Wale John, 25 Bute terrace
Ward Eliza B., 2 George st, Bute dks
Watkins Edward, 13 Caroline st
Wheeler William, North st
White James, 45 Tredegar st
Whitter James, West wharf
Wilde George, 4 Hannah st
Williams Evan, Llandaff
Williams Thomas, 28 Wharton st
Williams William, Canton
Williams Wm., 3 Thomas st, Newtown

Slate Merchants

See Timber, Slate, &c. Merchants

Soda Water, Ginger Beer &c. Manufacturer

Elliott Thomas (by steam power), 227 Bute road - [See advertisment.]

Stay Makers

Baker Fanny, Angel st
May Margaret, 3 Christina st
Morris Elizabeth, 9 Angel st

Stone Masons

Evans Richard (tombstones), Hayes
Davis Joseph, Canton
Franklin John, Llandaff
John William, 6 East terrace
Morgan Thomas (marble), Trinity st
Williams William, Gt. Frederick st
Williams William & Henry, North st

Straw Bonnet Makers

Bromage Margaret, 34 Working st
Brown Elizabeth, Dudley place
Burleigh Susannah, 36 Caroline st
Campbell Louisa, Crockherb town
Gibby Elizabth., 6 Little Frederick st
Greenwood Ann, 38 Mary Ann st
Halliday Catherine, Tredegar st
Milsted Elizabeth, 212 Bute road
Owen Elizabeth, 60 Bridge st
Stenner Sarah, 24 Bridge st
Thomas Mary, 37 North st
Todd Sarah Mary, 22 David st
Townsend Ann, Queen st
Watson Mary Ann, 48 Gt. Frederick st


Bedwell Henry, 252 Upper Bute st
Edwards William T., 75 Crockherb town
Edwards William Thomas, Crockherb town
Evans Edwd. jun., 5 Crockherb town
Evans Thomas, 10 Crockherb town
Hugo William Henry, 202 Bute rd
Paine Henry Jas., 11 Crockherb town
Pearse Frederick, 244 Bute road
Pearse Reginald, East terr, Canton
Pratt Edward & Thomas, James st, Bute docks
Reece John Robert, 102 St Mary st
Wall Alfred, 108 1/2 Bute st, Bute docks
Wallace Samuel, 33 St. Mary st


Ajax James, 48 Adam st, Newtown
Bird George (& draper), 246 Upper Bute st
Davies David, 77 Union st
Docton John, 8 Peel st
Edmunds William, Llandaff
Emanuel William, 6 Wharton st
Evans Daniel (& draper), 3 High st
Evans David (& draper), Caroline st
Evans John, Canton
Evans Richard, 68 Gt. Frederick st
Ford Robert Edward, Canton
Forster Benjamin, 3 Sophia st
Gibbon Windsor, Canal parade
Harding Jacob, 280 Upper Bute st
Hodges Matthew, 22 Frederica st
Hopkins Thomas, 29 Stuart st
Jenkins Daniel, 13 Edward st
Jones Leonard, 31 Womanby st
Kirkpatrick William, Hayes
Lewis Rees, Bute bridge
Lewis William (& draper), 2 Mount Stuart terrace, Bute docks
Lewis Wm. (& drpaer), 10 Smith st
Lewis William, South William st
McLeod Bartholomew, 68 Great Frederick st
Martin John, 50 Upper Bute st
Merchant Tom Barron, 58 James st, Bute docks
Monk George, Bute st, Bute docks
Morgan William, 19 Sophia st
Morris John, Wharton st
Pady Samuel, 72 Crockherb town
Perrott William (and woollen draper), Duke st
Pierson John Thomas, 63 Bute st, Bute docks
Price William (& draper), St. Mary street and corner of Caroline st
Quelch & Parsons, 147 Bute road
Richards James, East wharf
Sanders James (& draper), Hayes
Sillifant Saml., 110 Bute st, Bute docks
Thomas Henry (& hatter), 1 Saint John st and 27 Queen st
Vaughan Thos., 96 Gt. Frederick st
Williams John, 79 Gt. Frederick st

Taverns & Public Houses

Albion Hotel, William Williams, Upper Bute st
Arcade, John Thomas, Arcade
Barley Mow, Charles Gleve, Canton
Black Lion, James Higginson, 18 St. Mary st
Blue Anchor, Philip Richards, 30 St. Mary st
Blue Bell, William Roberts, High st
Bridge, Mary Lewis, Ely
Bridgewater Arms, Sarah Parry, Bute terrace
Bush Inn, John Lucas, 38 Millicent st
Bute Arms, William Taylor, Bute st
Bute Bridge (wine & spirit dealer), H. & W. North, Bute road
Bute Castle, Thos. Howe, 1 Nelson st
Caerphilly Castle, Edward Morgan, Working st
Cambrian, Jno. Thomas, 1 Caroline st
Cardiff Boat, Evan Hopkins, Womanby st
Cardigan Arms, Thos. Jones, Upper Bute st
Carpenters' Arms, William Jones, Working st
Castle Inn, Daniel Francis, 282 Upr Bute st
Clarence Hotel, George Rogerson, Canton
Cornish Mount, Thos. Brice, 59 St. Mary st
Cornish Mount, Chas. F. Truscott, 7 & 8 Patrick st
Crichton Arms, John Davies, 1 Tyndall st, Newtown
Cross Inn, John Berry, Canton
Cross Keys, William Jenkins, 77 Crockherb town
Crown & Sceptre, David Davies, Pendoylan st, Newtown
Crystal Palace (vaults), William Thomas, 298 Upper Bute st
Cumberland Arms, Sybil Jones, 286 Upper Bute st
Dowlais Inn, D. Davies, West Bute st
Duke of Cornwall, Jas. Nolan, Hayes
Dumfries Hotel, Thomas John, Stuart st, Bute docks
Eagle, Morgan Rees, Davis street, Newtown
Earl of Windsor, Thomas Gould, 74 Union st
Fair Oak, Frederick William Armstrong, 8 Angel st
Fishguard, Daniel Davies, 283 Upr. Bute st
Five Bells, Wm. Thomas, Broad st
Fountain, William Mitchelmore, Trinity st
Friendship, James Dunn, Bute terr
Gardeners' Arms, Wm. Llewellyn, Plucca lane
George Hotel, Elizabeth Daughton
Glamorgan Hotel, Joseph Stacey, North Church st
Glove and Shears, John Williams, 1 Duke st
Golden Lion, Catherine Davies, Wharton st
Grange Inn, George John, Penarth road
Grapes, George Lewis, Hayes
Greyhound, Wm. Phillips, 65 Bridge st
Griffin Inn, John Thomas, 101 St. Mary st
Hastings Hotel, Chas. Samuel Twigg, Herbert st
Heathcock, John Williamson, Llandaff
Horse & Groom, William Thomas, Womanby st
Imperial Hotel, J. F. Hartland, Mount Stuart square
Locomotive, William Davies, 296 Upper Bute st
London Hotel, William Williams, 165 Bute rd
Maltsters' Arms, Joseph Norman, Llandaff
Marchioness of Bute, Thomas Jenkins, 100 Great Frederick st
Masons' Arms, William Williams, 11 Smith st
Merthyr and Dowlais Inn, Thomas Stephen, Bute terrace
Napier Hotel, John Withers, Canton
New Inn, Rachel Williams, Queen st
New Market Tavern, William Taylor, 19 Trinity st
New Sea Lock, William Cooper, Sea Lock, West Wharf
Nicholl's Arms, Frederick Newman, Mary Ann st
Old Green Dragon, William Dayment, Duke st
Pembroke Castle, David Gwyn, Gt. Frederick st
Pilot, William Bickerston, 23 George st, Bute docks
Pilot Boat, Chas. Bosley, West wharf
Pilot Boat, Eliza Richards, Sea Lock
Pine Apple, Wm. Cook, Station terr
Prince Albert, James Holland, Working st
Prince of Wales, John Cox, Adam st, Newtown
Princess Royal, Samuel Evans, Millicent st
Queen Dowager, John Winstone, Trinity st
Queen's Head, William Howell, 34 Bridge st
Railway Inn, James Dugmore, 35 Upper Bute st
Red Cow, William Colstone, Womanby st
Red Lion, David Evans, Llandaff
Red Lion, William Lewis, Smith st
Rising Sun, Miles Davies, Hayes
Rose & Crown, Wm. Davies, North st
Royal George, John Evans, 1 Thomas st, Newtown
Royal Oak, Owen Lewis, 50 Saint Mary st
Rummer, John Hopkin, Duke st
Ruperra Hotel, Charles Crowden, Plucca lane
Salutation, William Thomas, 13 Upr. Bute st
Sea Lock, William Henry White, Sea Lock, West wharf
Ship & Castle, Rees Howell, 38 St. Mary st
Ship and Dolphin, Shadrach Miles, Church st
Ship & Launch, William Kinnersley, Quay st
Ship & Pilot Boat, John Jones, 43 St. Mary st
Ship Hotel, Thomas Richd. Davies, James st, Bute docks
Shoulder of Mutton, George Jeffries, Church st
South Wales Railway Tavern, Edwin May, Canal wharf West
Sugar Loaf, Richd. Travell, 25 High st
Sunderland Bridge, James Gibbard, 42 St. Mary st
Talbot Arms, Jonas Llewellyn, 41 St. Mary st
Three Cranes, David Richards, Smith st
Three Horse Shoes, John Martin, High st
Three Tuns, Chas. Thomas, Duke st
Tredegar Arms, Mary O'Hagan, Bute terrace
Unicorn, William Williams, 13 Smith st
Vulcan, David Howell, 10 Adam st, Newtown
White Hart, John Doel, 35 James st
White Lion, Matilda Winstone, Llandaff
Wyndham Hotel, Jacob Lewis, Canton

Retailers of Beer

Adams Joseph, 1 Bridge st
Allen Johanna, 54 Mary Ann st
Arnott James, Millicent st
Ashley Albert, 11 Bute terrace
Baskerville John, North st
Brown Abraham, Stuart st, Bute docks
Burfett Geo., 47 Louisa st, Bute docks
Clements James, 12 Charlotte st
Counsell Richd., 18 Ellen st, Newtown
Davies Abraham, 14 Frances st
Davies David, James st
Davies Edward, 38 Adelaide st
Davies Evan, St. Mary st
Davies George, Tyndall st, Newtown
Davies James, Hayes
Davies Mary, 52 St. Mary st
Davies Walter, Tredegar st
Davies William, 16 Caroline st
Deere David, 1 Crichton st
Dickson Richard, Dudley Place
Donovan Denis, 29 Pendoylan st, Newtown
Driscoll Cornelius, 262 Upper Bute st
Eddleston Elizabeth, 28 George st, Bute docks
Edwards Edward, Mary Ann st
Edwards James, Wharf st
Edwards William, 4 St. John st
Ellis William, 71 Millicent st
Evans David, 20 Bridge st
Evans John, 40 Louisa st, Bute docks
Evans Thomas, 35 Little Frederick st
Evans William, 88 St. Mary st
Foulkes George, South William st
Francis Frederick, 45 Christina st
Francis William, 75 Gt. Frederick st
Gay John, Llandaff
George John, 28 Charlotte st
Gibbon Windsor, 8 Upper Bute st
Gibbs Philip, 295 Upper Bute st
Golledge John, 2 Bute terrace
Gould Mary, Charlotte street
Greatrex Benjamin, 11 Church st
Greenslade Ann, 32 Louisa st
Griffin Joseph, 21 Bridge st
Griffiths Richard, Canton
Gwyllim John, 22 Caroline st
Hannam William, 18 Caroline st
Hare William, Whitmore lane
Harris William, Back Charles st
Headford William, 2 Evelyn st
Heath Samuel, 3 David st
Hemmingway Robert, 30 Stuart st
Hiscocks Robert, 4 Bute terrace
Hollwood Jas., 21 Stuart st, Bute docks
Hopkins Ann, Llandaff
Humphreys William, 39 Charlotte st
Hussey John, 14 High st
Ingram Joseph, 71 Crockherb town
James John, 40 Hill's terrace
Jenkins Daniel, 86 St. Mary st
Jenkins William, London square
Jones Ann, 279 Upper Bute st
Jones Elizabeth, 11 Hannah st
Jones Elizabeth, 272 Upper Bute st
Jones Harry A., 39 Maria st
Jones John T., 8 Bute terrace
Jones Thomas, Pellett st, Newtown
Kelly John, Whitmore lane
Leary Daniel, 1 Sophia st
Leary Michael, Whitmore lane
Lee Henry, 65 Millicent st
Lee Henry, Tyndall st, Newtown
Lewis John, London square
Lewis John, 27 Canal st
Leyshon Wm., 19 Ellen st, Newtown
Llewellyn David, Margaret st
Llewellyn Thomas, 6 Bute terrace
Maguire James, 21 Little Frederick st
Manchip Jacob, Penarth road
Mann Edward, Hayes
Martin Henry, 13 Quay st
Matthews John, 21 Adam st, Newtown
Matthews William H., 3 Stuart st, Bute docks
Mayne Thomas, 36 Charlotte st
Milford Robert, Canton
Molony Michael, Ellen st, Newtown
Moreton George, Canton
Morgan David, Llandaff
Mortimer William, Charlotte st
Moses Ebenezer, Llandaff
Moss Francis, 8 Mary Ann st
Myres William, 40 Bridge st
Neathway John, 29 Charlotte st
O'Brien John, 37 David st
O'Rielly Michael, 1 Bute terrace
Parr Richard, 261 Upper Bute st
Phillips Daniel, Hayes
Phillips Thomas, 16 Trinity st
Poulter Chas., 88 Bute st, Bute docks
Powell Mary, 45 Upper Bute st
Price James, 17 Caroline st
Quick Hugh, 31 South William st
Rees Edward, 34 Peel st
Rees John, 12 Quay st
Rees Thomas, Adam st, Newtown
Richards David, Crichton st
Richards William, 51 Millicent st
Roberts William, 23 Christina st
Robinson Charles, 65 St. Mary st
Rowland William J., Upper Bute st
Ryan Edward, 7 Bute terrace
Sleep Richard, 4 George st, Bute dcks
Smith George, Upper Bute st
Southwood A., James st
Spragg Henry, 14 Caroline st
Sprud John, Homfray st
Stelfox Edward, South William st
Stevens Thos., 7 Adam st, Newtown
Sullivan Daniel, 45 Mary Ann st
Taylor Charlotte, Canton
Taylor Richard, Evelyn st
Thomas Daniel, 30 Great Frederick st
Thomas David, Canton
Thomas Edward, 17 Ellen st, Newtown
Thomas Mary, 3 Charlotte st
Thomas Richard, North William st, Newtown
Thomas William, 54 Bridge st
Thomas William, Penarth road
Thomas William, 37 Charlotte st
Tobin John, 12 Adam st, Newtown
Torbay James Harris, Margaret st
Trebilcock John, Old Canal bank
Tutton Samuel, 40 Charlotte st
Tyson John, Evelyn st
Walsh William, 35 Ellen st, Newtown
Ward Abraham, 41 Gt. Frederick st
Warren Henry, 30 Charlotte st
Webb John, 10 Bute terrace
White Joseph, 294 Upper Bute st
Wild Thomas, 92 St. Mary st
Williams Philip, 32 Union st
Willmott Thomas, Canton
Wiltshire Charles, 274 Upper Bute st
Wood John Matthew, 7 Old Church st
Wrightson Pilcher Osborn, Plucca lane
Young James, 1 Homfray st

Tea Dealers & Drapers Trvelling

Andrews John, 15 Great Frederick st
Johnston Adam, 97 Great Frederick st
Little George, 9 Victoria crescent
McCracken Andrew, Crockherb town
Moffat J., 96 Great Frederick st
Orr James, 37 Crichton st
Robertson David, 25 Tredegar st
Wallace William, 37 Charles st

Temperance Hotels

Gatti Joseph (Hotel du Continent & billiard rooms), 150 & 151 Bute rd
Lewis David (commercial), 53 St. Mary street

Timber, Deal Bark and Slate Merchants

Batchelor Brothers, East docks, Herbert street
Davies David William (slate), Canal wharf West
Davies Owen (slate), Canal wharf West
Grant J. & J. & Co., the Wharf
Griffiths James, Mount Stuart sqaure
Macdonald William, Canton
Sessions J. (slate), Crichton place
Watsons & Co., East wharf


Annears William, 43 Upper Bute st
Ashworth Charlotte, Arcade, Old Church st
Brown Enoch, 14 St. Mary st
Campbell Louisa, 61 Crockherb town
Cohn Martinus T., 205 Bute road
Cumbie Hugh, 78 Bute st, Bute docks
Jones David, 3 Stuart st, Bute docks
Jones John, 83 Bute st, Bute docks
Mulvany Rosina Frances, 51 London square
O'Donovan Jeremiah, 35 Up. Bute st
O'Donovan Michael, 11 Adam st, Newtown
Pearce Richard William, 194 Bute road
Rees Owen, 52 Upper Bute st
Richards Elizabeth, 5 Stuart st, Bute dks
Roberts Martha (and news agent), James st
Svombo Nichalas, 41 Bute st, Bute docks
Vencenzo Thomas, 36 Upper Bute st
Weichert S. & W., Upper Bute st

Toy Dealers

Ching Samuel, 26 Hayes
Davies John H., 60 Crockherb town, and 252 Bute road
Ewins James, 1 High st
Pedrazzini Baptista, High st
Podesta Stephen F., 300 Upper Bute st
Primavesi Deborah, 264 Upper Bute st


Bird George, 266 Upper Bute st
Bourne John, 3 London square
Harres David, 29 Crichton st
Horton J. R., 64 Union st
James David, East terrace, Canton
Jones Noah, 41 Caroline st
Mitchelmore William, St. Mary st
Palmer John, 10 Great Frederick st
Stone G. A., 9 Working st
Williams Richard, 188 Bute road

Watch & Clock Makers & Jeweller

Barry James Trotter, Duke st
Collings Joseph, 47 Upper Bute st
Davies J. H., 252 Upper Bute st
Heitzman & Co., 82 St. Mary st
Ingram Jas. (& chronometer), High st
Marks Solomon & Son (chronometer), 101 Bute st, Bute docks
Mart Matthew & Joseph, 17 Trinity st
Pedrazzini Baptist, 1 Queen st
Plaskett C. (successor to Canzi & Co. - chronometer), 59 & 60 Bute st, Docks
Roberts John, 19 Upper Bute st
Samuel Moses, 39 St. Mary st
Spiridion Wlaetislaw (& silversmith), Duke st
Taylor Charles, 27 South William st
Thackwell Charles, Angel st
Thomas John B., 290 Upper Bute st


Anstee John, John st
Bebb Richard, Roath
Edwards Edmund, Ely
Edwards John, Crockherb town
Ellis George, Hayes
Gainer John & Benjamin, St. Mary st
Gover Joseph Cooke (& agricultural implement maker and general smith, & dealer in timber, spokes, felloes, &c), St. Mary st
Gunningham Thomas, Canton
Jones John, Ely
Kent John, Quay st
Morgan David, Llandaff

Wine & Spirit Merchants

Biggs John (dealer), 7 St. Mary st
Crocker Jas. Bradford, 22 St. Mary st
Hunt & Hardess, High st
Nell William, Eagle Brewery, St. John st - [See advertisement.]
Prosser Frederick & Co. Old Brewery, St. Mary st - [See advert.]
Smith Charles, 25 High st
Thomas Evan, 203 Bute road
Todd John, Castle st
Williams Richard Lauder, Post Office Buildings, Church st


Austin Thos., woollen manufr., Leckwith
Bennett Jos. spring van owner, Working st
Bidmead Wm, town missionary, Roath rd
Bowen Benjamin, assistant overseer, Great Frederick st
Brown & Lenox, chain cable manufactrs, Newbridge
Chamberlain Thos., Brush manufctr, 1 Alice
Collings Joseph, Jeweller, 47 Upper Bute
Collins John, wire worker and machine maker, Castle st
Corrin Joseph Harris, trunk maker, Saint Mary street
Cory & Sons, agents, Bute st, Bute docks
Cronin William, collector of inland revenue, 2 Cambrian pl, Crockherb town
Dalton Thomas, clerk of the peace, Working st
Fisher Joseph, cutler, Smith st
Geake John, veterinary surgeon, Canton
Godwin Wm., umbrella maker, 23 Union st
Griffiths Wm., brass founder, Old Canal bank
Hall John Morgan, fellmonger and woolstapler, Womanby street
Hamlen Richd. Henry, tanner, Old Bridge
Hemingways & Pearson, contractors, Bute dock
Hopkins John B., tallow chandler, 17 & 18 Angel st
Horsley William, patent asphalte floor maker and road contractor, Wyndham terrace, Canton
Jenkins Thomas, wood turner, 25 Bridge st
Jones Geo., wood turner, 45 Caroline st
Knibbs Edwd., hardware dlr, 90 St. Mary st
Marks B. S., portrait painter, 33 Charles st
Marks Samuel, dyer, Arcade
Mayo John, contractor, Wyndham terrace, Canton
Milton Thos. & Son, cork cutters, 6 Quay st
Morgan Thomas, sculptor, 18 Trinity st
Morgan William, shipwright, 6 Nelson st
Morris M. H., trunk maker, Hayes
Newbery G. J., railway carriage spring maker, St. Mary st
Osman Edward, collector of income, land and assessed taxes, 34 Crichton st
Owen John, surveyor to Lloyds', Bute st
Phillips James, tobacco-pipe maker, 54 St. Mary st
Riches Henry, wharfinger, West Canal wharf
Smith Saml., smallware dealer, 12 Nelson st
Spiller & Brown, Millers and ship biscuit manufacturers, West Bute docks
Thomas Evan, dyer & cleaner, 12 Tredegar st
Thorn Edward, upholsterer and French polisher, 49 Christina st
Tovey Esau, wool, &c. turner, 36 Wharton st
Watkins Thomas, clerk to the Board of Guardians, Town Hall buildings, Saint Mary street
Wilkes Thos., veterinary surgeon, Working st
Williams James Emerson, actuary at the Savings' Bank, Duke st

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.

Places of Worship and their Ministers

The Cathedral Llandaff.

Bishop - The Rt. Rev. Alfred Ollivant, D.D.


Dean - The Very Rev. Thos. Williams, M. A.
Archdeacon - The Venerable J. Colquhoun Campbell, M. A.
Chancellor of the Church - Rev. C. Augustus S. Morgan, M.A.
Precentor - Rev. Thomas Stacey, M. A.
Treasurer - The Lord Bishop
Canons - Rev. Richard Watson, LL.B.; Rev. John F. Parker, M.A., and Rev. W. Powell, B.D.
Honorary Canons - Rev. Wm. Jones, M.A.; Rev. Wm. Price, M.A.; Rev. Evan Jenkins, M.A.; Rev. Thomas Williams, M.A., and Rev William Leigh Morgan
Minor Canons - Rev. Henry B. Bevan, M.A. and Rev. D. Morgan, B.D.
Chancellor of the Diocese - The Rev. and Worshipful Hugh Williams, M.A.
Archdeacons - The Venerable J. Colquhoun Campbell, M. A., and the Venerable William Crawley, M.A.
Bishop's Chaplains - Rev. E. Ollivant, M.A.; Rev. J. P. Hastings, M.A. and Rev. R. Williams, M.A.
Welsh Chaplains - Rev. Hugh Williams, M.A.
Secretary to the Bishop - John Burder, Esq.
Registrar - Rev. Richard Watson, B.C.L.
Chapter Clerks and Deputy Registrars - Edwd. Stephens & Jos Huckwell, Esqrs.
Diocesian Architects - Messrs. Prichard and Seddon
Clerk and Verger - John Franklin
Assistant Verger - Henry Preece
Appraisor - Stephen Preece

Churches of The Establishment
St. John's, St. John street . . . Rev. John Webb, M. A. Vicar; Rev. Thomas Stacey and Rev. Cyril Stacey, curates
St. Mary's, Bute dock . . . Rev. William Leigh Morgan, M.A. vicar; Rev. C. Parsons, M.A. curate

Dissenting Chapels
Baptist (English), St. Mary street - Rev. Alfred Tilly
Baptist (Welsh), Mount Stuart square - Rev. George Howe
Baptist (Welsh), Canton - Rev. W. Owen
Baptist (Welsh), Hayes
Firends' Meeting House, Charles st
Congregational (Welsh), London sq
Congregational Union, Charles st - Rev. R. T. Verrall
Hope Chapel, Crichton place
Independent (English), Womanby st - Rev. Horman Glass
Independent (Welsh), Ebenezer street - Rev. N. Thomas
Roman Catholic Chapel (St. David's) Bute terrace - Revs. Stephen Bruno, Michael Garralli, and John Baily
Seamen's Chapel, Bute docks
Methodist (Calvinistic), Working street, Patrick street, and London square
Methodist (United), Charles st
Methodist (Wesleyan), Charles street - Rev. Everard Vigis
Methodist (Wesleyan), London square, - Rev. - Holmes
Methodist (Wesleyan English), Patrick
Methodist (Welsh), Union st and Ely

Poor Law Union

Workhouse, Canton
Governor . . . Edward John
Matron . . . Sarah John
Schoolmaster . . . Herbert Rees
Captain . . . Rev. John Hughes
Surgeon . . . Henry James Paine
Clerk to the Board of Guardians . . . Thos. Watkins
Boarding Officers for the Cardiff District, Edward Johns; for St. Nicholas' District,Llewellyn Morgan; for Llantrissaint, James James; for Caerphilly , Thomas Smith

Registrars Of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Superintendent . . William B. Watkins, Canal wharf West
Registrar of Marriages . . Thos. Watkins, Town Hall, St. Mary street
Registrar of Births and Deaths . . For Cardiff District, Thomas Watkins, Town Hall, St. Mary street; For Llantrissaint District, Robert Cooke, Llantrissaint; For Caerphilly District, Evan Evans, Caerphilly; for St. Nicholas' District, Thomas Eagleston, Cardiff.

Custom House

Collector . . William Peake
Controller . . William Argent
First Clerk . . W. H. E. Godfrey
Searchers and Landing Waiters . . W. L. Jenkins, George Beake & Daniel Rhys
Tide Surveyors . . Thomas Nivin, Samuel Tilley, George Grunsell & Thos. Coyle
Lockers . . Thomas J. Freeman, Thomas Cound, William Rees & Patrick Kerr

Infirmary Newport Road

Physician . . Charles R. Vachell
Consulting Surgeon . . Edward Evans, jun.
Surgeons . . William T. Edwards and John R. Reece
House Surgeon . . F. W. Granger
Chaplain . . Rev. Thomas Stacey
Matron . . Amy Jacob

County Court Held Monthly at the Guildhall

Judge . . Thomas Falconer, Esq.
High Bailiff . . John Daniel Thomas
Registrar . . Robert Francis Langley
Bailiffs . . Fredk. Burns and Wm. Merret

Board of Health Offices, Town Hall.

Chairman . . The Mayor
Medical Office . . Henry James Paine
Surveyor . . Thomas Waring
Clerk . . Thomas Watkins
Collector . . Benjamin Bowen

Borough Offices Town Hall, St. Mary Street

Mayor . . [Elected Annually]
Treasurer . . William Davies
Town Clerk . . Benjamin Matthews
Auditors . . Hugh Bird and Edward R. Batchelor
Coroner . . R. L. Reece, Esq
Serjeants at Mace . . Thomas David and Richard Leyshon
Assessors . . Wm. L. Evans and Thos. Rees
Keeper of the Town Hall . . Police-Sergeant Thomas Aubrey

Misscellaneous Public Buildings, &c.

Barracks, Roath road . . . Jas. Isherwood, barrack sergeant
Bible Societys' Depository, St. John street. . Joseph Ayde, agent
Bristol Steam Navigator Company's Office, Bute street, Pier head . . . Alfred Palmer, agent
Bute Dock Offices, Pier Head . . Lieut. Frederick Dornford, dock master; Robert Simpson, collector; Thomas Collingdon, W. S. Clark, Wm. Williams, and John F. Wheeler, engineers
Bute Docks Steam Towing Company's Office, 47 Stuart street, Bute docks . . William Henry Martin, manager
Cardiff Gas Light and Coke Company, works and offices Bute terrace . . . Henry Bowen, c. g. engineer; Alexander Bevan, collector
Cardiff Steam Navigation Company's Office, Bute street, Pier head . . E. J. Thomas, superintendent
Cardiff Water Works, Charles street, Crockherb town . . . Thomas G. South, secretary and engineer
County Gaol, Cardiff . . John Bateman Woods, governor; Elizabeth Woods, matron; Rev. Thomas, stacey, chaplain
Electric Telegraph Compy.'s Office, Bute docks . . T. S. Clark, chief clerk
Glamorganshire Canal Office, Wharf . . W. C. Dempsey, agent
Glamorganshire Dock Office, Sea lock
Guildhall, High street
Inland Revenue, Corn Returns and Surveyors of Taxes' Office, Post Office buildings, Old church street . . William Cronin, collector; William Taylor, supervisor; Thomas Roberts, surveyor of taxes; William Evans, first clerk; Richard Pike, second clerk; Robert Gribble, William Neismith, and Edward Smith, officers
Market Hall, Saint Mary street
Mechanics' Institute, High street . . George Smart, secretary; W. Davies, librarian
Penarth Harbour Dock, and Railway Company's Office, Crockherb town . . . Booth Bacon, secretary; Messrs. Hawyshaw & Dobson, engineers
Private Subscription Reading Room. Castle st. . Capt. Thos. Morgan, treasurer
Post Office, Old Church st . . Frederick Charles Webber, post master
Rhymney Railway Company's Offices, Bute crescent . . John B. Shand, secretary; W. R. Page, traffic manager and locomotive superintendent; Geo. Smithson, resident engineer; Joseph Cubbitt, consulting engineer
St John's Parochial Library, Crockherb town . . Edward Osman, secretary
Stamp Office, 80 St. Mary st, . . John W. Williams, sub-distributer
Taff Vale Railway Company's Offices, Bute docks . . Wm. Done Bushell, resident director; Edward Kenway, secretary; Geo. Fisher superintendent; E. E. Page, sub-superintendent; David Roberts, accountant
Theatre, Crockherb town
Town Hall, Saint Mary street . . . Police-Sergeant Thomas Aubrey, keeper
Town Prison and Police station, St. Mary st . . Jeremiah Box Stockdale, keeper and superintendent of polic

Conveyance by Railway

Station, on the Taff Vale line, Bute docks . . . Edward Kenway, secretary
Station, on the South Wales line, Saint Mary street . . C. E. Compton, station master
Station, on the Rhymney line . . . Adams Down, station master


To Bridgend, - Whapham, from Working street, daily
To Caerphilly, Edward Lewis from the Masons' Arms, and Evan Edwards, Wednesday and Saturday
To Cowbridge, Williams, from the Five Bells, and - Thomas, from the Red Cow, Saturday
To Llantrissaint, Watkins & Williams, from the Five Bells, Wednesday and Saturday

Conveyance by Water Steam Packets

To Bristol, the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's steamer, Ely, three or four times a week . . . Alfred Palmer, agent, Bute docks; and the Cardiff Steam Navigation Company's steamer, Jenny Jones, from Bute docks, three or four times a week . . E. J. Thomas, superintendent
To Burnham, the Taliesin, from Bute docks, daily . . . E. J. Thomas, superintendent

Traders, Etc
To Aberdare, Mary Thomas' Barges, from the wharf, daily . . . Thomas Matthews, agent
To Bristol, Morgan & Co.'s Traders, from Canal Wharf West, three times a week, and George Fry's Traders, from West Bute dock, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday . . . Henry Sainsbury, agent for George Fry; and Charles Riche's Traders, from West Canal wharf, Thursday and Saturday
To Gloucester, Danks and Venn's Traders, from West Bute docks, twice a week . . . Alfred Barfoot, agent
To Merthyr Tydvil, W. Harris's Fly boats, from the West wharf, daily . . . Thomas Matthews, agent

Omnibuses, from the Angel, Cardiff Arms, and Queen's Hotels, convey passengers between Cardiff and the bute docks, and also between the several railway stations

[Transcribed by Phil Mustoe, 3rd May 1997]


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