Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859.


Bridgend and Porthcawl.

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

Bridgend, is a market hamlet, in the parish of Coyty, hundred of Newcastle, county of Glamorgan; 180 miles w. from London, 18 S.E. from Neath, and about 6 w. from Cowbridge; situated on the Line of the South Wales Railway, and on both sides the river Ogmore, which abounds with salmon, trout and other fish. This river is the boundary of the two divisions of the town, respectively named 'Old Castle' and 'New Castle'. In this part of the country the coal mines are many and rich, and their produce of an excellent quality. The courts here are those of the manor of Coyty, held annually, under the Earl of Dunraven, the lord of the manor; petty sessions every Saturday, before the resident magistrates, and the New County Court held monthly for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50. A handsom new town hall has been erected for the accomodation of those transacting the public business of the town; and a mechanics institute has been established, with a reading room, and well selected library for the members. The 'Bridgend Chronicle' published every Friday, though but recently established, has attained a respectable position as a local newspaper.

The places of Worship are a church of the establishment at New Castle, a chapel of ease at Old Castle, the mother church being at Coyty, a mile distant; and chapels for dissenters in the town and neighbourhood. A well supported National School, in which one hundred and thrity boys and girls are instructed, was founded by Sir. J. Nichol; and there is a savings' bank, of which the Rev. H. L. Blosse, is actuary. Coyty Castle, a fine old ruin, is a contributary beauty in the picturesque scenery of this neighbourhood, and well worth the notice of the antiquary and the artist. The weekly market, and excellently supplied one, is on Saturday, in a neat market-house, erected by the Earl of Dunraven. Fairs, April 1st, Ascension-Thursday, and November 17th. The parish of Coyty (with which the population of Bridgend is returned) contained in 1841, 1, 764 inhabitants, and in 1851, 2,299.

Porth-cawl is in the parish of Newton-Nottage, county of Glamorgan, about six miles from Bridgend; seated upon the margin of the Bristol Channel. Within the last few years it has assumed the consequence of a port, from its contiguity to the extensivwe coal and Iron mines, which abound in this quarter, and large quantities of their produce are here annually shipped. An excellent harbour, constructed by a company, affords accommodation for vessels of considerable burthen. The bay which is very beautiful, is admirably adapted to sea bathing, and at no distant period may, probably, become a place of resort for that purpose. Newton Nottage parish contained in 1841, 792 inhabitants, and in 1851, 928.

POST OFFICE, Bridgend, John Price, Post Master - Letters from LONDON, BRISTOL, GLOUCESTER and all parts EAST, arrive every morning a quarter before five, and are despatched at eight minutes after eight evening. - Letters from MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL, the NORTH and SCOTLAND, arrive every forenoon at ten and are despatched at twenty-six minutes after four in the evening. - Letters from SWANSEA, CARMARTHEN, PEMBROKE and all parts WEST, arrive every evening at twnety-six minutes after four and are despatched at a quarter before five in the morning and at ten in the forenoon. Money Order Office open from nine till six.

POST OFFICE, Porthcawl, John David, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Bridgend), every morning at a quarter before eight and are despatched thereto at twenty-five minutes after five in the evening. Money Order Office open from nine till six

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

Adare the Right Hon. Lord Viscount, M.P., Dunraven Castle
Blosse Rev. Henry Lynch, Bridgend.
Bechan Captain Joseph Adye, R. N. Porth-cawl
Buckland W. H., Esq. Plas Newydd, Maesteg
Cole Rev. T., Bridgend
Dare Francis C., Esq. Plas-newydd
Edwards Mr. Thomas, Bridgend
Farley Mrs. Maria, Bridgend
Franklin Richard, Esq. Clementstone
Hampton Mr. Charles, Llaynvi Lodge, Maesteg.
Harding Rev. John, Bridgend
Hibbert Mr. Walter, Bridgend
Hopkins Mr. John, Bridgend
Jenner Mrs. -, Bryngarw
Jones Mrs. Ann, Bridgend
Jones Rev. John E., Bridgend
Jones Rev. Rees G., Bridgend
Knight Rev. Charles, St. Brides
Knight Rev. Edward D., Nottage House, Newton
Lewis Rev. Thomas, Merthyr Mawr
Llewellyn Mr. Williams, Bridgend
Lord Arthur O. Esq. Tythegstone Court
May Mrs. -, Coychurch
Michael Rev. Owen, Bridgend
Morgan Cadogan, Esq. Bridgend
Morgan Mrs. Joan, Bridgend
Morse Rev. Edward, Bridgend
Napier Captain -, Newcastle
Nicholl Jno. Cole, Esq. Merthyr-Mawr
Osbourn Rev. Thomas, Bridgend
Price Miss Gwenllian, Bridgend Castle
Price Rev, J. B., Pyle
Quin the Hon. Captain, Dunraven
Rhys Mrs Margaret, Bridgend
Richards Mr. Thomas, Bridgend
Rowe Mr. John, Bridgend
Sutton Rev. Henry. Bridgend
Talbot Christopher, R. M., Esq. Margam Abbey
Traherne Morgan Popkin, Esq. Coytrehene
Turberville Miss -, Dan-y-graig
Turberville Colonel Gervas, Ewenny Abbey
Williams the Misses -, Bridgend
Williams Cadogan, Esq. Bridgend
Williams Mr. Thomas, Bridgend
Williams Mr. Thomas, Clevishouse, Newton

Academies and Schools

Berry Charles (boarding and day), Bridgend
Dare Sarah (boarding), Bridgend
Evans Catherine (boarding and day), Bridgend
Infants' School, Bridgend, Elizabeth Clondsly, Mistress
National School, Bridgend, James Hutchinson, Master
Roman Catholic School, Bridgend, Martin Lima, Master
Thomas Thomas, Porth-cawl
Tyler George (boarding and day), Bridgend
Wesleyan School - Thomas Harvey, Master


(See also those for Coal and Iron Proprietors, and likewise Fire, &c., Office Agents.)
Evans Robert (House and estate), Bridgend
James William (land and estate), Town Hall, Bridgend
Randall John (to Viscount Adare), Bridgend


Cox Samuel, Bridgend
Lewis William, Bridgend
Popkin Evan, Bridgend
Popkin Thomas, Bridgend
Stockwood Thomas, Bridgend
Verity George Hamilton, Town Hall, Bridgend


Evans Robert (& valuer), Bridgend
James William (and valuer), Town Hall, Bridgend


Brown Evan, Bridgend
David Watkin, Bridgend
Davies William, Bridgend
Millward Thomas, Bridgend
Shellard William, Bridgend


National Provincial Bank of England (Branch - draws on the London & Westminster Bank)- Thomas George Smith, manager
Savings' Bank, Bridgend - Rev. H. L. Blosse, actuary


David Hezekiah, Porth-cawl
David Watkin, Bridgend
Jenkins Samuel, Laleston
Jenkins William, Laleston
Lewis Brothers, Bridgend
Thomas David, Bridgend
Thomas David, Bridgend

Booksellers & stationers

Griffiths John (and painter and bookbinder), Bridgend
Leyshon William (and painter and bookbinder), Bridgend

Boot & shoe makers

Connor Peter, Bridgend
Cooke Thomas, Bridgend
David Ebenezer, Bridgend
David Jenkin, Bridgend
Edwards Edward, Bridgend
Elliott James, Bridgend
Harris Lewis, Bridgend
Jenkins David, Bridgend
Jenkins Griffith, Pyle
Jenkins Robert, Porthcawl
Lloyd David, Bridgend
Morgan William, Bridgend
Nicholas Isaac, Bridgend
Phillips William, Newton
Richards Thomas, Bridgend
Thomas Daniel, Bridgend
Thomas John, Porthcawl
Thomas William, Bridgend


Burnett Craddock, Nottage
David Edward, Bridgend
George Thomas, Bridgend
Griffiths William, Bridgend
Lewis John, Bridgend
Llewellyn John, Bridgend
Watters Edmund, Bridgend
Watters Thomas, Bridgend

Cabinet Makers

Evans William, Bridgend
Morgan Evan, Bridgend
Singer Joseph, Bridgend

Carpetners and Joiners

Austin John, Bridgend
David Evan, Bridgend
David Griffith, Bridgend
David John, Bridgend
Henry Thomas, Porthcawl
Jones William, Bridgend
Llewellyn David, Bridgend
Matthews William, Bridgend
Morgan Charles, Newton
Phillips Thomas, Bridgend
Roberts David, Bridgend
Roberts Thomas, Bridgend

Chemists and Druggists

Jones Thomas, Bridgend
Price John, Bridgend

China Glass &c Dealers

Lewis Josiah, Bridgend
Richards Margaret, Bridgend
Roberts Robert, Bridgend

Coal & Iron Proprietors

Brogden & sons, Tondee Iron Works - Thomas David, agent
Ford and Son, Bryndu Colliery, Geo. Davies, agent, Porthcawl.
Jenkins Richard, Cefn Cribwr, Coal, fire-brick and iron works, Pyle
Lemon R. P. & Co. - J. D. Jones, agent, Porthcawl
Llynvi Iron Company - John Carr, agent, Porthcawl
Talbot Christopher R. M. Cefn Coal, Coke and Iron Works - George Robson, Manager; Robert Hopkins, agent, Porthcawl

Coal Dealers

Bryant David, Bridgend
Bryant William, Bridgend
Harris Joseph, Bridgend
Loosemore John, Bridgend


Dyer Sarah Jemima, Bridgend
Millward Thomas, Bridgend
Shelland William, Bridgend
Thomas John, Bridgend

Fire &c Office Agents

Legal and Commercial - Edward Loveluck, Bridgend
London and County (farm stock), Robert Evans, Bridgend
Manchester and London (fire), Edward Loveluck
National Provident (life), Thomas George Smith, Bridgend
Phoenix (life), William James, Town Hall, Bridgend
Provincial Welsh, Robert Evans, Bridgend; Thomas George Smith, Bridgend
Sun, John Griffiths, Bridgend
Travellers' and Marine, John Griffiths, Bridgend

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Brown Evan, Bridgend
Burnell Catherine, Bridgend
Cooke Thomas, Bridgend
David John, Porthcawl
David Watkin, Bridgend
Davies William, Bridgend
Dyer Sarah Jemima, Bridgend
Edwards Thomas, Bridgend
Folklard Charles Baxter, Bridgend
Henwood John, Porthcawl
Hibbert Joseph, Bridgend
Hopkins Thomas, Nottage
Hopkins William & Ann
Howell John, Nottage
James George, Bridgend
Jenkin Jenkin, Bridgend
Jenkins William, Laleston
John William, Pyle
Jones John, Laleston
Jones John Powell, Bridgend
Lewis Thomas, Nottage
Leyshon William, Bridgend
Llewellyn John, Bridgend
Melmoth George, Bridgend
Phillips William, Newton
Rees Morgan, Pyle
Rees Morgan, Bridgend
Rees Robert, Laleston
Rees William, Bridgend
Thomas John, Newton
Thomas Lewis, Bridgend
Williams Henry, Porthcawl


(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)
Pyle Inn, John Simpson, Pyle
Ship (and posting house), John Hewitt, Bridgend
Wyndham Arms (and commercial, family and posting house), Joseph Cragoe, Bridgend
York, Eleanor Quiney, Bridgend


Edwards Mary, Bridgend
Thomas Janet, Bridgend
Williams George, Bridgend

Linen Drapers

Edwards John, Bridgend
Evans & Jones, Bridgend
Howell Susanna, Bridgend
Hughes Thomas, Bridgend
Jones Richard, Bridgend
Loveluck Edward, Bridgend
Phillips Catherine, Bridgend
Phillips William, Bridgend
Rees Morgan, Pyle
William Henry, Porthcawl


Davies Thomas, Laleston
Lewis Thomas, Bridgend
Matthews Henry, Bridgend
Neil Wm, Bridgend - (See advert.)
Phillips Morgan, Bridgend


Dare Francis Compton, Porthcawl
David William, Bridgend
Hopkin Mary & Son, Ewenny


See Straw Bonnet Makers and Milliners.

Painters and Glaziers

Johns John, Bridgend
Lott William, Bridgend
Thomas Susan (Paper Hanger), Bridgend

Plasterers and Tilers

Gregory David, Bridgend
Walters Thomas, Bridgend


Blake William, Bridgend
Jones William, Bridgend
Williams David, Bridgend

Seed & Manure Merchants

Hall John Morgan (agricultural implement maker & wool stapler), Bridgend
Thomas and Co. (and agricultural implements & general corn merchants), Bridgend
Thomas Susannah (and corn, flour and provision dealer), Bridgend

Slate Merchants

Gregory David, Bridgend
Howell John (& corn), Porthcawl

Stone Masons

Bevan George, Bridgend
Jenkin Jenkin, Bridgend
Jenkins Edward, Bridgend
Jenkins John, Bridgend
Llewellyn David, Porthcawl

Straw Bonnet Makers and Milliners

Blake Rachael, Bridgend
David Grace, Bridgend
Davies Jane, Bridgend
Jenkins Mary, Bridgend
Jones Rachael, Bridgend
Phillips Catherine, Bridgend
Thomas Ann, Bridgend
Thomas Catherine, Bridgend


Allen Michael, Bridgend
Leahy Michael, M.D. Bridgend
Phillips John Watkin, Pyle
Prichard William, Laleston
Verity Abraham John, Bridgend
Williams John Morgan, Bridgend


Cooke John, Bridgend
Daly Cornelius, Bridgend
Davies William, Bridgend
Evans Jacob, Bridgend
Lloyd Titus, Porthcawl
McLean George A., Bridgend
Merchant Henry, Bridgend
Morgan Edward, Bridgend
Roberts John, Bridgend
Thomas William, Bridgend

Tallow Chandlers

Longdon Eliza, Bridgend
Thomas Janet, Bridgend

Taverns & Public Houses

The Houses without Address are in Bridgend
Anchor, Cathrn. David, Porthcawl
Ancient Briton, Charlotte Duberley, Newtown (should be Newton)
Angel, Edmund Watters
Bear, Margaret Evans
Blue Bell, Edward Wilde, Laleston
Butchers' Arms, David Richards, Pyle
Castle, Catherine Rees
Colliers' Arms, Morgan Evan, Pyle
Crown, William Hendry, Newton
Farmers' Arms, Wm. Elias, Nottage
Joiners' Arms, Thomas Jenkins
Knights' Arms, William Thomas, Porthcawl
Lamb, David Francis
Mackworth Arms, Thomas David
Mackworth Arms, William Elias, Laleston
Masons' Arms, Catherine Phillips
Masons' Arms, Elizabeth Thomas, Pyle
New Inn, John Jones, Laleston
Nolton Castle, William Fry
Royal Oak, Samuel Rees
Ship-a-Ground, William Howell, Porthcawl
Ship and Castle, Hezekiah David, Porthcawl
Star, John Gwyn
Victoria, John Davies
Victoria, Thomas Henry, Porthcawl
Welcome-to-Town, Thomas George
White Hart, William Jones
Yard Cottage, William Nell - (See advertisement.)

Retailers of Beer

Burnell Edward, Nottage
David Evan, Bridgend
Evans Thomas, Bridgend
Giles Richard, Bridgend
Gwyn John, Bridgend
Henry Thomas, Porthcawl
Howell Richard, Porthvawl
Howells Thomas, Bridgend
Jenkins Richard, Laleston
Lewis Daniel, Bridgend
Lewis John, Bridgend
Loosemore James, Bridgend
May William, Bridgend
Morgan Martha, Bridgend
Phillips John, Bridgend
Pitt William, Bridgend
Prees William, Bridgend
Rees Edward, Porthcawl
Rees Iltid, Bridgend
Rees William, Bridgend
Richards Ann, Bridgend
Richards Mary, Bridgend
Roberts William, Bridgend
Singer Joseph, Bridgend
Thomas David, Bridgend
Williams Henry, Bridgend
Williams Theophilis, Bridgend
Williams William, Pyle

Tin Plate Workers

Barrett Moses, Bridgend
Gronode Benjmn. (brazier), Bridgend
Lewis David, Bridgend

Watch & Clock Makers

David Thomas, Bridgend
Griffiths William, Bridgend
Marks Samuel (and silversmith and jeweller), Bridgend


Matthews William, Bridgend
Phillips Thomas, Bridgend
Roberts William, Bridgend

Wine & Spirit Merchants

Lewis John W., Bridgend
Nell Wm. Bridgend - (See Advert.)
Phillips Morgan, Bridgend


The Names without Address are in Bridgend
Brimfield William, Basket Maker
Bryant William, iron founder and agricultural implement maker
Burk Edmund, marine store dealer
David Watkin, plumber
Davies David, Market Gardener
Davies John, Hairdresser
Doxsey John, Coach Builder
Fielding John, Marine store dealer
Griffiths David, Greengrocer
Halket Wm. timber merchant, Porthcawl
Howe John, Greengrocer
James William, clerk to the Local Board of Health, Town Hall
Jones John, flannel manufacturer
Jones Thomas, greengrocer
Lamb William, nail maker
Lewis Morgan, nail maker
Lewis Thomas, brewer
Loosemore John, coal and lime dealer
Marks Eliza D. Berlin Wool and fancy repository
Price Brothers, tanners and curriers
Price William, skinner and woolstapler
Reed Edward C. veterinary surgeon
Richards Mary, weaver
Robson George, mineral surveyor and colliery viewer
Stockwood Thomas, clerk to the magistrates
Wallington Llewellyn, London, Birmingham and Sheffield warehouseman
Williams Frederick, salt merchant
Williams Thomas, cooper
Wrigley James, hair dresser

Places of Worship

And their Ministers
Newcastle Church . . . . Rev. Henry Lynch Blosse, vicar
Chapel of Ease, Old Castle . . Rev. John Harding, rector
Baptist (Welsh) Chapel, Bridgend. . Rev. Owen Michael
Baptist (English) Chapel, Bridgend. . Rev. T. Cole
Calvinistic Chapel, Bridgend . . Rev. John James
Independent Chapel . . . . Rev. Rees Gwesyn Jones
Roman Catholic Chapel . . Rev. Henry Sutton, priest
Unitarian Chapel, Bridgend . . Rev. J. E. Jones
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Bridgend . . Rev. Thomas Osborn
Methodist (Welsh) Chapel . . Ministers various

Poor Law Union

Workhouse, Bridgend
Governor . . . James Wells
Matron . . . Jane Dunn
Clerk to the Board of Guardians . . Samuel Cox
Surgeon . . Abraham John Verity
Relieving Officers , , William John, Richd. Leyshon, and David Lloyd


Of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Superintendent Registrar . . . Samuel Cox
Registrar of Marriages . . . David Lloyd
Registrar of Births & Deaths . . . Richard Leyshon (for Bridgend), David Lloyd (for Cowbridge), and William John (for Maesteg).

County Court

Held Monthly at the Town Hall
Judge . . . Thomas Falconer, Esq.
High Bailiff . . . John Daniel Thomas
RegistrarThomas Tamplin Lewis
Bailiff . . . Rees Dyer

Custom House, Porthcawl . . . . Henry Allen, principal officer.
Gas Works . . . Samuel Cox, Proprietor
Harbour Master's Office, Porthcawl . . . Captain David Adye Buchan, R. N. harbour master; John Rhind, director of works; Frederick Saunders, secretary, head office, 21 Westbourne Place, Paddington, London
Mechanics' Institute . . . Saml. Marks, honorary secretary
Police Station . . . Richard Sadler, superintendent
Preventive Station, Porthcawl . . . . . Lieutenant Quinland, principal officer
Stamp Office . . . William Leyshon, sub-distributor

Conveyance by Railway

On the South Wales Line
Station, Bridgend . . . Nicholl Bradley, station master.

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