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References to 'Cowbridge'

  • Heraldry in the churches, castles and manor houses of Glamorgan
    [South Glamorgan, No. 5] The churches of Holy Cross, Cowbridge and St. John The Baptist, Llanblethian
    Author : Anthony L. Jones
    Publisher : Anthony L. Jones in co-operation with the Cowbridge and Local History Society and the Cowbridge Museum Trust, [1994]
    ISBN : 1872808301 m

  • Aspects of Cowbridge
    Author : Adrianne Leijerstam
    Publisher : Profile, [1992]
    ISBN : 0951921304 m

  • Llantwit Major and Cowbridge
    A Study of the historic domestic architecture
    Publisher : Aberystwyth Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales [circa 1989]

  • Cowbridge the archaeology and topography of a small market town in the Vale of Glamorgan
    Author : David M. Robinson, David Martin
    Publisher : Glamorgan - Gwent Archaeological Trust [1980], 6 Prospect Place, Swansea SA1 1QP

  • The Borough ordinances of Cowbridge in Glamorgan, reproduced from the parchment roll of 1610/1611
    Author : Patricia Moore
    Publisher : Glamorgan Archive Service [circa 1986]

  • Cowbridge and Llanblethian past and present
    Author : Brian Ll. James
    Publisher : Barry S. Williams, D. Brown & Sons Ltd. Cowbridge[1979]

  • The Cowbridge Railway
    Author : Colin Chapman
    Publisher : Oxford Publishing, Poole [circa 1984]

  • Cowbridge Town Guide
    Publisher : British Publishing Co. [1978]

  • Cowbridge Trades and tradesmen 1660-1750
    Author : Philip Riden
    Publisher : Dept. of Extra-Mural Studies, University College Cardiff [1981]

  • A Sermon preached October 12, 1830
    Preached before the District Committees of the Societies for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, for that part of the diocese of Llandaff situate in the County of Glamorgan, at their anniversary meeting, held at Cowbridge, October 12, 1830.
    Author : William Daniel Conybeare, Dean of Llandaff.
    Publisher : pp. 24. W. Bird, Cardiff, 1830.

  • The Official Guide to the Cowbridge Rural District, Glamorgan
    Author : Rural District of Cowbridge [Compiled by Edward Loveluck]
    Publisher : Home Publishing Co.: Croydon [1950-]

  • The Bovian [The Magazine of Cowbridge Grammar School]
    Author : Cowbridge Grammar School
    Publisher : Cowbridge [1894]

  • 'A certaine schoole'; a history of the grammar school at Cowbridge, Glamorgan
    Author : Iolo Davies
    Publisher : D. Brown & Sons, Cowbridge

  • Old Cowbridge, Borough, Church and School
    Author : Lemuel John Hopkin James
    Publisher : Educational Publishing Co., Cardiff (pp. xiv. 327) [1922]

  • The Cowbridge Story, History and anecdotes of the ancient borough
    Illustrated by E. Nina Thomas and Graham Crocker, with maps by the author
    Author : John Richards, of Pencoed.
    Publisher : The Author, Pencoed (pp.167) [1956]

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