Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859.


Cowbridge.  With the Village of Llanbleddian and Neighbourhoods

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

COWBRIDGE is a parliamentary borough and small market town, in the parish and hundred of its name, county of Glamorgan; 172 miles w. from London, 12 w. from Cardiff, and 7 E. from Bridgend; situated in a pleasant fertile bottom, surrounded bya well cultivated country. The town consists chiefly of one long street, stretching from east to west, containing some well built houses, a town hall, and convenient market-house. It is a contributory borough, with Cardiff and Llantrissaint, in returning one member to parliament; and is governed by a mayor and two bailiffs, who are elected by the burgesses, the former officer for life, the latter annually. A court of record may be holden under the charter of Charles II., but the corporation do not avail themselves of the privilege; the only court is one of common council, held as occasion may require, for transacting the borough business. This place is without manufactures; and its trade, which is local and domestic, is chiefly supported by those engaged in agriculture, and by its market and fairs, which is tolerably well attended.

The places of worship are the parish church of Saint Mary, and chapels for Baptists, and Wesleyan and Calvinistic Methodists. The living of Cowbridge is a rectory in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester. The only charity is an endowed grammar school, founded by Sir Leoline Jenkins, who was secretary of state in the reign of James II.: the revenue is about £40. per annum. The market is held on Tuesday; and there are seven fairs in the year - namely, first Tuesday in February, on the Tuesday before 25th March, May 4th, June 24th the first Tuesday in August, September 29, and the first Tuesday in December. The markets and fairs are well attended, and are chiefly for cattle of all kinds. The parish of Cowbridge contained, in 1841, 1,088 inhabitants; and in 1851, 1,067.

LLANBLETHIAN is a parish, in the hundred of Cowbridge, the village being situate about one mile s.w. from that town. There is nothing worthy of particular note connected with this parish - the population of which, in 1841, was 724; and in 1851, 767.

POST OFFICE, Cowbridge, Richard Felton, Post Master - Letters from London and parts East and South Wales arrive at six in the morning, and are despatched at five minutes before seven in the evening.
Letters from the North of England, Wales and Scotland, arrive at twenty-five minutes past eleven in the forenoon, and are despatched at twenty minutes past eight in the morning.
Money Order Office open from nine in the morning to half past five in the evening

Gentry and Clergy

Baillie Hamilton, Esq. Ash Hall
Ballard Miss - , Cowbridge
Ballard James, Esq. Llwynhelig
Basset Richard, Esq. Bonvilstone House
Beever Rev. W. H. Cowbridge
Boteler Robert, Esq. Landough Castle
Carne John W. N. D.C.L., Dimlands Castle
Carne Robert Charles Nichol, Esq., Nash House
Darling Major General, Pwllywrach House
Downes Rev. W. H.., Lansannor
Edmondes Miss -, Cowbridge
Edmondes Rev. Thomas, Cowbridge
Edwards Rev. -, Landow
Edwards Rev. Frederick, Gilston
Entwistle Miss -, Lanblethian
Entwistle Hugh, Esq., Malbro Grange
Evans Rev. Samuel, Langan
Gwyn Rev. James B., Cowbridge
Homfrey John, Esq., Penlline Castle
Homfrey John Richards, junr. Esq. Penlline Castle
Jenkins Mrs. -, Lanharran House
Jenner Capt. Birt, Lanblethian
Jones Robert Oliver, Esq. Penmark
Jones Rev. Thomas, Colwinstone
Llewellyn Thos. Esq. Vurlong House
Llewellyn Rev. William, Penlline
May Mrs. Elizabeth, Cowbridge
Morgan Mr. David, Cowbridge
Morgan Rev. Hanmer, St. Athan
Morgan Rev. Wm. Lanmihangle
Perkins Mrs. Mary, Cowbridge
Salmon William, Esq. Penlline Court
Samuel David, Esq. Bonvilstone
Samuel John, Esq. Newton House
Savours Miss Eleanor, Cowbridge
Smith Captain -, Llanblethian
Sommerset Rev. William, Pwllywrach House
Stockwood Miss Maria, Cowrbridge
Taynton Rev. F. Cowbridge
Thomas Miss -, St. Donatts Castle
Thomas Rev. Lewis, St. Hilary
Traherne Miss -, St. Hilary
Traherne Mrs. -, St. Hilary
Traherne George M. St. Hilary
Tyler Rev. R. Lantrithyd
Vaughan Rev. Edward W. Lantivit Major
Verity Miss Cecelia, Cowbridge
Wilkins Christopher, Esq. Lantivit Major
Williams Mrs. -, Cowbridge
Williams Rev. William, Landough
Williams Rev. William, Lanharry
Wood Rev. C. F. B., Penmark

Academies and Schools

Barnes Jane (boarding and day), Cowbridge
Free Grammar School - Rev. W. H. Beever, head master; Rev. Ambrose Short, second master; Mon De Dziewicki, French master
Harris Catherine, Cowbridge
Lewis William (boarding and day), Cowbridge
National School, Cowbridge - Ebenezer Hallett, master
Rees George, Cowbridge


Bradley Edward (land, and secretary to the Glamorganshire Agricultural Society), Cowbridge
Evans Robert (land), Cowrbridge
King John (commission), Cowbridge
Rees Thomas B. (land), Cowbridge
Thomas John (land), Cowbridge


Bevan John, Cowbridge
Rhys Charles, Cowbridge
Stockwood John, Cowbridge


Evans Robert (and valuer), Cowbridge
Reynolds James, Cowbridge
Thomas John (and valuer), Cowbridge

Bakers & Confectioners

Howe John, Cowbridge
John Catherine, Cowbridge
Morgan Edward, Cowbridge
Morris Richard, Cowbridge
Pinkney Anna Maria, Cowbridge
Williams Thomas, Cowbridge
Williams William, Cowbridge


National Provincial Bank of England (draw on the London and Westminster Bank) - S. J. Hornsby, Manager


Griffith John, Cowbridge
Morgan Thomas, Cowbridge
Preece William, Cowbridge

Boot and Shoe Makers

Gifford Daniel, Cowbridge
Giles David, Catherine
Hayter William, Cowbridge
Morgan Morgan, Cowbridge
Mustoe Rolland, Cowbridge
Williams Thomas, Cowbridge
Williams Thomas, jun., Cowbridge


Hawe John, Cowbridge
Hawe Richard, Cowbridge
Morgan David, Cowbridge
Morgan Robert, Llanblethian
Williams John, Cowbridge

Cabinet Makers

Ashery Richard, Cowbridge
Whitby William, Cowbridge

Carpenters & Joiners

Aubrey Richard, Cowbridge
Aubrey Richard (and wheelwright), Cowbridge
James William, Cowbridge
Tilley William, Cowbridge

Chemists and Druggists

Lister Thomas, Cowbridge
Thomas John, Cowbridge

Fire &c. Office Agents

Atlas, John Bevan, Cowbridge
Church of England John Stockwood, Cowbridge
Imperial, David Davis, Cowbridge
Liverpool and London, Thomas Miles, Cowbridge
London and County, Robert Evans, Cowbridge
Provincial Welsh, Robert Evans, Cowbridge
Royal Farmers' and General, Edward Bradley, Cowbridge
West of England, John Thomas, Cowbridge

Gardeners & Seedsmen

Bird Hugh (seeds), Cowbridge
Church Robert, Cowbridge
Hall John M., Cowbridge
Lewis Thomas, Cowbridge
Llewellyn Thos. (seeds), Cowbridge

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Gibbon Margaret, Cowbridge
Gibby Thomas, Cowbridge
Griffiths John, Cowbridge
Howe John, Cowbridge
James John, Cowbridge
John William, Cowbridge
Jones John, Cowbridge
Lewis Mary, Cowbridge
Llewellyn Ann & Matilda, Cowbridge
Miles Thomas, Cowbridge
Morgan Ann, Cowbridge
Morgan Jane, Cowbridge
Parsons John, Cowbridge
Roberts David, Cowbridge
Williams William, Cowbridge

Inns and Public Houses

Bear Inn, (posting), George Morgan, Cowbridge
Blue Bell, Richard Howe, Cowbridge
Cowbridge Arms, James Reynolds, Cowbridge
Duke of Wellington, (and posting house), David Thomas, Cowbridge
Green Dragon, Elizabeth Ormandy, Cowbridge
Greyhound, Henry Richards, Cowbridge
Horse and Groom, William John, Cowbridge
King's Head, John Thomas, Lanblethian
Masons' Arms, William Harvey, Cowbridge
Pelican, John Williams, Cowbridge
Picton, John Williams, Llanblethian
Red Lion, Jacob Horton, Cowbridge
Royal Oak, Morgan Williams, Cowbridge
Tennis Court, Richard Aubrey, Cowbridge
Three Boars' Heads, Edward Thomas, Cowbridge
White Lion, Thos. Lewis, Cowbridge

Retailers of Beer

Llewellyn William, Cowbridge
Morgan David, Cowbridge
Morgan Miles, Cowbridge
Roberts Owen, Cowbridge
Thomas Edward, Cowbridge
Thomas John, Cowbridge
Thomas Richard, Cowbridge
Turberville Jane, Cowbridge
Williams David, Cowbridge


Ballard Edward, Cowbridge
Bird Nathaniel, Cowbridge

Linen Drapers

Evans Samuel D., Cowbridge
Llewellyn Ann & Matilda, Cowbridge
Rees David, Cowbridge
Williams Benjamin, Cowrbridge
Williams Thomas, Cowbridge


Howell Samuel (and brewer), Cowbridge
Jenkins Lewis, Cowbridge
Jones David, Llanblethian
Thomas William (and miller), Town Mill, Cowbridge

Milliners & Dressmakers

Aubrey Amm, Cowbridge
Dallimore Harriet, Cowbridge
Harman Susannah, Cowbridge
Jones Mary, Cowbridge
Morgan Ann, Cowbridge


Jones Ivor Morgan (and plumber), Cowbridge
Warren Samuel, Cowbridge


Llewellyn Jane, Cowbridge
Matthews Thomas, Cowbridge


Bates Edward, Cowbridge
Edwards Daniel Ithiel, Cowbridge
Haines William, Cowbridge
Llewellyn John, Cowbridge


Evans Samuel D., Cowbridge
Felton Richard, Cowbridge
James John, Cowbridge
Roberts Thomas, Cowbridge
Williams Benjamin, Cowbridge
Williams Thomas, Cowbridge


The Names without Address are in Cowbridge
Collins Timothy, Lodging House Keeper
Davies David, Bookseller and Stationer
Davies Edward, Currier
Edwards William, Tinman
Evans Edward, cooper, Llanbleddian
Gas and Coke Company . . . John Stockwood, secretary
Howe Hannah, Weaver
James Matthias, stone mason
Johnson Henry, Watch Maker
Jones Daniel, Weaver
Lewis Thomas, earthenware dealer
Lloyd David, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages
Nicholas Thomas, timber and slade dealer
Roberts Owen, nail maker
Roberts William, tinman
Stamp Office . . . Eliza Thomas, sub-distributor
Thomas Eliza, jeweller
Thomas Eliza, lodging house keeper
Thomas John, borough treasurer
Town Hall . . . Rebecca Thomas, keeper
Turner James, hairdresser
Whapham Thomas, Veterinary Surgeon
Williams David, wheelwright
Williams Thomas, Weaver
Williams William, plasterer and tiler

Places of Worship

And their Ministers
St Mary's Church . . . Rev. Thomas Edmondes, vicar; Rev. J. B. Gwyn, curate
Baptist Chapel . . . Rev. Dan Davies
Calvinistic Chapel . . . Rev. David Roberts
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel
Methodist (Wesleyan Welsh) Chapel . . . Rev. - Evans


To Cardiff, every alternate morning at half-past eight, and from the Duke of Wellington Inn, every Tuesday afternoon at five
To Lantivit Major, every alternate evening at half-past eight


The Nearest Stations are at Llantrissaint, five miles and a half North, and at Bridgend, seven and a half miles west from Cowbridge, both on the South Wales Line


To Cardiff, Thomas Lewis, from Cowbridge, Mon. Wed. and Friday.
To Llantrissaint, John Thomas, from Cowbridge, daily

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