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Help and advice for IHGS Permission re Diagram showing the Ancient Parishes of Glamorgan

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IHGS Permission re Diagram showing the Ancient Parishes of Glamorgan

Copy of email exchange between Genuki and the IHGS dated 26th April 2018 where Genuki sought and was granted permission to publish on its pages the diagram referred to as 'Diagram showing the Ancient Parishes of Glamorgan'

From: Richard Baker <principal[at][dot]uk<mailto:principal[at][dot]uk>>
Sent: 26 April 2018 12:59
To: peter[at][dot]uk<mailto:peter[at][dot]uk>
Subject: RE: Parish Map reproduction

Dear Peter

Thanks for your enquiry. I am indeed the right person, and it is no
problem at all.

The Trustees of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies are
pleased to give GENUKI permission to use the parish map of Glamorgan,
providing that a suitable acknowledgement and copyright statement are

Trust you are keeping well

Best wishes


From: peter[at][dot]uk<mailto:peter[at][dot]uk> <mailto:peter[at][dot]uk>  <peter[at][dot]uk<mailto:peter[at][dot]uk>
<mailto:peter[at][dot]uk> >
Sent: 26 April 2018 12:26
To: principal[at][dot]uk<mailto:principal[at][dot]uk> <mailto:principal[at][dot]uk>
Subject: Parish Map reproduction

Dear Richard,

I'm writing as a Trustee of Genuki in connection with a copyright issue
I hope you can help with or at least point us in the right direction for.

We discovered a couple of days ago that one of the maps on the Genuki
for Glamorgan was based on the South Wales map in the Atlas and Index of
Parish Registers, with our (monochrome) version basically just showing the
Glamorgan parishes. We have, of course, removed it from the site, but you
can see it in the page captured by the Wayback Machine last year at


While there are, of course, other places to look for a replacement
parish map, the image adapted from the Atlas had been made into a
map leading to our pages for the individual parishes.

Our version was created in about 2002 by a volunteer who we have now lost
touch with, and we have, therefore, no idea whether he had sought
for the adaptation and, if so, who from. In fact, I'm fairly sure no
permission was sought - otherwise there would surely have been some
acknowledgement added to the map or the page it was on - so I'm not
expecting you to see if you can find any record of permission.

Instead, I would grateful if you could either let us know yourself whether
we might be given permission to reinstate this image, with suitable
acknowledgement and copyright statement of course, or, if you are not the
right person for us to address this request to, perhaps you could advise
who it would be best to approach.

Best wishes



Peter Christian MA FSG

  On behalf of the Trustees of Genuki