Newspaper extracts for Leckwith


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  • From the  Evening Express (Fifth Edition) 19th July 1899

LECKWITH COMMON. A meeting of the holders of common rights on the Leckwith Common was held at the National Schoolroom Leckwith-road, Cardiff, on Tuesday evening for the purpose of appointing a committee to meet the corporation, and to settle the terms of purchase of a piece of land one acre, one rood, and twenty perches in extent by the corporation, for the purposes of a new road to the sanatorium.     ....(part extract).......

  •  From the Evening Express (Fifth Edition) 15th December 1902

LECKWITH RESERVOIR. Work for the Unemployed, In order to provide work for some of the unemployed in Cardiff the waterwarka committee are anxious to proceed with the construction of a. new service reservoir at Leckwith, which, when completed, will greatly improve the water supply of Penarth. A meeting of the committee was held today, when Alderman Ramsdale presided.—The committee accepted the offer of the Rector of Michaelstone to allow the material from the reservoir to be tipped on the glebe land In payment of £ 300.—The further decided to recommend the council to proceed with the work at once.—The minutes will come before a special meeting of the council on Thursday, so that there is every prospect of the excavation being commenced immediately,

  • From the Evening Express (Extra Special) 25th August 1898

SPORTS AT LECKWITH. The first annual old Welsh and English athletic sports, together with a parish tea, come off in a field at Ynyston Farm, Leckwith (kindly lent by Mr. Daniel Coslett), on Wednesday afternoon. There was a large attendance of the public, and the contests in conenction with the various events afforded much interest, the arrangements in connection with sports having been efficiently carried out by the joint secretaries, Messrs. F. Davies tnd H. Lloyd. Tea was provided from three to 6.30 p.m., and the Cogan Military Band under the conductorship of Mr. J. Bryant) played an attractive selection of airs at intervals        ....(part extract).......

  •  From the Evening Express (Extra Special Edition) 25th July 1907

TO ADORN LECKWITH-ROAD An offer of a number of Lombardy poplar trees for Leckwitih-road, which was made by Mr. H. Woolcot Thompson to the parks com-mittee recently, was grateluIIy accepted by the public works committee at their meeting today.

  •  From the Evening Express (Pink Edition) 26th July 1904

STORM EFFECTS AT LECKWITH. During the violent thunderstorm yesterday afternoon some damage was done by lightning at Leckwith, an ash tree belonging to Mr. W. R. Shirley, The Woodlands, beinfgstruck, and a large piece torn there from was hurled a distance of about a hundred yards.

  • From the Evening Express (Pink Edition) 19th January 1909

The Leckwith "Moses" MR STEWART GRAY'S IDEALS The crooked paths would now seem to be more straight and the prospects brighter for the Hunger Marchers at "Freedom Camp"; at Leckwith. The men are buoyed up by the fact that Mr. William Gedrych, Brunswick street, Canton, descendant, as alleged, of Anthony Matthew, to whom the property was leased, has allowed them occupation at a figure to which the most revolutionary opponent of "landlordism" could hardly demur, viz., 1s. per annum, and another element that lends courage is the summer-like weather and the facilities offered to dig and delve.      ....(part extract).......

  • From The Cardiff Times 10th May 1861

LECKWITH. FEARFUL END OF A MISER.-On Thursday, May 2nd, this little village and the neighbourhood, was thrown into a state of excitement on hearing that a man named William Jones, a thatcher residing at this place, had on the previous night put an end to his existence by hanging himself. The inmates of the house went outside to water the garden, and they heard a noise in the house, the landlady went upstairs, when to her horror she found the unfortunate man suspended from a beam quite dead. The deceased was one of the most hard working men in the locality. He was to be seen at his work as early as two o'clock in the morning during the summer months.   ....(part extract).......

  •  From The Cardiff Times 20th February 1869

LECKWITH. A GOOD DOG.—On Saturday, between five and six o'clock in the evening, two children were observed to fall into the river near Leckwith bridge, when a black dog belonging to Mr. John Gedrych, immediately hastened to the spot, plunged into the river, and caught hold of the children as they clung together and drew them to the shore, when, with the assistance of the owner of the dog, they were taken to his house and properly taken care of. But for the sagacity of the dog the children must hare been drowned, as the water was very deep and running rapidly at the time. The children were ** of Clarendon. Buildings, Canton.

  •  From The Cardiff Times 23rd May 1903

A LECKWITH FARM HOUSE. Unfit for Human Habitation.  At Penarth on Wednesday (before Sir Thomas Morel and Colonel Thornley) Mr Charles Warren, clerk to the Llandaff and Dinas Powis District Council, applied for an ejectment order against Thomas John, occupier of the Beganstone Farm, Leckwith. The owners, Messrs E. David and David, were represented by Messrs Williams and Gladstone, solicitors, Cardiff. It was stated that the owners were just about to complete a sale to Lord Bute, and and a telegram received in court from Sir W. T. Lewis stated that if they decided to purchase the property they would at once repair the house. The magistrates were therefore asked to adjourn the case for two months until the purchase was completed. ....(part extract).......