Slaters Commercial Directory 1880



With the parishes and villages of Cairau, Ely and Fairwater, Radyr,
Llanillterne, St. Fagan's, Michaelstone-super-Ely, and St. Brides-super-Ely

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

LLANDAFF (Llandaf or Llan-ar-daf) is an extensive parish in the hundred of Kibbor, Cardiff union and county court district, and Bristol district court of bankruptcy; it consists of the hamlets of Llandaff, Ely, Fairwater, and Gabalva, and Canton and Grangetown, suburbs of Cardiff, Llandaff is an ancient city, see of a bishop, in the archbishopric of Canterbury, distant about two miles from Cardiff, and 160 from London; it stands on a gentle eminence, the houses are neat, and have an air of comfort, and there are several fine residences in the vicinity. Its possible that its name may have been derived from Cyndav, one of the first missionaries that landed in Britain, or from the situation of the church on the banks of the river Taff. Although a city, it is but an inconsiderable place, and divested of its see and cathedral would only be considered a village possessing no claim to notice. Llandaff is recorded to be the oldest episcopal see in the kingdom. Fromthe first introduction of Christianity into Britain, a church is said to have existed here. The first missionaries that landed in Britain, were Ilid, Cyndap, and Arwystli Hen; they came with Bran the Blessed, the father of Caractacus (Cradawe). About 67 yearsafterwards, there reigned over this county one of the name of Lleirwg, who was the con of Coll-ap-Cyllin, ap Caradawc ap Bran. He was educated at Rome, by his uncle St. Timothy, the son of Claudia, and the grandson of the brave Caractacus. He was baptised there in his eighteenth year, and to commemorate the event, he founded and endowed four religious houses, viz :- Winchester, St. Martin's, St. Peter's (Cornhill), and Llandaff. It is stated that Lleirwg lived at Rhyd-Laver, a large farm house in the parish of St. Fagan's and that his church was at Llandaff. Lleirwg died A.D. 201, and was buried at Gloucester. But Llandaff did not rise to the jurisdication of a bishopric until the beginning of the fifth century, it was one of the wealthiest churches in the Christendom, but it suffered great depredations at the Norman Conquest, and shortly afterwards it was deprived if most of its possessions. The diocese contains 177 parishes, comprising the whole of the counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan, with the exception of the hundred of Gower. The present bishop of the diocese is the Right Reverend Alfred Ollivant, B.D. The cathedral is a stately edifice, situated in a valley. The present building was commenced by Bishop Urban, A.D. 1120, but was not completed before the end of the 13th century. It is of the Gothic style, but there is a mixture of Norman, and some portions of the architecture is of later periods; the length of the building is 300 feet by 80 feet in breadth. The west front is a beautiful specimen of the early pointed style, and at the north west angle is a square tower of the Tudor age, engrafted upon an earlier one. At the east end is a chapel, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and on the south side stands the chapter house. The ancient structure having fallen into decay, a new edifice was built A.D. 1751, within the old walls. The cathedral has recently undergone extensive restoration under the superintendence of John Prichard, Esq., the diocesan architect. In the north aisle are several monuments, with effigies of mailed warriors and mitred bishops. A peal of 7 bells in memory to the late Dean Williams, has recently been added to the old tenor bell, at a cost of about #800, defrayed by subscription. Near the cathedralare the remains of the ancient castellated palace of the bishops; the bishop's court was purchased in 1850; services in the English and Welsh languages are conducted in the cathedral. There are also chapels for Wesleyan and Calvinistic Methodists, and a National school. W. S. Cartwright, Esq., is lord of the manor. In the garden in this parish is an old oak tree, supposed to have been planted as early as A.D. 1204; it divides Llandaff from the parish of Whitchurch. The benevolent institutions are : Howell's charity schools, erected in 1859, for the board, clothing amd education of orphan girls, by the Drapers' Company of the City of London, out of funds bequeathed to them by Thomas Howell, one of their members, who died at Seville, in Spain, in 1540; also the South Wales and Monmouthshire House of Mercy, established in 1862. This institution is superintended by a lady and two assistants, its object being the rescue of these women who have falled from the parths of virtue, and either to return themto their friends or place them in situations where they may earn an honest livelihood. There is also an industrial training school at Ely in connection with the union. The magistrates for the hundred of Kibbor meet every Monday at the police station. Fairs are held February 9th; and Whit Monday and Tuesday. The population of the parish, which includes Canton, a populous suburb to Cardiff, was in 1851, 1,821; in 1861 it had increased to 6,585; and in 1871 it had further increased to 11,922.

The Following places are all in the poor law union and county court and postal district of Cardiff, and in the same diocese and archdeaconry at that town :-

CAIRAU, or Caerau, is a small parish and village, 3.5 miles from Cardiff, and 2 from Llandaff, in the hundred of Kibbor. The church is about half a mile from the village, situated on a hill, where there are traces of a Roman encampment. In the churchyard is the grave of a person of the name William Edward, who died in the 16th or 17th century, at the age of 164. There is also a Chapel of Ease, on the Cowbridge road, near Ely. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop. Population in 1861, 131; in 1871, 102.

ST. FAGAN'S is a parish and pleasant village 2 miles from Llandaff, and 4 w. from Cardiff, in the hundred of Kibbor, and a station on the Great Western Railway. It is famous for a battle fought between the Royalists and Roundheads in 1648, inwhich the Royalists numbered about 8, 000 strong, under the command of General Laugharne, and after a severe contest were defeated by the hardy veterans of the Commonwealth, under Colonel Horton. The parish derives its name from Fagan, one of four, and the most illustrious, sent from Rome to this country as teachers of Christianity, and who preached the Gospel in this village. After his death, a church was erected and dedicated to him near the spot where the present church now stands, but no traces of it now remain. St. Fagan's Castle is a large baronial residence, the seat of Lord Windsor. Opposite the principal entrance to the mansion stands the parish church of St. Mary, which in 1860 was throughly restored and considerably enlarged by the addition of a second nave, at a cost of #2,000, which was chiefly defrayed by the munificence of the late Lady Windsor. In the interior is an ancient carved font, said to have belonged to the church of St. Fagan; there are several stained glass windows to the memory of the Clive family. The living is a rectory, to which is annexed te parochial chapelry of Llanillterne, 4.5 miles from Llandaff, which is in this parish, but separated for ecclesiastical purposes; it is in the patronage of the Lord Windsor. There is also a chapel for the Calvinistic Methodists, and a National school. Population in 1871, of St. Fagan's, 536; of Llanillterne, 155.

ST. BRIDES-SUPER-ELY is a parish about 5 miles from Llandaff, and 7 from Cardiff, and in the hundred of Dinas Powis. The Great Western Railway intersects the parish. The parish church is a rectory, annexed to that if Michaelstone-super-Ely (St. Michael's) in the patronage of Mrs. Traherne. The church is about 2 miles distant from St. Bride's, and 4.5 miles from Llandaff. Population of Michaelstone in 1871, 42; and of St. Bride's, 103.

RADYR, or Radir, is a parish 1.5 miles from Llandaff, and 3.5 miles from Cardiff, in the hundred of Kibbor. The Taff Vale and Penarth Railways intersect the parish. The living of the church is a vicarage in the parish, and contains a Calvinistic Methodist chapel. Population in 1861, 472; in 1871, 422.

POST OFFICE, Llandaff, John Howe, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at seven and half-past ten morning, and five evening, and are despatched thereto at a quarter past eight morning, fifty-five minutes past oneafternoon, and a quarter past six evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, Ely, William Lewis, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at a quarter-past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at fifty minutes past five evening.
Llandaff is the nearest Money Order Office.

POST OFFICE, St. Fagan's, Evan Thomas, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at ten minutes past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past four afternoon
Money Order and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, St. Bride's-super-Ely, John Griffiths, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at a quarter past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at quarter to four afternoon.
St. Fagan's is the nearest Money Order Office.

Letters for Cairau, Fairwater, Michaelstone, Radyr, and the above places should be addressed "near Cardiff".


Blosse Mrs. Fanny Lynch, the Deanery, Llandaff
Browne Mr. Joseph L., Llandaff
Buckley Rev. James R., Llandaff
Coleman Mr. George, The Green, Llandaff
Dalton Thomas M., Esq., 1 Llandaff pl., Llandaff
David Charles Williams, Esq. J.P., Ely Rise
David Mr. Edward, Llandaff
David Mrs. Mary A., Ely
David Miss Sarah, The Cottage, Llandaff
David Rev. William, M.A., St. Fagan's Rectory
Davies Mrs. Catherine, Llandaff
Davies Mrs. Eleanor, Brynteg, Llandaff
Dornford Graham, Esq. J.P., Brynhafod, Llandaff
Ferguson Rev. Richard W., Llandaff
Fishbourne Rev. Edward A., M.A. (minor canon), Llandaff
Fitzgerald Mr. Frederick C., Brynteg, Llandaff
Forrest Robert, Esq. (agent to Lord Windsor), Greenwood, St. Fagan's
Goddard Mrs. Mary, Llandaff
Griffiths Robert W., Esq., B.A., Llandaff
Harries Rev. William W., Rectory, St. Brides-super-Ely
Heignam Mrs. Mary, Llandaff
Hill Edward S., Esq., J.P., Rookwood House, Llandaff
Hopkins Mr. William, Upton Villa, Llandaff
Humphreys Rev. Henry J., Radyr
Insole George Frederick, Esq., Fairwater House
Insole James Harvey, Esq., J.P., Ely Court
Insole James Walter, Esq., Pencisley House, Llandaff
Jones Miss Margaret, Llandaff
Jones John, Esq., Glannant House, Fairwater
Lewis Mr. Evan, Bryn-derwen
Lewis James, Esq. J.P., Llanmers, St. Fagan's
Linton H. P., Esq., 3 Llandaff place
Luard Wm. Charles, Esq., Llandaff House
Lucovich Mr. Antonio T., Llandaff Rise
Matthews Mr. Benjamin, Glan Ely, St. Fagan's
Morgan Mrs. Ann, Llandaff
Ollivant the Right Rev. Alfred, B.D. (Lord Bishop of Llandaff), Bishop's Court
Page Charles H., Esq. J.P., Dulwich House, Llandaff
Parsons Rev. Henry, M.A., (minor canon), Llandaff
Phillips Mr. William, jun. Ely House
Prichard John, Esq. J.P., Llandaff
Richards J. O., Esq., Baynton House, Llandaff
Sant Mr. William, Pwllcoch, Ely
Trayes Valentine, Esq., Highmead House, Ely
Vachell Ivor G., Esq., The Green, Llandaff
Vachell John W., Esq., J.P., Fairfield House, Llandaff
Vaughan the Very Rev. Charles J. D.D. (Dean of Llandaff), The Deanery
Waldron Clement, Esq., The Green, Llandaff
Watkins William Bradley, Esq., 4 Llandaff pl
Watson Jonas, J.P., The Lodge, Llandaff
Windsor the Right Hon. Lord, The Castle, St. Fagan's
Woods Thomas, Esq., 2 Llandaff pl


Industrial Schools (Cardiff Union), Ely - John harris, superintendent; Thomas Rhind, schoolmaster; Hannah Brown, schoolmistress

National Schools :-

Llandaff - George James, master; Lilla Roddis, mistress; Kate Barnes, infants' mistress
Llandaff yard - Emily Mayne, mistress
Llanillerne - Miss Gifford, mistress
St. Fagan's - Walter G. Warwick, master
Stevens Mary A., Llandaff


David David (land), Ely Cottage
David Edward (land), Llandaff
Howe John (house), Llandaff
Merry N. (to the General Insurance Co.), Llandaff
Thomas George (estate), Ely Farm


Prichard John (to the Diocese of Llandaff), Llandaff


Bowen William, Ely
Evans William, Llandaff
Howard Thomas, Ely
Merry James S., Llandaff
Morgan Thomas, Llandaff


Benjamin Thomas, Dusty Forge, Michaelstone-super-Ely
Cosslett Samuel, St. Fagan's
Griffiths John, St. Bride's-super-Ely
James Samuel, Fairwater
James Thomas, Llandaff
Vellacott Joseph, Llandaff yard
Williams Thomas, Llanillterne


Green George, Llandaff
Harry William, St. brides-super-Ely
Lewis William, Ely
Murphy Jeremiah, Llandaff yard
Murrell William, St. Fagan's
Tranter Thomas, Llandaff
Williams Evan, Morganstown


Follett Fred., Llandaff Yard
Gay Ann & Son., Llandaff
Hopkins Ann, Llandaff
Shepston Joseph, Llandaff
Thomas Evan, St. Fagan's
Thomas Evan, jun., St. Fagan's


Bowen William, Ely
Cox Thomas, Llandaff
James Joseph (and builder), Llandaff
Millward Thomas, Llanillterne


Gibbs Thomas B., Ely station
Mahony John, Llandaff yard
Rowland William, Llandaff yard


In Cairau Parish :-
Davis Jacob H., Saintwell
Emmerson William, Swelldown
Rees George, New House
Thomas Edward, Cairau Farm
Thomas Thomas, Penlan

In Llandaff Parish :-
Baker William, Brook House, Fairwater
Cartwright W. S., Fairwater
Davies David, Wedal
Harbottle John, Farm Goch
Harding James H., Monachty
Harry William, Canton
Lewis Meshach, Began
Lewis William, Pontcanna
Llewellyn Thomas, Upper House
Thomas George (and agricultural valuer), Ely Farm
Thomas William, Court Farm
Williams William, Red House

In Llanillterne Parish :-
James William, Pencoed
Jones Charles, Llwynoli
Lewis Anthony, Tydu
Lewis Edward, Park

In Radyr Parish :-
Bassett Thomas, Waterhall
Evans William H., Radyr Court
Hugh William, Goetra fawr
Lowrie William, Radyr Farm
Morgan Morgan T., Cwmfynnonau
Rees Lewis, Maes-y-llech
Roberts Thomas, Heol Isaf
Williams John, Gylynis

In St. Bride's and Michaelstone-super-Ely Parishes :-
Evans Thomas, Green Farm, Michaelstone
Gibbon Samuel, Michaelstone
Griffiths John, New House
Huckwell John, Palla
Morgan Gwenllian, Forty
John Evan, Red House
Thomas Richard, Great House, Michaelstone
Watts Edward, Sant-y-nill
In St. Fagan's Parish :-
Akers James M., Pentrebane
Davies William, Lower Stockland
Evans Thomas, New House
Francis Daniel, Upper Stockland
Hopkins Mary, Tregurnog
Lewis William, Llanmaes
Morgan John, Culver House
Payne Mary, Rhydlaver
Phillips Ann, Penhevad
Williams Thomas, Llwyn-yr-Eos


Bailey Richard, Llandaff yard
Bowen William, Ely
Cule Thomas, Llandaff
Culverwell Harriet, St. Fagan's
Evans John, Llandaff yard
Evans Richard, Llanillterne
Evans Willam, Brynteg, Llandaff
Howard Thomas, Ely
James Samuel, Llandaff
Jenkins John, Radyr
Jenkins Thomas, Morganstown
Merry Nathan, Llandaff
Miles Alice, Llandaff
Morgan Evan, Morganstown
Moses Ebenezer, Llandaff
Smith Isaac, Ely


Black Lion, William L. Blake, Llandaff
Butchers' Arms, Ann Hopkins, Llandaff
Cow & Snuffers, William Matthews, Llandaff yard
Crown, George Steele, Llandaff yard
Dusty Forge, Thomas Benjamin, Michaelstone-super-Ely
Heath Cock, John Smith, Llandaff
Maltsters' Arms, Thomas Lougher, Llandaff
Plymouth Arms, James Llewellyn, St. Fagan's
Pwllcoch Hotel, Sarah Wiltshire, Ely
Railway, Thomas Rees, Ely
Red Lion, John Moore, Llandaff
Star, Daniel Evans, Llanillterne
Tyn-y-nant, Evan Bevan, Radyr
White Lion, John Moore, Ely
White Lion, George Leonard, the Green, Llandaff


Evans Daniel, Llandaff yard
John Daniel, Ely
Thomas George, Llandaff yard


College Iron Co., College Iron Works, Llandaff
Evans Daniel, Eagle Foundry, Llandaff


Evans Thomas, Llandaff
Jeffries Robert, Cairau


Harding Joseph, St. Fagan's Mills
James William, Llanillterne
Lewis & Williams, Llandaff Mills


Evans & Owen, Ely


Cook Thomas (land), Llandaff
David David, Ely Cottage
David Edward (to the Diocese of Llandaff), Llandaff


David Oliver, Ely
Davies Thomas, Llandaff
Jenkins David, Llandaff


Bowen William, Ely
David William, St. Fagan's
Matthews Thomas, Llandaff yard
Williams Evan, Llanilltern


Evans Franklin G., surgeon, Tyn-y-nant House, Radyr
Evans Jane, lodgings, Landscape place, Llandaff
Hicks George, brick and tile maker, Waterhall, Llandaff
Howe John, collector of income and assessed taxes, Llandaff
Kirby James G., cab proprietor, Llandaff
Richards Evan, stonemason, Llandaff
Smith William, quarry owner, Radyr Quarry
Thomas George, assistant overseer for the parish of Llandaff, agricultural valuer, and clerk to the Burial Board, Ely Farm
Thompson Mary, lodgings, Landscape place, Llandaff



And their Ministers

Church of the Establishment

CATHEDRAL, Llandaff :-
Lord Bishop - The Right Rev. Alfred Ollivant, D.D.
Dean - The Very Rev. Charles J. Vaughan, D.D.

Archdeacons -

Venerable & Rev. Wm. Crawley, M.A., and Venerable & Rev. John Griffiths, B.D.
Chancellor of the Church - Rev. George Woods, M.A.
Chancellor of the Diocese - Joseph Earle Ollivant, M.A.

Rural Deans -

Rev. John Griffith, M.A.; Rev. Gilbert C. F. Harries, M.A.; Rev. Charles Parsons, M.A., Rev. J. Powell Jones, B.D.; Rev. George Woods, M.A.; Rev. Charles F. B. Wood, M.A.; Rev. C. R. Knight, M.A.; Rev. J. Griffiths; Rev. Thomas Edmondes, M.A. ; Rev. F. W. Edmondes, M.A.; Rev. E. A. Allen, M.A.; Rev. John Lloyd, M.A.; Rev. William Evans; Rev. William Feetham, M.A.; Rev. Daniel G. Davies, M.A.; Rev. A. C. Saunders, M.A.; Rev. E. Turberville William, M.A.; Rev. H. Powell Edwards, M.A.; Rev. S. Catley Baker, B.A.; Rev. W. N. Eliot, B.A. and Rev. Edward Hawkins, M. A.

Residentiary Canons -
Ven. Archdeacon Crawley, M.A.; Rev. Edwd. Hawkins, M.A.; Venerable Archdeacon Griffiths, B.D. and Right Rev. Charles Perry, Bishop
Honorary Canons -
Rev. Wm. Holt Beever, M.A.; Rev. Gilbert C. F. Harries, M.A.; Rev. Howell Powell Edwards, M.A. , Rev. Bury Capel, M.A.; and Rev. William Evans
Minor Canons -
Rev. Henry Parsons, M.A., and Rev. E. A. Fishbourne, M.A.
Precentor - Rev. Charles F. Bryan Wood, M.A.
Bishop's Chaplain - Rev. T. C. Wilks, M.A.

Examining Chaplains -

Rev. W. H. Beever, M.A., and Ven. Archdeacon Griffiths, B.,D.
Secretaries to the Bishop - Messrs. Burder & Dunning, London
Chapter and Diocesan Architect - John Prichard
Chapter Surveyor - Edward David
Registrar - S. Dunning
Organist - Charles L. Williams
Verger - Morgan Morgan
Sexton - George Harris

St. Mary's, St. Fagan's - Rev. Wm. David, M.A. , rector
St. Michael's, Michaelstone-super-Ely - Rev. William W. Harries, rector

Parish Churches :-

St. Bride's-super-Ely - Rev. William W. Harries, rector
Cairau - Rev. William Johns, vicar
Llanillterne - Rev. William David, M.A., rector; Rev. Henry J. Humphreys, curate
Radyr - Rev. Henry J. Humphreys, vicar
Chapel of Ease, Ely - Rev. William Johns, vicar
Chapel of Ease Llandaff yard - Rev. James R. Buckley, vicar

Dissenting Chapels

Methodist (Calvinistic), Llandaff, St. Fagan's and Morganstown
Methodist (Welseyan, Welsh & English), Llandaff and Ely
Methodist (Primitive), Llandaff yard
Independent, Llanillterne - Rev. John Davies
Independent, St. Bride's-super-Ely


Chancellor of the Diocese - Joseph Earle Ollivant, M.A.
Registrar - Simon Dunning, Esq.
Surrogates - Rev. Henry Parsons, M.A. and Rev. Edward A. Fishbourne, M.A.

The above Court grants Marriage Licences for the whole diocese


District Registrar - Clement Waldron, Esq.
Chief Clerk - Thomas C. Thomas

The district includes the counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan
(except the deaneries of East and West Gower, in the county of Glamorgan)


Thomas William Booker, Esq. (chairman), Velindra, Whitchurch
Charles Henry Williams, Esq., Roath Court
George C. Williams, Esq., Llanrumney Hall
Charles William David, Esq., Ely Rise
George W. Griffiths Thomas, Esq., The Heath
James Harvey Insole, Esq., Ely Court
Griffith Phillips, Esq., Whitchurch Cottage
Henry Jones Evans, Esq., Greenhil, Whitchurch
James Lewis, Esq., Llanmaes, St. Fagan's
Charles Harrison Page, Esq., Dulwich House
Edward Stock Hill, Esq., Rookwood
Robert Rickards, Esq., Castlefield, Maindy
John Prichard, Esq., Llandaff
Jonas Watson, Esq., Llandaff
Graham Dornford, Esq., Brynhafod
Clerk to the Justices - John Stuart Corbett



Visitor - The Lord Bishop of Llandaff
Lady Superintendent - Mrs. Yates
Treasurer - Rev. Wm. Bruce, Duffryn
Secretary - Rev. John Griffiths, Merthyr Tydvil
Chaplain - Rev. Charles E. Parsons
Surgeon - Dr. Paine



Secretary - Clement Waldron, Esq.
Steward - John Loveless
Head Mistress - Miss Ewins



Superintendent - John Harris
Matron - Ann harris
Chaplain - Rev. Alfred Elias
Surgeon - Alfred Sheen
Schoolmaster - Thomas Rhind
Schoolmistress - Hannah Brown
Drill Instructor - William Forbes


and Collectors of Rates for the parishes of

Llandaff - George Thomas, Ely Farm
Llanillterne - James James
Michaelstone-super-Ely - Wm. Thomas
Radyr - John Williams
St. Fagan's - James Llewellyn
St. Bride's-super-Ely - Wm. Thomas


Of Births & Deaths for the Parish of

Llandaff - Richard R. Watkins, Cardiff

Police Office, Llandaff - Edward Rees, sergeant


On the Taff Vale Line

Station, Llandaff, about a mile from the town - Charles P. Evans, station master

On the Great Western Line

Station, Ely - Herbert J. Edmonds, station master
Station, St. Fagan's - John Thomas, station master

Slaters Commercial Directory, Llandaff, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]