Newspaper extracts for the Llandeilo Talybont area


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

Searches made on these place names in this order; Gorseinon, Pontardulais

  • From  The Amman Valley Chronicle and East Carmarthen News 2nd April 1914

GORSEINON. THE NEW CINEMA.—If energy, enterprise, and capital count, Monday should undoubtedly prove memorable in the educational and intertainment progressive life of Gorseinon, and the surrounding district, for on that evening the new lessees will throw open to the public generally the doors of "The Drome" for the first time, under the management of Mr. S. J. Powell. Mr. Powell is no stranger, and for many years now has been a well-known and highly respected caterer in the amusement world of South Wales. A keen business man, in touch with all that is highest and best in both theatrical and vaudeville circles, Mr. Powell has won for himself the respect and friendship of the people generally, and we can prophesy without fear that before many weeks have elapsed his happy smiling face and unfailing courtesy in all contingencies will have endeared him to the public of Gorseinon and added considerably to his circle of friends and admirers. There will be a high-class programme.

  •  From The Cambrian 25th July 1902

GORSEINON. Isolation Hospital at Garngoch.-The Llangyfelach District Council have ordered the erection of a temporary Isolation Hospital on Garn Goch Common, Gorseinon. The foundation has already been cut, and in a short time it is expected the building will be complete. Accommodation for twelve beds is being provided. The site is in a very good position, at an elevation between the rifle range and Glasbrook's Garn Goch Pits.

PUBLIC PARK. A meeting of ratepayers interested in providing a recreation ground for Gorseinon was held on Friday evening. Dr. Mitchell presided. The deputation appointed to wait upon Mr. Saunders, estate agent to Mr. Cameron, lord of the manor, reported that Mr. Cameron was grilling to let the land—about six acres—at a nominal remit,    ....(part extract).....

  •  From The Cambrian 25th June 1897

GORSEINON. On Tuesday, the 22nd, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in this place with great enthusiasm, The town was gay with bunting, and about 3.30 a procession, headed by Captain Lewis, Melin Monach, and Mr. J. G. Kirby, Penllergaer, each on horseback, started from the schoolroom. The procession consisted of the board school children of Penrheol and Gorseinon, the Sunday School children of Bethlehem (English Methodist), Brynteg (Independent), Capel Seion (Baptist), Ebenezer (Independent) and Holy Trinity Church, Gorseinon.     ....(part extract).....

  • From The Cambrian 1st July 1910

GORSEINON EXPLOSION. INJURED MEN'S EVIDENCE AT INQUEST. INSPECTOR AND SYSTEM OF SHOT-FIRING.  JURY'S VERDICT: PROBABLE "MIS-FIRE." The adjourned inquest was held at Gorseinon on Friday touching the deaths of Edward Alfred Moore, Kingsbridge, and Samuel Morse, Pontlliw, who were killed  at the Mountain Colliery on May 31, as the result, it is believed, of a shot having exploded that had previously mis-fired.       ....(part extract).....

  •  From The Cambrian 25th May 1906

GORSEINON WORKS ACCIDENT. CYLINDER BREAKS: PISTON HURLED OUT. A serious accident to the electric engine driving the cold rolls at Old Works, Gorseinon, has taken place Through some defect in the condensing arrangements, the top of the cylinder was broken into fragments, And the piston was hurled out with such tremendous force that it struck and bent an iron girder in the roof.

  •  From The Cambrian 26th March 1909

THE GROWTH OF GORSEINON. SOME OF THE NEEDS OF THE PLACE. PLENTY OF PROGRESS BUT SOME DEFECTS. "Veritas" writes;—Gorseinon, as an industrial centre, is fast becoming one of the most important around Swansea.  In tin manufacturing the firm of Messrs. Lewis Brothers, a partner in which is Major Lewis, the new High Sheriff for Glamorgan — are bent on making things hum in the future, judging by their present developments.  The Grovesend Steel and Tinplate Co., not. to be outvied, are also making extensive preparation for increasing their output. The spirit of progress at Gorseinon proclaims itself every week by the opening out of a new store or shop, or by the "sticking" up of a brand new plate, announcing the arrival of a soiicitor, accountant, dentist, banking agent, etc., in the town. Everybody seems to be moving quickly ahead here, except the London and North Western Railway authorities. When we say authorities, we do not include the Gorseinon Stationmaster. who is one of the most conscientious officials in the service. We refer to those who are responsible for the insufficient arrangements for conveying passengers to Swansea. On each of the station the town is beautifully lit electrically, but the murky approach to the station, as well as the platforms. are dismally illuminated by dim burning oil lamps,     ....(part extract).....

  • From the Evening Express (First Edition) 21st July 1894

GORSEINON RIOTS. Mr. David Randell Puts a Question in Parliament.

Mr. DAVID RANDELL (G., Gower) asked the question relating to the conduct of the police in reference to a. demonstration at Gorseinon on the 26th of June last of which he had given notice.

Mr. ASQUlTH (Home Secretary), in reply, said: -I have received a report from the chief- constable of Glamorgan in reference to this matter, but as it is not so full as I could desire, I have called for a further report, and I cannot. until I receive the further report, say whether any further inquiry is necessary.

  •  From the Evening Express 3rd August 1892

Good News for Gorseinon. We are glad to be able to state that the dispute at Sterry's Mountain Colliery has now been settled, and the men will resume work to-day (Wednesday). Mr. Isaac Evans (miners' agent) was at Gorseinon on Tuesday, And by mutual concession a settlement was arrived at.—

The Grovesend Steel Works, which have been on stop for several weeks, owing to a dispute with the management, will also resume work today (Wednesday), non-Union men being employed, the employees of the tinworks, to which these works are affiliated, having signed an agreement to work with non-Union men.

  •  From The Cambrian 6th November 1903

PONTARDULAIS. The floods of the past week were the most terrible in the history of Pontardulais, and the volume of water in the Llwchwr and its tributaries, after Tuesday's deluge, has reached a point hitherto unapproached. The greatest damage done perhaps was to the L. and N. W. Ry. Co's. lines near the Birch Rock collieries siding, a result of which being a temporary dislocation of traffic. Considerable damage also was done to dwellings in Hendy.

  • From The Cambrian 5th July 1901

PONTARDULAIS. NOTES. By "THE DRUID." I In favour of the proposal for the adoption of public lighting for the parish of Llandilo- Talybont, 254; against the proposal, 282 majority against, 28."  These were the figures declared by the returning officer on Monday evening to be the result of the polling on that day. So the lighting of the streets of Pontardulais and Gorseinon at the parish expense must again remain in abeyance, that is for a season at least. When it became known that Gorseinon folk were hostile to the movement, it was at once felt that the cause was as good as lost, and a direct result of this was an abnormally large number of abstentions.     .....(part extract)......

  •  From The Cambrian 22nd June 1900

PONTARDULAIS. [BY OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) "19352."—Some months ago Messrs. Vivian and Co., Llanelly, put up for a lottery a 10-ton truck of coal, the proceeds being devoted to the insurance of local Volunteers at the front. The draw took place on Tuesday afternoon, and the winning number is 19352. This ticket has been sold at Pontardulais, and now—who's got it. We hope by this the lucky winner has been identified.

PUBLIC CEMETERY.—The question of a public cemetery has occupied the attention of some of the religious bodies lately. Some overtures have already been made in this direction, but, we believe, with no tangible result. As far as an important and growing place like Pontardulais is concerned, the question is both an urgent and an important one. Some burial-grounds have been already closed up, and other bodies holding similar control are contemplating a like step. The difficulty at present, we understand, is the dearth of a suitable spot.       .....(part extract)......

  • From The Cambrian 26th July 1901

PONTARDULAIS. BY "THE DRUID." Judging from present appearances it seem that the tinplate manufacture will cease to be the staple industry of Pontardulais and that King Coal will hold the sway instead. Recently quite a number of new pits have been opened in the district, and old workings? have been re-opened and further developed. On Monday last the pit known as the Merthyr Colliery was restarted after a prolonged standstill.    .....(part extract)......

  •  From The Cambrian (Supplement) 4th July 1902

PONTARDULAIS. (By the "DRUID.") Quiet Coronations Celebrations.—As was the case everywhere else, all the local arrangements for the Coronation festivities were unexpectedly upset on account of the King's unfortunate illness, and the officials were in a dilemma as to how to act under the unique circumstances. It was decided that, as the various tearfights had been arranged, to let the demonstration of the Sunday schools take its course. The weather was glorious, and the inhabitants turned out in great numbers. There were over 2.000 on the field     .....(part extract)......

  • From the Evening Express (Revival Number Edition) 4th March 1905

PONTARDULAIS.  A Practical Result A practical result of the Revival is the building of a new mechanics' institute, at an estimated cost of £1,200. In the new building rooms will be provided for the convenience of friendly and other societies.

  • From the  Evening Express (Fifth Edition) 2nd October 1909

Pontardulais Blast CONDITION OF THE INJURED The men injured in the Birch Rock Colliery explosion, Pontardulais, yesterday, are reported to be as weil as can be expected. Jenkin Williams, collier, in an interview, said he was working in a stall, about 30 yards from where the accident occurred. He and William John Williams (his brother) ARTHUR WILLIAMS (injured). were in a stall in No. 6 District, when they heard a very loud report, and then the lights went out. Hearing groans, he called out, and going in the direction of the noise found several men lying about, suffering from the effects of the explosion, and he and his companions helped them to a place of safety.    .....(part extract)......