The History of Pontardulais and Rebecca in Pontardulais


This index compiled by Tina Morgan, October 2001

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The History of Pontardulais

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'The History of Pontardulais' was translated in September 1985 by Ivor Griffiths, from the Welsh language original "Hanes Pontarddulais" written by various contributors, edited by E Lewis Evans. The date of the original publication was 1949.
In my copy, 'Rebecca in Pontardulais' by Ivor Griffiths is appended to 'The History of Pontardulais''.
'Rebecca in Pontardulais' is indexed separately.

Area covered;
The book covers the history of the two parishes of Llanedi and Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont.
References to Glamorgan county, Pontardulais, Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont and Llanedi occur throughout the book, and hence are not listed as items in the index.

Certain names keep appearing over and over again in connection with positions on the parish council, the Education Board, the Vestry, or maybe as a trustee of the Mechanics Institute. I have referenced each appearance of that name separately, unless I'm totally sure that the same name actually refers to the same person.
Dates were not always provided for the periods in which people lived and worked.

Page numbering
The pages in the English translation are not numbered, so anybody wishing to use this index should number the pages him/herself. The foreword should be numbered page 1 and then every side should be numbered from there onwards to page 79.

Contents [The History of Pontardulais]

  • 1 The Geological Background by Mr Wynne Lloyd H.M.I. M.A.
  • 2 Traces of History
    • The Bryn-Rhyd Stone
    • Pant-y-Ffa Cairn
    • Giant's Cave or Edi the Hermit's Cave
    • Ynys-y-Capel
    • Ystym Enlli
    • Castell Ddu
    • Mynachlog Cwrt-y-Carnau (Cwrt-y-Carnau Monastery)
  • 3 On Paths of History
  • 4 The Story of the Parish Records
    • Fishing
    • Grist Mill
    • Factories
    • Fulling Mill
    • Shoemakers
    • Hatters
    • Copper
    • Blacksmiths
    • The Collier
  • 5 Beginnings of the New Age
  • 6 Later Industries
  • 7 Further Developments
  • 8 Steps in Local Education
  • 9 Music of the Region
  • 10 Drama in Pontarddulais
  • 11 Cultural Centres
  • 12 Religion and the Parish Church
    • Llandeilo Tal-y-bont
    • Llanedi
  • 13 The Non-Conformist Chapels
    • Early Notes of the Division
    • The 'Hen Gapel and its Family'
    • Hope
    • Y Waungron
    • Siloh
    • Capel Newydd
    • Peniel Pontlliw
  • 14 The Methodist Chapels, by the Reverend E.R. Davies, Pontardulais
    • The Gopa
    • Libanus, Hendy
    • Hermon
    • The English Presbyterian
    • The Wesleyans (The Methodist Church) by Mr John Jones, Dulais Road
    • The English Wesleyans
  • 15 The Baptists, by Mrs Mary Harries, B.A. Coedbach
    • Sardis
    • Carmel, Pontlliw
    • Tabernacle, Pontardulais
    • Calfaria, Hendy
    • The Babell
  • 16 The Smaller Flocks (if labelled as chapter 17, please renumber as chapter 16)
    • St Bride's (The Catholic Church)
    • Beulah
    • Carmel (The Apostolic Church)
  • 17 Some of the Well-Known of the Area
    • Robert Morgan (1620 - 1710)
    • Dr Robert James (1664 - 1748)
    • John Walters (1721 - 1797)
    • Dafydd Williams (1712 - 1794)
    • The Headmaster Silas Morris M.A. (1862 - 1923)
    • John 'Gwili' Jenkins M.A. (1862 - 1923)
    • Dr D Vaughan Thomas M.A. (1873 - 1934)
    • David James Jones M.A. (1886 - 1947)

Photographs & illustrations [The History of Pontardulais]

Ordnance Survey map of Pontardulais, 1879, at front of document.Diagram of bridge: A48, Y Bont farw - Pontardulais, page 14
Sketch of Pontardulais in the middle of the 19th century, page 17Coracle fishermen on the Loughor near Llandeilo Talybont, page 17
The bridge over the Loughor during demolition, page 21Four periods of construction of Loughor Bridge, page 21
Sketch of Castell Du, Llandeilo-Fach a'r Hen Eglwys, page 27Sketch: An early map of the parishes 1839, page 36
Llandeilo Talybont: Development of the church building through the ages, page 53Sketch: A 'present day' map of the two parishes, date not shown. Page 53
Llanedi parish church, page 58The old church of the parish of Llandeilo Talybont, page 58
The "Hen Gapel", Hendy in the parish of Llanedi, page 66Capel Iago, the second chapel, page 66

Places/ groups/ activities/ events/ publications  [The History of Pontardulais]

Aberavon 70, 78Aberdare 72, 73
Aberdare House 74Abercynon 73
Aberdaugleddau (Milford Haven) 3Aberdulais (Bridgend) 13,28, 69, 70
Abergele 73Aberllwchwr 6
Abergwili 41Aberthaw limestone 12
Aberystwyth 48, 69Acer-Fair 73
Act of Disestablishment, 1914 52Act of Union 1536 9, 52
Act for the spreading of the Gospel in Wales, 1650 60agriculture (inc. agricultural depression) 1815-1850 4, 44
Allt Fawr (toll gate) 24Alltiago (see also Tir Alltiago) 10,18
Alltiago Road 41, 76Alltygraban 8,10, 27, 31, 64
Allt-y-Troserch 61Ammanford 39, 63, 64. 79
Anglesey 5, 65, 74Apostolic Church 51, 76
Arminians 62Ar y Groesffordd (a drama by R.G. Berry) 48
Asgre Lan (a drama by R.G. Berry) 48Assembly Rooms, opened with library in 1906, in front of old reading rooms at Hendy Works 32
Assemblies of God 76Australia 69, 76
Autumn Fire (a drama by T.C. Murray, translated to "Tan yr Hydref") 48Avonmouth 35
Babell 48, 74, 75Baglan & Baglan Hall 39, 55
Bala-Bangor College 63Banc-yr-Eithin (Gorse Hill) near Ystomenlle Farm 7
Banc-y-Rhufel (Battle Hill) or Ystym Enlli, hill fortress near Ystomenlle Farm 7Band of Hope 46
Bangor (Bishop of) 57Bangor - inc. University / College, Baptist College 69, 75, 78, 79
Baptists 8, 38, 45, 62, 68, 72, 77, 78Barclays Bank 32
basketmakers 19, 72Bathafarn 71
Battle Hill (Banc-y-Rhufel) or Ystym Enlli, hill fortress near Ystomenlle Farm 7Beaufort 64
Beca Troubles (see "Beca" in the people index)Bedwas 73
Bellevue Foundry 50Benallt (small coal mine) 30
Bessemer steel 28Bethania 73
Bethel, Tynybone 69Bethesda 73
Betws 57, 59, 68Beulah 76
Beyond the Horizon (drama by Eugene O'Neill, performed by Cwmni Drama Pontardulais) 48Birchgrove 26, 50
Birchrock coal works 29Bishopric of Monmouth 52
Bishopric of St David 52, 54Bishopric of Swansea and Brecon, created 1925 52
Black & White (weekly journal) 50Black Horse Inn (or Hotel) 14, 23, 63, 69
Black Mountains 3blacksmiths 19, 20, 31
Blaenau Ffestiniog 51, 64, 75Blaenavon steelworks 33
Blaenlliw 4Blaen-Nant-Ddu waterworks 29
Blaenrhondda 73Blaenycoed 65
Blue Books (education reports) 38, 39, 42Board School, opened 1878 41, 47, 50
Bolgoed 4,10,19,20,23,24,27,30,50, 69Bolgoed school 18th century 38,40
Bont 18,20, 31, 34, 47, 70Botany Bay 25
Boughton & Smith of Birmingham, tinplate company 28Box Farm, Waungron 63, 65
Bradford 76Brechfa 40
Brecon 33, 38, 69Brecon College 63
brewery/ brewing 30brick manufacture 4, 30
bridge, over Dulais river 3Bridgend (see Aberdulais) 45, 77
Bridgend on Usk 43Brintirion 6
Bristol 20Bristol School 38
Britannia Depicta 1685 (Ogilby's) - see under "Ogilvy's"British and Overseas Schools Society 38
British Schoolroom 74Briton Ferry 10, 73
British School on the Gopa, 1827 38, 40Brodorion (or natives) 70
Bryn House, by steel works 34, 50Brynamman 33, 44, 45
Brynbo steelworks 33Bryngwili 50, 71
Brynhyfryd 6Bryn-Lliw 64
Bryn-Llwyn 65Bryn Mawr & Brynmawr church 28, 79
Bryn-Rhyd stone 6Bryn Road 65, 71
Bryn Seion, Llangennech 69Brynteg 18, 63, 65, 67
Bryntelech 10, 19Buckingham Office 35
Burry estuary 3Burry Port 30
Bussy Mansell 10Bwlchyrheol 18
Bynea steelworks 33Cadle 66
Caeo 68Cae'r Efail 19
Caecerrig 10, 50Caecerrig Road 18
Caernarvon Castle 14Caernarvonshire 48
Calfaria Fach 74Calfaria, Hendy 45, 74, 75
Calvinistic Methodists 44, 62, 68Camaes, Anglesey 74
Cambria Daily Leader (newspaper) 50Cambria Forge 31
Cambrian House 65Cambria Tinplate Co. (bought tinplate company from the Co-operative in 1882) 31
Cambria Works 50, 51Cambrian Brewery Company Limited - took over brewery 1883 - 1895 31
Cambrian Co-operative & Industrial Iron & Tinplate Co. Ltd., built 1874 31Cambridge 79
Camffrwd river & valley (see also Gamffrwdd) 29, 34Canterbury 52
Canwyll y Cymry the contents of which was preached to Llanedi parishioners 57Capel Speit 62
Capel Isaac 62Capel Newydd opened 1903 63, 65
Capital and Counties Bank, took over Glamorgan Banking Co. 1913 32Cardiff 12, 16, 25, 26, 32, 40, 45, 51
Cardiff College 74, 78, 79Cardigan / Cardiganshire 6, 8, 24, 44, 47, 62, 64, 73
Carmarthen (Roman "Maridunum") & Carmarthen College & Carmarthenshire 2,3,9,18,19,24,25,26,30, 55,37,39,40,43,44,47,49,60, 61, 63, 64, 65, 68, 69, 70, 72, 75, 76, 77Carmarthenshire Monthly Meeting (Methodist) 69
Carmel Baptists, Carmel Hall, Carmel temple (opened 1834) 8 , 26, 40, 73, 74, 76Carnwyllion (Hundred of) Carmarthenshire 9
carpenters 19, 42, 44Carreg Cennen castle 14
carrier/ carriage trade 35Castell Ddu (or Tower of Talebot) 7, 30
Castell Howard 62Castle Road chapel, London 74
Catalogue of the Star Chamber Proceedings Relating to Wales by Sir Ifan ap Owen Edwards 9Cathan (river) 8
Catholics 51, 75Caxton House 42
Cefn Bryn (above Reynoldston) 5Cefn Drum 13, 19
Cefnmawr 75Ceidio, near Pwllheli 65
Celtic church 52, 54Cemaes, Anglesey 65
census 4, 15, 16, 22, 23Cerddor Weekly Journal 50
chaise drivers 20charcoal 28
Chemical Works 50, 51cholera epidemic (1832 & 1848-1849) 8, 15, 19, 62
Chronicle of the Saints 54Church School, Llanedi parish church, 18th century 38
Cilgwyn 62Clapham, London 76
clay for bricks 4Clayton / Clayton Works/ Clayton Tinplate Company
Clydach 19, 29, 63Clyncorrwg 65
Co-operative Society, Pontarddulais 1890 32coal industry 4, 5, 29, 30
Coalbrook Houses, Grovesend 19cock fighting 1740s 68
Coedbach 48, 65Coed Saeson (inc. Coed Saeson Fach School, Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont - 18th century) 38, 64
Coed-y-Wern 61Coffee Tavern (home of Mechanics Institute 1893-96) 50, 51
colliers 19Conservative Club 52
cooper's cottage 19coopers 19
Coopers Arms 19copper industry 19,34,35
copperas and Copperas Works (used to neutralise acids from tin works) 34, 35Cor y Bont (choir) 46
Cor Mawr (big choir) 45, 46Cor Meibion 46
Cor Merched 46coracle fishing 16, 22, 28
corn crop/ price 4, 23, 24, 40Corn Laws 24
Cornwall 44, 71Cory Brothers Company, owned fuel works in Swansea 29
Cottage - name of dwelling house opposite Ffoesyrefail Road 73Council School, opened 1912 42
County Medical Service 52Cowbridge 12
Craig Merthyr Pit 29Cray, Breconshire 29
Crofft-y-Pant 18Crosshands 23, 30, 33, 74
Cross Inn 41Crug-y-Bar 63
Cwman-Llech (or Cwmanllech) 18, 23Cwmavon 31, 70
Cwmcile-fach farm near Felindre 24Cwmdulais (or Cwm Dulais) 4, 18, 29
Cwmdwrgi 18, 28Cwmfelin 72
Cwmgors 49Cwmgwili 64
Cwmin-Bwch 30Cwmllynfell 61
Cwmni Drama Pontardulais (see Pontarddulais Dramatic Company) 48Cwmrhydyceirw 73
Cwmsarn-Ddu 73Cwrnni'r Wesle Fach 48
Cwrt-y-Carnau 8, 10, 26, 40Cwrt-y-Carnau monastery (or Mynachlog Cwrt-y-Carnau) 7
Cwrt-y-Ceidrim (or Plas Llanedi) 6Cyfrinach y Mor (drama by D.T. Davies, English title is "Ephraim Harris") 48
Cymru Weekly Journal 50Cynghordy 33
Dafen (forge) near Llanelli 28, 78Daily Graphic (newspaper) 50
Daily News Standard (newspaper) 50Daily Post (newspaper) 41
Dalyllychau 6Dantwyn (or Dan-twyn) inc. Dantwyn Fields 19, 40
Ddafydd Ddu's Chicks group of actors 48Devon 44
doctors 20Dowlais 44, 70, 78
Dragoons 24dramatic clubs and performances 47, 48, 49, 71
Drefach 74Dublin 48
Dulais (derivation of the name), 1Dulais (river, ford, bridge) 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 20, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35
Dulais Players (drama group) 48Dulais Square, site of Midland Bank in 1922 32
Dulais Works 34Dunvant (cleft) 6, 33
dyers 19Dyfed 54
Dyffrin sawmills 34Dynevor (inc. Dynevor castle) 9, 14
Ebbw Vale 33, 34, 44, 70Edi the Hermit's cave (Giant's cave) 6, 56
Education 34, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43Education Act, 1870 39, 40
Education Board 41Efail Draw (forge) 31
Efail Wen (forge) 31Eisteddfod 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, 76, 78
Elba Steelworks, Gowerton 33Elim Four Square movement 76
Emmanuel College 79Emporium, name of house belonging to Mr Henry Seingry 75
enclosure 23Engineer, The (weekly journal) 50
English church 55English Chapel, Pontarddulais 68
English cause (Methodists) 1758 71English District (established by Normans, followed Norman laws whereas Welsh District was independent) 9
English Mechanic (weekly journal) 50English Presbyterians 51, 70
English Wesleyans 71Enwau Lleoedd, a book by Sir Ifor Williams that has an explanation of the name "Dulais" 1
Ephraim Harris (drama by D.T. Davies, Welsh title is "Cyfrinach y Mor") 48Episcopalian Church 65, 68
Essen, Rhine Valley 75Exeter College, Oxford 45, 78
factories 18Factory, The 26
Factory Road (had been renamed Dulais Road when the history was written) 18fairs 21
Fairwood Works in Gowerton, built 1886 31Farmers' Association - both Pontardulais and Llanlli had farmers' associations 31
Farmers' Co-operative 42Farmers Field 26, 51
farming 31Felindre 24, 29, 62, 67
Felinfoel (inc reference to brewery) 31, 72Ffoesyrefail 10, 31,34,35,37, 50, 51, 62
Ffoesyrefail Works - local name for Pontardulais Tinplate Co. 31Fforest (or Fforest Cefngoach or Fforest Cefngorach) 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 31, 47, 65, 77
Fforest-Fach (gap) 6Fforest forge 31
Fishguard 32, 33, 48fishing 4,16,20,22,28
Flintshire 71flour mills 3
forges 8, 19, 28foundry 34
Fountain Inn 40France 79
fulling mill 18Gallt Iago small fam where a Methodist chapel was built 1839 68
Gamut 44Ganllwyd 64
gardeners (inc. Gardening Club at the Bont) 20, 31Gargoch 3
Garnant 4, 33Gamffrwd stream (see also Camffrwdd) 3
Garnswllt 40gas works 29
Geibren Bridge 23, 24Gelli Elfed (location of a shoemaker in 1825) 19
Gellifach, Llanedi (school, 18th century) 37Gellihir 10
Gellionnen 61Gelliroy Fach, Llanedi (school, 18th century) 37
Giant's Cave (Edi the Hermit's cave) 6Gibraltar 69
Glamorgan Banking Co. opened Dec.1876,merged Capital & Counties Bk 1913,Lloyds Bk 1919 32Glamorgan Baptist Assembly 74
Glamorgan Works (tinplate company in Tynybone, built 1872) 28, 31, 34, 50, 51, 63Glamorganshire Monthly Meeting (Methodist) 69
Glancwmbychan, Llanedi (school, 18th century) 37Glandwr 31
Glan-fyd 30Glan-lliw 65
Glanyrafon 26Glasbrook & Philip Richard Colliery, opened 1849, worked Graigola seam 19, 29
Glaslwyn 50, 51Gloucester 33, 6
glovemaking 19Glyn Neath (tin works) 8
Glynhir 8,10, 18, 23, 24, 30, 38, 39, 40, 68Glynhir Works on Camffwrdd, built 1916 34,35
Glynllwchwr 10, 20, 28, 61, 71, 76, 77Glynllwchwr Road 26,35
Gobeithfa 63Goetre 4
Gopa-Fach 23, 24, 68Gopa, The (or Goppa) 16, 19, 29, 39, 40, 45, 64, 68, 69, 70, 74, 76, 78
Gopa chapel 40Gorse Hill (Banc-yr-Eithin) near Ystomenlle Farm 7
Gorseinon 1, 5, 26, 29, 30, 33, 42, 55, 64, 67, 75Gorslas 76
Gower (inc. Hundreds, lordship, Peninsula, Survey of 1650) 3,5,6,7,9,10,52, 76Gowerton (inc. school) 30, 31, 33, 41, 64, 79
Graig-cefn-Parc 65Graig Fawr (or "Graig Vaur") 3, 4
Graigola (coal seam and works) 4, 29, 30, 51Graigola Merthyr Company 29
Graig-y-Bedw heathland (Birchrock) 29Grand Towey Canal 6
Graphic, The (weekly journal) 50Green Dragon 74
Greenfield, Llanelli 72grocer 65
Groes-y-Parc 78Grovesend (inc. tinplate works started 1886 & steelworks started 1900) 4, 19, 30, 34, 47, 55, 64, 73
Grovesend Row 64Gwal-yr-Huch in parish of Llanedi 47
Gwasg Gomer - printers of the History of Pontarddulais 2Gwernfa 51
Gwili (river/valley/township/bridge/gate) 3,6,7,13,23,25, 65, 72Gwinlais (Gwenlais) inc Gwenlais Fawr 10, 30, 40
GWR (Great Western Railway) 33Gwynfryn school, Ammanford 78, 79
Gwynlais Uchaf 68Gwyr Dod (or immigrants) 70
Gymanfa 44, 45, 46Gymanfa Fawr 45
Gymanfa Ganu (Methodists) 44Hafod Estate 47
Hampstead, London 76, 77Harleyford 35
Harries Company, carriers 35Harlech College 79
Harleyford 23Harrop-Benson Foundry 34
Harrow 45, 78hatters 18
Haverford West 63Hay 57
Helgain, Flintshire 71Hen Gapel 30, 37, 48, 57, 62, 63, 64, 65, 72, 78
Hen Gyflwyniadau, edited by Henry Lewis, University of Wales Press 57Hendrewen or Hendre-Wen 3, 10
Hendy (and bridge, tollgate & Works) 7,13,20,23,24,25,28,29,30,31,33,35,39,42,43,46,48,49,50,59, 63, 64,65, 68, 69, 71, 74, 76, 78Hendy Male Voice Choir / Hendy Choral Society 46, 51
Hendy School 42, 43Hendy Works reading room opened 1869 32, 49
Heolcolier 19Hermon (Methodists) 45, 68, 70
Hong Kong, name of house in Pontarddulais 64Hope Chapel 45, 48, 50, 62, 63, 64, 65
Hope Street 65Horsley-Down 77
Huguenot 8Hyde Park Chapel, Scranton, USA 74
Ice Age (evidence of) 3,5,6Ilston (church) 63, 72, 77
Independents (religion) 45, 68, 72India 76
iron industry (from approx 1740) 8,28,29,50Iron Works 50
Iscoed 23Jac y Bachgen Drwg (drama "Jack the Bad Boy") 47
Japan 76Jerusalem, Blaenau Ffestiniog 64
John Price estate 10John S Tregonning & Company, Cornish-owned tinplate works 28
Judy (weekly journal) 50Junior Technical School 34
Kevedrum 4Kidwelly (or Kidwelli) 9,28, 44
Killay 73King Hotel 76
Labour Exchange 18Laburnums, The (property belonging to Mr Thomas Davies) 50
Ladies' Committee 51Landore 28, 31
lead mines 6Leominster 33
Lewis Sawmills (on Clayton land) 34Libanus, Hendy 45, 69, 70
library - opened 1906, with halls and assembly rooms in front of reading room, Hendy Works 32limestone (soil improver) & lime kilns 4,13,30
Liverpool 33, 77Lives of the Saints 56
Llabgrallo 63Llanberis 69
Llandaff 9, 52, 54, 77Llandaff, Book of 9, 54
Llanddowror 37, 38, 39, 69Llandeilo Fach (inc. ref to Llandeilo Fach Farm) 8, 22, 30, 33, 55, 62, 72, 78
Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont parish church history & 18th C. church school 38, 54, 55, 56, 57Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont Parish Councils 51
Llandovery 33, 78Llandovery School 45
Llandow (near Bridgend) 77Llandremore or Llandre Mor 4,10,22,26, 68
Llandrindod 33Llandudno 70, 74
Llandudoch, Pembrokeshire 63Llandybie 8, 30, 57, 63
Llandyfan 8Llandyfaelog 68
Llanedi church 56, 57, 59Llanedi parish school, 18th century 38
Llanegwad, Carmarthenshire 68Llanelli 18,19,25,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,44,46,48, 61, 68, 69, 72, 75, 78
Llanelli Circuit (Methodists) 71"Llanelli and Dock Railway" constructed from 1839 33
Llanelli Farmers' Association 31Llanelli fforest 3
Llanfachreth 64Llanfairclydogau 64
Llanfyrnach 73Llangadog 40
Llangennech & Park & forge 3,4,24,28,30,47, 56, 61, 69, 72, 73, 77Llangollen (inc. College) 75, 78
Llangyfelach (or Llangevelach) town and Hundred 6,11,13,18,22,31,33, 63, 68Llannon 6,22,23,24,25, 57, 59, 61, 72, 77
Llansamlet 34Llansawel 69
Llanstephan 69Llantrisant 77
Llanuwchllyn 74, 76Llanwenarth 74
Llawdden 76Llawlyfr Moliant 74
Lliw Bridge 10Lliw Forge & iron works (also birthplace of Carmel chapel of Baptists) 8,19,22
Lliw mountain 30Lliw Uchaf 3
Lloyds Bank, merged with Capital & Counties Bank, 1919 32Llwchwr - see also "Loughor" 1
Llwchwr Gazette (local newspaper) 35Llwyn Adam (or Llwynadam) 10,26, 64, 69, 73
Llwynhendy 30, 72, 74, 76Llwynteg 63, 64
Llwynwennol location of shoemakers in 1825 19Llygaid Llwchwr 3
Llyn-y-lan 5London 41, 61, 68, 73, 74, 76, 78
London & North Western Railway 33London & Provincial Bank, opened 1907 32
Long Room, Black Horse Hotel 69Loughor (river/valley/ferry/township/estuary) - see also "Llwchwr" (Roman "Leucarium") 3,5,6,7,9,13, 14,16,23,26,27,28,30,32,34,44,48,54,56, 68
Loughor Borough Council 51Lower Mill 18, 30
Ludlow 33Lydney 28
Macedonia 65Machygwreiddyn 8
Machynlleth 76Maesteg 75
Maes-y-Gelynnen location of shoemaker in 1825 19Margam 34
Marie Bassett, name of steam engine 29Market Hall, Hendy (built 1882) 31, 49
Manon (drama by Eugene O'Neill, performed by Cwmni Drama Pontardulais) 48masons 44
Mawr parish (cairn) 8McKinley Act, United States, 1 October 1890 (tariffs on tinplate) 33
Mechanics Institute 32, 50, 51, 52Melbourne 64
Melin Llwch 10Melin Plas-Newydd 19
Memorial Hall (still only in the planning stage in 1949) 49, 52Menai 74
Merioneth 65Merthyr 62, 63, 78
Methodists 44, 55, 63, 68, 70, 71Midland Bank 32
Millbank Penitentiary, London 25mills 4,7,8,16,18,19,22,28,hand mill - 34,
Mission Hall 55Monmouthshire 74
Moravians (religious followers) 38Morfa (tin plate works) in Llanelli 28
Morlais 3Morlais Colliery Company 30
Morriston 31, 46Mount Pleasant 65
Mrut Hergest Chronicles 7music 44, 45, 46
Musical herald (weekly journal) 50Myddfai School 43
Mynachlog Cwrt-y-Carnau (Crwt-y-Carnau Monastery) 7Mynachlog Cwrt-y-Carnau (or Cwrt-y-Carnau monastery)
Mynydd Gwin 4Mynydd Lliw (open bog) 3, 30
Mynydd Mawr 30Mynydd Pysgotlyn 3
Mynydd-y-Garne Goch or Mynydd Garngoch 4, 30Mynydd-y-Gwair 3
Nant-y-Ffin water supply for Cambria Tinplate Works 31Naptha 28
National Coal Board 29National Eisteddfod (inc. Cardiff 1883) 45, 46, 48, 49
National Eisteddfod of the Urdd, 1National School for the Teaching of the Poor, Pontlliw 40
National School (referred to as the little school after the Board School was opened) 39, 41, 42, 49, 55N.C.L.C. 51
Neath & valley & Neath Abbey 7,9,10,18,24,28,54, 75Neath Assembly, Book of 1815 72
Neuadd Fach, Hendy 20, 45Newbridge, Monmouthshire 74
New Inn 19Newport 33
New Quay 63newspapers 35
Night School, 18th century 37Noddfa (Pentecostal movement) 76
Non-Conformists 60Normal College, Brecon 38
Normans 4,7,9,55Normans 7,9
Nottingham 76Oakfield Street, Pontarddulais 26, 35, 41, 65, 76
Observer (local newspaper) 35Ogilby's Brittania Depicta 1685 3
oil works 28orchards 31
orchestra 51Oxford University 45, 77, 78
Pandy Bach 10, 42, 61Pandy, The (inc. fulling mill) 18,19,28, 79
Panteg 63, 64Pant-y-Ffa (or Pantyffa), inc. reference to cairn 6,10
Pantyffynon 3,4parish records of Llandeilo Tal-y-bont and Llanedi 15
Pembroke & Pembrokeshire 5,6,24,44,63, 69Penclawdd (forge) 28, 71
Penfedwfach, Llanedi (18th C. school) 37Peniel, Pontlliw 64, 65
Penlle'r Castell (cairn) 8Penllegaer 23,24,39, 51, 65, 65, 71
Pennant (sandstone) 4Penrhiw 18
Penrhiwgoch, Llanedi (18th C. school) 37, 72pensioners' meetings 52
Pennsylvania, USA 77Pentecostal church 76
Pentre ("Prif Gartref") 4Pentre Bach 4, 40, 68
Pentre Pryscedwyn 4Pentre Road 76
Pentre-Ty-Gwyn 62Pentrefatyn location of a shoemaker in 1825 19
Pen-uwch 69Pentwyn, Llanedi 37
Pentwyn, Llannon 37Penvidi House near Gopa 76
Pen-y-Bont 10Penygraig 65
Penygroes 62, 67, 76Pen-y-Parc, Cardiganshire 73
Penyrheol school, Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont (18th C.) 38Penyrheol School, near Gorseinon, 1880 42
Pen-y-Waun 19Philip Richard level of the Graigola coal works 29
Piombino, Italy tinplate works, after 1886 used Talyclun bricks 30, 31Plas Llanedi (or Cwrt-y-Ceidrim) farm 6, 61
Pobol Dwad (people not born locally) 63Pobol yr ymylon (drama performed by "Cwmni Drama Pontardulais") 48
policemen 20,24,25,63Pontardawe steelworks 33
Pontardulais Agricultural and Horticultural Show (annual) 31Pontarddulais Chemical Co. Ltd 1893 - 1931 34, 35
Pontarddulais Choral Society 45, 52Pontarddulais & District Operatic Society 46
Pontarddulais Dramatic Company (see Cwmni Drama Pontardulais) 49, 51Pontardulais Farmers' Association 31
Pontardulais Tinplate Company, built 1875 nr railway station, known as Ffoesyrefail Works, closed 1882 31Pontarddulais Youth Band 45
Pontlasse 19Pontlliw 6,8,20,23,26,33,40,41,55, 64, 65, 72, 73, 76
Pontlliw School, constructed 1913 41Pontypool (& College) 28, 74, 78
Pontypridd 5Pontyrynys-Wen 40
population of Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont & Llanedi, 1563, 1801 & 1841 census 4,15,16,22,23, 54,57pop works - soft drinks producer of the Fforest 31
Port Abraham 23Port Talbot 46
Porthyryd 73Post Office 20,23
postman 20Prince of Wales Dock, Swansea 33
Prince of Wales Dock, pub 42Prospect Place 23, 50
Pryskedwyn 10Public Hall 50
Public Records Office 54Punch (weekly journal) 50
Pwll Bach, small coal mine 30Pwllheli 65
Pwll Sion Robert, Pwll Sion y Bolgoed, Pwll Phil y Collier - local coal enterprises 19Pysgotlyn or Pysgodlyn(cairn/mountain) 8,29
quarrying 4Quakers 38
Quarter Sessions 10,11,12,13,23Quinta 64
railway employees 50railway, stages of construction, etc 2,20,23, 33, 75
Reading Room, Hendy Works, opened 1869 32, 49Rebecca Riots (see "Beca" in the people index)
recitation (cultural activity) 48, 49Red Lion 24
Reporter, local newspaper 35Review of Reviews (weekly journal) 50
Reynoldston 5Rhandirmwyn (inc. lead mines) 6, 44
Rhumney 74Rhuthyn School 77
Rhydymaerdy 39Richard, Thomas & Baldwins company 34
Rome 60Romans/ Roman road 3,7
Rosemary Garden 18Saint Davids, Gower was part of Bishopric for most of period from 12th C to 1923 9
Saint Michael chapel (part of the holdings of Neath Abbey and later the Crown) 7,18Salvation Army 51
Sandringham 43Sardis - a tabernacle set up 1810 by Arminians, later one built 1849, repaired 1910, and sold to Baptists 1919 62, 72, 73, 74, 78
sawyers/ sawmills 19, 34Scarborough 77
schools and colleges 34, 37, 38schoolteachers and teachers' salaries 38, 39, 41
Scranton, USA 74Seion 63
Seren Gomer (journal ) 78shipping (Irish Sea) 33
shoemaking 18,19Shrewsbury 4, 33
Siemens-Martin steel 28Siloam 73
Siloh / Siloh Chapel 26, 44, 48, 63, 64, 65Sioni Ty-Morfa (Johnny Marsh House) School 42
Skewen 33, 64soap works 31
Soar, in Merthyr 63Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge (SPCK) provider of education but not to this area 37
solicitors 32Somerset House, London 62
Spa Fields 68Spain 73
Spot (local newspaper) 35South Africa 78
Southern Association 69, 70South Wales Echo 50
St Anne's in Pontlliw 55St Brides (catholic church) 75
St Catherine's in Gorseinon 55St David's church, Hendy 59
St Edmund's church in Tycroes 59St Hilary 77
St Martin's in Grovesend 55St Michael church 55
St Teilo church 55Star Chamber 9,10, 54, 75
Steel Company of Wales 34steel / steelworks 28,33,34,35
stone masons 19Sugar Loaf by Cynghordy - tunnel under Sugar Loaf Hill 33
sugar works (local name for the copperas works) 35Sunday school 64, 65, 71, 73, 74
Sunnybank 19Survey of Gower, 1650 10
Swansea Circuit (Methodists) 71Swansea, Swansea Castle, Swansea Hundred 3,9,11,12,13,16,18,19,24,25,26,27,29,31,32,33,35,45, 60, 71, 73, 75, 77, 78, 79
Swansea Post supplied photographic blocks for The History of Pontarddulais 2Swansea Road 26, 50, 65, 70
Swansea Rural Council 51Swansea Technical College 34
Tabernacle (completed 1871) 51, 64, 73, 74tailors 19
Taldy School (18th C.), Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont 38Talyclun (inc. Talyclun Farm) 4,18,30,35,65
Talyfan 10tannery 19
Tan yr Hydref (drama - see "Autumn Fire") 48Tasmania 25
Tawe river (see also Towy) 44, 52taxes 23
tea merchant 20Teifi (River, valley) 16, 62, 71
Teilo & Teilo Works (& Clayton works) 28, 31, 34, 35, 50, 51thatchers 19
Theological College, Aberystwyth 69Theological College, Trefeca 69
tin working / tinplate / tin pot / tin house 3,8,20,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,51, 63Tir Alltiago 10
Tir-y-dail 69Tirywern 10
Tithe laws 40, 57, 60Toleration Act (toleration of religious non-conformism) 61, 68
Tonyrefail 69Topographical Dictionary 1833-49, Samuel Lewis 4,23
Tower of Talebot (or Castell Ddu) 7Towy river (see also Tawe) 6,16
Trade Hall 26tramway opened 1868, extended 1885 20, 29
transportation to Tasmania & Botany Bay 25Trawsfynydd 70
Tre-Oes 63Trimsaran steelworks 33
Trinity / Trinity Chapel (Wesleyans) 30, 45, 47, 48, 71Trinity Church, Swansea 79
Trinity Place 65Trostre 34
Truth (weekly journal) 50Trysorfa'r Plant (songs) 70
Tudors 9Tumble 30, 42
turnpike companies 13,23,24,25turnpike road 37
Twyn-Iago 76Ty'r-Ynn 19
Ty-Copa 19Ty Croes 1, 19, 39, 42, 59
Ty Newydd 62Ty-Rwsh (forge) 19, 28,31
Ty-to-Gwellt 65Ty-Uchar Fforest, Llanedi (18th C. school) 37
Tynybone or Tynybonau 26, 28, 50, 69Uncle Tom's Cabin (Hiraethog's version of this play performed by local drama group around Wales) 48
Union Cottage 64Unitarian Fathers 62
Upper Mill 18,28Urdd (National Eisteddfod of the Urdd) , 1
Valor Ecclesiasticus, 1535 (report & Henry VIII's list of possessions of monasteries) 7, 54, 75vestry, made into parish council 1894 26,32
vitriol works operated until 1931 34, 35Waun-y-Glo (site of Mechanics Institute from 1896) 51
War (1914 - 1918) inc. effect on Welsh language in the area 20, 51War, Napoleonic 23
War --- World War II 52Warwick 77
washman/ washhouse pertaining to tin plate working 34Water Street 26, 76
waterworks 29Waun-Gron or Waungron 18, 30, 31, 63, 64, 68
W.E.A. 52Weaverham 77
Webb, Shakespeare & Williams, tinplate works in Tynybone, built 1872, bought Hendy Wks 1894 28,33Welsh District (established by Normans, other district was "English" and followed Norman laws) 9
Welsh cause 1805 / Welsh Methodists - founded as a denomination in 1823 68, 71Welsh Piety, magazine by Griffith Jones, 18th C. 38
Welsh - speaking the Welsh language 20, 77Welsh Sunday School, Gopa 39
Welsh Trust - provided education in the area from end of 17th C. 37Wernbwll 4, 42
Wern-Chith 61Wesle-Fach 30, 39, 47, 48, 49
Wesleyans 47, 68, 71Western Mail (newspaper) 50
Wheatsheaf Inn 34Whistling Inn (The Whit) 22
Whit, The (location of tannery) 19, 22window tax, end of (1851) 8
Woodstock, Pembrokeshire 69woollen factories 18,28
Wootton-under-Edge 63Wrexham College 62
Y Garn Bach (cairn) 8Ynys-y-bwl 74
Y Parlas 18Y Twyn (cairn) 8
YMCA 52, 79Yn y dyfroedd mawr a'r Tonnau by Dafydd Williams 78
Ynysdyddgu 18Ynys-y-Capel 6
Young Man (weekly journal) 50Ysgol Chwarter 47
Ysgubor Uchaf 18Ystalfera 31, 78
Ystomenlle Farm, at Banc-y-Rhufel (or Ystym-Enlli as used by the Antiquarian Society) 7Ystym-Enlli at Banc-y-Rhufel (or Ystomenlle) 7
zinc smelting 34 

People [The History of Pontardulais]

--- Bernard, Bishop of St David (1115 - 1148) 54--- Calixtus II (Pope) 54
--- Dai'r Cantwr involved in the Beca Riots 1843 25--- David, Saint 52
--- Dyfrig 12th Century 54--- Edi the Hermit (or Giant) 6, 56, 57
--- Edith, Saint daughter of King Edgar (944 - 975) 56--- Elizabeth 1, Queen 7,10, 60
--- Eos Dulais received a prize for either literary or musical performance, latter half of 19th C. 71--- Gomer - Bardic name of Rev. Joseph Harris, Baptist preacher in 1872 72, 73
--- Gwili, Archdruid, (1872-1936) John Jenkins, b. Hendy, M.A., teacher, poet. D.Litt, Master of Theology at Bangor, preached Calfaria. Made Bard at Merthyr 1901. Buried Hen Gapel, 1936 28,63,71,73,74,75,78--- "Hen Goitre" father of David Jones who was involved in Beca Riots of 1840s 25
--- Henry VIII, King head of catholic church 1535 7, 54, 60, 75--- Henry Prince of England, 1606 77
--- Honorius II (Pope) 54--- Iago Ddu another name for Rev. Jeremiah James, author of "Ffynnon oGerddi" and many other books 73, 73
--- Ifan ab Owen Edwards produced catalogue of the Star Chamber Proc's Relating to Wales, and founded the National Eisteddfod of the Urdd in 1922 9--- John, King of England 7
--- Llawdden Bard who sang at Glynllwchwr, and was involved in Eisteddfod in 1451 76--- Meurig ap Tewdrig 12th century 54
--- Patrick, Saint 8--- "Sioni'r Scuborfawr" involved in the Beca Riots 1843 25
--- Teilo, Saint 52, 54, 55--- "Twm-or-Nant" lived part of his life in Pontarddulais 3, 47
--- "Ty Isaf" of Llannon, father of the John Hughes who was involved in the "Beca Riots" of the 1840s 25--- Urban, Bishop of Glamorgan (1107 - 1134) 9, 54
--- Walter ap Evan (wife of) refused to attend church 17th C. 61Aleston, Charles involved with bridge repairs, ~18th C. 11
Anthony, Joseph involved with bridge repairs, Quarter sessions 1756 12Armstrong, Evan (Rev) Minister raised at Libanus, Hendy, late 19th or early 20th C. 69
Aubrey, Daniel Wyn (Rev) of Camaes, Anglesey, minister raised at Siloh chapel (late 18th or early 19th C.) 65Barnett, Cefni (Mr), of Carmarthen Museum, contributor to the book, 1
Bassett, Evan caretaker at Mechanics Institute, 1892 51Bayley, Lewis (Bishop) rector at Llanedi Church in 1606, later became Bishop of Bangor in 1616 57,59,77
Beaufort, Duke of, 19th C 9Beca 4, 20, 24, 25
Bell, D. Llewellyn ("Willie") with Elim from age of 13, and married a missionary in India 76Bell, Llewellyn, contributed to the book re the religious movements 1
Benbow (Mr) ran shop on former site of Glamorgan banking Co. 32Benson, John (Mr) of Prospect Place, a director at steelworks, Grovesend, early 20th C., trustee of Mechanics Institute, 1892 34, 48
Berry, R.G. playwright of "Ar y Groesffordd" and "Asgre Lan" 48Bessemer, Henry (Sir) associated with steel use at Llanelli in 1856 28
Bevan (Mr & Mrs) of Coed Saeson, supporters of Waungron Chapel, 1893 64Bevan, Bridget (Madam) died 1778, involved with education 38
Bevan, D. Haydn of Pen-y-Parc, Cardiganshire, preacher raised in Carmel 73Bevan, Hopkin of Llangyfelach, Methodist in 1791, helped set up Hendy chapel in 1812 68, 70
Bevan, John involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11Bevan, Isaiah (Mr) of Llanelli, opened works 1880s to neutralize acid from tin-working/ prevent pollution 35
Bevan, Morris & sons involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11Bevan, William (Rev) of Bedwas, preacher raised in Carmel 73
Beynon, John (Rev) M.A. rector of Llanedi church, 1783 59Beynon, Tom wrote "Cwmsel a Chefn Sidan" 68
Bird (Captain) from Swansea, owner of Talyclun works 30Bolch, George a founder of the English Wesleyan church, ~1870s 71
Bonnell, D of Tynybonau - member of parish council 1896 Llandeilo T/B 26Bottin, James involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11
Bowen glovemaker of the Fforest, 1818 19Bowen, D.J (Mr) Headmaster at Hendy School, 1930 43
Bowen, E. member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Bowen, Thomas (Sir) vicar at Llandeilo T/B church ~1535 55
Bright, W. of Neuadd Fach, orchestral conductor for many years 45Bright, William, industrialist - built local tinplate co's in 1880s & involved with Piombino Works, Italy 31
Brogrin, David involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11Brooke, E.H. (Mr) of Swansea, author of " A Chronology of the Tinplate Trade of Great Britain" 35
Buckley, James of Felinfoel Brewery, bought and closed the brewery 1895 31Buisson family (French descendants of Huguenots, forge owner pre-19th C) 8
Charles (Captain) of Llanelli, co-owner of Talyclun coal and brick works ~1870 30Christopher, W.J. Preacher raised at Calfaria 75
Clarke, Thomas (Rev) assisted by cutting stones for National School 42Clarke, Thomas (Rev) curate at Llanedi church 1822- 45, curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1836-45, curate and Minister of Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont Church 1845- 53, vicar at Llandeilo T/B 1853-75 55, 56, 59
Clayton, T.A.T. sold land for Tycroes School ~1863 59Clayton, William (Sir) of Harleyford 23
Clee, L J (Mr) "Cared for" Pontlliw School from 1913, contributed to the book re. history of Pontlliw, secretary of Peniel Pontlliw chapel from 1915 until called up to join armed forces 2, 41, 67Clement, H.D. (Rev) of Cwmrhydceirw, preacher raised in Carmel 73
Clement, Thomas Minister raised by Elim, went as a missionary to Japan 76Clement, Thomas (Mr), sold land to the Independents for a chapel that was built 1908 65
Cobbledick (Mr) owned coalmine near Waungron 1880 30Cole, John architect of Britton Ferry, bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11
Coomey, John Catholic Irishman who moved to Pontlliw in 1877 75Coslett family (19th C iron industry) 8
Crocker, W.H. (Mr) of Chemical Works, spoke at opening of the extension to the Mechanics Inst., 1906 51Cromwell, Oliver - Lord Protector (ruler) from 1653 4, 10, 37, 55, 60
Cromwell, Thomas ordered records to be kept 1538 55Cullum, T G wrote about the ruins of the area in 1811 22
David, Gwilym summoned to Archdeacon's court, Carmarthen for refusing to attend church at Llandeilo T/B, May 1668 61David, Lewis involved in bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11
David, Margaret brought to court in 1661 for being a Baptist 72David, Sylvanus one of the local people speaking/ entertaining at opening of Mech Inst., 1906 51
David, Win involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11Davies, Ben (Rev) B.A. of Blaenycoed, minister at Siloh from 1919, and still there in 1949 65
Davies, Ben (Rev) Led the joined chapels of Hen Gapel & Siloh (1904-7), and in 1949 he was in Llandeilo 63, 65Davies, D. member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26
Davies, D. of Glynllwchwr Road member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Davies, D.J. - or L.J. ? - (Mr) of Gwernfa, Secretary of Mechanics Institute for 6 years from 1901 51
Davies, D.M. (Rev) of Abercynon, became Minister of Carmel Pontlliw 1908-22 73Davies, D.O. of Waungron, backed opening of Peniel Pontlliw chapel , 1908/9 67
Davies, D.T. playwright of "Ephrain Harris" 48Davies, Daniel (Rev) Minister from "across the Teifi", at Trinity, 1949 71
Davies, Daniel (Rev) of Felinfoel, oversaw Sardis, 1823 - 34 72Davies, David (Rev) preacher raised in Gopa 69
Davies, David of Felindre, backed opening of Peniel Pontlliw chapel, 1908/9 67Davies, David of Union Cottage, Waungron. Deacon at Waungron, 1893 64
Davies, David of Castell Howard, bard/schoolmaster. Was asked to lead Hen Gapel, 18th C. He declined. 62Davies, David (Mr) of Farmers' Field, built Mechanics Institute 51
Davies, David (Rev) Assistant Curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1873 - 75 56Davies, E. R. (Rev) of Pontarddulais, author of chapter on Methodist chapels, Minister at Hermon from 1929, and still in post in 1949 1, 68, 70
Davies, Elam (Rev) M.A. Llandudno, raised at the English Presbyterian 70Davies, Ellis (Rev) of Woodstock, Pembrokeshire, preacher raised in Gopa 69
Davies, Evan Studied at Carmarthen College, son of Minister of Cilgwyn, led Hen Gapel 1806 62Davies, Evan (Rev) rector of Llanedi church 1930 - 43 59
Davies, George Sidney Clerk to Education Board, 1875 41Davies, Gwenllian (Mrs), hatter (died 1849) "Gwen yr Hatwr" 19
Davies, Idris T. (Rev) Minister at Babell, and at Cefnmawr in 1949 75Davies, Isaac L translated play into Welsh - "Tan yr Hydref" 48
Davies, Isaac L (Mr), Headmaster of Board School 1906 - 1934 2, 41Davies, J.E. (Rev) B.A. from Cardiganshire, led Gopa Chapel from 1947 69
Davies, James of Merthyr. Preacher raised in Hen Gapel 63Davies, James M.A. vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1823 56
Davies, John (Rev) B.A. Minister at the English Presbyterian church 1919-21 70Davies, John of Cadle, backed opening of Peniel Pontlliw chapel , 1908/9 67
Davies, John member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Davies, John (Mr) of Glamorgan Works, spoke at opening of the extension to the Mechanics Inst., 1906 51
Davies, Lewis vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1731 - 43 55Davies, John S., Chairman of the local committee of the Eisteddfod, 1
Davies, Oliver (Rev) of Gowerton, led Waungron Chapel, 1894 - 1910 64Davies, Noah led singing at Hope Chapel 1925-38, 1944 45
Davies, Norman (Rev) of Tonyrefail. preacher raised in Gopa 69Davies, R.G. of Hermon, minister at English Presbyterian church, early 20th C. 70
Davies, R. Leyshon led singing at Hope Chapel 1920-25 45Davies, R.W. (Rev), of Camaes, Anglesey. Minister at Tabernacle from 1901 to ~1926 74
Davies, R.W. (Rev), minister at Sardis 1901 - 19 72Davies, Richard (Bishop in 1563) 54
Davies, Samuel (Rev) B.A. rector of Llanedi church 1809 59Davies, Thomas (Mr) and family, helped set up English Presbyterian church, 1908 70
Davies, Thomas conductor at Gymanfa for 25 years (in Libanus, Pontarddulais, 1888) 45Davies, Thomas of The Laburnums, Secretary of the Mechanics Institute 1892 50
Davies, Thomas from either Cwmavon or Aberavon, Mgr of Cambria Tinplate Co. at former Co-Op Works from 1882, and trustee of Mechanics Institute, joined Hermon 1887, musician, edited songs in"Trysorfa'r Plant", collected for the pipe-organ at Hermon 31, 50, 70Davies, Thomas Chairman of the Vestry, Llandeilo T/B 1894 27
Davies, Thomas of Birchgrove, member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Davies, William of Black Horse. A founder of Hope Chapel, opened 1872 63
Davies, William (Rev) Africa, Methodist in early 19th C. 71Davies, William of Glangwili, led singing in Hope Chapel, 1875-81. Emigrated to Youngstown,Ohio 45
Davies, W. O. Assistant Curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1882 - 85 56Dawkin, Rowland Treasurer for bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11
Ddu, Alaw (Mr W.T. Rees) musical conductor 1877 44Ddu, Dafydd ran drama company 48
de Breos, William (a Norman who held the Gower Hundreds until King John took them) 7de Newburgh, Henry, Lord of Gower approx 1100AD 7
de Villiers, Henry, Lord of Gower (another Norman lord, after Henry de Newburgh) 7Doyle (Mrs), sister of Mr Tal Jones (contributor) provided her drawing of Banc-y-Rhyfel for the book 1
Edwards, David member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Edwards, Isaac (Rev), rector of Llanedi church 1943, contributed to the book, 1, 59
Edwards, John A founder and first secretary of Hope Chapel, opened 1872 63Edwards, J.B. member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26
Edwards, Mr Referred to in Quarter Sessions 1756 12Edwards, Mr of Cardigan, owner of Lliw Forge, no date 8
Edwards, Thomas Studied at Wrexham College, led Calvinist Hen Gapel 62Elsas, Madeleine (Miss), of Public Records Office, Cardiff, supplied various records for the book, 1
Ergwie, Harry blacksmith/mason 19Evan, Lewis non-conformist of 17th C. 61
Evans family, hatters, Twynbach 18Evans, cooper, Cooper's Arms (1850s) 19
Evans (Doctor) in Glyn Llwchwr 20Evans (Mr) Schoolmaster, Hendy School, left 1874 43
Evans (Mrs), wife of George Evans - daughter of Mr Rees Roberts of Box Farm (a founder of Hope chapel). She was an Independent 65Evans, A Penry (Rev) of Melbourne, Minister raised at Hope Chapel 64
Evans, Anna Owen summoned to Archdeacon's court, Carmarthen for refusing to attend church at Llandeilo T/B for the fourth time, Dec 1662 60Evans, D. M., contributed to the book re the religious movements, took over from L.J. Clee as secretary at Peniel Pontlliw chapel in WWI, and again in 1941 1, 67
Evans, E. Lewis of Jerusalem, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Minister of Hope Chapel starting 1934. Edited the History of Pontarddulais. 64Evans, Elizabeth (Mrs) gave land for the English Presbyterian church 1908 70
Evans, Evan member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Evans, Evan butcher of Swansea Road, assisted with running Mechanics Institute (1892) 50
Evans, Gaynor (Miss), contributed to the book re the geology of the area, 1Evans, George With his wife and family they moved from Brynteg to Glan-lliw in 1900s, and were Independents. He was of the same family line as Dr Herbert Evans 65
Evans, Henry (Mr) of Penygroes, led Peniel Pontlliw chapel from 1937 67Evans, Herbert (Dr) - date not provided (relative of George Evans) 65
Evans, H.J. Vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1932- 34 56Evans, Hugh led singing at Hope Chapel 1886-1913 45
Evans, Ieuan (Rev) Minister of Tabernacle 1927-33 74Evans, Isaac of Swansea Road, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65
Evans, Isaac Assistant Curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1903 - 06 56Evans, James M.A. of Aberdulais, author of "Moeseg", preacher at Libanus, Hendy from 1895 69
Evans, John of Llwynffortun, non-conformist preacher, latter half of 19th C. 55Evans, Jonah of Water Street member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26
Evans, Rees of Glynyrafon member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Evans, Robert (Rev) B.A. from Merioneth, led Capel Newydd, 1924- 33 65
Evans, T. Penry of New Quay, led Hen Gapel 1876 - 88, and Hope Chapel 1881 - 86 63Evans, W.J. Elias (Rev) of Abergele, preacher raised in Sardis 73
Fisher, John (Canon) and scholar 6, 56France, John supplied planks for scaffolding, bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 12
Francis, David member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Francis,T.Elfed of Wigan, minister raised at Elim 76
Francis,T.J. (Rev) Minister at Tabernacle, 1936-~1945 74Franklin, T.M. (Mr) member of the County Council 1894 27
Ffynglwyd, Iorwerth (no date given) 76Frazer (postman) 20
Fulford, Jessie policeman 1845, The Hendy 20Gabe, Jacob cricket player, 1880s 50
Gamage, Thomas (Rev) M.A. rector of Llanedi church 1683 59Geoffrey, Rice Richard (Rev) rector of Llanedi church in its early history 59
George, Tom (Mr) of Cambria Works, spoke at opening of extension to Mechanics Institute, 1906 51Glasbrook, John opened Craig Merthyr seam in 1868 29
Goronwy family (as mentioned on early gravestones) 55Gravell, W. (Mr) former of Cwmfelin, co-served as Minister of Sardis, 1838 72
Gregory family of Pentre-Bach, carpenters 19Griffith, Evan involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11
Griffith, John involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11Griffiths, Benjamin rector at Llanedi church, early 18th C. 57, 59
Griffiths collier of Pontlasse, 1827 19Griffiths, D. (Dr) of Bryn House, trustee of Mechanics Institute, 1892 50
Griffiths, D.C. (Rev) formerly of Aberdare, Minister at Sardis, 1944-48 72Griffiths, D.J. (Mr) BSc, teacher 1933 - 1944 39
Griffiths, Daniel of Cambrian House, a founder of Capel Newydd, 1901 65Griffiths, Daniel (Dr) one of a group of people who built Teilo Works in 1880 31
Griffiths, David Headmaster of National School 1914 - 1920 42Griffiths, David of Fforest, a founder of Capel Newydd, 1901 65
Griffiths, Fisher recited at Eisteddfod, preacher at Wesley 48Griffiths, J.C. of Cwmcarn Ddu and Porthyryd, preacher raised in Carmel 73
Griffiths, John of Bryn Road, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65Griffiths, Jonathan (Rev) curate from 1746 - 1768 55, 56
Griffiths, Josiah (Mr) of Morriston, one of a group of people who built Pontardulais Tinplate Co in 1875 31Griffiths, Lena (Miss) musical accompanist to Pontarddulais Choral Society 46
Griffiths, Matthew (Mr) district councillor and magistrate 51Griffiths, Matthew (Mr) and his wife, early members of English Wesleyan church 71
Griffiths, Matthew, contributed to the book re the religious movements 1Griffiths, R.D. author of "Hanes Canu Cynulleidfaol Cymru" re.Welsh musical history,Univ of Wales Press 44
Griffiths, Timothy (Rev) curate and Minister at Llandeilo T/B church 1767 56Griffiths, W. (Mr) secretary of Peniel Pontlliw chapel prior to 1941 67
Griffiths, W. John (Mr) of Teilo Works, spoke at opening of extension to Mechanics Institute, 1906 51Griffiths, William involved with "wearing and pitching" Hendy bridge over Gwili, 1844 13
Grove, Moses involved with bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 12Grug, Rhys (son of Lord Rhys) attacked Castell Ddu, 1215 7
Gwyllt, Ieuan musician, produced book of Calvinistic Methodist hymns, died 1877 44Gwyn, Jenkin of Llangyfelach, gave a generous gift to Llanedi church in 1535 57
Gwynne, John (Rev) rector of Llanedi church 1534 59Gwynne, Howell of Baglan Hall, laid foundation stone of new St. Teilo church 55
Hall (gardener) 20Harries, John H. (Mr) carrier of Glynllwchwr Rd in first half of 20th C. 35
Harries, Jolliffe (Mr) head teacher at National School 1898 - 1914 (later died S. Africa) 42Harries, Rees (Mr) and family helped set up English Presbyterian church in 1908 70
Harries, Rees of the "Bolgoed". Member of education Board 1875. One of a group of people who built Teilo Works in 1880, and later managed it. Father of Chief Justice, Sir Trevor Harries. Chairman of the Vestry, Llandeilo T/B, 1884. Trustee of Mechanics Institute 1892. Member of the Vestry, Llandeilo T/B 1894 26, 27, 31, 40, 50Harries, Rees (Mrs) of Bolgoed, chair of ladies' Committee in WW1 51
Harries, Stephen (Mr) contributed to the book re the religious movements, pillar of Carmel church 1, 76Harries, Thomas (Mr) of Cwrt-y-Carnau, member of Education Board, 1875 40
Harries, Trevor (Sir) Chief Justice 31Harries, W. E. carrier 35
Harries, W. J., contributed to the book re the religious movements 1Harris (Mr) of Llwynadam, elder of the Gopa Chapel, mid 19th C. 64
Harris, Edward (Mr) spent his youth in Alltygraben and wrote on local history, dates not specified 27Harris, Harri M.A.,London, preacher raised in Carmel 73
Harris, Howell (or Hywel) preacher and diarist who visited Llandeilo T/B in 1740s 4, 68Harris, John of Llwynadam. Missionary in Spain, a young man nursed at Carmel chapel, 1875 73
Harris, John (Rev) of Llwynadam, preacher raised in Gopa 69Harris, Joseph (Rev) - see under "--- Gomer"
Harris, Mary (Miss), contributor to book 1Harris, W. of Llwynadam member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26
Harris, William preacher raised in Gopa (died young) 69Harrop, Joseph Director of steelworks at Grovesend, 1900. Steward of Vestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26
Harry of Ty-Copa, reference to him working as a collier in 1816 19Harry (Mr) of Llwynhendy, started Morlais Colliery in 1881 with Mr Thomas Williams 30
Hassall, Charles writing in 1794 re Llanelli fforest 3Havard, David (Rev) rector of Llanedi church, 1721 59
Havard, Griffith White (Rev) rector of Llanedi church, 1752 59Hedley, W. (Rev) Assistant curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1888 - 1900 57
Heitzman, A.G. (Mr) Took over brewery 1890 - 1893, with three other people 31Heitzman, R. (Mr) Took over brewery 1890 - 1893, with three other people 31
Hill, J.J. (Mr) school master, Hendy School, 1899 - 1930 43Hill, William pastor who visited Beulah 76
Hinds, Howel D. of Carmarthen, a founder of Hope Chapel, opened 1872 63Hiraethog produced version of "Uncle Tom's cabin", drama 48
Hopkin, Daniel (Rev) summoned to Archdeacon's court, Carmarthen, for refusing to attend church at Llandeilo T/B, Dec 1662 and May 1668 60, 61Hopkin, William of Talyfan, 1575 10
Hopkins, D.D. (Rev) Minister at Tabernacle 1888-1899 74Hopkins, David of Hendy, assisted with running Mechanics Institute, 1892 50
Howell, Gwynne of Baglan, patron of girls' school 1846 39Howell, William of Pantyffa, 1575 10
Howells, Gwilym Vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1731 55Hugh, David of Tirywern, 1575 10
Hugh, John involved with Beca Riots in 1840s 25Hugh, John of Hendrewen, 1575 10
Hugh, R. Leonard (Rev), contributed to the book re the churches, 1Hugh, Richard of Llangennech, non-conformist of 17th C. 61
Hughes (Mrs) an early member of the English Wesleyan church, sister of Mrs Griffiths, 71Hughes (Mrs) one of the founding members of Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74
Hughes, David one of the founding members of Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74Hughes, David - a grocer, a founder of Capel Newydd, 1901 65
Hughes, Hugh (Llechryd) became schoolmaster in Penllergaer, 1860 71Hughes, Hugo Summoned to Archdeacon's court, Carmarthen for refusing to attend the church at Llandeilo T/B, Dec 1662 60
Hughes, J.R. (Rev) B.A. Led at Libanus 1931-48. 69Hughes, John of Haverford West, preacher raised in Hen Gapel 63
Hughes, Stephen Non-conformist leader at Coed-y-Wern, 17th C 61Hughes, Stephen contributed to educational books, 18th C. 37
Hughes, Stephen "cared for" districts of Llanedi and Llannon churches 57Hughes, John son of "Ty Isaf" of Llannon parish, involved in Beca Riots in 1840s 25
Humphreys, David (Rev) led Gopa Chapel until 1860, buried Llandyfaelog 68Huntingdon (Lady) founder of Trefeca 68
Hutchinson, William of Bournemouth, pastor who visited Beulah 76Hywel, D.J. (Rev) of Ganllwyd & Llanfachreth, Minister at Hope Chapel 64
Isaac, David did repairs on bridge 1843 13Isaac, Evan (Mr) one of a group of people who built Teilo Works in 1880, involved with tinworks acid neutralization from 1889 - 1893 31, 35
Ishmael, Evan involved with bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 11James, D. Tudor (Rev) living in Gloucester in 1949 , raised at Waungron 64
James, E.M. (Father ) Catholic priest, 1925 - ? 75James, Francis T. (Mr), councillor and contributor to the book, 1
James, Jeremiah (Rev) - first Minister of Tabernacle 1871 - ~1888 - see entry for " --- Iago Ddu"James, Katie (Miss) secretary of Ladies' Committee in WW1 51
James, Robert (Dr) 1664-1748, from Llandeilo T/B, became chemist, Liverpool, moved to Scarborough, became Baptist minister in Warwick 77James, Thomas (Rev) M.A. from Llanelli, helped push forward building of Libanus chapel, Hendy 1868 69
James, W.R. (Rev) B.A. Minister at English Presbyterian church from 1922, still in post 1949 70Jayne, Basil came from Bryn Mawr to Hendy steelworks 1888 28
Jeffreys, Steven pastor who visited Beulah 76Jenkins (Mr & Mrs) of Alltygraben, supporters of Waungron chapel, 1893 64
Jenkins, Edward (Mr) Bought Ffoesyrefail Works - created the "Clayton Tinplate Co." in 1883 31Jenkins, Elizabeth (Mrs) one of those who started up Tabernacle, 1872, and mother of "Gwili" Jenkins 73
Jenkins, John father of the late Archdruid "Gwili" 28Jenkins, John - See under " --- Gwili"
Jenkins, Stephen one of a group of people who built the Pontardulais Tinplate Co in 1875 31Jenkins, Thomas of Penygroes, 1840s, involved with Hen Gapel 62
Jenkins, Thomas of Oakfield Street, supporter of Siloh, 1894, member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26, 65John, David mason involved with bridge repairs, approx 18th C. 11,12
John, Griffith carried stones for bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 11John, John Jenkin Non-conformist of 17th C. 61
John, Thomas a steward of theVestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26John, Thomas made nails for bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 12
John, W.P. (Rev) B.A., B.D. Minister of Tabernacle, 1934-48 74John, William carried stones for bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 11
John, William Chief Constable, 1813 11John, Win Overseer, involved with bridge repairs, Quarter Sessions 1756 12,13
Jonathan (Miss) from Llangadog, teacher 40Jones tanner of The Whit 19
Jones of Clydach collier 1827 19Jones y Gat, blacksmith 19
Jones y Whit, blacksmith 19Jones, A.C. (Mr) headmaster at Board School from 1934 41
Jones, A.L. (Mr) Manager of London & Provincial Bank , 1917 32Jones, Abraham summoned toto Archbishop's court at Carmarthen for non-attendance at church in Llandeilo T/B, May 1668 61
Jones, Ben (Mr) of Penllergaer, built Peniel Pontlliw, 1900s 65Jones, Caradog (Alderman) Chairman of local society, WW1 51
Jones, Charlotte - see reference to Henry Jones of "Constantinople" 71Jones, D. H. M.A. vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1937- 43 56
Jones, Daniel builder of extension to Mechanics Institute, opened 1906 51Jones, Daniel (Rev) curate/minister of Llanedi church 1720, and also served Betws 59
Jones, Daniel (Mr), obtained records of the County's Quarter Sessions for the book 2Jones, Daniel John (Rev) Minister raised at Libanus, Hendy 69
Jones, David James M.A. 1886-1947 born Pandy, teacher at Gwynfryn School, served in YMCA, preacher raised in Gopa, chaplain in France, minister at Trinity Church, Swansea, teacher at Harlech Coll. and Chair of Philosophy at Univ. of Bangor 69, 79Jones, David priest in 1535 54, 75
Jones, David the son of "Hen Goitre", involved in Beca Riots of the 1840s 25Jones, David cooper 19
Jones, David (Mr) B.A., schoolmaster, Hendy School, 1874-89, "mishtir bach" (i.e. little master) of Bridgend-on-Usk 43, 49, 78Jones, David (Mr) of Dan-twyn, member of Education Board, 1875 40
Jones, David (Rev) vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1535 55Jones, E. Cefni (Rev) wrote memoirs 28
Jones, Edward (Mr) of Helgain, Flintshire, a Wesleyan in latter half of 19th C. 71Jones, Edward (Rev) of Bathafarn, Methodist in early 19th C. 71
Jones, Edward of Trinity Church 1870s/ 80s? 44Jones, Eluned (Miss), contributed to book re the parish of Llanedi 1
Jones, Enoch (Cerddor Glantawe) ran string orchestra in Hope Chapel 45Jones, Enoch of Tynybonau member of Llandeilo T/B parish council 1896, worked at Glamorgan Works, ran Co-operative Society shop from 1891, appointed manager 1899 26, 32
Jones, Evan of Oakfield Street, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65Jones, Evan curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1815 - 17 56
Jones, Griffith of Llanddowror, involved in education, 18th C. 37, 38, 78Jones, Griffith of Bala-Bangor College, led Hen Gapel and Llwynteg until 1903 63
Jones, Griffith (Rev) led Capel Newydd 1901 - 22 65Jones, Griffith (Rev) of Hendy, assisted with running Mechanics Institute, 1892 50
Jones, H.J. member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Jones, Henry Glover and skinner. He and his wife Charlotte held early Methodist meeting at their home"Constantinople" near Farmers Arms. Great-grandparents of Henry Jones, Bryngwili 71
Jones, Hugh (Rev) B.A. Led Gopa Chapel 1944-47. He and his wife died in an accident. 69Jones, Hugh member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26
Jones, J. Volander judge adjudicating at Eisteddfod in Coedbach 48Jones, J.Watkin music teacher and choir master, led singing with his brother Morgan Jones 45
Jones, J.W. (Rev) vicar of Llandeilo T/B parish, 1875 - 97 41, 56Jones, J.Young (Rev) Minister at Tabernacle from 1892-96 74
Jones, John important in the Beca Riots of the 1840s 24Jones, John Treasurer and Secretary of Parish Council 1894 Llanedi 26
Jones, John (Mr) of Dowlais Rd, contributed to the book re the religious movements (Wesleyans) 1, 71Jones, Josiah (Mr), contributor to the book 1
Jones, Lemuel (Rev), led Gopa Chapel 1909-18 69Jones, Lewis Took over Hen Gapel in 1734 for ~5 years. Died 1772. 62
Jones, Louisa (Miss) sewing teacher, National School, app'ted 1878, actually Mrs Roberts (head's wife) 41Jones, Maria (Miss) one of local people speaking/ entertaining at opening of ext'n to Mechanics Inst, 1906 51
Jones, Morgan (Eos Dulais) 45Jones, Peter Minister raised in the Babell 75
Jones, R. Menai (Rev) of Newbridge, Monmouthshire. Took over Tabernacle from ~1938 74Jones, Richard Non-conformist of 17th C. 61
Jones, Samuel (Rev) kept a school at Pentwyn, Llannon for 22 years, 18th C. 37Jones, T.F. (Rev) from Llanddowror, led Gopa Chapel, 1895-1908, and 1920-42 69
Jones, T Hugh (ap Huw), musician, contributed to chapter on music, Eisteddfod adjudicator 1, 46Jones, T Vaughan (Rev) Preacher who was raised in Sardis 73
Jones, Tal (Mr), contributed photographs for the book 1Jones, Thomas (Rev) of Llwynhendy, minister of Carmel, sometime after 1921 76
Jones, Thomas (Rev) curate/minister of Llanedi church 1812 - 14 59Jones, Thomas (Rev) Minister at Sardis, died 1894 after 6 months in post 72
Jones, Thomas Was baptised as a Baptist in Llendeilo-Fach in 1653 72Jones, Thomas of Cross Inn, built school 1878 41
Jones, Willis (Mr) of Llanelli, a Director of Dulais Works, 1916 34Jones, W.Barker (Rev) Minister of Calfaria, Hendy ~1885-1891 74
Jones, W.G. (Rev) Minister at Hermon 1919 - 24 70Jones, W.H. (Mr) of Graigola, spoke at opening of extension to Mechanics Institute, 1906 51
Jones, W.T. (Rev) Minister at Sardis 1934-42 72Jones, William headmaster at National School, 1888- 98 42
Jones, William (Rev) of Trawsfynydd, presented a "spellbinding oratorio" at Hermon 1896 70Jones, William of Trade Hall a steward of theVestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26
Joseph, John Was a minister at "Ty Newydd" in 1830s - 60s. Died 1867 62Klee, L. J. (Mr), provided details of the history of Pontlliw for the book, 1
Knowles, J.C. (Mr) schoolmaster, Hendy School, 1892 - 99 43Lake, John one of local people speaking/ entertaining at opening of extension to Mechanics Inst, 1906 51
Leach (Mr) early owner of Lliw Forge, no date 8Leigh (Mr ?) of Pandy-Bach, school teacher in 1819 42
Leigh, Edmund Nash (Rev) minister of both Llandeilo T/B and Llanedi churches, curate of Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont 1769 - 1812 4, 54, 56, 59Letcher, Jameson A founder of the English Wesleyan church in the area. Came to join his brother who was already in Bryngwili, a superintendent in Hendy Works, ~1870s 71
Letcher, R. J. (Mr) Manager of Hendy Forge up to 1888 28Letheren policeman 20
Lewis of Sunnybank, collier in Llanedi 1823 19Lewis, D. Alan (Mr), contributor to the book 1
Lewis, D. Ffrwden (Rev), the Minister of Felindre, became Minister of Peniel Pontlliw, 1915, retired 1934 67Lewis, D.H. (Rev) from Theological College, Aberystwyth, preacher raised in Gopa 69
Lewis, D.W. of Brynamman, held music classes 45Lewis, David involved with bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 11
Lewis, David (Mr) of Glaslwyn, cricket player in 1880s, and secretary of institute 1907-1946, contributed to the book re the history of 'the institute' 1, 50, 51Lewis, Elizabeth of Brynlliw, supporter of Waungron Chapel, 1893 64
Lewis, Henry (Mr), schoolmaster, checked the book for mistakes prior to printing 1Lewis, Henry edited "Hen Gyflwyniadau" 57
Lewis, J. Vernon recited at Eisteddfod 48Lewis, John Non-conformist of 17th C. 61
Lewis, Joseph (Rev) Led at Libanus, Hendy 1901-24, raised at English Presbyterian 69, 70Lewis, Richard one of the founders of Carmel, ~1921 76
Lewis, Samuel produced Topographical Dictionary (1833-1849) 4, 22, 23Lewis, T.D. of Farmer's Field a steward of theVestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26
Lewis, Thomas Headmaster of Board School, 1850 - 59 42Lewis, Thomas mason, involved with bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 11
Lewis, Tom "king of fishermen", last to row coracle on the river 16Lewis, T.P. (Rev) Assistant curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1885 - 88 56
Lewis, W.J. (Rev) Minister at Sardis, 1896-1901 72Lewis, William - one of the founders of Carmel, ~1921 76
Lewis, William - his house, by Pontarddulais gate, was a target for Beca rioters in 1843 25Llewellyn, D. P. of Penllergaer, patron of boys' school, 1846 39
Llewellyn, D. R. (Sir) took over Graigola coal company in 1919 29Llewellyn, John T.D. (Sir) of Penllergaer, opened extension to Mechanics Institute, 1906 51
Llewellyn, Mr referred to in Quarter Sessions 1756 12Llewellyn, Thomas of Llwyn Adam (Survey of Gower 1650) 10
Lloyd, Alexander (Mr) schoolmaster, Hendy School, 1890 43Lloyd, Humphrey his name appears in parish records 1563, an "offender" listed in the Star Chamber Proceedings 10, 54
Lloyd, John (Rev) B.A. vicar of Hay, curate at Llanedi church from 1786 57, 59Lloyd, Morgan David his name appears in parish records 1563, an "offender" listed in the Star Chamber Proceedings 10, 54
Lloyd, W.B. (Rev) (Also referred to as Rev W.R. Jones.) Led Hen Gapel and Siloh 1910 - 16 63, 65Lloyd, Walter of Pryskedwyn, Survey of Gower 1650 10
Lloyd, Wynne HMI, MA, author of geology chapter 1, 3, 9Mainwaring, Mr W J, contributed to book re development of Graigola, 1
Manning (Mr) schoolmaster, Hendy School, 1869 - 70 43Masters (Mr) of Swansea, had a share in Talyclun Works when it was owned by Capt. Bird 30
Mattias, J.L. (Rev) B.A., B.D., Llanberis, preacher raised in Gopa 69Mattias, Simon of Brynlliw, deacon at Waungron 1893 64
Matthew, Anthony of Llanelli, non-conformist of 17th C. 61Matthew of Ty-Rwsh, blacksmith 19
Matthews family (as mentioned on early gravestones) 55Matthews of Ty'r-Ynn & Bryntelech, blacksmiths 19
Matthews, D of Swansea Road, member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Matthews, Dan of Trinity, born Grovesend, raised in Bont, drama director in Wesleyan church ~1900, directed "Jac y Bachgen Drwg", 1910, & contributed to the book as regards history of local drama, one of local people speaking/entertaining at opening of ext'n to Mechanics Inst, 1906 1, 47, 48, 51, 71
Matthews, David of Hope Street, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65Matthews, William Was baptised as a Baptist in Llandeilo-Fach, 1653 72
Matthias, Thomas member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Meyrick, Peter vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1661 55
Michael, William (Mr) of Tynybone, one of the people who proposed idea of Mechanics Institute, 1892 50Middleton, Marmaduke (Bishop) in 1583 54
Miles, Hugh (Sir) tried to defend Castell Ddu in 1215 7Monger, Thomas - his home was used for worship when the Baptist cause started in Pontarddualais (1867) 73
Morgan of Llanelli collier, 1821 19Morgan, Aneurin (Mr), prepared maps for the book 1
Morgan, C. (Mrs) one of the founding members of Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74Morgan, D. Lloyd (D.D.) born Llanfairclydogau, led Hope Chapel, 1881 64, 65
Morgan, Dan (Mr), an ex-Chairman of Loughor Council and former councillor, contributor to book 1Morgan, Daniel of Glynhir, surgeon, son of Griffith Morgan, involved with Methodists, 1812 70
Morgan, Daniel of Pontarddulais, designed draft plan for enlarging Mechanics Institute, 1903 51Morgan, David of Glynllwchwr - non-conformist in 17th C. 61
Morgan, David Invited to serve as leader at both Felindre and Hen Gapel from 1868 - 73 62Morgan, David member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26
Morgan, David Philip of Llandeilo T/B, summoned to Archbishop's court at Carmarthen for non-attendance at church, May 1668 61Morgan, Evan of Llandeilo T/B, non-conformist of 17th C. 61
Morgan, Griffith of Glynhir, Methodist 1791 68, 70Morgan, Griffith of Glynhir, secretary of an education committee in the 1840s 39, 40
Morgan, Hannah ("Melchior") daughter of Robert Morgan, Glynllwchwr, emigrated to Pennsylvania with other Baptists from Swansea, late 17th or early 18th C. 77Morgan, J. Symlog (Rev) Minister at Sardis, 1922-31 72
Morgan, John son of Robert Morgan of Glynllwchwr, became teacher in England 77Morgan, John of Llandremor, a turner and former soldier who became a Methodist, 1740s. 68
Morgan, John of Llannon, non-conformist. Non-conformists met at his home, ~1689. 61Morgan, John (Rev) of Bolgoed, preacher raised in Gopa 69
Morgan, John (Rev) of Ammanford, minister raised at Hope Chapel 64Morgan, John (Mr) assistant at Board School 1878, later became journalist 41
Morgan, Leslie R. (Rev) B.A. B.D. of Beaufort, minister raised at Hope Chapel 64Morgan, Michael (Mr), built Glynhir Works on river Camffwrdd, 1916 34
Morgan, Morris Non-conformist of 17th C. 61Morgan, Robert of Llandeilo T/B, summoned to Archbishop's court at Carmarthen for non-attendance at church, May 1668 61
Morgan, Robert son of Robert Morgan of Glynllwchwr, became teacher in England 77Morgan, Robert 1620-1710, of Glynllwchwr, Baptist Minister - Ilston Church 1672 & schoolmaster 72,77
Morgan, T.D. Lloyd (Rev) of Quinta, minister raised at Hope Chapel 64Morgan, T. Moelfryn (Rev) led Hen Gapel, Seion and Llandybie 1923 - 40 63
Morgan, Thomas an "offender" listed in the Star Chamber Proceedings, ~17th C. 10Morgan, W. Moelfryn (Rev) Minister at Hen Gapel, Waungron 1923 - 28 64
Morgan, William of Mount Pleasant, a founer of Capel Newydd, 1901 65Morgan, William Superintendent Glamorgan Works, a founder of Hope Chapel, opened 1872 63
Morgan, William of Bolgoed, mentioned in Survey of Gower, 1650 10Morgan, William (Rev) vicar at Llandeilo T/B church, 1539 55
Morgannwg, Iolo i.e. Edward Williams "notoriously inaccurate chronicler", antiquarian, 1796 8, 22,76,77Morgans, William B.A. Vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1897 - 1931 56
Morris, David of Loughor, recited in Eisteddfod 48Morris, David (Dewi Hefin) musician and composer in Libanus and Calfaria 45
Morris, Ebenezer (Rev) curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1813 - 15, and at Llanedi 1814 - 19 on loan from Llannon 56, 59Morris, George (Mr), contributed to the book re history of education in the area 1
Morris, James of Llanstephan, preacher raised in Llanstephan and the Gopa. Author of many books. 69Morris, Jane Mother of Silas Morris, one of the people who started Tabernacle, 1872 74
Morris, John - did smiths work on bridge repairs, Quarter Sessions 1756 12Morris, John of Pontlliw, owned house where Baptist services were held (Carmel), 1832 73
Morris, John of Llwynhendy, Minister at Sardis (alternate months) from 1835-38 72Morris, Lewis (Rev) Assistant curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1900-03 56
Morris, Robert Esq. provided planks for scaffolding for bridge repairs, ~ 18th C. 12Morris, S. H. B.Sc. Vicar at Llandeilo T/b church 1943 56
Morris, Silas (1862-1923) M.A., headmaster, from Dafen nr. LLanelli, worked Hendy Tinworks, head master of Baptist College - Bangor, buried Sardis, Llanedi, 72, 78Mostyn, Ambrose in charge of Swansea District from 1643 60
Murray, T.C. from Dublin, Irish playwright of "Autumn Fire" 48Nicholas, Morgan of Llannon, non-conformist of 17th C. 61
Norris, S. H. (Rev), contributed to book re Llandeilo Tal-y-Bont, 1North, Arthur (Mr) Took over brewery 1890 - 1893, with three other people 31
Oliver, Abraham (Rev) Minister at Hermon, 1889 - 91 70O'Neill, Eugene playwright whose plays "Mamon" and "Beyond the Horizon" were performed locally 48
Ottley, Adam (Bishop) visited Llanedi church in 1720 57Owain, O. Llew wrote "Hanes y Drama yn Nghymru" 48
Owen, W. (Mr) schoolmaster at Hendy School, 1891 - 92 43Parry (Dr) took a class for a term in D.W. Lewis's music classes (late 19th or early 20th C) 45
Parry, George (Rev) rector of Llanedi church, 1664 59Parry-Williams, D.E. published "Elfennau Cerddoriaeth" (Elements of Music) 44
Penry family, lived at Ynys-y-Capel for generations 6Penry, David Evangelist - non-conformist ordained by Stephen Hughes 1688, and guided the Hen Gapel flock until he died 1733 6, 61, 62
Penry, Henry (Esq.) of Llanedi, involved with bridge repairs, Quarter Sessions 1756 13Penry, John associated with the English non-conformist, late 1600s 60
Penry, William of Gwinlais, mentioned in Survey of Gower 1650 10Philip, William listed in the Star Chamber Proceedings, his name appears in parish records in 1563 10, 54
Philip, Win an "offender" listed in the Star Chamber Proceedings ~17th C. 10Phillips family, lived in house next to Upper Mill (approx 18th and/ or 19th C) 18
Phillips, D. (Rev) of Pontarddulais, secretary of Methodist singing festivals, 1870s 44Phillips, David of Pontlliw, led Sardis Chapel for 4 years between 1810 and 1819 72
Phillips, David (Mr) Sunday school teacher, 1893 64Phillips, David (Rev) preached at Libanus, Hendy 1879-94 69
Phillips, G. Tracy (Mr), obtained records of the County's Quarter Sessions for the book 1Phillips, Gwynfor Bangor College, preacher raised in Calfaria 75
Phillips, Thomas Assistant preacher at Hen Gapel 63Powell, D. H. I. (Mr), Editor of the 'Swansea Post' provided blocks for the book, 1
Powell, Evan (Rev) of Penygraig, near Carmarthen, looked after Siloh 1895 - 1901 65Powell, Evan of Siloh member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26
Powell, Gilbert supporter of Siloh, 1984 65Powell, Henry (Rev) took over Llanedi church in 1660 57, 59
Powell, John Bank manager, a founder of Hen Gapel opened 1872, and coPrice, David policeman, a founder and co-treasurer of Hope Chapel opened 1872 63
Price, Evan (Rev) Minister at Sardis 1859-91 72Price, Hugh (Rev) in 1661 took over Llanedi church after his father Rev. Henry Price 57, 59
Price, John (Rev) rector of Llanedi church, 1708 59Price, John of Crwt-y-Carnau, listed in Star Chamber Proceedings, treasurer to non-conformists, late 1700s 10, 60
Price/Pryce Joseph - timber business and Treasurer bridge repairs, 18th C. 11,12,13Price, Rachel daughter of Rev. Henry Price, 1667 57
Price, Samuel of Carmarthen College, led Hen Gapel from 1811 62Price, William (Rev) Curate /Minister of Llanedi church 1759 - 1762 59
Price, W.P. librarian, 1890s, trustee of Mechanics Institute (1892) 50Pritchard (Dr) of Neuadd Fach, Hendy, medical doctor, 19th C. 20
Pritchard, Bees Vicar of Llanedi church from 1613 - 44 57, 59, 77Prosser, T.H. Rhos., preacher raised at Calfaria 75
Protheroe, Thomas (Mr) assistant at Board School, 1878, later became clerk in Cambrian Works 41Prydderch, William (Eliezer) of Garnswllt, school master at Pentre-Bach, led Gopa Chapel from 1865, helped set up Hermon schoolroom, 1884 68, 70
Pudney, Charles W. (Mr) replaced David Roberts as caretaker at Mechanics Institute, 1945 52Pugh, John (Rev) of Siloam, Killay, brought Baptist cause to Pontlliw in 1832 73
Rae (Mr) tea merchant, mid 19th C. 20Rebecca - see "Beca"
Rees family, shoemakers, Cwmdulais, 19th C. 18Rees, Clifford of Nottingham, minister raised at Elim 76
Rees, David One of the founding members at Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74Rees, Glyn Harding of Aberdare, preacher raised in Sardis 73
Rees, Gwilym T. (Mr) accompanist at Methodist singing festivals, 1870s 44Rees, John member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26
Rees, John of Llangennech, Minister at Carmel, Pontlliw 1850-72 73Rees, John of Cwmin Bach, Llangennech, co-owner of Talyclun coal & brick works ~1870 30
Rees, Llewellyn of "Hong Kong" Pontarddulais, Deacon at Waungron, ~1893 64Rees,Marian (Mrs) minister raised at Elim 76
Rees, R.D. Assistant curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1904 - 14 56Rees, Robert (Mr) of Box Farm, a founder of Hope Chapel, and his daughter married George Evans 65
Rees, Thomas of Clydach, a founder and co-treasurer of Hope Chapel opened 1872, co-secretary for chapel 1874 63Rees, W. Bedoe of Cardiff, designed a draft plan for enlarging the Mechanics Institute, 1903 51
Rees, William (Rev) Assistant curate at Llandeilo /B church 1869 - 71 56Rees, W. J. (Mr) orig' from Llandudoch, Pembrokeshire, former student of Brecon College, led Hen Gapel from 1943 63
Rees, W. J. (Rev), contributed information for the book re 'Hen Gapel' 1Rees, W. T. one of local people speaking/entertaining at opening of ext'n to Mechanics Inst., 1906 51
Rees, W. T. (Mr) "Alaw Ddu" musical conductor, 1877 44Reynolds, P of The Factory member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26
Richard, Ann (Mrs) One of the founding members at Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74Richard, David One of the founding members at Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74
Richard, Lewis Non-conformist of 17th C. 61Richards, C. (Mrs) One of the founding members at Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74
Richards, David of Hendy, one of the founders of Carmel, ~1921 76Richards, Evan one of local people speaking/entertaining at opening of ext'n to Mechanics Inst., 1906 51
Richards, T Bryn (Mr) MIStructE, bridge work supervision 1938, councillor and contributor to the book, and studied the history of the church 1,13, 54Richards, Thomas (Rev) Minister at Hermon, 1895 - 1901 70
Richards, William One of the founding members at Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74Robert, John William Summoned to Archdeacon's court in Carmarthen for refusing to attend church at Llandeilo church, Dec 1662 and May 1668 60, 61
Roberts (Mr) of Liverpool, early owner of Lliw Forge - no date provided 8Roberts, David (Mr) from Blaenau Ffestiniog, caretaker at Mechanics Institute, 1924-45 51
Roberts, David (Mr) Took over brewery 1890 - 1893, with three other people 31Roberts, Emlyn C. (Rev) Minister of Carmel, Pontlliw for 15 years until 1944 73
Roberts, Evan of Llandremor member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Roberts, Evan (Mr) took over brewery in 1881
Roberts, J. (Mr) of Tal-fan, Pontarddulais, Treasurer of Methodist singing festivals, 1870s 44Roberts, Joan (Miss), temporary teacher April 1944 - July 1944 39
Roberts, John of Cwrt-y-Carnau member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Roberts, John school master ad musician, led singing in St Teilo's church, late 19th or early 20th C. 45
Roberts, John schoolmaster, member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Roberts, John from Abergwili, Head at National School 1872-78, & at Board School 1878-1906, trustee at Mechanics Institute , 1892 41, 50
Roberts, John (Mr) of Glan-Fyd built brewery in 1873 opposite Lower Mill on Dulais 30Roberts, Louisa (Mrs) or "Miss Louisa Jones", wife of John Roberts, headmaster, taught sewing at Board School 1878 41
Roberts, Mary of Grovesend Row, supporter of Waungron chapel, 1893 64Roberts, R.D. (Rev) of Llwynhendy, first to baptise at Calfaria, Hendy 74
Roberts, Rees of Box Farm, Waungron, a founder of Hope Chapel, opened 1872 63Roberts, S. Foster (Rev) from Acer-Fair via Llanfyrnach, Minister of Carmel, Pontlliw from 1895-1907 73
Roderick, G.H. (Mrs) teacher in Sept 1944 39Rogers, James (Rev) preacher raised at Calfaria 75
Rogers, James One of the founding members at Calfaria, Hendy, 1880s 74Rossiter, Thomas of Red Lion Inn, chaise driver 1842 20
Rowlands, E.M. (Rev) Minister at Babell, sometime after 1885 75Rowlands, J.H. (Rev) of Briton Ferry/ Carmel Hall, Pontlliw Member of Education Board, 1875. Minister at Carmel from 1874. A steward of the Vestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26, 40, 73
Sampson, R. H. (Mr) of Bryngwili, manager of the Hendy tinworks 1895, chaired meetings about Mechanics Institute, 1892 28, 50Seingry, Henry (Mr) Catholic, jeweller from Essen on the Rhine Valley, moved to "Emporium", Llanelli 75
Seingry (Miss), contributed to the book re the religious movements 1Seys, Evan Vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1743 56
Siemens, William (Sir) associated with steelworks in Landore 1875 28Smith-Owen, Ceinwen (Madam) from Cwmgors, teacher of recitation, late 19th or early 20th C. 49
Spoor, J.H. (Mr) schoolmaster, Hendy School, 1889-90 43Stanford, E. (Mr) of LLangennech, secretary of Methodist singing festivals, 1870s 44
Stephens, John of Brynteg, backed opening of Peniel Pontlliw chapel, 1908/9 67Stepney (Lady) 38
Taylor, Thomas policeman 1845, The Bont 20Telford, Thomas - reference to his planning in relation to the area 23, 24
Thirlwall, Connop (Bishop of St. David, 1851) 41, 55Thomas (Mr) of Pontarddulais, backed opening of Peniel Pontlliw chapel in 1908/9 67
Thomas, Albert Secretary to Pontarddulais Choral Society 46Thomas, Benjamin of Penrhiw-Goch, Minister at Sardis (alternate months) 1835-58 72
Thomas, D. Vaughan (Dr) 1873-1934, son of Jenkin Thomas the singing director, born Ystalfera and lived Dowlais, taught music in Swansea from 1908, international adjudicator, conductor and examiner, died South Africa, 1934 45, 46, 78Thomas, D.H. (Rev) of Gorseinon, backed opening of Peniel Pontlliw chapel in 1908/9 67
Thomas, David Orig' from Cilgwyn, Cardiganshire; lived Pentre-Ty-Gwyn. Led Hen Gapel from ~1739 62Thomas, David of Wootton-under-Edge, preacher raised in Hen Gapel 63
Thomas, David Vicar at Llandeilo T/B church 1935 - 37 56Thomas, Fredrick of Pen-uwch, preacher raised in the Gopa - a popular author 69
Thomas, Griffith of Bryn-Llwyn, a founder of Capel Newydd 1901 65Thomas, Haydn (Mr) conductor of Pontarddulais Choral Society 52
Thomas, Henry of Trinity Place, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65Thomas, Henry (Mr) worked at Clayton Works, chosen to be full-time secretary & Gen Mgr of co-operative Society shop from 1902 32
Thomas, J. Luther of Llwynteg and Cwmgwili, minister raised at Hope chapel 64Thomas, James referred to in Quarter Sessions 1756 12
Thomas, Jenkin (Llew or LLwyn) of Dowlais (originally from Ystalfera) directed singing at the Gopa 1878 & Hermon, father of D. Vaughan Thomas and Jenkin Thomas (Jnr.) 45Thomas, Jenkin, son of Jenkin Thomas (Snr),bro. of D.Vaughan Thomas,organist at Hermon for many yrs 45
Thomas, John of Pontlliw, one of the founders of Carmel, ~1921 76Thomas, John First full-time minister at Gopa (1862-65), from Llangenwad, Carmarthenshire 68
Thomas, John of Trinity Place, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65Thomas, John one of local people speaking/entertaining at opening of ext'n to Mechanics Inst., 1906 51
Thomas, John member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26Thomas, John (later of Merthyr). Ordained as minister of Hen Gapel and Hope Chapel, 1874-81 62, 63
Thomas, John B.D. curate at Llandeilo T/B 1817 - 38. Served both Llanedi and Llandeilo T/B churches for 17 years 56, 76Thomas, John neighbour of Sarah Williams, the woman shot in the "Beca Riots" in 1843 25
Thomas, Joseph (Mr) of Hendy, led Hendy Male Voice Choir 1910 - became Hendy Choral Soc. 45, 46, 52Thomas, R. Vaughan (Dr) M.A. gave recital on organ ~1894 at Hermon 70
Thomas, Richard a carpenter of Hendy, a founder of Hope Chapel opened 1872 63Thomas, Ryan (Rev) rector of Llanedi church 1913 - 1930 59
Thomas, T. of Gorseinon, member of parish council 1896, Llandeilo T/B 26Thomas, T. Haydn son of Jenkin Thomas (Jnr.), conductor of "Cor Mawr" 46
Thomas, Thomas Meiron (Rev) Minister raised at Siloh 65Thomas, Thomas (Rev) Methodist in early 19th C. 71
Thomas, Thomas of Coedbach, supporter of Siloh, 1894 65Thomas, Thomas of Talyclun Farm, a founder of Capel Newydd, 1901 65
Thomas, Thomas of Bryn-Llwyn, a founder of Capel Newydd, 1901 65Thomas, William of Swansea, tithe collector for the parish of Llandeilo T/B (late 1700s?) 60
Tonk, T.N. (Mr) schoolmaster Hendy School, 1892 43Vaughan, cooper, Melin Plas-Newydd (1850s) 19
Vaughan, Griffith of the "Red Lion", involved in "Beca Riots" 1843 24Vaughan, William (Rev) rector of Llanedi church, 1680 59
Walters (Mr) from Tumble, schoolteacher, baptized a child in 1825 in Llanedi 42Walters, Ben of Pontlliw a steward of theVestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26
Walters, John Headmaster at Rhuthyn School, rector and author, son of John Walters, the producer of the English-Welsh dictionary 77Walters, John (1721-1797) M.A. Oxford, (son of another John Walters), born near Fforest, produced English-Welsh dictionary over period 1770-94 77
Walters, John of Gwynlais-Uchaf, Methodist in 1740s 68Watkin of Heolcolier, collier of Llanedi, 1823 19
Watkins, D.J. (Mr) teacher 1925 - 1933, Methodist Minister of Gopa from 1872 39Watts, Rosie (Mrs) Minister raised at Elim 76
Wesley, John visited Llanedi, Penclawdd and Swansea 1758 71Wheldon, K. (Pastor) Came from Nottingham to be pastor at Beulah 76
White, David who ran Talyclun Works with his father John 1885-89 30White, George (Mr), owner of Lliw Forge, no date 8
White, Isaac (Mr) Headmaster at National School, 1859 - 72, later retired to keep the "Prince of Wales" 42White, Isaac Vice Chairman of theVestry, Llandeilo T/B 1884 26
White, John of Hope Chapel, supervised Sunday school 1834 64White, John Co-secretary of Hope Chapel, 1874. Died 1944 63
White, John of Caecerrig, took over running Talyclun Works in 1885, trustee of Mechanics Institute, 1892, father of David White 30, 50William, John involved with bridge repairs, 18th C. 11
Williams (Mr) "chaise driver" 1822 20Williams (Mrs) of Tabernacle, President of the Ladies' Committee, WW1 51
Williams, Albert of Clayton, secretary of Mechanics Institute, 1896 51Williams, Albert J. ran drama company in Hope Chapel, approx early 20th C. 48
Williams, Alun R. (Rev) led Capel Newydd, 1935-47 65Williams, Arthur (Mr) Industrialist, took over from his father John, managing Clayton Works from 1929, planned Memorial Hall to commemorate men lost in World Wars I and II. 31, 32
Williams, Caredig led singing at Hope Chapel, 1913 45Williams, Dafydd (1712-1794) teacher, Methodist councillor, member of Gopa, hymn writer, and author of "Yn y dyfroedd mawr a'r Tonnau" 40, 78
Williams, Daniel & David, fishermen, 1831 16Williams, Daniel, contributed to book re Tal-y-Clun, 1
Williams, D.E. led singing at Hope Chapel, 1938-41 45Williams, Dan of Penygroes, pastor who visited Beulah 76
Williams, David carried stones for early bridge repairs 11Williams, David (Rev) rector of Llanedi church 1855 - 67 59
Williams, David Lived Llandeilo Fach, hymn-writer, inc. a lament in 1772 62Williams, David teacher at Llandeilo Fach 1712 - 1794 38
Williams, David (Rev) Curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1813 56Williams, Deborah Daughter of Peter W'ms. Became Mrs Humphreys - her son David was vicar at Gopa 68
Williams, E.A. (Mr) of Plasgwyn, financial secretary of a local society during WW1 51Williams, Eben (Mr) became secretary of Mechanics Institute 1946, after David Lewis 52
Williams, Edward - see Morgannwg, IoloWilliams, Evan (Sir) son of Thomas Williams, mine owner 30,31
Williams, G.S. teacher 76Williams, Gilbert (Rev) Minister to the Episcopalian church, raised at Siloh 65
Williams, George (Rev) Bard & hymn-writer, born Llanuwchllyn, led Tabernacle 25 yrs, from 1902 74, 75Williams, Gruffydd Summoned to Archbishop's court at Carmarthen from attendance at church in Llandeilo T/B in May 1668 61
Williams, Henry (Rev) rector of Llanedi church 1846 - 55 59Williams, Ifor (Sir), wrote Enwau Lleoedd 1
Williams, Ioan of Swansea, published "Cyfaill Mewn Llogell" (The Pocket Companion) in 1797 44Williams, J. headmaster at National School, 1879-88 42
Williams, Jack of Tynybone, cricket player in 1880s 50Williams, John (Rev) of Gorslas, first minister of Carmel ~1921, who moved to Australia 76
Williams, John (Mr) a blind basketmaker, co-served as Minister of Sardis, 1838-? , ordained to administer sacrament in English chapel of Greenfield, Llanelli 72Williams, John donated land for the Hermon church, 1812 70
Williams, John (Mr) of Gwenlais Fawr, member of Education Board, 1875 40Williams, John (Mr) of Glandwr, managed Clayton Works from 1885 to 1929, trustee of Mechanics Institute, 1892 31, 50
Williams, Joseph Non-conformist in 17th C. 61Williams, Lewis (Rev) Assistant curate at Llandeilo T/B church 1871 - 73 56
Williams, Matthew Thomas 1727, name inscribed on bell at Llandeilo T/B church 55Williams, O. Tragellis (Mr) B.A., B.D, minister at Tabernacle 1947 74
Williams, Octavius (Mr) built Hendy Works and Morfa Works in Llanelli, for Boughton & Smith of Birmingham, in latter half of 1800s 28Williams, Peter Grandfather of Rev. David Williams (of Gopa Chapel, who died 1860). Both buried Llandyfaelog 68
Williams, Peter (Mr) caretaker of Mechanics Institute, 1896 51Williams, Rees involved with bridge repairs, 18th C. 11
Williams, Rhydwen (Rev) Minister of Carmel Pontlliw, 1944 - ? 73Williams, Robert - an "offender" & a complainant listed in the Star Chamber Proceedings, his name appears in parish records, 1563 10, 54
Williams, Robert (Mr) Carmel movement meetings took place in his home until 1921 76Williams, Roger (Rev) rector of Llanedi church 1867 - 1913 59
Williams, S. A. (Miss), of 'The Whit' contributed to the book with memories of old, 1Williams, Samuel of Capel Isaac, involved with Hen Gapel 1840s 62
Williams, Sarah tollkeeper at Hendy Gate, killed in "Beca Riots" Sept 9th 1843 25Williams, Samuel (Mr) of Ffoesyrefail. A director of the Dulais Works, 1916. One of a group of people who built Pontardulais Tinplate Co. in 1875, provided temporary loan to fund extensions to Mechanics Institute, completed 1906 31, 34, 51
Williams, Thomas of Birchgrove, trustee at Mechanics Institute, 1892 50Williams, Thomas of Crug-y-Bar, student of Brecon College, 1871. Then moved to Tre-oes & Llabgrallo 63
Williams, Thomas of Ty-to-Gwellt, a founder of Capel Newydd, 1901 65Williams, Thomas member of parish council 1894, Llanedi 26
Williams, Thomas (Mr) & Sons owned Morlais Colliery Co. One of the group who built Teilo Works, 1880. 30,31Williams, W. Jones of Penygroes, minister of Carmel, sometime after 1921 76
Williams, W. Lliedi (Rev) M.A. Minister at Sardis, 1933-? 72Williams, W.P. one of the founding members of Calfaria, Hendy 74
Williams, Win involved with bridge repairs, 18th C. 12Williams, Wyndham (rev) B.A., B.D of Tir-y-dail, preacher raised in the Gopa 69
Williams, Wynne Reed (Mr), contributed to the book re history of education in the area 1Wood, W.T.(Mr) sold land ~1863 for Tycroes School 59
Young Jones, T. Chairman parish council 1894 Llanedi 26.

Rebecca in Pontardulais

Covers the "Rebecca" protests, particularly the riot that took place at the Pontardulais tollgate on 6 September 1843, and the subsequent trials. References to "Rebecca" (or the short form of the name, "Beca") are not indexed because they appear throughout the work.

In my copy, ''Rebecca in Pontardulais' starts straight after page 79 of 'The History of Pontardulais'. Unlike in the preceding document, 'Rebecca in Pontardulais' has numbers at the tops of (some) pages . The title sheet is page 0, and then the pages after that should be numbered 1,2,3 etc. As a check, the last page should be page 14, and this page shows a picture of William Chambers Jnr, Llanelli Magistrate.

There are no chapter headings.

Illustrations [Rebecca in Pontardulais]

1843 drawing of the Rebecca riots as depicted in the Paris magazine (source: Mary Evans Picture Library), page 1
Capel Iago, the second Goppa, with the Lewis cottage 'Ffactri fach' on the left, page 3
Capt. Charles Frederick Napier, the First Chief Constable of the Glamorganshire Constabulary (South Wales Police Museum), page 5
Pontardulais Bridge showing the Red Lion Inn on the Hendy Side, page 6
A view of the police station in Castle Bailey Street in Swansea in 1843. It was demolished in 1845 to make way for the new General Post Office, which later became the offices of the "South Wales Evening Post". behind it is the old Swansea Market. Page 7
Sketch of Pontardulais Tollgate Square looking West, September 1843, page 9.
Hugh Williams, the Carmarthen lawyer and suspected leader of the Rebecca Rioters. Grandfather of the well-known actor the late Hugh Williams, and Great-Grandfather of the popular television actor, Simon Williams. Page 11.
Jack Ty Isha living out his life in Tasmania, page 12
The Grave of Daniel and Elizabeth Lewis, page 13.
William Chambers Jnr., Llanelli Magistrate, page 14.

Places/ groups/ activities/ events [Rebecca in Pontardulais]

4th Light Dragoons 3,1073rd Regiment of Foot 3,6
76th Regiment of Foot 8, 10.
America 12.
Assizes (Cardiff & Swansea) 2,7,12Bethel Chapel 2
Black Horse Inn/ Square 10Bolgoed Tollgate 4, 8,13
Bristol 3Canadian Rebellion of 1831 3
Cardiff 10,12Cardigan 8
Carmarthen/ Carmarthenshire 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12Cavalry 8
Chartist movement 2, 3Coedbach Farm 8
Crosshands 3Cwmcille Fach Farm 4, 5, 11
Cwmsker 4, 8, 12Dragoons 3, 10
Drovers Arms of Horeb 10Efail Wen Tollgate 2
Felindre 4, 5, 6, 7, 8Fforest Hill 3, 8
Fountain Inn 4, 13France 1
Gelliwern 8Glamorgan Constabulary 1, 4
Goppa Chapel 3, 4, 7, 13Gwendraith Valley 8
harvests (poor) 1Hendy 4, 8, 10
Horeb 10L'iIllustration (French magazine) 1
Llanedi 3, 13Llanelli 8
Llangyfelach 4, 8Llannon 8, 12
Main Trust (tollgate trust) 2Mermaid Tavern (tollgate adjacent) 2
Merthyr 3Metropolitan Police 2
Millbank Penitentiary, London 12Neuadd Fach 10
New Inn Tollgate near Cardigan 8Newport 3
Pembrokeshire 2Penllergaer 4, 8
Philadelphia Herald 1Pontardulais 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13
Poor Laws 1,2Pwll Gate 2
Rebecca (why the name "Rebecca" was chosen) 2Rebecca Room, Fountain Inn 13
Red Lion 4, 6, 8Rhydypandy Gate 4, 8
Royal Commission 11, 12Specials (police) 2
Stag & Pheasant, at Five Roads 8, 10St Clears (toll at crossroads) 2
Swansea 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12Taff Bridge Gate 2
Tasmania 12tithes 1
transportation (including references to transportation destinations) 8, 11, 12, 13Tumble 8, 12
Tycoch Gate near Swansea 8Ty isha near Tumble 8
"Ty Unnos" 8Turnpike Laws/Trusts/Act 1, 2, 10, 11, 12
Workhouse 2, 3Ystomenlle Farm 4

People [Rebecca in Pontardulais]

--- Carmarthen (Mayor of) 3--- "Dai Cantwr" another name for Dai Davies - see his entry in the index
--- John the shoemaker, who lived at Drovers Arms, Horeb 10--- "Pentrys Bach" - Bardic name of Daniel Lewis - see his entry in the index
--- "Shoni Scubor Fawr" another name for Johnnie Jones 8, 10--- "Twm Carnabath", another name for Thomas Rees 2
Arnold (Mrs) tollgate keeper at Tycoch Gate 8Bennet (Sergeant) 6, 7
Bonville (Mr) Coroner 10Bullin (Tom) a notorious "toll farmer") 2
Chambers, William (Jnr) Magistrate 8, 10Cresswell, Cresswell (Sir) Justice 8, 10
Davies, Dai (known as "Dai Cantwr") 8Davies, Elizabeth (daughter of Richard Davies of Ystomenlle Farm) 4, 8, 12, 13
Davies, Richard of Ystomenlle Farm, in the Hendy 4, 13Dillwyn, Lewis Llewellyn Magistrate 8, 9
Edwards, Hannah (Miss) of Gelliwern 8Ellis, G.H. gentleman - well versed in turnpike law 12
James, Graham (Sir) Home Secretary 2, 10, 12Gurney (Baron) Justice 10
Hall, T.J. gentleman - well versed in turnpike law 12Hill, Davenport (Mr) lawyer 10
John, Hugh 9, 11, 13Hughes, Jack of Tyisha near Tumble 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Jenkins (Constable, and later Sergeant) 5, 6, 8, 9Jones (Sergeant) 8
Jones, David of Llangyfelach 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 13Jones, John of Cwmsker, Llangyfelach 4, 8, 12
Jones, Johnnie - known as "Shoni Scubor Fawr" 8, 10Jones, Thomas (Constable) 8, 9
Kirkhouse Cooke, John - Surgeon 10Lewis (Constable) 5, 6
Lewis, Daniel weaver, lived by the Goppa, Bardic name "Pentrys Bach" 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13Lewis, Morfydd Daughter of Daniel Lewis and Elizabeth Davies. Mother of Wynford Vaughan Thomas 13
Llewellyn, John Dillwyn of Penllergaer, Magistrate 4, 6, 7, 8Love (Colonel) 2, 3, 4, 12
Martin (Inspector) 2Moggridge, Matthew Magistrate 8
Morgan, Matthew of Llangyfelach 4, 5, 12Morgan family of Cwmcille Fach Farm, Felindre (William, Henry, Rees, John, Margaret and their parents Morgan and Esther) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13
Napier, Charles Frederick (Captain) Chief Constable of Glamorgan Constabulary 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12Parlby (Major) 3, 8
Peake, Henry (Superintendent) 6, 7, 8Peel, Robert (Sir) 2, 10
Philpot, Martha Landlady of Black Horse 10Pollock, Frederick (Sir) Attorney General 10, 11, 12
Price, John (Constable) 8, 9Rees (Inspector) Interpreter - Welsh-to-English 4, 5, 6, 11
Rees, Thomas Also known as "Twm carnabath" 2Thomas, Wynford Vaughan Grandson of Daniel Lewis 8, 13
Vaughan, Griffith (or "Griff") of the Red Lion 4, 6, 8, 12Wellington (Duke of) Commander in Chief of War Office 2
Williams, Hugh Chartist lawyer of Carmarthen 10, 11Williams, Sarah Tollkeeper 10
Williams, W.R. (Constable) 8Wright, Peter (Constable) 8

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