Ogmore Valley


List of the contents of the annual publications of the Ogmore Valley Local History & Heritage Society

Journal 2000 ISBN: 0-9539792-0-2

  • Corporal James Llewelyn Davies VC (6). WAM Jones. Biography of the Valley`s mosy highly decorated soldier.
  • The History of the Nantymoel Industrial Cooperative Society (13).Ken L. James.In depth study of this local "empire".
  • A Peep into the 1881 census (a look at River Street in 1881) (1).Huw Daniel.A sideways look at "how Welsh" we are.
  • An Ogmore Vale Pioneer - Alderman John Williams (13). W.T. John Davies. The fascinating story of Alderman John Williams, a man ahead of his time.
  • A Poem "Shame" (1). Windsor Major. In remembrance of Samuel Edge aged 12, killed 9th January 1884.
  • Letters from Australia (4). Mrs Mairwen Cook. An emmigrant's tale as told in his letters home.
  • A Fire Underground at Wyndham Colliery (2). John Whitcombe. An underground incident in the Wyndham Colliery.
  • Edward (Ted) Cox of Nantymoel (2). Trevor John. A giant of a man.
  • Church and Chapels of the Valley (4). Miss Jane Davies. Brief History of the Religous pot-pourri of the Valley
  • Some early Valley Transport (6). Brian Sellers. Early Transport Pioneers of the valley

Journal 2001 ISBN: 0-9539792-1-0

  • Corporal James Llewelyn Davies VC - An addendum (1). WAM Jones. Correction to the biography of the Valley's most highly decorated soldier.
  • The Commercial, Social and Cultural life of the Valley (10). Ken L. James. A revealing look at the way we were.
  • The Railways of the Ogmore Valley (3). Dennis Trigg. Some interesting facts from the start of the Railways in the Valley.
  • Route 4909 (3). Dennis Trigg. The rise and fall of the Ogmore Valley Rail Link.
  • A Biography Dr TVH Richards - A Valley Doctor (6). Ken L. James. The fascinating life of a Valleys' Doctor.
  • Past Times - The Rattray Family of Ogmore Vale (2). A Brief look at a prominent Valley family.
  • Commemorative Ware of the Valley (4). Cliff Edwards. A look at the Crested Ware known to have been produced in the Valley.
  • Schoolmasters at War (8). WT John Davies, J. Ken Edwards and Mrs Nesta Dean. The service of Grammar School Teachers in WWI.
  • Underground Heroism; Ivor Davies and Percy (Bow) Burgess (5). Huw Daniel. An underground rescue receives the I.O.H.
  • Ogmore Vale Families: The Triggs and McCanns (1). Dennis Trigg. Two local families and their origins
  • Police Gallantry; Police Constable Gordon Usher (2). Huw Daniel. The QGM awarded to a Valley Policeman in London.
  • The Schools of The Ogmore Valley (4). Miss Jane Davies. Early History of the Schools in the Valley.
  • The Life and Times of Harry Radcliffe (3). Harry Radcliffe. Autobiography
  • The Labour Examination (1). Mrs Peggy Hughes. A passage to work in the early 20th century
  • Choir Memories Strike a Chord (2). Mrs Peggy Hughes. A history of one of South Wales`s most successful Children's Choirs.
  • Correspondence from members. (2)

Journal 2002 ISBN: 0-9539792-2-9

  • The place names of the Ogmore Valley and surrounding district (11). Terence Parsons B.Sc. Hons. Explanation of the place names found in the Ogmore Valley
  • Maps and Plans of the Ogmore Valley (8). WAM Jones B.Sc. Hons., F.R.I.C.S., C.Eng., F.I.M.E., F.G.S. Information on the Maps of the Valley from Emanual Bowen's Map of 1729 through to the The Ordnance Survey County Series 1:2.500
  • The Nantymoel Home Guard (2). Harry Radcliffe. A brief history of the Home Guard Platoon in Nantymoel
  • A Brief Sketch (2). Glyn Jenkins. An autobiography of Glyn Jenkins, world renowned cartoonist
  • Norman Lewis - A Champion of the Valley (17). Ken L. James. The life of a Double Welsh Boxing Champion
  • Pont Y Frithwaun (2). Dennis Trigg. An Ancient Monument, hidden in the valley
  • Arthur Rees M.B.E. - A Welsh Guardsman (6). Huw Daniel. A unique tale of a soldier to the core.
  • Thomas Edward Davey - a servant of the Valley (2). Margaret Williams. A local politicians's contribution to valley life.
  • World War II Aircraft Crashes, Ogmore Vale, Sunday Jan 07th 1940 (11). Ken L. James, Huw Daniel. Detailed research into two crashes occurring independantly of each other but only 200yds and 1½ hours apart.
  • The Ogmore Valley Chrysanthemum Society (2). Harry Radcliffe. A brief history of the Chrysanthemum Society.
  • The Ogmore Valley Wheelers (1). Harry Radcliffe. A brief history of the Ogmore Valley Wheelers.
  • The Porthcawl Trip (4). Stuart Davies. A forgotten journey relived from the age of steam.
  • "Davies First & Last" (3). Emrys Davies. The derivation of a knickname.

Journal 2003   ISBN: 0-9539792-3-7

  • An Addendum to WWII Aircraft Crashes (4) Ken L. James. An update on the article from last
    years Journal.
  • The Eight Pointed Cross (12) Cliff Edwards. A brief history of the St. Johns Ambulance in
    the Ogmore Valley.
  • A brief history of Ogmore Vale Bakery (4) Dennis Burt.
  • The Early Historys of Bethania Chapel OV and Bethel Chapel Nantymoel (5) Terence Parsons
    B.Sc. [Hons].
  • A Miracle of Grace (1) Marion Lee. The saving of David Owen of Nantymoel
  • Arthur Jesse WEBB, DCM. (35) Arthur Webb, DCM. A history of Arthurs capture at Dunkirk, imprisoment in Lubyanka prison, Moscow and return to the Ogmore Valley.
  • The origins of Nantymoel Boys Club (part 1) (3) Dave Evans
  • Names of Endearment (4) Society members. The origins of what valley folk were called by
    their peers.
  • How the Religous Revival of 1904/5 came to Nantymoel (7) Nesta Dean.
  • Thomas Jones, A Servant of the Valley (2) WAM Jones.
  • The Secretarys Report (2) Huw Daniel
  • The Memoirs of Kathleen Hughes (6) Kathleen Hughes (deceased)


Fatal Accidents in the Collieries of the Ogmore Valley

Published: May 2004 ISBN: 0-9539792-4-5

This Journal attempts to record the fatalities of all the men and boys from every Valley
Colliery from the first pit opening in 1865 to the final closure in 1984.
There is also a brief account of every major colliery in the Ogmore Valley.


List of items held by Huw Daniel relating to the history of the Ogmore Valley, Glamorgan.


Any item which has a supporting index here online will have * marked against it and the description will act as a clickable link.

Title/Item , Subject , Date

  • Applicants for first 1000 share issue in the Ogmore Vale Electric Light and Power Supply Company. *
  • Places of Worship , Local Chapels/Churches ,11 Aug 1999
  • OS Map of Ogmore Vale ,1874/75
  • OS Map of Ogmore Vale ,1914
  • List of Public Houses Pubs/clubs in Ogmore Vale
  • Blackmill War Memorial , Transcript of Names
  • Fronwen Farm Census Returns , Family Occupation of Fronwen Farm ,1841 - 1881
  • 1891 Kellys Trade , Photocopy of Ogmore/Garw Trades , 1891
  • Albert WILLIAMS Census Data , Family History of Albert Williams , 1841 -1881
  • Albert WILLIAMS Family Tree , Family History of Albert Williams , 1720 -1918
  • List of Farms within the Valley, Farms noted since 1799 , 1799 - 1861
  • Index of Soldiers Killed in WWI , Details of Valley men killed in WWI , 1914 - 1919
  • Index of Soldiers Killed in WWII , Details of Valley men killed in WWII, 1939 - 1945
  • Index of Soldiers Killed in all Conflicts, in St. John`s Church "Book of Remembrance" , Soldiers from the Parish of Llangeinor killed from 1914 to 1982 , 1940 - 1945
  • Constitutional Club members who died in the Great War , Transcript of Names from Plaque in Bar , 1914 - 1919
  • Glamorgan Gazette Extracts No. 1 , Political Extracts , 1894 - 1999
  • Glamorgan Gazette Extracts No. 2 , Colliery Extracts , 1870 -1898
  • Glamorgan Gazette Extracts No. 3 , General Extracts , 1894 -1898
  • Glamorgan Gazette Extracts No. 4 , Building Extracts , 1894 - 1898
  • Glamorgan Gazette Extracts No. 6 , Police/Courts Extracts , 1895 - 1897
  • Glamorgan Gazette Extracts No. 7 , School Extracts , 1894 - 1898
  • Ogmore Valley Colliery Fatalities, Details of Mining Deaths in Ogmore Vale Collieries , 1867 - 1914
  • Extract of Kellys Trade Directories , Valley Trade Details , 1891 - 1932
  • Civilian Residence register, OGMORE Division Nantymoel Polling District , 1946
  • 75th Anniversary of Ogmore Comprehensive School , Written History of Ogmore Comprehensive School , 1910 - 1985
  • Margam Abbey Charter Roll (T.293.17) , Quit Claim, oldest mention of Ogmore , 1234
  • Will of Evan Watkins , Will of Evan Watkins, 1627
  • Will of Thomas Phillip , Will of Thomas Phillip , 1536
  • William Davies, Bard of Aber Cwm-Y-Fuwch , Brief history of William Davies (Gwilym Glynogwr) , 1743 - 1807
  • Welsh Baptist`s Annual Meeting, List of Events and people attending meeting , 1923
  • The History of Coal Mining in the Ogmore Valley , Written History of Ogmore Coal Mining, 1974
  • Farms, Farmers and families of Glynogwr and Gilfach Goch
  • Incumbents of Glynogwr & Gilfach Goch Chapels/Churches



Ogmore Vale Electric Light and Power Supply Company


Index of Applicants for the first 1000 Shares

Surname,Given Name(s),Address,Occupation,No. of Shares ,Date Applied,Comments

Adams,John,Nantymoel,Grocer,2,15 Jul 1891,

Aubrey,Edwin,"Abercarn, Newport",Baptist Minister,5,17 Jul 1891,

Bryant,Edwin,"4 Glyn Villas, Ogmore Vale",Collier ,10,22 Jun 1891,

Buckley,William,"South View, Bridgend",Ironmonger,10,29 Sep 1892,

Charles,William,"17 ?, Nantymoel",Contractor,10,29 Jun 1891,

Cockram,James,"7 River St., Ogmore Vale",None Listed,5,24 Jun 1891,

Conibear,Richard,Ogmore Valley Hotel,Licensed Victualler,20,30 Jun 1891,

Davies,Edward,"Llanharan Arms Hotel, Ogmore Vale",Publican,20,30 Jun 1891,

Davies,John,"Fox & Hounds Inn, High St, Ogmore Vale",Innkeeper & Contractor,10,02 Jul 1891,

Davies,Thomas,"1 Bridge St., Ogmore Vale",None Listed,10,23 Jun 1891,

Davies,William,"Corbett Street, Ogmore Vale",Collier,2,27 Jun 1891,

Dorney,John,"16 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",None Listed,20,27 Jun 1891,

Edmunds,William,"18 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",Fitter,5,22 Jun 1891,

Evans,David,Commercial St.,Grocer,10,26 Jun 1891,

Evans,David,"Beehive, Nantymoel",Merchant,20,29 Jun 1891,

Evans,David Hopkin,?,Grocer & Outfitter,10,26 Jun 1891,

Evans,John,"Co-operative Stores, Nantymoel",None Listed,2,01 Jul 1891,

George,John,"1 Llewellyn St., Nantymoel",Timber Man,10,22 Jun 1891,

Harding,Morgan,"8 High St., Tynewydd",Collier,3,23 Jun 1891,

Harries,Margaret Ann,"Rose Villas, Resolven",None Listed,4,26 Jun 1891,

James,Thomas,"1 Nantymoel Row, Nantymoel",Smith,2,23 Jun 1891,

John,Moses,"High St., Tynewydd",Colliery Repairer,10,26 Jun 1891,

Jones,Jenkin,"Gelly Lenor Farm, Maesteg",Farmer,10,02 May 1892,*Joint Apllication

Jones,John,"Gelly Lenor Farm, Maesteg",Farmer,10,02 May 1892,*Joint Apllication

Jones,John,"Wyndham Arms Hotel, Nantymoel",Colliery Overman,5,27 Jun 1891,

Jones,Lewis,"28 Bell Street, Aberdare",Grocer & Draper,20,26 Jun 1891,

Jones,Lewis George,"Jessamine Villas, Tondu",Accountant,6,22 Jun 1891,

Jones,Thomas,"Gadlys Farm, Llangynwyd",Farmer,10,02 May 1892,

Jones,Thomas,Fronwen Farm,None Listed,5,29 Oct 1892,

Jones,William,"11 Commercial St., Ogmore Vale",Butcher,10,29 Jun 1891,

Kerslake,Thomas,"10 River Street, Ogmore Vale",None Listed,3,24 Jun 1891,

Kingston,Joseph,"61 Ogwy St, Nantymoel",Collier,10,27 Jun 1891,

Llewellyn,Thomas,"Post Office, Ogmore Vale",Chemist,5,29 Jun 1891,

Llewellyn,William,"Court Colman, Bridgend",None Listed,20,20 Jun 1891,

Llewellyn,William,"Tynewydd, Ogmore Vale",Grocer,50,26 Jun 1891,

Lloyd,Moses,"I Bethel Cottages, Nantymoel",None Listed,2,26 Jun 1891,

Lock,Albert,"122 Clifton St South, Cardiff",Beer & Porter Merchant,20,26 Jun 1891,

Morgan,Richard,29 Llewellyn Street,Repairer,2,23 Jun 1891,

Phillips,Robert,14 Commercial Street,Butcher,2,08 Jul 1891,

Phillips,Thomas,"52 Tynewydd Row, Ogmore Vale",Blocklayer,4,22 Jun 1891,

Phillips,William,"China Shop, Nantymoel",None Listed,1,26 Jun 1891,

Price,Daniel,12 Osborne Terrace,Builder,10,01 Jul 1891,

Pugh,Robert Gibbon,London House,Draper,10,27 Jun 1891,

Rees,David,"Brookland Villa, Nantymoel",Mining Engineer,20,29 Jun 1891,

Rees,Noah,"22 Llewellyn St., Ogmore Vale",Night Overman at Colliery,10,26 Jun 1891,

Richards,John,"30 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",Mechanical Engineer,10,22 Jun 1891,

Roberts,David,"1 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",Colliery Overman,40,23 Jun 1891,

Thomas,David John,Nantymoel,M.R.C.S.,10,30 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Evan,"Commercial St., Ogmore Vale",Engine Driver,5,27 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Evan,"18 High St., Ogmore Vale",Tailor,4,30 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Richard,Pantyrawel,Rent Collector,10,27 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Thomas,"11 Station Raod, Nantymoel",None Listed,4,20 Jun 1891,

Wallace,William Wyndham,"42 Sommerville Road, Bristol",Commercial Traveller,10,06 Oct 1892,

Walters,David,"23 Ogwy Street, Nantymoel",Mason,5,03 Aug 1891,

Wigmore,Ernest,Commercail Street,Blacksmith,2,26 Jun 1891,

Williams,George,"Blaenogwr Hotel, Pricetown",Inn Keeper,10,26 Jun 1891,

Williams,John,"Bute Villas, Aberdare",Certificated Teacher,5,14 Oct 1892,

Williams,John,"Tynewydd, Ogmore Vale",Grocer & Draper,50,26 Jun 1891,

Williams,John Jenkin,"Commercial St., Ogmore Vale",Grocers Assistant,5,30 Jun 1891,

Williams,Robert Arthur,Ogmore,Surgeon,10,30 Jun 1891,


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