Cwmtwrch - Newspaper Extracts


There are many references to Cwmtrwch in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people
These are not in any date or subject order

  •  From The Cardiff Times dated 14th December 1878

"CWMTWRCH. THE BOARD SCHOOL.—The following report of the Rev.  B. J. Binns, Her Majesty's inspector of schools, for this district, has been received:—"The upper part of the school ia coming on well under the principal teacher, and the scholars, as they have gone, did their work well. The discipline, drill, and vocal music are good. T. R. Williams has passed well, and J. Mark fairly. J. Mark should be informed that he is now qualified under both articles 60 and 79." One of the scholars in standard four obtained an honour certificate. The total amount of grant earned, including the payment for geography and grammar, was £130. 2s. The percentage in the three R's was 94.9"

  •  From The Brecon County Times Neath Gazette and General dated 27th February 1913

"CWMTWRCH. CARDIFF SYNDICATES' VENTURE —A representative of Messrs Cory Brothers, the well known Cardiff Colliery proprietors, has visited Cwmtwrcb, and, we understand, the purchase of the Ystradowen colliery is being considered. Should the negotiations come to a successful termination, it is reported, it is possible that this will not be the only purchase by Messrs Cory Brothers in the district. The prospects of the local mining industries are particularly rosy just now, and the proud boast is being made in the district that before long employment will be given to a large number of miners. "

  •  From The Brecon County Times Neath Gazette and General dated 5th April 1917

"CWMTWRCH. National Service Campaign.—A meeting in furtherance of the National Service campaign was held at Cwmtwrch on Wednesday night, Councillor James Powell in the chair. Addresses were delivered by Mr G H Strick and Professor Joseph Jones, sub commissioner for Breconsbire and Radnorshire. Several questions were satisfactorily answered and local arrangements were made for advancing the scheme."

  • From The Brecon County Times Neath Gazette and General… dated 23rd January 1913

"CWMTWRCH. "SNUFFING" THE REVIVAL. The revival meetings at Cwmtwrch continued last week and were well attended. The police are engaged in prosecuting inquiries regarding the conduct of a number of persons who are alleged to have scattered a quantity of electric snuff about the building. SPORTS CLUBS have little money to spare for printing, as a roue. We enable them to spend it to the best advantage by studying their wants, at the "County Times" Office, Brecon. "

  •  From The Brecon County Times Neath Gazette and General… (Supplement) dated 24th April 1913

"CWMTWRCH. SCHOOL AFFAIRS. The Board of Education having called attention to the weakness of the staff of the Infants' Department at the Cwmtwrch Council Infants' School, and stated that failure to act promptly in the matter might result in a substantial reduction in the grant, the County Education Committee on Friday adopted a report of HM Staffing and Salaries Sub-Committee, which stated that a vacancy for a female uncertificated teacher has existed for some time, but no applications have been received, and recommends that a female certificated teacher be advertised for as well as an uncertificated teacher."

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 30th August 1917

"CWMTWRCH. The local tinworks and collieries are improving in their work of late, and at Brynhenllys fresh districts are being opened out."

  • From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 13th June 1918

"CWMTWRCH. Upper Cwmtwrch people complain that water is scarce in their district."

  • From The Amman Valley Chronicle and East Carmarthen News dated 14th October 1915

"CWMTWRCH. The. Ystradowen Collieries, Cwmtwrch, Swansea Valley, which have been closed for the past three years or so, are shortly to be reopened. The new owners purpose to open out the estate considerably, and as the pits are situate in the very heart of the best anthracite seams, the collieries are capable of very extensive developments."

  • From the  Evening Express (Fourth Edition) dated 29th November 1892

"CWMTWRCH. ENTERTAINMENT.—On Saturday evening an entertainment was held at Bethel Chapel in support of the fund towards the relief of the widows and orphans of the victims of the accident which occurred at the Hendreladis Colliery last August. The popular drama, "Pilgrim's Progress," was gone through in Welsh, under the conductorship of Mr. John Dyfrig Owen, all who took part in it acquitting themselves admirably. Mr. William Owen presided at the organ, and the Rov. Thomas Evans acted as president. There was a good audience, and it is expected that the proceeds will amount to a handsome sum. TIN TERN. COOKERY CLASSES.—On Friday evening the first of a series of cookery lessons was given at the National Schools by Mrs. Batten, of South Kensington, under the auspices of the Monmouthshire County Council. The classes, of which there is one for elementary and for advanced cookery, will be held fortnightly. At this, the first of the course, there was a good number present, but it is expected that a great number will join on Mrs, Batten's nextt appearance "

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 5th November 1914

"CWMTWRCH. Hospitality.—Local residents are just now very enthusiastic in their preparations for housing the Belgian refugees expected to arrive at any moment. Energetic committees have been appointed. Mr Benj. Williams (Gilwen House) is chairman. Mr Thos. Thomas (grocer) treasurer,, and Mr T. Walter Rosser secretary. Mr Owen Powell (Gurnos) has very generously placed Bleak House at the disposal of the committee."

  • From  The Cambrian dated 1st June 1906

"CWMTWRCH COLLIERY. UNDER THE HAMMER AT SWANSEA. At Hotel Metropole, Swansea, on Tuesday, Mr. David Roberts (instructed by the Receiver) offered for sale Henllys Vale Anthracite Colliery and Silica. and Limestone Quarries, Cwmtwrch, with the mineral rights underlying an area of about 492½ acres, including the Brass, Trigloin, Middle and Lower Veins, together with the buildings, fixed and loose plant, machinery, railway sidings, stocks, stores and effects. Bidding started at £2,000, and the property was withdrawn at £5,500. "

  •  From The Cambrian dated 12th February 1909

"CWMTWRCH EXPLOSION. MISHAP AT GILWEN PIT. TWO MEN AND BOY INJURED. Considerable alarm was created at Ystalyfera and Cwmtwrch on Thursday when it became known that an explosion had occurred at the Gilwen—otherwise locally known ae the Gellywarog Colliery—Lower Cwmtwrch, between twelve and one o'clock noon. It appears that about that time three colliers, two men and a boy—were engaged at their vocation underground, when they struck into some old workings where there must have been an accumulation of gas, with the result that an explosion followed, and the three workmen were thrown headlong. Two of them were seriously burned, and were removed to their homes on stretchers, but the third, a lad, sustained comparatively slight injuries, although suffering, in addition, from shock. The injured are:- George Owen (married), Cwmtwrch- Dd. John Williams (married), Cwmtwrch;  Wm. Morris (14), Ystalyfera. Operations at the colliery, which employs 100 men, were suspended for the day."

  • From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 24th August 1916

"CWMTWRCH. Phoenix Tinplate Works re-started work on Tuesday. Cwmtwrch has now come under the new lighting regulations. Large numbers of Cwmtwrch and Cwmllynfell inhabitants spent the last two weeks at Llanwrtyd, Aberystwyth, Porthcawl and Swansea Bay."

  • From  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 28th January 1915

"CWMTWRCH.  Labour Matters.—Pending consideration of the points in dispute, the 500 men employed at the Brynhenllys Colliery, resumed work on Friday. They came out on strike without notice. About 200 workmen employed at the Abercrave Colliery Iiave tendered notices on the non-Unionist question."


  • The Amman Valley Chronicle and East Carmarthen News dated 26th November 1914

"DEFAULTING CWMTWRCH DOCTOR. Prosecution by Pontardawe R.D.C. At Pontardawe on Friday Farquhar Wm. Matheson, medical practitioner, Cwmtwrch, was summoned at the instance of the Pontardawe District Council for failing to report a case of scarlet fever in accordance with the Infectious Disease Notification Act, 1899. ..... (part extraction) ...... "

  • From  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 12th February 1914

"Cwmtwrch Colliery. PURCHASED BY A LONDON FIRM. It is reported that Messrs. H. Russell Evans and A. E. Gardner, London, the well- known colliery proprietors, have, completed negotiations for the taking over of the Henllys Colliery, Cwmtwrch. Work under the new proprietorship will be commenced shortly. The Henllys Colliery, which has been idle since last July, employed about 150 men, and had an output of about 150 tons per day. It is understood that the new purchasers are negotiating for other properties in the Swansea district, and that the colliery will be developed on a larger scale."

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 30th April 1914

"CWMTWRCH CROSSING. BOARD OF TRADE TO BE APPROACHED. At Ystradgynlais Council meeting on Thursday, Mr Lewis Thomas said two accidents had occurred at the Cwmtwrch level crossing recently and the Midland Railway Company should be held responsible. It was not right to risk the safety of the inhabitants for the sake of saving a few pounds to the Railway Company. Mr D. R. Morgan said it was fully time they should put their foot down and bring the matter before the Board of Trade, through Mr Sidney Robinson, M.P. They represented 12,000 electors, and they should ask Mr Robinson, together with Mr John Williams, M.P., to see the Board of Trade. Mr S. Thomas seconded and it was agreed to "

  • From  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… dated 20th August 1914

"Cwmtwrch Level Crossing. At Ystradgynlais Council  Mr Sidney Robinson, M.P., forwarded a letter he had received from the Board of Trade relative to the Cwmtwrch Level Crossing. Mr Lewis Thomas said he was rather dissatisfied because he thought the Board could help local authorities as regards safety. Mr S. Thomas [said] The best thing to do is to press the Railway Company to extend the culvert at the top and bottom before this Council proceeds with the widening.  Mr D. Lewis observed that the Council were pressing the Railway Company to move, whereas the Council was not moving itself. The Council should proceed with the work as far as they could, and having done that then they could press the company. The matter was left in the hands of the two local members, Messrs. Lewis Thomas and S. J. Thomas, together with the Surveyor, to proceed with the widening of the wall."

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 8th December 1914

"CWMTWRCH LICENSES.  —  EXTRAORDINARY POSITION QF VILLAGE WHICH IS IN THREE COUNTIES. The extraordinary position of Cwmtwrch under the restricted licensing hours. portions of the village being in three counties, was mentioned at todays sitting of the Ystradgynlais magistrates. A fortnight ago it was decided to adopt some procedure as Pontardawe and Swansea in regard to the '9 to 9' closing order. No approval was received from the Home Office. but the order was enforced in the Ystradgynlais district last week. At to-day's sitting of the Ystradgynlais magistrates, Mr. Jones Williams, solicitor, on behalf of the licensed victuallers of Ystradgynlais and district, asked the justices to suspend the order. The Pontardawe Justices, he said. had made a similar order, but it had not been approved, and the result was that the licensed houses in Cwmtwrch that were in Glamorgan and Carmarthenshire, closed at 10 p.m., while those in the same village that were in Breconshire closed at 9 p.m. On these grounds, he asked that the order be suspended until such time as the Pontardawe Justices put the order  in force. The Bench decided to suspend the order. "