Manor of Caegurwen


From "The History of Pontardawe and District " by John Henry Davies 1967

When the Miers mineral and surface estates were sold in 1914 to the late Mr. Evans-Bevan, Neath, the property contained all that Lordship or Manor of Caegurwen, together with the Manorial Rights over the Commons of Gwauncaegurwen and Penllerfedwen embracing an area of 2,195 acres and also together with the minerals underlying the Commons, and Noyadd, Penylan, Brynllefrith and Llwyn-hen Farms embracing a total area of 2,663 acres. The Manor is an extensive one, and the following is an old description of the boundaries:

"It beginneth in the north-east at a place there which divideth between the same Lordship and the Common of the Lord Audley called Ymynydd dy called Kenol y gors helig where the water there naturally taketh its course Eastward and butteth upon, and with the running of the same water to the river Llynfell and passeth along the side of the said river of Llynfell Southward about quarter of a mile till the same meeteth with an old ditch there called Clewdd tomen Owen and by and with the same ditch passeth between East and South to the river called Twrch and along the side of the said river Twrch it passeth Southward till the same boundeth upon the lands of Lewis Griffiths Gentleman being part of the lands of the Lordship of Gower bearing unto the way and called Rhywidy gwinon where it is to be noted that the County of Brecknock was always of the East side of the said River of Twrch against the Lordship of Kaegurwen till this place and here the Meere runneth westward and passeth from the said River of Twrch to a place called Bryn y twyn hence to Bryn y ffwlbert, thence to Nant y Bompren, thence to a place or heap of stones called y garn ar ben y Rhiwfawr, then it passeth by a Pathway leading Westward till the same way passeth to a place called y garnllwyd standeth within the said Lordship and on the North side of the said way when it passeth as the said way leadeth to a place called Y Ffos halog then to a place called Y rhyd y garreggoes somewhat near to a place called Carnvredydd and on the South Side of the said Carnvredydd then to a place called Bryn y maen then to a brook called Nant y gasseg always westward till the same brook cometh to a place there called Cors y Veisach at which place it turneth northward and butteth upon the water called Nant y gors till the water of the said brook called Nant y gors do begin its natural course towards the South, which place it had always on the other side of the said Meere the Lordship of Gower from the said River of Twrch then it butteth in gors y veisach aforesaid along the brook there which taketh its course Northward called Y Garnant which divideth there between the said Lordship and the parish of Bettws in the County of Carmarthen and having passed northward about half a mile along that brook side then the same Lordship again turneth along that brook side westward and followeth that brook till the same falleth in the west into the river of Aman. Then it turneth upwards between North and East along the side of the said river Aman and as the same water heretofore ran and now runneth till it cometh nigh unto a place called y Rhyd wen ar Aman. There it standeth and passeth Eastward along the water side that runneth westward in a place called y "gors helig " till the same then taketh his beginning to run westward and there joineth unto the beginning of the said Meere."