The History of Pontardawe and District


(From earliest to modern times)

By John Henry Davies 1967

Indexed by Gareth Hicks 1999

**My copy of this book was deposited with Glamorgan FHS in April 2022

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The book itself  has been summarised on A history of Caegurwen  and  now included  below

Sections NOT indexed

Personal names have not been individually extracted from the following pages/sections;

  • Administration section ,names from C20, section headings below, pages 228-253.
  • British Legion,Clydach branch[various C20 names],270/71
  • Clydach Junior Mixed School[list of staff in 1959],200,201
  • Craigfelen Primary school[list of names 1957+],203
  • Godre'rgraig Council school[list of names 1964],212
  • Gwauncaegurwen Secondary Modern School[list of names 1960],217
  • Pontardawe Grammar County School[list of staff 1966],190
  • Pontardawe Grammar school[list of names 1959],210,211
  • Pontardawe Secondary County school[list of staff in 1958],189
  • Technical College for Further Education,Pontardawe[1933+ names not extracted],192


Section headings

Abernant Colliery,70 Accidents in mines,72
Administration,228 Adminstration of Justice,237
Adulum Baptist Chapel,Pontardawe,142 Alderman Sir William Jenkins,MP.,115
All Saints' Church,Pontardawe,138 Alltwen Independent Chapel,126
Arthur Gilbertson,59 Athletic Sports,256
Baptists at Clydach,150 Baptists at Ystalyfera,163
Baptists,Cwmtwrch,165 Baran Chapel,145
Bethania Chapel,Clydach[Particular Baptists],152 Bethesda Independent Chapel,Ynysmeudwy,148
Birds seen in the Pontardawe District,273,274 Bones of men,24
British Legion Clydach Branch,270 Bryn Morgan Colliery,108
Bryn Seion,Cwmtwrch,165 Bryn Seion,Gellinudd,131
Brynamman Post Office,47 Brynhenllys Drift,109
Caersalem Chapel,Ystalyfera,164 Cairns & barrows,25
Calfaria Baptist Chapel,152 Calvinistic Methodists,Pontardawe,144
Capel-y-Cwar[Arminian],151 Carmel Independent Chapel,,Gwauncaegurwen,173
Carmel Independent Chapel,Clydach,155 Cholera,250
Church in Wales at Ystalyfera,168 Church in Wales,Clydach,157
Cilybebyll church,125 Clubs at Clydach,271
Clydach[education in],197 Coal measures clssification,20
Coal Mining at Clydach,90 Coal Mining at Gwauncaegurwen,103
Coal Mining at Ystalyfera,88 Collieries at Pontardawe,67
Coming of Christianity,121 County Aldermen and Councillors,240
Craigfelen Primary School,203 Culture in Pontardawe and District,254
Cwmgors Primary School,212 Cwmllynfell Colliery,106
Cwmllynfell Independent Chapel,169 Cwmllynfell Post Office,47
D W Davies-Ystalyfera,83 Danygraig Independent Chapel,130
David Hugh Morgan,MA,BD,154 David James Williams,JP.,116
Domesday Book of Gower,28 Dr John Thomas, MA., 113
Drainage,12 Druids,25,26
Ebenezer Independent Chapel,Brynamman,178 Education at Cilybebyll,195
Education at Cwmllynfell,222 Education at Gwauncaegurwen,212
Education at Pontardawe,182 Education at Ystalyfera,205
Education in Brynamman,218 Education services,181
Education,179 Educational Records,181
English Congregational Church,Ystalyfera,169 Farms and industries,26,27
Faults 17 First men,23
Forerunners,23 Frank Gilbertson JP BA Oxon,62
Geology,14 Glacier,21
Godre'rgraig Independent Chapel,167 Godre'rgraig Mixed School,211
Good relationship between workers and the firm,66 Gosen Apostolic Church,Pontardawe,145
Gosen,Trebannws,143 Gurnos Chapel,Ystalyfera,163
Gurnos/Gyrnos Tinplate Co [1921] Ltd,Lower Cwmtwrch,56 Gwauncaegurwen Silver Band,259
Gwrhyd & Rhiwfarw chapels,172 Health,250
Hebron Independent Chapel,Clydach,154 Hendreforgan or Cox's Colliery,108
Highways and Traffic,31 Highways in Rhyndwyglydach,30
History of Cilybebyll,118 History of Gwauncaegurwen,262
Housing at Ystalyfera,247 Housing,245
Ifor Davies, MP.,116 Industrial development,52
Industries in Pontardawe,76 Infant department,Clydach,201
Infant School,Pontardawe,188 Jehovah Witnesses,156
Jerusalem Methodist Chapel,Ystalyfera,166 John James JP, 112
Landslips,21 Licensed Houses,249
Limekilns,274,275 Llanfair Church,Cwmgors,177
Llangiwg Church,122 Miers family,Clydach,94
Ministers at Saron,Rhydyfro,146 Ministers of Bethania & Calfaria Chapels,152
Ministers of Pant-Y-Crwys,155 Mond Nickel Works,Clydach,99
Mount Elim Baptis Chapel,Ynysmeudwy,143 New Church Temple,Ynysmeudwy,149
New Wern Schools,207 Opening of the Swansea Valley Line,42
Pant-Teg Chapel,Ystalyfera,158,159,160,161 Pantycrwys Independent Chapel,Craig-cefn-parc,155
Parish Councils,236 Pencelyn Mawr school,204
Penclyn Board School,204 Pheonix Tinplate Co Ltd,Lower Cwmtwrch
Police Force at Pontardawe,239 Pontardawe Collegiate School,194
Pontardawe Golf Club,257 Pontardawe Grammar County School,190
Pontardawe Grammar School,190 Pontardawe Poor Law Institution,242
Pontardawe Rural District Council,229 Pontardawe Secondary County School,189
Post Office,Pontardawe,48 Post Offices at GCG,Cwmgors & Tairgwaith,48
Postal deliveries,46 Progress against Tuberculosis,252
Public Band[Ystalyfera],259 Railways at Gwauncaegurwen,44
Railways,42 Religion at Rhydyfro,146
Rev D Jeremy Jones, 1879-1928,171 Rev John Rees,1842-1916,170
Rev Rees Price,1808-1869,170 Rev T Eurig Davies,1892,171
Rev W D Roderick,1878-1945,172 Rhos Independent Chapel,129,130
Rhydyfro School,226 Roads in Pontardawe district,35
Roman Catholic Church,Clydach,157 Rt Hon D R Grenfell,MP.,115
Rt Hon James Griffiths,MP.,113,114 Saron Congregational chapel,Rhydyfro,146
Seion Baptist Chapel , Cwmgors,177 Siloam Baptist Chapel,Brynamman,175
Soar chapel,144 South Wales Voice,268
Sports on Sundays,150 St John's Church,Alltwen,126
St Michael's and all Angels Church,Trebannws,158 St Peter's Church,Pontardawe,136
Streams of Cwmgors and Gwauncaegurwen,261 Supplemental List of Justices in 1962,238
Swansea Canal Navigation,37 Tabernacle Independent Chapel,Cwmgors,174
Tabernacle Independent Chapel,Pontardawe,140 Tairwaith Infant department,217
Technical College for Further Education,Pontardawe,192 Telephones,49
The coming of the Dissenters,131 The Gellionen Sculptured Stone,134
The Gilbertsons,59 The Grammar School,Ystalyfera,208
The Pontardawe Club,272 The Pontardawe Public Hall and Institute,273
The Rev Ben Davies[Pan-Teg],161 The Rev.D Hopkin Morgan MA, BD,153
Town Band[Ystalyfera],258/9 Training of new entrants[mines],73
Transport & Communication,30 Valuations of Collieries at Llangiwg Vestry,105
Wages and Miners' Agents,109 Wern Independent Chapel,Ystalyfera,162
West Wales Observer,269 Wild Animals,274
William Parsons,57 Women working underground in collieries,89
Workers[Ystalyfera],84 Ynysgedwyn Estate,50
YnysgedwynTinplate Co Ltd-Ystradgynlais,55 Ynysmeudwy Tinworks,76
Ynysmeudwy,73 Ystalyfera Bands,258
Appendix A ; Manor of Caegurwen,276  
Appendix B; Shells used in identification ...of coal seams,277  

Maps,Diagrams and Photographs

Diagram of Cwndwn Mawr land,Llangiwg,32 Diagram of Clydach works,91
Diagram of Clydach collieries,93 Diagram of Drainage Evolution,13
Diagram /Flow map Pontardawe transport,36 Diagram of Roads in Pontardawe district,34
Diagram of Swansea Bay coal formation/fault lines,19 Map of West Glamorgan, 11
Photograph of Abernant Colliery,70 Photograph of James Palmer Budd,80
Photograph of D W Davies-Ystalyfera,83 Photograph of Arthur Gilbertson,60
Photograph of Charles Gilbertson,65 Photograph of Rt Hon D R Grenfell,MP.,115
Photograph of Rt Hon James Griffiths,MP,113 Photograph of John James[Miners' Agent],112
Photograph of Llangiwg Church,122 Photograph of Dr Ludwig Mond,99
Photograph of Pan-Teg Chapel-Ystalyfera,158 Photograph of Pen-yr-incline House,Gwauncaegurwen,213
Photograph of William Parsons,58 Photograph of Ystalyfera Grammar School,208
Pie charts-metals production,64 Section from Carreg Cennen Castle to Rhos,Pontardawe,14
Section from Pontardawe to GCG,18 Table,passenger time table 1860,43

Personal Names

---,Arawn ap Cynfarch Gul,Coel Hen,122 ---,Arter[Rev],Ystalyfera church,168
---,Asaf Glyn Dyfi,Wern-Ystalyfera,162 ---,Bernard -Bishop of St David's,---,123
---,Catherine John,Wernbwll-GCG,263 ---,Ciwg[the Confessor],---,121,122
---,Dai Rees y Deryn,Gwauncaegurwen,26 ---,Gitto Goch,Twyn-y-cacwn-Brynamman,218
---,Griffith Gwyr,Ynysgedwyn,50 ---,Gwilym Wyn,Brynamman,223
---,Gwydderig[the poet],Cwmbach school-GCG,213 ---,Hen Abraham,Old Carmel Chapel,213
---,Henry de Gower[Bishop of St David's],124 ---, Herewald -Bishop of Llandaff,---,122
---,Jenkin David,Blaeny-nant-hir-GCG,263 ---,John Lord Jeffreys,Cilybebyll,120
---,John Rees ap John,Tir Nant-y-gasseg-GCG,263 ---,Laud-Bishop of St David's,132
---,Lewis Griffith John ap Lewis,Cilybebyll,51 ---,Lln ap Jevan,Cwmnant-Hopkin-Cwmgors,263
---,Phillip ap Jenkins,Blaennantmeilir-GCG,263 ---,Rees ap Richard,Pwlle Watkin,28
---,Rees ap Richard,Wernbwll-GCG,263 ---,Sion y gwaddotwr,Pantyboblen-Cwmgors,213
---,Thomas Viscount Windsor,Cilybebyll,120 ---,Thomas-y-school,Cwmbach school-GCG,213
---,Urban,Bishop of Llandaff,---,123 ---,William John gwillim,Blaen-y-nant-hir-GCG,263
---.Connop Thirwall-Bishop of St David's,137 Abraham,William[Mabon-MP],Cwmavon/Waunarlwydd, 111
Adams,Glyn, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Adams,James, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Arthur,William,Graigola vein,90,105 Aubrey,R Gough,Cwmtwrch level,105
Auckland,Abel, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Auckland,Abel[teacher],Clydach school,199
Awbrey,Charles,Gelly Vowis mawr,74 Awbrey,Edward Sir,Tirdomen,51
Awbrey,Eleanor,Tirdomen,51 Awbrey,MorganYnysgedwyn,51,74
Awbrey,William,Palleg-Ystradgynlais,50,74 Bailey,Ivon A,Mond Nickel,102
Baker,William, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Ballard,P B[school inspector],---,218
Bartholomew,Thomas,GCG mine owner,267 Baylis,---Mr[architect],Swansea,255
Bayliss,J H[architect],Swansea,136 Beaufort,Duke of,---,38,41,90
Bellingham,G C, John Player & Sons Ltd,98,99 Bellingham,Hugh,John Player & sons Ltd,98,99
Benthal,---[Mrs],Ynysmeudwy pottery,75 Bentley,---[Mrs],Berlei UK Ltd,73
Beresford,George and wife,Ynysgedwyn Tinplate co,56 Berrington,---Mr,Rhydyfro,227
Bevan,D M [Sir-Lord of the manor],Clydach,95 Bevan,Evans,Neath,276
Bevan,Evans[Lord of the manor],Clydach,95 Bevan,Hopkin, New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149
Bevan,Llewelyn[Rev[,Gellionen,132,133,169 Bevan,William[Rev],Pontlliw/Seion-Cwmgors,177
Beynon,D R[Rev], Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Beynon,John,Ystalyfera-Cwmllynfell school board election, 225
Bicheno,James[Justice],---,41,45,104,107 Biggin,William[teacher], Ystalyfera school,206
Binns,---Mr[school inspector],Cwmllynfell,224 Bird,George Gowing Charles[teacher], Cae'r Doc school,183, 195,196
Birkenshaw, J [Mr],Pheonix Tinplate co,56 Birkenshaw,P,Pheonix Tinplate co,56
Blackmore,S H[Mr],Ynysgedwyn Works,55 Bodycombe,John, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Borrow,George[traveller],---,35 Bothwick,Harriett[teacher],Clydach,197
Bowen,David, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Bowen,Joseph, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Bowen,Lewis,Pontardawe workman,273 Bowen,Margaret [Mrs],Capel y Graig-Trebannws,134
Bowen,W R[Rev], Seion-Clydach,155 Bowstead,J[school inspector],GCG,214
Bowyer,Llewelyn[Rev],Danygraig chapel,130,131 Brace,Onllwyn[Rev],Pantycrwys,155,156
Bramah,Joseph[inventor],---,59 Brancher,Thomas Sir,Liverpool,79,80
Bren,Llewelyn,Senghennydd,119,120 Brett,Elizabeth [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Bridgens,S P[Rev],Gosen Apostolic,145 Buckland,William[geologist],---,23
Budd,Edward,Swansea,79 Budd,James Palmer& Mrs,Ystalyfera,40,41,43,79,80, 81,82,110,159,180,205,206,207
Budd family,Ystalyfera,168 Burley,Keith,Berlei UK Ltd,73
Butt,---Miss [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188 Cadman,W[Mr],London,137
Canning,T J[JP],Western Valley co,77 Carroll,A T[Mr],Pontardawe postmaster,49
Castle,Robert,GCG Band,260 Chapman,Percy, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Chappell,Edgar L Mrs[teacher],Tairgwaith school,217 Chappell,Edgar Leyshon[teacher],Pontardawe school, 186
Charles,Raymond,Pontardawe Sheet metal,77 Charles,Thomas,Bala,183
Childs,Thomas W,Mond Nickel,102 Clare,Gilbert & Joan de,---,119
Cleaves,Fred,GCG mine owner,267 Clee,D [Mr],Ynysgedwyn Tinplate co,56
Clee,Thomas[musician],Ystalyfera,258 Clee,W D,choir,255
Clee,W D[organist],Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Coles,---[Mr],Ynyspenllwch,95
Cook,Bedlington[teacher],Clydach,197 Cook,John,Ynyspenllwch,97
Copus,Edward[schools inspector],---,199 Cornish,S E, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Cousins,Nelly[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208 Cowling,Philip Henry, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Cowling,Tom, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Cox,C T [teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187
Cox,---Miss[teacher],GCG school/Cwmavon,216 Crane,George,Ynysgedwyn,40,54,180
Crane,Moira,Cwmtwrch colliery,223 Crane,W [canal owner],---,41
Craw,John,berlei UK Ltd,73 Cromwell,Oliver,28,74
Crowley,Richard,Old Swinford-Worcs,52 Cubbard,---[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184
Cuthbertson,H[school board],GCG,215 Dafydd,Owen,Cwmamman,135
Daniel,D J[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187 Daniel,D J[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208
Daniel,John,Cwmllynfell colliery,106 Dansey,Constance Elizabeth,Herefordshire,51
David,Bedlington,---,31 David,Rees,Pwlle Watkin,28
David,William,---,31 Davies,---[Nurse],Penclyn school ?,205
Davies,---[Rev],Cwmamman/Baran chapel,145 Davies,---[Rev],Morriston/Baran chapel,145
Davies,---[Rev],Ystalyfera church,168 Davies,Arthur, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Davies,Arthur G, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Davies,B D[Rev],Carmel-GCG,63,174,175
Davies,B R[Rev],Bryn Seion-Cwmtwrch,166 Davies,Ben[Rev],Pant-teg,68,161,167,224,225,268
Davies,D D[alderman],Llangiwg school board,216 Davies,D H[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Davies,D J, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Davies,D Prince[teacher],Brynamman,220
Davies,D T[Rev], Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Davies,D W[teacher],Penclyn school,204
Davies,D[Rev],Swansea/Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142 Davies,D[Rev],Clydach/ Adulum chapel-Pontardawe, 142
Davies,Daniel,Post Office-Trebannws/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 Davies,Daniel[Rev],Mount Elim chapel,143
Davies,Daniel[teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212 Davies,David,Penclyn school,205
Davies,David Daniel[alderman],Gwauncaegurwen,208 Davies,David W[Davies Aberlash],Pheonix Tinplate co-Tycoch Ystalfera,56,83
Davies,David[Dafydd Dafis][teacher],Cilybebyll,196 Davies,David[Rev],Bethania-Clydach,152
Davies,David[teacher],GCG school,214 Davies,Doreen[Miss],---,116
Davies,Eliza[teacher],GCG school,214 Davies,Elizabeth[teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Davies,Elwyn[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Davies,Evan[Rev],St John's-Clydach,157
Davies,Evan[Rev], Llanfair-Cwmgors,177 Davies,Evan[teacher],GCG school,214
Davies,G W[Rev],Ystalyfera church,168 Davies,Gareth[Rev],Soar-Pontardawe/Siloh-GCG,145
Davies,Griffith,Fagwyr Baptists,150 Davies,Hannah Annie[teacher],Trehernert/ Pontardawe National school, 185
Davies,Hannah[teacher,GCG school,214 Davies,Haydn[Rev],Gosen-Trebannws,144
Davies,Henry,Director mining instruction,186 Davies,I I, Cilybebyll school board,196
Davies,Idris, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Davies,Ifor[MP],Gowerton,116,117
Davies,Iorwerth J, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Davies,Isaiah[Rev],Llansawel/ Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142
Davies,J C[Sir],Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86 Davies, J Lee[Rev],Siloam-Brynamman,153
Davies,J M[Rev],Alltwen/Baran chapel,145 Davies,J Oldfield[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Davies,J T[Rev],Gosen/Bethesda chapels,140,141,143,148 Davies,James[Llew Cynlais], Tabernacle-Pontardawe,142
Davies,James[Rev],Godre'rgraig chapel,168 Davies,Jeffrey,Gowerton,116
Davies,Joel J,Llangiwg church,125,139 Davies,John R,Ystalyfera,164
Davies,John[ironmonger],Cross-Pontardawe,130 Davies,John[Rev],Alltwen/Cwmllynfell,158,159,169
Davies,John[Rev],Carmel-GCG,173 Davies,John[Rev]& wife[organist],Wern-Ystalyfera,162
Davies,John[Rev-Sion Calfin],Alltwen,127 Davies,John[Sir],Ministry of Munitions,65
Davies,John[teacher], Penyrincline school-Cwmgors,214 Davies,Jonathan,Salem-Clydach,151
Davies,Joshua[teacher],Penclyn school,204,205 Davies,Leighton[Captain],---,86
Davies,Lewis,Gellionen chapel,132 Davies,Llewelyn,Penclyn school board,204
Davies,Maurice,Ystalyfera,163 Davies,---Miss[teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218
Davies,N[Mrs] [teacher],Brynamman,221 Davies,Owen,Gilbertson & Co Ltd,66
Davies,Owen,Gellionen chapel,132 Davies,Percy Howell[BA],---,204
Davies,R A[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211 Davies,R Lloyd[Rev],Saron-Rhydyfro,147
Davies,R[Mrs] [teacher],Brynamman,221 Davies,Rachel Ann,Wern-Ystalyfera,162
Davies,Rachel[teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218 Davies,Rees Crosslet[musician],Ystalyfera,259
Davies,Rhys[solicitor],Swansea,74 Davies,Richard,Rhydyfro/Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140
Davies,Richard[Bishop of St Davids],---,124 Davies,Rosina[Miss][Evangelist],Bryn Seion-Cwmtrwch,166
Davies,Sampson,Fagwyr Baptists,150 Davies,Stephen, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Davies,T Eurig[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,171 Davies,T J[Rev], Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141
Davies,T[Rev],Horeb/Pantycrwys,155 Davies,Talbot[teacher],Brynamman,221
Davies,Thomas,Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Davies,Thomas[Rev],Carmel-Clydach,155
Davies,Thomas[teacher],Farmer's arms-Brynamman,219 Davies,W Sinnat, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Davies,Will[Sgili] [international rugby],Cwmgors,256 Davies,William, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Davies,William Jenkin[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Davies,William[Rev],Mount Elim chapel,143
Davies,William[Rev],Pant-teg,162 Davies,William[Rev], Seion-Clydach,155
Davy,Claude[international rugby],Cwmgors,256 Despencer,Hugh le,Cilybebyll,120
Dickins,---Miss[teacher],GCG school,216 Dillwyn,Lewis Weston[Justice],---,41,45,104,107
Earle,Stephen,Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86 Earle,W N,Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86
Edmond,W Seward, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Edmund,George T[teacher],GCG school,215
Edmund,George[teacher],GCG school,214,215 Edmund,Harry Ll[teacher],GCG school,215
Edmund,Harry[teacher],GCG school,216 Edwards,D [Rev],Caersalem-Ystalyfera / Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142,164
Edwards,David[Rev],Siloam-Brynamman,175 Edwards,Ebenezer,Ynysmeudwy Brick works,74
Edwards,Edward, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Edwards,Huw[Rev],Llanddeusant/Llangadog,169
Edwards,John,Qualiton,78 Edwards,John[Rev],Soar,144
Edwards,O,Qualiton,78 Edwards,T I [teacher],Pontardawe Grammar County school,190
Edwards,W[bridge builder],Pontypridd,255 Edwards,William[teacher],Brynamman,219
Elias,Griffith, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Ellis Phillips,T, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Ellis Phillips,T[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208 Ely,Charles,Ystalyfera,79
Evans,Benjamin,Llwynrhidiau,214 Evans,Benjamin,Llwynrhidie,215
Evans,D G[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227 Evans,D J, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Evans,D J, Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175 Evans,Daniel[Rev],Hebron-Clydach,154
Evans,David Benjamin[musician[Gwauncaegurwen,259,260 Evans,David[Incline],GCG,45
Evans,David[Rev],Hebron-Clydach,154 Evans,David[Sir Emrys],Clydach,153
Evans,David[teacher],GCG school,214 Evans,E R[Rev], Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142
Evans,E T[Rev],Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Evans,Edward,Choir-Brynamman,255
Evans,Evan,Gilfachyrhaidd-Ystalyfera,159 Evans,Evan, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Evans,Evan John[musician],Ystalyfera,258 Evans,Evan[Rev],Carmel-GCG,173
Evans,Frank T Wade,Ynysgedwyn,55 Evans,G G Owen[Dr],Bryncelyn-Pontardawe,128,134
Evans,G[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185 Evans,Gruffydd[teacher],Clydach school,199
Evans,J J[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178 Evans,J Jeffrey[Rev],Saron-Rhydyfro,147
Evans,J M[teacher],Tairgwaith school,218 Evans,Jane[school inspector],GCG,214
Evans,Jenkyn[sculptor],Ystalyfera,255 Evans,John,Glyn-mawr-Ystalyfera,159
Evans,John Derlwyn[Rev],Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,148 Evans,John Thomas[teacher],Brynamman,220
Evans,John[Bsc],Foundry,78 Evans,John[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Evans,John[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Evans,John[Rev],Caersalem-Ystalyfera,164
Evans,Joseph[Rev],Bethel-Cwmtwrch/Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,148 Evans,Leonard[teacher], Cae'r Doc school,183
Evans,Lewis[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165 Evans,Lyn,Wern-Ystalyfera,162
Evans,Maggie[teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212 Evans,Mary[teacher],GCG school,216
Evans,Rachel[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211 Evans,Rees[teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212
Evans,Rhys[Rev],Soar-Ystalyfera,164,164 Evans,Robert,Foundry-Alltwen,78
Evans,Rowland[Rev],Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,148 Evans,T M[teacher],Brynamman,220
Evans,Thomas Valentine[Rev], Clydach,150,153,199,204 Evans,Thomas[alderman],Gla County Council,188
Evans,Tom Wade,Ystalyfera,258 Evans,Tom[teacher],Brynamman,221
Evans,Vincent N E[Rev],Caersalem-Ystalyfera,165 Evans,Vincent[artist],Ystalyfera ?,255
Evans,W D[teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212 Evans,W L,clerk school board-Rhydyfro school,227
Evans,Walter Rice,Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86 Evans,William, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Evans,William John & Hannah,GCG,216 Evans,William[Rev],Cwmllynfell,126,127,158,169
Evans W R [Rev],Caersalem-Ystalyfera/Mount Elim chapel,143 Exley,Walter,GCG Band,260
Farrant,John[teacher],Cae'r Doc school,183 Folland,L N[Mrs] Llwynderw-Swansea, 218
Foord,Thomas,Ynyspenllwch,95 Ford,F E [teacher],Pontardawe Primary Boys school,188
Fosse,Richard[Captain],---,90 Francis,F E[Dr],school doctor,186,205
Francis,Jonathan,Salem-Clydach,151 Francis,S L[Miss] [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Franklen,Anne,Gower,50 Franklen,Harry,Ynysgedwyn,51
Franklen,Jenkin,Gower,50 Fry,L B,John Player & sons Ltd,98
Gabe,David[musician],Ystalyfera,258 Gabe,Jacob,Ystalyfera,163
Games,Margaret,Ynysgedwyn,51 Gardener's Fault-Baran mountain,93
George,John[teacher],Brynamman,221 George,Tom, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
George,William,Ystalyfera/Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 Gethin,Evan[teacher],Penyrincline school-Cwmgors,214
Gethin,Owen[overseer],Alltygreeg,41 Gibbins,F W,Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86
Gibbins,Theodore,Glynbeudy tinplate works,61 Gibbon,H[JP],Clydach,102
Gibbs,James[teacher],Brynamman,221 Giddings,Charles, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Gilbertson,Arthur,Glanrhyd,59,60,61,94,137,138,139,185,273 Gilbertson,Arthur Howell,---,62
Gilbertson,Cecil Frederick,---,62,65,66 Gilbertson,Charles,---,59,65
Gilbertson,Charles Geoffrey,---,62,65 Gilbertson,Colin Richard,---,62,66
Gilbertson,Francis William[Frank],Glynteg,62,63,66,186,273 Gilbertson,Mathias,Egham Sy,59
Gilbertson,William,Ynysderw,58,59,94,137,138,185 Gilbertson,William,Air Training Corps,189
Gilbertston,Arthur,Danygraig,199 Gill,George[teacher],Brynamman,220
Glandwr,Llewlyn,Swansea,78 Glantawe,Lord,---,60,140,273
Gordon,George[teacher],Clydach,198,200,203 Gough,Fleming R D A[JP],Ynysgedwyn,51
Gough,Fleming[Rev],Ystradgynlais,38,79,158 Gough,James,,Ynys Cedwyn,29,33
Gough,Richard Douglas,Ynysgedwyn,51,79,164,208 Gough,William,Willsbury-Glos,51
Gough-Awbrey,Richard,Ynysgedwyn,51 Granville,Richard de[Sir] and wife Constance,Neath Castle/Cilybebyll,119,125
Greenland,William,Pontardawe Post Office,49 Grenfell,D R[MP],Gorseinon-Swansea,111,115
Griffith,Gwenllian,Gelly Vowis,74 Griffith,William[teacher], Cae'r Doc school,183
Griffiths,---[Archdeacon],Neath,177 Griffiths,Anna[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226
Griffiths,Benjamin[teacher],Pontardawe National school,184 Griffiths,Griffith,Ynysmeudwy Arms,148
Griffiths,Ifander[choir conductor],184 Griffiths,J[Dr],Llandilo,137
Griffiths,J[Mr],Gurnos Tinplate co,56 Griffiths,James [Jim-MP],Tawe/Dulais valleys,111,113
Griffiths,James[Canon],Llangiwg church,125,139 Griffiths,John, Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140
Griffiths,John[contractor],Alltwen,126 Griffiths,Mary[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208
Griffiths,Phillip[Rev],Panteg/Alltwen chapel,127,128,143,148,159,160,173 Griffiths,T H[teacher],GCG school,216
Griffiths,William Ivander,Tawe Vale choir,255 Gronow,---[Rev],---,134
Groves,W C[teacher], Ystalyfera school,207 Gwyn,Howard[Rector],Cilybebyll,126
Gwyn,Howell[teacher],Cilybebyll school,195 Gwyn,---Mrs,Duffrun,29
Gwyn Jones,T,[Div.Exec.Officer],West Glamorgan area,179 Haines,---[Mr],Swansea,53
Hale,John and wife[teachers], Cilybebyll school ,196 Hamon,Richard fitz[Lord],---,119
Hanbury,John[Major],Pontypool,96 Hanney,George[musician],Morriston/GCG,260
Hapgood,R H, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Hardwidge,B G, Western Valley co,77
Hargreaves,Fred,Ynysgedwyn Tinplate co,56 Hargreaves,Joseph,GCG mine owner,267
Harper,Daniel,colliery-Llangiwg,-Stafford79 Harper,Thomas,Pontardawe Cottage-Ystalyfera,159
Harper,Thomas,Ynysgelynnen,180,183 Harper,Thomas[son of Daniel],79
Harries,Ann[Miss],Cwmllynfell post office,47 Harries,David/Mary,Cwmllynfell Gravel Pit,263
Harries,H[teacher],Clydach,201 Harries,John, New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149
Harries,John, Gibea-Brynamman,178 Harries,Mary[teacher],Brynamman,221
Harris,E M N[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226 Harris,John,Cwmbach-GCG,213
Harris,John[the elder],Nantricet-Cwmgors,173 Harris,M A[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185
Harris,Margaret[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211 Harrison,J, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Harry,John,Coed y falde level,105 Harry,Richard,Gilbertsons works,66
Hay,John,Cwmllynfell school board election,225 Hazard,---[Mr],USA,55
Hedley,E H,Alltacham,68 Hegan,Joseph James,Liverpool,79
Henry,Joseph[Rev],Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156 Herbert,Mathew,Ynysgedwyn,51
Herbert,Richard,Cilybebyll,138 Herbert,William[Earl of Pembroke],Cilybebyll,120,121
Herbert family,Cilybebyll,119,121,126 Hill,Benjamin,Clydach,92
Hill,Ernest[teacher],Clydach school,199 Hill,John,Clydach,92
Hill,Samuel,Clydach,92 Hill family,Clydach,92
Hinkin,James[precentor],Danygraig chapel,130 Hiscox.Edward, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Hodgson,W G[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185 Holderness,G M,Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86
Hope,John,Ynysmeudwy Pottery,75 Hopkin,---,Ynysmeudwy Tinplate,76
Hopkin,David,Cathelid colliery,91 Hopkin,E P[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187,188
Hopkin,Geo[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185 Hopkin,Gwyn, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Hopkin,Hopkin,Penclyn school,204 Hopkin,Ifor, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Hopkin,John, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Hopkin,John H E B, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Hopkin,M A[Miss] [teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218 Hopkin,Margaret,Fforest-goch,127
Hopkin,Phil[international rugby],Pontardawe,256 Hopkin,Roger,GCG,44,104
Hopkin,Roger,Cathelid colliery,91 Hopkin,Watkin, Cilybebyll school board,196
Hopkin,Will,West Wales Observer-Pontardawe,269 Hopkin,William Hopkin[overseer],GCG,45,104,107
Hopkins,David,---,31 Horrocks,K M[Miss],St Mary's-Clydach,157
Howell,Harry,Llansamlet,89 Howell,Howell,Llansamlet,89
Howell,John,Baran chapel,145 Howell,R D[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184
Howell,Roger[Rev],Gellionen chapel/Cwmllynfell chapel,132,145,146,169,173 Howell,Thomas,Cwmgors-Post Office,48
Howells,H C[Rev],Bethania-Clydach,153 Howells,Llewelyn,Foundry,78
Howells,Thomas,Foundry,78 Hugh,John[teacher],GCG school,216
Hughes,H[Rev],Wern school-Ystalyfera,206 Hughes,Henry,Llangiwg,137
Hughes, J G[Rev],Ystalyfera church,168 Hughes,J J[Canon],Llangiwg church,125,139
Hughes,J Teifionydd[Rev], Seion-Clydach,155 Hughes,Pryce,Jehovah Witnesses,156
Hughes,Richard Owen[Rev],Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,148 Hughes,W T[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165
Hughes,W[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184 Huws,Llywelyn C [Rev],Carmel-GCG,174
Ildebrand,---,GCG mine owner,267 Isaac,John[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,225
Jackson,---Mr[musician],Ystalyfera,258 James,---[Miss][teacher], Cilybebyll school ,197
James,Benjamin[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165,166 James,Christopher,Clydach ?,198
James,David,Gilbertson works,66 James,David[teacher],Clydach,200
James,Edward[Rev],Canaan-Swansea/Gwrhyd chapel,172 James,Evan,Swansea,79,106
James,Ezer, Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 James,J T[Rev],Baran chapel,145
James,Jane[wife of Ebenezer Rees],---,268 James,John,Cwmllynfell mines,106
James,John,Gellionen chapel,132,133,134,183 James,John,Llwynyrhaf,149
James,John, [teacher],Godre'rgraig Council school,212 James,John,Godr'er Garth,215
James,John,Godre'rgarth,227 James,John[JP-miners agent],Cwmgors,112
James,John[Rev],Vardre,197 James,T R Walters[Canon],Ystradgynlais/Llangiwg church,125,139
James,Thomas, New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149 James,William, New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149
James,William Abel[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,223 James Wight,Phoebe,Wern-Ystalyfera,162
Jeffreys,---,Cwmgors mining,103 Jeffries,John[Rev],Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Jenkins,Daniel,Ty Isaf Quarry-GCG,263 Jenkins,David,Fagwyr Baptists,150
Jenkins,David[Rev],Rhos,128,130 Jenkins,David[teacher],Penclyn school,204
Jenkins,Edgar, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Jenkins,Evan H[Ifan Afan][Rev], Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156
Jenkins,George and wife[teachers], Cilybebyll school ,196,197 Jenkins,Grif T, Tabernacle-Pontardawe,142
Jenkins,H P[Rev],Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Jenkins,Harry, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Jenkins,I,Clydach,199 Jenkins,Ivor[Rev], Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Jenkins,James[barrister],---,196 Jenkins,John[musician[Gwauncaegurwen,259
Jenkins,John[Rev],Treffynnon/Pan-Teg chapel-Ystalyfera,160 Jenkins,Laura [teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187
Jenkins,Llewelyn E [Rev],Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156 Jenkins,Matilda[teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212
Jenkins,Owen, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Jenkins,R,Gellivefan,204
Jenkins,Richard H[Rev],Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Jenkins,Samuel,Cwmgors farm,264
Jenkins,Thomas[Rev],Llangiwg church,125,183 Jenkins,Trevor, Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175
Jenkins,W G, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Jenkins,William[Sir-MP],Neath,111,115
Jersey,Lord,Ynysmeudwy Farm,74 Jevan,Sarah[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
John,Daniel[Rev],Gosen-Trebannws,144 John,E Stanley[Rev],Hebron-Clydach,154
John,Howell,Glyncoch,199 John,I Cyril[Rev], Seion-Cwmgors,177
John,John,Ynysderw,183 John,Lewis,Mynydd Bach/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140
John,W H[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187 Johns,J,Penclyn school board,204
Johns,Joseph[Rev],English Congregational-Ystalyfera,169 Jones,---[Dr],Clydach,202
Jones,Abraham[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208 Jones,Albert[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Jones,Arthur[Rev],Pan-Teg-Ystalyfera,161 Jones,B D[Rev],bethania-Clydach,153
Jones,B H[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185 Jones,Ben[teacher], Ystalyfera Grammar school,209
Jones,Benjamin,Cloth Hall-Clydach,152 Jones,D,Gellionen chapel,132
Jones,D Benjamin[Rev],Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,149 Jones,D Eiddig[Rev],Hebron-Clydach,154
Jones,D G[Rev],Soar,144 Jones, D H[Gaius][Rev],Nantyffin/ Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142
Jones,D Jeremy[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,171 Jones,D[Rev],---,184
Jones,D[Rev],Wern school-Ystalyfera,206,207 Jones,D[Rev],Pontardawe-Cwmllynfell school board election,225
Jones,Dafydd,Gelligron Mill,146 Jones,Dafydd[y gat],GCG,35
Jones,Daniel[Rev],Tresgyrch/Baran chapel,145 Jones,David,Gilbertsons works,67
Jones,David,Arminians-Clydach,152 Jones,David,Llangiwg church,125
Jones,David John[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Jones,David[Rev],Talhirion/Hebron-Clydach,154
Jones,Dyfed[musician],Ystalyfera,259 Jones,E Aman[Rev],Gurnos-Ystalyfera,163
Jones,E D[architect],Pontardawe,171 Jones,E D[architect],---,255
Jones,Edryd[Rev],Alltwen chapel,129,131 Jones,Edward Mornant[Rev],Rhos,130
Jones,Edwin[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,171 Jones,Elfyn[Rev], Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141
Jones,Emlyn[Rev],Morriston/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141 Jones,Emrys[Rev], Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175
Jones,Griffith,Llanddowror,173,179,182,183,195,212 Jones,Gwen[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211
Jones,Gwilym Morgan, Ebenezer-Brynamman,178 Jones,Gwyn, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Jones,Gwynedd[Rev],Danygraig chapel,131 Jones,H O[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Jones,Hannah [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189 Jones,Henry[teacher], Cilybebyll school,197
Jones,Henry[teacher],Brynamman,220 Jones,Idwal[Rev],Saron-Rhydyfro,147
Jones,Ifor[Rev],Clydach/Soar-Ystalyfera,164 Jones,Iorwerth[Rev],Pant-teg,162
Jones, J D,Gellionen chapel,133 Jones,J H[Rev],Wern-Ystalyfera,162
Jones,J Jeffrey,Plas Gellionen,29 Jones,J Ll,Godre'rgraig?-Ystalyfera ?,258
Jones,J Rowland[Rev], Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142 Jones,J W [Rev], St Mary's-Clydach,158
Jones,J[Rev][Mathetes], Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142 Jones,James[Rev], St John's-Clydach,157
Jones,Jenkin[teacher],Brynamman,221 Jones,John,Brynbrain,35,45,97,170
Jones,John,Gwaincaegurwen level,105 Jones,John,Fountain Hall-Ystalyfera,159
Jones,John, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Jones,John,Craig-Trebanwws,199
Jones,John Benjamin,Clydach,199 Jones,John[Rev],Llangiwg/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141
Jones,John[Rev],Saron-Rhydyfro,146 Jones,John[Rev][Jones Llangiwg],Carmel-GCG,174
Jones,John[teacher],Brynamman,221 Jones,Joseph[Rev] [teacher],Brynamman,221
Jones,Lewis[Rev],Tyncoed/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141 Jones,Mary [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Jones,Millicent[teacher],Tairgwaith school,217 Jones,---Miss,Garth-Pontardawe,265
Jones,Noah[Rev],GCG,173,212 Jones,Owen,Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,148
Jones,Owen[Rev],Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Jones,P Idwal,Ynysgedwyn Tinplate co,56
Jones,R O [DR],---,12 Jones,Randall[Rev], Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Jones,Rees,---,31 Jones,Richard,Cwmllynfell,106
Jones,Richard,Glyn Neath/Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 Jones,Sal [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Jones,Secundus[Rev],Ystalyfera church,168 Jones,T Emrys[Rev],Bethesda-Ynysmeudwy,148
Jones,T Madoc,Llangiwg church,125,139 Jones,Theophilus[History of Brecknock],---,50
Jones,Thomas,Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 Jones,Thomas Noah,Llangiwg church,125
Jones,Thomas[teacher],Brynamman,220 Jones,Tom Emrys[musician],Ystalyfera,259
Jones,Towyn[Rev,MP],---,221 Jones,Trevor Burgess[Rev], Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141
Jones,Trevor[Rev],Pantteg/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141,161 Jones,W Henry[Rev],Danygraig chapel,131
Jones,W J, Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175 Jones,W M,Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86
Jones,W M[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184 Jones,W M[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185
Jones,W Morgan[Rev],Danygraig chapel,131 Jones,Walford[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Jones,Watkin Morgan[teacher], Ystalyfera school,206 Jones,Will[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184
Jones,William,Cilhendre Fawr,127 Jones,William,Llwynhen Brewery,107
Jones,William, Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 Jones,William, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Jones,William,Tytwt-Cwmgors,213 Jones,William,Caegurwen Common,263
Jones,William Isaac[Isaac o'r Felin], New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149 Jones,William Oswald [teacher],Pontardawe Secondary County school,190
Jones,William[Rev],Soar-Ystalyfera,164 Jordan,John[Alderman],90
Kirkham,---,GCG colliery owner,267 Lancaster,---[Miss],Ystalyfera school,206
Landeg,John[Captain],Bringwhilach,33 Langer,Carl,Mond Nickel,101
Leach,---[Mrs],Cilybebyll,124 Leach,Francis Edwardes,Killebill,33
Leach,Henry,Killebill,33,124 Leach,William Henry,Killebill,33
Lee Davies,Joseph [Rev],Llanelli/ Siloam-Brynamman,176 Leeke,S J[Rev], Siloam-Brynamman,176
Leigh,Capel Hanbury,Monmouthshire,96 Leigh,H[Captain-Lord of the manor],---,97
Leonard,James[teacher],Brynamman,221 Lessingham,Thomas Lettsom Gronow,134
Letson,Samuel Fothergill,---,33 Lewis,A G[Rev],Ystalyfera church,168
Lewis,Catherine,Penclyn school,205 Lewis,Cyril Benjamin H [teacher],Pontardawe Secondary County school,189
Lewis,Daniel,Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140 Lewis,Daniel, Tanyrallt-Ystalyfera,215
Lewis,Daniel,Ystalyfera- Cwmllynfell school board election,225 Lewis,Dyfed[musician],Ystalyfera,258
Lewis,E D[Rev],Caersalem-Ystalyfera,164 Lewis,E D[teacher], Ystalyfera Grammar school,209
Lewis,E[Miss] [teacher],Rhydyfro school,227 Lewis,Edward[Lewis Risca][teacher],Cwmllynfell school,224
Lewis,Evan, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Lewis,Evan[Rev],Carmel-GCG,174
Lewis,Griffith,Cilybebyll school board,196 Lewis,Gwen [teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187
Lewis,Gwyn[Rev], St Mary's-Clydach,157 Lewis,John,Danygraig-Ystalyfera,163,164
Lewis,Johnny[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178 Lewis,L G[Rev], Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142
Lewis,L J[teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212 Lewis,Mary Anne [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188
Lewis,Morgan,Salem-Clydach,151,152 Lewis,Morgan, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Lewis,Richard, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Lewis,Richard[teacher],Brynamman,220
Lewis,Richard[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,224 Lewis,Sulwyn L [teacher],Pontardawe Grammar County school,190
Lewis,Thomas,Ynyspenllwch,95,96 Lewis,William[Lewys Afan],---,60
Llan Davies,W, Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175 Llewelyn,Arthur[Rev, Seion-Cwmgors,177
Llewelyn,Elizabeth[teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218 Llewelyn,Griff,---,79
Llewelyn,Ivor,Darren colliery,67 Llewelyn,Llewelyn,Ynyspenllwch,97,198
Llewelyn,Tom, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Llewelyn,W Craven,Darren colliery,67
Llewelyn,William,Ynyspenllwch,97 Llewelyn Evans,B[Rev],Godre'rgraig chapel,168
Llewelyn Jones,Hugh[Rev], Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Lloyd,---[Mr -a shipwright],---,41
Lloyd,A[Miss] [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189 Lloyd,C[Miss] [teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
Lloyd,D H[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155 Lloyd,Dan,GCG Band,260
Lloyd,David,Pheonix Tinplate co-Ystalyfera,56,166 Lloyd,David,Gilbertsons works,66
Lloyd,Elizabeth,Cilmaenllwyd,138 Lloyd,Ellen,Plas Cilybebyll,60
Lloyd,F E,Plas-Cilybebyll,124,136 Lloyd,Francis,Plas Cilybebyll,60
Lloyd,Henry[teacher], Cae'r Doc school,183,195 Lloyd,Herbert,Cilybebyll,29,139,196,197,273
Lloyd,J H P,Cilybebyll,121 Lloyd,Luther Mrs, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167
Lloyd,Randall, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Lloyd,Robert[teacher],Ystalyfera school,206,207
Lloyd,William,Pheonix Tinplate co-Ystalyfera Lloyd family,Plas-Cilybebyll,121,126
Lloyd Hill,J,Clydach,199 Lumley Evans,William[Rev],Beula/Soar-Ystalyfera,164,165
Mabon,---[MP],---,see Abraham Mackworth,Humphrey [Sir],---,53,120
Mackworth,Robert h[Sir],---,96 Maddocks,Gwen[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208
Madge,W A, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Mainwaring,J D,Wern-Ystalyfera,162
Mainwaring,John,New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149 Mainwaring,W G,Danygraig chapel,130
Mansel,Bussy[Hon],Gellionen chapel,132 Mark,Jenkin,GCG-Post Office,48
Martin,Edward P,Ynystawe,38,90 Martin,Timothy,---,90
Mathias,---[Rev],Mount Elim chapel,143 Mathias,Edward,Danygraig chapel,131
McKinley,---[ congressman],USA,61 Meers,James[Sir],Clydach,95
Melbourne James,William Sir,Lord Chief Justice,198 Mercer,Robert,Ystalyfera,79
Mere,John[Sir-of Kirton],---,95 Mere,Robert de la,---,95
Meredith,D Glyn,clerk Pont.RDC,266 Meredith,D Glyn[clerk to Pontardawe RDC],---,210
Meredith,Daniel,---,51 Meredith,Mary[teacher],GCG school,215
Meredith,William,GCG Colliery,266 Michael,Llewellyn, New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149
Michell,Catherine [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188 Michell,Elizabeth [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188
Middleton,Christopher,Middleton Hall-CMN,51 Middleton,Rachel,Middleton Hall-CMN,51
Miers,---,Mr,landowner-GCG,264 Miers,family estates,GCG,276
Miers,Henry Nathaniel,Ynyspenllwch,94,95,97,199 Miers,John Nathaniel,---,38,96,97
Miers,M N,Clydach,180,198 Miers,Mary Ann[Molly],Clydach,96
Miers,Nathaniel[tinplates],---,96 Miers,Richard Hill& Jane Bonner,Ynyspenllwch,94
Miers,Thomas[Sir],Clydach,95 Mitchell,J J [Mr],Ynysgedwyn Tinplate co,56
Mitchell,Margaret[teacher],Penclyn school,204 Mon Williams,W [Rev], Anglesey/Siloam-Brynamman,176
Mond,Ludwig/Robert/Alfred,Clydach,99 Moore-Gwyn,Ellen,Dyffryn,65
Morfydd Morgan,S[Miss] [teacher],Cwmgors primary school,212 Morgan,B[Mrs][teacher], Cilybebyll school,197
Morgan,Cassie[Mrs],Cwmllynfell Post Office,47 Morgan,Charles,GCG mine owner,267
Morgan,Charles[musician],Ystalyfera,258 Morgan,D Hopkin[Rev],Calfaria-Clydach,153
Morgan,David, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Morgan,David,Cilpentan,214
Morgan,David Hugh[Rev[,Calfaria-Clydach,154 Morgan,David[alderman],Ystalyfera Grammar school,208
Morgan,David[architect],Waunleision-GCG,255 Morgan,David[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
Morgan,Edgar[international rugby],Pontardawe,256 Morgan,Edgar[teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218
Morgan,Elizabeth[Miss][teacher],Penclyn school,204,205 Morgan,Fred, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Morgan,G [teacher],Pontardawe Primary Boys school,188 Morgan,Griffith,Banwen School,178
Morgan,Griffith[teacher],Brynamman,222 Morgan,Henry,Capel y Graig-Trebannws,134
Morgan,Hilda[Mrs],Cwmllynfell Post office,47 Morgan,Isaac[Rev],Soar,144
Morgan,J Gwynne[Brigadier Gen.-JP],Mond Nickel,102 Morgan,J T[Thalamis][Rev], Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142,143
Morgan,Jane[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,224 Morgan,John,Cwmllynfell Post Office,47
Morgan,John, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Morgan,John, Penlan Fach,215
Morgan,John,Ystalyfera-Cwmllynfell school board election,225 Morgan,John Lloyd, Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Morgan,John[teacher],GCG school,216 Morgan,Leslie[Rev],Gosen-Trebannws,144
Morgan,Llew,---,24 Morgan,Morgan[teacher],Brynamman,221
Morgan,Philip[Rev],Adulum chapel,142 Morgan,Richard, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Morgan,Richard[teacher],GCG school,214 Morgan,S G[BSc],Alltwen,126
Morgan,Thomas,Penlanfach-Ystalyfera,159 Morgan,Thomas[musician[Gwauncaegurwen,259
Morgan,Thomas[musician],Ystalyfera,258 Morgan,W R,Danygraig chapel,130
Morgan,William,Plas Mount level,105 Morgan,William Samuel[MSc],---,12
Morgan,William[Rev],Soar,144 Morgan R H,Llangiwg church,125
Morgans,---Mr[musician],Cwmtawe,258 Morris,Ben[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Morris,Ceriog, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Morris,Claud,Llais Llafur Co Ltd,269
Morris,D W[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165 Morris,Daisy[teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218
Morris,Evan, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Morris,M[Mrs] [teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226
Morris,Mary[teacher],GCG school/Porthcawl,216 Morris,Prosser,---,31
Morris,Robert,Ynyspenllwch,97 Morris,S H, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Morris,T J[Rev],Soar-Ystalyfera,164 Morris,Tal,GCG Band,260
Morris,Thomas[Canon], St Mary's-Clydach,157,158 Morris,William[school inspector,---,195
Morse,John,Ynyspenllwch,95 Moses,Arthur, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Moses,Arthur[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187 Moses,Arthur[teacher],Tairgwaith school, 218
Moses,D J[Rev],Gurnos-Ystalyfera,163 Moses Williams,D[Rev],Beula-Cwmtwrch,165
Neville,Richard[Earl of Warwick],---,120 Newton,---[Dr],Ystalyfera Tinplate co,86
Newton,---[Mr],Ystalyfera school,207 Nicholas,Rees[teacher], Ystalyfera school,207
Nicholas,T E[Rev] Seion-Clydach,155 Nisbet,M A[Miss][teacher],Clydach,201
O'Donovan,---[Father],Catholic-Clydach,157 Oak,Edward[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,224
Oliver,David[Rev],Gellionen chapel,133 Owen,Alfred Williams[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
Owen,Dyfnallt[Rev[,Cwmllynfell,170 Owen,Esau[y][Rev],Hebron-Clydach/Gosen-Trebannws,143,154,198,199,203
Owen,John[Bishop],St David's,177 Owen,John[Dr],Bishop of St David's,157
Owen,Mary[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227 Owen,T G[Rev], Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156
Owen,W T[Rev], Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141 Padley,William,Swansea,37,38
Painter,John, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Palmer,George,Gilbertsons works,66,67
Parker,John Henry[verger],St Peter's church,136 Parry,Ellis[Rev],Godre'rgraig chapel,167
Parsons,John,Pontardawe,40,41,53,57,67,184 Parsons,Mary[wife of William],---,58
Parsons,Richard,Ynysgedwyn,31,32,52,53,57,89,90,105 Parsons,Samuel,---,53
Parsons,William,Pontardawe,40,42,53,57,58,136,137,180,183 Patti,Madam,---,273
Payne,Albert S[teacher],Brynamman,220 Peel,Charles E,Gyrnos Tinplate co,56
Peel,E Morton,Gyrnos Tinplate co,57 Pembroke, Earl of,27
Penderel,E A H,Garth-Pontardawe,106,170 Pendrill,Edward,Llangiwg church,125
Pendrill,Richard,---,79 Penry,David,Gellionen chapel,132,169
Penry,John,Bethesda chapel-Ynysmeudwy,148 Penry,Margaret,Llychard Vach,28
Phillips,D,Neuadd Lwyd,127 Phillips,D Rhys,---,96
Phillips,Frank,Ynysmeudwy Tinworks,76 Phillips,G[Mr],Pheonix Tinplate co,56
Phillips,Gwilym, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Phillips,H M[Miss] [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Phillips,John H[teacher],Brynamman,220 Phillips,Mary[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184
Phillips,Melville[Rev],English Congregational-Ystalyfera,169 Phillips,T George[Rev], Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156
Phillips,Tom Ellis[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226 Philpot,Gwenllian[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
Player,John,Gyrnos Tinplate co,56,97,98 Player,Percy,Clydach,99
Player,W H[Mr],Gyrnos Tinplate co,56,97,98 Player,W J Percy,Gyrnos Tinplate co,57,97,98,99
Popkin,John Bennett,---,38 Popkin,Thomas,---,52
Popkins,---[tinplates],---,96 Portray,Christopher,Ynysgedwyn,51
Portray,Richard/Catherine,Cheriton/Rhosili/Ystradgynlais,51 Powell,---,Mr[first aid man],John Player & sons Ltd,99
Powell,---,Ynysmeudwy Tinplate,76 Powell,D J, All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Powell,Gabriel,---,28 Powell,Marianne[teacher],Clydach,201
Powell,Thomas,County school inspector,205 Powell,William,Llychard Vawr,28
Price,---[Dr],---,184 Price,David John[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226
Price,David[Rev], Beula/Bryn Seion-Cwmtwrch,165,166 Price,Evan[musician[Gwauncaegurwen,259
Price,Gomer,Ystalyfera school,207 Price,Hilton,Pontardawe Grammar County school,190
Price,J R[Rev],Saron -Rhydyfro,147 Price,L[Rev],Llandilo,177
Price,Mary[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211 Price,Morgan,Llangiwg church,125
Price,Rees,Ystalyfera Isaf,159 Price,Rees[Rev],Gellionen chapel,132,145
Price,Rhys[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,146,170 Price,Richard H, Siloam-Brynamman,176
Price,Thomas,Llangiwg church,125 Price,Vicar[?],---,183
Price,Walter,Llangiwg church,125 Pritchard,Jevan Morgan,TirYnysgedwyn,51
Pritchard,Robert Islwyn[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Probyn,Lydia Kate[Miers,Ynyspenllwch,94
Prosser,---bach[Eos Cynlais] [musician],Ystalyfera,258 Prosser,William[teacher],Crofte-Brynamman,219
Prutherch,---[Mr],Gellionen chapel,132 Pryce,Tanner,Ynysgedwyn,52
Pryce,Thomas[Pryce Bach],Ynysgedwyn,52 Pryse,Thomas,tinplate,96
Pugh,David[MP],Garnant colliery,265 Pugh,Dillwyn, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Pugh,John[Rev],Sketty/ Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142 Pughe,William[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,224
Pytt,Rowland,Ynyspenllwch,95 Ramsey,Alex G[Dr-JP],Mond Nickel,102
Rawson,---[Mrs],Ystalyfera,206 Rawson,Emily[Budd],Ystalyfera,80
Rees,Arthur Gwyn [teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187,188 Rees,Beddoe Sir[architect],Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175
Rees,D H,Western Valley co,77 Rees,D L Godre'rgraig Council school,212
Rees,David Gwenog[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Rees,David J,Scranton-USA,268
Rees,David T[Rev],Godre'rgraig chapel,167 Rees,David[Rev],Caersalem-Ystalyfera,164
Rees,Ebenezer,South Wales Voice,268 Rees,Enoch,Brynamman,109
Rees,Enoch[Rev],Clydach,137,157 Rees,F E[Director Education],---,209
Rees,Gerwyn Godre'rgraig Council school,212 Rees,H[DR],School Board-Ystalyfera,207
Rees,H[Dr],GCG-Cwmllynfell school board election,225 Rees,Henry Alfred[BA],Ystalyfera Grammar sch,129,209
Rees,Henry[headmaster], Ystalyfera Grammar school,209 Rees,Hywel[Dr],Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Rees,Idwal, Siloam-Brynamman,176 Rees,John[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165
Rees,John[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,170,172 Rees,John[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226
Rees,Josiah[Rev],Gellionen chapel,132,133,213 Rees,Levi[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,223
Rees,Lewis,Tirdwncyn,169 Rees,Llewelyn[overseer],Mawr Llanguke,41
Rees,Morgan,Salem-Clydach,151 Rees,Owen,Gellionen,133
Rees,Philip,Caegurwen Arms-GCG,213 Rees,Rees B,Caersalem-Ystalyfera,166
Rees,Rees[Rev & Mrs],Aberavon/Alltwen,128,130,131 Rees,Rees[Rev],Alltwen/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141,142,208
Rees,Richard,Hendre Caradog-Cilybebyll,29 Rees,Stanley Gordon [teacher],Pontardawe Grammar school,190
Rees,T J,Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175 Rees,T J,GCG Band,260
Rees,Thomas, [Rev],Swansea/Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141 Rees,Thomas[Dr],London,133
Rees,Vernon[Rev], Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,143 Rees,W J]Rev],Porth/Alltwen,129,131
Rees,William[Rev],Llechryd-CGN,149 Rees,William[Rev][Arianglawdd],Bryn Seion-Cwmtwrch,166
Reynolds,John,Greenfield,79 Reynolds,John,Cwmllynfell mines,106
Reynolds,Thomas[teacher],Ystalyfera school,207 Richard,Lewis,Bryncarnau farm-Alltwen,127
Richards,Alfa[Rev],Gellionen chapel,134 Richards,Brinley[county councillor],Ystalyfera Grammar school,208
Richards,D Gower[Rev],Gosen-Trebannws,144 Richards,David,Ynysmeudwy Tinworks,76
Richards,David, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Richards,J D W[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Richards,J Lundy,Llangiwg church,125,139 Richards,Mary[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
Roach,B J,Western Valley co,77 Roberts,---[Principal],Aberystwyth,188
Roberts,C[Mr],Swansea,37 Roberts,David[Rev], Seion-Clydach,155
Roberts,Gwladys[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208 Roberts,J J[Rev],Hebron-Clydach,154
Roberts,J J[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,225 Roberts,J[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,171
Roberts,John,Cwmllynfell mines,106 Roberts,John James,schoolmaster,58
Roberts,John Jones[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184,185,186 Roberts,John[Rev],Siloam-Brynamman,176
Roberts,John[Rev],Conway/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141 Roberts,Maud[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208
Roberts,Percy[teacher],Pontardawe Grammar County school,190 Roberts,Redvers Percy[MA],Grammar school,58
Roberts,Robert[deacon],Alltwen,130 Roberts,Thomas,Royal Oak Inn-Ystalyfera,272
Roberts,W D[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178 Roberts.E S[Rev], Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156
Roderick,T M[Rev], Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175 Roderick,William D [Rev],Rhiwfawr/Gwrhyd,172
Rogers,Thomas,Llangiwg church,125 Rosser,A D,Qualiton,78
Rowlands,Clive[international rugby],Cwmtwrch,256 Rowlands,Dafydd[Rev], Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Rowlands,John[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,170,173 Russell,Charles Taze,Jehovah Witnesses,156
Sails,Richard,GCG mine owner,267 Samuel,A Irfon[Rev], Tabernacle-Cwmgors,175
Samuel,Astley W,School Board,186,195,205 Samuel,Astley W,Alltwen Collegiate school,269
Samuel,M A[Miss ?], [teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211 Samuel,William,Collegiate school,194,196
Samuel,Wynne[barrister],Ystalyfera ?,164 Scale,Mary[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227
Selby Jones,T[Rev]Carmel-GCG,174 Sellers,Frank,GCG mine owner,267
Semple,F B[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187 Simmonds,Joseph,Gellionen chapel,132
Simonds,Joseph[Rev],Gellionen chapel/Cwmllynfell chapel,132,169 Smith,Alex[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184
Smith,David, Cilybebyll school board,196 Smith,John[colliery owner],Llansamlet,90
Smith,Margaret[teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188 Smith family,Cilybebyll,126
Spence,---Mrs[teacher],Tairgwaith school,217 Spencer,---Mr[postal deliveries],Swansea,46,47
Spratt,---Miss[teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,185 Stamp,Dudley[geographer],---,99
Stephens,D W[Rev], Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Stephens,Thomas,Foundry,78
Stewart,William,Hendreforgan colliery,108 Strick,Courtney C [Capt],Gyrnos Tinplate co,57
Strick,George Henry,Gyrnos Tinplate co,56,57 Strick,Henry,Ynyspenllwch,97
Strick,John,Craigyrhwper colliery,90 Strick,John,limekilns-Clydach,275
Strick,John J,Clydach Foundry,97 Strick,---Mr,Amman Iron Works-Brynamman,221,222
Strick family,Tawe Valley,90 Sully,Arthur Blount[headmaster], Ystalyfera Grammar school,209
Taylor,Robert,English Congregational-Ystalyfera,169 Taylor,W T[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185
Terry,D J[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227 Thomas,Alice[teacher],Tairgwaith school,217
Thomas,Benjamin[Rev]Gurnos-Ystalyfera,163 Thomas,C S[architect],Swansea,147
Thomas,Ceridwen[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208 Thomas,Clem[international rugby],Brynamman,256
Thomas,D,Ynysmeudwy Tinworks,76 Thomas,D G[Mr],Ynysgedwyn Tinplate co,55
Thomas,D I[teacher],Clydach Secondary County School,190 Thomas,D Ll[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187
Thomas,D[Mr],Pheonix Tinplate co,56 Thomas,David,Salem-Clydach,151
Thomas,David,Medical Officer of Health,186,208 Thomas,David,Ystalyfera- Cwmllynfell school board election,225
Thomas,David [teacher],Pontardawe Grammar school,190 Thomas,David E, Ebenezer-Brynamman,178
Thomas,David[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165 Thomas,David[the younger],Pwll-y-wrach,33
Thomas,David[USA],Ystradgynglais,53,54 Thomas,Elizabeth Margretta,Groeswen,175
Thomas,Evan,Danygraig chapel,130 Thomas,Evan[Rev], Llanfair-Cwmgors,177
Thomas,Henry,Gilbertsons works,66 Thomas,Henry,Lacharn,126
Thomas,Henry[builder],Rhydyfro school,227 Thomas,Henry[Rev],Alltwen,126,127
Thomas,J Aaron,Ynysmeudwy Tinworks,76 Thomas,J J A[Rev],Bishop of Swansea & Brecon,158
Thomas,J R, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Thomas,John,Cwmllynfell mine,106
Thomas,John E[Rev],Seion-Cwmgors,177 Thomas,John William,Danygraig chapel,130
Thomas,John William[teacher],Pontardawe Grammar school,190 Thomas,John[Jack-MA],Ystradgynlais,113
Thomas,John[Rev],Gurnos-Ystalyfera,163 Thomas,Joseph,llwynrhidiau colliery,103
Thomas,Margaret[teacher], Ystalyfera schools,208 Thomas,Margaret[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211
Thomas,Margaret[teacher],GCG school,215 Thomas,Meredith,---,51
Thomas,Richard [OBE.JP],Clydach,93,94 Thomas,Robert[Rev],Gellionen,132
Thomas,Robert[Rev],Glandwr/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141 Thomas,Roger[Adolphus],---,81
Thomas,Roger[poet],---,38 Thomas,Rosser Elwyn, [curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139
Thomas,Sally[Mrs],Cwmllynfell Post Office,47 Thomas,T G[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,171
Thomas,Tawelfryn[Rev],Groeswen,175 Thomas,Thomas,Abernant,33
Thomas,Thomas[Rev],Llandilo/Hebron-Clydach,154 Thomas,W,Llangiwg church,125
Thomas,W D[Rev],Gibea-Brynamman,178 Thomas,W G [teacher],Pontardawe Primary Boys school,188
Thomas,W P[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165 Thomas,William,Blaen-nant-hir farm-GCG,124
Thomas,William,Llangiwg church,125,126,183 Thomas,William,Hebron-Clydach,154,155
Thomas,William John[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226 Thomas,William[musician],Pantteg,258
Thomas,William[Rev],Seion-Clydach,155 Tobias,Thomas,Llanelly/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140
Town,Morris,---,38 Treacher,Benjamin,Ystalyfera,79
Treherne,David[teacher],Penclyn school,204 Tudor,Jasper[Duke of Bedford],---,120
Tudor Morris,G[Rev], Siloam-Brynamman,176 Turberville,D B,School Board,185,207,215
Turberville,Richard/Elizabeth,Cilybebyll,138 Vivian,H H [MP][Lord Swansea],---,43,92
Walker,E Glyn[Rev],Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Walker,George,Swansea,106
Walters,---[Dr],Llanfair-Cwmgors,177 Walters,D D[Rev][Gwallter Ddu],Ynysmeudwy/Saron-Rhydyfro,147
Walters,P,Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Walters,Thomas,Graigola vein,90,91,92
Walters,Thomas,Cwmllynfell mine,106 Walters,Thomas,Ystradgynlais,137
Walters,Thomas[grocer],Ystalyfera,162 Walters family,Walters Rd,Swansea,91
Walters-Jones,Phyllis,Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Warner,R [Rev],---,96
Watkin,Evan,Mynydd Bach level,105 Watkin,Jeffrey,Brynamman Post Office,47
Watkin,W R [Rev],Clydach,150 Watkins,John[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226
Watkins,Mary [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188 Watkins,Philip J,Swansea,57
Webb,Henry, All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Whitaker,---Mr[violin],Swansea,186
White,T R[Mr],Gurnos Tinplate co,56 White,Thomas Richardson,Fountain Hall-Ystalyfera,215
William,Dafydd,Cwmgarw,218 Williams,---,Maesygwernen,60
Williams,Alice[school governess],Ystalyfera,207 Williams,B[Rev],Cannan/ Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141
Williams,Charles,Ynysmeudwy Pottery,75 Williams,Charles[Rev],Soar-Ystalyfera/Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142,164,175
Williams,Charles[Rev], Siloam-Brynamman,176 Williams,Charles[Rev], Ystalyfera,215
Williams,D D,Bryn Works Ltd-Penybryn Sketty,76 Williams,D M [teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,187
Williams,D T[alderman],Ystalyfera Grammar school,208 Williams,D Watkin[teacher],Brynamman,220
Williams,D[Rev],Capel y Cwar,151 Williams,David,Llychard Vawr,28
Williams,David,Caeglas-Brynamman,47 Williams,David Alexander, Tabernacle-Pontardawe,140
Williams,David James[MP],Tairgwaith/Neath,111,116 Williams,David[Rev], St John's-Clydach,157
Williams,Emrys, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Williams,Evan[Rev],Cwmllynfell chapel,169
Williams,G,Clydach,199 Williams,H Seiriol[Rev], Tabernacle-Pontardawe,141
Williams,Ieuan, Jerusalem-Ystalyfera,167 Williams,J,Ynysmeudwy Tinworks,76
Williams,J Caradog[Rev],Saron-Rhydyfro,147 Williams,J M[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Williams,J P]Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165 Williams,J R[contractor],Ystalyfera,147
Williams,J T [Rev],Cwmtwrch/ Adulum chapel-Pontardawe,142 Williams,J T[Rev], Carmel-Clydach,155
Williams,James,Pwllbach,215 Williams,James[teacher], Ystalyfera school,206,207
Williams,James[teacher],Brynamman,220 Williams,John,Ty Isaf Quarry-GCG,263
Williams,John[MP],Gower,111 Williams,John[Rev],Llangeler,177
Williams,Leonard D,Swansea bank Ltd,215 Williams,Lewis[musician],Ystalyfera,259
Williams,Llewelyn,Wern-Ystalyfera,162 Williams,M [Miss] [teacher],Cwmllynfell school,226
Williams,M J [Miss][teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189 Williams,M[teacher], Pontardawe National school,185
Williams,Mary,Gelligron,182 Williams,Mary[teacher],Godre'rgraig Mixed school,211
Williams,---Miss [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,188 Williams,Moses[Rev],Arminians,151
Williams,---Mr[chief clerk],John Player & sons Ltd,99 Williams,---Mrs[teacher],Brynamman,221
Williams,---Mrs[teacher],Rhydyfro school,227 Williams,N A{Miss] [teacher],Brynamman,221
Williams,Richard[teacher],Waun Esgyrn-Garnant,219 Williams,Robin J [Rev], Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,156
Williams,Samuel,Gilbertsons works,66 Williams,Samuel[teacher],Cwmllynfell school,224
Williams,T Harris[Canon], St Mary's-Clydach,157 Williams,T L V[teacher],Pontardawe Primary Boys school,188
Williams,T Roger[teacher],Ystalyfera schools,208 Williams,Taliesin[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,188
Williams,Thomas,Brynheulog,144 Williams,Thomas R,Gilbertsons works,66
Williams,Thomas Roger[teacher],Pontardawe Boys school,186,187 Williams,Thomas[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165
Williams,William,Maesygwernen,147 Williams,William,Ynysmeudwy,75
Williams,William John[musician],Pant-teg-Ystalyfera,259 Williams,William[JP-councillor],
Williams,William[smith],Brynamman,47 Wills,Mary [teacher],Pontardawe Infants school,189
Wolfe,Godfrey[curate],All Saints-Pontardawe,139 Woodman,Henry[teacher], Pontardawe National school,184
Wyn,Watcyn[Rev],[Cwmllynfell?],146 Wyn Evans,Ellis[teacher],GCG school,216
Young,George,Glamorganshire Banking co,216 Young,Glasnant[Rev], Beula-Cwmtwrch,165


Abbey Works,53 Abercrave,52,274
Abercrave[post office],46 Aberdare,27
Aberdulais forge,96 Aberdulas Tinplate Co Ltd,61
Abergelli colliery,92 Abergwynfi,115
Aberlash Farm-Ammanford,83 Abernant,17,20
Abernant colliery,70,71,72,76 Adulum Baptist chapel-Pontardawe,142
Ainon chapel-Ystalyfera,164 Aladin Industries,77
All Saints Church-Pontardawe,61,137,138,139 Alloy Works,63
Alltacam,48 Alltacham farm-Llangiwg ,29
Alltwen,37,47,48,143,204 Alltwen & Pontardawe Cooperative Society,77
Alltwen gap,13,14 Alltwen Independent chapel,126,130,140,141,148,158
Alltwen school,53 Alltwen Sunday school,128
Alltygreeg,28,41 Alltygrug farm-Llangiwg ,29
Alltygrug fault,17 Alltygrug hamlet,81,205
Alltygrug Hill-Ystalyfera,207 Amalgamated Association of Miners,111
Ambulance Hall-Clydach,156 Amman Iron Works collieries,109,264
Amman Iron/Tinplate Works-Brynamman,44,45,47,56,97,221 Amman river,12,14,27,35
Amman Valley,44 Amman Valley Grammar school,221
Ammanford Colliery,114 Arminians,132,133,151
Arthur & Hockin-Clydach,91 Bala College,170,171
Bangor College,165,171 Banwen school-Brynamman,222
Baptists at Clydach,150 Baptists at Ystalyfera,163
Baptists-Cwmtwrch,165 Baran,48,49
Baran chapel,145,146,155 Baran coal mine,76
Baron Court-Gwauncaegurwen,103 Barry Dock,24
Battery Mill-Ynyspenllwch,97 Beddau'r Derwyddon-Llygad llwchwr,25,26
Beili-glas-isaf/uchaf farms-Llangiwg ,29,30,44,104 Ben Thomas & Son-Cwmllynfell,107
Berlei[UK] Ltd-Pontardawe,73,77 Bethania chapel -Cwmtwrch,167
Bethania Chapel-Clydach,152 Bethania Rd-Clydach,152
Bethel chapel,127 Bethel chapel,new-Garnant,130
Bethel-Cwmtwrch,148 Bethesda chapel,140,141,148
Bethesda chapel-Glanamman,175 Beting isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30
Beting uchaf farm-Llangiwg ,30 Bettinge,28
Betws[CMN],113 Beula chapel-Cwmtwrch,164,165
Big Vein[Nine Feet],16,44,68,69,89,102,104,105,265 Birchgrove railway station,46
Black Mountains,31,35 Blackband & Big Vein,107
Blaen nant meilir,28 Blaen y hir,28
Blaencaegurwen Colliery co,263 Blaen-egel farm-Llangiwg ,30,169
Blaen-nant farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29 Blaen-nant-hir farm-Gwauncaegurwen,124,263
Blaennantmeilir-GCG,263 Board school,131
Board school-Gellinudd,195 Board school-Llangiwg,149
Book of Sports,126,132 Boundary Colliery,61,94
Bowen & bevan-Clydach,94 Braint,266
Brancher & Co-Ystalyfera,80 Brass vein,69,89,106,107
Brecon,73 Brecon College,128,147,162,169,175
Brecon Rd,,58,73,143,188 Bridgend Inn-Brynamman,219
Brin Morgan level,105 British & Foreign School Society,198
British Assoc. for Advancement of Science,81,82 British Iron Steel & Kindred Trade Association,63
British Schools,180,198,200 Brobdingnagian steel works-Margam,57
Brook collier-Cwmllynfell,264 Bryn Gorof coal mine,76
Bryn Gwilym-Cwmllynfell,166 Bryn lygos farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Bryn Morgan Colliery,108,109 Bryn Salem chapel-Clydach,151
Bryn Seion chapel-Cwmtwrch,165 Bryn Seion chapel-Gellinudd,128,131
Bryn Works Ltd-Ynysmeudwy,76 Bryn Yeddis Gwylfe,28
Brynamman,14,16,17,31,35,44,45,46,103 Brynamman chapel,146
Brynamman colliery,110 Brynamman Football Club[Rugby],221
Brynamman Library,220 Brynamman school,218-222
Brynamman-Co-op shop,47 Brynamman-Station Rd,47,267
Brynasgallog farm-Cilybebyll,127 Bryncarnau farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29,127
Bryn-chwyth farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Bryncoch mine,129
Bryncoch vein,18 Bryncoed farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Bryn-glas farm-Llangiwg ,30 Brynhenllys colliery/drift,107,109,223
Brynllefrith Farm,264,276 Brynllefrith farm-Llangiwg ,29
Brynlliw colliery,70 Brynllynfell chapel,167
Brynmelyn Quarry and Tramway-Penlle'rfedwen Common,263 Brynysgallog farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29
Buckland Pit-Cwmgors,45 Bwlch y gwynt farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Bwlch-y-groes chapel-Cardiganshire,129 Cadoxton,53
Cae'r Doc school,58,142,183,195,196 Cae'r Doc-Pontardawe,41,136
Cae'r Efail-Cilybebyll,118 Cae'r Ffalde-Cwmllynfell,170
Caeglas Terrace-GCG,44,104 Caegurwen,103
Caegurwen Arms[school]-GCG,213,214 Caegyrwen school,212
Caersalem chapel-Ystalyfera,164 Calfaria Baptist Chapel,152,153,154
Calvinism,133 Cambrian Daily Leader,269
Cambrian Mercantile Syndicate Ltd,69,88 Capel Bach school-Brynamman,219
Capel pen steps-Ystalyfera,164 Capel y Groes,133
Capel-y-Cwar[Arminian,151 Capel-y-Graig chapel-Trebannws,134
Cardiff castle,120 Carmarthen College,133,167,172,177
Carmarthen Presbyterian College,134 Carmel [Old]Chapel-GCG,31
Carmel Chapel-Clydach,155 Carmel Chapel-GCG,48,146,173,174,216
Carreg Cennen castle school,195 Carreg-ffylfan-GCG,32,260
Carreg-Pentwyn farm Llangiwg ,30 Castellhywel School,133
Cathelid colliery,91,92 Cathelyd fach farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Cathelyd ganol farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Cawdor colliery,104,109
Cefn celfi farm/mine-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29,118,129 Cefn Gwrhyd,12,25
Cefn parc farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Cefneithrum farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Cefn-Llangiwg uchaf farm-Llangiwg ,30 Cefnllan-isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30
Central Labour College-London,112 Cerrig Pikes-Mynydd Carn Llechart,25
Cholera-GCG,173 Christian Temple,Ammanford,128
Church inWales-Clydach,157 Cigerwen school-Llanguick,212
Cilhendre,31 Cilmaengwyn,48,188
Cilmaengwyn isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30 Cilybebyll,48,49,50,52,53,118
Cilybebyll church,125 Cilybebyll Infants school,130
Cloth Hall-Clydach,154,275 Clwyd Gwilym-GCG,263
Clydach,18,27,32,41,49,90,91,99,180 Clydach,St Mary's Church,98
Clydach Boys Club,99 Clydach Fair,202
Clydach Faithful Friends,271 Clydach Foundry,97
Clydach Hospital,203 Clydach Merthyr colliery,92,203
Clydach Reading Room,271 Clydach Secondary County School,190
Clydach Society,The,271 Clydach Uchaf river,37
Clydach valley,92 Clydach-clubs,271
Clydach-on-Tawe,52,53 Coed Parc-Cwmafon,59
Coed y falde level,105 Coedcae mawr farm-Llangiwg ,30
Coedffaldau-Llanguke,79 Coedgwilym,48
Coles,Miers & Lewis-Ynyspenllwch,95 Coliseum Cinema-Ystalyfera,268
Colliers,The-Clydach,271 Compass-Clydach,271
Conciliation Board system,110 Copper Miners' Tinplate Co Ltd,59
Cory,Yeo & co-Craigyrhwper colliery,90,92,94 County Junior Primary school,188
Cox's colliery-Cwmllynfell,108 Crach-llwyn farm-Llangiwg ,30
Craig Cilhendre,94 Craig Trebannws,21,23,122
Craig yr allt,92 Craig yr Hwper,91
Craigcefnparc,91,156,180,204 Craigfelen Primary school[list of names 1957+],203
Craig-y-nos,24,52 Crane's Level colliery,68
Crimea Pit-Godre'rgraig,40,69,88 Crofte -Brynamman,219
Cross Inn-Ammanford,220 Cross keys Hotel-Swansea,124
Cross-GCG,45 Crowley & Co-Ystradgynlais,52
Curtis row-Ynysmeudwy,148 Cwm Capel colliery,92
Cwm Clic,68 Cwm Du,73,76
Cwm levels,92 Cwm Shon stream,73
Cwmamman chapel,170 Cwmamman-Farmers Bridge,47
Cwmamman-Post Office,47 Cwmamman-Ty Gwyn,47
Cwmbach Farm-GCG,173,212 Cwmbach Independent school-GCG,213
Cwmclyd coal mine,76 Cwmclyd farm-Llangiwg ,30
Cwmclydach colliery,92 Cwmdu -Ynysmeudwy,21,73
Cwmgors,14,20,32,35,44,103,261 Cwmgors Primary School,44,104
Cwmgors Brickworks,46,264 Cwmgors Colliery,46,110,112,264
Cwmgors Co-operative Society,112 Cwmgors farm-Llangiwg ,29
Cwmgors Post Office,48 Cwmgors Primary school,212
Cwmgors-Clydach Railway,67 Cwmgors-Red Vein coal,104
Cwmllynfel-Bryn Rd.47 Cwmllynfell,41,103,180
Cwmllynfell Brook,106 Cwmllynfell chapel,127,132,146,158,169,172,173
Cwmllynfell Colliery,106,107,110,223 Cwmllynfell Farm,106
Cwmllynfell fault,17,18,264 Cwmllynfell school,222,223
Cwmllynfell-Gwilym Rd,47 Cwmllynfell-Old Post Office,47
Cwm-mainllwyd-Cilybebyll,195 Cwmnant coal mine,76
Cwm-nant-hopkin farm-Cwmgors,28,263 Cwm-nant-hopkin farm-Llangiwg ,29,35
Cwmnant-lleici farm-Llangiwg ,30 Cwm-nant-llwyd colliery,18,68
Cwmtawe,37 Cwmtawe Highway,30,31
Cwmtawe isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30 Cwmtawe uchaf farm-Llangiwg ,30
Cwmteg fault,264 Cwmtwrch,17,41,52,80
Cwmtwrch Branch Railway,44 Cwmtwrch colliery,223
Cwmtwrch level,105 Cwmtwrch school,223
Cwm-yr-heol farm-Llangiwg ,30 Cwndwn Mawr,32
Cwrtybariwns farm-Llangiwg ,30 Cyfyng,50
Cyfyng colliery,69,79,89 Cyfyng Rd[heol]-Ystalyfera,163,164
Cygerwen school,212 Cymer-Porth,141
Cymmer Drift,115 Dan-y-graig chapel,128,130
Danygraig House,30,60,139 Dan-yr-Ogof-near Craig-y-nos,24
Darren colliery-Trebannws,20,23,67 Darren Widdon,21,22
Defynnog,55 Deri isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30
Deri uchaf farm-Llangiwg ,30 Derwydd,,GCG,44,104
Diseases -cause of school absence-Clydach,201 Disestablishment & Disendowment Act,137
Dissenters-the,131 Dollgraig cottage-Cwmtrubit-Brynamman,219
Drum and Fife Band,258 Duke seam,17
Dyffryn Clydach river,14 Dyffryn fault/trough,18,94
Dyffryn-near Neath,53 Dynevor Arms,140
East Pit GCG,20 Ebenezer Cemetery-Cilybebyll,118
Ebenezer chapel-Brynamman,178 Ebenezer chapel-Cwmtwrch,171
Ebenezer chapel-Llansamlet,144 Ebenezer Chapel-Rhos,128,130
Economic Pressworks,77 Education Act 1870,180,196,199
Education Act 1944,188 Education at Ystalyfera,205
Egel river,14,34 English Congregational Church-Ystalyfera,169
English Wesleyans-Ammanford,220 Esiah Rees & Co-Bryn Works Ltd Ynysmeudwy,76
Eskair y llwn kyll [Cwmllynfell],28 Evan's Foundry,77
Fagw[y]r farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29,150 Fair Field,Pontardawe,77
Fan Pit-GCG,267 Farewell Rock,15
Farmers Arms-Brynamman,35,175,219 Feeder Drift,69,89
Felin Fran colliery,Clydach,18,94 Felindre tinplate works,57
Ffalde field-Cwmllynfell,106 Fforch-egel farm-Llangiwg ,30
Fforestgoch,48 Five Feet vein-Clydach,92
Foresters,The-Clydach,271 Forge Uchaf/Fach-Clydach,151
Foundry,Pontardawe,78 Four Feet vein/seam,69,89,92,94
Foxhole-Clydach,152 Gardeners fault,18
Garnant,22,32,35,44,45,104 Garnant Colliery,265
Garnant gorge,45 Garnant river,22
Garnant Stream,45 Garnswllt school,204
Garth Farm,Glais,94 Garth farm-Llangiwg ,29
Garw river,14,15 Garw valley,15
Gate House,30 Gate House/shop-GCG,35
Gelli Onen school,182 Gellifowy fach farm-Llangiwg ,30
Gellifowy ganol farm-Llangiwg ,30 Gelligron farm-Llangiwg ,29,274
Gelligron House,65 Gelligron school,182
Gellilwca fach farm-Llangiwg ,30 Gellilwca fawr farm-Llangiwg ,30
Gellinudd,18 Gellinudd gap,13
Gellionen,12 Gellionen chapel,132,133,134,145,154,169,182
Gellionen Mountain,31,132,203 Gellionen sculptured stone,134,135
Gelliwarog farm-Llangiwg ,30 Gelly lwcha,28
Gelly lyog,28 Gelly varog,28
Gelly vowis,28 Gelly vowis mawr,28
Gelly vowis vach,28 Gellygron,28,188
Gibea chapel-Brynamman,170,178,220 Gilbertson,William & Co Ltd,65
Gilbertson & Co Ltd,66 Gilbertson's Works[tinplate],61
Gilfach Goch farm-Llangiwg ,29 Gilfach-yr-haidd farm-Llangiwg ,30,205
Gilwen Drift-Ystalyfera,69,88,89 Gilwen Tinplate co,56
Glais,12,42,46,47,143,154 Glamorgan Education Authority,179,180,186
Glan y Garnant,28 Glanamman,165
Glanrhyd road-Trebanwws,31 Glanrhyd Tinplate Works Co Ltd,61,65
Glanrhyd-Cwmdu,60 Glantawe Tinplate works,61
Gleision pit-Godre'rgraig,68,102 Glyn school-Brynamman,222
Glynbeudy Tinplate works-Brynamman,61,176,222 Glyncoch farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Glyncorrwg,115 Glyneithrum farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Glynmeirch farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29,182 Godre'rgarth farm-Llangiwg ,29
Godre'rgraig,48,73,83,159 Godre'rgraig chapel,167
Godre'rgraig Mixed & Council schools,211,212 Godre'r-rhos,126,158
Godre'rwaun-GCG,103,213 Gors river,14,17
Gorsto,170 Gorsygranod farm-Llangiwg ,29
Gosen Apostolic Church-Pontardawe,145 Gosen chapel,140,141,143
Gower,23 Graig Forest,37
Graig-Alltwen,197 Graig-arw -Ystalyfera,21,37,158,159,205
Graigola,12,53 Graigola colliery,21,92
Graigola Merthyr Co.Ltd,Clydach.92 Graigola seam/vein,17,18,90,92,93,93,94,105
Grammar school-Pontardawe,58 Great vein,79,106,108
Great Western Railway Co,41,45,64,67,94 Greenhill[post office],46
Groes,Y-Cwmgors,261 Grosvenor-Herbert St,143
Gurnos chapel-Ystalyfera,163 Gurnos-Ystalyfera,41,275
Gurwen gap,13 Gwaincaegurwen level,105
Gwaith y Focsen-Cwmgors,109 Gwaith y Poweliaid,109
Gwaun Clawdd Level-Ystradgynlais,69,88,89 Gwaun Marchog mine,127
Gwauncaegurwen,14,16,20,31,32,33,35,44,103,104,180 Gwauncaegurwen,Tyl'er Cwm road/Cwm Farm,22
Gwauncaegurwen colliery,109,110,264,267 Gwauncaegurwen Colliery Co Ltd,45,46,263,264,265,266
Gwauncaegurwen common,263,276 Gwauncaegurwen Elementary School,116
Gwauncaegurwen Post Office-The Shop,48 Gwauncaegurwen Primary school,216
Gwauncaegurwen Secondary Modern school,216 Gwauncaegurwen Station,263
Gwayn cae gurwen commons,28 Gwlyd farm-GCG,31
Gwrachyllwynau farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Gwrhyd,48,49
Gwrhyd chapel,146,147,172 Gwrhyd gap,13
Gwrhyd isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30 Gwrhyd uchaf farm-Llangiwg ,30
Gwrid,28 Gwter Fawr,35,47,218
Gwyn coal mine,76 Gwynfe,14,15
Gwynfryn Academy-Ammanford,172 Gwys railway station,46
Hafod farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Hafod works-Swansea,68,88
Heathfield Rd-Pontardawe,186 Hebron Ind Chapel-Clydach,154,199
Hen Noyadd,38 Hendre-Caradog farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29
Hendreforgan colliery-Cwmllynfell,108,224 Hendrelas farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29
Hendy farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Henllys Vale colliery,107
Henryd farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Heol Eithrum,31
Heolffordd Academy,204 Herbert St,188
Hermon chapel-Gwauncaegurwen,134 Hewl hir-GCG,31,173
Hill,Messrs-Clydach,42 Hill's colliery-Clydach,105
Holy Trinity-Ystalyfera,168 Hopkins & Co colliery-GCG,45,104
Howell's School-Baran,146 Hughes seam,17,23,67
Incline Cottage-GCG,263 Independent Association of Tinplate workers,60
International Nickel Company [Mond] Ltd,102 Iron & Steel Trades Confederation,63
Ivorites,The,-Brynamman,273 Ivorites,The,-Clydach,271
James,Buckley,Wilson & Price-Llanelli,168 James & Aubrey,79,106,107,223
James St-Pontardawe,144 Jehovah Witnesses,156
Jenkins & Brown-Clydach,92 Jerusalem Methodist Chapel,Ystalyfera,166
John Miers & Co-Ynyspenllwch,95 Jones,Griffith schools,120
Jones,John Brynbrain colliery-Brynamman,45 Jones & Sanders-Bryn Morgan Pit,108
Jones's Pontardawe Press Ltd,77 Kaegurwen Mill,33
Keel vach y haidd,28 Keven y gwrche,28
Keven y llan,28 Kilhendre,37
Kilybebyll,47 Kingdom Hall-Capel Rd-Clydach,156
Knoll Castle-Neath,96 Krayth lwyn,28
Labour Certificate Exam,186 Ladies fellowship,138
Landore[post office],46 Leet Court-Black Mountain,107
Limekilns,274,275 Little vein-Cwmllynfell,107
Llais Llafur,268 Llanddeusant,51,52,169
Llandeilo,27,51,52 Llandilo Fairs,45
Llandwr,38 Llandyfan forge,31,32,52,53,151
Llandysul,133 Llaneithrum,122
Llanelly Railway Dock Company,44,45 Llanfair church-Cwmgors,177
Llangadog,31,35,169 Llangiwg,50,51,119
Llangiwg Board school,58,185,186,188 Llangiwg church,121,122,123,125,138,169
Llangiwg church school,182,183 Llangiwg Vestry,105
Llanguicke tenements,28 Llangyfelach,122,197
Llangyfelach Fair,202,204 Llansamlet,42,46
Llechart gap,13,14 Lletycrydd-Cwmgors,213
Llety-siac farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29 Lliw gap,13,14
Llwyn Ifan Farm,145 Llwyn meudwy isaf farm-Llangiwg ,30
Llwyn y meydow,28 Llwyn y pryfed,28
Llwyncelyn farm-Llangiwg ,29 Llwyndu brickworks,94
Llwynhen Brewery,107 Llwyn-hen farm-Llangiwg[Cwmgors] ,29,33,44,264,276
Llwynifan farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Llwynmeudwy,204
Llwynpryfed farm-Llangiwg ,30 Llwynrhidiau colliery,104,265
Llwyn-rhidiau farm-Llangiwg ,29 Llwyn-y-celyn school-Llanguick,212
Llwynygroes-Llanybyther/Llidiadog,134 LMS Railway,86
London Midland & SR,45 Lord of the manor,95
Lower Brynamman,178,222 Lower Cwmtwrch colliery,51
Loyal Independent Order of Alfreds-Ystalyfera,272 Lyric Cinema,188
Mabon's Day,111,203 Maendy Inn,Llangiwg,272
Maeslan farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29 Maesmelyn vein,94
Manor of Kaegurwen,28 Mawr Llanguke,41
McGarry Bros-Ynysmeudwy mine,77 Merthyr,27
Methodist Women Association,167 Meudwy coal mine,76,77
Midland Railway Company,44,46,67,76 Milford Vein,44,104,108
Miner's lockout 1921,187 Miners' Federation of Great Britain,110,111
Mines Regulation Act 1842,266 Mines Regulation Act 1864,266
Mines Regulations Act 1873,184,215 Mining & Technical Institute-Pontardawe,153
Mond Nickel Works-Clydach,99,100,157 Moody Brothers,Clydach,92
Moody's Graigola colliery,92,93 Morgan & Thomas[Gwaith y Focsen]-Mountain Colliery-Cwmgors,265,266
Moriah chapel,Brynamman,167 Mothers' Union,137
Mount Elim chapel-Ynysmeudwy,142,143 Mount Hill-Ystalyfera,22
Mount Pleasant Baptist chapel-Swansea,91 Mount Pleasant Inn-GCG,259
Mountain Colliery-Cwmgors,109 Mount-Craigcefnparc,155
Mynydd Alltygrug,12 Mynydd Bach,154
Mynydd Bach level,105 Mynydd Carn Llechart,12
Mynydd Du,14,15 Mynydd Gellionen,25
Mynydd Gelliwastad,12 Mynydd Marchywel,12,25
Mynydd y Betws,104 Mynydd y Garth,12
Mynydd y Gwair,90 Mynydd y Gwrhyd,172
Nant Gors-Cwmgors,261 Nant y gasseg,28
Nantmelyn gap,13,14 Nantmoel isaf farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Nantmoel uchaf farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29,145 Nantyffyn,165
Nantygaseg farm-Llangiwg ,29,263 Nantygaseg smithy-Cwmgors,35
National Coal Board,67,107 National School,58,180,183,188,198
National Telephone Company,49 National Union of Miners,111
Neath Abbey,119 Neath Castle,119
Neath river,119 Nebo chapel,Felindre,155
Neithior,266 Neuadd farm-Garnant,212
Neuadd Lwyd,127 Neuadd-Llanguick school,212
New Church Temple-Ynysmeudwy,149 New Cwmgors Colliery,104,264,265
New Duke coal mine,76 New National School-Brecon Rd,58
New Primrose Coal Co-Rhos,130 New Primrose colliery,68
New Rd-GCG,216 New Star-Cwmgors,174
Nixon & bell,Clydach,92 Nixon.s colliery,92
North Dock-Swansea Bay,24 Noyadd Farm-GCG,264,276
Noyadd Wen,27 Oddfellows,The,-Clydach,271
Odyn,Yr[limekiln],275 Ogof yr Esgyrn,24
Old Carmel chapel-GCG,172,174,213 Old Farmers-Brynamman,273
Old Pit-GCG,45,104,105,174,214,266 Old Primrose colliery,60
Old Star Inn-Cwmgors,35,48 Palais de Dance-Cae'r Doc,73,183
Palleg railway,44 Pant farm-Llangiwg ,30
Pant y bara,28 Pan-teg Blue Ribbon Brass Band,258
Pan-teg cemetery-Ystalyfera,159 Pan-teg school,211
Pant-teg chapel -Ystalyfera,21,83,158,159,160,163,167,172,205 Pantybara-Llanguke,79
Pantyboblen school-Cwmgors,213 Pantycrwys-Craigcefnparc,145,155
Pantydderi farm-Llangiwg ,30 Pant-y-defaid,133
Pantyffynnon Farm-Ystalyfera,159 Pantyffynon,37
Pant-y-gwanyd farm-Llangiwg ,30 Pantygwin farm-Llangiwg ,30
Parcell Rhundwy-Clydach,28 Park Lane/St-Brynamman,222,267
Park Level coal mine,76 Parke y granod,28
Parson's Iron &Tinplate works,136,183 Particular Baptists,152
Paviland Cave-Gower,23 Peacock vein,68,72,106
Pedol river,14 Pen Llwyn-teg farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29
Pen y banc farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Pencaedu fault,264
Pencelyn Mawr school,204 Penclyn,180
Penclyn Board School,204 Penclyn school,201
Pendarren farm-Llangiwg ,30 Pendine-Carmarthenshire,23
Penhow farm-Llangiwg ,30 Penlan fach farm-Llangiwg ,30
Penlan Road-Trebannws,31 Penlanau,91
Penlannau farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Penlle'r fedwen,12,25,31,263,264,276
Penlle'rcastell,12 Pennlle'r Fynwent
Pennsylvania,145 Penpontbren farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29
Penrhiw coal mine,76 Penrhiwen,15
Pentrehaearn farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29 Pentremalwod-Clydach,154
Pentwyn farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29 Pentwyn farm-Llangiwg ,30
Pentwyn-Clydach,155 Penwyllt,52
Penybanc& Bethlehem chapel-Towy valley,129 Penycae,47
Pen-y-garn farm-Llangiwg ,30 Penygraig farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29
Pen-y-graig farm-Llangiwg ,30 Penygraig farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29
Penylan Farm,264,276 Pen-yr heol farm-Llangiwg ,29
Pen-yr-incline house[school]-GCG,213,214 Pen-y-waun farm-Llangiwg ,30
Perthi-gwynion farm-Llangiwg ,30 Pheasant Bush mills -Trebannws,57
Pheasant Bush-Clydach,199 Pheasant Road-Trebannws,31
Pheonix Tinplate Co Ltd,56 Pistyll Gwyn farm-Gwrhyd-Llangiwg ,30,158
Plas farm-Rhyndwyglydach ,29 Plas-Cilybebyll,119,121,124,127
Plasnewydd farm-Llangiwg ,29 Plass Mount level,105
Plas-y-waun,195 Player,John & Sons,Clydach,98
Pont Gwaunclawdd,38 Pontardawe Air Training Corps,189,192
Pontardawe Boys School,186 Pontardawe bridge,33
Pontardawe Club,The,272 Pontardawe Collegiate School,194
Pontardawe Cross,188 Pontardawe Fair,202
Pontardawe Foundry & Engineering Works,78 Pontardawe Grammar County School[list of staff 1966],190
Pontardawe Grammar school,180,190 Pontardawe Higher Elementary School,190
Pontardawe Infant School,181,185 Pontardawe Mixed National School,184
Pontardawe Primary Boy's School,188 Pontardawe Public Hall and Institute,273
Pontardawe Railway Station,195 Pontardawe RDC,77
Pontardawe Secondary County school[list of staff in 1958],189 Pontardawe Sheet Metal & Engineering co,77
Pontardawe Steelworks,76,77 Pontardawe Technical College,189
Pontardawe Tinplate works,59,61,65 Pontardawe Union,118
Pontardawe-Swansea Rd,48 Pontclydach,37
Pontrhyd-y-fro,33 Pont-y-Groes,Cwmgors,261
Pontygwaith-Rhondda,148 Pontypool College,153
Port Talbot,27, Port Talbot Steel Works,61
Porth chapel,129 Powell's colliery,109
Presbyterian Academy-Swansea,133 Presbyterian College-Carmarthen,129
Primrose colliery,41,68,129,196 Primrose Row-Pontardawe,138
Prince Albert Inn-Garnant,45 Prophets' School-Llangadog,128
Pwll Cynan,119 Pwllbach colliery,20,83
Pwllbach vein,69,89 Pwllwatkin coal mine,76
Pwllybobln-GCG/Cwmgors,261 Pwll-y-ffan,267
Pwll-y-wrach Farm,33 Pwll-y-wrach-GCG,45,261
Qualiton Records[Wales]Ltd,78 Quarr House-Clydach,98
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897,202 Reading room-Alltwen,196
Rechabites,The,-Clydach,271 Rechabites Hall,185,188
Red Vein,68,69,72,88,89,103,104,264 Red vein-Godre'rgraig,40
Rees' drift,68 Revival-the religious,128
Rhiwfawr chapel,171,172 Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway ,115
Rhos,14,15,18,27,48,49,129,130,197 Rhos Brynhir-Cefn Celfi farm,129
Rhos colliery,67,68 Rhos gap,13
Rhydding fault,18 Rhyddwaun gap,13
Rhydyfro,14,34,35,47,48,180 Rhydyfro school,226
Rhyndwyglydach ,30,41 Rhyndwyglydach School Board,95,199,200
Richard Thomas & Baldwin Ltd,65,76,77 Roman Catholic Church -Clydach,157
Royal Oak Inn-Ystalyfera,272 Russellites,156
Salem-Clydach,151,204 Sardis,Ystradgynlais,163
Saron chapel-Rhydyfro,141,145,146,170,226 School Board-Llangiwg,171,179
School charges-Clydach,201 Secondary Modern School-Alltacham,188
Seion Chapel-Clydach,155 Seion chapel-Cwmgors,177
Seion chapel-Ystalyfera,163 Seventh Day Adventists,156
Sheep Dog Trials-Gellionen,203 Siloam chapel-Brynamman,175,177
Siloh -Gwauncaegurwen,144 Sliding Scale[1875],109
Smallpox-GCG,174 Smith Arms-Ystalyfera,69,89
Smithfield Rd-Pontardawe,186 Soar chapel-Llandyfan,175
Soar chapel-Mountain Ash,171 Soar chapel-Pontardawe,144
Soar chapel-Ystalyfera,163,164 Solomon Harris School-Swansea,133
South Wales Coalfield,16 South Wales Miner' Federation,111
South Wales Primrose Coal Co Ltd,68 South Wales Royal Institution Museum-Swansea,75
South Wales Siemens Steel association,65 South Wales Tinplate Manufacturers' Association,60
South Wales Transport Co,77 South Wales Voice,268
Spencer's Mail,47 Sports on Sundays,150
St David's College-Lampeter,177 St David's-Ystalyfera,168
St James Holy Trinity-Ystalyfera,168 St John's Church, Clydach,139,157
St John's Church-Alltwen,126 St John's National school-Clydach,198,200
St Joseph's Convent school-Clydach,94 St Mary's Church-Clydach,157
St Mary's-Pontardawe,138,139 St Michael's and All Angels Church-Trebannws,158
St Michael's Church,Rhyndwyglydach ,30 St Peter's Church-Pontardawe,50,57,58,59,136,195
Stalvera,37 Steel Company of Wales-Margam,52,61,77
Steel Smelters Assoction,63 Steer Pit-Cwmgors,45
Survey of Gower,103 Swansea & Brecon Diocesan Board,65
Swansea Bay,14,21 Swansea canal,37,40,41,50,51,53,56,68,73,76,81,88,97,104,108,112,136,183,274
Swansea Canal Navigation,37,38,44 Swansea Four Feet vein,18,90,92
Swansea Head Post Office,49 Swansea -High St Station,49
Swansea Hospital,124 Swansea Metal exchange,64,65
Swansea University College,65 Swansea Vale Railway,42,43,44,46,58
Tabernacle-Cwmgors,111,174 Tabernacle-Morriston,83
Tabernacle-Pontardawe,128,140,141,142 Tabernacle-Trebannws,144
Tairgwaith church,178 Tairgwaith Infants School,116,217
Tairgwaith Post Office,48 Tairgwaith Vestry/school,217
Taith,266 Tanyrallt-Alltwen,195
Tarenni Gleison farm/shafts/colliery-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29,53,68,102 Tawe river,12,14,21,27,31,37,38,43,57,68,76,88,118,119,155,159
Technical College for Further Education,Pontardawe[names not extracted],192 Territorial army/militia-Crimean war,75
The Buildings-Clydach,197 Thomas & North,77
Thomas & Sheasby & Co- Brin Morgan level,105,108 Thomas St,188
Three Compasses,140 Tin & Steel Millmen's Association,63
Tinplate association,67 Tir llwyn tanglus,28
Tir nant y gaseg,28,263 Tir Nant y Gurnos[Coed y falde],28
Tir Vellen dew,28 Tir y bryb dy,28
Tir y Kae dy,28 Tir y Wayn,28
Tirhen fault/trough,17,18,20 Toll Gate-GCG,33
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Trenache farm-Cilybebyll/Ynysmwn ,29 Tresgyrch farm-Rhyndwyglydach,29
Trigloyn Vein,265 Trinity Church-Ystalyfera,163,206
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Upper Bank railway station,46 Upper Clydach bridge,30
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Waunleision-GCG,35 Waun-y-coed colliery,196
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Welsh Revival-GCG,174 Wern,New schools,207
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Wern Fawr Inn,258 Wernbwll-GCG,263
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West Glamorgan Assoc.of the Union of Welsh Independents,130 West Wales Observer,269
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Ynysderw House,59 Ynysfechan colliery,68
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Ynysgelynen canal bridge/limekiln,274 Ynysmeudwy,22,48,73,130
Ynysmeudwy Brick works,74 Ynysmeudwy farm-Llangiwg ,30,74,275
Ynysmeudwy Pottery works,74,75 Ynysmeudwy school,188
Ynysmeudwy Tinplate Co,76 Ynysmond coal mine,76
Ynysmudw[post office],46 Ynyspenllwch forge/iron works/mill,95
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Ystalyfera Intermediate school,194 Ystalyfera Iron & Tinplate works,40,41,81,83,84,85,88,166
Ystalyfera Iron co,69 Ystalyfera-Commercial St,50
Ystalyfera-Grammar school,84,129,180,208 Ystalyfera-Holy Trinity Church,82,83
Ystalyfera-Old Wern Schools,82,206 Ystalyfera-Town/Public Band,258
Ystrad Fair,207 Ystradfawr-Ystradgynlais,170
Ystradgynlais,17,37,38,46,49,50,51,53,55,180,205 Ystradowen,205
Zinc school,Ynysmeudwy,189  

Pontardawe and the American connection.

These two extracts below  from "The History of Pontardawe" by John Henry Davies,  might be of general interest as they show an interesting "American connection" to the place. the book itself  has been summarised on A history of Caegurwen

Firstly from a section concerning the Ynysgedwyn Iron Works which is in the upper part of the Tawe Valley;

"In 1823 George Crane of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, took the Ynysgedwyn Iron Works. During his time, David Thomas and Crane introduced J. Beaumont Neilson's hot blast method. Crane was a short, active and energetic man, and very enterprising in business affairs.In those days, public houses opened on Sundays, and as he was a strict sabbatarian and a terror to drunkards, he visited focal public houses on Sundays, and woe betide the man he found there. Sometimes he stopped the works while he held a religious service in the carpenter's shop. He kept David Thomas as manager of the coal and iron-ore mines and the iron works. In 1828, J. B. Neilson patented a hot blast method of heating the furnace. When David Thomas heard of this in 1836, he travelled to Scotland to see the hot blast method in operation. He decided this would be a success with anthracite, so obtained a licence from Nielson and employed an expert mechanic on heating ovens to construct them at Ynysgedwyn.

On February 5, 1837, the hot blast furnace using anthracite was blown in. This discovery was also claimed by George Crane, who employed David Thomas as steward. Crane read a paper on "The Smelting of Iron with Anthracite Coal " at the Liverpool Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1837. The success of the experiment in the hot air with anthracite was so satisfactory in the quantity and quality of iron produced, the cheapness of the process, that he changed the three cold furnaces using coke from bituminous coal to hot blast furnaces using anthracite. Probably Crane and Thomas were jointly responsible for the application of Neilson's patent to anthracite. A patent for the hot blast was taken out by Crane for the use of anthracite in 1836. To show the superior strength of the iron made with anthracite coal alone, a pig-iron was broken by one of Crane's men. The man struck fifty-eight blows with a sledge hammer about 20lbs. in weight, but was unable to break it. The strongest pig-iron made in the ordinary way was broken by three to six blows. The works expanded and, before Crane's death in 1846, he controlled not only seven furnaces. but also several collieries and auxiliary industries, which employed more than a thousand workmen.

News of the successful process reached America, and the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company sent Mr. Hazard, their Colliery Director, across the Atlantic to Ynysgedwyn to see it. Before his arrival, David Thomas, the steward, had gone to Defynnog to superintend the construction of a tramway from Defynnog to Ynysgedwyn. Mr. Crane drove Mr. Hazard a distance of twelve miles, and he strongly recommended David Thomas as the only man who could help him to erect and use both hot blast anthracite furnaces. David Thomas accepted a five-years engagement to go to the United States of America. When he and his wife arrived in New York City in June 1839, Mr. Thomas was laid up with fever, and during his illness, Mrs. Thomas found it difficult because she neither spoke nor understood a word if English and, consequently, was unable to understand the directions of her husband's medical attendant. He fortunately recovered. David Thomas organised the Crane Iron Company of Catasangue, U.S.A., constructed six new furnaces and had the first run of iron on July 4th,1840, with great success. In 1854, he formed at the Hoken-danqua on the Lehigh River, the Thomas Iron Company, and in 1855 relinquished the superintendence of the Crane Iron Company in order to devote his full time to his own works. David Thomas became a director of many  ironworks, coalmines and railways, but unsuccessfully contested an election as a Republican candidate for Congress in 1866. He occupied the chair as president of the Ironmasters' Convention in Philadelphia in 1874. Mr. and Mrs. D. Thomas celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, and he died just before reaching the age of 88 years.

And from a section concerning Arthur Gilbertson, one of a well known local industrialist family.

"In 1893, there were ten tinplate mills at Gilbertson's Works but owing to the McKinley tariff put on tinplates being imported to America, Gilbertson abandoned the manufacture of tinplate temporarily, and he substituted sheet mills and galvanizing equipment . Politics in America affected the living of Pontardawe tinplate workers. America imported large quantities of tin-sheets from South West Wales, so much so that Congressman McKinley, who later became President of the United States called for a tariff duty on imported tin-plate. "It is plain that the Welsh people ", said McKinley, "have a peculiar aptitude for this manufacture as to make successful production impossible" . This McKinley tariff came into operation on July 1, 1891, when this barrier brought lean times at Pontardawe Tinplate Works. Arthur Gilbertson was a very resourceful and enterprising man His "Comet" brand of galvanised sheets was well known throughout the world, particularly in America and Japan. Some years before his death he received an important order for terne plates to roof the White House, the residence in Washington, D.C., of the President of the United States of America. These plates were made under the patented process known as G.O.M. (Gilbertson's Own Method). Arthur Gilbertson's interests were not confined to Pontardawe. He was associated with the building of the Port Talbot Steel Works, which was owned later by Baldwins Ltd., and afterwards by the Steel Company of Wales"

[From The History of Pontardawe & District by John Henry Davies 1967. Gareth Hicks 1999 G]



The information here has largely been summarised from the book
The History of Pontardawe and District by John Henry Davies 1967.

Gwaun-cae-gurwen village is situated at the north west of the county of West Glamorgan, is in the parish of Llangiwg, in the Caegurwen ward.

To the north lies Brynamman, formerly Y Gwter Fawr, to the north east is Cwmllynfell, to the south east Ystalfera with Gwrhyd lying in between.

To the south the road leads to Pontardawe through Cwmgors and Rhydyfro while to the west the road leads to Garnant, Glanamman and Ammanford.

Local pride demands mention of the sub divisions of Gwaunlesion, Tairgwaith, Caenewydd, Cwmgors and Godre'r Waun.

Here and there on the hillsides are dotted many scattered farmhouses and beyond these are large areas uninhabited apart from grazing sheep.

The soil is of poor quality, the boulder clay underneath the surface rendering it heavy and cold.

There are extensive moorlands and wide valleys, rounded hills and deep ravines; there are green hills and running streams.

The Black Mountains loom to the north, reposeful and majestic.[5.5.2000 G]


Two streams

Y Groes serves as the boundary between GCG and Cwmgors.

It begins at 950 ft near Penhow farm, crosses the main road at Pont y groes.

Then joins Nant Gors at Pwll y boblen, then known as Y Wrach.

The Gwrach leads us back to the period when superstition was rampant and witches were supposed to haunt the villages with their curses.There is a pool called Pwll y wrach......the witch's pool. From Pwll y wrach the stream leaps down steep rocks towards Garnant, the name Garnant is derived from Garw nant, or rough stream. It then loses itself in the R Amman a tributary of the Llwchwr[Lougher]which goes on to the sea.


The people

Many generations of men and women have lived and died in its homes. They have toiled on the hillsides and tunnelled in it's mines, sang songs of love and bewailed their sorrows , just as their offspring do today

Up to about 1750 most people obtained their living on farms where they eked out a poor subsistence.

The population was almost stagnant between say 1550 and 1800.

There were large families but there was no means of keeping them alive.

With the growth of iron smelting, the use of tin and the working of the extensive anthracite coal fields the population increased rapidly, especially between 1900/1911.

Men and their families flocked to the area from Llandeilo and it's environs with a few Englishmen from Somerset and Devon. Later followed puddlers and miners from Merthyr, Aberdare and mid Glamorgan.

In the depression of the 1920's unemployed miners, and young men who had never had a job, left the area for work in places such as London, Birmingham and Coventry.

In 1801 the population of Glamorgan was 587,000, by 1911 it was 2.4m.

The first language of the people was of course Welsh, prior to the growth of schooling most people did not speak English, and the evidence of many of the birth/marriage and death certificates is that very many of them could not write their names.[5.5.2000 G]



The first condition, as well as the first signs of progress , is the development of roads and highways for traffic.

We need not go back very far in this area to find that the only means of transport were beasts of burden and the shoulders of the people themselves.

At the end of the C18 ,the only road at Gwauncaegurwen was Hewel hir from the Glwyd farm to Penlle'rfedwen. Traders from Llangadog to Neath had to find their way along rugged mountain paths. At the side of this road was built Old Carmel Chapel.

In 1741 the Highway Act was passed but the road through Cwmgors, Gwauncaegurwen and Garnant was not built until 1817.

In 1805 an Act was passed covering the maintenance of roads in Glamorgan, that part of the Act dealing with this area has references to " a road....from Pontrhyd-y-fro ......thence by Llwynha [Llwynhen] farm.....over Wain Kaegurwen to the River Amman " and "a road from Wain Kaegurwen to the confines of the county of Carmarthen near Kaegurwen Mill ." and " so much of the road leading from Pontrhyd y fro and thence by Pwll y Wrach farm to or near the Gate placed across said road adjoining the Common of Kaegurwen."

These were turnpike roads , there was a turnpike house near the Old Star but in 1856 it was moved to GCG [ where Gate shop used to be] because people avoided paying the tolls by walking up over Cwmnanthopkin farm and down the Nantygaseg track.

In 1819 the road across the Black Mountain from Brynamman was built.

In 1854 George Borrow came over the Waun from the Farmer's Arms, Brynamman and his book refers to " the morning was wretched and drizzly."

These main roads opened up the valleys.



The Swansea Canal was built in 1798, 16 miles from Swansea to Ystradgynlais.

There were wharves at Clydach, Gurnos and Pontardawe ; coal ,iron and manufactured articles were transported and this provided a great spur to industry in the Tawe valley.



The fastest means of transport through the Tawe valley until 1860 was by horseback along a rough road.

The railway from Swansea to Pontardawe opened in 1860, was extended in 1861 to Ystalfera, the first passenger trains reached Brynamman in 1868. The Llanelli Railway Dock Co built a railway to Garnant in 1838, this was extended along the narrow gorge of Garnant stream right up to Pwll y Wrach.

In 1831 Roger Hopkin of GCG sank a pit near Caeglas Terrace, there were no railways so he made a tramway from the pit through Cwmgors towards Pontardawe.His idea was to take the coal in horse drawn drams to the Swansea Canal at Pontardawe.

Cuttings and embankments can be traced through Derwydd and Beiliglas farms and passed Cwmgors School. [ also through garden of house in Llwyn Rd where David Rees and Bess Hicks lived].

However excessive water in the pit made the tramway redundant before any coal was raised.[ he made a second attempt in 1837 and succeeded in hitting the Big Vein at 173 yds].

To overcome the differences in level between Garnant and the Cross ,GCG a self acting incline was made with full trucks going down and pulling up empty ones. The wheel and brake were known as the 'Machine', David Evans worked this for many years, he was known as 'Dafydd Machine', a name that stuck to his descendants . At first horses pulled wagons along a tram road from the top of the incline to the Old Pit.

Many GCG people went to the seasonal Llandeilo Fairs by way of the Llanelli Railway Dock railway, they got on via a temporary platform through the Prince Albert Inn in Garnant, coaches resembling cattle trucks took them on ordinary days but on Fair days ordinary coal trams were used .

The LRD extended the line from Garnant to Brynamman in 1846 to transport coal from Brynamman Colliery and iron from the Amman Iron Works in Brynamman down to the docks.

In 1869 the first steam train came up ' the incline', superseding horses.

In a brochure of October 21 1927, printed by the GCG Colliery Co Ltd, on the occasion of the Foundation stone laying at Buckland Pit, Cwmgors, and the official opening of Steer Pit, it is stated

" The GCG pits are situate at GCG a short distance south of Brynamman, and by virtue of connections with the GWR and the LM & SR are within easy access to the Ports of Swansea, Llanelli, Briton Ferry, and Port Talbot".

The railway serving Cwmgors Colliery and the brickworks opened in 1901.


Postal deliveries

In 1866 the first Post Office came to Brynamman, known as the Brynamman PO which removed all doubts about the name of the place i.e Gwter Fawr previously.

In 1886 Jenkin Mark, boot and shoe manufacturer, had the first PO in GCG, later moved to near Carmel chapel.

In 1897 a branch opened at Thomas Howell's shop in Cwmgors.



At a Baron Court of the Earl of Pembroke held at Noyadd Wen in 1610, in the reign of James I , the list of farms in the' Manor of Kaegurwen' and their annual rents were given.

These would mostly still be recognised today and included Cwmnanthopkin and Tir nant y gaseg, both rents 5.5d.

The tenants recorded in The Survey included; John Rees ap John at Tir nant y gaseg, Lln ap Jevan at Cwm Nant hopkin and Rees ap Richard and Catherine John at Wernbwll.

In 1894 a Report and Enquiry into Farming in Wales includes references to various local farms including Pentwyn, Garth Eithin, Cwmnanthopkin and Penhow.


Industrial development

There was a iron foundry in Ystradgynlais as early as 1612.

Iron was smelted in Pontardawe/ Clydach before 1750 [Parsons].

The necessary ingredients were ore [ from Abercrave,Ystalfera and Cwmtwrch].......limestone [ from Penwyllt and Craig y Nos]....... fuel [originally charcoal made from timber from Llandeilo, Llanddeusant and Breconshire] and then from 1780 coal [ from Cilybebyll].



Mined from early times in Cornwall, brought over to Swansea which was one of the nearest ports. Then put on canal barges and taken up to Ystalfera. In 1861 Ystalfera Tin Works was reckoned to be the largest in the world, employed 4000 people plus another 1000 in the ore and coal mines belonging to the works.

The Mond Nickel Co opened in Clydach in 1901. Nickel ore was mined in Canada and sent to Clydach for refining where there were skilled men and local anthracite available.


Coalmining in Caegurwen

Anthracite was worked in Caegurwen [ GCG, Brynamman and Cwmllynfell] over 360 years ago, [ Survey of Gower 1610].

Brynamman and Cwmgors were developed earler than GCG because valuable coal seams ' cropped out' there. The Red vein outcropping at Cwmgors was 4ft 3ins thick, worked by Jeffreys in 1833 and quite close by Joseph Thomas opened the small Llwynrhidiau colliery. Jeffreys employed 4 colliers and in 1835 Thomas had 2 colliers and 4 boys . Cawdor colliery on Mynydd y Bettws worked the Red Vein at the same time.

Coal seams at GCG were at some depth below the surface so shafts were necessary.

In 1832 Roger Hopkin sank a pit near Caeglas Terrace [see Railways] and at his second attempt reached the Big Vein at the Old Pit in 1839. Old Pit had one shaft divided by a wooden partition [ fresh air down, foul air up] with a fire at the bottom to create an air current.

One day pump rods broke and smashed the partition and an explosion took place in the workings. Eighty men were down at the time, they ran to the pit bottom and put out their candles to conserve air. There was no other means of escape but the partition was repaired and all came up safely.

In 1847 another shaft was sunk to the Big Vein and this was used as the up shaft with a furnace at the bottom.

To illustrate wage levels, at Cwmllynfell colliery in 1849/53 a collier earned between 17 shillings and £2..4...3d per fortnight, an overman £1..8...0 per week, a labourer 1/10d a day and a boy with horse 1/0d a day.

The official Sliding Scale operated locally from 1862.

Female labour underground was prohibited by the 1842 Act, women did not work underground at GCG, they did work on the surface at the Mountain Colliery, Cwmgors .

Also prohibited was the employment of boys under 10 although evidently latter not enforced as boys under 10 continued to work underground until 1856 at most local collieries including GCG and Cwmgors.

In 1860 checkweighers were allowed , were paid for by the miners themselves.

In the 1864 Act the maximum numbers of hours to be worked underground was reduced from 12 to 10 hours a day, again not vigorously enforced.

But often the colliers, accompanied by boys, prepared the next day's timber on top of the 'incline' until 10.0pm,for this extra work the men paid for cakes for the boys in a 'braint' which was a special kind of wedding reception, also known as ' taith ' in Carms. This was an important function held when a pair got married , refreshments were sold and could raise £20/40 for the newly married couple which gave them a good start in their married life.

Eight hours a day was the aim at the end of the C19, as shown in the jingle;

Wyth awr o weithio;

Wyth awr yn rhydd;

Wyth awr o gysgu;

A Wyth swllt y dydd

Abernant Colliery, one of the deepest shafts in the anthracite area, sinking of shafts finished in 1958. The first coal worked from the Peacock Vein, switched to Red Vein in 1963.



Mine owners looked on the formation of an union as ' interference with management'.

Activists were victimised by the owners, often these were then employed as checkweighers by the men.

The Government took over control of mines in 1916.

Miners leaders often became Members of Parliament to try to influence matters and fight their corner more effectively.

One such was William Abraham[ known as Mabon], he became the Liberal MP for Rhondda in 1885.

He was also largely responsible for the creation of the Miners Federation of GB in 1899, there were previously 7 separate independent federations in S. Wales.

Mabon was a lay preacher, , and a singer. On the 1st Monday in every month the miners took a holiday known as ' Mabon's day'.

When he spoke on a Saturday evening at meetings to support John Williams, the first Labour MP for Gower, he stayed over on Sunday and preached and sang at Tabernacle, Cwmgors.

Another local man of some note was John James JP , born GCG. He was a Miner's Agent, first worked as a checkweigher at Cwmgors, became a ' champion of the workers' during the 1898 strike. He was victimised by the mine owners but made checkweigher by the men at Cwmgors, for 13 yrs.

Won 1st prize at the National Eisteddfod for his essay on " The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx".

And another was David James Williams, MP for Neath. He was born in Tairgwaith in 1897, went to GCG Elementary school, then the Labour College London and Ruskin College, Oxford. He became Secretary of the Miner's Lodge and was checkweigher at the Maerdy Pit. One of his books was " Capitalist Combination of the Coal Industry".

In the early period of coal mining there were no disputes or strikes .

At the end of C19 the Compensation Act came into force.

In the C20 the insurance companies had a tendency to contest cases thus causing a rift between the workers and the owners.


The coming of the Dissenters

In the C16 revolt against the Roman Catholic Church during The Reformation, Henry VIII set out to make the Church of England the only religion for the whole of England and Wales.

By the C17 many people in the Pontardawe area were moving away from tacit compliance with the Anglican religion towards an evangelicism of their own and held secret meetings in local farm houses. They were liable to punishment for their ' non- conformity'.

In 1634 the Justices of the Peace were ordered by the Archbishop of Canterbury to enter houses suspected of holding meetings of dissenters.

The Independents eventually gained the' right of private judgement' in the Toleration Act of 1689 having successfully rejected the Church and State as theological authorities.

In 1692 the Unitarian Chapel on Gellionen Mountain, Pontardawe had its first official pastor.

Baran Chapel was built in 1805 at Nantymoel by the Independents, people went on foot and horseback over the mountains to the little lonely chapel. When it was flourishing 50 members emigrated to Pennsylvania. Saron Chapel, Rhydyfro branched off from Baran in 1844.

In 1762 a schoolroom was built at Cwmbach farm,on the hillside above and between GCG and Cwmgors, this was used for preaching sermons thus began Carmel Chapel.

A " house called Hewlhire in Kaegurwen was certified in 1767 as a proper place for Protestant dissenters".

In 1821 the thatched schoolroom became too small for the congregation, John Harries of Nantricet farm sold the 11 members some more land and Carmel Chapel was built with 50 members switching from Cwmllynfell Chapel.

In 1874 Old Carmel had 75 members.

In 1877 the new Carmel Chapel was built down on the main Pontardawe road in GCG.

In 1904/5 during the pastorate of the Rev.B D Davies the 'Welsh Revival' took place with Carmel Chapel full every night...enthusiasm bordered on hysteria. At the end of 1904 membership was 755.

Members from Cwmgors were allowed to form a church their own and 215 asked for their release.

In 1887 members of Carmel used the long room of the New Star, Cwmgors for Sunday school until a new Vestry was built in 1894. This was soon too small, as Cwmgors village grew, and Tabernacle Independent Chapel was built in 1912.

The Rev. T M Roderick was ordained in 1913 and continued until his death in 1944, followed by Ifor Samuel in 1948.

Seion Baptist Chapel, Cwmgors was formed in 1894, Llanfair Church,Cwmgors in 1886.



The first record of the Circulating schools initiated by the Rev.Griffith Jones, Llanddowror, was in 1739/40 when 45 children and adults were enrolled in GCG. Following this , Sunday schools began to be used as places of elementary education.

In 1832 ' Hen Abraham' kept a day school in the stable loft of Old Carmel Chapel.

The Rev Noah Jones, Walsall[ a native of GCG] gave the land at Cwmbach and paid for the building of a school in 1762.

As the population increased in GCG the school shifted to a room above the stable at the Caegurwen Arms. Philip Rees the proprietor , who lost a leg in the Crimean war, taught the children.

Afterwards a school was held in Pen yr Incline House, John Harries, Cwmbach, had a school at 'Y Cwt' and there was one at Ty'n y Coedcae, Cwmgors.

In 1866, at Caegurwen Arms, miners and others held a meeting and decided to build a ' British' school and contribute 1/- a month for the school and it's maintenance.

By Dec 1867 there were 90 children at the school.

In 1873 the Mines Regulation Act came into force compelling children in collieries to attend school for 10 hours per week.

In 1939 the new GCG primary school was built at the rear of the old which was demolished.

In 1912, Cwmgors primary school opened, Rees Evans was the first head teacher.



In 1849 cholera was rampant in the district, particularly bad in Brynamman.

In 1865 there was a bad outbreak of smallpox.

Cholera again in the district in 1866, hundreds died, people flocked to the chapels for refuge and solace.

Many people also died from Tuberculosis or consumption.



Many rugby players of the district played for Wales in international matches.

These included....

Clive Rowlands/Cwmtwrch , Clem Thomas/Brynamman , Claude Davey and my maternal uncle

Wil [Sgili ] Davies/Cwmgors and Edgar Morgan and Phil Hopkin/Pontardawe.



Until the C20 the culture of the Welsh people in the area was firmly based on the bible.

It is impossible to over emphasise the cultural aspects of the churches and chapels, sunday schools and young people's societies etc.

People met in their homes to discuss the rules of poetry, the englyn, and the ballads of the National Eisteddfod. Eisteddfodau served to some extent as a spur to poets, essayists, soloists, instrumentalists, male , ladies and mixed choirs. Writing dramas, acting plays and holding celebrity concerts assisted culture in the district.

Several famous local choir conductors won first prizes at the National Eisteddfod.

The GCG Silver Band was started in 1892 , in 1911 it won 1st prize 5 years out of 6 at the National and in 1925 began a radio broadcasting 'career'.