Two Centuries of Pontardawe 1794-1994


By Clive Reed, published by the author in 1994 (17, Smithfield Rd, Pontardawe, Swansea, SA8 4LA)

Indexed by Phil Vaughan, August 2002 with the author's permission.

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The Main index is an index of personal names, not businesses or places, here are also the following separate extracts of names (by Gareth Hicks)

See also the Pontardawe War Memorial feature on Cwmgors and Gwaungaegurwen

Main index

Louise BAKER [widow], Coopers Arms 1861, 49 Thomas BAKER, Carpenters Arms 1869, 48
William BAKER, 1838 [boat repairer 1844], 12, 14, 17 William BAKER, Carpenters Arms 1849, 48
J.H. BAYLISS, architect, 29 David BEVAN, brewery owner 1877, 31
E. BEVAN, developer of Cross Hotel 1908, 49 Mrs Adeline BOWEN, 8
John BOWEN, bargeman 1851, 7 Lewis BOWEN, steelworker 1908, 36
Thomas BOWEN, bargeman 1851, 7 Max BOYCE, entertainer, 56
Dick BURKE, Canal worker, Abercraf, 6 Agnes CARTWRIGHT, maid 1881, 18
William CHILCOTT, gas-works manager 1881, 17 Daniel DANIEL, bargeman 1861, 7
Jenet DANIEL, boatgirl 1861, 7 W. DAVID, police inspector 1906, 34
DAVIES & CO., Cross ironmongers, 37, 38 Charles DAVIES, keeper of Ynis Derw gatehouse [1861], 2
C.R. & W. DAVIES, drapers, 36, 37 Elizabeth Selina DAVIES, baptism 1862, 29
Esther DAVIES, cook 1881, 18 Ethel Marion DAVIES, burial 1882, 30
Evan DAVIES, master weaver c. 1838, 12 Jane DAVIES, barm seller 1861, 17
John DAVIES, killed in mine 1858, 4 John DAVIES, bargeman 1851, 6
John DAVIES, Coopers Arms 1869, 49 John DAVIES, Dynevor Arms 1871, 48
Rev T.E. DAVIES, curate, 29 William Davies & Co., drapers, 36
Catherine DEER, Dillwyn Arms 1851, 48 Eynon DEER, Dillwyn Arms 1849, 48
William EDWARDS, bridge-builder, 1 David EVANS, killed in mine 1858, 4
David EVANS, occupying brewery 1871, 31 Evan EVANS, bargeman 1851, 7
George EVANS, bargeman 1861, 7 Hopkin EVANS, killed in mine 1858, 4
Isaac EVANS, killed in mine 1858, 4 John EVANS, [and family] brewer 1881, 31
John EVANS, Dynevor Arms 1881, 48 John EVANS, fitter 1881, 49
Mary EVANS [widow], Ivy Bush Hotel 1861, 49 Robert EVANS, brewery owner 1848, 30
Robert EVANS, iron founder and publican, Cross Hotel 1881, 49 Thomas EVANS, bargeman 1851 and 1861, 7
Thomas EVANS, fitter 1881, 49 Wallace EVANS, Canal worker, Ystalyfera, 6
William EVANS, bargeman 1861, 7 William EVANS, stonemason 1867, 33
Zephaniah EVANS, postmaster 1871, 18  
David FRANCIS, Morriston, 8 David GAPE, Victoria Inn [and butcher] 1871, 49
Lord GLANTAWE [John Jones Jenkins], born 1835, 36 - GIBBON, police inspector d. 1906, 34
Griffith GIBBS, killed in mine 1858, 4 John GIBBS, killed in mine 1858, 4
Morgan GIBBS, killed in mine 1858, 4 John Fiddler GIDDINGS, police inspector 1889, 34
Arthur GILBERTSON, steelworks owner, 4, 18, 23, 24, 29, 36; pic. 25 Cecil F. GILBERTSON, steelworks director, 24
Charles GILBERTSON, steelworks director, 24 Francis William [Frank] GILBERTSON, steelworks director, 24, 36
Mathias GILBERTSON, tinplate manufacturer [and family], 18 William GILBERTSON, tinplate manufacturer [and family], 18, 23, 52
Elizabeth GITTINGS, Royal Exchange 1871, 50 Evan GRIFFITH [Ianto'r Hooper], bard, 49
Benjamin GRIFFITHS, schoolmaster, 39 Evan GRIFFITHS, occupier of land 1838, 14
Griffith GRIFFITHS, surgeon [and family], 1871 and 1881, 18 Jane GRIFFITHS, 1849, 17
Margaret GRIFFITHS, Coopers Arms 1849, 49 Thomas GRIFFITHS, killed in mine 1858, 4
Thomas GRIFFITHS, police constable 1871, 34 William GRIFFITHS, occupier of land 1838, 14
GWENALLT [David James JONES], bard, 51 Howel GWYN, Canal Co. chairman 1856, 39
William GWYN, canal entrepreneur 1824, 13 John HARRIES, brewery agent [1850's], 30
Bryan HARRIS, teacher and councillor, 56 John HARRIS, Castle Hotel 1869, 49
John HARRIS, Cross Hotel 1869, 49 Stan HARRIS, Canal worker, Trebanos, 6
Sgt. Michael HEALEY, A.M., M.M. & Bar, D.C.M., d. 1917, 47 John HODGE, drayman 1881, 31
David HOGGING, killed in mine 1858, 4 George HOLLOWAY, Canal worker, 6, 9
J. HOLTHAM, builder, 29 Edward HOPGOOD, road labourer and wife Margaret, 1871, 2
David HOPKIN, bargeman 1861, 7 Mary HOPKIN, singer, 56
Thomas HOPKIN, bargeman 1861, 7 William HOPKINS, bargeman 1851, 6
William HOPKINS, assistant draper 1871, 18 Griffith HOWELLS, occupier of land 1838, 14
Griffith HOWELLS, Dynevor Arms 1838, 48 J. HOWELLS, foundry 1871, 35
Thomas HOWELLS, foundry 1865, 34, 35 William HUDSON, police inspector 1875, 34
Daniel HUMPHREYS, Pontardawe Inn 1889, 49 John HUZZEY, roller in tinworks 1851, 19
William HUZZEY, occupying brewery 1854, 30 David JAMES, scrap bundler in tinworks 1851, 19
David JAMES, haulier 1861, 15 John JAMES, 21, roller in tinworks 1851, 19
John JAMES, 34, roller in tinworks 1851, 19 John JAMES, Brewers Arms 1851, 49, 50
Daniel JENKINS, Castle Hotel 1889, 49 David JENKINS, tin behinder 1851, 19
David JENKINS, Carpenters Arms 1881, 48 Esther JENKINS, tin rubber 1851, 19
Evan JENKINS, bargeman 1851, 6 Evan JENKINS, tin dipper 1851, 19
John JENKINS, Pontardawe Inn 1869, 49 Phillip JENKINS, tin dipper 1851, 19
Thomas JENKINS, tin behinder 1851, 19 William JENKINS, Carpenters Arms 1861, 48
Gwenllian JOHN, marriage 1863, 29 Harry & Hannah JOHN, Victoria Inn, 1881, 49
Thomas Gwyn JOHN, Canal worker, Clydach, 6 Daniel JONES, bargeman 1861, 7
David JONES, landowner 1838, 12, 14 David JONES, bargeman 1861, 7
David JONES, works labourer 1861, 17 Rev. David JONES, vicar, 29
David James JONES [GWENALLT], bard, 51 Evan JONES, 1849, 17
Griffith JONES, killed in mine 1858, 4 John JONES, Ynysderw Farm, 1838, 12, 14, 30
John JONES, bargeman 1851, 7 John JONES, bargeman 1861, 7
John JONES, The Crown 1871, 50 John JONES, Dillwyn Arms 1889, 48
Lilian JONES, Landore, 8 Llewellyn JONES, brewer 1841, 12
Mary Jane JONES, maid 1881, 18 Mary JONES [widow], Pontardawe Inn 1881, 49
Morgan JONES, secretary of Public Hall, 36 Owen JONES, bargeman 1851, 7
Richard JONES, bargeman 1851, 6 Richard JONES, boat carpenter 1861, 7
Will JONES, schoolmaster, 39 Will JONES, Canal worker, Ystradgynlais, 6
William JONES, maltster 1841, 12 William JONES, bargeman 1851, 7
W.M. JONES, schoolmaster, 39 Naomi KNIGHT, maid 1881, 18
Henry LEACH, landowner 1838, 12, 14 Elizabeth LEWIS, bargewoman 1861, 7
Ieuan LEWIS, folk music enthusiast, 58 John LEWIS, bargeman 1851, 7
Lewis LEWIS, manufacturing chemist [and family] 1861 and 1881, 18 Lewis LEWIS, tallow chandler 1871, 17
Noah LEWIS, killed in mine 1855, 4 Thomas LEWIS, bargeman 1861, 7
William LEWIS, killed in mine 1858, 4 William LEWIS, Three Compasses 1881, 50
David LLEWELLYN, bargeman 1861, 7 LLOYD family, boatbuilders, 5, 18
F.E. LLOYD, Plas Cilybebill, 29 Herbert LLOYD, J.P., 36
David MAINWARING, killed in mine 1851, 4 Joseph MARTIN, occupier of land 1838, 14
Brian McCURRY, Canal worker, Clydach, 6 - MEYLER, police inspector 1890's, 34
Catherine MONTGOMERY [and family], Castle Hotel 1881, 49 David MORGAN, occupier of land 1838, 14
David MORGAN, iron miner 1861, 15 Ernest E. MORGAN, architect, 40
Isaac MORGAN, bargeman 1861, 7 John MORGAN, bargeman 1861, 7
Joseph MORGAN, Dynevor Arms 1869, 48 Morgan MORGAN, bargeman 1851, 7
Morgan MORGAN, iron miner 1861, 15 Morgan MORGAN, marriage 1863, 29
Rees MORGAN, iron miner 1861, 15 William MORGAN, bargeman 1861, 7
John PARSONS, brother of William Parsons, 13 William PARSONS, tinplate manufacturer 1835 etc., 4, 13, 18, 23, 29, 39; pic. 20
Phillip PASSMORE, policeman 1856, 33 Dame Adelina PATTI of Craig-y-Nos, 36
Will PENHALE, Canal blacksmith, 6 Elias PHILLIPS, Carpenters Arms 1871, 48
Sgt George PHILLIPS, Rumanian Medal for Valour, d. 1924, 47 Jack PHILLIPS, Canal foreman, 6
John PHILLIPS, Pontardawe Inn 1871, 49 Thomas PHILLIPS, Three Compasses 1861, 50
Margaret Jane POOLE, Royal Exchange 1881, 50 John POYNTY, police sergeant 1861, 33
Griffith PRICE, pickles manufacturer, 33 Anne REES, 1849, 17
John Llewellyn REES, killed in mine 1858, 4 Rees REES, Dillwyn Arms 1861, 48
Sally REES, burial 1862, 29 Henry RENGOZZI, Cross Hotel, 49
Ellen RHODES, cook 1881, 18 John Jones ROBERTS, schoolmaster, 39
Andy ROWE, artist, 52 William SAMUELS, Ivy Bush Hotel 1871, 49
Alex SMITH, schoolmaster, 39 David SMITH, ironmongers, 38
Jim SNOWDON, Canal worker, Landore, 6 - STANFIELD, police inspector 1890's, 34
Thomas STEADMAN, Ivy Bush Hotel 1881, 49 Thomas STEVENS, foundry 1865, 34
Elias THOMAS, bargeman 1851, 6 Hannah THOMAS, dressmaker 1871, 2
James THOMAS, bargeman 1861, 7 Joseph THOMAS, letter carrier 1871, 18
Thomas THOMAS, tinplate boy 1871, 2 Thomas THOMAS, police inspector 1871, 34
William THOMAS, killed in mine 1858, 4 H.H. VIVIAN, copper magnate, 39
William WALKER, bargeman 1861, 7 Harry WATKINS, brewer 1881, 31
WHITE Brothers, boatbuilders 1918, 5 David WILLIAMS, bargeman 1851 and 1861, 6
Elizabeth WILLIAMS, bargewoman 1851, 7 Eynon WILLIAMS, Coopers Arms 1871, 49
Mrs Harriet WILLIAMS, 1856, 38 Henry WILLIAMS, killed in mine 1858, 4
Jane WILLIAMS, bargewoman 1851, 7 John WILLIAMS, bargeman 1851 and 1861, 7
Lewis WILLIAMS, bargeman 1851 and 1861, 7 Mary WILLIAMS, barge haulier 1851, 6
Phillip WILLIAMS, landowner c. 1838 and wool carder, 12, 14 Phillip WILLIAMS, road cleaner 1861, 17
Thomas WILLIAMS, bargeman 1861, 7 William WILLIAMS, bargeman 1851, 6
William WILLIAMS, building contractor 1867, 33 Ellen WITNEY, maid 1881, 18
Henry WOODMAN, schoolmaster, 39  

Gallantry Medal Awards


Bombardier James Jenkins MM Lance Corporal W.J.Thomas MM Sergeant M.Healey AM., MM., and bar, DCM


Group Captain H.W.G.J.Pendrill MC., AFC Flight Sergeant Gwilym Williams DFM Squadron Leader John L.Powell DFC

Pontardawe War Memorial WWI

World War One 1914-19.

L/cpl. James Banks Pte. Aaron Davies
Pte. Brinley R.Bevan Pte. Benjamin Davies
Pte. F.C.Bennett Pte. Carey Davies
Gnr. William Beynon L/cpl. Thomas Bowden
Pte. Percy Brown Pte. Jas. Battenbough
Pte. Edward Dale Pte. David Daniel
Pte. Daniel Davies Pte. John Davies
Lieut. J.Howard Davies Spr. R.L.Davies
Pte. Robert B.Davies Pte. Samuel Davies
Pte. W.E.Davies Pte. F.B.Douglas
Gnr E. Dudderidge Pte. Roger H.Edwards
Pte. Bertie Evans Sgt. William Foley
Gnr D.T.Francis Dvr. George Gardiner
Pte. William Gibbs Pte. D.I.Griffiths
Gnr. Albert.E. Hall Pte. B.J.Hatch
Sgt. M. Healey A.M., M.M., D.C.M Pte. Albert E. Hewer
Stkr. Ben Hodgy . Gnr. W J Hopkins
Rfn. H.G.Howells Pte. William Jacobs
Pte. W.S. Hudson Gnr. David Jenkins
Bom. Jas Jenkins M.M. Pte. Phillip Jenkins
Pte. D.G. John Pte. J.D. John
Trp. David Jones Pte. Elias Jones
Gnr. George Jones Pte. Gwilym Jones
Pte. John Jones L/cpl. J.R.Jones
Gnr. Oliver Jones Pte. Phillip Jones
Pte. Thomas Jones Pte. William Jones
Gnr. William Jones Pte. D.S. Joseph
Pte. lsaac Joseph Pte. John Lacey
Pte. Ben Lewis Major Brinley Lewis
Gnr. Howell E. Lewis Pte. Jason Lewis
Pte. Richard Lewis Cpl. R.J. Mabbett
Pte. Henry T Madge Cpl. E.J. Masterman
Pte. R.Gunton Michael L/cpl. David Morgan
L/cpl. Thomas Morgan Pte. C.D. Morrison
Pte. Arthur J. Mosley Pte. William J. Newlands
Pte. George Offer Pte. Albert Painter
Sgt. Arthur J. Parker Spr. David S. Phillips
L/cpl. Ernest Poll Pte. G.Morgan Powell
Pte. J. Rees Pte. G.W. Sayce
Pte Garfield Silcox Pte. Albert J. Smith
Pte. W J Smyth Pte. Arthur Stock
Pte. Henry Thomas Engr. Pendal Thomas
Sgt. William Thomas L/cpl. W.J. Thomas M.M.
Pte. Edward Torney Pte. J.A. West
Artfc. A.H. Williams Pte. Albert M. Williams
Sgt. Arthur Williams Seaman. J.B.Williams
Pte. J. Buckland L/cpl. Rees LI Buckland
Pte. R. LI (D1) Williams Pte. Sydney Williams
Pte. S. Williams (James St.) Pte. William Williams
Pte. W.P. Williams Pte. G.H. Williams

Pontardawe War Memorial WWII

World War Two 1939-45.

Guardsman. E.T.A. Ashmore Pte. Peter Ballard
F/lt. Cyril Davies Sergt. Dewi Davies
Sgt/Wo/A.G. Ernest M.G.Davies Craftsman Thomas V. Davies
L/cpl. James D. Doyle O.S. John Doyle
L/cpl, Ieuan Evans Fusilier. Ieuan Evans
P/O David I. Evans A/B. John V. George
Major. John F.Gilbertson Stoker 1st. class J.N. Greenland
LAC. David Hodge Pte. William Howells
Driver Brinley James Pte. Richard Jenkins
A.C.1. Albert Jeremiah Sgt/WO/A.G. Glyn John
Pte. Daniel Jones Signalman Elfed Jones
Gunner William M. Jones 3rd. Officer William R. Jones
Gunner. Richard C. Kingdon Gunner. Glyndwr J. Lewis
Gunner. T. Lewis F/sgt. William M. McCarry
L/cpl. David Morgan Pte. William K. Morgan
A.B. Melvyn B. Barratt Pte. David L. Phillips
LAC. Glyn S. Price S/ldr. John L/Powell D.F.C.
Stoker. Phillip Pritchard Pte. Morgan G. Probert
Sgt/Obr. Alwyn Rees Pte. Ronald Richards
F/eng. Frederick Shields Signalman Charles W. Symonds
Sergt. David M.Thomas F/It. Emrys Thomas
Pte. Islwyn Thomas Sergt. T.A.Vaughan
AB. R.R.Wesson Sergt. Arthur Williams
Pte. Edward M. Williams F/sgt. Gwilym Williams D.F.M.
Sergt. Islwyn Williams Driver. John E. Williams
Carpenter. Rees J. Williams Sapper. Sidney Williams
Guardsman. Morgan S H Williams Pte. William R.O.Williams
G/cpt. H.W.G.J. Penderel M.C., A.F.C.  

Gilbertson Employees in WWI

During the first World War 287 men from the W. Gilbertsons and Company steelworks in Pontardawe served in the army and navy, of whom 34 made the supreme sacrifice. A wooden plaque containing the names of the 287 Gilbertson employees who served in the Great War...................now hangs in the Public Hall and Institute on Herbert Street. The following names are recorded on the plaque together with the departments the men were employed in, their rank in the forces and for those who gave their lives the regiments they served in.

There are several departmental based sections to this extract & the alphabetical sequence is not exactly perfect.

Office Staff.

Lieut. E.W.P. Davies Pte. W. Davies
Staff corp. T.J. Extance 2nd lieut. Daniel Howells
Sergt. Sydney Hopkins 2nd lieut. Sydney Hopkins
Col sgt (ors) Wilfred Morgan Pte. David Maddock
Sgt. T.E. Thomas 1st lt. Gwilym Williams
T. cadet. B.J.Williams  

Steel Works Dept.

Driver. Fred Andrews Rifleman. A. Bending
Pte. W.J. Bowen Stoker. D.J. Bowen
Pte. John N. Bale Pte. D Bromham
Pte. Fred Clarke Pte. Morlais James
Pte. G.Pryce Daniels Gnr. John Davies
Pte. S.G. Davies Pte. Morgan E. Davies
Pte. Arthur Davies Pte. William Davies
Pte. Rees Edwards Pte. John Evans
L/c. Thomas Evans Pte. Aneurin Evans
L/c. Cyril Gough Pte. Harry G. Griffiths
Gnr. William Harrison Signaller. D.L. Healy
Pte. E.J. Humphreys Pte. Thomas Hark
Cpl. Tom Harris Pte. Pat Hennessey
Pte. D.M. Hughes Pte. Tom Humphreys
Pte. G.E. Hyde Pte. J.H. Jenkins
Pte. Theodore Jones Pte. William Jones
Sgt. J.W. John Pte. Graham John
Pte. Arthur James Pte. T. Jenkins
Pte. Ernest Lowe Pte. J. W. Morse
Sgt. Arthur Morgan Cpt. J.S. Martin
Pte. Price Mason Sgt. James McNamara
Sgt. W. McCormick Signaller. Brynmor Morgan
Pte. George Parry Gunner. Evan Price (sheet mill)
Pte. S. V. Price Driver. Frank Phillips
Sgt. George Phillips Pte. Wilfred Phillips
Pte. W.F. Richards Pte. Percy Rees
Pte. T J.Slee Pte. E.S. Speller
Sgt. H. Snelgrove L/c. A. Sweeting
Pte. William Street Pte. E. Sibley
Pte. E. Talbot Pte. Griff Thomas
Pte. David Watkins Pte. F.S. Wilson
Stoker. Glyn Williams Gunner. John Williams
Rifleman. P. Wilcox Sgt. Victor Williams
L/c. H. Jacobs Pte. J.B. Williams
Pte. Isaac Bromham Sgt. E Williams
Pte. John Davies Pte. D.J. Williams
Pte. Albert Wyman  

Sheet Mills and Galvanizing Dept.

Pte. T. Andrews Pte. Syd Andrews
Pte. Harry Andrews Pte. R. Banfield
L/c. A. Beynon Pte. Syd Burdett
Cpt. H.C. Belsey Pte. D.J. Bevan
Pte. Idris Belsey Gnr. W B Bromham
Gnr. W Bromham Pte. James Bevan
Sgt. Arthur Clatworthy L/c. G.T. Chilcott
Cpt. W. Crowther Pte. John Cole
Pte. John Davies Sgt. J.W. Davies
Pte. John Davies Pte. B.R. Davies
Sgt. E.J. Dolling Cpl. Emlyn Edwards
Pte. David Evans Pte. Philip Edwards
L/c. Oswald Eaton Pte. Emlyn Evans
Gunner. Griff Evans Trimmer. J.J. Evans
Stoker. J W.Gibbs Pte. Syd Griffiths
Gnr. Arthur Griffiths L/c. T.W. Harding
Sgt. George Harry Pte. E. Harding
Pte. Morgan Hopkins Pte. H.J. Hopkins
Pte. P. Hopkins Pte. W.E. James
Bandsman. Wattie Jones A/B. Ll Jones
Pte. Thomas Jones L/C. Stanley Jones
A/M. T.G. Jones Pte. D.J. Jones
Stoker. W.E. Jones Pte. D.S. Jones
Pte. Gwyn Joseph L/C. W.M. Jones
Stoker. D. Jones Cpl. Thomas Jones
Sapper. Harold Lewis Pte. Richard Lewis
Seaman. L.W. Lott 3rd A/M. Sam Lewis
Cpt. Gwilym Lewis Pte. Elwyn Lewis
3rd A/M. L.J. Lewis Pte. Ruben Lloyd
Rifleman. Howell Lloyd Pte. W J Lloyd
Pte. Syd Mainwaring Pte. C. Mould
Pte. D.H. Mainwaring Gunner. H.M. Price
Pte. Harry Picton Pte. William Rees
A/B. Howell Roberts Pte. Owen Roderick
2nd Lt. T.H. Stearle Pte. Trevor Skidmore
Pte. Bryn Seaborne Pte. O. Taylor
Pte. Ben Thomas A/B. J.H. Thomas
Gunner. E.J.Thomas Pte. D.H. Thomas
Pte. W.J. Thomas Pte. Thomas Thomas
Pte. R.L. Thomas Pte. Daniel Thomas
Gunner. David Thomas Pte. Glyn Thomas
Driver. Emrys Thomas O/S. Oswald Thomas
L/C. Isaac Thomas L/C. Nathan Thomas
Pte. Oliver Williams Pte. S.F. Williams
Pte. John Walters Pte. Rees Walters
Pte. Griff Williams Pte. David Williams
Trimmer. D.J. Williams Pte. D.R. Williams
Pte. D.B. Williams Stoker. T.J Williams
Pte. Alf Williams Pte. William Seaborne
Pte. David Williams  

Slag Dept.

Driver. David Reece Sapper. William Thrussell Seaman. James Seddon Pte. George Talbot

Tinplate Dept.

Pte. E. Atkinson Pte. A. Atkinson
Pte. Emlyn Bowen Pte. Emanuel Bevan
Pte. Ivor Chilcott Bombardier. William Canning
Pte. W.D. Chilcott Driver. D.Morgan Davies
Pte. Idris Davies Pte. Robert Doling
Stoker. Handel Davies Stoker. William Davies
Gnr. J. Davies Gnr. Thomas Deer
Driver. A. Edmunds Driver. W Evans
Pte. Charles Forbes Pte. Thomas Francis
Pte. T. Grabowski Pte. Fred Griffiths
Signaller. Rees Griffiths L/C. C. Griffiths
Pte. Henry George Pte. W. Griffiths
Pte. T. Howells Stoker. Thomas Humphreys
Pte. H. Hatfield Pte. E.J. Humphreys
Pte. James John Pte. Thomas Jones
Pte. Percy John Pte. John Jones
Bombardier. D.T. Jones Pte. O. James
Driver. John James Pte. David John James
Pte. Glyn Jones Stoker. David Jones
Pte. Ellis Jones Pte. B.C. Lambridge
Pte. Edmund Lloyd Cpl. D.J. Lewis
Pte. Joseph Lewis Pte. Idris Lewis
Gunner. Harry Lewis Pte. H.J. Morgan
Drummer. T.J. Mainwaring Pte. Eynon Morgan
Gunner. D. Morris Pte. Brinley R. Madge
Gnr. Richard Marley Pte. Cyril Morgan
Bomb. William Owen Pte. W. Palmer
Pte. T. Perret Pte. Ben Price
Pte. Albert C. Palmer Pte. John Richards
Gunner. Richard Roberts Pte. Wilfred Richards
Pte. David Rees Pte. Morgan Rees
Pte. Emlyn Thomas Pte. T.J. Williams
Pioneer. W.J. Williams Signaller. Ferdinand Williams
Pte. J. Watkins Pte. E. Young


Pte. D.E. Davies Pte. Emrys Davies
Pte. William Extance A/M J.B. Gorst
Driver. J. Hewitt Pte. E.G. Hurst
Driver. T.J. Howells A/B. Thomas Humphreys
Pte. Kenneth Lewis O/S. J.E. Lewis
Pte. W. E Lloyd Pte. W. Morgan
L/C. H.J. Poll Pte. A.G. Richards


Cpl. T.C. Banner Sapper. Thomas Hyatt

Traffic Dept.

Stoker. W.R. Beynon Stoker. J. Beynon Pte. R.J.T. Locke

Crane Drivers etc.

Pte. Brinley Davies Seaman. R. Harris, Pte. Arthur Jones Pte. Morley John Sapper. Owen MacCafferty Pte. R.J. Thompson Stoker. John Talbot

General Dept.

Pte. A.E. Andrews Pte. W. Davies Pte. D. Evans Pte. W. Hughes Pte. J Franklyn

Gilbertson Employees that Died in WWI

The following W.Gilbertson and company employees made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War 1914-18.

L/C. James Banks 1st Wilts Reg. steelwork dept. Pte. Jas. Battenbough tinplate dept.
Pte. Percy Brown general dept. Pte. David Daniel RWF tinplate
Pte. Carey Davies 2nd Wilts Reg. bricklayers Pte. John Davies tinplate
Pte. Frank B. Douglas 12th K.R.R. general dept. Pte. John Evans 4th Yorks. sheetmill/galv.
Sgt. William Foley S.W.B steelworks Sgt. M. Healy 2nd R.M.F. steelworks
Pte. Albert E. Ewer 1st Glos.Reg bricklayers Stoker. B Hodge R.N. tinplate
Pte. W Jacobs Wilts.Reg. tinplate Pte. David Jenkins R.N.V.R. sheetmills/galv.
Gunner. George Jones R.N.V.R. sheetmills/galv. Pte. Gwilym Jones 3rd S.W.B sheetmills/galv.
Pte. William Jones R,W.F sheetmills/galv. Pte. P.R. Jones Machine gun corp tinplate
Pte. Isaac Joseph 7th S.W.B sheetmills/galv. Gunner. H.E. Lewis R.N.V.R. sheetmills/galv.
Pte. J Lewis 7th S.W.B steelworks Cpl. Robert J Mabbett 2nd Welsh Reg traffic dept.
Cpl. E.J Masterman R.F. engineers dept. Pte. W.J Newlands R.W.L.I. tinplate
Pte. Albert Painter S.W.B general dept. Sgt. Arthur Parker 7th S.L.Inf. tinplate
L/C. Ernest Poll 3rd Rifle Brigade engineering Pte. W.C. Smith sheetmills/galv.
Pte. Arthur Stock 6th S.L.Inf. engineering Pte. Ivor Thomas 3rd Welsh Reg. steelworks
Pte. Edward Toney 2nd S.W.B steelworks Pte. Albert M.Williams 7th S.W.B bricklayers dept.
Pte. Rees Ll Williams K.S L.I. engineering Pte. William Williams 6th S.W.B bricklayers dept