Kelly's Directory South Wales 1923



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YSTALYFERA is a populous village and ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1903 from Llanguicke, with a station on the London, Midland and Scottish railway, in the Neath division of the county of Glamorgan, Pontardawe petty sessional division and union, rural deanery of East Gower, archdeaconry of Carmarthen and diocese of St. David's : it lies 12 miles north-east from Swansea.

The church of St. David, erected in 1890, at a cost of £2,270, is a building of stone, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, transept, north porch and a circular eastern tower containing one bell : the services are in English. The register dates from the year 1890. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £301, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of St. David's and the Board of Patronage, and held since 1912 by the Rev. James Secundus-Jones L.D. of St. David's College, Lampeter.

The church of the Holy Trinity, at GODRE'RGRAIG, a chapel of ease to the parish church, is an edifice of stone the services are in Welsh : the Rev. Daniel Thomas B.A. of St. David's College, Lampeter, has been curate since 1923.

Daren-gwynddon, the Rock of Sighs, or Weather Rock, Daren-y-Castell, and the Fairy Rocks, with the Weeping Well, are also in this district. Cwm Twrch Well is a mineral spring.

Fleming Richard Dansey Aubrey Gough esq. D.L., J.P. is the chief landowner.

The population in 1911 was 7,184.

For names of residents in Gurnos (part of) and Cwmtwrch, see under Ystradgynlais parish.

Post, M. O., T. & T. E. D. Office, Ystalyfera (letters should have Swansea added).-Mrs. Hannah Jones, sub-postmistress

Post, M. O., T. & T. E. D. Office, Godre'rgraig (letters should have Swansea added). - Mrs. Sarah Griffiths, sub-postmistress

Post, M. O., T. & T. E. D. Office, Gurnos.-William Thomas, sub-postmaster. Letters through Ystalyfera, Swansea

Police Station, erected 1872, Sergeant Edward Thomas, & 5 constables


Certifying Factory Surgeon, Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Eastern District, Pontardawe Union, & Medical Officer of Health to Pontardawe Rural District Council, William James Lewis L.R.C.P. & S. Edin. & L.R.F.P.S.Glas. Tyrwaun


  • St. David's, Rev. James Secundus-Jones L.Div. vicar ; Rev. Daniel Thomas B.A. curate
  • Holy Trinity, Godre'rgraig, Rev. Daniel Thomas B.A. Welsh curate
  • Baptist (Zoar), Wern, erected 1858, Rev. William Jones
  • Baptist (Caersalem), Graig, Rev. Evan D. Lewis
  • Congregational (English), erected 1869
  • Congregational (Gurnos), erected 1864 (vacant)
  • Congregational (Welsh), Pantteg, erected 1822 & rebuilt 1898, Rev. Ben Davies
  • Congregational (Welsh), Wern, erected 1866
  • Congregational (Welsh), Godre'rgraig, erected 1909
  • Calvinistic Methodist (Jerusalem), built in 1857;rebuilt 1881
  • Wesleyan (Sion), erected 1862 (Swansea Welsh circuit)


Intermediate School, Ystalyfera, established under the " Welsh Education Act, 1889," for 180 boys & girls ; erected in 1895 at a cost of over £3,000 ; a chemical laboratory was erected & other additions were made in 1903 ; Henry Rees B.A. head master ; Miss Helena Edwards B.A. senior mistress

Public Elementary Schools.

  • Warn, rebuilt 1905, for 270 boys, 270 girls & 290 infants ; Thomas Jones, master ; Miss Alice Williams, mistress ; Miss Lizzie Maud Roberts, infants' mistress
  • Pantteg, erected in 1877, & enlarged in 1888, for 196 boys & girls ; William Evans, master ; 134 infants ; Miss Rachel Lewis, mistress
  • Godre'rgraig, rebuilt 1908, for 320 boys, girls & infants (mixed) ; David Llewellyn Rees, master ; Miss G. Maddocks, mistress
  • Godre'rgraig (infants), opened June 4th, 1915, for 194; Miss G. Maddocks, mistress

Railway Station, Henry Scott, station master


  • Beynon Mrs. Maria, Tynywern
  • Blakeway William Henry, Fairholme
  • Clee David, The Poplars
  • Davies Rev. Ben (Welsh Congregational), Godre'rgraig
  • Davies David William, Ty Gwyn
  • Evans Mrs. Ardwyn
  • Evans Mrs. Gorse villa
  • Evans Thomas Wade, Bryncelyn
  • Griffiths Griffith
  • Griffiths John, Fountain hall
  • Jones Rev. James Secundus L.Div. (vicar), The Vicarage
  • Jones Rev. William (Baptist)
  • Lewis Rev. Evan D. (Baptist), Alltygrug road
  • Lewis Mrs. M. Tanyrallt
  • Lewis William James, Tyrwaun
  • Lloyd David, Bryn-tawe
  • Lloyd Taliesin, Ty'rwaun
  • Lloyd William, Brynawel
  • Morgan Howe Alfred, Maesycoed,Gurnos
  • Rees John David, Brynhaulog
  • Thomas Rev. Daniel B.A. (curate), Church road, Godre'rgraig
  • Thomas Mrs. Joan, Brynderwen
  • Williams Edwin David, The Poplars
  • Williams Jn. Morgan, The Woodlands


Early closing day, Thursday.

  • Alltwen & Pontardawe Industrial Cooperative Society
  • Ambridge Bessie (Mrs.), fruiterer, Gurnos
  • Arnold Timothy C. ironmonger
  • Baker Sam, news agent, Gurnos
  • Barclays Bank Ltd. (branch) (Evan, Richard Powell, manager) (open daily, 9.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.; sat. 10 a.m. to 12 noon), Commercial st. ; draw on head office, 54 Lombard street, London E C 3
  • Beresford Joseph, shopkeeper, Wern
  • Bowen Margt. (Mrs.), butcher, Wern
  • Carr Norman, stationer, Wern
  • Carter Minnie Edith (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Wern
  • Channing Walter, saddler & harness maker, Wern
  • Chappell Filler (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, Wern
  • CIatworthy Thomas L. jeweller
  • Clee David & Sons, stone quarries, The Poplars
  • Coliseum (Elwyn Rees, lessee & mngr
  • Collins Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer,Wern
  • Collins Henry, shopkeeper, Pwllbach
  • Cresci & Impanni, refreshment rooms
  • Daniels John & Son, market gardeners, Ynysdarren house
  • Daniels Richd.clothier,Commercial st
  • Davies Albt. shopkpr. Godre'rgraig
  • Davies Daniel R. musical instrument dealer, Gurnos
  • Davies David William, agent Pwllbach Colliery Co. Limited, Tygwyn
  • Davies Geo. E. confr. Commercial st
  • Davies Gwillyn, tailor, Swan lane
  • Davies John, shopkeeper, Wern
  • Davies John Griffith., stationer
  • Davies John Henry M.E. , F.G.S. mining, engineer, Clare road
  • Davies Jsph. grocer, Commercial st
  • Davies William H. The Bush P.H. Pantteg
  • Davies William John, confr. Wern
  • Dolling John, shopkeeper, Pantteg
  • Edmunds David Joseph, Golden Lion P.H. Godre'rgraig
  • Edwards Aneurin, insurance agent
  • Edwards William, shopkpr. Pantteg
  • Evans Bros. grocers, Godre'rgraig
  • Evans I. L. E. & R. grocers, Pentwyn stores, Godre'rgraig
  • Eyans J. G. & Co. grocers, Wern
  • Evans J. alloy & Son, solicitors & commissioners for oaths
  • Evans Ann (Miss), grocer, Alma ho
  • Evans Arthur Comber, butcher,Alltygrug road
  • Evans Daniel, photographer, Commercial street
  • Evans Daniel, shopkeeper, Wern rd
  • Evans David, hair drssr. Godre'rgraig
  • Evans Edith B. (Mrs.), confr.Pantteg
  • Evans James, hay & straw dealer
  • Evans Jane (Mrs.), butcher, 4 Wern rd
  • Evans Jenkins L.D.S. dentist, Gwanfield
  • Evans John, Railway hotel
  • Evans Jn.saddlr. & harness rna. Gurnos
  • Evans Lewis, hair drssr. Godre'rgraig
  • Evans Thos. greengrocer,Godre'rgraig
  • Evans Thomas, paperhanger, Wern
  • Evans Thos. Alex. butcher, Pantteg
  • Evans William, builder, see Hopkin & Evans
  • Evans Wm. Carey, shopkpr. Pantteg
  • Francis J. Morris, solicitor, Wern
  • Francis Wm. shopkeeper, Cyfyng rd.
  • Gape Cissie (Miss), confectioner
  • George William, music teacher
  • Gould William L. Ystalyfera hotel
  • Gregory Hannah Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Cyfyng road
  • Griffith. Margaretta (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Alltygrug road
  • Griffiths John, butcher, Godre'rgraig
  • Griffiths William, butcher, Wern
  • Honey George, boot & shoe dlr. Wern
  • Hopkin & Evans, builder§
  • Hopkin Daniel, grocer, Godre'rgraig
  • Hopkins Evan, butcher, Godre'rgraig
  • Hopkins M. (Mrs.), rate collector to Pontardawe Board of Guardians
  • Howard Samuel, boot & shoe dealer, Godre'rgraig
  • Hughes R. & D. ironmongers, Wern
  • Hughes Geo. shopkpr. Commercial st
  • Hughes Thos. Albt. confectnr. Wern
  • Hughes Wm. house furnisher, Wern
  • Hunt Clifford, grocer, Cyfyng road
  • Hunt John, grocer
  • India & China Tea Co. Wern
  • Intermediate & Technical School (Henry Rees B.A., B.A.L. head master ; Miss Helena Edwards B.A senior mistress)
  • Jackett Wm. James, carriage builder Darran road
  • James James, shopkeeper, Wern
  • Jeffrey Bessie (Miss), china dealer
  • Jenkins Edwin, shopkeeper, Gurnos
  • Jenkins Oliver, grocer, Wern
  • John Edward, draper, Wern
  • Jones Bros. builders, St. David's road
  • Jones Arthur Basil, tailor, Wern
  • Jones Frederick, butcher, Gurnos
  • Jones Griffith, grocer, Pantteg
  • Jones Griffith Owen, grocer, Godre'rgraig
  • Jones John, butcher, Wern
  • Jones John, Old Swan P.H
  • Jones John Griffith, grocer, Godre'rgraig
  • Jones John Wm. fruitr. Commercial st
  • Jones Kate (Miss), china shop, Darran terrace
  • Jones Maggie (Mrs.), shopkpr. Wern
  • Jones Phillip, Royal Oak PH
  • Jones  drssr.Gurnos
  • Jones Spencer, outfitter
  • Jones Thomas, fruiterer, Wern
  • Jones Thos. (Mrs.), shopkpr. Gurnos
  • Jones Thos. Jn. shopkpr. Cyfyng rd
  • Jones Wm. boot dlr. Commercial st
  • Jones William, haulier, Brynseion ho
  • Keen Frederick, tailor, Wern
  • Labour Voice Newspaper (Llais Llafur Co. Limited ; fri.  1 1/2 d)
  • Lewis Evan, confectioner, Gurnos
  • Lewis Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, Alltygrug road
  • Lewis Morgan, shopkeeper, Pantteg
  • Lewis Thomas P. motor & cycle agent, Gurnos
  • Lewis William James L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.Edin., L.R.F.P.S.Glas. physician & surgeon, medical officer to Pontardawe Rural District Council, medical officer of health & public vaccinator Eastern district, Pontardawe union, & certifying factory surgeon, Tyrwaun
  • Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society (Maurice Davies, district manager), - 58 Wern  road
  • Llais Llafur Co. Limited, printers
  • Llewellyn Myfanwa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Cyfyng road
  • Lloyd David & Sons, ironmongers
  • Lloyd   John, fried  fish dealer,  Godre'rgraig
  • Lloyd Luther, ironmonger
  • Lloyd William, draper, Gurnos
  • Lloyds Bank Ltd. (branch) (Griffith Griffiths, manager) (open 10 a.m.to 3 p.m. ; sat. 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon) ; draw on head office, 71 Lombard street, London E C 3
  • London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd. (branch) (John Griffiths, manager) (open daily 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; sat. 10 a.m. to 12 noon); draw on head office, 5 Threadneedle street, London E C 2. Tel. No. 13 Ystalyfera
  • Maddocks John, grocer, Pwllbach
  • Morgan Bros. motor engineers
  • Morgan Abraham, miller (water)
  • Morgan Hannah (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, Godre'rgraig
  • Morgan John, china &c. dealer, Godre'rgraig
  • Morgan John, farmer, Cwmtawe, Godre'rgraig
  • Morgan John, farmer, Gilfachgoch
  • Morgan Margaret Ann (Mrs.), Smith Arms P.R. Cyfyng road
  • Morgan Mary Gething (Mrs.), Swan, family & commercial hotel. TN 14
  • Morgan Richd. Lewis, colliery propr
  • Morgan Thomas, farmer, Ynisgeinon
  • Morgan Wm. grocer, Godre'rgraig
  • Morris David, hair dresser, Wern
  • Nicholas Edwin, undertaker, Wern
  • Nicholas Edwyn, beer ret. Wern Fawr
  • Owen Gwillyn, beer retlr. Pantteg
  • Panlett Thos. Wm. Hy. baker, Gurnos
  • Parry Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer
  • Perkins William Lewis, chemist, Commercial street
  • Powell Hopkin James, outfitter, Wern
  • Powell William James, outfitter, Commercial street
  • Price John Richard, butcher, see Woodman & Price
  • Pwllbach Colliery Co. Limited (David William Davies, agent)
  • Reed William, shopkpr. 7 Darren rd
  • Rees David & Son, builders & contractors & builders' merchants
  • Rees David, shopkeeper, Cyfyng rd
  • Rees David Edred, outfitter
  • Rees Fredk. boot & shoe maker, Wern.
  • Rees J. Margam, chemist, Wern rd
  • Rees Jn. Rees, shopkpr. Godre'rgraig
  • Rees William, dairyman, Gurnos
  • Rees William R. grocer
  • Rees William Tudor, Welsh produce, merchant, milliner & garage proprietor, Commercial st. T N 36
  • Richards J. R. (Mrs.), draper, Compton house
  • Roberts Thos. beer retlr. Station inn.
  • Roderick David, shopkpr. Cyfyng rd
  • Schears Hans, hair dresser, Wern
  • Simms Harry, beer ret. Godre'rgraig
  • Stubbs Frank, draper, Commercial st
  • Tawe Valley Gas Co. Limited (works)
  • Thomas Evan & Son, grocers, Wern
  • Thomas & Son, mineral water makrs
  • Thomas Annie (Mrs.), beer ret. Wern
  • Thomas David, butcher, Cyfyng road
  • Thomas David Llewellyn, grocr.Wern
  • Thomas Edith (Mrs.), shopkeeper,Cyfyng road
  • Thomas John, boot & shoe repairer, Cyfyng road
  • Thomas Thos. shopkpr. Godre'rgraig
  • Thomas William, grocer, Gurnos
  • Thomas William, grocer, Pantteg
  • Thomas Wm. Jn. grocr. Commercial st
  • Todd Thomas David, tailor, Commercial street
  • White Walter & Archibald, clay
  • Williams John & Son, grocers
  • Williams Anne Louisa (Miss), shop-keeper, Commercial street
  • Williams Annie (Miss), butcher,.
  • Williams Aubrey, beer ret. Cyfyng rd
  • Williams David L. beer retlr.Corner ho
  • Williams Edwin Daniel, draper, Wern
  • Williams James, boot & shoe repairer, 5 Darren road
  • Williams John, boot & shoe dealer, Cyfyng road
  • Williams John, fruiterer, Wern
  • Williams John Morgan, grocer, Pantteg
  • Williams John R. builder
  • Williams Samuel, confr. Godre'rgraig,'
  • Williams Thomas, shopkeeper, Wern
  • Williams Wm. J. monumental mason
  • Wills Albert, stationer, Wern
  • Winter Arth. Yeandle, butcher, Wern
  • Woodman & Price, butchrs. Darren rd
  • Ystalyfera Picture Palace (Edwards & Page, proprietors)
  • Ystalyfera Tin Plate Co. Limited

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