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Local Clubs

Amman United
"Formed in 1903-1904 Amman United RFC represent the community of Cwmamman in the heart of the Amman Valley.
They currently play in Division 4 South-West of the National league."
The club published their centenary book in October 2003, it is called  The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003

Ammanford RFC
Recreation ground, Ammanford

Brynamman RFC
Amman Rd, Brynamman.

Cwmgors RFC
The club is situated in the Amman Valley, 15 miles from Swansea, 10 miles from Neath and 18 miles from Llanelli.
The area is notable for fostering the grass roots of Welsh rugby, with intense, but sporting rivalry with its neighbouring clubs of Brynaman,, Amman United, Cwmllynfell and Ammanford.
Many great players have started or improved their careers at the club, with Gareth Edwards, voted the Greatest Player of the 20th Century, being one of the local heroes."

A new section for the club's history now added (Nov 2005)

Cwmllynfell RFC
 "Cwmllynfell RFC traces it's origins to the turn of the century. A typical mining village on the watershed of both the Amman and Swansea Valleys, it is still a strong Welsh speaking community which takes its rugby very seriously indeed."

Rugby Union in Wales  
Lists of active clubs with contact details


Will Davies

Will was popularly known as ' Sgili '. Played rugby for Cwmgors and Swansea[All Whites] and obtained 4 caps for Wales as a wingforward, against South Africa in 1931 and England, Scotland and Ireland in 1932.
One of 6 players for Amman United [as at Jan 1937] who played for his country, the others were Emrys Evans, Joe Rees, D B Evans, Jack E Evans and Claude Davey

The first extract  below is from : Who's Who of Welsh International Rugby Players, by John M Jenkins, Duncan Pierce & Timothy Auty; published by Bridge Books, Wrexham, 1991.

DAVIES, William

Born Cwmgors, 14 February 1906; died Cwmgors, 5 October 1975

Career: Cwmgors School; Amman United; Swansea

Forward in 4 matches, against South Africa, 1931; England, 1932; Scotland, 1932; Ireland, 1932 : Scored 1t - 3 points

At school and in his early years at senior level, Sgili Davies, who was a colliery official, had played at scrum half and centre. He scored the Welsh try against the victorious Springboks, at St Helen's in December 1931. His son Billy played at forward for Cwmgors and Swansea.

Will Davies  

Will Davies 1931/32

Will Davies 2

"The Prince of Wales among the Swansea players who assisted Wales. Jack Bassett, the Welsh captain, is making the introductions, and the Prince is shaking hands with W. Davies. On Davies's right is Tom Day, and on his left Dai Thomas and J.C. Morley." 1931/32

Will Davies 3

January 1937

Will Davies 4

"The referee being introduced to the Prince of Wales by J Bassett, Welsh captain." 1931/32

[Will Davies in centre of photograph ]

Will Davies 5

"........The only Welsh tries in (international) matches against South Africa were in 1931 at St Helens by Swansea forward Will Davies, as Wales lost 3-8 , and in 1951 at the Arms Park by Cardiff centre Bleddyn Williams, as the Welsh team were beaten 3-6......"

" ...........Just two tries against South Africa in 63 years is a meagre ration....particularly for Welshmen."

[This newspaper clipping is undated but is post 1964]

Amman United RFC

The Amman United side who won the Shield in the season 1927-28.

In the book Roll Along, Amman United, Roll Along is the identical photograph and the players named are ;
From the left;---
Back row; E B Rees, L Jones, C Davey, G Griffiths, W Watkins, J Evans, B Bowen, E K Jones
Middle row; J Quick, W Davies, R Noble, I Williams, H Jones, N Rees, F Bevan
Front row;  E Jones, D Evans, S Evans, E J Jones, J Marshall
On ground; A Price, B Roberts
(although the way named in book a little confusing re last two)

Will Davies 6  

One of the Wales teams that Will Davies played in.
Wales v England at Swansea in January 1932
There is a similar photograph in the book ' A Century of Welsh Rugby Players, 1880-1980' by Wayne Thomas and the caption reads
"One of the outstanding sides of the 1930s."

They are (left to right)
Standing; Will Davies(Swansea), A Skym(Llanelli/Cardiff), Watcyn Thomas(Llanelli/Swansea), A Lemon(Neath), E.M Jenkins(Aberavon), T Day(Swansea), D Thomas(Swansea).
Sitting; J C Morley(Newport), Claude Davey(Swansea), J A Bassett (Capt-Penarth)), F A Bowdler(Cross Keys), F L Williams(Cardiff), R W Boon(Cardiff).
Front sitting; W C Powell(London Welsh), A R Ralph(Newport)

Items below extracted from The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003

"William Davies. Born Cwmgorse 14 February 1906; died Cwmgors 5 October, 1975
Career: Cwmgors, Amman United, Swansea.
Forward in 4 matches against South Africa 1931; England 1932; Scotland 1932; Ireland 1932 Scored 3 points
At school and in his early days at senior level Sgili Davies, who was a colliery official, had played at scrum-half and centre. He scored the Welsh try against the victorious Springboks at St Helens in December 1931.
His son Billy played at forward for Swansea."

"Amman won the trophy (Challenge Shield) in the first two years 1927/28 and 1928/29, and 1927 was also the first season for Claude Davey who had been capped by the Welsh secondary schools the previous season and was also the first Welshman to score against the French Schoolboys. He joined the Amman from Curwen Stars as a scrum-half together with Will Davies as outside-half. The presence of Arthur Rees, Percy Rees and Bryn Roberts ensured that they were unable to hold their places and they were converted to centre and loose-forward respectively. They both moved eventually to Swansea and were capped for Wales, with Claude having the distinction of being captain of Swansea and Wales."

"Will Davies, prior to his departure to Swansea, captained (Amman United) in season 1930/31...."

Eric Jones picks an Amman United 'Greats' team which includes Will Davies as a back row forward and comments -
"Will Sgili, an outstanding back row forward, tremendously strong, an asset to any team..."

Will appears in a team photograph on page 41 of the book, caption  'Amman United RFC Season 1935/36'

See also the Swansea RFC   site

Helynt y Ddafad

By Evan Hopkin

This amusing nonsense rhyming 'story' apparently written for Will Davies has no date, the single sheet of paper is simply there amongst family documents.
I include it here because of 'that try'.

1. Llawn lorry o ddefaid
A ddaeth ar nos Lun
I ladd-dy Cwmgorse
Er mwyn bwyda dyn.
R'oedd un fach o'r defaid.
Yn gallach na'r rest
Na'th fattle ofnadwy
Cyn bo fe'n mynd west.

2.  Fel mellt mas o'r lorry
Medd r'wyn 'Beth oedd honna'
I lawr dros yr heol
A lan wrth Dai Jonah.
'Me, me' meddte'r ddafad
Gan weddio am lety
Atebwyd ei gweddi
Fe gwelodd y bwli.

3. Aeth lawr dros y bwli
I gwato o'r eira
Pwy gwelodd hi'n mynd
Ond Rees Jeremiah.
Policemen, a Banksman,
Y Tippers, Lampman
Yn chwilio amdani
Pob un gwneud ei rhan.

4. Aeth neges i'r gaffer
Yn ystod y shift
Bod dafad golledig
Ar ffordd lawr i'r drift.
Aeth Will lan i'r land-in
Yn fuss a llawn steam
Fe gerddodd y bwli
'Na galon gan ddyn.

5. Aeth Will mewn i'r level
Gan ddwedyd 'Ma le'.
Y ddafad yn ateb
Gan ddwedyd 'Me, me.'
Mewn dwr iddi hanner
Medd Will 'Do or die'
Rhy'n hwyl ar St. Helens
Pan score-ws e'r dry.

6.Y newydd sydd heddiw
Yn gryf drwy y lle.
Fod Will i gael medal
Wrth yr R.S.P.C.A.
Fe gafwyd y ddafad
Mae'r gorlan yn llawn.
Hen galon Gwaredwr
Gan Gaffer Prydnhawn.


Presentation to Cwmgorse Sportsman

The following is the text of a report in the South Wales Voice, date unknown, but probably the mid 1930s.

Presentation to Cwmgorse Sportsman

Enthusiastic Meeting at Bethel, Garnant

Connection between Church and Sport

"A desire for a closer connection between the church and the sportsfield was expressed at a presentation meeting to Mr. Will Davies, Cwmgorse, the ex-Amman United, Swansea,, and Welsh international rugby forward who received a very hearty reception from his wide circle of friends on Wednesday night last, at the New Bethel Vestry, Garnant.

As a mark of appreciation for his long loyal services to Amman United he was presented with a chiming clock, and a pair of bronze ornaments, gifts of the Amman United members and Amman Valley football enthusiasts.

A further tribute to Mr. Davies was the fact that the meeting was held at the New Bethel Vestry, and that the pastor, the Rev. R. E. Leyshon, B.A., B.D., presided. In opening the proceedings, Mr. Leyshon said that he was pleased to see such a splendid gathering present to honor one who had not only given years of loyal service, but had set an example of what a sports man should really be. When on the football field, players should play the game for the game's sake.


Presenting Mr. Davies, Councillor David Thomas, chairman of the United said they were gathered to present Mr. Davies, for his unswerving loyalty to the Amman United Club, he had made a name for himself as a true sportsman. His abilities had gained for him international honours, and he had justified himself, and also brought credit to Cwmamman. One outstanding trait, said the speaker, that showed Davies' sporting instincts was, that whether down or up, in victory or defeat, he always wore a smile, that endeared him to all opponents. He had always been anxious to help Amman, he hoped there were others coming along who would be equally capable of assisting the club. It gave him much pleasure to hand over the gifts so richly earned. He hoped that Mr. Davies would continue to be interested in the club.


Responding Mr. Davies, said he was very glad of this opportunity to express thanks for all that had been done for him during his term of connection with Amman. He had retired not because of age, but to make room for younger men. (Applause). He would be glad to devote his energies and the little knowledge he had gained to assist players who wished to improve. His services would always be at the disposal of the Amman United

Thanking those present, Mr Davies hoped that the United would have occasion to pay tribute to many more players for their loyalty. Mr. H. M. Fuller, welcoming Mr. Davies said that he had been present at previous presentation to Mr. Davies by the people of his native village, Cwmgorse.

The younger generation frequently received the well meant advice and criticism of older players with impatience and, unfortunately for their own welfare, they did not always appreciate this assistance. He had been given the opportunity of judging Mr. Davies' qualities from the point of view of the man on the touch line, the man, he maintained, who was best able to judge, because he was able to see clearly what went on. As the referee he was able to speak very highly of Mr. Davies. It had been his privilege to referee games in which Mr. Davies had participated, not only for Amman, but for Swansea also, and, without flattery he could say that he would be delighted to see every player emulate Mr. Davies.

At Mr. Davies' presentation at Cwmgorse, internationals came from far to pay their tributes to a player, tributes which were well worth receiving.


It was indeed a tribute to Mr. Davies, and to the Club that the New Bethel Vestry should be granted for the meeting; it showed the spirit of the church towards clean sport. At Cwmgorse the Tabernacle Chapel vestry had also been loaned for a similar cause, and it was only by players treating their sport in a clean and upright manner that the warmer feeling that in his opinion should prevail between the church and sport could exist.

Mr. D. P. Rees, chief clerk, Gwauncaegurwen Collieries, president of the Cwmgorse R.F.C., said that in the past the Amman had taken a number of players, Claude Davey, Will Davies and now Emrys Evans, and whenever that happened he was pleased to note they went from strength to strength.

He had followed the career of Mr. Davies, with special interest, as his father was an official at Cwmgorse Colliery where he, Mr. Rees, commenced his career. He was proud that the meeting had been convened in this place of worship, it spoke well for their guest that he could make himself equally at home in church, and on the field of sport.

He was sorry that Davies had decided to withdraw his excellent abilities from the game. He was grateful to the committee for the invitation extended to him to be present, and was pleased to learn that Davies, even if not an actual player would still be closely associated with the game.

Mr. Rees wished him every happiness, and said that they would appreciate his advice at Cwmgorse.

The chairman said he appreciated the strain in which Mr. Rees and Mr. Fuller had spoken, and it was a source of the greatest pleasure to him and the Church members to have them with them at this meeting. There had been, he said,, during past years a change for the better in the atmosphere between religious institutions and the sporting world, yet there was still room for improvement on both sides. They could be brought nearer together for the good of all. They all held a warm spot in their hearts for Mr. Davies on account of his excellent and noble services to the sporting world. He appealed to the people of the world to carry on their sport in the spirit in which it was meant to be played.


Sport was a means to create and inspire something brighter in life, to help to develop character. Unless the spirit of sportsmanship was carried into every day life the rtaining of the sports field would be of no avail.

It was while playing a game that many men learned to consider " the other fellow" and this was the spirit that was  needed  in all walks of life. He congratulated Mr Davies for the example he had set the young players of the district.

Proposing a vote of thanks Councillor Evan Phillips, a former Llanelly and Welsh international reserve forward said that it was good to see the closer connection between sport and the church.

He wished to thank the Rev. gentleman for his personal attendance, and of the honour conferred on the movement by his presiding. The presence of Mr. Leyshon pointed to the unity and brotherhood, of clean sport and religion. He knew Mr. Davies would play the game in life as he had done on the field of sport.

Seconding the proposition, Mr. Bertie Davies, chairman of the Amman Rovers R.F.C. said be was delighted to be present. A worthy sporting career had resulted in worthy acknowledgment. He considered that the church members of Bethel had added their tribute by placing the Vestry at their disposal.

It was also a source of pleasure to all present to see Mr Leyshon sufficiently recovered from his recent  indisposition to be able to preside. As one closely associated with local sporting activities he did not think it was exaggeration when he said that Mr. Leyshon had proved himself one of the best sportsmen in the district. It was gentlemen like Mr. Leyshon who drew sportsmen nearer to the Church.

Mr. Leyshon thanked all the artistes for the splendid programme and the high class entertainment.

On behalf of the promoters, Mr. Emrys Davies, B.A., secretary Amman United thanked the church members for the loan of the vestry.

A miscellaneous programme greatly appreciated by the large number present was provided by the leading artistes of the district as follows: solos, Madame Teify Jones-Thomas, Miss Hilda Hughes, Messrs. Emrys Davies and Enoch Roberts; elocutionists, Mr. Tom Harry, national winner and the Glanamman prodigy little Marion Richards, with Councillor Glyn Thomas ably presiding at the piano. The meeting was brought to a conclusion with the singing the Welsh National Anthem. (HS) "

Will's son

WJK Davies played for Cwmgors RFC and captained the side on occasion. He also played for Swansea RFC and Carmarthen county.
Billy was born in Cwmgors in 1934, he became an undermanager with the NCB.
He died in 1991 aged 56.


Historic Picture Causes debate

From the South Wales Guardian of 5th January 1967.

The Cwmgors Colliery team that won the Sir Alfred Mond Cup in season 1925/6.
They were fore-runners of the Cwmgors RFC formed in the 1927/8 season.
There are several sets of brothers (including my own uncles Will, Johnny and Rhys Tirbach).
They all lived in Cwmgors except team President D P Rees, a GCG man.

The original cutting is badly faded and partly illegible from wear, so if anyone can oblige with a better copy .........?

  Historic picture etc


Samuel, Bill

William Samuel was born in Craigcefnparc on May 23 1924 and was educated at Clydach Central School. He left school at 14 and worked initially on the screens at Clydach Merthyr Colliery. His parents were unhappy with the prospect of him progressing to work underground and found him a job at the village Co-op but the wages were small. He went back to the colliery as a striker in the blacksmith's shop and at the same time attended night school at the Mining and Technical Institute at Pontardawe (the Tech) following its matriculation course.

He played as goalkeeper in the village Under 17 soccer XI and at some point signed amateur forms for Cardiff City but the travelling burden and the severe competition for the goalkeeper's slot found him giving that up eventually. After the war he found an interest in rugby and played the odd game initially for Vardre and Trebanos and eventually on a regular basis for Llanelly on the wing although full back was his own favourite position. He was also  invited to 'go north' to play for one of the Rugby League sides whose scouts were then very active in South Wales. However, a friend pointed out to him that St Luke's College, Exeter would be in need of a full back the following season and it would be a way of also qualifying as a sports master -  he duly applied and was accepted.

At the end of his 2 years at Exeter he decided to take the PE diploma course at the Cardiff College of Physical Education in Whitchurch. Whilst there he also joined the Cardiff Rugby Club playing in the 2nd XV with the odd game for the 1st. His biggest claim to fame was being a reserve for Cardiff for the Cardiff v All Blacks game of 1953 which Cardiff sensationally won.

When  his time in Cardiff was over he  obtained a teaching post at the Secondary Technical School and College of Further Education in Pontardawe where he soon realised that he had found his true vocation in giving boys in his charge the opportunity to improve their health and physical fitness and be taught to play rugby properly.

In 1961 Gareth Edwards joined the school and it was Bill Samuel who discovered the future Wales and Lions' scrum half - probably the greatest player in rugby union history.

I have based this brief summary of Bill Samuel's life on a reading of  material in his own fascinating book Rugby: Body and Soul, 1998; the dust cover of which has this introductory comment:

"Bill Samuel, the discoverer, coach, mentor and friend of Gareth Edwards MBE, is a brilliant teacher and a wise amusing Welsh patriot. In Rugby:Body and Soul, he vividly describes the culture of the Welsh industrial villages which produced him and most of the characters in this book...............With a foreward by Gareth Edwards, the book is perceptive, humane and often very, very funny."

And the section below from the book demonstrates his links to Cwmgors and the Waun.

"I was a warden of the youth centre at Gwaun-cae-gurwen in the late '50s and '60s, when rugby was at its pinnacle of popularity in Wales............................................When I went to live in Cwmgors in 1955 it seemed that everyone belonged to the rugby club in one way or another, as players, ex-players, committee men, ticket-seller, linesman, trainer, coach, secretary, bus-driver, reporter, jersey-washer, president, patron, vice-president --- all proud to belong......."

Bill Samuel died on November 24 2002, survived by his wife Velda, two sons and two daughters.


Davey, Claude

He was a Welsh Secondary Schools international, as a wing forward, whilst at Ystalyfera Grammar School.
He then onto Swansea University to study engineering after which he lived in Manchester and played for Sale and Lancashire, but also 'guested' for Swansea.

He died aged 92 in February 2001.

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
"Claude Davey. Born Garnant 14 December 1908
Career: Ystalyfera County School, Swansea University, Welsh Secondary Schools, Cwmgorse, Amman United, Swansea, Sale, Aylesbury, Reading, London Welsh, Rosslyn Park, Barbarians, Lancashire, Berkshire
Centre in 23 matches against France 1930, 1931: England 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938; Scotland 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938: South Africa 1931; New Zealand 1935 Scored 5t - 15 points.
A schoolmaster and electrical engineer. Claude Davey was renowned for his ferocious tackling. In October 1931 he scored a try for Swansea against South Africa. He captained Wales on eight occasions and London Welsh from 1945-47."

Extracted from The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
"Amman won the trophy (Challenge Shield) in the first two years 1927/28 and 1928/29, and 1927 was also the first season for Claude Davey who had been capped by the Welsh secondary schools the previous season and was also the first Welshman to score against the French Schoolboys. He joined the Amman from Curwen Stars as a scrum-half together with Will Davies as outside-half. The presence of Arthur Rees, Percy Rees and Bryn Roberts ensured that they were unable to hold their places and they were converted to centre and loose-forward respectively. They both moved eventually to Swansea and were capped for Wales, with Claude having the distinction of being captain of Swansea and Wales."

This next piece is by Keith Quinn, New Zealand;  27 Feb 2001
It was very sad to read the other day of the death of the former Welsh centre, Claude Davey. When I say "former" I mean a man who last played for Wales 63 years ago! But in his time Claude Davey played a hugely significant role involving New Zealand rugby and his death is certainly worth marking here. Davey belonged to a small group of international players who played against the All Blacks team just twice and not only was he on the winning team both times but he scored 3 tries in those two epic victories.

In 1935-36 the All Blacks were touring Britain under the captaincy of Canterbury's Jack "Lugger" Manchester. (No prizes for guessing why he was nicknamed thus). The team arrived to play Swansea at St. Helen's Ground and were confronted by two schoolboys playing in the home team's backline. They were Hadyn Tanner and Willie Davies, both 17 years old. Claude Davey was a 17-test veteran playing outside them.

In a tough match, with a bit of stoush, the Swansea "Jacks" won by 11-3. Davey touched down for a try after a 35 yard run. Afterwards Jack Manchester offered one of the great early quotes of New Zealand rugby reporting. "Please don't tell them schoolboys beat us," he was reported as saying.

Nearly two months later Davey was captain of the Welsh test team in front of 50,000 at the famous Cardiff Arms Park. This was the game called by the Welsh at the time as "one the greatest games ever seen." This was no doubt because in it the Welsh scored their first win over the All Blacks. It was also the game of three cruel bounces of the ball, which went against the All Blacks. Claude Davey was on hand to secure the bounce on two of the kicks and cross for dramatic tries. He was a part of a huge celebration in a 13-12 "thrashing" of New Zealand.

In the leading Welsh daily the 'Western Mail', Davey was described this week as "one of Wales' truly great three-quarters." He certainly loved his heritage in his nation's rugby colours. The paper reported that when Davey passed away he still had his Welsh rugby cap, first presented in 1930, in his room at the Brecon nursing home where he spent his last years.

[Keith Quinn, New Zealand 27 Feb 2001]

See also the Swansea RFC    site


Lloyd, Percy

Born in Llandybie c 1871
An old pupil of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen.
Played for Llanelli.

First played for Wales against Scotland in 1890, and final game against Ireland in 1891, also played for Wales against the Maoris in 1890.

He died in 1959 aged 88.

Here he is aged 10 at school on the 1881 census;
Alltwen Hill Tawyrallt, Cilybebill, Glamorgan
William SAMUEL M 73 M Llandilo, School Teacher BA Cont Classics (Mrcsp) Mathematics Science; Louisa SAMUEL M 28 F Bonvilston, Wife
Percy LLOYD U 10 M Llandybie, Pupil, Scholar
Vincent LLOYD U 8 M Llandybie, Pupil, Scholar
(all other pupils' names omitted here)


Rees, Joe

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
"Joe Rees . Born 3 June 1897; died Swansea 12 April 1950.
Career: Amman United, Ammanford, Swansea.
Full Back in 12 matches against England 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924; Scotland 1920, 1921; France 1920, 1923; Ireland 1920, 1921, 1923: Scored 2 con 1pg - 7 points.
Joe Rees, a school attendance officer, was the brother of Billo Rees, the Wales and Great Britain rugby league international. Joe captained Swansea in 1922- 1923."

This photograph below (contributed by Mrs W J Chart of Alltwen) was orginally believed to be of Joe Rees
But the cap he is wearing has the date 1907/8  -   so it seems unlikely to be him
If anyone can positively identify him then please do

There is a photograph of the above Joe Rees on the Swansea RFC   site - they don't look like the same man

Joe Rees


Evans, Emrys

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
Emrys Evans. Born Gwaun Cae Gurwen 24 April 1911 died Bristol 23 June, 1982
Career: Cwmgors, Amman United, The Army, Llanelli
Forward in 3 matches against England 1937; Scotland 1939; Ireland 1939.
Employed in the haulage industry, Emrys Evans played in two service internationals. In September 1939, he scored two tries in his debut for Salford RLFC against Rochdale Hornets. After the war, he rejoined the club before moving to Wigan RLFC, and gained one cap for the Wales RL team."


Evans, Jack

He was born in 1871 in Ammanford.

His first game for Wales was in 1896 against Scotland, he had 3 caps, his final game was in 1897 against England.
He played for Llanelli.

NB. see also the other Jack Evans below


Evans, Jack Elwyn

See also the Brynaman Rugby page for photographs

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
"Jack Elwyn Evans. Born Brynamman 1897; died Denbigh 15 July, 1941
Career: Brynamman, Amman United, Swansea, Llanelli Centre. 1 match against Scotland 1924
After retiring as a collier Jack Elwyn Evans became the steward of Mansleton Social Club. He signed for Broughton Rangers RLFC and made his debut for them against Widnes on 30 January, 1926."

From the Western Mail, Saturday May 24th 1924.
"Elwyn EVANS, Glanamman, the young Llanelly wing three-quarter, who last season secured his international cap, has been made recipient of a substantial present by the Brynamman Rugby team and friends residing in the Amman Valley. EVANS is the first Brynamman player to be capped."

NB, see also the other Jack Evans


Evans, David

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003

"David Benjamin Evans. Born Llandybie 3 September, 1899; died Port Talbot 23 June, 1977
Career: Amman United, Llanelli, Swansea Full Back 1 match against England 1926
For many years "DB" was a colliery fireman but later became an area manager for an insurance company. "


Evans, Tom

There are two of them

The first
Born in Ammanford in 1882.
Played 18 times for Wales, first game in 1906 against Ireland and final game also against Ireland in 1911.
He was a wing forward, played for Llanelli.

He is in the team photograph of the 1911 Wales vs Scotland match on p55 of A Centenary of Welsh Rugby Players 1880-1980 by Wayne Thomas. That game is described as the 'Close of the first Golden Era' and was the last Triple Crown and Grand Slam by Wales for 39 years.

The second
"Became captain of Amman United in the 1922/23 season, probably one of the best forwards ever produced by the Amman conveyor belt;  in April 1922 he became the Amateur Boxing Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain. He later joined Neath and was their captain during their invincible years 1928/29/30, a broken leg put an end to a promising career."
From The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003


Morgan, William Guy

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
William Guy Morgan. Born Garnant, 26 December 1907; died Carmarthen, 29 July 1973
Career: Christ College Brecon, Welsh Secondary Schools, Cambridge University, Guy's Hospital, Swansea, London Welsh, Barbarians
Centre in 8 matches, against: France 1927, 1929,1930; Ireland 1927, 1929, 1930; England 1929; Scotland 1929: Scored 3t 1 dg - 13 points
Guy Morgan was the son of a Garnant doctor and was also the nephew of Teddy Morgan and W. Ll. Morgan, won four Blues in 1926-29 and captained Wales on four occasions. He also made forty-five appearances for Glamorgan Cricket Club. In May 1941 he changed his name by deed poll to W Guy Stewart-Morgan. He was a schoolmaster at Radley for thirty-two years"

See also the Swansea RFC   site


Evans, Gwyn

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
"Gwynfor Evans. Born Treherbert 1 August 1918
Career: Clydach Boys School, Pontardawe Technical School, Amman Quins, Vardre United, Clydach, Swansea, and Cardiff. Glamorgan Police, Welsh Police, British Police, Barbarians
Flanker in 12 matches against England 1947, 1948, 1949; Scotland 1947, 1948, 1949; France 1947, 1948; Ireland 1947, 1948, 1949,; Australia 1947 Scored 1t - 3 points
A police officer in the Cardiff City Force, Gwyn Evans served in Italy and the Middle East during the Second World War. He was chairman of the South Wales Police RFC 1971 - 1979."


James, Carwyn

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003

"Carwyn Rees James. Born Cefneithin 2 November 1929 died Amsterdam 10 January, 1983
Career: Gwendraeth Grammar School, Welsh Secondary Schools, Aberystwyth University, Amman United, Cefneithin, Llanelli, London Welsh, Devonport Services, Royal Navy, Barbarians
Stand-off/Centre in 2 matches Australia 1958; France 1958
Carwyn James taught at Llandovery College and Trinity College, Carmarthen. At the time of his death he contributed to the rugby column of The Guardian which often contained brief comments of acute observations, A great nationalist, and a lover of Welsh literature, he stood as the Plaid Cymru candidate for the Llanelli seat in the 1970 General Election, polling 16.8% of the votes. During national service, he learnt Russian.
Possibly, his greatest achievement on the sporting front was preparing, in his capacity as coach of the British Isles XV of 1971 and the Llanelli team of October 1972. for their respective defeats of the All Blacks."

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Evans, Trevor

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003
Trevor Pryce Evans. Born Chorley, Lancashire 26 November 1947
Career: Amman Valley Grammar School, Pantyffynon Youth, Welsh Youth, Amman United, Swansea, Wales B, Barbarians.
Flanker in 10 matches against France 1975, 1976; England 1975, 1976; Scotland 1975, 1976; Ireland 1975, 1976, 1977, Australia 1975; Scored 2t - 8 points .British Isles 1977. Tour New Zealand 1 cap
Trefor Evans, who captained Swansea in 1976/77, was an estate agent in the city. He appeared in 13 matches for the 1977 British Lions team in New Zealand."


Williams, Shane

Extract from the section 'Amman United's Welsh Internationals' in The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003

"Shane Williams. Born Glanamman 26 February 1977
Career: Amman Valley Comprehensive School, Amman Juniors, Amman Youth, Amman United, Neath and Wales.
Wing in 11 matches against France, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Manu Samoa, South Africa 2000; Japan (1 + 2) 2001; Romania 2003.
Shane played all his rugby at scrum-half until converted to wing-three-quarter by Neath. In 18 months Shane went from being the scrum-half for Amman United to playing for Wales as a substitute against France."

Footnote. He scored 2 tries for Wales against Italy in March 2004.

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Day, Thomas Brynmor

See under Davies, Will  for photographs of Tom Day in Wales team

Born in Glanaman in 1907, died 1980 in Swansea.

Son in law of Billy Trew

Played 13 times  for Wales in 1931-35 seasons

See the Swansea RFC   site for more data


Lang, James

Born in Garnant in 1909, died in 1991 in Morriston

Played  12 times for Wales in 1931-37 seasons

See also the Swansea RFC   site


Rowlands, Clive

Born in 1938 in Upper Cwmtwrch

Played 14 times for Wales, always  as captain -  in 1965-68 seasons

Welsh national coach between 1968 and 1974

President of the WRU in 1989

See Wikepedia and also the Swansea RFC   site


Cwmgors RFC (Seconds) 1950-51

Cwmgors Rugby 1  

The names below have been provided by Tommy Vaughan, GCG ;

Sitting on ground L-R; Denver Lewis and Gareth Evans
Front row L-R; Dan James (Committee), Dai John Thomas, Idris Jones, Cliff Llewelyn, Neville Windsor, Kerry Moses, Vincent Jones
Back row L-R; Dai Henry Edwards (First Aid), Des Griffiths, Alwyn Harris (Committee), Hywel Huws, Donald Phillips, (Referee ?), Ken Godfrey, Peter Parry Thomas, Haydn Jake Davies, Des Cole (Secretary), Ceri Davies, Glyn Davies (Committee), Morgan Davies

[Photograph  by Thomas Price of Neuadd Rd, GCG contributed by Dr Donald Phillips]


Amman United Cup Side 1946

Photograph contributed by Bobby Hunt, March 2004

In the book Roll Along, Amman United, Roll Along it has a similar (p55, but not identical) photograph of the 'Amman Team v Tumble (West Wales Cup Final 1946)' and it seems to be exactly the same team, as follows;
Players only, from the left;---
Back row; Glen Jones, T J Paddock, D J Lewis, Dennis Cochram, Eddie Ward, Bobby Hunt, Eddie Smith, S Nelmes.
Middle Row; Gwilym Ward, Rhys Price, W H Thomas (capt), W D (Iau) Ward, Griff Evans
Seated front; Wat Jones, Mal Bevan

Amman United



Amman Valley Rugby Team

This photograph was contributed by Mrs Helen McDuff of Pontardawe (Nov 2004) and is described as being a 1930 AMMAN VALLEY team - not AMMAN UTD.
Mrs Macduff's uncle -  Iestyn Price is the seated third from the right in the front row of seats. He was aged 19 at the time and two years later he died of tuberculosis.


Amman Valley



Cwmllynfell RFC 1925/6


Contributed by Alan Griffiths (August 2011) - with some names added by others


Here are some names;

  • Seated on the ground  on the left  - Ernest Pedrick,
  • Little boy -  Harvey Jones, son of John Penlan and Eleanor Ann Jones who lived on the Bryn, Cwmllynfell
  • Standing at the back, third player from the left -  Matthew Pedrick.
  • The second standing player from the right at the back is Rees Griffiths
  • The player standing on the right is Danny (Ffinant) Davies from CBB



Cwmllynfell RFC 1937/8

Contributed by  by Mr & Mrs Geoffrey Maddocks of Neath (Sept 2005)

Cwmllynfell RFC 1937/8



Cwmllynfell RFC Youth Team 1935

Contributed by Mr & Mrs Geoffrey Maddocks of Neath (Sept 2005)

Cwmllynfell RFC Youth 1935