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Help and advice for Members of Gellionnen Presbyterian Chapel Llangafelach Jan 1st 1767

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Members of Gellionnen Presbyterian Chapel Llangafelach Jan 1st 1767

This list of Gellionnen Presbyterian Chapel members at Jan 1st 1767 was compiled by Phil Roderick from a copy of the original chapel records held at the National Library of Wales

Page 1)

John William RHYDDERCH

William LEWIS -------------- deceased.

Thomas William RHYDDERCH --d

And his wife Gwenllian WILLIAM --d

William DAVID tyler --d

David SAMUEL -d

Ann SAMUEL his wife -d

David JOHN Pen y Graig -d

Evan THOMAS and his wife --d

William THOMAS Ynysdawe

William Llewelyn

And his wife Gwenllian LLEWELYN



And his wife Elenor WILLIAM

Howel ROGER and his wife

William ROGER --d

And his wife Jane ROGER -d


And his wife Gwenllian PHILIP - deceased April 27th 1770


Page 2)

John DAVID Lychard Fawr -d

And Hester DAVID his wife -d

Richard JOHN Tregyredd -d

And Gwenllian JOHN his wife - deceased 0ct 9th 1768


And Elizabeth LEWELYN his wife

John HOWELL Nant Moel

William HOWELL

John THOMAS Garth hen -d

And Mad-(?) THOMAS his wife -d


And Rachel THOMAS his wife

Evan Thomas William RHYDDERCH -deceased May 1769

Thomas BEVAN By Afddu -d

Joseph GRONOW -d

Moses GRONOW -d


And Anne JOHN his wife

Thomas Wm. RHYDDERCH Jun

Evan Griffith JENKIN -deceased Feb. 1771

And Mary GRIFFITH his wife -d

Evan David FRANCIS -deceased 1774

And Mary GRIFFITH his wife -d

Luce DAVID and his wife


And Jane PHILIP his wife

Jane JONES (Jo. JONES wife) -d



Page 3)

John Hopkin DAVID -d

And Rachel HOPKIN his wife -d

Francis THOMAS -d

Samuel LEWELYN and Margaret his wife

Evan Thomas Wm. BEVAN

And Sys THOMAS his wife -d

William JOSEPH -d

And Magdel JOSEPH his wife -d

David ALEC -d

And Mary ALEC his wife -d

Gryffydd GRYFFYDD -d

And Margaret WILLIAM his wife

David SAMUEL Jun -d

And Anne his wife

Morgan HOWELL -Removed

Benjamin JENKIN

And Maud JENK: his wife -d

William HARRY -d

And Margaret HARRY his wife -d

Harry WILLIAM -d

Lewis David FRANCIS --d

Evan WILLIAM Geryd - deceased Mar 2nd 1771

And Gwenllian WILLIAM his wife

Hopkin LLEWELYN -d

Elenor DANIEL Juxta Neath



Page 4)

Thomas HOWELL Gelli nad -d

And Margaret HOWELL his wife -d

Isaac THOMAS -d

And Mary THOS his wife -d

Jennet HOPKIN Cevenllan -deceased

Catherine JOHN (Jenk: JOHN'S wife) -deceased Jan 1771

Jane HOWELL (Llewelyn HOWELL'S wife) -d

Anne BEVAN (Jenk: MORG'S wife) -d


Jennet JAMES (Willm. JAMES' wid) -d

Magdelen WILLIAM (Jo. WM'S wife) Gellifawr -d

Margaret DAVID

Alice SYMS (Llewelyn SYMS' wife) -d

Mary BOWEN (Jo. BOWEN smith's wife) -d

Mary BOWEN (Jo. BOWEN'S wid)

Elizabeth GRONOW (Wm. GRONOW'S wid) Cwmdy (?)

Anne LEWIS (Jenk: LEWIS' wife) -d

Catherine WM. (Rich. WM'S wife) wid

Elizabeth ADAM (Jenk. ADAM'S wid) -deceased 1771

Jane DAVID (Jo. Dd. HOPKIN'S wid) -deceased

Alice ISAAC (Rich. ISAAC'S wife)

Jane HOPKIN (Evan HOPK'S wid) -deceased

Mary LEWIS Alt y chom (?) -deceased Oct 22nd 69

Mary WILLIAM Clydach -d



Page 5)

Philip WM. And Margt. His wife

Ruth HARRY -deceased

Magdalen HOPK. (Wm. HOPKIN'S wife Cefn G-nm) (?)

Elenor LEWIS

Mary WILLIAM (Thos. WM.'S wife) -d

Margaret DAVID (Wm. DAVID'S wife) - absconded

Mary DAVID (Saml. Dd. SAML'S wife) -d

Elenor FRANCIS -deceased 1771

Gwenllian JOHN (Jo. LLEWELYN'S wid) -deceased 1769

Rachel WILLIAM Gwerllyn -d

Mary HOPKIN (Wm. Hopk. BEYNON'S wife)

Catherine REES (Josia REES' wife) -deceased 0ct 30th


The minister has over the years added to the original entries showing who had died or absconded. In some cases he gives date of death in others he has just put '--d ' by the side. One interesting, even puzzling,  thing is at the bottom of each page he writes a name on the bottom right. They read John, John, Ruth, Watkin. Then on the next set of pages he repeats the same names.

There are many more pages listing those who entered the church before the Minister Josiah REES actually starts the entries of baptisms at the church. These can be found in the non-conformist records RG 4 3884 at the National Library of Wales.

On Gellionen Mountain there is on the wall of the Unitarian Chapel a record stating that;

"This place of worship for the use of Protestant Dissenters was first erected 1692, under the patronage of Hon Bussy Mansel Esq, and rebuilt 1801 under the direction of the pastor for the time being, the Rev Josiah Rees, in the 38th year of his ministry hereat.".

Phil Roderick 2002


 Gellionen chapel [Last Updated : 30 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]