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References to 'Penllergaer' at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

state and family records of Price of Penlle'rgaer, Llewelyn of Ynysgerwyn, later of Penlle'rgaer, and Dillwyn of Penlle'rgaer, co. Glamorgan, 15th-20th cent. Estates in cos Glamorgan, Brecon and Carmarthen. Include early coal-mining records. See also Lewis Weston Dillwyn, William Dillwyn and Llysdinam. Other papers in UW, Swansea. Schedules (1927, Group A, Brecknockshire), 181pp.; (1933, Group B, Glamorgan and Carmarthenshire), 323pp.; (1991, supplementary), 13pp. AR 1927-28, pp.46-7; 1990-91, p.64. See also AR 1939-40, p.33; 1942-43, p.34 (these two groups uncatalogued 1994).

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