Slaters Commercial Directory 1880


MAESTEG with the parishes and villages of Cwmdu, Baidan,
Bettws, Llangeinor, Llangynwyd, Nantyfyllon and Spelter

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

MAESTEG, with the hamlet of Cwmdu, is a thriving village in the parish of Llangynwyd, 9 miles (8 by rail) from Bridgend (its post town), sitauted on the river Llynvi, and in a neighbourhood abounding with mineral wealth. Here are situated theextensive works belonging to the Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Company, who are also proprietors of between two and three thousand acres of coal and ironstone chiefly in this parish. The works consist of seven furnaces, four of which are blast, producing railway and merchant iron of every description. Cwmdu is governed by a Local Board of Health, established in 1858. The church at Maesteg in a chapel of ease, to the mother or parish church of Llangynwyd, and is a neat stone edifice, inthe Gothic style of architecture. The services in it are conducted alternately in the Welsh and English languages. There are also several chapels for dissenters, and a National and other schools. A fair is held on May 3rd. Population of Cwmdu hamletin 1851, 3,350; in 1861, 4,154, and in 1871, 5,836

LLANGYNWYD is an extensive parish, and village, about 8 miles from Bridgend (its post town), situated on the river Llynvi, and rich in mineral wealth. About a mile south-west of the village are the ruins of an old castle. The trustees of the Gnoll estate, Neath, are lords of the manor, and with G. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P., and other gentlemen, are chief landowners. The parish church is an old edifice, with tower and six bells, and is in good preservation; it is situated in the centre of the village. Woollen is manufactured in the parish to a small extent. The living is a vicarage, with the curacies of Maesteg and Baidlan annexed, in the gift of J. D. Llewellyn, Esq. Near the church is a neat cemetery, two acres in extent. There are also chapels for Baptists, Independents, Wesleyans and Calvinistic Methodists. Acreage of parish, 2,524. Population in 1861, 4,815; in 1871, 8,944, which includes Cwmdu or Maesteg. Baidan is a chapelry in this parish.

BETTWS is a parish and village about 4 miles from Maesteg, and 5 from Bridgend (its post town). The Llynvi and Ogmore branch of the Great Western railway runs through the parish, which contains some extensive fields of coal. The Earl of Dunraven and others are the principal owners of the soil. The living is a perpetual curacy, annexed to Necastle, Laleston and Tythegston, in the patronage of the Crown. There are also places of worship for dissenters. Area of the parish, 5,057 statute acres. Population in 1861, 371, and in 1871, 404.

LLANGEINOR is a parish about 7 miles from Bridgend. Here are the immense collieries of the Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co. Limited, formerly owned by Messrs. John Brogden and Sons, which extend through the whole parish. The principal owners of the soil are the Earl of Dunraven, James Brogden, Esq., and others. The living of the parish church is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. Population in 1871, 1,005. The other places are all in the Bridgend poorlaw union and county court district, hundred of Newcastle, diocese of Llandaff, and deanery of Gro Neath.

NANTYFYLLON is a thriving village about 1.5 miles from and in the same parish as Meaesteg. Population included with the parish

SPELTER is also a small villages 2.5 miles from and in the same parish as Maesteg. Woollen and flannel are manufactured to a small extent in the neighbourhood. Population included with the parish.

POST OFFICE - Maesteg, William Powell, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Bridgend) at half past seven morning and one afternoon, and are despatched thereto at a quarter before four and six afternoon.
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Llyndarth Road, John Jones, Sub Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Bridgend) at half-past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at fifteen minutes past five afternoon.
Money Order Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Nantyfyllon, David Davies, Sub Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Maesteg) at half-past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at a quarter before six evening
Money Order Office and Savings Bank

POST RECEIVING HOUSE, Llangynwyd Station, Phillip F. Jones, Sub-Post Master - Letters are despatched to Bridgend at a quarter-past six evening

POST RECEIVING HOUSE, Spelter, Shadrach Lewis, Sub-Post Master. - Letters are despatched to Maesteg at twenty minutes past five afternoon
The nearest Money Order Office is at Nantyfyllon

Letters for all the above places should be addressed "near Bridgend."


Barrow Mr. James, Fairfield House, Maesteg
Boucher Mr. George W., Garth View, Maesteg
Chivers Mr. John, Argyle Villa, Maesteg
Davies Mr. David, Nantyfyllon
Davies John, Esq., Bryn Llynvi, Maesteg
Grey Mr. David, Glan Llynvi House, Maesteg
Howell John, Esq., Ivy Cottage, Talbot terrace, Maesteg
Howells Mr. John, Garth View, Maesteg
Hughes Rev. Richard, Ivy Cottage, Maesteg
Jones Rev. Edward, Milford Cottage, Maesteg
Jones Rev. John, Bridgend road
Jones Rev. Richard, Alfred st
Lennox Mr. James, Maeseadlawr Farm
Llewellyn Rev. Richard, Pendrill, vicar of Llangynwyd
Morgans Mr. David, Poplar Cottage, Maesteg
Powell Mr. William, 3 Rock st
Thomas Rev. J. C., Queen st
Thomas Mr. Thomas, Birch Grove Villa
Thomas William H. Esq., Bronygarn, Maesteg
Treharne Mrs. Ann, Maesteg
Treharne John Popkin, Esq., Coy Trehen


British School, Upper Maesteg - - Glover, master; Hannah Jones, mistress; Miss Jones, infants' mistress
British School, Maesteg - T. L. Roberts, Master; Catherine Roberts, mistress

Infants' Schools :-

Garth Road - Sarah Lewis, mistress
Nantyfyllon - Eliza Thomas, mistress
Spelter - G. Treharne, mistress
National Schools :-
Llangynwyd - Eliza Thomas, mistress
Bettws - Miss Rich, mistress
Roman Catholic School, Maesteg - Annie Joyce, mistress


Dayson John, 76 Commercial st
Evans Thomas, Commercial st
Lewis John, 74 Commercial st
Williams Rees, Maesteg


National Bank of Wales (open on Thursdays), Commercial st - Thos. G. Smith, manager, and at Bridgend
National Provincial Bank (open on Tuesdays), Commercial st - R. P. Pritchard, manager, and at Bridgend


Evans Thomas C., Llangynwyd
Evans William, Spelter
Griffiths David (and wheelwright), Maesteg
Hughes David (and wheelwright), Maesteg


Isaac Margaret, Commercial st
James James (& binder), Bridgend rd
Rees John, Commercial st
Rowlands John, Maesteg


Beynon John, Bethania road
Davies Charles, 45 Commercial st
Davies David, Commercial st
Evans John H., Commercial st
Evans Thomas, 53 Commercial st
Jones Daniel, 46 & 47 Commercial st
Jones Llewellyn (dealer), Bridgend rd
Maesteg Co-operative Industrial Society (dealers), Bridgend road
Mathias John, 79 Commercial st
Phillips John, Bridgend road
Rees William, Llangynwyd
Richards Charles, Nantyfyllon
Roberts Jacob, Spelter
Thomas David, Cwmfelin
Thomas Richard, Bridgend road


Havard James, Maesteg
Holman Daniel, Rock st
Maesteg Co-operative Industrial Society, Bridgend road
Rosser Illtid, 89 Commercial st
Thomas Catherine, Garth road
Thomas John, 77 Commercial st
Thomas John, Nantyfyllon
Thomas William, Maesteg
Treharne Elias, Maesteg
Whittingham John, 55 Commercial st


Anthony David, Bridge st
Davies David, Maesteg
Evans Evan (& contractor), Maesteg
Evans William, Llangynwyd
Howell John & Co., Steam Saw Mills, Maesteg


Morgan Rees D., Commercial st
Rees John (& seedsman), Commercial st


Davies Henry, Station st
Jones Llewellyn, Maesteg
Morgans John, Nantyfyllon
Morris William, Station st
Walters John, 41 Commercial st


Marked thus * are also Coke Burners.

* Davies William, Maesteg Merthyr Colliery - C. P. Davies, manager
Duffryn Rhondda Coal Co. (& brickmakers), Spelter Level - Charles F. Hewlett, manager
* Humby James, No. 3 Rhondda Llynvi Valley Colliery, Llangynwyd - William Rees, manager; offices, Bath; shipping ports, Cardiff, Swansea, & Porth Cawl
Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co. Limited, Maesteg :- Collieries, No. 9 Level, Cwmdu, and Garth - James Tamblyn, manager. Collieries, Duffryn, No. 11 Level, Tywith, Maesteg, Deep, and Garn Wen - William Snowden, manager


Davies David, Bridgend road
Evans Thomas, Commercial st
Raymond William, Commercial st


In Bettws Parish
Crook Jenkin, Plas Bettws
Crook John, Cefn Gelly
David John, Ton-y-fron
Edmonds Mary, Capel Fach
Edwards Griffith, Llwyn Brain
Elias Jenkin, Kinsington
Griffiths Evan, Gwen Ingar
Griffiths John, Tynywain
Griffiths Morgan, Brithdir
Griffiths William, Cwmdu Bach
Hopkins John, Nantmwth-fach
John Evan, Ty Isha
John Henry, Caedau Yrglwis
John Llewellyn, Nantmwth Fawr
John William, Mold Gwla
Jones Oliver J., Lletty Brongu
Lloyd Cecilia, Llwyn Yorath
Morgans Thomas, Coy-Trehen
Morgans Thomas, Celfydd-Evan
Thomas Edward, Baeth-y-Cymmer
Thomas Henry, Cwm-Cedfyw
Thomas John, Ty-Ganol
Thomas Sarah, Cwmdu Mawr
Treharne John Popkin, Coy-Trehen
Williams Morgan, Bettws Mill
In Llangynwyd Parish
Anthony Thomas, Penlan
Bowen Henry, Cwrtymwnws
Daniel David, Gilfach Isaf
Daniel Richard, Neudd Domons
Daniel William, White Hart
David Evan, Ynysprinselli
David Evan, Forest Nantharbart and Llest
David Evan, Argoed
David Evan, Pen Castell
David Evan, Llwydarth
David Rees, Tin Ton
David William, Duffryn
Davies David, Nantywheid
Davies Henry, Mount Pleasant
Davies Morgan, Maesteg Isaf
Davies Thomas, Blaen Cwmdu
Davies Thomas, Ton y baili
Evans Benjamin, Gelly Lenwr
Evans Evan, Vole
Evans William, Bryn Mawr
Evans William, Glen Llynvi
Gilford Stephen, Caer Emi
Gilford Thomas, Tynycwm
Griffiths Griffith, Cwmcrewn
Griffiths Howell, Cwmhwch
Griffiths William, Bryn Dafad
Holmes Peter W., Tondu
Hopkin Howell, Pentwyn
Hopkin Howell, Ty Canol
Hopkin Morgan, Duffryn Coynant
Hopkin Thomas, Blaencaeraw
Howell Thomas, Ty Canol
Hugh Richard, Llest Wen
Jenkins David, Sych-Pant
Jenkins Elizabeth, Gelly
Jenkins G. & Sons, Nantyfedw
Jenkins Thomas, Tyny cae
Jenkins William, Cwmdu du Canol
John William, Baidan
Jones Ann, Tymaen
Jones David, Tymaen
Jones Gwenllian, Gelli Lenwr Fawr
Jones John, Brynllwaeth
Lewis John, Caer Gynrig
Lewis William, Nanty-ny-pant
Llynvi, Tondu & Ogmore Coal & Iron Co., Tywith
Maddock John, Ffos
Maddock Morgan, Cefn Ydva
Maddock William, Pentre
Maddock William, Croeserw
Major Thomas, Gadblys
Major William, Gilfach Uchaf
Morgan Robert, Ton Philip
Morris Thomas, Ynys Fawr
Oliver William, Aber Dwynant
Rees Daniel, Llangynwyd Village
Rees David, Troedyrhiw
Rees Edward, Castell
Rees Edward, Gilfach Ganol
Rees Henry, Coantyr
Rees Jenkin, Blaencwmcerwn
Rees Jenkin, Duffryn
Thomas & Jenkin, Tynewydd
Thomas Ann, Bryncynen
Thomas Caroline, Cwmyr Isaf
Thomas David, Ty-Talwyn
Thomas David, Gelly Las
Thomas David, Brynyrhyg
Thomas Griffith, Cae Mab Ivor
Thomas Hopkin, Garth
Thomas John, Tony-David
Thomas Mary & Son, Hendre Owen
Thomas Morgan, Glyn Cymer
Thomas Rees, Brynbro
Thomas Richard, Tor Cerig
Thomas Thomas, Tynwaen
Treharne Margaret, Llwyn Gladys
Ward David, Coed Leyson
Williams Richard, Gelly Syron


General - D. S. Rees, 19 Alma rd
Scottish - William Rees, Maesteg
Sun - David Davies, Nantyfyllon


Brill Jesse, 86 Commercial st
Dupplaw James (& fishmonger), Rock st
Hennys Richard, Bethania rd
Hocking Robert, Bridgend rd
Hopkins William, Bethania rd
Isaac Catherine, Commercial st
Jenkins David, 78 Commercial st
Jones Llewellyn, Bridgend rd
Williams Rees, Commercial st


Bevan Richard, Rock st
Bowen David M., Garth rd
Brill Jesse, 86 Commercial st
Davies David (American supply), Nantyfyllon & Maesteg
Davies James, Bridge st
Davies William, Nantyfyllon
Dayson John, 76 Commercial st
Evans David, Nantyfyllon
Evans David W., Nantyfyllon
Evans Samuel, Spelter
Ferrier George, Maesteg
Fowler William, Spelter
Griffiths Catherine, Maesteg
Griffiths John, Nantyfyllon
Grove William, Nantyfyllon
Howell Morgan, Maesteg
Howells Evan, Nantyfyllon
James Timothy, Llwydarth rd
Jenkins David, 78 Commercial st
Jones Henry, Nantyfyllon
Jones John, Llwydarth rd
Jones Lewis, Bethania rd
Jones Margaret M., 39 Commercial st
Jones Mary, Bethania rd
Jones William, Bettws
Laviers John, Alma rd
Lewis Ann, Nantyfyllon
Lewis Hugh, Spelter
Lewis Shadrach, Spelter
Maesteg Co-operative Industrial Society, Bridgend rd
Perkins Margaret, Llwydarth rd
Phillips John, Bridgend rd
Phillips Mary Ann, Station st
Rees Evan, 19 Commercial st
Rees Rees, Bridgend rd
Rees William, Bethania rd
Rees William, Llangynwyd
Richards Edward G., Llwydarth rd
Richards Thomas, Bethania rd
Richards William, Cwmfelin
Rowe William, Bridgend rd
South Wales Tea Co. Commercial st - E. J. Dyer, manager
Thomas Catherine, Garth rd
Thomas David, Station st
Thomas Jenkin, Llangynwyd
Thomas Thomas R., Bridgend rd
Troedyrhiw Garth Co-operative Stores, Maesteg
Vaughan John, Bridgend rd
Walters John, Commercial st. & Alma rd
Williams Christopher, Bridge st
Williams David, Bridgend rd
Williams Evan, 59 & 60 Commercial st
Williams Rees, Commercial st


Page John, Commercial st
Rendell Arthur A., Maesteg


Angel, David Morgan, Maesteg
Castle Inn, David Harris, Maesteg
Colliers' Arms, Edward Williams, Nantyfyllon
Coy Trehen Inn, Thomas Morgan, Maesteg
Cross, William Jones, Maesteg
Crown, Griffith Griffiths, Maesteg
Elder Bush, John Lewis, Nantyfyllon
Garth, William Howells, Maesteg
Garw Junction Inn, Thomas Roberts, Bettws
Globe, Rees David, Maesteg
Heart of Oak, Thos. Lewis, Spelter
Horse & Groom, John Tudor, Maesteg
Lamb, Mary Thomas, Maesteg
Lamb & Flag, David Thomas, Maesteg
Mackworth Arms, Jenkin Elias, Bettws
Maesteg, Edward Davies, Maesteg
Oddfellows, Rees Griffiths, Bettws
Oddfellows' Arms, Illtid Morgan, Maesteg
Old House, Margaret David, Llangynwyd
Queen's Hotel, Daniel Jones, Maesteg
Rose & Crown, David Rees, Cwmfelin
Royal Oak, Griffith Hopkins, Maesteg
Sawyers' Arms, Elias Treharne, Maesteg
Star, David Harris, Maesteg
Swan, William Anthony, Maesteg
Talbot, William Evans, Maesteg
Tilers' Arms, John Maddock, Llangynwyd
Travellers' Rest, Rees Hopkins, Nantyfyllon
White Hart, Gwilym Daniel, Llangynwyd
White Lion, Mary Davies, Maesteg


Beynon David, Commercial st
Cooksley William, Maesteg
Daniel George, Maesteg
Davies Ann, Maesteg
Davies Ann, Cwmfelin
Davies Margaret, Llangynwyd
England Elizabeth, Maesteg
Evans David, Bettws
Griffiths David, Spelter
Griffiths Rees, Bettws
Griffiths William, Maesteg
Havard James, Maesteg
Hopkin Thomas, Maesteg
Howells Richard, Maesteg
Howells Thomas, Nantyfyllon
Hutchinson Ann, Maesteg
Jervis John, Nantyfyllon
John Leyshon, Spelter
Jones David, Maesteg
Jones Martha, Maesteg
Jones Martha, Llangynwyd
Jones Philip, Station st
Jones William, Maesteg
Lewis William, Commercial st
McDermott James, Commercial st
Maddock Moses, Maesteg
Morgan Thomas, Spelter
Powell Thomas, Nantyfyllon
Preece Edward, Nantyfyllon
Thomas David, Llangynwyd
Thomas David, Maesteg
Thomas David, Bridgend rd
Thomas William, Commercial st
Williams John, Llangynwyd


Davies & Morgan (iron & brass founders & fittings of all kinds), Maesteg
Llwydarth Iron & Tin-plate Works, Maesteg - David Grey, Esq., managing partner
Llynvi, Tondu & Ogmore Coal & Iron Co. Limited - William Blakemore, general manager, Tondu and Maesteg


Jenkins William, Commercial st
Williams Joseph, 30 Commercial st


Davies Charles, Commercial st
Jenkins William, Commercial st


Austin William, 94 Commercial st
Davies George, 50 Commercial st
Davies William (& milliner), Bridgend rd
Davies John H. (& outfitter), Commercial st
Gregory Sarah (& milliner), Bridgend rd
Grove Thomas, Nantyfyllon
Jones Mary, Bethania rd
Maesteg Co-operative Industrial Society, Bridgend rd
Morgan David & Thomas (& outfitters), Commercial st
Morgan John, 83 & 84 Commercial st
Rees Thomas, Station st
Rees William, Bethania rd
Thomas Catherine, Garth rd
Thomas Thomas, Bridgend rd


Griffiths David, Pont Rhydy Cyff
Williams Morgan, Bettws Mill


Hocking Robert, Bridgend rd
Watkins James, Castle st


Howell Thomas, Commercial st, and Neath


Evans Thomas (& monumental), Maesteg
Thomas Jenkin, Llangeinor


Davies John, M.D., Llynvi Works, Maesteg
Thomas William Hopkin, L.R.C.P. M.R.C.S., Bronygarn, Maesteg


Austin William, 94 Commercial st
Davies George, 50 Commercial st
Grove Thomas, Nantyfyllon
Joshua John, Nantyfyllon
Morgan John, 83 & 84 Commercial st
Morgan Philip, Nantyfyllon
Phillips William D., Station st
Thomas John, Maesteg


Howell John & Co. (timber, deal and slate merchants), Steam Saw Mills, Maesteg
Williams Daniel, Maesteg, and at Porth Cawl


James Richard, Spelter
Jones John, Lladys, Maesteg


Anderson William, furniture dealer, Commercial st
Buse John, tin-plate worker, Maesteg
Carey Horace A., watchmaker, 21 Commercial st
David Thomas, assistant overseer, Llangeinor
Davies Charles, marine store dealer, Bridge st
Davies David, agent for Allsopp & Co.'s pale ale, Nantyfyllon
Davies David, temperance hotel, Bridgend rd
Davies Thomas, assistant overseer, Ton-y-Baili
Davies William, saddler & harness maker, Commercial st
John Henry, assistant overseer, Cardan Yrgl is, Bettws
Merriman William, manager, Llynvi Lodge
Morgan Illtid, ginger beer manufacturer, Maesteg
Morris William, fancy repository, Station st
Powell William, assistant overseer, 3 Rock st
Rees Jenkin, assistant overseer, Duffryn Farm
Rees Thomas, milliner & straw bonnet maker, Station st
Sacker John, furnace manager, LLynvi Lodge
Snowden William, manager, Llynvi Lodge
Williams Joshua, cashier, Llynvi



and their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment

Chapel of Ease, Maesteg - Rev. Eusebius Rees & Rev. Walter Rees, curates

Parish Churches :-

Bettws - Rev. William Rees, curate
Llangeinor - Rev. - Davies, curate
Llangynwyd - Rev. Richard Pendrill Llewellyn, vicar
Licensed Room, Spelter - Rev. R. P. Llewellyn, vicar

Dissenting Chapels

Baptist (English), Church st - Rev. T. A. Price

Baptist (Welsh) :-

Bethania rd - Rev. Richard Hughes
Cwmfelin - Rev. Richard Hughes
Nantyfyllon - Ministers various

Independent (English), Bridgend rd - Rev. J. C. Thomas

Independent (Welsh) :-

Bethania rd - Rev. William Morgan
Garth rd - Rev. Isaac Evans
Llangynwyd - Rev. Isaac Evans
High st - Rev. David Prosser
Nantyfyllon - Rev. W. B. Morgan
Spelter - Rev. David Prosser

Methodist (Calvinistic), Llangynwyd - Ministers various

Methodist (Welsh) :-

Bridgend rd - Rev. Richard Jones
Garth rd - Ministers various
Llangynwyd - Ministers various
Spelter - Ministers various
Station st - Rev. Edward Jones
Zoar st - Rev. John Jones
Roman Catholic (our Lady & St. Patrick), Maesteg - Rev. Father Capron, priest



Chairman - David Grey
Surveyor and Inspector - William Y. Davies
Clerk and Collector - William Powell, Rock st

Llynvi Iron Works Reading Room, Church st - Joshua Williams, sec
Llynvi Valley Building Society, Nantyfyllon - David Davies, secretary
Llynvi Valley Gas Co., Maesteg - C. W. Boucher, secretary
Permanent Benefit Building Society, Maesteg - John Chivers, secretary
Police Station, Station st - John Lyons, sergeant
Stamp Office, Maesteg - Wm. Powell, sub-distributor


On the Llynvi and Ogmore Branch
of the Great Western Line

Station, Maesteg - William Akehurst, station master
Station, Llangynwyd - Philip F. Jones, station master
Station, Llwydarth - Thos. Rees, station master

Slaters Commercial Directory, Maesteg, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]