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Help and advice for Chapels - Llanharry

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Chapels - Llanharry

This project is fully described on Glamorgan Chapels Database

This Llanharry database compiled by Glenys Travis with contributions from;

  • Gareth Hicks

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Wales - Genealogy Help Pages )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available

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  • (2) Rhondda Cynon Taf Libraries Website
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  • (11) Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff hold most extant parish church and non-conformist chapel records, these are listed on their site (click ' history of your family' on main page and scroll down to the end of the next page)
  • (12) The Cambrian Index - The index data is obviously limited , there may be more available via the online contact address
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No Baptist chapels found in this parish


Peniel Independent Chapel (Llanhari), Addison Avenue, Llanhari

  • Peniel Independent Chapel (Llanhari), Addison Avenue, Llanhari; Built 1825 and modified 1850 (1)
  • Established on the Cowbridge Road, with a school, in the 1820s by Shadrach Davies of Maendy (2)
  • 1824 May 23; an Independent meeting house called Penuel was started by Shadrach Davies of Talygarn, Dissenting Minister, Thomas Richards, and Evan Jenkins (8)
  • 1865 - Rev. John Evans, Minister (3)
  • 1868 - Rev. John Evans, Minister (4)
  • 1875 - Rev. John Evans, Minister (5)
  • 1880 - Rev. John Evans, Minister (6)
  • 1895 - mentioned (7)
  • 1833 A place of worship for Independents mentioned. (9)
  • Llanharry - there is a Congregational chapel erected in 1824, with 350 sittings 1910 (10)
  • Extant records (11)
  • Peniel chapel MIs index (13)
  • Llan-Harri Welsh Ind chapel Opened in 1824, still open in 1992 (14)
  • Peniel Ind Erected in 1825, rebuilt in 1850 John Evans, Minister, Maendy, nr Cowbridge 1851 (15)
  • Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) copied by Gareth Hicks from the Cd published by Archive CD Books - with translation by Deric John


No Methodist chapels found in this parish

Other (inc un-identified)


Peniel, Llanharry

Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+).
Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) copied by Gareth Hicks from the Cd published by Archive CD Books.
Proof reading and translation by Deric John (Feb 2008)

(Vol 2, p 230)

"Dechreuwyd cynal Ysgol Sabbothol(sic) gan bobl y Maendy yn ardal Llanhari, yn nhy Richard Richard yn Ebrill, 1820. Hon oedd yr Ysgol Sabbothol gyntaf a sefydlwyd yn y wlad yma. Wedi bod tua chwech wythnos yn nhy Richard Richard, cafwyd t^y gwag perthynol i Thomas Griffith, yn Rhiwperau, a symudwyd yno. Cyn hyn yr oedd yr ardal yn nodedig am ei champau annuwiol, a chyrchai ieuengctyd yr ardaloedd cylchynol yma ar y Sabboth i chwareu pel. Ar un Sabboth yn fuan wedi dechreu yr ysgol yn Rhiwperau, aeth Shadrach Davies i'r cae at y bechgyn oedd yn chwareu, a daliodd y bel pan y daeth hyd ato, a dywedodd yn siriol wrthynt, " Dewch gyda mi i'r ysgol i Rhiwperau," ac felly fu. Daeth yr ysgol yn (sic) mlaen yn llewyrchus, a dechreuwyd pregethu gan Shadrach Davies yn wythnosol, a chynal cyfeillach grefyddol; ac y mae yn nodedig i'w goffau fod ychwanegiad o un wedi bod atynt dros ddeuddeg tro yn olynol, a'r bedwaredd-waith-ar-ddeg daeth dau. Yr oedd Richard Richard, yr hwn a roddodd ei d^y at gadw ysgol, yn un o'r rhai cyntaf a ymwasgodd a'r eglwys. Buwyd yn addoli yn Rhiwperau am yn agos i bedair blynedd, pan y daeth angen y t^y ar ei berchenog. Meddyliwyd am gael capel, a chafwyd tir gan Mr. Llewelyn Yorath, ac adeiladwyd y capel yn 1824 ; ond nid oes genym wybodaeth pa bryd yr agorwyd ef, na phwy fu yn gweinyddu ar yr achlysur. Cynhelid yma Ysgol Sabbothol, a phregethid yn rheolaidd yma gan weinidogion y Maendy, ond nid oedd eglwys wedi ei ffurfio yma hyd y flwyddyn 1837, pan oedd Mr. Thomas Williams yn weinidog yn y Maendy. Yn nhymor gweinidogaeth Mr. J. Evans cynhyddodd yr achos fel y barnwyd yn angenrheidiol yn 1850 i adeiladu addoldy newydd, yr hwn a gostiodd 400p., ac y mae y ddyled oll wedi ei thalu. Mae yr achos yma o'r dechreuad wedi bod mewn cysylltiad gweinidogaethol a'r Maendy, ac felly y mae yn parhau."

Translation by Deric John (Feb 2008)

In April 1805, the people of Maendy in the district of Llanharri started to hold a Sunday School, in Richard Richard's house.This was the first Sunday school to be established in this part of the country. Having been six weeks in Richard Richard's house, an empty house was found belonging to Thomas Griffith in Rhiwperau, and it was moved there. Prior to this, the district was renowned for its ungodly games, and youths of the surrounding districts would gather here on the sabbath to play ball. One Sunday, soon after the school had started in Rhiwperau, Shadrach Davies went to the field where the boys were playing and caught the ball as it approached him, saying cheerfully 'Come with me to the school in Rhiwperau, and they did. The school flourished and Shadrach Davies began preaching each week as well as holding a religious fellowship; and it is notable to record that their numbers increased by one for twelve consecutive meetings, while on the fourteenth, two new members came along. Richard Richard, the one who gave his house to start the school, was one of the first to join the church. Worship took place in Rhiwperau for nigh on four years until the owner required the house. Thoughts turned towards a chapel, land was donated by Mr Llewelyn Yorath, and the chapel was built in 1824; but we have no knowledge of its opening date or of the occasion's officiating minister. A sunday School was held here, and Maendy ministers regularly preached here, but a church was nor formed here until 1837, when Mr Thomas Williams was a minister in Maendy. At the time of Mr J. Evans's ministry the cause increased, and in 1850, it became essential to build a new place of worship at a cost of 400p., and the debt has been repaid in full. From the very beginning, this cause has been ministerially linked with Maendy, and so it continues.

[Last Updated : 19 Feb 2008 - Gareth Hicks]