Newspaper extracts for Llanishen


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 15th April 1899

LLANISHEN. Fancy Dress Football Match.- Much interest is centred in the fancy dress football match to take place in aid of the Athletic Club this afternoon. Some amusing characters will be impersonated by the players.

  •  From the Weekly Mail 25th July 1885

LLANISHEN. SCHOOL TREAT.—The Llanishen and Lisvane National School children have just had their annual treat at The Heath. As usual, there was a bountiful supply of all the good things that could be desired in order to make the young ones thoroughly enjoy themselves, and great praise is due to Mrs. Thomas and family for the interest which they take in all things pertaining to the comfort of the children, as well as the parishioners generally.

  • From the  Evening Express (Extra Football Edition) 14th November 1903

LLANISHEN. Lisvane and Llanishen United received a visit from Penylan on Saturday, and were defeated by four tries to nil. The score, how- ever, hardly indicates the difference between the two teams, as Lisvane played a, very strong forward game, and their defence was good. Penylan scored three tries in quick succession in the last five minutes of the second half.   .....(part extract).....

  • From the Evening Express (Second Edition) 3rd August 1909

LLANISHEN. Llanishen Horticultural Society held its eleventh annual show on Monday in the Vicarage Field, kindly placed at the society's disposal by the Rev. Wm. Dovey. There was a capital attendance, and musical assistance of a high order was rendered by the Caerphilly Male Voice Party and the Tongwynlais Band. So far as the exhibits were concerned, hothouse plants and the like were far above last year's record, the tent containing these being a blaze of beauty    .....(part extract).....

  •  From the Evening Express (First Edition) 26th October 1894

LLANISHEN SEWERAGE. On Thursday evening a meeting of Llanishen ratepayers was held at the village schoolroom for the purpose of discussing a scheme for the sewerage of the village. Plans embodying the scheme had been drawn up by Mr. Fraser, surveyor to the Llandaff District Highway Board, and they were presented for discussion, which resulted in the meeting adopting the scheme by a large majority, and aIso calling upon the sanitary authorities to write to the ground land- lords, pointing out to them how their lands would be benefited by the carrying out of the scheme, and calling upon them to subscribe towards the cost., which is estimated at about £4,000.

  • From the Evening Express (Pink Edition) 17th November 1900

DARKEST LLANISHEN. To the Editor of the "Evening Express."

Sir,—I was glad to see the note in your journal about the total absence of street light a Llanishen. The case is rather understated, if any thing. The lie of the roads is such that a cyclist's danger' notice stands in the very middle of the village, but on a dark night, of course, the warning cannot be seen.    .....(part extract).....

  •  From the Evening Express (Extra Special Edition) 15th January 1904

LLANISHEN AFFAIRS. To the Editor of the" Evening Express."

Sir,-In the issue of your most valuable organ under date of January 11, a letter appears by Mr. W. J. Gunstone, In which he takes exception to the leaderette by "Cheek " on the 6th inst., in which the writer suggests that in order that the affairs of the parish should be dealt with in a more business-like and efficient manner, the present council should be re-placed by some of the wealthier and more influential residents.   .....(part extract).....

  • From the South Wales Daily News 8th May 1876

LLANISHEN. SHEEP-SHEARING MATCH.—A meeting was held at the Church Inn, Llanishen, on Friday last, to make arrangements for the shearing match on the 17th inst. The Vicar presided. It was agreed that Mr G. W. G. Thomas, of the Heath, should be asked to preside at the dinner on the match day. The champion prize was increased to £ 4. The competition will beheld in the usual field near the Church Inn, if Mr Thomas Wride will kindly give permission. The Royal Glamorgan Militia band will be in attendance.   .....(part extract).....

  • From the South Wales Daily News 28th August 1879

LLANISHEN. This little village has lately been entirely dependant for a little enlivenment upon the visits of Cardiff people to the vicinity, the exceedingly pretty character of the country, and the facilities  offered by frequent trains on the Rhynmey railway, inducing a large number of town people, on Sundays especially, to take a cheap country airing. Anything of the nature of a tea-party (which meeting is generally a very agreeable one) or some rustic sports, is a double attraction, and it is no wonder, therefore, that no less than a thousand tickets were sent out for a convivial meeting of the above description, advertised to be held at the pretty village on Wednesday.      .....(part extract).....