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References to 'Llanmihangel' at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

Records of the Dunraven estate, principally in Glamorgan, of the families of Wyndham and Wyndham-Quin of Dunraven Castle, co. Glamorgan, earls of Dunraven, and of Clearwell, co. Gloucester, and of the associated families of Edwin and Thomas of Llanfihangel-juxta-Cowbridge, Baynham and Throckmorton of Clearwell and Ashby of Isleworth, co. Middlesex, 14th-20th cent.; manorial records from 16th cent. Records of the Irish estates and family papers are in PRO Northern Ireland. Preliminary schedules (1940), 32pp.; (1952-53), 50pp.; Dunraven Estate Rentals (1991), 8pp. (an expansion of part of the 1952-53 schedule). Also Maps. AR 1940-41, p.27; 1942-43, p.32; 1952-53, pp. 41-5. NLWJ, 2 (1941-2), pp.81-2.

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