Newspaper extracts for Llantwit Major


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  •  From the Monmouthshire Merlin 17th October 1879

LANTWIT-MAJOR. ALARMING ACCIDENT.—SEVENTY PERSONS INJURED, -On Thursday evening an accident of a serious nature occurred at Llamtwit-Majior. A sale of furniture was taking place at the house of Mr Evan Watts, when in one of the upstairs rooms the floor gave way, precipitating the people into the room below. For a short time it was feared that someone must have been killed, but nothing quite so serious happened, although some 50 persons received injuries of rather a serious nature. A Mrs Sansome had her leg broken, and Mrs Hopkins sustained some severe injuries. Mr John Williams was also badly bruised. Mr Wyld, of St. Donat's, received severe injuries to his foot, whilst a great many were slightly injured. The sufferers- are progressing favourably.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 17th December 1897

LLANTWIT MAJOR. DINNER TO TENANTS.—On Wednesday evening Colonel Gaskell, J.P., gave a dinner at the Cross Keys Hotel, to the tenant farmers whose land he shoots over, together with their workmen, over 50 being present. Mr John Deere occupied the chair, Mr Rees Thomas, of Boverton-place, being vice-chairman.

  • From the  Weekly Mail 2nd December 1899

LLANTWIT-MAJOR. A very largely-attended meeting of ladies and gentlemen was held at the Town- hall. Llantwit Major, on Wednesday night to augment the local war funds.  .....(part extract)......

  • From the Weekly Mail 25th June 1887

Llantwit Major. A great bonfire was lit on the evening of Jubilee Day upon the highest elevation in the neighbour- hood of Llantwit Major, which could be seen for a distance of twenty miles. Twelve wagon loads of timber were used, given by Mr J. W. S. Carne, D.C.L., and Messrs. M. A. and G. W. Nicholl, The Ham, There were also 40 gallons of tar and a large quantity of naptha. Great praise is due to Messrs. B. Nicholl and Digby Nicholl for their energy in getting up the display. There were also some fireworks.

  •  From the Barry Dock News 13th June 1890

LLANTWIT MAJOR. NEW MONTHLY MARKET.—At an influential meeting held in the Town Hall on Wednesday evening, the 14th instant, it was unanimously decided to establish a monthly market at Llantwit Major, the first market and sales to be held on June 23 instant, being the fair day.

LONGEVITY.—Llantwit Major has always been noted for its health-giving and preserving qualities, and for this reason numbers of persons are constantly coming here during the summer months.

We have to record the death of one of our oldest inhabitants this week, Mrs Elizabeth Punter, who had attained the ripe -age of 83 years.

SCHOOL BOARD. —The list of nominations for the School Board is now before the electors, and it is for them to select those whom they think best fitted for the office. The old members, will, no doubt, be largely supported, and to make up the number men of business attainments should be selected. May the most qualified men for the office win. Possibly we may be spared the turmoil and excitement of a contested election. If there is to be one, it will take place at the Board School on Monday, the 23rd instant.

  • From the Barry Dock News 15th August 1890

LLANTWIT MAJOR. BANK HOLIDAY,—Being a fine day, a large number of visitors made this their place of outing. Four and three horse brakes arrived here in quick succession, and a large number of carriages, traps, &c. The Cardiff Cycling Club also met here, had dinner at the Cross Keys, and spent the afternoon at Colhugh, indulging in bicycle racing, foot- racing, &c. They then went to Cowbridge, had tea at the Commercial, and then started for home, which they reached in due time. They are the smartest cycling club in South Wales. No accident marred the day's pleasures, and every- one went away thoroughly pleased with the outing.