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References to 'Llantwit Major'

  • I searched for Llantwit Major
    With illustrations, including a portrait
    Author : Stanley Stephen Awbery
    Publisher : Stan Awbery, Barry (pp.72) [1965]

  • A Country House of the Elizabethan Period in Wales
    Six Wells, Llantwit Major, Glamorganshire. Described by Sir Cyril Fox [With Plans]
    Author : Miscellaneous Institutions, Societies etc. National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
    Publisher : Cardiff, (pp.28 pl.V) [1941]

  • The sotry of Llantwit Major, Llanilltyd Fawr
    Author : W. H. Davies, of Llantwit Major
    Publisher : P. C. Fisher, Llantwit Major (pp. 15; illus. 23cm) [1938]

  • Llantwit Major: a fifth century university
    Author : Alfred Cooper Fryer
    Publisher : Elliot Stock, London (pp. x. 125) [1893]

  • Llantwit Major: it's history and antiquities
    Author : Marie Trevelyan
    Publisher : John E. Southall, Newport, Mon. (pp. iv. 224) [1910]

  • The Roman Villa at Llantwit Major
    With a plan.
    Author : Victor Erle Nash Williams
  • Llantwit Major and Cowbridge
    A Study of the historic domestic architecture
    Publisher : Aberystwyth Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales [circa 1989]

  • The Story of St. Donats Castle and Atlantic College
    With a foreward by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Edited by Roy Denning. With contirbutions for John B. Hilling
    Publisher : D. Brown, Cowbridge in conjunction with Stewart Williams

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