Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880.


Llantwit Major, with Llanmaes, St. Donats, and neighbourhoods

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

LLANTWIT MAJOR, or Lan-Illtyd-Fawr, is an extensive parish and village in the county of Glamorgan, about 5½ miles from Cowbridge, and 8 from Bridgend. The parish contains about 5,000 statute acres. About the commencement of the fifth century a church and village were founded here by St. Illtyd, one of the earliest missionaries from Rome; and it is said by good authorities that the college or high school prospered so much under the care of the saint that its pupils exceeded 2,000 in number, among whom were seven sons of British princes. The college suffered much from the incursions of the Saxons and Danes, and was destroyed by the Normans; it was restored in 1111, and is supposed to have existed as a college down to the Reformation. The ruins of the old school stand in a garden on the north side of the churchyard, and those of the monastry, hall, &c. on a place called Hill Head, on the north side of the tithe barn. The numerous broad and direct roads towards Llantwit Major, the various intersecting lanes that still exist, the uncommon size of the church and yard, and the number of human skulls dug up in the adjoining gardens and fields prove it to have been a place of "Great population and eminence," though now but an inconsiderable village; and there are so many evidences in neighbouring places of a large expenditure of wealth, that it is easy to believe the statement of early Welsh writers to be by no means greatly exaggerated. The church is dedicated to St. Illtyd, the living being a vicarage, with the rectory of Lisworney annexed, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Gloucester. There are various dissenting chapels, also Board schools. The Marquis of Bute, who is lord of the manor. J. W. S. Carne, Esq. D.C.L. George W. Nicholl, Esq. and Sir IvorBertie Guest, Bart. are the principal owners of the soil. There is a fair held on June 22nd. BOVERTON is a small hamlet in this parish, and situated about one mile from the village of Llantwit Major. Population of the parish in 1861, 1,122, and in 1871, 1,007.

LLANMAES is a parish, about 4 miles from Cowbridge, and 9 from Bridgend. Its area is about 1,085 statute acres. The parish church is the only place of worship; the living is a rectory in the patronage of the Marquis of Bute, who is lord of the manor. The Earl of Dunraven is the principal landowner. There is a school on the National system. Population in 1861, 164, and in 1871, 148

ST DONATS is a parish situated near the Bristol channel, about 6 miles from Cowbridge. It contains about 056 statute acres. J. W. Stradling Carne, Esq. D.C.L. is lord of the manor and owner of the parish. There is a parish church, the living of which is a vicarage in the gift of the above gentleman. There is also a parochial school. Populatiom in 1861, 126, and in 1871, 138.
The above parishes are all in the Bridgend and Cowbridge poor law union and county court district, diocese and archdeaconary of Llandaff, and deanery of Lower Gro Neath.

POST OFFICE - Llantwit Major, William Andrews, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cowbridge) at nine morning, and are despatched thereto at twenty minutes past three afternoon
POST OFFICE - St. Donats, Edward Richards, Post Master. - Letters arrive (from Cowbridge) at ten morning, and are despatched thereto at three afternoon

Llantwit Major is the nearest Money Order Office

Gentry & Clergy

Basset the Misses -, Boverton
Brooks Mrs. Mary G., Llanmaes House
Carne John W. Stradling, Esq. D.C.L., J.P. & D.L., St Donats Castle
Evans Rev. Daniel, Llanmaes
Garsed John, Esq., The Moorlands, Llantwit Major
Hier Rev. John, Llantwit Major
Jenkins Rev. John, Llantwit Major
Nicholl Miss Eleanor, Woodford House, Llantwit Major
Nicholl George W. Esq., J.P. The Ham, Llantwit Major
Redwood Theophilus, Esq., Boverton
Vaughan Rev. Edward Wm. B.A., Llantwit Major
Wilkins Mrs. Emma, Llantwit Major
Williams Rev. Rees, St Donats
Wyatt Lady Mady, Dinland's Castle


Board School, Llantwit Major - Edward Williams, master; Elizabeth J. Fisher, mistress
National School, Llanmaes - Vacant
Parochial School, St. Donats - Joseph Thompson, master


Andrew William, Llantwit Major
Edwards Thomas, Llantwit Major


Hopkin William, Llantwit Major
Morgan & Price, Boverton
Williams Henry, Llanmaes

Boot & Shoe Makers

Jones John, Llantwit Major
Powell William, Llantwit Major
Williams John, Llantwit Major


Bucknall Mary, Llantwit Major
Rees William, Llantwit Major
Watts Evan, Llantwit Major
Williams Robert, Llantwit Major

Carpenters & Builders

John John, Llantwit Major
Morgan & Price, Boverton
Williams John, Llanmaes


In Llantwit Major Parish

David Thomas, Flanders House
David William, Boverton
Evans Thomas, Downcross
Garsed John, The Moorlands
George William, Bats leys
Harris John, Six wells
Howell Rees & William, Rosedew Farm
Jenkins Edward, Sigginston
John Joanna, Ham Farm
John Robert, Little Frampton
John William, Sheep leys
Jones William, Lower House
Lewis Robert, Floodgate
Lloyd William, Great Frampton
Manley William, Llantwit Major
Mason George, Leach Moor
Morgan Thomas, Bryn Sich
Nicholl George W., The Ham
Roberts William, Llantwit Major
Smith William, Boverton place
Thomas Mrs., Highfield
Thomas Evan, Upper House
Thomas John, Boverton Court
Thomas John, Tile House
Thomas Mary & Son, Great House
Thomas Morgan, Wilton
Watts Williams, The Downs
Williams David, Wick road

In Llanmaes Parish

Jenkins Thomas, Llanmaes
Rees John, Llanmaes
Spencer John, Picketstone House
Williams Elizabeth, Llanmaes
Williams Thomas, Llanmaes

In St. Donats Parish

John John, St. Donats
Morgan David, Splott
Morgan John, Tresilian
Richards William, St. Donats
Roberts William, Capel
Wilde Edward, St. Donats
Wilde Thomas, St. Donats

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Marked thus * are also Drapers

Andrews William, Llantwit Major
Bucknall Mary, Llantwit Major
* Davies Henry, Llantwit Major
Edwards Thomas, Llantwit Major
Meredith William, Llantwit Major
Morgan Gwenllian, Boverton
* Phillips Edwin, Llantwit Major
Phillips John, Llantwit Major
Price Catherine, Llantwit Major
* Price Thomas, Llantwit Major
Rees John, Llanmaes
Williams John, Llantwit Major
Williams Thomas, Llanmaes


Evans William, Llantwit Major
John William (and brewer), Llantwit Major

Taverns & Public Houses

Angel, David Jenkins, Llantwit Major
Blacksmiths' Arms, Thomas Williams, Llanmaes
Cross Keys, Eleanor Jones, Llantwit Major
Curriers' Arms, William Powell, Llantwit Major
Globe, Thos. Ridler, Llantwit Major
King's Head, William Davies, Llantwit Major
Old White Hart, John Deere, Llantwit Major
Red Lion, John Williams, Llanmaes
White Hart, Thomas Rees, Llantwit Major
White Lion, Alban Watts (and brewer), Llantwit Major
White Swan, James Howe, Llantwit Major


David John, Llantwit Major
Deere John, Llantwit Major
Morgan Rees, Llantwit Major
Richards Edward, Llantwit Major


Ballard & Co., ironmongers, Llantwit Major
Davies William, stonemason, Llantwit Major
Hopkin William, beer retailer, Llantwit Major
Hopkin Hopkins, thrashing machine owner, Llantwit Major
Rees John, stonemason, Llanmaes

Places of Worship and their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment

St Illtyd's, Llantwit Major - Rev. Edward Wm. Vaughan, B.A., vicar; Rev. Edward Jenkins, curate
Parish Church, Llanmaes - Rev. Daniel Evans, rector
Parish Church, St Donats - Rev. Rees Williams, vicar

Dissenting Chapels

Baptist, Llantwit Major - Rev. John Hier
Independent, Llantwit Major - Rev. Thomas Anthony
Methodist (Calvinistic), Llantwit Major
Methodist (Wesleyan), Llantwit Major

Conveyance by Railway

The nearest Stations are Bridgend, eight miles distant, on the Great Western line, and Cowbridge, five and a half miles distant, on the Cowbridge and Llantrisant line


To Bridgend, Christopher Punter, from Llantwit Major, Saturday
To Cardiff, Edwin Phillips from Llantwit Major, Wednesday & Saturday, & William Meredith, Saturday
To Cowbridge, Christopher Punter & John Bowen, from Llantwit Major, & daily during summer


To Cardiff, William Meredith, from Llantwit Major, Wednesday and Saturday

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