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History of Mountain Ash

By William Bevan 1896

A Translation from the Welsh with additional notes and illustrations 

By Alan Vernon Jones A.R.I.C.S, published 1990.       

ISBN 0 9517081 0 4

This index compiled by Martin Adlam, January 2004.

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Surname/First Name & Occupation or Title/Place/Date/Page

Bevan, Sarah Mrs, Penrhewceiber, 1869,10 Bevan, William,[Author],Mountain Ash,1896,8/9/10/11/13/14/37
Brown, George, [Manager],[Health Board], Dyffryn, 1858, 1867,37/75 Bruce, Miss,[Guardian],---,1896,92
Bruce, Henry Austin,[MP],---,1815 -1895,16/31 Bruce, Henry Campbell [J P],---, 1851-1929,31
Bruce, Thomas, [Rev.],---,1768,29 Bruce, William,---,1705-1768,29
Churchill, J M, [Preacher],---, 55 Clark, Adam,[Health Board],---,1895,75
Clark, David, [Health Board],---,1867,75 Coleman, David,[Health Board],---, 1867, 75
Coleman, D E, Eos, Hefin,[Singer],---,1886, 90/92 Davies, David, [Landlord],---,1826-1889,33
Davies, J, Aberaman, 1848,47 Davies, James, [Health Board],---,1895,75
Davies, James, [Manager], Dyffryn, 1885,37 Davies, James,[School Board],---, 1896,76
Davies, John, Beynon, [Rev.],---, 1868, 52 James,  James,[Guardian],---,1896,92
Davies,J, [Minister], Porth, ---,46/47 Davies,Lewis, [Minister], Bethania Chapel,48
Dobson, Mr, [Manager], Cwmpennar, 1850, 37 Edmunds, Miles, Mount, 1896,46
Edmunds, Thomas,[Health Board],---,1895,75 Edwards, J T, [Minister], America,45
Edwards, John D, [Rev].,---, 1868, 52 Edwards, William,---, 1719-1789,24
Elliot, George sir, [Owner], Cwmpennar, 37/45 Ellis, Hugh,[Conductor],---,92  
Evans, E P, Dr.[JP],Maesydderwen,1896,77/82 Evans, Evan,---,1801,24
Evans, James,{School Board], Ynysybwl,1896,76 Evans, Rhys,Toncoch, [farmer], Toncoch,1779-1867,17
Evans, Thomas,---,1801,24 Evans, B, [Minister], Gadlys Aberdare, 46
Evans, David,[Co-Operative Soc. Manager], ---,1896,77 Evans, D T, [Rates Collector],---,1895,75
Evans, Edward,[Bard],---,1716-1798,17 Gascombe, John, [Teacher], Duffryn & Caegarw Schools, 1896,58
George, Matthew, [Highways Inspector],---,1895,75 Gilroy, Mr, [Manager], Cwmpennar, 37
Gray, F N, [Teacher],Duffryn & Caegarw Schools,1896,58 Griffiths, Dr.,[School Board], Aberdare Junction Abercynon, 1896,76
Griffiths, John, [Butler],[Health Board],---1830, 33/75 Hann, E M, [General Manager], Cwmpennar, 37
Harris, David, [Contractor],---,1864, 51 Hopkin, Taliesin, [Choir Leader],Cymmer,90
Hawkins, Llewellyn,---,1850,37 Hoskins, E D,[Teacher], Duffryn & Caegarw Schools,1896,58
Howell, Edward,[Health Board],---,1867,75 Howells, John,[Rev],--- 1895, 52
Howells, Mr,---,1860,51 Hughes, T T,[Rev], Rhos, 1896, 46
Humphreys, Hugh,[Publisher], Caernarvon, 1897, 8 James, J, [Curate],[School Board], Ynysybwl,1896,76
James, Gwilym,[Health Board],---,1867,75 James, James,[Singer], Bethania,1894,92
James, William,[Health Board],---,1895,75 James, James, [Overseer], ---,1896,92
Jenkins, Elizabeth Mary, [Burial], Aberffrwd Cemetery,1866,80 Jenkins, [Minister], Bethlehem Chapel, 1896, 49
Jenkins, John, ---, Bruce Arms, 1850, 46 John, Robert, [Inspector of Nuisance],---,1895,75
Jones, D, [Minister], Bethlehem Chapel, 1896,49 Jones, Daniel, [Rev], 1868, 52
Jones, David, M.A., [Vicar] [Health Board],---, 1863 -1872/1867,50/75 Jones, Edward, Lower Forest Level,1851, 37
Jones, Edward,[School Board], Ynysybwl, 1896,76 Jones, Gwilym, [Under Manager],Cwmpennar, 1896,37
Jones, Gwilym,[School Board],---,1896,76 Jones, Gwilym, [Health Board],---,1895, 75
Jones, Gwilym,[Solicitor], Oxford St,1896,82 Jones, James,---,1709-1768,29
Jones, Lewis, [Minister], Bethania Chapel, 48 Jones, Llyshon,[Miner],Navigation Pit, 92
Jones, Penwern, [minister], English Methodist Chapel, 1883-86, 55 Jones, R W, Dr, [councillor], ---, 17
Jones, Thomas, [Health Board],Lower Forest Level,1853/1867/1895, 37/75 Jones, William, [Alderman],---, 1896,17
Lewis, D J W, [Minister], English Methodist Chapel, 1895, 55 Linton, William,[Health Board Clerk],---,1895,75
Little, William,[JP],[Health Board],---,1895/1896,75/82/92 Llangollen, Jones, [Shopkeeper], Mount, 1850,46/47
Llewellyn, Thomas, [Minister],---, 1854,47 Llewellyn, Thomas, [Minister], Aberffrwd Cemetery,1866,80
Llewellyn,David John,Fforest Uchaf, 1850,36, Llewelyn, Robert,1841,25
Lloyd, Benjamin, B.D., [Vicar],[School Board],1874 -1884/1896,50/76 Lloyd,[Minister], Bethlehem Chapel, 1896,49
Long,Jabez,[Health Board],---,1895,75 Manuel, T, [Rev.],1896, 51
McLaine, L.T.C., [Rev.], 1868, 52 Miles, Thomas Dafydd, [Tenant], Dyffryn, 29
Morgan William, [Teacher], Duffryn & Ceagarw Schools, 1896, 58 Morgan, Dafydd,---,31
Morgan, Evan, [Health Board],---, 1895,31/45/75 Morgan, John, [Fireman], Phillip St, 1857,49
Morgan, M, [JP], Maesydderwen, 1896, 77 Morgan, R D, Dr,[Health Board],---,1895,75
Morgan, W P Esq.,[MP],Usk mon,1844-1924, 17 Morgan, Miles, [Shopkeeper], Commercial St, 1856,48
Morgans, Alfred,[Principal Llanwonno School Board],Ystrad,1896,92 Morgans, David,[Health Board],---,1867,75
Morgans, Morgan,[Health Board],---,1895,75 Morgans, Morgan,[JP],---,1896,82
Morley, John, Fforest Level, 1851,36 Morris, Thomas, [Councillor],---,17
Morris, E,[School Board], Penrhiwceiber,1896,76 Nixon, John,[Colliery Owner], ---, 1815-1899, 11/37/82
North, W M, Esq.,[Stipendiary Magistrate], ---,1896,82 O'reilly, Father, [Priest], 53
Owens, J H, Mrs, [Post Office], 1896, 69 Paine, J, [Teacher], Duffryn & Caegarw Schools, 1896, 58
Phillips, D T, [Solicitor],Commercial St., 1896, 14/82 Phillips, T C, [Pastor], Bethlehem Chapel, 1858,48
Phillips, William, [School Board], Penrhiwceiber,1896,76 Powell, J, [Teacher], Duffryn & Caegarw Schools, 1896, 58
Powell, John, [Health Board],---,1895,75 Powell, Thomas Esq., Cwmpennar, 1850, 37
Price,  D,Siloa, 1858,47 Price, Rees,[Health Board],---,1895,75
Price, Thomas Dr, Baptist Chapel, 1843,45 Pritchard, William, [Manager], Dyffryn,1879-1885,37
Prosser, D,[Solicitor], Ffrwd Crescent,1896,82 Protheroe, James, Havard, M.A., [Vicar], 1873-1884, 50
Pryce, John Bruce,esq,---,1784-1872,16/17/29/31/33 Rees, John, Rev. [Preacher], ---,1864, 51
Rees, W T, [Minister], Bethlehem Chapel, 1896,49 Rees,David,[Health Board],---,1867,75
Rhys, William Phillip,---,31 Richards, R, [Minister], Wem, 46
Richards, Glyndwr T,[Conductor], Pont-y-Cymmer,92 Richards, Thomas Jenkin,---,1850,37
Richards, William, [Gravestone Cutter], Allen St., 1869,80 Roper, Paul,[Miner],---,1871,98
Rowlands, Daniel, Glancynon Inn, 1850, 46 Shipton, S,[School Board Clerk],---,1896,76
Simons, William Mr,[Solicitor], Lower Forest Level, 1853, 37 Taylor, Mr, [Minister], Ebenezer Chapel, 1896, 49
Taylor,T, Mr, 1895, 53 Thomas, D A Esq.,[MP], ---,1856-1918,17
Thomas, Edward, [Health Board], ---,1867, 75 Thomas, David,[Gravestone Cutter],Commercial St.,1893,80
Thomas, Howell, [Carpenter],Mount, 1850,46 Thomas, Robert, Bethlehem Chapel, 1856,48
Thomas, William,[Leader Conductor],Penybank, 90 Tomos,Twmi Shon, Miskin, 36
White,F,[Governor Inspector of Mines],---,1896,92 White, Florence, BA,[Head Aberdare girl's Intermediate School],---,1896,92
Whittaker, Samuel, [Minister],---,1884, 50 Wilkins, G, [Manager], Cwmpennar, 1857, 37
Wilkins, George,[Health Board], ---, 1867, 75 Williams, David [Esq.], Bethlehem Chapel,1857,48
Williams, David [Esq.],---, 1859, 14,36, Williams, Edwin,[Conductor],---, 92
Williams, E T, [School Board], Penrhiwceiber, 1896, 76   Williams, Gwilym Esq.,[Judge],Ynyscynon, 1839-1906, 36
Williams, J F,Rev,[Health Board]---,1895,75 Williams, J, Rev, 1867 - 1877, 51
Williams, Jenkin, Lower Forest Level, 1851, 37 Williams, John, Merthyr,1855,37
Williams, John,[Health Board Surveyor],---,1895,75 Williams, Rees, [Health Board],---, 1867, 75
Williams, Thomas, [Butcher], Caegarw, 1896, 71 Williams, William, Rev, [Minister],[Health Board],---, 1854/1867,45/75


3rd Glamorgan Volunteer Reg. Band, 1918,68 Aberdare Canal,c.1890,16
Advert, Bailey's Arms,1901,65 Advert, D Coleman Draper,1865-1880,88
Advert, D Harris Hardware,1900,89 Advert, D Smith Grocer,1900,89
Advert, D Williams Draper,1900,89 Advert, Eisteddfod,1895,78
Advert, Esteddfod,1896,79 Advert, Lloyd [Mason],1900,81
Advert, Richards [Mason],1900,81 Advert, Thomas [Mason], 1900,81
Bandstand, c1905,68 Bruce,Henry,Austin,1815-1895,91
Bruce,Henry,Cambell,1851-1929,91 Caegarw,c.1920,35
Chapel, Bethania, 1854,48 Chapel, Bethlehem, 1857-1990,48
Chapel, Bryn Sion, 1864-1989,50 Chapel, Darran Rd.,1884-1988,50
Chapel, Duffryn St.,1883-1964,55 Chapel, Rhos,1860-1975,46
Chapel, Zion, 1880,53 Church, Roman Catholic,c.1910,54
Church, Roman Catholic,c.1915,54 Colliery, Cwmcynon,cc.1900,41/42
Colliery, Deep Duffryn, 1914,94 Colliery, Deep Duffryn, c.1890,94
Colliery, George Pit,Cefnpennar,1904,44 Colliery, Lower Cwmpennar,c.1910,40
Colliery, Nixon's Navigation,c.1900 & c.1880,41/42/43 Colliery, Nixon's Navigation,c.1900,95
Colliery, Penrhiwceiber,c.1880-90,93 Colliery, Penrhiwceiber,c.1915,40
Colliery,Deep Duffryn,c.1915,38 Commercial st.,1904,87
Cottage Hospital, 1894-95,77 Cricket team,1905,64
Cynon, Valley, c.1830,4 Darranlas from canal bridge,1905,33
Duffryn House, 1790,28 Duffryn House, 1905,30
Duffryn Mansion, 1827,29 Elliot, George,Sir,1809-1893,44
Ffrwd cres.,1892-1937,87 Friendly Societies, Table, 1896,67
Great Western Station, 1911,72 Headstone, Bevan,William,1832-1903,11
Inn, Miskin,1860-1968,65 Inn, The New, Oxford st.,c.1900,66
Jones,Griffiths,rhys,1834-1897,91 Llanwonno rd.,c.1905,85
Lower Oxford St.,c.1900,34 Map of town,1868,18/19/20/21
Nazareth, Church, 1854-1901,51 Nixon,John,1815-1899,39
Nixon's Workmans Institute, c.1905,84 Number of Dwellings, 1896,33
Oxford St., 1919,35 Oxford St.,c.1900,34
Phillip st.,c.1905,86 Platelayers, 1916,73
Powell, Thomas, 1780-1863,39 Providence church, 1869-1912,52
Providence church, 1983,36 Richards,Thomas,Glyndwr,1858-1935,91
Rugby Football Club,c.1895,61 School, Girls infants,Miskin,1916,60
School, Llanwonno, Governors, 1898,59 School, Penrhiwceiber Junior,1910,60
St.Margaret's Church & Canal Bridge,1905,32 St.Margaret's church,c.1880,49
Taff Vale, Railway Station,1913,70 Taff Vale,Railway Staion,1914,73
Tennis club,1922,64] Tithe map,1842,26/27
Town Bridge,1908,31 Town c.1870,22
Town Hall,c.1908,74 Town map,c1820,62/63
Town,1865,23 Williams, David,(Alaw Goch), 1809-1863,39
Williams,Gwilym, Judge, 1839-1906,39  


Abercynon,15 Aberdare Canal,16
Aberdare Junction,15 Abertaf-a Cynon,15
Bands,68 Banks,76
BirthsMarriages & Deaths,76 Building Societies,83
Carrying Coal in Sacks,95/96 Co-Operative Societies,76
Drill Hall,83 Education in the Place,58
Eminent People in Mountain Ash,90/92 Friendly Societies,67
General Trade in Town,84 Geographical location,15
Hospitals in locality,77 Industry,36/37/38/44/45
Justices of the Peace & Officers of the Law,82 Liberal Society,83
Lighting the Locality,96 Literature in the Place,58
Local Health Board,75 Monumental Masons,80
Mutual Improvement Society,83 Naming of the place,16/17/31/33
New Reservoir,82 Nixons & Company,43
Old Houses in the Vicinity,24/25/28/29 Old Taff Station,74
Parish Vestry Meetings,92 Places Connected with Mountain Ash,17
Police Court,65 Police Station,75
Post Office & Postal Delivery,69 Postal Town,24
Public Cemetery,80 Public Houses,65
Religious Denominations
Sports Societies,61 Strikes which have  occurred,96/97/98/99/100
Temperance or Total Abstinence Societies,69 The Institute,77
The Navigation Colliery,43 Town Hall,74
Travel Facilities,71 Underground Working Methods,93/94
Undertakers,80 Workman's Hall[Nixon's Institute],83

[Last Updated : 28 January 2004 - Gareth Hicks]