1851 Census for Marcross

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe


Forename, Surname, Relationship to Head, Marital Status, Age, Profession, County of Birth, Place of Birth


A List of Folio Numbers where each surname can be found

ACKWILL : folio 466
BOWEN : folio 467
DANIELS : folio 466
DAVID : folio 466, 467, 468
DAWKINS : folio 467
EDWARDS : folio 468
GRIFFITH : folio 468
HARRY : folio 467
HOPKIN : folio 466
HOWELL : folio 467
HOWELLS : folio 467
HOWELS : folio 467
JENKINS : folio 467, 468
JOHN : folio 468
JONES : folio 468
LLOYD : folio 467
MOODY : folio 466
MORGAN : folio 467, 468
OCKWILL : folio 467
PRICE : folio 467
RESS : folio 466
RICHARDS : folio 466
ROBERT : folio 466
SHEA : folio 466
THOMAS : folio 466, 467
TREHARNE : folio 467
WILLIAMS : folio 467

Census Data

Ref:HO107/2461 f.466 p.21 s.1 The Farm, Marcross

Thomas  THOMAS  Head  Wdr 36 Farmer Of 114 Acres Employing 1 Labourer GLA Llanblethian
Ann     THOMAS  Daur  Unm 5                                           GLA Marcross
William THOMAS  Son   Unm 3                                           GLA Marcross
Mary    RESS    Srvnt Unm 33 House Keeper                             GLA Llangynwyd
Ann     SHEA    Srvnt Unm 16 House Servant                            IRL
James   ACKWILL Srvnt Unm 19 Farm Servant                             GLA St Donats
Illtid  DAVID   Srvnt Unm 11 Farm Servant                             GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.466 p.21 s.2 Nash Lighthouse, Marcross

John      RICHARDS Head Mar 34 First Assistant Light Keeper MON St Mellons?
Elizabeth RICHARDS Wife Mar 40                              SOM Bath

Ref:HO107/2461 f.466 p.21 s.3 Nash Lighthouse, Marcross

Alfred         MOODY  Head  Mar 39    Second Assistant Light Keeper MDX Pimlico
Elizabeth Harn MOODY  Wife  Mar 27                                  NFK Ranworth
Alfred W       MOODY  Son   Unm 6 Mon                               GLA Marcross
Ann            HOPKIN Srvnt Unm 15    House Servant                 GLA Wick

Ref:HO107/2461 f.466 p.21 s.4 West Nash Lighthouse, Marcross

Daniel     DANIELS Head  Unm  Principal Light Keeper CAE Aberdaron
Mary       DANIELS Wife  Unm                         GLA Marcross
Griffith R DANIELS Son   Unm                         GLA Marcross
Richard R  DANIELS Son   Unm                         GLA Marcross
Sarah      ROBERT  Srvnt Unm                         GLA St Donats

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.22 s.5 The Rectory, Marcross

John Revd    WILLIAMS Head  Wdr 52 Rector Of Marcross And St Donats MON Bedwas
Charles C    WILLIAMS Son   Unm 6  Scholar At Home                  GLA Llantwit Major
Mary Frances WILLIAMS Daur  Unm 5  Scholar At Home                  GLA Llantwit Major
Mary Anne    THOMAS   Srvnt Unm 40 House Keeper                     GLA Llantwit Major
Alice        JENKINS  Srvnt Unm 32 House Maid                       GLA Wick
Caroline     PRICE    Srvnt Unm 20 Dairymaid                        GLA Llanblethian
Thomas       JENKINS  Srvnt Unm 38 Farm Servant                     GLA Wick
Jenkin       DAWKINS  Srvnt Unm 21 House Servant                    GLA Llanblethian

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.22 s.6 Marcross

Samuel    HOWELLS Head  Mar 37 Carpenter Journeyman GLA Newton Nottage
Jane      HOWELLS Wife  Mar 37                      GLA Marcross
Tabitha   HOWELLS Daur  Unm 3                       GLA Marcross
Margaret  HOWELLS Daur  Unm 1                       GLA Marcross
Margaret  HOWELLS Mthr  Wid 78                      GLA Margam
Catherine MORGAN  Srvnt Unm 18 House Servant        GLA Wick

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.22 s.7 Marcross

Jenkin   HOWELL Head Mar  Ag Labourer           GLA St Donats
Eliza    HOWELL Wife Mar                        GLA St Athan
William  HOWELL Son  Unm                        GLA Monknash
Margaret BOWEN  Ldgr Unm  Late Worker At An Inn PEM Santifoel

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.23 s.8 Marcross

William   THOMAS   Head  Unm  Farmer Of 220 Acres Employing 2 Labourer GLA Llancarvon
Edward    MORGAN   Nephw Unm  Farm Labourer                            GLA Marcross
Jennett   HOWELS   Srvnt Unm  House Servant                            GLA Laleston
Catherine TREHARNE Srvnt Unm  Farm Labourer                            CMN St Clears
Evan      LLOYD    Srvnt Unm  Farm Servant                             GLA Newton Nottage
William   JENKINS  Srvnt Unm  Servant                                  GLA Marcross
Noah      DAVID    Srvnt Unm  Servant                                  GLA Marcross
William   DAVID    Srvnt Unm  Servant                                  GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.23 s.9 Marcross

John JENKINS Head Mar 52 Ag Labourer GLA Marcross
Mary JENKINS Wife Mar 50             CMN Bettws
Ann  JENKINS Daur Unm 12 At Home     GLA Marcross
John JENKINS Son  Unm 9  Scholar     GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.23 s.10 Marcross

Richard     JENKINS Head  Mar 42 Blacksmith And Publican GLA Marcross
Sarah       JENKINS Wife  Mar 39                         GLA Bettws
Edward      JENKINS Son   Unm 15 Scholar                 GLA Marcross
Bartholomew JENKINS Son   Unm 9  Scholar                 GLA Marcross
Elizabeth   JENKINS Srvnt Unm 16 House Servant           GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.467 p.23 s.11 Marcross

Thomas  THOMAS  Head  Mar 68 Farmer Of 100 Acres Employing 2 Servant GLA Wick
Jennett THOMAS  Wife  Mar 62                                         GLA Marcross
Edward  THOMAS  Son   Unm 30 Farmers Son                             GLA Marcross
Ann     THOMAS  Daur  Unm 22 Farmers Daughter At Home                GLA Marcross
Edmund  OCKWILL Srvnt Unm 18 Servant                                 GLA St Donats
Watkin  HARRY   Srvnt Unm 12 Farm Servant Boy                        GLA Newbridge

Ref:HO107/2461 f.468 p.24 s.12 Marcross

Meyrick   JOHN   Head     Mar 67 Ag Labourer GLA Monknash
Ann       JOHN   Wife     Mar 67             GLA Newton Nottage
Catherine JOHN   Daur     Unm 20 Washerwoman GLA Marcross
David     MORGAN Grnd-son Unm 12 Errand Boy  GLA Monknash
Ann       MORGAN Grnddaur Unm 9  Pauper      GLA Monknash

Ref:HO107/2461 f.468 p.24 s.13 Marcross

James     JONES Head Mar 35   Gardener MON Llanfihangel-Tor-Y-M
Ann       JONES Wife Mar 27            GLA Monknash
Mary      JONES Daur Unm 4             GLA Cardiff
Catherine JONES Daur Unm 1             GLA Llantwit Major
William   JONES Son  Unm 3 Wk          GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.468 p.24 s.14 Marcross

Christopher JENKINS  Head    Unm 58 Farmer Of 120 Acres Employing 2 Labourers GLA Marcross
Edward      JENKINS  Brother Unm 51 Jointly In The Farm                       GLA Marcross
Jennett     JENKINS  Sistr   Unm 55 Jointly In The Farm And Housekeeper       GLA Marcross
John        JENKINS  Brother Wdr 47 Carpenter & Joiner                        GLA Marcross
Mary        GRIFFITH Srvnt   Unm 26 House Servant                             GLA St Brides Major
Morgan      DAVID    Srvnt   Unm 22 Farm Servant                              GLA Marcross
Morgan      MORGAN   Srvnt   Unm 13 Farm Servant Boy                          GLA Monknash

Ref:HO107/2461 f.468 p.25 s.15 Marcross

Isaac    JENKINS Head Mar 27    Ag Labourer                 GLA Llanblethian
Mary     JENKINS Wife Mar 28                                GLA Marcross
Thomas   JENKINS Son  Unm 3                                 GLA Llanblethian
Jacob    JENKINS Son  Unm 2                                 GLA Llanblethian
Sarah    JENKINS Daur Unm 3 Mon                             GLA Llanblethian
Benjamin DAVID   Ldgr Unm 31    Pauper Formerly Ag Labourer GLA Marcross
John     DAVID   Ldgr Unm 9     Shoe Makers Step Son        GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.468 p.25 s.16 Marcross

Meyrick JOHN Head Mar 30 Shoe Maker GLA Monknash
Mary    JOHN Wife Mar 29            GLA Wick
Mary    JOHN Daur Unm 6             GLA Wick
Meyrick JOHN Son  Unm 4             GLA Wick
Ann     JOHN Daur Unm 2             GLA Marcross

Ref:HO107/2461 f.468 p.25 s.17 Marcross

John   EDWARDS Head     Mar 60 Shoemaker Master Employing 1 Man GLA Penmark
Joanna EDWARDS Wife     Mar 69                                  GLA Penmark
Mary   EDWARDS Daur     Unm 34 Charwoman                        GLA St Athan
Jenkin EDWARDS Grnd-son Unm 1                                   GLA Coity
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