Newspaper extraxcts for Margam


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

Searches made on these names in this order; Margam, Port Talbot

  • From the Weekly Mail 9th February 1884

MARGAM. COTTAGE GARDENING SOCIETY. — The annual meeting of the members of this society was held in the Schoolroom on Tuesday evening. The attendance was large and enthusiastic. Mr. D. R. David, the energetic president for the past year, occupied the chair. The accounts for 1883 were submitted, approved of, and passed ......(part extract)........

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader 21st October 1915

MARGAM. A letter from the Local Government Board regarding the proposed cemetery at Baglan, in which they desired that the proceedings for obtaining a Provisional Order be deferred owing to the war, and suggesting that the Margam authorities should be approached with the view of enabling the borough to bury in the Margam cemetery for the time being, was read at Aberavon Council on Wednesday. The Town Clerk was directed to place the whole matter and correspondence before the Margam Council and Mr. Lipscomb.

  •  From the Evening Express (Fourth Edition) 14th March 1893

MARGAM. LOCAL BOARD.—At the usual meeting of this board, held on Monday, and presided over by Mr. A. Pendarves Vivian, the medical officer (Dr. J. H. Davies) reported the birth-rate for the past month as 44-5 per 1,000 per annum, and the death-rate 185 per annum during the same period. It was decided that the question of the provision of an infectious diseases hospital for the district be adjourned sine die     ......(part extract)........

  • From the South Wales Daily News 22nd April 1881

MARGAM. The parishioners of this place are much alarmed by the Education Department having given orders for the election of a School Board, in consequence of the vestry not having decided to join in the Union School Attendance Committee, or taken any step to promote the advance of education. The election takes place next month, Mr Howel Cuthbertson being the returning officer.

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 15th February 1899

MARGAM. Electric Lighting.—At a meeting of the Urban District Council on Monday, Mr Edward Knox presiding, the Council agreed to light part of the district with electricity at a cost of £ 6,500. This will provide 1,000 lamps, and it is anticipated that the capital with interest will be repaid in 25 years, and the plant will then be the property of the ratepayers. Plans of new streets leading to Port Talbot Docks were passed.

  • From the  Evening Express (Extra Football Edition) 8th November 1902

PORT TALBOT. Port Talbot met their match at Aberdare last Saturday. To-day Cadoxton Rovers play Port Talbot in the first League match contested on the Port Talbot ground. Soccer has as yet taken but very little grip at Port Tal.bot, and the local committee are to be complimented upon the energy they display in popularising the Association code in the Aberavon and Port Talbot district. Several of the Port Talbot players will be unable to turn out to-day owing to injuries.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News 25th February 1891

PORT TALBOT. THE STRANDING OF A STEAMER.—The steamship Reggio (with a cargo of iron ore from Bilbao), which struck on the bar on Sunday evening last, was brought safely into dock at Port Talbot on Tuesday morning.

  • From the South Wales Daily News 31st May 1890

PORT TALBOT. MARGAM TIN-PLATE WORKS.—An excellent understanding exists between Messrs Byass and Co., Margam Tin-plate Works, and their tradesmen. Yesterday it was made known to Mr Sydney Byass that the men wished to be placed on the nine hours system, and he in a very courteous manner immediately granted their wishes.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 4th January 1893

PORT TALBOT. MR B. M. DAVIES AND NANTYBAR COLLIERS. Mr B. M. Davies, of Wellfield, Aberavon, the proprietor of the Nantybar Colliery, near Cymmer, Port Talbot, has just given instructions to the manager of the colliery to provide the whole of the colliers engaged in the colliery, some 150 hands—with a substantial dinner at the Rhiewgregan Hotel, near Cymmer, on the 14th instant. It may be stated that owing to the depressed state of the coal trade, the colliery has been idle for the past three weeks but the lessees of the colliery—an influential Newport firm—have now received large orders from that seaport, with the result that the colliery is again in full working order, and no immediate lock-out is again apprehended. Mr Davies's seasonable generosity is much appreciated by the men.

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 4th September 1893

PORT TALBOT. The pilots at this port have received peremptory instructions to carefully watch the movements of foreign vessels bound to Port Talbot, and no vessel from an infected port is allowed to cross the bar until the crew are medically examined and the drinking water discharged. A series of questions is put to the master of foreign vessels, and in the case of sickness being reported on board the vessel is not allowed to come into port, but is to proceed to the mooring station off the Mumbles.

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 8th September 1894

PORT TALBOT. PROGRESS OF THE DOCK AND RAILWAY SCHEME. TO BE COMPLETED IN TWO YEARS. Although no great advance has apparently been made in carrying out the powers obtained during the last Session of Parliament for increase of dock facilities at Port Talbot, and construction of 16 miles of railway to the Garw and Ogmore Valleys, we understand that all the needful preliminaries to the work are being pushed forward, and that independently of these, as part of the operations of the old company, an important change has been made in the approach to the harbour. By the dredging of the bar, or sandbank, in front of the entrance a considerable increase in the depth of the channel has been obtained, so that vessels of very much larger burden can enter the docks, where also an increase in the number of available coal tips has been made    ......(part extract)........

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 11th October 1893

PORT TALBOT. ST. JOHN AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION. — The annual meeting of the Port Talbot centre of this association was held at the Victoria Institute on Monday evening. The Rev. Z. P. Williamson, of Margam, occupied the chair. The annual accounts of the centre were submitted to the meeting and adopted,   ......(part extract)........

  • From the South Wales Daily News 23rd September 1891

PORT TALBOT. THE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS.—We understand that 21 designs for the above schools were sent in, and that that of Mr T. P. Martin, of Swansea, has been adjudged the best. He will, therefore, receive a premium of £10 10s, and will also, in case the design is approved of by the County Council and the Charity Commissioners, have the superintendence of the carrying out of the work    ......(part extract)........

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 25th May 1892

PORT TALBOT. FATAL ACCIDENT. On Tuesday afternoon a fatal accident occurred at the Margam Tin-plate Works, Port Talbot. A lad named Benjamin Morris, aged 14, son of Mr Joseph Morris, carpenter, Pantdu, who was engaged in the cold roll department, was caught in the cog-wheels, and was instantly killed. The body was very badly mangled.