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References to 'Margam'

  • Estate and family records of Mansel, later Talbot, of Penrice, in Gower, Glamorgan, and, from the 16th cent., of Margam Abbey, 12th-19th cent. The Margam Abbey archive is one of the fullest surviving British monastic archives. There are substantial early archives for Penrice, and other estates, mostly in Glamorgan; manorial records for the manor of Margam Abbey and others; early records of the coal industry. The early records, with the exception of the correspondence, are for the great part included in W. de Gray Birch's six published volumes. Other records in West Glamorgan R O and BL Harleian Charters 75A1-75D25.

  • A Descriptive Catalogue of the Penrice and Margam Manuscripts, ed. W. de Gray Birch (6 vols, London, 1893-1905); schedules (1942, vol. I, including Williams of Plas Dyffryn Clydach papers, largely literary, 17th - 18th cent., and supplementary Margam records), 53pp.; (1942, vol. II, Mansel correspondence, 1565-1848), 230pp.; (1942, 'Appendix', by W. de Gray Birch, supplementing A Descriptive Catalogue, mostly post-1750 records), 343pp.; (1946, 'Appendix vol. II', further supplementary records), 218pp. AR 1941-42, pp.26-7.

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