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References to 'Dowlais'

  • Papers of George Thomas Clark (1809-98), engineer, associated in particular with the Dowlais iron works, and antiquary, including Clark family papers and documents collected by him (donated by Wyndham D. Clark). Much of the antiquarian material is now NLW MSS 5171-234 and some family records and diaries are now NLW MSS 14991-15061. A group of G. T. Clark deeds is listed in Miscellaneous I. AR 1922 (May), pp.5-6; 1922 (Oct), p.6; 1948-49, pp.20-1; 1955-56, pp.25-6; 1957-58, p.20; 1958-59, pp.24-5. A working list of the correspondence is available.
  • Documents collected by Col. Sir John Conway Lloyd of Dinas, Brecon (1878-1954), mainly relating to cos Brecon, Glamorgan and Monmouth, 1588-1864; include records relating to industry, notably the Clydach, Hirwaun and Beaufort ironworks and the Bute and Dowlais iron companies; also Lloyd family papers. Schedule (1968, vol. I, records of industrial interest), 52pp. The remainder, the greater part, uncatalogued (1994). AR 1937-38, pp.68-9.

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