Images of Neath and Port Talbot


By David Roberts , South Wales Evening Post 1999

ISBN- 1 85983 1745

Indexed by Brian Wagstaffe 2000

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Abbreviations : P= Port Talbot; N= Neath; A= Aberavon

Column 1-Category; Column 2- Place; Column 3-Year; Column 4- Page Number

Abbey Works Bus Station,P,1960`s,156 Aberavon RFC over 70`s,A,1970`s,99
Action N v A, N,1970`s,177 Addison Road Party,A,1953,85
Aerial Neath Station area,N,1938,31 Aerial of Beach,A,1957,40
Aerial of BSC,P,1965,158 Aerial of Central School area,P,1960,43
Aerial of Dock area,Briton Ferry,1974,166 Aerial of Harbour,P,1970,159
Aerial of Harbour,P,1970,160 Aerial of River Bridge,Briton Ferry,1954,197
Aerial of Town Centre,P,1960,42 Afan Glee Society,Cwmafan,1939,74
Albion Steelworkers,B. Ferry,1950,159 Alderman Davies School Play,N,1944,125
Amusement Park,A,1963,121 Annexe Nurses,N,1967,162
Antiquarian Society Group,N,1974,95 Apprentices & Hot Mill Staff,P,1951,154
Areial,Llandarcy,1969,164 Arnold`s Chemist,Cwmafan,1920`s,111
Austin Taxi,A,1950,192 B P Anglers,Llandarcy,1970,183
B.F. Steel Dinner,N,1974,97 B.F.Steel Anglers,N,1975,182
B.P. Workers Trip,Llandarcy,1950`s,91 Bagaln School St. 1,P,1959,127
Baglan AFC,Baglan,1947,179 Baglan Bay at Night,Baglan,1975,165
Baglan Hall,Baglan,1910,109 Baglan Infants St. 1,Baglan,1963,129
Beach & Dunes,A,1940`s,105 Beach & Piers,A,1920`s,113
Beach Scene,A,1968,208 Beechwood Ave. & Bomb,N,1940,34
Beechwood Ave. & Bomb,N,1940,34 Bethany Chapel,P,1909,21
Billiard`s Team,Cwmavon,1927,171 Bird in Hand Field,N,1950,36
Blackpool Trip Group,Skewen,1953,85 Boating lake,A,1962,118
Bomb Disposal Officers,Llandarcy,1940`s,66 Bomb Disposal Unit,Llandarcy,1944,69
Book Week,Baglan,1973,132 Bowls Team,Skewen,1950`s,178
Boys Club XI,Aberdulais,1953,181 Bridge Street,N,1951,44
Brownies,Cimla,1982,140 Burning Tip,Tonmawr,1960`s,116
Bus at Square,N,1920`s,188 Bus Depot,Neath Abbey,1981,206
Bus Station,Neath,-,203 By Pass,Baglan,1961,202
By Pass,Baglan,1961,203 By-Pass Construction,P ,1964,44
Cadoxton Opera Group,N,1960`s,93 Cadoxton School operatic Group,N,1949,74
Cadoxton School RF,N,1947,176 Cadoxton Sec. Class,N,1949,137
Camera Obscura,Jersey Marine,1910,108 Canal head,Glynneath,1890`s,103
Carmel Chapel Whitsun Walk,A,1908,54 Carmel Place,A,1969,48
Carnival queen,Cilfrew,1954,87 Castle,N,1917,25
Cattle Street & Cow Lane,N,1950`s,39 Causeway & Moriah Chapel,A,1902,14
Central Junior Class,P,1972,136 Central School Class,P,1972,134
Central School Class,P,1972,134 Chapel Outing Ladies,P,1940`s,78
Charabanc Outing Group,N,1920`s,58 Charles street Party,A,1945,83
Charles street Party,A,1945,84 Chidzoy`s Fruit Store,P,1949,35
Cilfrew AFC Dance,Cilfrew,1955,87 cimla Hospital Patients,N,1953,82
Cimla Road,N,1910,12 Cimla Road,N,1908,107
Cimla Road Tollhouse,N,1889,10 Civic Function,N,1972,95
Commercial Road,P,1900`s,106 Commercial road,Taibach,1920,112
Confirmation Tea Group,N,1963,92 Constantinople & Balaclava Rows,Taibach,1909,107
Constitutional Club,N,1905,13 Construction work at B.P.,Llandarcy,1951,159
Cooperative Staff,N,1950`s,158 Cooperative Staff,Skewen,1961,161
Cooperative Store Interior,N,1950`s,160 Cooperative Stores,N,1950`s,40
Cooperative Stores (Alfred St.),N,1970`s,53 Cooperative Stores(Alfred St.),N,1956,51
Council Staff &Apprentices,N,1947,150 Country Lane,Waunceirch,1951,108
County School Cricket Team,P,1941,173 County School Rugby Team,P,1941,174
County School Rugby Team,P,1948,175 Courtland Place & Tydraw St.,P,1910,26
Cricketers,Margam,1908,168 Cub Scouts,Cimla,1984,141
Curry`s Staff,P,1955,155 Cwrt Sart Pupils,Briton Ferry,1973,138
Cwrt Sart School Play,Briton Ferry,1923,127 Cwrt sart School Soccer,Briton ferry,1926,171
Cwrt Sart St. IV,Briton Ferry,1923,128 Cwrt Sart Station,Briton Ferry,1929,189
Cycle Shop Forge Road,P,1938,190 D.S.Smith`s workers,N,1949,155
Destroyer Sylphi Aground,A,1927,187 Diesel Freight Train,Llandarcy,1982,206
Diesel Train,Cwmavon,1963,205 District XV,A,1972,178
Dock Hotel,P,1940`s,33 Docks,P,1890`s,185
Dry Dock Workers,P,1948,151 Duport Steelworkers,Briton Ferry,1978,167
Duport Steelworks,Briton Ferry,1977,165 Duport Works,Briton Ferry,1978,166
Eaglesbush & Bush Row,N,1957,46 East Lodge,Baglan,1910,106
Eastern School I,P,1914,124 Eastern School V & VI, P,1911,124
Eastern School VII,P,1920,125 Eastland Road,N,1950,41
Eastland Road,N,1950,41 Eisteddfod Parade,N,1933,64
Eisteddfod Procession,N,1933,65 Employees of Longford Coachworks,Neath Abbey,1951,77
Ethylene Plant Fire,Baglan,1983,166 Fabian way,Jersey Marine,-,205
Fair Day Crowd,Crynant,1900`s,104 Families of Pembroke Terrace,A,1937,66
Family Group at Beach,A,1938,68 Fire Brigade,P,1931,147
Fire Brigade,P,1937,149 Fire Brigade Group,Margam,1909,143
Fire Engine,A,1920,186 Firemen,P,1933,148
Ford Plant,Jersey Marine,1968,163 Forge Garage,P,1938,190
Funeral of D Afan Thomas at Seion,Cwmavon,1928,60 Gang Show,N,1985,141
George Hanford stoking Incline Boilers,Skewen,1910,144 Giant`s Grave ,Briton ferry,1972,206
Gillie Rosser Presentation,N,1955,90 Glanafan Comp. Class,P,1971,131
Glanafan Comp. Class,P,1972,133 Glannant Farm Estate,Cimla,1983,123
Globe Hotel,A,1902,15 Globe Hotel,A,1969,49
Gnoll Avenue,N,1922,126 Gnoll Avenue Horse Fair,N,1900,185
Gnoll House,N,1930,24 Gnoll House(Side View),N,1930,24
Gnoll Swimming Pool,N,1934,172 Gnoll swimming Pool,N, 1950,177
Golden Wedding Group Mountain Row,A,1938,72 Goode Family of Neath Farm School,N,1903,54
Goode Family of Neath Farm School,N,1910,56 Goode Family of Neath Farm School,N,1910,56
Gorsedd Ceremony,Margam,1932,64 Grammar School 3C,N,1950,136
Grammar School Boys 3A,N,1945,132 Grammar School Form 1A,N,1943,129
Grammar School Form 2A,N,1944,131 Grammar School French Trip,N,1950,138
Grammar School Middle Rugby,N,1945,175 Grammar School Orchestra,N,1944,130
Grammar School Orchestra,N,1953,138 Grand Hotel,P,1900,13
Grange Street Congregational Group,P,1937,67 Grange Street Sunday School Group,P,1937,67
Green Street,N,1890`s,9 Green Street,N,1900,11
Green Street,N,1906,16 Green Street,N,1914,21
green Street,N,1905,55 Group of Boys,Aberdulais,1948,133
GWR Ambulance Class,P,1924,59 GWR Cricket Team,N,1938,173
GWR Staff,N,1947,156 GWR Wives,N,1930`s,60
Gwyn Hall,N,1935,28 Harbour Opening Crowd,P,1970,94
Hermon Chapel Congregation,Cilfrew,1953,83 High St. & Bethany Sq., P,1915,29
High Street,A,1900,11 High Street,A,1904,16
High Street,A,1905,18 High Street,A,1906,20
High Street,P,1956,38 High Street,P,1959,42
High Street,N,1958,50 High Street,P,1962,204
High Street Level Crossing,P,1935,36 High Street Level Crossing,P,1935,37
Home Guard Group,P,1944,80 Hospital Ball Guests,P,1940,76
Hospital Fete (Ramsay McDonald),A,1924,57 Ice cream seller,A,1930`s,149
Ilfracombe Paddle Steamer,N,1937,189 Ironworkers,Briton Ferry,1940`s,147
Jersey park,Briton Ferry,1954,123 John Noonan Mayoral Installation,P,1938,73
John Owen &Co. Workers,N,1950`s,157 Kinema Staff Outing,B. Ferry,1948,72
Ladies Hockey Club,N,1925,170 Lady Cricketers,N,1923,169
Last Tap at Albion Works,Briton Ferry,1978,167 Level Crossing,P,1953,199
Lewis Road,N,1910,14 Licensee & regulars Greyhound Pub,N,1953,80
Literary Dinner Group,P,1969,93 local defence Volunteers,P,1940`s,78
Lock Gate Construction,P,1897,142 Lock Gate Construction,P,1897,142
Loco Sheds,Taibach,1951,195 Loco Sheds,P,1952,197
Long Serving Copper Workers,Margam,1920,146 Lower Station Road,P,1904,17
Lower Station Road,P,1910,24 M4 Flyover Opening,P,1966,46
Main Entrance BSC,Margam,1964,157 Main Road,Aberdulais,1943,122
Market,A,1906,18 Market Interior,N,1911,19
Masqueraders Jazz Band,P,1930,62 Mayberry & Elder Roads Party,P,1969,92
Mayor & Town Clerk with MP,A,1920`s,58 Mayoral Visit to Library,P,1971,96
Mayoral Visit to Library,Cwmafan,1971,98 Mayoy(F. Loader) with King,N,1945,64
Melyncryddan School 1A,N,1911,124 Members & Guests B . F. Steel RFC,Neath,1970,182
Metalworkers (Galv),N,1920`s,146 Midwives,N,1946,151
Midwives & Bikes,N,1948,152 Military Parade,N,1952,79
Mountain Row Presentation,A,1945,82 Municipal Buildings,A,1972,52
Municipal Choir at Margam,P,1929,61 N&C Gargage,N,-,202
Neath Amateur Group,N,1930`s,62 Neath Amateurs,N,1934,61
Neath Hospital,N,1919,25 Neath Road,Briton Ferry,1912,114
Neath Road,Briton Ferry,1918,117 Neath Road,Briton Ferry,1918,118
New Bridge,Briton ferry,1955,199 New Gear Installation,P,1971,163
New Street & Square,N,1930`s,26 NOR Male Choir,Llandarcy,1947,71
Oakwood Rd & Crown St. Party,P,1953,86 Opening of SteelWorks,P,1951,153
Orchard Street,N,1950`s,38 Orchard Street,N,1951,43
Paddling Pool,A,1962,119 Panorama,Jersey Marine,1860,100
Panorama,Briton Ferry,1903,105 Panorama,Crynant,1907,110
Panorama,Baglan Moors,1930`s,115 Panorama,Jersey Marine,1930,120
Panorama,P,1939,150 Panorama,Llandarcy,1975,164
Panorama,Glynneath,1940`s,193 Panorama & Rugby Ground,P,1925,31
Parade,N,1915,22 Parents & Children,Tonmawr,1971,130
Peckett Loco- Duports,Briton Ferry,1970`s,208 Penrhiwtyn Residents at Coney Beach,N,1920`s,59
Pensioners Outing,N,1930`s,63 Pentwyn,Baglan,1920,112
Pentyla,A,1914,28 Pentyla,P,1962,204
Penydre,N,1959,53 Phillip`s Bros. Square,N,1930`s,27
Pilot Cutter-The Gem,Briton Ferry,1938,191 Players & Officials,Aberavon,1925,170
Players & Officials RFC,Aberavon,1949,176 Post Office,N,1910,18
Primary Class,Tonmawr,1979,135 Primary Group,Tonmawr,1971,130
Prince of Wales,P,1971,51 Prince of Wales Hotel,A,1966,47
Promenade,A,1960`s,120 Public Library,Briton Ferry,1912,113
Pupil Nurses,N,1948,154 Pyle Station,P,1963,115
Quins RFC Touring Team,N,1913,168 Railway Crossing,P,1952,35
Railway Station,P,1898,186 Railway Station,P,1930,188
Railway Station,Crynant,1920`s,189 Railway Terrace,Resolven,1890,101
Railway Terrace,Skewen,1910,111 Refinery Heavy Load,Llandarcy,1950,194
Refinery Heavy Load,Llandarcy,1950,194 Residents of Ivy Avenue,N,1953,81
Residents of Ivy Avenue,N,1953,81 RFC Players & Officials,Aberavon,1920,169
Richard Burton Visit,Pontrhydyfen,1975,99 River Baptism,Upper Afan,1890`s,100
River Bridge,Briton Ferry,1985,207 River Bridge Construction,Briton Ferry,1951,196
River Bridge Construction,Briton Ferry,1955,198 Round Chapel,Margam,1972,53
Round Table Group,N,1970`s,94 Royal Exchange Pub,P,1960,45
Royal Visit,P,1970,162 Royal Visit Crowd,P,1970,96
Salmon Tin Park,briton Ferry,1930`s,121 Salvation Army Group,A,1930`s,63
Sandfields Comp. Cricket,A,1971,179 Sandfields School Old Boys XV,A,1979,181
School Construction,Jersey Marine,1910,145 School Outing Group,Cwmafan,1927,126
Scouts Group,Cadoxton,1949,137 SCOW Opening,P,1951,195
SCOW Opening,P,1951,196 Seafront,A,1950`s,117
Servicemen`s Dinner,P,1940`s,70 Ship Aground,A,1956,200
Ship Aground,A,1957,201 Signal Box,P,1950,193
Sir G. Byass Mayoral Installation,P,1937,71 Sizaire Berwick Car,Jersey Marine,1933,190
Snow Clearance Dillwyn Colliery,Seven Sisters,1947,152 Square , Neath,1940,32
Square & Orchard St.,N,1910,17 St. Catherine`s, Baglan,1920`s,103
St. Catherine`s,Baglan,1900`s,104 St. Clement`s Choir,B. Ferry,1953,75
St. David`s Sq. & Fountain,N,1923,30 St. John`s Ambulance Group,P,1940`s,77
St. Thomas` Church,N,1910,14 St.Clements Induction Group,Briton Ferry,1942,68
Stac y Foel,Cwmafan,1900,143 Staff of Topham Jones & Railton,P,1919,144
Stanley Road VE Party,Skewen,1945,70 Station road,P,1906,19
Station Road,P,1910,22 Station Road,P,1916,30
Station Road,P,1934,32 Steam Engine -The Doll,Briton Ferry,1930,191
Steam freight Train,Briton Ferry,1962,201 Steam freight Train,N,1963,203
Steam Freight Train,P,1965,207 Steam goods train,Baglan,1964,205
Steam Locomotives,Neath,1962,201 SteamPassenger Train,Skewen,1958,200
Steel Co. Foremen,P,1954,89 Steelworks,Margam,1956,155
Steelworks RFC,Margam,1929,172 Striking Group of Shopworkers,N,1911,143
Swansea Town Supporters,Skewen,1951,180 Swimmers Group,A,1938,69
Swimming Club,N,1984,183 SWT Bus,Baglan,1952,198
T T Lloyd`s,N,1940,33 T.T.Lloyd`s Staff Outing,N,1954,86
Tai Banc,Tonna,1940`s,122 Talbot Square & Ship Inn,A,1910,23
Taylor`s Foundry Staff,Briton Ferry,1968,163 Technical school Class,N,1943,131
Technical School Rugby Team,N,1943,174 Tennant Canal Bridge,N,1914,187
Tennant Canal Outing,N,1912,57 Thatched Cottage Fire,Baglan,1915,110
The Beach,A,1960`s,91 Thomas Bros Bus,A,1960`s,202
Thomas Street Outing,B. Ferry,1950`s,76 Tinplate Workers,Briton Ferry,1920,145
Trampolines at Beach,A,1960`s,180 Trefelin School Class,P,1962,128
Twll-yn-y-wal Cottage,Margam,1914,114 Tyn yr Heol Fach,Tonna,1930,119
United Soccer ,Baglan,1950`s,176 United Welsh Garagestaff,Neath Abbey,1940`s,148
Upper Water Street,P,1910,27 Urban District Council Group,Margam,1905,55
VE Party Longford Road,Neath Abbey,1945,73 Victoria Garden`s Bus Station,N,1950`s,37
Victoria Gardens & Gnoll Hse,N,1917,23 Victoria Gardens & St. David`s,N,1905,15
Victoria Gardens Bus Station,N,1935,29 View,Jersey Marine,1878,101
Villiers Street,Briton Ferry,1905,109 Walnut Tree Hotel,A,1900`s,12
Ward`s Yard,Briton ferry,1968,161 Warden Frank Reed,N,1940,192
Water Street,PT,1895,9 water Street,A,1968,47
Water Street,P,1970,50 Welsh School Class 3,N,1985,140
Welsh School Class1,N,1981,139 Welsh School Group,N,1986,98
Welsh School Nursery Class,N,1981,139 Welsh School Rugby XV,N,1987,184
Welsh School Swimmers,N,1985,184 Wesley Methodist Congregation,P,1930`s,65
Western Welsh Offices,N,1954,45 Westgate Hse & Springfield Tce,PT,1900,10
White Hart &Glamorgan Street,N,1959,49 Windsor Road,N,1912,20
Windsor Road(P O),N,1960,52 Woodland Terrace,Jersey Marine,1912,112
Woodland Terrace,Jersey Marine,1914,116 woolworth`s,P,1950`s,39
Woolworth`s Staff,N,1958,88 Woolworth`s Staff Outing,N,1958,89
Workingmen`s Club Choir,Taibach,1933,75 Youth Club Party,N,1949,135
Youth Exchange Group,N,1959,90 YWCA Fancy Dress,P,1950`s,88
YWCA Group,P,1940`s,84 YWCA Singing Party,P,1940`s,79
Zoar Row,N,1958,48  



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