Newspaper extracts for Neath


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  •  From The Cambrian 6th May 1870

NEATH: RATEPAYERS' ASSOCIATION.—Another meeting of this association took place on Monday evening last, in the Council Chamber of the Town-Hall, for the transaction of business of a routine nature. The attendance of members was small.

WATCH COMMITTEE.—The Watch Committee held one of their periodical meetings on Monday last. The superintendent reported that the force was complete and working satisfactorily, and there being no other business for transaction the members separated.

  • From The Cambrian 13th May 1870

NEATH. CRICKET.—The above physical game was played on the Gnoll Cricket Ground on Tuesday last. A very spirited match was played, and augured well for the success of the season.

CONCERT.—On the 19th instant the concert by the members of the Harmonic Society will be given. In consequence of the large number of patrons from Swansea, the Harmonic Society in that town have postponed their concert, which was announced to take place on the same day.

POLICE.—Mr. Superintendent Phillips has received instructions from the Home-Office for the photography of prisoners and suspicious persons to be carried out in Neath, in accordance with the new regulations recently come into force in regard to the registration of criminals at head-quarters

  •  From The Cambrian 20th May 1870

NEATH. THE BATHS.—Number of bathers for the past week :— Turkish baths 64; hot water baths, 12;  third class, 0;  total 76

THE STATUTE FAIR.-The usual May statute fair took place on Wednesday last, when a large number of masters and servants attended.

  •  From The Cambrian 5th April 1872

NEATH. THE ATHLETIC SPORTS. On Monday last the Cadoxton Cricket Club held their annual athletic sports on the grounds of the Gnoll park. It is estimated that there were at least 10,000 people present in and around the field, the attendance of visitors being far in excess of previous years. The weather was everything that could be desired.    ......(part extract)......

  •  From The Cambrian 5th March 1875

NEATH. THE NEATH DISTRICT WATER WORKS.—A meeting of the ratepayers of Neath and its districts was held at the Town hall, on Thursday, for the purpose of considering whether they should or should not oppose the Bill now before Parliament, called the "Neath District WaterWorks Act, 1873." The Mayor presided, and after considerable discussion the following resolutions were adopted ;"That this meeting having considered the provisions of a certain Bill introduced into Parliament, of which the short title is the Neath District Water Company's Bill, 1875, do hereby resolve that the said bill ought to be opposed, and accordingly hereby sanction its opposition by the Town Council of this borough on behalf of the inhabitants." "That the expenses incurred and to be incurred by the Town Council opposing the Neath District Water Company's Bill be defrayed out of the borough fund and borough rates of this borough."

  •  From The Cambrian 7th February 1879

NEATH. THE THEATRE ROYAL.—This cheerful place of amusement continues to be well and deservedly patronised, and the engagement by Mr. Rees of Mr. J. O. Stewart, the tragedian, has considerably enhanced the attractions of the place; altogether there is as good a company as needs be for a provincial town.

  • From  The Cambrian 27th August 1875

NEATH. DOG AND POULTRY SHOW.—The committee of last year having a balance on the wrong side, determined not to hold a show. A few gentlemen then thought that a dog and poultry show might be promoted and made to pay its way. A public meeting was announced by a placard to be held at the Town-hall, when another bill was posted by some one in opposition, stating that a flower, dog, and poultry show would be held next month. The meeting was held at the Town-hall, on Friday evening, when the Mayor presided and read the following letter   ......(part extract)......

  •  From The Cambrian 12th January 1872

NEATH. DISTRESSING FATAL ACCIDENT.—On Monday night a man named William James, residing at the Canalside, was instantaneously killed by falling into the works of a fire-clay crushing machine. Deceased had for some years been employed in the brick works belonging to the late Mr. Allen, and on the night of the accident he was so employed in the company      ......(part extract)......

  • From The Cambrian 9th April 1875

NEATH. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY NEW LOCOMOTIVE BUILDING.—The inhabitants of Neath are glad to hear that their fellow-townsman, Mr. J. C. Rees, builder and contractor, has been favoured with the contract for the new and capacious engine sheds about to be erected by the Great Western Railway Company, midway between Neath and Britonferry, on land adjoining the turnpike road opposite Penrhiwtyn.   ......(part extract)......

  • From The Cambrian 15th September 1871

NEATH. THE GREAT FAIR.—The great September fair which took place on Tuesday, was undoubtedly the largest and most encouraging to dealers that has for many years past taken place, thousands of visitors having taken advantage of the fineness of the weather in order to be present on this noteworthy occasion. The cattle supply was unusually large, but the excessive demands of vendors did not promote exchanges in this respect to any very great extent; but horse dealers were liberal in their offers, and consequently the trade in this department was brisk. Wombwell's menagerie added to the other attractive establishments, which were liberally patronised, particularly that of a couple of modern gladiators, who received a large, amount of support in their disgusting entertainment in the "art of self-defence."