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References to 'Neath'

  • Records of the Evans and Bevan group of anthracite collieries in the Vale of Neath, 1867-1912. Schedule (1936), 9pp. AR 1935-36, p. 49.

  • Papers (deposited by Douglas A. Jones), relating to the history of Neath and collected or compiled by Donald H. Jones, 18th-20th cent., including papers, 1755-1835, relating to the Mackworth family and the Gnoll estate. Schedule [c. 1945], 8pp. AR 1944-45, p.31

  • Papers of David Rhys Phillips (1862-1952), librarian and local historian, relating to librarianship in Wales, Welsh bibliography and the history of the Vale of Neath; include documents and papers collected by him, 18th-19th cent. See also NLW MSS 14362-73. Schedule (1976, vol. I, manuscripts and papers), vii + 62pp.; (1977, vol. II, correspondence), 362pp. AR 1952-53, pp.32-4.

  • Records of the Vale of Neath Brewery, Neath, 1844-1913. Schedule [1936], 3pp. AR 1935-36, p.47.

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