Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859.


Neath, with Briton Ferry, Skewen, and neighbourhoods

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

NEATH is a market town and sea port, and a borough both corporate and parliamentary, in the parish and hundred of its name, county of Glamorgan; 197 miles W. from London, 8 N.E. from Swansea, 53 S.W. from Monmouth, and 77 W. from Bristol; pleasantly situated on the river Neath, over which is a stone bridge, and on the line of the South Wales Railway. It is a place of great antiquity, and formerly could boast high consequence amongst the princely and baronial towns of Wales; but what is more to the present purpose is its increasing importance as a seat of commerce. In the immediate vicinity are several gentlemen's seats, two of which are worthy of mention. The 'Gnoll' has been for ages the admiration of the tourist; it is embosomedin beautiful trees on an elevated site commanding fine views of the town and neighbourhood; it is the property and late residence of H. J. Grant, Esq. On the western side and about two miles from the town, stands the palatial residence of Howel Gwyn, Esq. late M.P. for Penryn and Falmouth, in the county of Cornwall. It is built of the most substantial materials, and upon the most approved plans, and commands an extensive view of the country, and of the English coast. The town hall is a substantial modern building, with a commodious corn market underneath; it contains a spacious council chamber, and jury-room adjoining, also a handsome apartment for the weekly petty sessions and other meetings of the local magistracy, with a commodious and well conducted reading and news room. The government of the town (under the provisions of the Municipal Reform Act) is vested in four aldermen and twelve councillors, from whom the mayor, who is chief officer, is elected annually. Neath is a contributory borough, and shares with other places named in the account of the latter town) in the elective franchise; and it is included in the thirtieth circuit of towns under the County Court Act, held here monthly, for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50. The town is surrounded by a very populas district, having in its immediate vicinity, several extensive copper and tin works, which has been from time to time established over the in-exhaustible coal found in the neighbourhood; whose colliers not only supply these numerous furnaces with fuel, but furnish the staple export of the place. Copper, spelter, iron and tin-plates are largely exported, together with fire-bricks, of a quality that has acquired much celebrity from the property of sustaining intense heat; large quantities of Welsh oak are also exported. In the neighbourhood are also raised large quantities of stone-coal and stone-coal culm, which are found so valuable in the drying of Hops, and for other purposes; of these qualities, two hundred thousand tons or more, are annally sent to distant parts by means of the Vale of Neath canal, and the Vale of Neath and Swansea railroads, for shipment. Its canal, about thirteen miles long, from Abernant to Briton Ferry, opens convenient access to the shipping places from numerous collieries along the course of the Valley; and another canal forms a junctiom with the Neath canal at Aberdulais. The termination of the canal is by a sea-lock and basin, on the eastern side of Swansea harbour, known as East Pier. This canal was cut at the expense of the late George Tennant, Esq. In addition to the above facilities, Neath now enjoys the advantages of the rail, by means of the South Wales line; and the Vale of Neath railway connects this town with that of Merthyr. The 'Neath Abbey' steamer, a neat and commodious vessel, sails regularly to and from Bristol twice a week. Within the last few years the town has been modernised, and received improvements both in appearance and comfort. The domestic and retail trade of the place is good, and a considerable mercantile business is also well established, and increases rapidly. On the entrance to Cadoxton from Neath, is the Vale of Neath Brewery - an establishment worthy of notice - justly considered one of the most compact in the kingdom. A part of which was originally created (1840) by a Joint Stock Company at a cost of £60,000, whose fate like a many other similar co-partnerships, was a ruinous failure; afterwards purchased by the present proprietor, Evan Evans, Esq. who by skill and perseverance has refitted it throughout in a judicious manner, replete with every requirement, besides making considerable additions, by which it now covers upwards of four acres; an estimate may be formed from the weekly sale of 1,000 barrels. The view from the water cistern, which receives its supply from the hills, upon the centre and most elevated part of the building, is very extensive and pre-possessing. The principal Inn in the town is the Castle Hotel, which presents every accomodation for Commercial gentlemen, private families &c.
The places of worship are the parish church of Saint Thomas, another at Cadoxton, dedicated to Saint Kadwig, about a mile from the town, and about the same distance is the picturesque church of Llantwit, with its venerable porch and shaded cemtery, and several chapels for dissenters - a list of which is appended, with their officiating ministers. The living of Neath is a rectory, of which the Marchioness of Bute is patron. There are a good public library and museum, and a mechanics' institute, anda subscription news and reading room. There were lately built two large public schools; one on the National, the other on the British plan; both are fine substantial and commodious buildings, in the Gothic style of architecture; and have added much tothe improvement and appearance of the area. The 'Vale of Neath' is justly celebrated for its beautiful scenery and waterfalls, which are visited by numerous parties in the spring and summer. The waterfall of Aberdulais, although, perhaps, impaired by the erection of the extensive tin-works belonging to Messrs. Llewellyn and Sons, is still worthy of notice, from the singular formation of the rock; especially as the visitor may, at the same time, be gratified by witnessing the manufacture of tin in all its branches. The water wheel that gives motion to the machinery of these works is twenty-eight feet in diameter, by eight feet wide, and is equal to the power of forty horses. The antiquities of the town are highly interesting; the principal are,the castle, of which a fine fragment is yet standing; and the abbey, whose venerable and extensive ruin stand about a mile from the town, presents a truely picturesque appearance, on the western bank of the river. It was founded and endowed by Richard de Granville, in the year 1111, for monks of the Cistercian order, and upon one occasion for a short time, afforded King Henry II an asylum, when fleeing from his foes; it is said to have been erected after the design of an architect named Lalys, a native of Palestine, who also erected several other ecclesiastical establishments in South Wales. The street where the market was held being found too confined, a neat and convenient stone edifice has been erected by the corporation, which, while in every respect adapted to the purposes of the market, takes its station amongst the public buildings of the town. The markets are held on Wednesday (the principal day) and Saturday. Fairs, on Trinity-Thursday, July 31st, and September 12th. The town and parish of Neath contained, in 1841, 4,970 inhabitants, and in 1851, 5,778

BRITON FERRY is a parish and village, the latter about town miles and a half south from Neath, situated on the western bank of the Neath, near the margin of Swansea Bay; and is the place of shipment for coals raised in the neighbourhood - more than 200,000 tons shipped annually. At this place very extensive floating docks are now being completed at an immense outlay. The South Wales Mineral railway, now in course of construction, running over about 13 miles of coal field, and will connect these docks with the great mining districts of Glyncorrwg and Maesteg, which cannot fail to add immensely to the shipping interest, and importance of the place. These great undertakings have been promoted by the Earl of Jersey, and other gentlemen,who have large mineral estates in the neighbourhood, the coal under which, is identical with the celebrated Aberdare Steam Coal. The Briton Ferry iron works are of great magnitude, and afford employment to a vast number of hands. The village beginsto assume the appearance of a busy place. Houses are being erected with astonishing rapidity, and the population is rapidly increasing. A free school, conducted upon the British plan, has been established at Giant's grave, by the coal proprietors, for the instruction of the children of their workmen; also another upon the National plan, recently erected in the village. The parish church is a neat structure: the living is in the presentation of the Earl of Jersey. A larger and more commodious church is shortly to be erected. Population of the parish, in 1841, 718 inhabitants; but in 1851 the population had increased to 1, 737.

POST OFFICE, Mary Whittington, Post Mistress. - Letters arrive from London and all parts, every morning at half-past five; from the North, &c. at eleven; from South Wales, including letters from Waterford, &c. (via Pembroke Dock, if specially addressed) at a quarter before four, and half-past seven. Letters for Carmarthen and Pembrokeshire, including letters for Waterford, &c. (via Pembroke Dock, if specially directed), are despatched at half-past five in the morning; for South Wales, at a quarter before eleven in the forenoon; for the North, &c. at a quarter before four in the afternoon; for London and all parts, at half-past six in the evening
Money Order Office open from nine in the morning till six in the evening

POST OFFICE, Briton Ferry, Williams Whitelaw, Post Master. - Letters arrive morning (from Neath ) at nine, and are despatched thereto, in the evening at twenty five minutes past five
Money Order Office open from nine in the morning till six in the evening


Allen the Misses, London Road
Benkart Mr. Howard, Briton Ferry
Benville Mr. Griffith R., 2 Queen st
Burrowes Rev. Edward D. M.A. and L.L.B., Cadoxton
Coates Rev. John, 38 Queen st
Cole Mr. Henry S., Parade
Cole Mrs. Jane, London road
Cuthbertson Alexander, Esq., Penrhiewtyn
Davey Mr. George, Briton Ferry
Davies Mrs. Ann, 45 Queen st
Davies Mr. John, London road
Evans Rev. Daniel, Wind st
Evans Evan, Esq. J.P., Cadoxton
Evans Mr. Herbert Edward, Eaglesbush
Evans Mr. James, Greenway
Evans Rev. Joshua, Cadoxton
Evans Mr. Robert, Lonlas
Fox Mr. Theodore, Drymma House
Gibbins Mrs. Rebecca, Craig Cottage
Govier Mrs. Eliza, London road
Griffiths Rev. David H., M.A., R.D., J.P., Vicarage, Cadoxton
Griffiths Rev. John, the Rectory
Griffiths Mr. Lewis, Ynysygerwn
Griffiths Rev. Walter, Resolwen
Gwyn Mrs. Catherin M., Orchard st
Gwyn Howell, Esq. J.P., Dyfryn
Hall Richard, Esq. J.P., Baglan House
Herbert Rev. David W. B.A., Briton Ferry
Howell Miss -, 39 Queen st
Howell Rev. D., near Llansamlet Station
Jenkins Mr. Thomas, Briton Ferry
Jones Rev. Titus, 37 Queen st
Jones Captain William, Glanbrane
Jones Mr. William, Tynyrheol
Jones William G. Esq., (mayor), 20 Queen st
Kirkhouse Mr. William, Penrally
Leach Mr. Robert V., Briton Ferry
Llewellyn Griffith, Esq. J.P., Baglan Hall
Llewellyn John Dillwyn, Esq. J.P., Ynisygerwn
Llewellyn the Misses, Baglan Cottage
Lloyd Edward Esq., M.D., Aberpergwm
Lloyd Francis Edwardes Leach, Esq. J.P., Kilybebyll
Matthews Rev. John, Eastgate terr
Morgan Mr. David H., London road
Morgan the Misses, Pendre House
Morgan Rev. Morgan Rhys, Llansamlet
Morris Rev. James, Victoria terrace
Parsons Mr. Robert, Little Gnoll
Penrose George, Esq., Clyn-y-bont House
Peppyott Major -, 3 South terrace, London road
Place the Misses, London road
Powell Rhys D., Esq., Graig-y-nos Castle
Powell Mr. Thomas P., Pendre
Price Mr. Charles S., Brynderwin
Price Miss Christina, Glyn-Vellyn
Price Mr. Henry H., Neath Abbey
Randall Mr. David, Brintirion
Redwood Mr. Isaac, Cae-waen
Rees Mr. Jonathan, Queen st
Rees Mr. William, London road
Rowland Mr. John H., Ffrwdvale
Rowland Mrs. Sarah, Glyn Clydach
Savours Mr. Jenkin, Tyn-y-rhoel
Smith David, Esq., Greenfield, Baglan
Starbuck Mr. Daniel, Giant's Grave
Strick Mr. Henry, Aberdulais House
Sutton Mr. Thomas P., Glynbeiros
Talbot Rev. Theophilus, 8 Queen st
Tennant Henry, Esq., Cadoxton Lodge
Thomas Catherine, Cadoxton Lodge
Thomas Rev. Edward, Neath Abbey
Thomas Rev. Evan, Briton Ferry
Thomas Mr. John, Court Herbert
Vaughan Nash Vaughan Edwards, J.P., Rheola
Walters Mr. Richard, 11 Queen st
Warde Admiral Chas. J.P., Preswylfa
Waring Mr. Charles, the Darran
Waring Mrs. Deborah, Longford Court
Whittington Mr. Matthew, Tonna
Williams Mrs. Ann, 3 South terrace
Williams the Misses, Ynislas
Williams Rev. Thomas, J.P., near Ystradgynlais
Williams Mr. William, Westfield
Young Mr. William W., Waincrych


Aberdulais (Tin Works) School, Aberdulais - Thos. James, master
Alderman Davies' Schools, Orchard st - John Bowen, master; Lydia Bryan, mistress: Infants, - Taylor, mistress
British School, Queen st - Thos. Ogden, master; Margaret Evans, mistress: Infants, Jane Bannister, mistress
British and Foreign School - Giant's grave, Briton Ferry - Samuel George, master

Cadoxton Juxta Neath High School, Westfield -

Principal - Rev. Edward D. Burrowes, M.A. & L.L.B.
Assistant - Mr. Robert Earle
Drawing and French Master - Mr. Frederick Ternon
Clayton Emily, 42 Queen st
Davies Thomas W., Green st
Hews Jane (& boarding), 18 Queen st
Hughes Augusta (and boarding), 6 Queen st
Infants' School (National), the Green - Mary Jenkins, mistress

National Schools :-

Briton Ferry - John Davies, master; Jane Shaw, mistress
Bryncoch - Thos. Madge, master
Cadoxton - Isaac B. Jones, master; May Jones, mistress
Crynant - David Vaughan, master
Skewen - William Francis, master; Marianne Richards, mistrs
Neath Abbey School - Joseph Whippy, master; - Whippy, mistress; Mary Tamplin, mistress of Infants' School
Sloane John, Briton Ferry


Thomas Thomas, Charlesville place
Watts Afred, Wind st


(See also Fire, &c Office Agents)

Close Charles K., (land and estate)), Rheola and 28 Queen st
Davies Philip (Cconservative), Water st
Dods George (estate), South terrace
Griffiths Lewis (to J. D. Llewellyn, Esq.), Ynisygerwn
Hall Richard (to Lord Villiers), Baglan House
Hind Joseph (to Henry Tennant, Esq.), London road
Jones John (commission), 44 Queen st
Rees David (land), 22 Queen st
Sims John (to the Lords of Neath Abbey), Ynisllynlla
Sutton Thomas S. (to the Plymouth and Dartmoor Powder Company), Glynbeiros
Thomas Thomas (estate & house), Charlesville place
Williams Wm. (canal), Tynyrheol


Andrew Thomas, New st
Jones William (ploughs and harrows), High st


Marked thus * are commissioners for taking affidavits in all the courts.
And thus + for taking acknowledgements of married women.

* Coke & Jones, Parade
+* Coke Henry Simmons (and town clerk and clerk to the magistrates for the borough and hundred of Neath), parade
+* Cuthbertson Alexander (clerk to the board of guardians, to the Neath harbour commissioners & to the highway board of the district of Neath and coroner for the Western district of the county of Glamorganshire), Water st
Llewellyn & Randall, Orchard st
* Morgan Isaac, Church place
+* Randall David (& notary public), Orchard st
Thomas Cadogan Morgan, Church place


Davies Philip, Water st
Elias Lewis Herbert, Wind st
Thomas Thomas, Charlesville place


Beale John, Skewen
Braine Ann, James st
Jones Edwin, Old Market st
Jones James, Water st
Kingdon Thomas, London road
Whitelaw William, Briton Ferry
Winwood Thomas, Old Market st


Glamorganshire Banking Company, Wind st - (draw on Jones, Loyd and Co., London) - John Henry Rowland, manager


Coates Susan V. (and toy dealer), New st


Andrew Thomas, New st
Davies John, Orchard st
Francis David, Skewen
Jones Lewis, Briton Ferry
Jones William, Briton Ferry
Jones William, High st
Morgan Thomas, Giant's grave
Powis John, Neath Abbey
Quinland Thomas, James st
Rees Joseph, London road
Timothy Thomas, Briton Ferry


Hopkins William, Steam Mill Foundry
Neath Abbey Iron Co., Neath Abbey


Coates Susan V., New st
Whittington Walter, Wind st


Coates Susan V. (school stationery, account books, periodicals, &c. and music seller), New st
Hayman Alfred, New st
Hutchins John, Wind st
Tasker William, Briton Ferry
Whittington Mary, Wind st


Allen Robert, Briton Ferry
Argust Francis, (& dealer), Wind st
Clarke Morris, Skewen
Davies Evan, Church place
Edwards John, James st
Evans Thomas, Wind st
Harris Henry, Green st
Hodges Joseph, (& dealer), Briton Ferry
Hosgood Sophia, (dealer), Old Market st
Howell John, Water st
Huxtable Thomas, Briton Ferry
Jenkins Benjamin, Briton Ferry
Jones Benjamin, Skewen
Jones John, High st
Morgan Thomas, Cimla
Pedler James, Castle st
Reed John, Briton Ferry
Rees William, High st
Richards William, Bath st
Swash Charles, Wind st
Thomas John, James st
Thomas Thomas, Wind st


Evans Evan, Vale of Neath Brewery, and High st
Evans Robert, Ponterdawe
Lanham Benjamin, Wind st


See Joiners and Builders


Corker henry, Briton Ferry
Garlick Thomas, Briton Ferry
Griffiths John, Skewen
Harris Thomas, Briton Ferry
Hutchinson William, New st
Lewis Lewis, Skewen
Rees John, Briton Ferry
Trick Thomas, Water st
Woodward John, Briton Ferry


Davies John, High st
Morgan Thomas, High st
Morgan William, Wind st
Moseley Samuel, Old Market st
Walters Thomas, parade


Evans John E., Briton Ferry
Hayman Alfred, New st
Hibbert Walter, New st
Hutchins John, Wind st
James Alfred P., Briton Ferry


Calladine Jarvis, Old Market st
Davies John C., Queen st
Manning James W., Briton Ferry
Reynolds Mary, (earthenware), Wind st


Jones Samuel, London road
Kirkhouse William, Penrally
Richardson Joshua, 14 Queen st
Williams William, (to the Neath Canal Co.), Tyynyrheol


Dynevor Coal Company, (steam and bituminous), Parsons Abbey, Court Herbert, Graigola & Neath Abbey
Gellia Coal Company, Cadoxton - John Jones, agent
Howells Evan, Abergarwed Colliery, Vale of Neath
Heath Abbey Coal Company, (anthracite, bituminous & fire burning), Neath Abbey & Briton Ferry
Penrose & Starbuck (stone coal & culm0, Maesymarchog Wharf, Giant's grave - Thomas Allen, agent
Penrose George, Eaglesbush - Office, Victoria terrace, and Eaglesbush and Eskyn Wharfs, Briton Ferry - William Rees, agent
Powell Thomas & Sons, (steam), Briton Ferry - Elias James, agent
Resolven Coal Company, Resolven - James Lewis, agent
Sguborwen Coal Company, Briton Ferry - John Williams, agent
Thomas Edward & Sons, Swan Colliery, Baglan - Lewis Kempthorne, shipping agent, Briton Ferry
Thomas Evan & Sons, (binding), Llan Baglam Colliery
Tissington George, Earlswood Colliery, Briton Ferry
Williams Rees, Aberpergwm Wharf, Giant's grave - Morgan Lewis, agent
Williams William, (& coke), Briton Ferry Colliery


Braine Ann, James st
Chapman Joseph, Wind st
Edy Joseph, Old Market st
Jones James, Water st
Rice Ann, New st


Bailey John, Old Market st
Davies Thomas, 35 Queen st
Morris Anthony, (railway), Briton Ferry
Ritson William, (railway), Briton Ferry


Griffiths Griffith, High st
Harris William, Wind st
Thomas David, James st


Bankart Frederick, Red Jacket Copper Works, Briton Ferry - Howard Bankart, agent
Briton Ferry Copper Company, Briton Ferry - Futtler, managing partner
Mines Royal Copper & Spelter Company, Neath Abbey - William Edmond, agent
Williams, Foster, & Co., Crown Copper Works, Neath Abbey - William Randle, agent


Clarke Isaac, the Quay - William Siderfin, agent
Kenway James, Queen st
Mogg C. B., James st - James Bond, agent
Spiller & Browne, Steam Mill Stores - Robert Alford, agent


Redwood Isaac, James st
Thomas Rowland, Old Market st


James David, Wind st
Jones Gwenllian, Wind st
Maizan Thomas, Briton Ferry
Phillips Mary, Parade


Evans Francis & William, (& tanners), Water st
Griffiths William, Latt st


Atlas, John H. Rowland, Wind st
Birmingham, Boone and Evans, High st
Eagle, Henry S. Coke, Parade
Exchange, Henry Jones, Parade
Globe, Jas. Williams, Packet office
Guardian, Alexander Cuthbertson, Water st
Lancashire, Jas. Bond, 5 Queen st
Life Association of Scotland, Walter Whittington, Wind st
London Provincial, Howell Cuthbertson, Water st
National (life), William Whitelaw, Briton Ferry
Norwich & London, (accident and casualty), Lewis H. Elias, Wind st
Norwich Union, Lewis H. Elias, Wind street
Provident Clerks' (and benefit), Wm. & James Sloan, Briton Ferry
Railway Passengers' & General Accidents Assurance Company, Thomas Thomas Charlesville place
Royal Farmers (and Hail), William and James Sloan, Briton Ferry
Star (fire), and Manchester (life), Thomas S. Sutton, Glynbeiros
Sun, David Glass, 28 Queen street
Times (fire), John Sloan, Briton Ferry
Travellers' and Marine Insurance Co., Jas. Bond, 5 Queen st
United Kingdom, Edward Evans, High st
West of England, Thomas Thomas, Charlesville place


Andrews Thomas, (dealer in glazed stoneware & draining pipes), New st
Bedford George, (fire bricks), Briton Ferry
Davies David (and draining pipes), the Green
Harris Charles, (fire bricks), the green
Jenkins Daniel, (fire bricks), Briton Ferry
Young & Allen, (dinas fire bricks), the Green


Arnold Thomas, Wind st
Bartlett Richard, Green st
Morgan Thomas, Briton Ferry


Daniels David, Briton Ferry
Moseley Mary, New st, Briton Ferry
Moseley Samuel, Old Market st
Samuel Lazarus (and pawnbroker), Wind st


Abraham John, Lonlas
Allen Robert, Briton Ferry
Aubrey William, Briton Ferry
Bailey John, Old Market st
Beale John (and draper), Skewen
Bowen James, Briton Ferry
Charles Pendrill, Parade
Cooke & Wescomb, Wind st
Cribb Edward, Parade
Davies David, 25 Queen st
Davies David, Skewen
Davies John, Cattle st
Davies John, Green st
Davies John C., Queen st, London road
Davies Mary, Skewen
Davies Thomas, Green st
Davies William, Water st
Elias Jane, Wind st
Evans John, Skewen
Evans Thomas, Briton Ferry
Evans Thomas, Tyn-y-caia
Evans Thomas, Wind st
Fricker Eliza, Pendre
Griffiths William, Parade
Hardee Richard, Briton Ferry
Herbert John, Briton Ferry
Hill Richard, Giant's grave
Hopkins Mary, Neath Abbey
Jameson John, Briton Ferry
Jeffreys William M., Giant's grave
Jenkins David, Skewen
Jenkins John, Briton Ferry
Jenkins Morgan, Neath Abbey
Jenkins Richard A., Neath Abbey
Jones Edwin, Old Market st
Jones James, Water st
Jones John, Aberdulais
Jones John D., Old Market st
Jones Mary, Union st
Jones Richard, Briton Ferry
Jones Thomas, Castle st
Kempthorne Lewis, Briton Ferry
Kenway James, Queen st
Phillips David, Old Market st
Phillips Mary Ann, New st
Protheroe Rees, Briton Ferry
Rees Elizabeth, New st
Rees Henry, Wind st
Rees Joseph, London road
Rees Samuel, James st
Rees William, James st
Reynolds Isaiah, Old Market st
Reynolds James, Neath Abbey
Roberts Joan, Neath Abbey
Rosser Richard, Tonna
Saunders Samuel, Green st
Siderfin William, 27 Queen st
Simmons Levy, Briton Ferry
Sloan Alexander, Briton Ferry
Sloan William & James, Briton Ferry
Taylor Louisa D., Green st
Thomas David, James st
Whitelaw William, Briton Ferry
Williams Edward, Melyncrythan
Williams Henry, Briton Ferry
Williams Mary, Briton Fery
Williams William, Mile end row
Winword Thomas, Old Market st


Griffiths John, Old Market st
Jones David, Cattle st


Davies John, James st
Deer William, James st
Payne Robert, James st
Tyler Robert, Parade


(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

Castle (family and commercial), Henry Hancock, Castle parade
Victoria, Jas. Kerr, Railway Station


Marked thus * are also Engineers

(See likewise Boiler Makers.)

Gardner Sankey, Eaglesbush Foundry
* Hopkins Wm., Steam Mill Foundry
* Neath Abbey Iron Company, (and iron ship builders), Neath Abbey


Abernant Iron Co. (anthracite pig), Neath Abbey
Briton Ferry Iron Co., Briton Ferry


Boone & Evans, High st
Gardner Sankey, Wind st


Bowen Henry, London road
Butterfield Philip, Queen st
Davies John, James st
Davies John, (joiner), the Green
Davies William, the Green
Rees Enoch, (builder), 43 Queen st
Rees Joseph C., Cattle st
Williams John, (builder), Briton Ferry


Hopkins Hopkin, the Green
Morris William C., Green st


Marked thus * are Silk Mercers

Davies Edward & Co., Green st
Davies John C., Queen st
Davies Peter, Green st
Griffiths Ebenezer & John, Briton Ferry
Hawkins Thomas Shore, Cattle st
* Jones Brothers, Wind st
Lewis John, Green st
* Morgan Rees, Orchard st
* Morgan William Thomas, Green st
Sloan William & Jas., Briton Ferry


Evans Evan, High street & Vale of Neath Brewery
Hopkins Benjamin, Neath Abbey
Leyshon Thomas, Cadoxton


Melyncrythan Chemical Company (naphtha, sugar of lead and vitirol), Melyncrythan - William John Player, manager
Young Edward (copperas & sulphate of ammonia), the Green


Andrews Thomas (agent for Orlams' patent nitrophosphate blood manures & Peruvian guano), New st
Boone & Evans (guanno), High st
Kenway James (agent to the Western Counties Manure Company), Queen st


Joyce Ann, Green st
Murray Simon & James, Green st


Griffiths John, Efil-fach Mill
Thomas Joseph, Bryncach


Buckett Sarah, (milliner), 10 Queen st
Curtis Julia, London road
Dawson Mary Ann, James st
Haydon Elbina, 36 Queen st
Jenkins Catherine, Water st
Moody Mary Ann, Union st
Protheroe Mary, Briton Ferry
Walters Elizabeth, Water st


Andrews Thomas, New st
Boone & Evans, High st


Griffiths Ebenezer & John, Briton Ferry
Hawkins Thomas, Cattle st
Jordan John, Parade
Morris Catherine, Cattle st


Dodson George, Alma place
Holbrook Isaac, Cattle st


Harris David, the Green
Harris Rees, the Green
Williams John, the Green


Andrews Thomas (& brazier), New st
Bannister Edward (and brazier and coppersmith), Water st
Owen Henry, 34 Queen st


Bindon & Western, Parade
Strick Henry (& fruit), Parade


Maber Thomas, Church st
Thomas Thomas (and lithographic), Charlesville place
Whittington Walter, Church st


Deer Frederick A., New st
Griffiths William, New st
Thomas Richard, Cattle st


Andrew Thomas (agricultural), New st
Bartlett Richard (and gardener), Green st
Boone & Evans, High st


Neath Abbey Iron Co. (iron), Neath Abbey
Vigours Lewis (boat), Gaint's grave


Banfield James (and coal factor), Briton Ferry & Swansea
Jeffreys William M., Giant's grave, Briton Ferry
Kempthorne & Jones, Briton Ferry
Manning James W., Briton Ferry


Boone & Evan, High st
Jeffreys William M., Giant's grave


See Grocers and Dealers in Sundries


Edwards Wiliam, Green st
Evans Evan, High st
Price Elizabeth, New st


Bowen William, Cadoxton
Cribb Edward, Green st
Jenkins John, Water st
Powell John, Melyncrythan
Trehearne George, Briton Ferry
Williams John, (& sculptor), Pendre
Williams Wm., (merchant), Tynyrheol


Buckett Sarah, 10 Queen st
Jenkins Ann, Water st
Protheroe Mary Ann, Briton Ferry
Williams Ann, Briton Ferry
Williams Mary Ann, High st


French James, Orchard st
Jones & Arthur, Church place
Whitty David J., M.D., Briton Ferry
Williams Alexander, Alma place


Harris John (road), London road
Kirkhouse William, Penrally
Rees David (land and mineral), 22 Queen st
Richardson Joshua (mineral), 14 Queen st


Marked thus * are also Drapers

Arnold Matthew, Pen-y-dre
Davies John, Skewen
Davies John, Pen-y-dre
Evans Samuel, High st
Griffiths William, 24 Queen st
Harris David, Water st
Hawkins Thomas S., Cattle st
* Howell William, Wind st
Jones Evan, Skewen
* Jones Samuel, 35 Queen st
Jones Thomas, Wind st
Lake Evan, James st
Lewis William, James st
Lloyd George, Wind st
Mends Benjamin, Briton Ferry
Mends William, Briton Ferry
Morris Enos, Wind st
Phillips William, Briton Ferry
Price Thomas, Briton Ferry
Rees John, 21 Queen st
Thomas David, Water st
* Williams David, James st
Williams James, Briton Ferry


Elias Jane, Wind st
Walters John, James st


Evans Francis & William, Water st
Price Brothers, the Green & Bridgend


(See also Spirit Vaults)

Angel, Rees Jones, New st
Bear, Thomas Nicholls, Pen-y-dre
Black Cock, Mary Thomas, James st
Blue Bell, Thomas Thomas, Parade
Bottle and Glass, David Evans, Rhydding
Bowen's Arms, Jno. Pulsford, Skewen
Britannia, William Deer, James st
Butchers' Arms, Thomas Hughes, Old Market st
Cross Keys, Evan Phillips, Skewen
Crown, Eliza Davies, Cadoxton
Crown, William May, Cattle st
Duke, David Jones, Cattle st
Dulais Rock, Thomas Williams, Aberdulais
Dyfryn Arms, Joseph Thomas, Bryncoch
Ferry Boat House, Mary Williams, Briton Ferry
Full Moon, Mary Andrew, Parade
Gadley's Arms, Sarah Evans, Wind st
George and Dragon, John Williams, Water street
Glamorgan Arms, Howell David, Old Market street
Globe, Morgan Rees, Old Market street
Green Dragon, Mary Vigours, Cadoxton
Greyhound, James Thorne, Water st
Harp, Rees Thomas, Briton Ferry
Hope & Anchor, Benjamin Hopkins, Neath Abbey
House of Lords, Jenkin Jenkins, Old Market street
Jersey Arms, Benjamin Thomas, Briton Ferry
Joiners' Arms, David Jones, Wind st
King's Arms, Charles Stacey, Old Market street
King's Head, Mary Ann Watson, New st
Lamb, Thomas Vigors, Parade
Lamb and Flag, Stephen Willis, Glyn Neath
Mackworth Arms, Sarah Williams, Green st
Mariners' Compass, Edwin F. Govier, Parade
Miners' Arms, William M. Jones, Skewen
Plume of Feathers, Joseph Evans, Water st
Prince of Wales, Benjamin Thomas, James st
Railway Inn, John Griffin, Llansamlet Station
Red Cow, Thomas Williams, Old Market st
Red Lion, Thomas Rees, Old Market st
Rose and Crown, William Harris, Briton Ferry
Royal Dock, Cornelius Amesbury, Briton Ferry
Royal Oak, David Thomas, Orchard st
Saint Ives Arms, Isaiah Reynolds, Old Market st
Ship, John Timothy, Giant's grave
Ship Aground, Wm. Jones, James st
Smiths' Arms, Margaret Jones, Neath Abbey
Somerset House, David Hoskins, Green st
Star, David Jones, Neath Abbey
Talbot Arms, Stephen Powles, James st
The Clock, Evan Thomas, Cattle st
Tiger, Robert Payne, James st
Traveller's Well, David James, Cwm-dwr
Vale of Neath Arms, Robert Tyler, Parade
Vernon Arms, Robert Thomas, Briton Ferry
Villier's Arms, Nathan Deavenport, Briton Ferry
White Hart, Margaret Andrew, Neath Abbey
White Hart, Francis Squire, Duck st


Baker John, Briton Ferry
Bowen John, Rhydding
Daniel Ann, Green st
Davies John, James st
Dyer Ann, Skewen
Edwards David, Briton Ferry
Edwards John, Briton Ferry
Elias Thomas H., Wind st
Evans David, Water st
Evans John, Briton Ferry
Evans Lucy, Skewen
Evans Richard, Briton Ferry
Evans Thomas, James st
Evans William, Baglan
Foley Charles, Briton Ferry
Griffiths Richard, the Green
Harris Mary, the Green
Harris Thomas, Mile End row
Hopkins Joseph, Aberdulais
Hore John, Briton Ferry
James David, Wind st
James Evan, Skewen
James John, Rhydding
Jenkins Thomas, Water st
Jenkins William, Orchard st
Jones Catherine, London road
Jones David, Bush row
Jones David, Briton Ferry
Jones Gwenllian, Wind st
Jones William, High st
Jones William, Briton Ferry
Lake Evan, James st
Lanham John G., Briton Ferry
Llewellyn Lewis, Melyncrythan
Matthias David, Briton Ferry
Morgan David, Melyncrythan
Morgan Margaret, High st
Morgan Rees, Union st
Moses John, Skewen
O'Flaherty John, the Green
Phillips Thomas, Skewen
Powell John, Skewen
Prosser Thomas, Tonna
Quinland Thomas, James st
Rees Benjamin, Green st
Rees David, Water st
Rees Rees, Cattle st
Rees Richard, Cattle st
Richards John, Pentwyn
Richards Thomas, Wind st
Roberts William, London road
Rosser Rosser, Tonna
Sibbering Ann, High st
Stanford Ann, Briton Ferry
Taylor Charles, Briton Ferry
Teague Joseph, Cimla
Thomas Evan, Briton Ferry
Thomas George, Old Market st
Thomas John, Old Market st
Thomas John, Tyn-y-caia
Thomas Leyshon, Briton Ferry
Thomas Morgan, Cimla
Thomas Richard, Cattle st
Thomas Richard, James st
Thomas Robert, Briton Ferry
Thomas William, Giant's grave
Vickery Thomas, Skewen
Walters Griffith, Rhydding
Williams Thomas, Cilybebyll
Williams William, High st
Williams William, Cwmdwe


Evans Robert (& bark), the Quay
Grainger John (& bark), the Green
Lake & Thomas, the Green
Williams John, Briton Ferry
Williams John & Co., the Green


James Hannah, Cattle st
Lewis William, High st


Kennedy John, 40 Queen st
McCraith John, 17 Queen st


Austec Jonah, Green st
Moseley Mary, New st & Briton Ferry
Rombache Joseph (clock), Water st
Samuel Lazarus, Wind st


Baker Robert, James st
Rees Joseph (and coach builder), London road


Edwards William, Green st
Evans, Evan, High street, and Vale of Neath Brewery
Hoskins David, Green st
Jones William, James st


Evans Samuel, Pontrhydfan
James Richard, Water st
Llewellyn Lewis, Melyncrythan
Morgans Morgan, Wind st
Sibbering Joseph, Gold st


Bonville Griffith R., proprietor of the celebrated Dynas Blue and White Fire Clay Works, 2 Queen street
Brimfield Harcourt, basket maker, Wind st
Leyson, Thomas, clerk to the commissioners of taxes, Cadoxton
Llewellyn & Sons, Ynispellwch and Aberdulais Tin Works
Morgan John, town crier, Water st
Morris William, collector of poors' rates, Orchard st
Parsons Robert, secretary to the South Wales Mineral Railway and Glencorrwg Coal Companies, Little Gnoll
Phillips Joseph, fishmonger, Water st
Pinn Fredk., temperance house, Green st


And their Ministers

St. Thomas' Church, Church st - Rev. John Griffiths, rector
Briton Ferry Church, Briton Ferry - Rev. Evan Thomas, incumbent; Rev. D. W. Herbert, curate
Cadoxton Church, Cadoxton - Rev. David H. Griffith, M.A., R.D., vicar
Lantwit Church, Lantwit - Rev. John Griffiths, rector
Melincrythan, Melincrythan, Rev. James Morris, curate
Skewen Church, Skewen - Rev. Edward Thomas, Incumbent
Baptist Chapels, Briton Ferry and Neath Abbey
Baptist Chapels (English), Water st; (Welsh). Green street and Aberdulais
Independent Chapel (Welsh), Neath Bridge - Rev. John Matthews
Independent Chapel (Welsh), Summerfield - Rev. Daniel Evans
Independent Chapels (English), Wind street; (Welsh), Skewen and Briton Ferry
Methodist (Calvinistic Welsh) Chapels, Briton Ferry, Castle st and Latt st
Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Skewen
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapels, Old Market st, Aberdualsi, Neath Abbey, Briton Ferry and Llansamlet Station
Friends' Meeting House, Latt
Unitarian Chapel Green street


Principal Coast Officer and Collector of Light Dues - Williams Humphreys
Tide Waiters - John Davies and Edward Humphreys


Workhouse, Tyn y caiau
  • Governor - William Close
  • Matron - Jane Close
  • Clerk to the Board of Guardians - Alexander Cuthbertson
  • Surgeon - James French
  • Chaplain - Rev. John Griffiths
  • Relieving Officers :-
    • 1st Central District - Jenkin Francis
    • 2nd Central District - Philip Davies
    • Eastern District - George Jones
    • Western District - Jenkin Morgan


of Births, Deaths, & Marriages

  • Superintendent - Mr. Alexander Cuthbertson, Wind street
  • Registrar of Marriages - James Kempthorne, Wind st
  • Registrars of Births and Deaths :-
    • Neath District - David Arthur, Neath
    • Ystradvellte District - Philip Davies, Rheola
    • Cadoxton District - Wm. Morgan Jones, Skewen
    • Margam District - Geo. Jones, Aberavon
    • Ystradgynlais District - Richard Lewis, Ystradgynlais
    • Llansamlet District - William Rees, Llansamlet


Held at the Town Hall, Monthly - OFFICE, Church place

Judge - Thomas Falconer, Esq.
High Bailiff - John Daniel Thomas
Registrar - Isaac Morgan
Bailiffs - Richard Lewis, John Perry and Joseph Wilshere


Alliance Building Society, Church place - James Williams, secretary
Almshouses, Water st
Borough Police Station, New st - John Lynn, superintendent and sanitary and lodging house inspector
Cemetery, Giant's grave, Briton Ferry
Corn Market, New street
County Police Station, Latt street - William Parsons, superintendent
Gas Works, Lath st - Griffith Rowland Bonville, lessee, and proprietor of the celebrated Dynas Blue and White Fire Clay Works
Harbour Office, Briton Ferry - Alexander Cuthbertson, solicitor and clerk: William Lowther, harbour master
Inland Revenue Office, at the Castle Inn - William Cronin, collector, Cardiff; George M. Studdard, supervisor, Bridgend; Geo. East, inland revenue officer
Lunatic Asylum, Vernon House, Briton Ferry - Charles Pigg, medical superintendent; Samuel Saunders, superintendent; R. V. Leach, proprietor
Market House, Green street
Masonic Hall, Queen street
Mechanic's Institution, Church place, J. H. Rowland, Esq., President; Alexander Williams, vice-president; F. C. Purchase, treasurer; L. D. Williams, secretary; J. B. Jones, Librarian
Museum and Library, Queen street - Mr. John H. Rowland, Esq., president; H. B. Gibbins, treasurer; Edward Evans, secretary; Susan Townsend, librarian
Neath Permanent Benefit Building Society, Town Hall - James Williams, secretary
Reading Room and Library, Briton Ferry
Registration Office (for Liberal Electors), Water street - Philip Davies, agt
Stamp Office, Wind st - Mary Worthington, distributor
Stamp Office, Briton Ferry - Alfred P. James, distributor
Subscription News Room, Church place - Alfred Hayman, secretary
Town Hall, Church place
Vale of Neath Building Society, Town Hall - Thos. Davies, secretary


On the South Wales Line
Station, at the Green - James Crouch, superintendent
On the Vale of Neath Line
Secretary and General Manager - Joshua Williams
Accountant - S. C. Brook


To Maesteg, John Evans, from the Lamb, daily


To Bristol, the Neath Abbey Steamer, from the Quay, Monday and Thursday - James Williams, agent
To Cork, the schooner Margaret, from Briton Ferry, according to freight - Richard Bole, master

Transcript of Neath, from Slaters Commercial Directory 1858-9 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]