Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880.


BRIDGEND, Aberkenfig, Coity, Coychurch, Newcastle, Laleston, Llangan,
Merthyr Mawr, Ewenny, Tythegston, St. Brides Minor, St. Brides Major,
St. Mary Hill, Tondu, Pencoed, Peterstone-super-Montem, Southerndown, Ynysawdre

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

BRIDGEND is a market and post town in the parishes of Coity and Newcastle, in the hundreds of Newcastle and Ogmore, in the union of Bridgend and Cowbridge, Cardiff court of Bankruptcy, and Bridgend county court district, and is the head polling place in elections for the county. It is 180 miles from London (by rail 190); Bristol ( via Bristol and South Wales Union Railway), 54; Cardiff, 20; Swansea, 26; Neath, 18; Aberavon, 12; Cowbridge, 7; and Porth Cawl about 7. It is situated on the line of the Great Western Railway, and both sides of the river Ogmore which falls into the Bristol Channel about 5 miles from here, and abounds with salmon, sewin trout and other fish. The river is the boundary of the two divisions of the town, respectively named "Old Castle," and "New Castle; " the former being in the parish of Coity, and the latter in that of its own name. Of the castles themselves, there remains nothing of the "old," and only the outer walls of the "New," in which is a doorway remarkable for its curious form and singular ornamentation. Near the ruins, on a considerable eminence, stands the parish church of St. Illtyd, whose tower contains an excellent peal of bells. The interior has recently been restored and beautified. The living is a vicarage annexed to the curacies of Bettws, Laleston and Tythegston, in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor.

The Town Hall occupies a central position in the town, and is a handsome and spacious building; in it is held the County Court for the district of Bridgend and Cowbridge, public meetings, balls, concerts, &c. It also contains a Mechanics' Institute, with reading rooms, and well selected library. The Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum is situated about a mile and a half from the town, on the road to Maesteg. It comprises an extensive pile of buildings, principally in the Gothic style, and consists an extensive of a main building and three detached blocks, the main building is in the form of a cross, the centre consisting of the medical superintendent's house and the public offices, on the right hand, towards the public road, are two large detatched blocks for the male working patients; on the left hand the church, a neat little Gothic structure, engineer's offices and works, also a large block for female patients, connected with which are the laundry and drying ground. The only publicentrance is on the north side, on entering which on the left hand is the church which will accomodate about 250 patients; on the south side is the asylum farm; the diding hall adjoins the kitchen and is a lofty room about 80 feet long by 40 feet wide; the grounds covering about 14 acres of the estate, which consists in all of about 60 acres. It is calculated to accomodate over 600 patients, and is said to be the largest in South Wales. The river Ogmore runs through the grounds, which are beautifully laid out and planted, and its banks afford pleasant walks for the inmates. The internal arrangements are on the most extensive scale, and the various departments of the establishment are conducted with a view both to comfort and economy. The building is of recent erection, having been completed in 1864; the architects were Mr. Bell, of London, and Messrs. Martin and Chamberlain, of Birmingham. The Workhouse for the Bridgend and Cowbridge union is situated at a convenient distance from the town. The Boardof Guardians for the Bridgend union have recently erected in Merthyr Mawr road a cottage home for the reception of 60 children, under the superintendance of a master and matron with assistants. The new Police Court, a handsome stone building where petty sessions areheld and magisterial business is conducted, is situatedat the corner of Coity road, facing Caroline street. There is a handsome drinking fountain opposite Caroline street, erected by the late Dowager Dountess of Dunraven in memory of John Randall, Esq., in 1862.

Besides the parish church, previously noticed, there is a chapel of ease in Old Castle; the mother church being at Coity, a mile distant; it consists of a cruciform building having a nave, chancel, north and south transepts, porch, and small bell turret. There are also chapels for Baptists, Independents, Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists; also a Roman Catholic church; a National school which is well attended, several schools connected with the various places of worship, also a Board school. The principal works in and near the town are foundries, agricultural implement manufactories, tanneries, a brewery, lime kilns, terra cotta works and quarries. The principal hotel, the Wyndham Arms, is a good family and commercial house. The market, and excellently supplied one, is held on Saturdays in a neat market house erected by the late Earl of Dunraven. Fairs : February 25th, April 1st, Ascension Thursday, June 6th, and November 17th. The population of the parish of Coity, with which Bridgend is returned, was in 1851, 2,299; in 1861, 2,685, and in 1871, 3,251.

About three miles from the town, near the village of Aberkenfig are the important Tondu iron and coal works formerly belonging to Messrs. John Brogden & Sons. They consist of extensive blast furnaces, forges and rolling mills, where all kinds of railway and merchant is manufactured; railway bolts and nuts, railway plant, and coke. The iron is of a very superior quantity, and it extensively used in Staffordshire. The numerous collieries connected with these works embrace the whole of the parish of Llangeinor, the total extent being about 9,500 acres. The produce is a splendid coal of the purest description, and said to be the best in South Wales for the manufacture of iron. Both broad and narrow gauge rails are laid to the works for the conveyance of its minerals and manufactures to the principal ports of the Bristol channel, and to all parts of the Kingdom. There are other extensive coal, iron and lime stone works in this district; and the soil in most of the parishes is very rich and well cultivated. The church of St. John (chapel of ease to Newcastle) is a plain Gothic stone building consisting of chancel, nave and porch. There are also places of worship for Methodists and Independents.

COITY, or Coyty, is a parish and village about 1 mile from Bridgend, its post town, in the union and county court district of that place, and in the hundred of Newcastle. In the village are the extensive and picturesque ruins of Coity castle, which are an object of attraction to visitors during the summer months, and contribute to the beauty of the scenery of this neighbourhood. It was built A.D. 1091 by Paganus de Turberville, to whom this lordship was assigned in the Norman division of the county. It came afterwards into the possession of the Wyndhams, but by the marriage of the last heiress of that family, it passed into the Dunraven family. It now remains in their possession. During a heavy storm which took place some years ago, a prominent part of the ruins was blown down; and the late countess, in order to prevent any further demolition, gave orders for the strengthening and repairing of the most dangerous parts. The parish church stands near the castle. Theliving is a rectory in the patronage of the lord of the manor. There is likewise a small Independent chapel. The parish church is a cruciform stone building with chancel, nave, north and south transepts, porch and square tower rising from the centre supported upon fourarches and containing a peal of six bells. A monument was dug up in the church some years ago having the effigies of a man and woman in marble, which is supposed to be that of Paganus de Turbervill above mentioned and his wife, and bears the date 1111; there are also monuments of the Gamage family. The chancel window is of stained glass, in memory of the Rev. John Harding, M. A., late rector of the parish. There is also a chapel for Independents.

COYCHURCH is a large agricultural parishand village about 3 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the union and county court district of that place, and hundred of Newcastle. The parish is divided into two districts for parochil purposes, viz.: High and Lower Coychurch. The church stands in the centre of the village. The living is a rectory, with the chapelry of Peterstone-super-Montem annexed, in the patronage of the Earl of Dunraven. The village also contains a chapel for Independents, and a National school. Population of Coychurch in 1861, 1,431, and in 1871, 1,436.

PENCOED is a hamlet in the parish of Coychurch, about 5 miles from Bridgend, in the same union, county court district, and hundred. The places of worship are a chapel of ease in connection with the parish church of Coychurch, and chapels for Baptists, and Calvinistic Methodists; also a Board school. The Great Western Railway passes through, and has a station here. Population in 1861, 604, and in 1871, 623.

PETERSTON-SUPER-MONTEM is a chapelry in the parish of Coychurch, about 6.5 miles from Bridgend, its post town, and in the same union and county court district. The places of worship are a church of the Establishment, and a chapel for Independents. The living is a curacy annexed to the rectory of Coychurch. Here are the works of the Brynna Coal and Steel Company, Limited. Population in 1861, 216, and in 1871, 198.

NEWCASTLE is a parish forming a portion of the town of Bridgend, its post town, in the union and county court district of that place, and hundred of its own name. It is divided into Higher and Lower Newcastle, for parochial purposes. The parish church is at Bridgend. The church in Newcastle - named in honour of St. Illtyd - is a stone erection in the early decorated style, consisting of a chancel, nave, north aisle, and square tower with a peal of 4 bells. The are also places of worship for Methodists. Population in 1861, 2,244, and in 1871, 3,450

LALESTON is a parish and village about 2 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the same union, county court district and hundred. The parish church stands in the village; the living is a rectory annexed to Newcastle, Bettws and Tythegston, in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor. There is also a chapel for Methodists. Population in 1861, 536, and in 1871, 571.

MERTHYR MAWR is a parish about 2 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the same union, county court district and hundred. The church is dedicated to St. Teilo. The living is a perpetual curacy in the patronage of Mrs. Nicholl. Population in 1861, 174, and in 1871, 144.

EWENNY is a parish about 4 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the same union and county court district, and in the hundred of Newcastle. Here are the ruins of a monastry supposed to have been erected about A.D. 1140, by Morris de Laundres, whose monument is seen in the chancel of the parish church, which is close by. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the lord of the manor, who resides at the abbey. There are also places of worship for Baptists and Calvinistic Methodists. Population in 1861, 273, and in 1871, 295.

LLANGAN is a parish about 4 miles from Bridgend, its post town, and the same distance from Cowbridge, in the same union and county court district. The church is a neat edifice. The living is a rectory, in the gift of the Earl of Dunraven. There is also a chapel for Independents at Troes, a small hamlet in this parish. Population in 1871, 227.

ST. MARY HILL is a parish about 4 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the same union and county court district . The parish church is the only place of worship. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of Aubrey Aubrey, Esq. There is alsoa Board school for Llangan and this parish. A large fair for cattle is held here annually in August. Population in 1871, 192.

TYTHEGSTON is a parish about 4 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the same union and county court district, and in the hundred of Newcastle. It is divided into two districts or hamlets for parochial purposes, viz. : the Higher and the Lower. The Higher hamlet is better known as "Kenfig Hill", near to which are the celebrated Bryndu coal and coke works, of which Christopher R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. Lord Lieutenant of the county, is the proprietor and owner. The living of the parish church is a perpetual curacy in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor. The church has recently been repaired and reseated at the expense of the parishioners. There are several dissenting chapels, and a National school. Population in 1861, 1,678, and in 1871, 1,490.

ST. BRIDE'S MINOR is a parish situated near the river Ogmore, about 3 miles from Bridgend, its post town, in the same union and county court district, and in the same union and county court district, and in the hundred of Newcastle. The parish church has been reseated, &c. The living is a rectory in the patronage of the Earl of Dunraven. Ynysawdre is a hamlet in this parish. Population of the parish in 1861, 879, and in 1871, 607; of Ynysawdre, 525.





From London, all parts of the United Kingdom, and Foreign, at seven morning
From Ireland, Scotland, North of England, Gloucester, and Cardiff at ten morning
From London, Bristol, Gloucester, Newport, and Caridff at a quarter before five afternoon



To Cardiff, Gloucester, and Bristol at eight morning.
To Taibach, Neath, Swansea, Briton Ferry, and Carmarthen at twenty minutes past eight morning
To Swansea at eleven morning.
To Cardiff, Gloucester, Bristol, and London at half-past eleven morning.
To Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, North of England, Ireland, and Scotland at half-past four afternoon
To London, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Bristol, Cowbridge, and all parts at ten minutes before eight evening
To Neath, Swansea, Llanelly, Carmarthen, &c. at nine evening.
To Maesteg, Porth Cawl, Pyle, &c. and Local at four morning
On Sunday there is only one delivery by letter carriers, commencing at half-past seven morning.

Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, Aberkenfig, John Williams, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Bridgend) at half-past five morning, and from the North at forty minutes past twelve noon, and are despatched to the North at four afternoon, and to all parts at half-past six evening.

Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, Coychurch, Edward Jones, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Bridgend) at seven morning, and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past five evening.

The nearest Money Order Office, &c. is at Pencoed

POST OFFICE, Ewenny, William Jones, Sub-Post Master. - Letters arrve from all parts (via Bridgend) at six morning, and are despatched thereto at six evening.

The nearest Money Order Office, &c. is at Bridgend

POST OFFICE, Laleston, William Jenkins, Sub-Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Bridgend) at seven morning, and are despatched thereto at half-past six evening.

The nearest Money Order Office, &c. is at Bridgend

POST OFFICE, Merthyr Mawr, William Cornelius, Sub-Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts ( via Bridgend) at half past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at six evening

The nearest Money Order Office, &c. is at Bridgend

POST OFFICE, Pencoed, Donald Grant, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Bridgend) at eight morning, and are despatched thereto at a quarter before five evening.

Money Order and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, St. Brides Major, David Rees, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Bridgend) at half-past six morning, and are despatched thereto at five evening.

The nearest Money Order Office, &c. is at Southerndown

POST OFFICE, Southerndown, Isaiah Verity, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Bridgend) at half-past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at a quarter past five evening.

Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank 


Bennett Miss Selina, Laleston
Blakemore Mr. William, Tondu House
Brooke Mr. James, Fitzhammond Cottage
Clougher Rev. J. L., Laleston
Cole Rev. Thomas, Oak Villa, Merthyr Mawr road, Bridgend
Cope Rev. Thomas, Poplar House, Tondu
Collier Mr. Stephen, Werndew
Collier Mr. Stephen, junr., Wanskeel
Cox Mr. A. J., Morfa st
Cox Mr. Samuel, Lletai, Pencoed
Cragoe Mr. Joseph, Brynhyfryn, Merthyr Mawr rd
Davies Mr. John, Brecknock Villa, Park st
Davies Rev. Rees, Pen-evay
Davis Mr. Charles P., Glanavon, Church st
Davis William, Esq., J.P., Brynhaulog, Park st
Dunraven Earl of, Dunraven Castle
Edmonds Rev. F. W., Church st
Edwards Mr. Thomas, Caedra, Park st
Edwards Mr. Thomas John, Court House, Pencoed
Evans Robert, Esq., Brynteg
Evans Rev. Samuel, the Rectory, Llangan
Evans Thomas, Esq., Calvatry, Bridgend
Franklen Richd. Esq., J.P., Clemenstone
Franklen Thos. Mansel, Esq., Clemenstone
Green Rev. Canon R. J., Nolton rd
Griffiths Mr. David, Brynffrwd, Coychurch
Hibbs Mr. George, Tynywain, Couchurch Higher
Hookey Mr. George J., Pencoed
Howell John, Esq., Pencoed House, Pencoed
Hughes Rev. Joshua Pritchard, M.A., The Vicarage, Newcastle
James Rev. George, Park st
Jenkin Mr. David, Cowbridge rd
Jenkins John Blandy, Esq. J.P., Tregroes House, Pencoed
John Rev. William, Elms Villa, Merthyr Mawr rd
Jones Mrs. Ann, Ash Grove Villa
Jones Rev. David, Ewenny
Jones Rev. John, The Vicarage, Ewenny
Jones Rev. John P., Nolton st
Jones Miss Margaret, Nolton st
Jones Rev. Thomas, St. Brides Major
Knight Rev. Charles Rumsey, M.A., J.P., Tythegston Court
Lewellin Rev. Charles Lloyd, The Rectory, Coychurch
Lewellin William, Esq., Coychurch
Lewis Rev. Henry, The Rectory, St. Bride's Minor
Lewis Mr. John, Park st
Lewis Thomas Tamplin Esq., Cefn Glas House, Bridgend
Lewis William, Esq., Elmsfield
Llewellyn William, Esq., J.P., Cwrt Colman
Mackay Mr. Neil, Peny-lan, Penycoed
Morgan Mrs. Cadogan, Park st
Morgan Mrs. Eliz., Westfield House, Newcastle
Morgan Mr. Francis, St. Mary Hill
Morgan Mrs. Joan, Caroline st
Morgan Rev. M., Tondu
Morse Colonel Thomas R., J.P., Glan Ogwr
Morris Rev. William, Ynysawdre
Nicholl Jno. Cole, Esq., Merthyr Mawr
Popkin Mr. Thomas, Coity rd
Powell Mrs. Elizabeth, Newcastle Cottage
Preece Miss Eliza, Brynhyfryd
Price Mr. Alfred Benjamin, West House
Price Mr. Edwin, Church st
Price Mr. T. Jones, Brynna, Pencoed
Price Mr. William, Sunnyside House
Randall Henry John, Esq., J.P., Bridgend
Roberts Mrs. Jane, Dunraven place
Sawyer Mr. Charles, Ash Grove Villa
Sheppard Mr. Chas., Ashfield House
Smith Thomas George, Esq., Bridgend
Stockwood Thomas, Esq., Newcastle House
Studdard Mr. John, Swiss Cottage
Talbot Christopher R. M., Esq., M.P., Lieutenant of the County, Margam Abbey
Thomas Rev. David, St. Bride's Major
Thomas Mr. David Morgan, Tremaine
Thomas Rev. George, Nolton st
Thomas Mr. John, St. Mary Hill
Tozer Capt. Morgan Percival, Southerndown House, Southerndown
Traherne Major John P., J.P., Coytrehene
Turbervill Col. Thomas J., The Priory, Ewenny
Verity Mr. Abraham Robert, Dunraven pl
Walker Mr. Charles, Nolton rd
Yorath Mr. William, Park st



Board Schools :-

Bridgend - George Millard, master; B. M. Millard, mistress
Coity - Peter Peters, master
Pencoed - Thomas Hughes, master
St. Mary Hill - Miss Moreton, mistress

Cambria College School - Rev. John Philip Jones, principal, Caerwent House - Terms upon application.
Coombes Hester, Newcastle hill
Duncan James, Aberkenfig
Leach Dinah, Newcastle hill

National Schools :-

Bridgend Thomas Hartshorn, master; Selina Hartshorn, mistress
Coychurch - Eliz. Deere, mistress
Ewenny - Esther David, mistres
Laleston - Mary Jones, mistress
Merthyr Mawr - Elizabeth A. Gibbs, mistress
St. Bride's Major - David Rees, master
Tondu - Richard Humphreys, master; Emily Morgan, mistress

Poyner Harry, West st
Roberts Elizabeth P., Nolton st

Roman Catholic Schools :-

Aberkenfig - Ellen Royston, mistress
Bridgend - Caroline Westwood, mistress

Williams Annie E., Nolton rd



(See also those for Coal and Iron Proprietors, and likewise Fire, &c. Office Agents)

Collier Stephen (for Earl of Dunraven), St. Bride's Minor
Cooke Walker H. (for Col. Turberville), Ewenny
David James (commissioner), Ewenny
Llewellyn William (for the Margam estate), Court Colman
Randell Henry (to the Earl of Dunraven), Nolton st
Verity Isaiah (for Fulton Dunlop and Co.'s, wines and spirits), Southerndown



Bryant William, Wyndham
Lewis David, jun. (agent), Park st
Lewis Susannah, Angel st
Stephens Edwin, Wyndham st



Evans Samuel, Park st
Hoppin William, Ship Stores, Dunraven place
Nell William Walker, Dunraven place, and at Cardiff
Stiles Robert Henry, The Brewery, Bridgend
Verity Isaiah (families supplied with Bass & Co.'s ale and Guinness's stout), Southerndown



Griffiths Thomas (road), Coychurch
Hurley Jesse, Tondu
Lambert Geoge Fenton (and to the Local Board of Health), Town Hall chambers



Evans Robert, Dunraven place
Jones Richard & Son, Town Hall chambers



Davies William Llynvi st
House William, Nolton st
Llewellyn Thomas, Aberkenfig
Lomas James, Nolton st
Mays Daniel, Elder st
Morgan Mary, Bridgend
Perry Charles E., Dunraven place
Woodward Herbert, Nolton st



London & Provincial, Limited, Dunraven place - draw on Glyn, Mills & Co., London - John William Pritchard, manager; hours 10 to 3, Wednesday, 10 to 1.
National Bank of Wales, Limited, Dunraven place, head office, Manchester - draws on London Joint Stock Bank, London - Frank Moon manager
Nation Provincial Bank of England, Adare st (Branch) - draws on the head office, London - Thomas George Smith, manager



David Moses, Coychurch
Jenkins Morgan, Laleston
Jones Isaac, St. Bride's Major
Jones William, Ewenny
Phillips Henry, Coity road
Salsbury George, Coity road
Thomas Charles, Aberkenfig
Thomas David, Queen st
Watkin William, Pencoed
Williams Daniel, Union st



Bird Mary (bookseller), Caroline st
Jones David, Wyndham st
Lewis William, Aberkenfig
Lloyd John, Dunraven place
Williams Wesley, Dunraven place



Cronin Timothy, Newcastle hill
David Ebenezer, Park st
David Evan, Tyn-y-garn
Fynn William, Adare st
Hockings William H., Nolton st
Hopkins Evan, Aberkenfig
Jenkins David, Nolton st
Jones David, Aberkenfig
Jones Edward, Coychurch
Jones Thomas, Coychurch
Oliver George, Caroline st
Owen John, Ewenny
Pearce Edmund, St. Bride's Major
Thomas David, St. Bride's Major
Thomas William, Adare st
Watkins James, Caroline st
Williams Thomas, Pencoed
Witchell Joseph Brown, Wyndham st
Wright Thomas, Aberkenfig
Yorwerth Joseph, Dunraven place



Evans Robert, Tondu
Pencoed Terra Cotta Brick and Tile Co. Limited, Terra Cotta Brick and Tile Works, Pencoed, near Bridgend - John Williams, manager
Ynysawdre Coke, Coal and Brick Company, Limited, Ynysawdre



Bridgend, Maesteg, Tondu & Ogmore Valley Terminating Mutual Benefit, Caroline st - James Hutchinson, sec
Bridgend Permanent, Town Hall - W. M. Richards, secretary



Chatterton Thomas, Pencoed
David John J., Queen st
Hopkins William, Pencoed
Jones Thomas, Aberkenfig
Llewellyn Thomas, Caroline st
Morgan David, Queen st
Thomas William, Coychurch
Williams Edwin, Aberkenfig



Evans William, Adare st
Morgan Evan, Dunraven place
Rhys William, Wyndham st



David Evan, Park st
David George, Ewenny
David John, Nolton st
Griffith David, Pencoed
Hurley Joab, Tondu
James George, North st
Jones Joshua, Laleston
Llewellyn David, Nolton st
Phillips Thomas, Union st
Preece Edward, Cowbridge rd
Rees Edmond, Pencoed
Richards David, St. Bride's Major
Richards George, St. Bride's Major
Thomas John, Southerndown
Thomas William (& contractor), Bridgend



Jenkins David (by examination), Wyndham st Lewis William, Aberkenfig
Lloyd John, Dunraven place
Lucas Robert, Dunraven place
Powell Mary Ann, Caroline st



Bacon Mercy, Nolton st
Church Julia, Nolton st
Collier Ann, Aberkenfig
Jones David, Wyndham st
Jones Jonah, Aberkenfig
Rees Edward, Tondu
Wallington Llewellyn (wholesale & retail, old iron, metal, salt & hardware merchant; Birmingham and Sheffield warehouse), Dunraven place & Nolton road



Birbeck George, Aberkenfig
Brooke James, Church st
Herdman John, Park st
Williams Lewis H., Coity road



Evans David, Arch Villa, Coity road
Llewellyn John, Elder House, Coity road (J. L. meets G. W. trains daily)
Williams Edward, Wyndham Arms Hotel, Dunraven place



Doxsey John, Elder st
Powell John Parry, works, Wyndham street



Brynna Coal & Steel Co. Limited, Brynna, Pencoed
Evans Robert, Tondu
Llynvi, Tondu & Ogmore Coal & Iron Company, Limited, Tondu
Ynysawdre Coal & Coke Co. Limited, Ynysawdre, near Bridgend



Chappell Jonah, Coity road
Collier Stephen, jun., Nolton Coal Yard
Davies William, Park st
Howell John, Wyndham st
Rowe Thomas, City road



Harris Charles, Queen st
House William, Nolton st
Llewellyn Thomas, Aberkenfig
Perry Charles E., Dunraven place
Woodward Herbert, Nolton st



Bevan Hugh, Emlyn House, Caroline st
Howell John, Wyndham st
Murrell John (and nurseryman), Cefn glas road
Price William, Angel st
Williams Stephen, Pencoed



In Coity Parish :-

Bryant Catherine, Quarella
Collier Stephen, Wanskeel
David Ann & Son, Tymawr
David Richard, Wildmill
David George, Tremains middle
Evans Robert, Brynteg
Francis Thomas, Simonstone
Hopkin Jenkin, Orchordraw
Hopkin Thomas, Ewenny road
Hopkin William, Ship Inn
James David, Lysh
Jenkins David, Croisty
Jenkins Evan, Lydrard
Jenkins William, Tremains
Jenkins William, Byeastwood
Lewis Gwenllian, Derwent
Leyshon John, Parkawilt
Llewellyn David, Penyrallt
Llewellyn David, Hernston
Llewellyn John, Quarella
Morgan -, West place
Morgan David, Coity road
Morgan Jenkin
Morgan Morgan, Hendre
Morgan Thomas, Hendre
Page John, Hallan
Preece David, Tysant
Rees David, Simonstone
Rees John, Newbridge
Rees John, Coity
Rees Robert, Tynyswnt
Robert Evan, Galia
Rowe Thomas, Ewenny road
Watkin Jenkin, Giblet
Watts Alban, Newhouse
Williams Edward, Wyndham
Williams Thomas & Evan, Eastwood

In Coychurch Parish :-

Bevan Thomas & Evan, Tybryn
David David, Llwynwrch
David Edward, Waterton
David Mary, Tyn-y-cwm
David Peter, Cernela
David Thomas, Maendy
Evans Thomas, Cadafarch
Gronow Edward, Coedbychan
Griffiths David, Drefach
Griffiths David, Werntarw
Griffiths John, Penylan
Griffiths Thomas, Pencoed
Halland Thomas, Llwybrain
Howell Morgan, Brynteg
Howell William, Caerllysie
Howell William, Pencoed
James Jenkin, Brynwith
James William, Brynglas
Jenkins Rachel & Son, Coed-y-mwstwr
John Ann, Blaencrymlin
John Noah & Job, Bryngwenith
Jenkins William, Cwmcwic-isaf
Lewis William, Coed-y-mwstwr
Lewis William, Gellafedi
Miles John, Llambedfawr
Morgan Morgan, Cross Mill
Morgan Thomas, Cae Crocka
Owen David David, Coed-y-mwstwr
Phillips Evan, Tyn-y-caira
Plumhner Edward, Bryn Cwttyn
Rees Thomas, Waterton Court
Samuel Daniel, Perthaylen
Samuel Evan, Penprisk
Thomas John, Sheif
Thomas Lewis, Ragland
Thomas Mary, Gellifeddgar
Thomas Philip, Duffryn
Thomas Thomas, Argoed Edwin
Thomas William, Torcoed
Thomas William, Llambedfach
Thomas William, Craiglas
Thomas William, Tircoed
Treharne Evan & William, Hendrewen
Williams Edward, Pencoed

In Ewenny Parish :-

Bowen David, Wallace
Cooke Walter H., Ewenny Cottage
Griffith Matthew, Corntown
Laugher Robert
Lloyd Jenkin, Heol-y-Caul
Moss Thomas, Corntown Court
Owen John, Brocastle Field
Phillips David, Llanpha Court
Thomas Evan, Longland
Thomas Hopkin
Thomas Thomas

In Laleston :-

David Catherine
David David
David Gwenllian
David William
Hopkins Hopkin
Jenkins William
John Morgan
John Thomas
John Thomas
Jones William
Rees John
Rees Morgan
Thomas John
Thomas Sarah
Webber John

In Llangan Parish :-

Cornelius John, Molchenydd
Howell Evan, Troes
Jenkins John, Hoelas
Jenkins Lees, Llangan
Jenkins Morgan, Troes
John Thomas, Troes
John William, Troes
Mordecai Richard, Gellyared
Mordecai William, Troes

In Merthyr Mawr Parish :-

Cornelius Thomas, Tyla
Davies David, Warren
Davies George, Candlestone
Davies Rees, Whitney
Jones David, Pandy
Jones Thomas, Bearouse
Morgan William, Clement
Reese David, Slaise
Williams John, Home

In Newcastle Parish :-

Clarke Abel, Penyfai
David Cecil, Slecot
Evans Robert, Penylin
Hopkins Thomas, Pantroslafach
Jenkins Thomas, Court Caleman Vach
John David, Cefn
Jones Gwenllian, Pantrosla Banwen
Jones John, Gwaen Las
Jones Thomas, Pantllaytro
Llewellyn William, Court Caleman
Mordecai David, Hawd Pit
Powell Griffith, Tymawr
Weaver John, Llangewydd
William Thomas, Tygribur

In St. Bride's Major :-

Austin John, Llanphay
Cornelius Thomas, Little Morton
David David, Sutton
Dixon Robert, Mount pleasant
Franklin Robert, Clementson
Hopkin Edward, Pittcotte
Hopkin William, Tyn-y-porth
Howells John, Penlan
Howells Samuel, Marine
Jenkins Edward, Southerndown
Jenkins Edward, Blackhall
John David, Kingshall
John Gronon, Norton Hall
John Leyshon, Pittcotte
Morgan Edward, Penncharde
O'Neil John & O., Craigyaos
Phillips Charles, Groeswitta
Powell David, Tynysemaen
Powell Edward, Southerndown
Powell Edward, West
Powell Evan, Southerndown
Powell William, Old Castle
Ratcliffe Thoms, Old Castle
Rees Jenkin, Ogmore
Rees Thomas, Llanphay
Williams William, Salem
Yorrath David, Pittcotte
Yorrath William, Tynycaian

In St. Bride's Minor :-

Bowen Henry, Ymyslass
Bryan Frederick, Velin Vach
Collier Stephen, Werndow
Morgan Davies, Cefn Carfan
Gibbs George, Tynywarm
Hopkins Thomas, Velin Vach
Lewis Edward, Tyncoed
Williams Jenkin, Cefn Carfan
Williams John, Bryncethin
Williams Thomas, Ynysawdre

In St. Mary Hill Parish :-

Howells Brothers, Pantyrythin fach
Jenkins Ann & Son, Tyn-y-caia
Jenkins Sarah, Rythin fawr
Lewis Rebecca & Sons, St. Mary Hill Court
Ratcliffe John, Pantyrythin fawr
Thomas Cecil & Sons, Tan-y-lan
Williams Morgan, Ty-Candy

In Tythegston :-

Edwards William, Cae Draw
Hew Anthony, Mynydd Herbert
Horne George, Court Isaf
Jenkins Morgan, Red Hill
John John, Newtown Down
Lewis Barbara & Evan, Penyr-heol
Powell Edward, Turnip House
Thomas Mrs. -, Cae Newydd


Accidental - W. E. Bradshaw, Railway station, Bridgend, and J. W. Roberts, Dunraven place
Alliance (fire) - Thomas George Smith, Dunraven place
General - E. Jones, Pencoed
Guardian - G. F. Lambert, Town Hall chambers
Lancashire - John Williams Pichard, Dunraven place, and J. William Roberts, Dunraven place
Lancashire & Yorkshire Accident - G. F. Lambert, Town Hall chambers
Law - Charles Walker, Caroline st
Life Association of Scotland - Peter Andrew Smith, Newcastle hill
Liverpool & London & Globe - Robert Evans, Bridgend
London Corporation - Robert Evans, Bridgend
National (life) - Robt. Evans, Bridgend
National Provident - Thomas George Smith, Dunraven place
Phoenix (fire) - Edmond J. Morgan, Cowbridge road
Provincial - Richard Jones & Son, Town Hall chambers
Royal - Frank Moon, Dunraven place
Royal Exchange - William Williams, Dunraven place
Scottish Equitable (life) - Wm. Lewis, Aberkenfig
Scottish Widows' Fund - Edmond J. Morgan, Cowbridge road



Elford Mary Ann, Adare st
Palmer Arthur, Nolton st



Boulter Thomas, Adare st
Carter Henry, Park st
Edmonds Samuel, Nolton st
Griffiths David, Wyndham st
Palmer Arthur, Nolton st
Palmer George, Newcastle hill



(See also Shopkeepers)

Bevan Hugh (wholesale & family provision and seed merchant, oil and Italian warehouseman & corn factor), Emlyn House, Caroline street
David William, Adare st
Davies Thomas, Pencod
Dobbs Milson, Aberkenfig
Edmonds David, Aberkenfig
Francis Julia, Nolton st
Gibbon John (and wine & spirit merchant), Dunraven place
Hitchings William, Aberkenfig
House William, Nolton st
Jenkins Thomas, Nolton st
Jones William, Aberkenfig
Merchant Henry, Nolton st
Powell William, Wyndham st
Quinland & Lewis, Aberkenfig
Rees Enoch, Adare st
Roberts John W., Dunraven place
Sankey John & Charles, Dunraven pl. and at Cardiff
Thomas John, Southerndown
Walter John D., Nolton st
Williams David, Aberkenfig
Williams David, Bridge st
Williams Daniel, Adare st



Castle Hotel, James Beavis, proprietor, Caroline st. First-class accomodation for commercial gentlemen
Dunraven Arms (family & commercial), Edward Jenkins, proprietor, Southerndown, near Bridgend - See advertisement
Marine Hotel (private), Samuel Howells, proprietor, Southerndown
Ship Hotel, William Hopkin, proprietor, Dunraven place (agent for Allsopp's ales and Irish stouts)
Wyndham Arms Hotel, Edward Williams, proprietor, Dunraven place (family and commercial; posting in all its branches) - See advertisement
York Hotel, William Thorne, proprietor, Wyndham street. First-class accomodation for commercial gentlemen (infirmary, livery, and commission stable)



Lewis S. & Son (& agricultural implement makers), Bridgend
Sheppard Charles (patentee and sole maker of the Patent Improved Coal Washing Machine), Ogmore Foundry, Bridgend



Llynvi, Tondu & Ogmore Coal & Iron Company, Limited, Tondu



Jones David, Aberkenfig
Singer & Buckley, Wyndham st
Thomas John (and chandler), Caroline street
William George (and cutler), Caroline st
Williams William, Dunraven place



Collier Stephen, jun. (& manure merchant), Bridgend
Sawyer Charles Edward, Aberthan Blye Lias Works, Railway station, Bridgend



Baker Thomas, Aberkenfig
Boundy Humphrey, Aberkenfig
David John, Park st
Davis Catherine, Caroline st
Edwards Walter, Dunraven place
Edmonds David, Aberkenfig
Emery William, Nolton st
Hodges Gilbert, Belgrave House, Wyndham street
Howell Lavinia A., Nolton st
Lewis Wm. J., Dunraven place
Loveluck William, Ewenny Shop, Caroline street
Martin Margaret Ann, Caroline st
Moloney Michael, Aberkenfig
Roberts William, Queen st
Thomas David, Dunraven place
Thomas David P., Aberkenfig
Thomas Margaret, Penfold
Shichberry Constance (& fancy goods), Caroline street



Cameron george, Coity road
McCraith George C., Coity road
Patterson Adam, Coity road



London General Loan Society - Edgar Davies, manager, Adare street



David Thomas, Southerndown
Harry David, Southerndown
Hopkins Mary, Southerndown
Lewis Mary, Southerndown
Llewellyn Eliza, Southerndown
Powell Thomas, Southerndown
Smith Evan, Southerndown
Thomas John, Southerndown



Nell William Walter, Dunraven place, and at Cardiff
Rees Wynne, Pen-y-vai
Stiles Robert Henry, The Brewery (and agent for Allsopp's ales & Guinness's stout), Bridgend



Bevan hugh, Coity
David Aaron Gellifedi, Peterstone-super-Montem
David William, Bridgend
Davies William, Newcastle Hill Mill
Evans Daniel, St. Bride's Minor
Lougher Robert, Ewenny
Morgan Morgan, Pencoed
Rees John, Waterton Mill
Thomas Evan, Troes
Williams Morgan, St. Mary Hill



See Straw Bonnet Makers & Milliners.



Central Glamorgan Gazette (weekly, Friday), Queen st - Central Glamorgan Gazette Co. Limited - John Hemming, manager - See advert



Davies James, Dunraven place
Johns William, Park st
Lott Reuben, Caroline st



Lott Edwin, Nolton rd
Telling James, Coity rd



Gregory David, Park st
Rich Edward, Rhiew
Walters Thomas, Old Castle



Central Glamorgan Gazette Newspaper Co. Limited - John Hemming, manager, Queen st
Williams Wesley (and bookseller, stationer & bookbinder), Dunraven place



McGaul William, Quarrella Quarry and Stone Saw Mills, Bridgend (celebrated Quarrella grindstones, & c.)



Scott John, Caroline st
Yorweith Joseph, Dunraven place, Bridgend



Collier Stephen, Bridgend
Thomas William, Station rd - See advt



See Corn & Seed merchants



Benham Jacob, Aberkenfig
Bevan Thomas, St. Bride's Major
Chappell Jonah, Coity rd
Chappell William, Aberkenfig
Crocker Thomas, Tondu
David Margaret, Nolton st
David Mary, Ewenny
Davies Elizabeth, Morfa st
Davies William, Nolton st
Francis Morgan, Penyvai
Grant Donald, Pencoed
Griffiths David, Pencoed
Hopkin Jenkin, Aberkenfig
James Margaret, North st
Jenkins Mary, Cowbridge rd
Jenkins Thomas, Nolton st
Jenkins Thomas, Aberkenfig
Jenkins William, Laleston
Jenkins William, Aberkenfig
John Daniel, Penbrisk
Lewis John, Pen-y-Bryna
Lewis William, Aberkenfig
Lomas James, Nolton st
Luce Samuel, Morfa st
Morgan David, Llangan
Powell Roger, Aberkenfig
Thomas Amy, Coychurch
Thomas John, Penbrisk
Thomas Margaret, Pencoed
Thomas William, Aberkenfig
Williams Thomas, St. Mary Hill



Collier Stephen, jun., Bridgend
Howell John, Wyndham st



Marked thus * are commissioners for taking affidavits in the Supreme Court of Judicature; and thus + for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women

Lewis Thomas Tamplin (perpetual commissioner, and for oaths and affidavits, regisrar of County Court at Bridgend, and clerk to the Visiting Justices of the County Asylum), Queen st
+ Lewis William, Newcastle
* Popkin Thomas (and solicitor to Maesteg Benefit Building Society), Coity
Randall William R., Nolton st
Russell Charles, Caroline st
* Stockwood Thomas (and clerk to the magistrates, and solicitor to the Earl of Dunraven), Town Hall
* Stockwood Thomas, jun. (& solicitor to the Local Board of Health, Maesteg), Town Hall chambers



Bevan George, Wyndham st
Jenkins David, Queen st
Jenkins Edward (& marble), Nolton st
Morgan David & Co., Station st



Hawkins Mary, Nolton st
Jenkins Mary, Newcastle hill
Powell Fanny, Park st
Rees Ellen, Nolton st
Roberts Ann, Nolton st
Thomas Catherine, Coity rd
Williams Rachael, Bridge st



Jenkins John, East Ville House, Coity rd
Leahy Michael, M.D., Pen-y-graig, Park st
Llewellyn George J., Park st



Marked thus * are also Drapers

* Baker Thomas, Aberkenfig
* Boundry Humphrey, Aberkenfig
* Bridgend Clothing Co. - Frederick Gladwin, manager, Caroline st
* Cooke John, Nolton st., Bridgend
* Davies William, Dare st, Bridgend
East William James, Caroline st
* Edwards John, Pencode
Edwards Thomas, Park st
Evans Jacob, North st
* Evans Thomas J., Nolton st, Bridgend
* Griffiths John, Adare st, Bridgend
* Griffiths William, Coychurch
Hummel William, Park st
* Huxtable William H., Nolton st
John William, Pencoed
Jones John, Troes
Jenkins John, St. Bride's Major
Jenkins William, Aberkenfig
John Thomas, Coychurch
Lewis David, Penyvai



Price Robert, Queen st



Angel, Catherin Jones, Aberkenfig
Angel, Edmund Thomas, Bridgend
Bear, Margaret Griffiths, Dunraven pl
Bell, Griffith Llewellyn, St. Mary Hill
Blue Bell, John Morgan, Laleston
Brewery Vaults, James Deaven, North st
Britannia, David Griffith, Pencoed
Cambrian Inn, Wm. Roberts, Bridgend
Coach & Horses, David Stradling, Old Castle
Cross Keys, Thomas David, Bridgend
Eagle, Morgan Jones, Peterstone-super-Montem
Farmers' Arms, David Griffiths, St. Bride's Major
Fox & Hounds, Rees John, St. Bride's Major
Golden Lion, John Jones, Aberkenfig
Greyhound, Mary Hopkin, St. Bride's Major
Horse & Groom, David Francis, Newcastle
Joiners' Arms, Jennet Goodfellow, Bridgend
King's Head, Martha Francis, Coity
King's Head, Catherine Hopkin, Bridgend
Lamb, James Richards, Newcastle hill
Mackworth Arms, W. Jones, Laleston
Mackworth Arms, David Griffiths, Bridgend
Masons' Arms, Wm. Bowen, Bridgend
Mitre, Henry Price (& wine and spirit merchant), Caroline st
New Inn, Jenkin Rees, Laleston
Nolton Castle, Hy. Phillips, Nolton st
Oak & Ash, Jos. Harding, Bridgend
Old Castle, David Evans, Nolton st
Plough, Charles Williams, Coychurch Higher
Prince of Wales, Jenkin Thomas, Aberkenfig
Prince of Wales, Evan Matthews, Coychurch
Queen's Head, Thos. Thomas, Bridgend
Railway, Thos. Chatterton, Pencoed
Red Cow, Thomas Thomas, Caroline st
Red Lion, Walter Brewer, Bridgend
Royal Oak, Eli Evans, Park st
Six Bells, Thomas Francis, Coity
Spirit Vaults, Wm. Jeenes, Queen st
Star, John Arthur, Troes
Star, Daniel Jones, Aberkenfig
Talbot Arms, Timothy Cronin, Newcastle hill
Tennis Court (The), Caroline st - William Wickham, proprietor
Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Bowen, Queen st
Victoria, David Jenkins, Adare street, Bridgend
Welcome to Town, Isaac Harding, Bridgend
White Horse, William Thomas, Coychurch
White Lion, William Pitt, Adare st



Chappell Charles, Aberkenfig
Davies Jenkin, Aberkenfig
Gravell Catherine, Aberkenfig
John Thomas, Tondu
Jones Daniel, Aberkenfig
Jones Jane, Nolton rd
Joseph William, Tondu
Keeling Sarah, Aberkenfig
Lee William, Adare st
Llewellyn William, Nolton st
Molony Michael, Aberkenfig
Moore Patrick, Aberkenfig
Morgan Ann, North st
Morris Benjamin, Coity rd
Pearce Richard, Southerndown
Phillips David, Aberkenfig
Rees Jemima, Aberkenfig
Richards David, Aberkenfig
Richards David, St. Bride's Major
Sutton Nathaniel, Coity rd
Thomas David, Peterstone-super-Montem
Thomas Mary, Penyvai
Thomas Morgan, Coity
Thomas Thomas, Aberkenfig
Williams Thomas, Morfa st



Doel William and Co. (and rich tile & pottery manufacturers), Nolton road
Pencoed Terra Cotta, Brick and Tile Company, Limited, Terra Cotta, Brick and Tile Works, Pencoed, near Bridgend - John Williams, manager (architects' own designs executed)



Collier Stephen, jun., Bridgend
Phillips Thomas, North st
Prees David, Union place
Thomas William, station rd - See advt



Lewis Abraham, Newcastle Hill



Anstee Jonah (and jeweller), Adare st
Bena Leander (and silversmith), Dunraven place
Rosenburgh Leon, Nolton st
Voysey John, Queen st



David Thomas, Coychurch
David Thomas S., Coychurch
Phillips Thomas, Union st
Richards George, St. Bride's Major
Salsbury George, Coity rd
Thomas Henry, Coity rd



Jeens William, Queen st
Neil William Walter, Dunraven place, and at Cardiff
Stiles Robert Henry, The Brewery, Bridgend

Verity Isaiah, Southerndown



Beer George H., eating house keeper, Queen st
Brimfield Wm., basket maker, Bridgend
Brown John, travelling draper, North street
Collier Stephen, jun., saw mill proprietor, Bridgend
Davies John, hairdresser, Bridgend
Gladdish William, manager, Rose Cottage, Park st
Hemming John, editor, Central Glamorgan Gazette, Coity rd
Hitchings John P., commercial traveller, Church st
Hutchinson James, Berlin wool repository, Caroline st
Jenkins Mary, haberdasher and toy dealer, Caroline st
Jones Thos., flannel manufacturer, Morfa st
Lewis Morgan, nail tip, leather and boot upper manufacturer, Nolton st
Lewis William, oil and colour merchant, Aberkenfig
Lloyd Daniel H., manager, Park st
Lott Mary, tobacconist, Nolton rd
Millard William, pianoforte dealer and tuner, Wyndham st
Parsons Arthur, clothes dealer, Bridge st
Price William, fellmonger and woolstapler, Angel st
Tabor Elizabeth, market gardener, Angel st
Thomas William, superintendent of police, Coity rd
Thomas Williams & Thomas, thrashing machine proprietors, Laleston
Thorne William, veterinary surgeon, Wyndham st
Williams John, rate collector, Aberkenfig
Wrigley James, hairdresser





And their Ministers

Church of the Establishment

Coity - Rev. F. W. Edmonds, M.A., rector; Rev. Geo. Thomas, curate
Coychurch - Rev. Chas. Lloyd Llewellyn, Rector
Ewenny - Rev. John Jones, vicar
Laleston - Rev. Joshua P. Hughes, vicar; Rev. J. L. Clougher, curate
Llangan - Rev. Samuel Evans, rector
Merthyr Mawr - Rev. C. R. Knight, vicar
Newcastle - Rev. Joshua P. Hughes, vicar
Peterstone-super-Montem - Rev. Charles Lloyd Llewellin, rector
St. Bride's Major - Rev. Thos. Jones, vicar
St. Bride's Minor - Rev. Hy. Lewis, rector
St. Mary Hill - Rev. Samuel Evans, rector
Tythegston - Rev. Joshua P. Hughes, vicar; Rev. J. L. Clougher, curate
Chapel of Ease, Old Castle - Rev. F. W. Edmonds, rector; Rev. George Thomas, curate
Chapel of Ease, Pencoed - Rev. Chas. L. Llewellin, rector

Dissenting Chapels

Baptist :-
(Welsh) Newcastle - Rev. Geo. James
(English) Bridgend - Rev. Thos. Cole
(English) Ynysawdre - Ministers various
(English) Tondu - Rev. M. Morgan
Independent - Aberkenfig, Coity, Coychurch, Peterstone-super-Montem, St. Bride's Major, Treos and Ynysawdre - Ministers various

Independent (Welsh) :-

Laleston - Rev. Geo. James
St. Bride's Major - Rev. D. Thomas
Pen evay - Rev. Rees Davies
Ewenny - Ministers various
Pencoed - Ministers various
Newcastle - Rev. George James
Calvinist, Aberkenfig, Ewenny, Laleston, Pencoed and St. Bride's Major - Ministers various
Calvinist, Nolton st., Bridgend - Ministers various
Calvinist (English), Nolton st., Bridgend - Rev. J. Francis Jones
Independent, Adare st, Bridgend
Independent (Welsh), Coity
Independent (English), Wyndham st. - Rev. J. P. Jones

Methodist :-

(Wesleyan), Aberkenfig, Laleston & Tondu - Ministers various
(Wesleyan) North st - Ministers various
(Welsh) Newcastle - Ministers various
(Welsh) Ewenny - Ministers various
Roman Catholic - Canon Robert J. Green, priest
Unitarian, Bridgend - Ministers various


Usually acting within the Petty Sessional Division of Bridgend

Rev. Charles R. Knight, Tythegston Court (chairman)
R. Franklen, Esq., Clemenstone
Wm. Lllewellyn[sic.], Esq., Court Colman
Lieut.-Col. Thomas Robert Morse, Glenogwr
Captain Anthony Powell Treharne, Bridgend
Henry John Randall, Esq., Nolton st
Major Thos. Picton Turberville, Ewenny Abbey
John Whitlock Nicholl Carne, Esq., D.C.L., St Donat Castle, near Cowbridge
Major John Cole Nicholl, Merthyr Mawr
James Brogden, Esq., Tondu House, near Bridgend
George Byngs Morris, Esq., Danygraig, near Bridgend
Alban Birt Jenner, Esq., Bryntirion
Clerk - T. Stockwood, Esq.



Workhouse, Bridgend

Governor - Benjamin Messenger
Matron - Maria Messenger
Clerk to the Board of Guardians - Samuel Cox
Surgeon - Abraham John Verity
Relieving Officers - William John, for Cowbridge; William Leyshon, for Maesteg; and Thomas Jenkins, for Bridgend



For the Parishes or Hamlets of

Coychurch Higher - Isaac John
Coychurch Lower - Evan Matthews
Laleston - John Rees
Pencoed - Donald Grant
Tythegston Higher - Rees Rees
Peterstone-super-Montem - Aaron David
St. Bride's Major - Hopkin Llewellyn
St. Bride's Minor - Morgan Rees
Newcastle Higher - Jesse Hurley
Nemcastle [sic.] Lower - William Thomas
Coity Lower - Josiah Lewis
Ynysawdre - Thomas Rees



Of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Superintendent Registrar - Saml. Cox, Elder st
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths for Bridgend District - Thos. Jenkins, Park st
Deputy Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths for Bridgend District - Edwin Edgar Davies, Adare st



Held Monthly in the Town Hall, Office, Queen street

Judge - Thomas Falconer, Esq.
Registrar - Thomas Tamplin Lewis
High Bailiff - John Stockwood



Offices, Town Hall

Chairman - Mr. T. Stockwood, Rev. W. John, Mr. H. J. Randall, Mr. L. Warrington, Mr. Edward Rich, Mr. Edward Jenkins, Mr. T. Phillips, Mr. John Thomas
Surveyor - G. F. Lambert
Clerk - James Hutchinson
Collector - Caleb W. Scott



Board meets every fortnight




Medical Superintendent - Henry Turnbull Pringle, M.A.
Clerk an Steward - Wm. Jenkin
Chaplain - Rev. W. Lloyd James
Assistant Medical Officer - John Mc Cracken
Clerk to the Committee of Visitors - Thomas Tamplin Lewis
Housekeeper - Euphemia Fortune
Treasurer - Thomas George Smith, National Provincial Bank, Bridgend



Chairman - Mr. R. P. Price; Rev. F. W. Edmonds, Mr. T. Stockwood, Mr. T. Tamplin Lewis, Rev. William John and Mr. J. W. Roberts
Treasurer - J. W. Pritchard, London & Provincial Bank, Bridgend
Clerk - Samuel Cox, Elder st

The Board meets first Monday in every month at 2. 30. 


Chairman - Mr. T. G. Smith
Directors - Mr. William Bird, Mr. Joseph Cragoe, Mr. Josiah Lewis, Mr. Charles P. David, Mr. William Price, Mr. William Williams, Mr. E. J. Morgan, and Mr. W. M. Richards
Secretary and Manager - J. H. Dyer

Bridgend District Highway Board - Samuel Cox, clerk, Elder st
Clerk of the Peace's Office (County of Glamorgan), Town Hall - Thomas Mansel Franklen, Esq., clerk of the peace
Cottage Homes, Merthyr mawr road - Edward Thornton, superintendent; Flora Thornton, matron
Eastern District Roads Board - Samuel Cox, clerk, Elder st
Llynvi & Ogmore Railway Company's Offices, Coity rd - Archibald F. Paull, chairman; Alexander Brogden, deputy chairman; George F. Saunders, secretary
Market House, Caroline st - Josiah Lewis, lessee
Mechanics' Institute, Town Hall - Caleb W. Scott, secretary
Police Station, Coity road - Thomas Williams, superintendent; William Martin, sergeant
Public Reading Rooms, Aberkenfig - Unit Prichard, librarian
Public Reading Rooms, Southerndown - J. J. Greatrex, librarian
Stamp Office, Caroline st - Mr. Stuchberry, distributor
Supervisor of Inland Revenue - A. J. Cox, Morfa st
Taxes Office, Dunraven place - J. W. Roberts, clerk to the commissioners; Daniel Davies, assistant clerk



On the Great Western and South Wales Union Line

Station, Bridgend - William Edward Bradshaw, station master
Station, Pencoed - Joseph Williams, station master


Llynvi and Ogmore Line

Offices, Bridgend

George F. Saunders, Esq. secretary; John Routledge, Tondu, traffic manager
Station, Bridgend - William Edward Bradshaw, station master
Station, Tondu - Wm. Davey, station master

Slaters Commercial Directory, Bridgend, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]