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Contents list of Views of Old Porthcawl,Volume II

A book of photographs produced by The Porthcawl Museum & Historical Society,
The Old Police Station, John Street, Porthcawl.

No. Description No. Description
1 John Street, Lias Road and National Schools [c. 1885] 17 Sandy Bay [c. 1932]
1A Breakwater and Outer Harbour [c. 1885] 17A Sandy Bay [c. 1948]
2 Coal Boats in the Inner Harbour [c. 1885] 18 Promenade [c. 1900]
2A Coal Train approaching the Dock [c. 1885] 18A The Beach, Porthcawl [c. 1900]
3 Seabank House [c. 1885] 19 The Promenade [c. 1900]
3A Lifeboat on Newton Green [c. 1885] 19A Esplanade [c. 1905]
4 Hutchwns Terrace [c. 1885] 20 Esplanade [c. 1910]
4A Rest Home [c. 1880] 20A The Front, looking West [c. 1926]
5 New Road [c. 1885] 21 Punch & Judy show [c. 1930]
5A Breakwater and Sandy Bay [c. 1885] 21A Promenade & Beach [c. 1930]
6 Newton Green and Church [c. 1885] 22 The Rocks [c. 1922]
6A Beach Road, Newton [c. 1900] 22A The Bandstand [c. 1925]
7 Army Camp in Newton [c. 1929] 23 Army Camp at Rest Bay [c. 1930]
7A St. John's Church [c. 1928] 23A Cosy Corner [c. 1950]
8 Newton from the Sand Dunes [c. 1930] 24 Shankley's Skating Rink [c. 1934]
8A Colliers leaving Harbour [c. 1885] 24A Stoneleigh College [c. 1926]
9 The Harbour Inn [c. 1890] 25 John Street, Two-way traffic [c. 1927]
9A S.W.B. Volunteers in John Street [c. 1911] 25A Well Street [c. 1933]
10 Salt Lake [c. 1930] 26 Esplanade Hotel Royal Coat of Arms [c. 1932]
10A Salt Lake [c. 1930] 26A West Drive [c. 1934]
11 Salt Lake [c. 1930] 27 Nottage Halt [c. 1947]
11A Salt Lake infilling by GWR [c. 1912] 27A Station Hill [c. 1947]
12 The Footbridge over Harbour [c. 1920] 28 Footbridge in South Road [c. 1947]
12A The old Lighthouse [c. 1909] 28A Excursion Train [c. 1950]
13 S.S. Cambria approaching Breakwater [c. 1909] 29 John Street looking towards Station Hill [c. 1965]
13A Inner Basin and Lock Gates [c. 1885] 29A Victoria Road [c. 1910]
14 Eastern Promenade [c. 1933] 30 The Square, Nottage [c. 1934]
14A Eastern Promenade [c. 1934] 30A Cottages in Nottage [c. 1930]
15 Eastern Promenade [c. 1950] 31 The Promenade in Snow [c. 1912]
15A Caravans on Trecco Bay [c. 1930] 31A John Street in Snow [1982]
16 Sand Dunes on Trecco Bay [c. 1930] 32 Helicopters at Seabank Hotel [c. 1982]
16A Sandy Bay [c. 1930] 32A The Rest - Caution [1965]

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