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References to 'Newton Nottage' and 'Porthcawl'

  • Around Porthcawl, Newton and Nottage
    Compiled by Keith E. Morgan
    Publisher : Chalford Publishing, Stroud [1996]
    ISBN : 0752406078

  • Porthcawl at War, 1939-45
    Author : Mile Mansley
    Publisher : M. J. Mansley, Porthcawl [1994]
    ISBN : 0952315203

  • Royal Porthcawl Golf Club
    Compiled and Edited by Leo McMahon
    Author : Leo McMahon
    Publisher : Royal Porthcawl Golf Club [1991]
    ISBN : 1872808085

  • Porthcawl, Newton and Nottage, a concise illustrated history
    Photograph courtesy of Phillip Aspinal. Illustrations and maps by Margaret Wooding
    Author : Alun Morgan
    Publisher : D. Brown, Cowbridge [1987]

  • Legends of Porthcawl and the Glamorgan coast
    Illustrated by Margaret Wooding
    Author : Alun Morgan
    Publisher : Eastgate Press, Cowbridge. Distributed by D. Brown and Sons Ltd [1974]

  • The History of the Ancient Church situate at Newton, Porthcawl, in the parish of Newton-Nottage
    With plates
    Author : D. Charles Davies (of Porthcawl)
    Publisher : The Author, Porthcawl (pp.64)

  • The Official Guide to Porthcawl, Glamorgan
    Author : Rev. E. Roberts
    Publisher : E. J. Burrow & Co., Cheltenham [1929]

  • Porthcawl Official guide, with twelve illustrations
    Author : John E. Richards
    Publisher : Chamber of Trade, Porthcawl (pp.44) [1910]

  • Newton Nottage and Porthcawl from prehistoric times to 1950
    Author : Leonard Sutton Higgins
    Publisher : Gomerian Press, Llandysul (pp.xv.171 pl.6) [1968]

  • The Excavation of a Neolithic Dwelling and a Bronze Age Cairn at Mount Pleasant Farm, Nottage
    Adapted from "Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society"
    Author : Hubert Newman Savory
    Publisher : National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (pp.19 pl.II) [1955]

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