Slaters Commercial Directory 1880


OYSTERMOUTH  with the parishes of Bishopston, Cheriton, Ilston, Knelston, Llandewi, Llangennith, Llanmadoc,
Llanrhidian (Higher & Lower), Nicholaston, Oxwich, Penmaen, Pennard, Penrice, Porteynon,
Reynoldston, Rhoscilly, and the villages of Horton, Kilibion, Mumbles, Park Mill, Penclawdd,
Walterstone and West Cross.

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

OYSTERMOUTH is a parish about 4 miles from Seansea, connected therewith by railway, and is much frequented during the summer months as a bathing place. There are many handsome residences in the locality. It is situated upon the peninsula known as the district of Gower, which extends in a westerly direction from Swansea about 18 miles, and is about 7 miles in breadth at its widest part, and is the head of a poor law union of its name. The oyster fishery at the Mumbles gives employment in the season to upwards of 600 men, and the appearance of the skiffs, about 100 in number, is often very picturesque; the take varies from 500 to 3,000 for each skiff in a day. To the north of the Mumbles church, on a little eminence, stands Oystermouth Castle, a considerable part of which now remains, and in better preservation than any of the castles in the Gower. It commands a fine view of the bay in Swansea and the surrounding country. It is the property of his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, as lord of the seinory of Gower, and in the summer is resorted to by parties of pleasure from Swansea and neighbourhood, who dine upon a green within the walls; the gateway is perfect, and also a staircase leading to the terrace. The church of All Saints' is also a fine object from many situations. Near the church are the National schools, opened in 1867; there are also Board schools at the Mumbles, built in 1878 by Messrs. Richards and Billings of Swansea. The Mumbles contains places of worship belonging to the Wesleyans, Baptists and the Unitarians; that of the Wesleyans is a very pretty chapel, opened in 1877. There are three good hotels here. The lighthouse, built upon the outer rock, is an object of interest to visitors; at low water the lighthouse can be gained on foot. A battery has been built beneath the lighthouse; it was completed in 1860, at a cost of #10,000. It contains five mounted guns, two beneath and three on the outside of the battery. Population in 1861, 2, 460, and in 1871,3,574.

BISHOPSTON is a parish and village near the sea, about 6 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is about 2,000 acres. A strange custom in connection with the manor of Bishopston, to be actually retained at the present time, is that of thecopyhold lands being held on borough English tenure, and descending not only to the youngest son or daughter, but also in the collateral line to the youngest brother, sister, uncle, or aunt, and all others. The chief landowners are the Duke of Beaufort (lord of the manor), Sir John Morris, Illtid Thomas, Esq., and H. H. Vivian, Esq. M.P. The places of worship are the parish church and a chapel for Independents. There is a National school for boys and girls. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Bishop of Llandaff. Rateable value, #2,593. Population in 1861, 418, and in 1871, 457

CHERITON is a parish and village near the sea, 14 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 823 acres; C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., is lord of the manor. Here are situated what are supposed to be the ruins of Boville Castle. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Prince of Wales. Rateable value, #956. Population in 1861, 230, and in 1871, 153.

ILSTON is a parish about 7 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 2,879 acres. The principal landowners are the Duke of Beaufort, Thomas Penrice, Esq. (lord of the manor), and Henry Hussey Vivian, Esq. M.P. The places of worshipare the parish church and a chapel for dissenters. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor; rateable value, #1,666. Population in 1861, 295, and in 1871, 287

KNELSTON is a small parish, situated about 10 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is about 539 acres, belonging chiefly to the Earl of Dunraven. The church, which is now in ruins, was dedicated to St. Maurice, but the walls are nearly all standing. The parishes of Knelston and Llandewi are now consolidated, the vicar being the Rev. C. P. M. Williams. There is also a chapel belonging to the Baptists. Rateable value, #504. Population in 1861, 113; and in 1871, 95.

LLANDEWI is a small parish. The Bishop of St. David's holds the castle and manor. The area of the parish is about 1,800 acres. The chief landowners are C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. and Thomas Penrice, Esq. Rateable value, #1,221. The Bishop of St. David's is the impropriator of the tithes. Population in 1871, 141.

LLANGENNITH is a parish, distant from Swansea about 16 miles. The village is situate in a valley, between Lanmadoc Hill and the northern portion of a small range of hills skirting te Rhossily downs. The soils belongs chiefly to Thomas Penrice, Esq. (lord of the manor), C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. and the Earl of Dunraven. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Thomas Penrice, Esq. J.P. of Kilvrough House. There are also chapels for Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists. The church, which is a large structure, with a side tower of considerable height, faced on the eastern side by a blocked Romanesque arch, displays evident marks of consequence; there are the appearances of two staircases on the right and left ofthe chancel, in which there are several ancient monuments. The former Rectorial, or Glebe House, is called by the name of "The College," either from the circumstances, it is supposed, of its belonging to All Souls' College, or from its being the site of the ancient residence of St. Cenydd, who established a congregation here. Roger de Bellomont (son of Henry de Bellomont, Earl of Warwick, who conquered Gowerland, and built the castle of Swansea) founded a priory here in the reign of King Stephen, and is said to have annexed it to the abbey of St. Taurinus, at Evereux, in Normandy. There was a cell in this priory on Holmes Island, the ruins of which still exist. The priory was dedicated to St. Kenedd, and being seized as an alien priory, was granted by Henry VI. A.D., 1441 to All Souls' College in Oxford, but that college, by an act passed in 1838, transferred their interest and patronage to Thomas Penrice, Esq. Rateable value, #2,073. Population in 1861, 384, and in 1871, 360.

LLANMADOCK is a parish near the sea, 15 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 1,220 acres. C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P., and Thomas Penrice, Esq., are owners of the soil. An old encampment, supposed to be Danish, is situated on Llanmadock Hill. The living is a rectory in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor, value #112 annually. There is a very good school conducted on the National system. Rateable value #810. Population in 1861, 225, and in 1871, 178.

LLANRHIDIAN, with the district of Penclawdd, is a parish (a great portion of which is marsh and unenclosed land) situated on the estuary of the river Burry, 10 miles from Swansea. The parish contains the hamlets of Walterstone and Kilibion, and the district of Penclawdd. The area of the parish is about 12,855 acres. The Duke of Beaufort, Sir. J. A. Morris, H. H. Vivian, Esq. M.P., A. D. Berrington, Esq., Thomas Penrice, Esq. and C. R. M. Talbot, Eaq. M.P., are the owners of the soil. The Duke of Beaufort is lord of the manor. At Penclawdd there are lead smelting works, and tin plate works, which, with the adjacent colleries, give employment to a great number of hands. The parish church of recent restoration, stands in the lower division, and a district church in the upper division. There are chapels for Baptists, Independents, and Calvinistic Methodists. The living is a vicarage with the curacy of Penclawdd annexed, in the patronage of the trustees of G. Morgan, Esq. In the parish are two Board schools and one National school. Rateable value : Llanrhidian (Higher), #6, 344; Llanrhidian (Lower), #2,894. Population in 1861, 1,993, and in 1871, 2,151.

NICHOLASTON is a parish situated in Oxwich Bay, 10 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 402 acres. C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. is lord of the manor, and with Thomas Penrice, J.P., owner of the soil; C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P. farms the greater part of the lower division of the parish . The only place of worship is the parish church; the living is a rectory, consolidated with that of Oxwich, in the patronage of C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P. Rateable value #585. Population in 1861, 109, and in 1871, 105

OXWICH is a parish and village in the district of Gower, on the coast of the Bristol Channel, 14 miles from Swansea. In the bay are many curious caverns, and the scenery around is particularly wild and romantic. In the vicinity is Oxwich Castle, a grand old ruin, supposed to be of Norman origin, but more probably erected by Sir Rice Mansel, in the reign of Henry VIII. The parish contains 1, 197 acres of land; C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. is lord of the manor and owner of the soil. The places of worship are the parish church and chapels for the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists. The living, a rectory, with that of Nicholaston annexed, is in the patronage of C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P.. There is a school under the Board. Rateable value #821. Population in 1861, 328, and in 1871, 255.

PENMAEN is a parish, about 9 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 1,264 acres. C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. His Grace the Duke of Beaufort (lord of the manor), and Thomas Penrice, Esq., are owners of the soil. The union workhouse for the district of Gower is situated in this parish. In 1861, whilst digging for the foundation of the union house, the ruins of a place of worship were discovered on Penmaen Burrows. The plaes of worship are the parish church and a chapel for dissenters at Pyle Well. The living is a rectory in the patronage of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. There is a school conducted on the National system. Rateable value #1,069. Population in 1861, 123, and in 1871, 161.

PENNARD is a parish, pleasantly situated near the sea, 8 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 1,848 acres, exclusive of common. His Grace the Duke of Beaufort is lord of the manor, and with Thomas Penrice, Esq. are the principal landowners. There are ruins of a castle on a vast sand bank in the neighbourhood. On the way from Pwlldu Point, by the cliffs towards Oxwich, are two caverns of great interest, named respectively "Beacon Hole" and "Mitchin Hole". The only place of worship is the parish church; the living is a vicarage in the patronage of Thomas Penrice, Esq. There is a school at Park Mill Village, under the direction of the vicar. Kilvrough House in this parish is the seat of Thomas Penrice, Esq. J.P. Rateable value #2,008. Population in 1861, 321, and in 1871, 285.

PENRICE is a parish and village, 12 miles from Swansea. The parish contains 1,840 acres. C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. is lord of the manor, and with Thomas Penrice, Esq. J.P. are the owners of the parish. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of Major Vaughan Hanning Lee, M.P. of Dillington Park, Somerset. There are chapels for the Wesleyans at Horton. Penrice Castle, the marine residence of Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot, Esq. M.P., is a handsome structure, situated near the village of Penrice. The grounds of the castle are laid out tastefully, and the floral portion is justly celebrated. Horton is a hamlet in this parish. Rateable value #1,676. Population in 1861, 307, and in 1871, 290.

PORTEYNON is a parish, 12 miles from Swansea, pleasantly situated near the Bristol Channel. The parish contains 1,010 acres; C. R. M. Talbot Esq., M.P., is lord of the manor and principal land owner. The living is a rectory in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor. There is a parish school, supported chiefly by C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P., and under the superintendence of the School Board. Rateable value #771. Population in 1861, 297, and in 1871, 254.

REYNOLDSTON is a parish and village, 12 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is 1,047 acres. His Grace the Duke of Beaufort is lord of the manor, and C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P., Mrs. Mary Catherine Wood, Thomas Penrice Esq., J.P., are the principal land owners. Arthur's stone, of world wide celebity, is a huge block of stone, fourteen feet long, seven deep, and six and a half wide,and is computed to weigh about 25 tons, it is situated about 2 miles from the village, upon the side of Cefn Bryn, a long mountain ridge. By some it is supposed to have been of Druidical erection, but the absence of the groves so often associated with the altars of their priests, have to other suggested the idea that it owes its originof position to some other period. The placing of this enormous stone upon its pillars, has been ascribed to the prodigious strength of the renowned hero from whom it takes its name, who was slain at the battle of Camlan, A.D. 540. In the neighbourhood there is a remarkable well, called "Holywell". Tradition hands down its celebrity for great cures, and it was customary for the people of this neighbourhood to resort to it on Sunday evenings, to drink its water, and pay the tribute of throwing in apin. The celebrated cavern, accidentally discovered by Mr. Lucas, and by him (at a great expense) fully revealed in all its stupendous beauty, is estimated to hold at least 2,000 people, and may be seen at Stout Hall, the residence of that gentleman, prior to his decease. The church, which was restored about 1868, is a handsome one; the living is a rectory in the patronage of C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. Population in 1861, 270, and in 1871, 277.

RHOSCILY, or Rhossili, is a parish, situated at the extremity of the peninsula, 18 miles from Swansea. The area of the parish is about 1,300 acres, and the rateable value #729. The places of worship are the church, and a chapel for theWesleyans. The church is a very rude structure of great length, lighted by four small windows protected by shutters. There is a ruined church near the beach below. The limestone trade gives employment to a number o the inhabitants. It appears to thestranger to be an occupation fraught with great risk, the men being often suspended over the edges of precipices, several hundred feet high, yet very few accidents occur. The living is a rectory in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor. The principal land owners are C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P., Messrs. Myrick and Guest, and Thomas Penrice, Esq. J.P. Rateable value #858. Population in 1861, 294, and in 1871, 267

The whole of the above parishes are situated in the Gower union, Swansea county court district, diocese of St. David's, archdeaconry of Carmarthen, and deanery of East and West Gower and county of Glamorgan.

POST OFFICE, Black Pill, George Hopkins, Post Master. - Letters arrive (from Swansea) at half-past six morning and torty five minutes past two afternoon, and are despatched thereto at fifreen minutes past nine morning, thirty five minutes past two, and thirty five minutes past five afternoon.

POST OFFICE, Mumbles, James Orrin, Post Master . - Letters arrive (from Swansea) at seven morning and three afternoon, and are despatched thereto at nine morning, and two and five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.

POST OFFICE, Park Mill, William Beynon, Post Master. - Letters arrive (from Swansea) at half-past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at half-past four afternoon.

POST OFFICE, Penclawdd, Isaac D. Williams, Post Master. - Letters arrive (from Swansea) at half-past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at half-past four afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, Reynoldston, Evan J. Harris, Post Master. - Letters arrive (from Swansea) at seven morning, and are despatched thereto at thirty-five minutes past four afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.

POST OFFICE, West Cross, Mary Ann Nicholas, Post Mistress. - Letters arrive (from Swansea) at twenty minutes past six morning and fifty five minutes past two afternoon, and are despatched thereto at nine morning, half-past two, and thirty minutes past five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.


Bailey Miss Emma, Northoll, Mumbles
Baines Mr. Arthur E., Westbourne House, Mumbles
Barree Mrs. Mary Jane, Church Parks, Mumbles
Beer Mr. Philip Henry, Castleton ter., Mumbles
Benson Gen. H. R. C.B., J.P., Fairy Hill, Reynoldston
Beor Richard White, Esq. J.P., The Rhyddings, Bishopston
Bevan Mr. Thomas P., Haroldsmoor, West Cross
Birt Mr. John, Church Park House, Mumbles
Bostock Miss -, Penmaen
Bowen Mr. John, Rock ter, Mumbles
Brader Mr. G. H., West Cross
Bradford Mr. George, Church Parks, Mumbles
Breedon Mrs. Sarah J., Rock terrace, Mumbles
Brine Mrs. Elizabeth, Castleton ter., Mumbles
Brooks Mr. T. E., Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Burgess Mr. Jas. Henry, 1 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles
Burt Mr. Wm. Mount view, Mumbles
Carder Miss Harriet, Portland terrace
Church Rev. Saul Church, The Vicarage, Llanrhidian
Collins Mr. Robert P., Glyn-y-coed, Oystermouth
Collins Mr. Walter Reginald, Langland Bay
Cooper Mr. A., Glanmor, West Cross
Craig Lady Gibson, Lilliput, Black Pill
Crawford Mr. William S., Caeforgan House, Llanrhidian
Crawshay Henry, Esq., Longlands, Oystermouth
Dashwood Mr. F., Church Parks, Mumbles
Davies Rev. -, Llanrhidian
Davies Rev. David Henry
Davies Rev. J. D., M.A., The Rectory, Llanmadock
Davies Rev. Mrs. Jane, Bay View Villa, West Cross
Davies Rev. John, Cheriton
Davies Rev. John C., Castleton, Mumbles
Davies Rev. Lewis, Gwerneion, Black Pill
Davies Mr. R. Rice, Glanmor, Black Pill
Davies Mr. Samuel, Green Lodge, Reynoldston
Dawe Mrs. Harriet, Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Dickson Mr. John, Lawnfield, West Cross
Dive Mr. Hy. Hugh, Shortland House, Mumbles
Doxey Miss Mary, Moyals, Black Pill
Drysdale Mr. George A., Earby Lodge, West Cross
Eaton Mr. David, Three Crosses, Llanrhidian
Edwards Rev. David, Pilton
Essery Richard A., Esq. J.P., Cefn Bryn, Penmaen
Evans John J., Esq., J.P., Belle Vue, West Cross
Evans Philip, Esq., Bryn-hir, Llanrhidian
Fisher S. S. H. Horman, Esq., J.P., Llwyn-Derw, Black Pill
Francis Col. G. G., J.P., Mumbles
Frazier Mr. James, Cambrian Cottage, Mumbles
Fuller Mr. Charles, Elm Cottage, Norton
Gaskoin Mr. John, Lawnfield, West Cross
George Mrs. Mary, Church Park Cottage, Mumbles
Gilbert Mrs. Matilda Elizabeth, Claremont villas, Mumbles
Gold Mr. Chas., Glyn-y-cod, Mumbles
Gold Mr. Chas. C., Underwood, Mumbles
Grayson Mr. E., Beaufort place, West Cross
Griffiths Mr. -, Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Griffiths Rev. Ebenezer, Glyncerrig, Mumbles
Grove Mr. Wm., Rose hill, Mumbles
Gwynn Mrs. Margaret, Dunn's Cottage, Mumbles
Hall Mr. Alfred, Glencorse, Mumbles
Hancorne Mr. Robert, Troed-y-coed, Mumbles
Harris Mrs. Mary, 7 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles
Hasluck Mrs. Jane Julia, Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Holmes Mr. Robert, Church Parks, Mumbles
Hood Mrs. Theresa H. K., Brynfield, Reynoldston
Huxham Mr. H. The Elms, Mumbles
Jackson Mr. Ethelbert, Newton House, Mumbles
James Rev. Edward K., The Rectory, Penmaen
Jellicoe Mr. Edwin, 8 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles
Jenkins J. Jones, Esq., J.P., The Grange, Black Pill
Jenkins Rev. S. W., Oxwich
Johnson Mr. Sandford Cole, Mumbles
Jones Rev. David, The Vicarage, Pennard
Jones Rev. David, The Rectory, Bishopston
Jones Mr. John, 6 Somerset place, Mumbles
Jones Mr. John, Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Jones Rev. John Edward, The Rectory, Reynoldston
Jones Rev. John L., Penclawdd
Jones Rev. Secretan, M.A., Church Parks, Mumbles
Jones Rev. Silvenus, Knelston
Langshaw Mr. John W., Church Parks, Mumbles
Leach Miss Eliza R., Haroldsmoor, West Cross
Leaker Mr. George M., Rotherslade, Mumbles
Leyshon Mr. Robert T., Langland, Mumbles
Lucas Mr. Frederick E., Ridgway Villa, West Cross
Lucas Rev. J. Ponsonby, B.A., The Vicarage, Llangennith
Lury Mr. John, Fern Cliff villas, Mumbles
McCalman Mr. James, 2 Mount view, Mumbles
Mainwaring Captain -, Newton
Martin Mr. Thos. A., Ferm hill, Black Pill
Mason Mr. Thomas, Ty-glyn, West Cross
Meager Mr. George B., Marine Villa, Mumbles
Melland Rev. William, Port Eynon
Merrall Mr. Robert, Portland place, Mumbles
Miers Captain Henry Capel, J.P., Stout Hall, Reynoldston
Millward Mr. Thomas, Norton Lodge
Moxham, Mr. Marcus, Langland villas, Mumbles
Nettell Mr. James T., Rose bank, Mumbles
Nicholl Mr. John, Cwmbach, Black Pill
Nicholls the Misses Ann & Margaret, Dilston Cottage, Mumbles
Nicholls Mr. David F., Dilston Cottage, Mumbles
Norton Mr. Charles, Danycoed, Black Pill
Oakshot Mr. Albert Owen, Langland villas, Mumbles
Oakshot John, Esq., J.P., Langland villas, Mumbles
Parsons Mrs. Mercy G. F., Claremont villas, Mumbles
Penrice Thomas, Esq., J.P., Kilvrough House, Pennard
Penry Mrs. Mary, 1 Crossland place, West Cross
Peterson Mr. A. K., Myrtle Cottage, Norton
Philpot Mr. Richard, 10 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles
Phipps Misses Mary Ann & Ellen, Church Park, Mumbles
Price Rev. -, Llangennith
Richardson Mr. Jeremiah C., Derwenfawr, Black Pill
Richmond Mr. T. W., Mayals, Black Pill
Ritchie Miss Martha, Langland villas, Mumbles
Rowe Mrs. Margaret, 2 Roseland ter., Mumbles
Rutter Mr. Samuel S., 7 Somerset place, Mumbles
Sant Mrs. Kate, Woodbine Cottage, West Cross
Smith Mr. Thomas H., Merton House
Sparks Gen. James P., Ty-Bryn, Little Reynoldston
Spensley Rev. James, Church Park, Mumbles
Sprague Mr. John, Rock terrace, Mumbles
Steel Mr. Brooke, Claremont villas, Mumbles
Stone Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 Roseland terrace, Mumbles
Strick Mrs. -, Llwynymor, Oystermouth
Strick Edward, Esq., West Cross House, West Cross
Strick Miss Emma, Brynfield, Oystermouth
Strick Mr. Frank C., Llwynymor, Oystermouth
Strick Mr. Thomas, Moon Telfourd, Mount Pleasant, Norton
Talbot Christopher Rice Mansel, Esq. M.P. (lord lieutenant of the county), Penrice Castle
Taylor Mr. Godfrey, Alma House, Mumbles
Taylor Mr. John, Northway House, Bishopston
Thomas Mr. B. B., The Croft, Mumbles
Thomas Mr. Child, Rose Hill Villa, Mumbles
Thomas Mr. John, Burry House, Penclawdd
Thomas Rev. John, Penclawdd
Thomas Miss Margaret, Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Thomas Rev. Thomas, Norton
Todd Mr. William, Bay View Villa, West Cross
Trick Mr. William, Church Parks, Mumbles
Tucker Mr. George, Fern Cottage, Mumbles
Vivian William Graham, Esq., J.P., Clyne Castle, Black Pill
Watson Mrs. Margaret, Church Parks, Mumbles
Webber Mr. Felix H., Glydderwen, Black Pill
Westhorp Rev. Sterling Browne, The Rectory, Ilston
Westrup Mr. Walter, Claremont villas, Mumbles
Williams Rev. C. P., Black Hills, Killay
Williams Mr. Charles J., Longpark House, Gower Cross
Williams Rev. Charles P. M., Rock ter, Mumbles
Williams Mr. F. E., Penmaen House, Park Mill
Williams Mr. James, 3 Mount view, Mumbles
Williams Rev. W. D., Penclawdd
Wilmot Montague, Esq., Norton House, Mumbles
Wilson Mr. Daniel, 1 Roseland terrace, Mumbles
Young Mr. George, Rose Bank, Mumbles
Young Mr. T. W. Islay, Haroldsmoor, West Cross


Board Schools :-
Black Pill - Wm. Linnard, master
Knelston - David Williams, master
Llangennith - John Hall, master
Oxwich - T. Pickering, master
Oystermouth - Luke Bessant, master; Mary Linnard, mistress; Catherine Jones, infants' mistress
Penclawdd - John George, master
Port Eynon - Wm. George, master
Three Crosses - Seth Jones, master
Bliss Frederick C., 5 Somerset place, Mumbles
British School, Newton - Sophia Mitchell, mistress
Griffiths Rev. Ebenezer (& boarding), Glyncerrig, Mumbles

National Schools :-

Bishopston - Aneurin Arnold James, master
Cheriton - William Hall, master
Killay - Miss - Adams, mistress
Llanmadock - William Hall, master
Llanrhidian - W. Lewis, master
Mumbles (boys') - Frederick Lewis, master
Mumbles (mixed) - Emily Ogborn, mistress
Park Mill - William Elliott, master; Ann Elliott, mistress
Penmaen - Lucy Ellen Kingston, mistress
Rhoscilly - William Taylor, master

Riddell Hannah, Castleton terrace, Mumbles


Merrell Robert & Co., Mumbles, and 32 Fisher st, Swansea


Ball W., Scurledge, Llandewi
Bevan Thomas, Church terr., Mumbles
Coghlan Thomas, Frogmore, Reynoldston
Davies John, Mumbles
Evans John H., Nicholaston
Greening Charles, Bishopston
Jenkins Evans, Llanrhidian
Jenkins John, Penclawdd
Jones John, Llanrhidian
Morgan David, Black Pill
Roach William, Park Mill
Roberts Francis, Llangennith
Sanders James J., Mumbles
Watter George, Llanmadock
Williams John, Llanrhidian
Williams John, Penmaen
Williams Thos., The Hall, Penclawdd


Ace John, Park Mill
Bevan David, Newton
Beynon Philip, Llangennith
Gammon Thomas, Mumbles
Gammon Thomas Henry, Black Pill
Guy John, Knelston
Hoskin George, Reynoldston
Jones George, Rosehill ter., Mumbles
Mock John, Mumbles
Morgan Thomas, Reynoldston
Nicholas David, Llangennith
Phillip William, Newton
Richards John, Llangennith
Taylor William, Reynoldston
Thomas John, Knelston
Tucker John, Reynoldston


Dollin William, Llanmadock
Ellis Joshua, Black Pill
Steele Henry, Reynoldston


Hayward Samuel, Black Pill
Williams Thomas, near Penclawdd


Britain Benefit, Mumbles - William Bennett, secretary
Mumbles Benefit, Mumbles - James Orrin, secretary


Bevan John, Llanmadock
Eley David, Mumbles, & 23 High st & 46 Wind st, Swansea
Eliott Joseph, Llanrhidian
Evans John, Llanmadock
Howell Daniel, Horton
Jones David, Llanrhidian
Morris William, Mumbles
Peachey Edwin, Mumbles
Thomas Rees, Penclawdd
Thomas William, Penclawdd
Williams Evan, Mumbles


Clarke Thomas K. (cabinet maker), Bath House, Mumbles
Davies William, Llanrhidian
Elliott John (& cabinet maker), Black Pill
Johns Charles, Park Mill
Jones George, Park Mill
Lloyd David (wheelwright and coach builder), Black Pill
Lloyd William, Llanrhidian
Maslen Joseph, West Cross
Maslen William, West Cross
Rosser George, Llandimore, Reynoldston
Rosser Henry, Reynoldston
Thomas Benjamin, Penclawdd
Thomas Griffith, Penclawdd
Thomas Morgan, Penclawdd
Thomas William, Reynoldston
Tucker Philip, Reynoldston


Loney Joseph Frith (& agent for the Royal Insurance Co. ), Mumbles
Williams Richard E., Mumbles


Jones Matthew Underwood, Mumbles
Knox James (railway constructive), 9 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles


Calland David (merchant), Black Pill
Cenfngolau Colliery Co., near Gower road
Llanmorlais Coal & Coke Co. Limited - William L. Crawford, manager
Morris, Smith, Thomas & Co., Gower Iron & Tinplate Works, Penclawdd
Row George (merchant), Mumbles


Guy William, Penclawdd
Hadwin Matthew, Penclawdd
Hughes John, Penclawdd
Williams J. & Son, Penclawdd - See advertisement


Behenna Mary, Mumbles
Brittan Herbert J., Mumbles
Davies William, Mumbles
Lockband Henry, Mumbles
Row George, Mumbles


Behenna Mary, Mumbles
Jones Mary D., Mumbles
Nicholas Jane E., Mumbles


In Bishopston Parish :-

Lower Division :-
Beynon William, Bishopston
Clement Henry, Longash
Clement Richard, Hareslade
Evans John, Bishopston
Evans Thomas, Merton
Gammon David, Bishopston
Jones David, Bishopston
Jones Thomas, Hareslade
Lloyd Willim, Knapp
Lloyd William, Pwll
Longney William, Herbert's Lodge
Webborn Timothy, Little Hills
Upper Division :-
Hopkins Hannah, Wernllaesh
Howells William, Goitra Bella
Howells William, Killay
Jones Elizabeth, Wergan Rows
Pendry William, Wernllaesh
Perkins Thomas, Wernfawr
Pugh John, The Farm
Pugh Noah, Fairwood Lodge
Pugh William, Brynmoil
Rees Rowland, Wernllaesh
Williams Daniel, Killay
Williams David, Killayfawr
Williams Elizabeth, Killayfach

In Cheriton Parish

Bowen John, Borehills
Chalk John, Broadway
Davies John, Kittle
Gordon John (exors. of), Landimore
Guy George, North Hill
Howells Mary, Stembridge
Jenkins George, Western Mill
Rees Edward, Borehills
Taylor John, Cheriton
Taylor Rowland, Mount Pleasant

In Ilston Parish

Bennett John, Hills
Bevan Morgan, Ilston
Booth David, Gelly Higher
Davies John
Davies John, Park Mill
Davies William, Wiloxton
Davies William, Courthouse
Davies William, Ilston
Elliott Joseph, Ilston
Evans Daniel, Hills
Harries George, Ilston
Jenkins Morgam, Pengwern
John Elizabeth, Ilston
John John, Hills
Jones John, Llannon
Jones John, jun., Ilston
Porter William, Fairwood
Porter James
Price Edward, Malthouse
Webb James, Ilston
Webb Thomas
Williams John, Ilston
Williams William, Llannon

In Knelston Parish

Clarke Richard, Whitewell
Gammon Richard, Burry Farm
Guy Philip, Knelston
Hoskin Mrs. -, Burry
Hoskin David, Knelston
Hoskin George, Knelston
Thomas John, Higher Mill
Thomas William, Middle Mill
Wilson the Misses, Knelston

In Llandewi Parish

Batcock David, Cathan
Butler John, Scurledge Castle
Clark Charles, Llandewi
Clement Charles, Scurledge Castle
Corbett George, Cathan
Corbett James, Burry
Davies Thomas, Sculedge Castle
Gordon John, Berry Farm
Hughes David, New Henllys
Hughes John, Lower Newton
Powell David
Taylor William, Pilton Moor

In Llangennith Parish

Batcock Elizabeth, Llangennith
Beynon Richard, Burry's Green
Beynon Ruth, Llangennith
Davies David, Cadiz Hall
Evans John, Burry Alley
Gordon Joseph, Burrow's Green
Griffiths John, Llangennith
Grove John, Penmynydd
Grove Thomas, Penmynydd
Grove Thomas, Hardingsdown
Hopkins Richard, Llangennith
Jenkins Evan, Broadway
Jenkins John, Llangennith
Jenkins William, Cock st
Jones George, Barriston
Nicholas William, Town Farm
Phillips David, Westerhouse
Rees John, Pound House
Rees Thomas, West Town Lodge
Richard Francis, Higher Mill
Robets John, Cock st
Taylor Ann, Llangennith
Taylor John, Well Park
Taylor Mary, Llangennith
Taylor William, Coity Green
Thomas John, Penmynydd
Wilson the Misses -, Hardingsdown
Willis Thomas, Muzzard

In Llanmadock Parish

Bevan Francis, Llanmadock
Evans Daniel, Hills
Griffiths John, Llanmadock
Holland John & Thomas, Cwm Ivy
Hullin Nicholas, Lagadranta
Jenkins John, Lagadranta
Jenkins William, Lagadranta
Thomas David, Catchpool

In Llanrhidian (Higher & Lower), With Walderstone and Kilibion parish

Bevan -, Llethryd
Beynon Rabbi, Cwm Mawr Issa
Beynon Richard, Gelligroes
Beynon William, Cefn Bychan
Booth David, Gellihir
Davies John, Carncynwen
Davies Robert, Walderstone
Davies Robert, Freedown
Davies Samuel, Llanellan
Davies William, Westerhouse
Davies William, Tyrecthin
Dunn Richard, Leason
Eaton Samuel, Pountffalled
Elliott Joseph, Wimblewood
Gordon Francis, Leason
Gordon George, Kil-ivor
Gordon Richard, Penrallt
Griffiths Isaac, Glandwrys
Griffiths William, Llanrhidian
Harry Robert, Dunvant
Jeffery Robert, Llanrhidian
Jenkins Richard, Manselfold
John David, Coldharbour
John Evan, Trecoed
Jones Benjamin, Bryngwas
Jones David, Llanrhidian
Jones William, Cwmnewydd
Morris Philip, Walderstone
Pugh Henry, Killonen
Thomas William, Tyrmynydd
Tucker George, Parkyredin
Walters Philip, Killan
Westacott George, Llanrhidian
Williams John, Cefndraw
Williams John, Old Walls
Williams John, Doole

In Nicholaston Parish

Bevan John, Nicholaston
Davies William, Glebe Farm
Edwards David, Mansfield
Griffith David, Mansfield
Jones John, Mansfield

In Oxwich Parish

Bevan George, Oxwich Castle
Beynon William, Norton
Beynon William, Norton
Shepherd David
Thomas Mrs. -, Oxwich Green
Tucker Charles, Westernslade

In Oystermouth Parish

Ackland John, Brospit
Bennett David, Newton
Bennett John, Newton
Bennett Margaret, Norton
Beynon David, West Cross
Beynon John, Thistleboon
Bidder John, Newton
Edward John, Oystermouth
Gammon Charles, Newton
Gammon John, Newton
Gwynn Philip, Newton
Howell William, Newton
Morris William, Oystermouth
Nicholls David F., Oystermouth
Owens David, Newton
Owens Griffith, Newton
Owens John, Newton
Owens William, Newton
Parry Richard, Newton
Penry John, Oystermouth
Rees Hopkin, Mumbles
Tucker John, Maryals
Westacott Robert, West Cross
Woolacott Richard, West Cross

In Penmaen Parish

Curtis Henry, Paviland
Morgan Charles, Pyll Well
Morris Eleanor, Penmaen
Walters David, Hills
Williams Eleanor, Longoak

In Pennard Parish

Beynon William, Hunts
Clark John, Kittle Hill
Davies Mary, High Pennard
Davies Samuel, Great Kittle
Davies William, Southgate
Davis John, Norton
Edwards John, Southgate
Evans Richard, Green Lane
French Benjamin, james Grove
Griffiths Richard, Highway
Jones William, Langrove
Morris William, Heal
Walters David, Southgate

In Penrice Parish

Bevan Mary, Horton
Bevan Morgan, Horton
Bevan Samuel, Pilton Green
Bevan Thomas, Horton
Davies Edward Francis, Sanctuary
Davies William, Pilton
Morgan Morgan, Pitt Farm
Tucker John, Horton

In Porteynon parish

Bevan John, Overton
Bevan Silvanus, Overton
Beynon David, Overton
Beynon John, Hills
Gibbs George, Overton
Gibbs George, Porteynon
Hughes George, Porteynon
Morgan Charles, Moor Corner
Morgan William, The Hill
Steven John, Overton

In Reynoldston Parish

Bevan Henry, Hills
Bowen William, Reynoldston
Gammon John, Frogmore
Hoskins Philip, Reynoldston
Hughes David, Perkins
Nicholas Joseph, Little Reynoldston
Steele Henry, Reynoldston
Thomas John, Hill End
Willis John, Stack Pool Mill

In Rhoscilly Parish

Bevan Elizabeth, Rhoscilly
Bevan John, Hill End
Bevan John, Pitton
Bevan John G., Middleton
Bevan Mary, Rhoscilly
Bevan Samuel
Beynon George, Overton
Beynon George, Pitton
Beynon Morgan, Middleton
Beynon John, Pilton
Beynon William, Middleton
Button John, Rhoscilly
Button John, Pilton Green
Griffiths George, Middleton
Powell David, Pitton
Rogers William, Rhoscilly
Taylor Rowland, Middleton
Taylor William, Pilton
Thomas John, Rhoscilly
Tucker John, Pitton


Crook Robert, Black Pill
Davies Charles (& florist), Black Pill
Shaw John, Gower rd
Shaw William, Gower rd


Bosworth William, Mumbles
Dooland James, Mumbles
Pressdee William, Mumbles


George Frederick Birks, Mumbles
Mermaid, Benjamin Sefton, Mumbles
Ship & Castle, Anne Phillips, Mumbles


Antelope, Elizabeth Lane, Mumbles
Bath House, George W. Whittaker, Mumbles
Beaufort Arms, Susannah Bennett, Mumbles
Beaufort Arms, John Davies, Norton
Beaufort Arms, Frances Collins, Kittle, Pennard
Bishopston Valley, Elizabeth James, Bishopston
Black Boy, David John, Killay
Britannia, John Evans, Llanmadock
Caswell Bay, Amy Langdon, Caswell Bay
Commercial, Catherine Brown, Killay
Commercial, David Morris, Gower rd
Currant Tree, Harry Anderson, West Cross
Dolphin, J. Williams, Llanrhidian
Farmers' Arms, Charles Lewis, Llanmadock
George, John Jeffreys, Penclawdd
Gower, Elizabeth Scott, Park Mill
Gower, James Williams, Gower rd
Greyhound, Henry Evans, Mumbles
Hill House, Lewis Rees, Mumbles
Joiners' Arms, Wm. Lloyd, Bishopston
King Arthur, Richard Williams, Reynoldston
King's Head, Thomas Rees, Llangennith
Nag's Head, Herbert Lloyd, Mumbles
New Inn, Amelia Williams, Mumbles
New Inn, Hannah Thomas, Park Mill
Oystermouth Railway Inn, John Morgan, Oystermouth
Pilot, Henry Mills, Mumbls
Plough & Harrow, John Davies, Merton
Prince of Wales, Sarah Ann Rees, Mumbles
Railway, John Harry, Penclawdd
Railway Inn, John Williams, Killay
Rock & Fountain, Richard Woolacott, Newton
Royal Refreshment Rooms, Anne Vivian, Mumbles
Ship, Daniel Curtis, Porteynon
Ship & Castle, Daniel Collins, Penclawdd
Ship & Castle, John Gammon, Newton
Ship on Fire, Hezekiah Jenkins, Middleton, Rhoscilly
Talbot Arms, Richard Thomas, Mumbles
Tanners' Arms, Charles Lewis, Llanmadock
Victoria, William Givelin, Mumbles
Waterloo Stores, Charles Gelderd, Mumbles
Welcome to Town, David Shepherd, Llanrhidian
Welcome to Town, Francis Nicholas, Llangennith
White Rose, Richard Hobbs, Mumbles
Woodman, Charlotte Baker, Black Pill


Christopher Rice, Penclawdd
Dallimore John T., Penclawdd
Davies John, Penclawdd
Jenkins John, Penclawdd
Morgan Edward, Berthlwyd, Penclawdd
Morgan John, Penclawdd
Powell William, Mumbles
Thomas Ann, Penclawdd


Evans David W. (and ship chandler), Mumbles
Michael Edwin (builders'), Mumbles
Rogers John (and ship chandler), Mumbles
Williams J. & Son, Penclawdd


Goodhart E. C. & Co., Penclawdd Lead Works


Lloyd Eleanor, Coltshill, Mumbles
Miles Samuel, Newton Lime Works, Newton


Harris Evan J., Reynoldston
Jones Elizabeth, Mumbles
Lee George, Mumbles
Penclawdd Industrial Co-operative Society, Limited - Thomas Francis, secretary
Rees John, Mumbles
Williams -, Llanrhidian
Williams J. & Son, Penclawdd


Ace Samuel, 8 Somerset pl., Mumbles
Andrews M. B., 7 Somerset pl., Mumbles
Balsdon Richard, Castleton place, Mumbles
Bennett Catherine, 6 Sheffield place
Bevan Thomas, Church ter., Mumbles
Beynon David, West Cross
Burt Ann, Church Parks, Mumbles
Button Richard, Birch grove, Mumbles
Challacombe Elizabeth & Mary Ann, Mumbles
Charles John, Mumbles
Clarke Alice, 6 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles
Clement Daniel, Castleton, Mumbles
Cocking Thomas, West Cross
Davies John, 4 South End villas, Mumbles
Davies Mary, Bay View House, Mumbles
Davies Richard, Dumfries House, Mumbles
Davies Thomas, Fern Cliff villas, Mumbles
Evans Ann, Richmond villas, Mumbles
Evans Mary, Mumbles
Evans William, 5 Sheffield place, Mumbles
Fawcett Ann & Isabella, 2 Somerset place, Mumbles
Francis Frances, Underhill, Mumbles
Frazier James, Beaufort pl., West Cross
Fuge James, West Cross
Gammon Mary, Shortland House, Mumbles
Grimshaw Thomas, Langland Hill
Harris James, Castleton terrace, Mumbles
Harris Thomas, Church Parks, Mumbles
Hawkins William, Langland Bay
Howells David, 5 South End Villas, Mumbles
Hughes Eliza, Mumbles
Hunt William, Dorset House, Mumbles
John Griffiths, Church Parks, Mumbles
Jones David, 6 South End Villas, Mumbles
Jones John, Sea View House, Mumbles
Jones Margaret, Mumbles
Kleiser Constantine, Church terrace, Mumbles
Knight Louisa, 5 Alexandra terrace, Mumbles
Libby Henry, Mumbles
Lloyd David, Church Parks, Mumbles
Lloyd James, Overland, Mumbles
Lockband Henry, Mumbles
Mansfield Thirza, 1 Mount view, Mumbles
Maslin Mrs. -, Burrow's Cottage, West Cross
Matthews John, 3 Sheffield place, Mumbles
May Emily, Church Parks, Mumbles
Michael David Evans, 2 Sheffield place, Mumbles
Michael Henry, Claremont Villas, Mumbles
Miller Richard, Oxborne Cottage, West Cross
Morgan Thomas, Missgove Villa, Mumbles
Morris William, Fairfield Villa, Mumbles
Orrin James, Post Office, Mumbles
Prickett Edward, Marine House, Mumbles
Row George, Mumbles
Smith Charles, Rosehill terrace, Mumbles
Smith William, West Cross
Southwood Jonathan, 3 South End Villas, Mumbles
Thomas Francis, Rock terrace, Mumbles
Thomas Mary Ann, Church Parks, Mumbles
Williams Evan, Sea Beach Cottage
Williams Mary, Church Parks, Mumbles
Winstone Walter, Castleton place, Mumbles


Beynon David, Overton, Porteynon
Gibbs George, Porteynon
Jones William, Bishopston
Steele Henry, Reynoldston
Thomas John George, Reynoldston


Ace William, Llangennith
Davies John, Lower Mill, Park Mill
Howells Mary, Stembridge Mill, Cheriton
Jenkins George, Western Mill, Cheriton
Jones George, Stonemill, Park Mill
Morgan David, Black Pill Mill, Black Pill
Thomas John, Knelston
Thomas William, Middle Mill, Llangennith
Williams Thomas, Penclawdd
Willis John, Stack Pool Mill, Reynoldston
Willis John, Llanrhidian


Challacombe Jane, Mumbles
Rogers Annie, Claremont villas, Mumbles


Brader J. & Sons (pianoforte, harmonium, American organ & general musical repository), West Cross, Mumbles, & 9 Wind st. Swansea


Bevan John, Park st, Mumbles
Birks Frederick, Mumbles
Burt William, Mount View, Mumbles
Davies John & Sons, Commercial place, Mumbles
Evans David, 4 Sheffield place, Mumbles
Givelin William, Mumbles
Howell William, Albion House, Mumbles
Hughes Eliza, South End, Mumbles
Jones John, Sea View House, Mumbles
Lloyd James, Overland, Mumbles
Michael David Evans, 2 Sheffield place, Mumbles


Gordon Martin, Llanrhidian
Hopkins George, Black Pill
John John, Roseland terrace, Mumbles
Vaughan John, Mumbles


Ace Samuel, Mumbles
Bevan Mary, Llangennith
Beynon George, Park Mill
Beynon William, Knelston
Beynon William, Park Mill
Clarke George, Oxwich
Collins Frances, Kittle, Pennard
Davies Daniel T., Mumbles
Davies John, Merton
Davies Mary, Bishopston
Evans Richard, Gower road
Griffin John H., Mumbles
Griffiths Thomas, Penclawdd
Guy Ann, Cheriton
Hadwin Matthew, Penclawdd
Harris Evan James (& agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine importers, London), Reynoldston
Howell Benjamin (& agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine importers, London), Gower road
Hughes Eliza, Mumbles
Hullins Elizabeth, Mumbles
James Elizabeth, Bishopston
James John, Gower road
Jenkins John, Norton
Jones John (& baker), Mumbles
Jones Margaret, Mumbles
Jones Mary, Ilston
Jones Thomas, Mumbles
Lewis George, Mumbles
Lewis Thomas, Gower road
Libby Henry, Mumbles
Long Margaret, Mumbles
Lucas Charles, Newton
Morgan Harriet, Black Pill
Morgan John, Mumbles
Morgan Thomas, Penclawdd
Morgan Thomas Richard, South End villas, Mumbles
Nicholas Mary Ann, West Cross
Oliver Rachael, Norton
Orrin James, Post Office, Mumbles
Rees John (& agent for W. & A, Gilbey, wine importers, London), Mumbles
Rees Richard, Mumbles
Rees Thomas, Black Pill
Rees William, Mumbles
Rees William, Penclawdd
Roberts Robert, Brasydog, Penclawdd
Row George, Mumbles
Stephen Samuel, Oxwich
Watter George, Cheriton
Webborn James, Mumbles
Williams David, Penclawdd
Williams J. & Son, Penclawdd


Beer Philip Henry, Oystermouth


Bailey & Hawkins, Mumbles
Bennett Joseph, Mumbles
Davies Francis, Reynoldston
Davies Joseph, Penclawdd
Griffiths Thomas, Penclawdd
Hawkins George, Church Parks, Mumbles
Jenkins David, Mumbles
Morris John, Mumbles
Phillips Benjamin, Llangennith
Shepherd & Richards, Mumbles
Thomas David, Llanmadock
Thomas William, Llanrhidian
Tucker William, Reynoldston
Winstone Walter, Castleton pl., Mumbles


Bevan John, 4 Somerset pl., Mumbles
Eade Charles H., 2 Somerset place, Mumbles
Ellis Henry Vause, M.B., Reynoldston
Jumeaux Benjamin, Claremon villas, Mumbles


Clark Richard, Reynoldston
Davies Stephen, Mumbles
Evans John, Llangennith
Evans Mary, Mumbles
Grove James, Llanrhidian
Harry William, Porteynon
Jones John, Park Mill
Jones William, Gower road
Kingdon John G., Mumbles
Parry Richard, Llanrhidian
Parry Richard, jun., Llanrhidian
Rees Philip, Llangennith
Taylor James A., Mumbles
Thomas William, Llanrhidian
Williams David, Penclawdd
Williams J. & Son, Penclawdd


Johns Joseph Lewis, Mumbles
Jones Anne, Mumbles


Dix George, Penclawdd
Dix Joseph, Llanrhidian
Jones David, Llanrhidian
Phillips Samuel, Llangennith
Tanner Isaac, Llangennith


Belk H., photographer, Mumbles
Bennett Thomas, boat builder, Mumbles
Bowen William, oyster fishery inspector and shipping surveyor, Church ter., Mumbles
Challacombe William, hairdresser, Mumbles
Davies William, travelling tea dealer, Penclawdd
Evans William, road surveyor, Llanrhidian
Harries James, marine painter, 2 South End villas, Mumbles
Harris James, plasterer, Castleton ter., Mumbles
Harris Thomas, sexton, Church Parks, Mumbles
Howell Margaret, confectioner, Mumbles
Jones Daniel, custom house officer, Portland terrace
Jones William H., bookseller & stationer (& agent for the London & Provincial Insurance Co.), Mumbles
Kleiser Constantine, watchmaker, Church terrace, Mumbles
Michael Edwin, dealer in cement, paints, and colours, Mumbles
Morris, Smith, Thomas & Co., tin and terne plate manufacturers, Penclawdd
Rees Ellen L., agent for Pullar & Son, dyers ( Perth), Mumbles
Richards William, sail maker, Mumbles
Vivian H. Hussey, mnufacturing chemist, Llanrhidian Lower
Wright, Butler & Co., steel manufacturers, Gower road



and their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment

All Saints', Mumbles - Rev. Secretan Jones, M.A. , vicar
District Church, Penclawdd - Rev. - Fulford, incumbent

Parish Chuches :-

Bishopston - Rev. David Jones, rector
Cheriton - Rev. John Davies, rector
Ilston - Rev. Sterling Browne Westhorp, rector
Llangennith - Rev. J. Ponsonby Lucas, B.A., vicar
Llandewi - Rev. Charles P. M. Williams, vicar
Llanmadock - Rev. J. D. Davies, rector
Llanrhidian - Rev. Saul Church Church, vicar
Nicholaston - Rev. S. W. Jenkins, vicar
Oxwich - Rev. S. W. Jenkins, vicar
Penmaen - Rev. Edweard K. James, rector
Pennard - Rev. David Jones, vicar
Penrice (St. Mary's) - Rev. John Edward Jones, vicar
Porceynon [sic.] - Rev. William Melland
Reynoldston - Rev. John Edward Jones, Rector
Rhoscilly - Rev. John Ponsonby Lucas, vicar

Dissenting Chapels

Baptist :-
Knelston - Rev. Silvanus Jones
Llanrhidian - Rev. - Davies
Penclawdd - Rev. John Thomas
Gower Rd - Ministers various
West Cross - Ministers various
Killay - Rev. John Davies
Calvinistic Methodist :-
Cheriton -
Gower rd - Ministers various
Llangennith - Rev. - Price
Penclawdd - Rev. W. D. Williams
Christadelphian, Mumbles

Independent :-

Bishopston - Ministers various
Mumbles - Rev. John C. Davies
Newton - Rev. John C. Davies
Penclawdd (Bethel) - Rev. John L. Jones
Pilton Green (Emanuel) - Rev. David Edwards
Three Crosses - Rev. John L. Jones
Wesleyan Methodist :-
Llangennith - Ministers various
Oxwich - Ministers various
Mumbles - Rev. James Spensley
Penre - Rev. - Ellis


Usually acting for the Division of Gower

Benson H. R., Fairy Hill
Beor R. W., The Rhyddings
Essery R. A., Cefn Bryn
Fisher S. S. H. Horman, Llwyn Derw
Miers C. H., Southall [sic.]
Penrice T. Kilvrough
Clerk - Jenkin Jones, 31 Fisher st., Swansea
Superintendent of Police - Jno. Howlett


of Births and Deaths

For the Eastern Division of Gower, including the parishes of Bishopston, Ilston, Llanrhidian (Higher), Oystermouth and Pennard - John Clark, Kittle hill, Pennard
For the Western Division of Gower, including the parishes of Cheriton, Knelston, Llandewi, Llangennith, Llanmadock, Llanrhidian (Lower), Nicholaston, Oxwich, Penmaen, Penrice, Porteynon, Reynoldston and Rhoscilly - Jno. Gordon, Berry Farm, Llandewi


Port Eynon, Oxwich and Penrice

Chairman - Rev. William Melland
Silvanus Bevan
George Bevan
Morgan Morgan
David Harry
Clerk - David Harry

United District of Reynoldston

Chairman - Rev. John Edward Jones
Henry Bevan
Philip Guy
Davies Hughes
James Corbett
Clerk - Evan J. Harris

Higher Llanrhidian

Chairman - Rev. J. Lloyd Jones
Rev. W. D. Williams
Henry Davies
R. B. Roberts
Rabbi Beynon
Clerk - W. Howells, Llanelly


Offices, 18 York Place, Swansea

Chairman - Rev. J. C. Davies
G. M. Leaker
F. J. Rayner
Robert Holmes
William Burt
Treasurer - S. S. H. Horman Fisher
Surveyor - Thomas Thomas
Clerk - J. Aeron Thomas
Children's Officer - William Morris


Offices, Mumbles

Chairman - James T. Nettell, Esq.
Medical Officer - Benjamin Jumeaux
Treasurer - John R. Letcher
Clerk - James Orrin
Collector - Joseph Maslin
Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances - William Clement


Workhouse, Penmaen

Chairman - Thomas Penrice, Esq. J.P.
Master - Christopher Davies
Matron - Ruth Davies
Chaplain (voluntary) - Rev. Edward Knight James
Surgeons - Henry Vause Ellis, M.B., Reynoldston, and John Bevan, Mumbles

Assembly Rooms, Mumbles - James Orrin, secretary
Coast Guard Station, Mumbles - Lieut. Harry T. Godfrey, principal officer
Light House, Mumbles - Abraham Ace, keeper
Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles - Jane Balsdon, keeper
Oystermouth Local Board Office, Post Office, Mumbles - James Orrin, clerk
Police Station, Mumbles - Jas. Howells, sergeant in charge
Skating Rink, Mumbles - H. Huxham, proprietor
Stamp Office, Reynoldston - Evan J. Harris, distributor


On the London and North Western Line

Station, Dunvent, 5 miles from Swansea - Isaac Peters, station master
Station, Gower Road, 7 miles from Swansea - Jonathan Morgan, station master
Station, Killay, 4 miles from Swansea - John Allen, station master
Station, Mumbles Road, 2.5 miles from Swansea - George William Thornhill, station master
Station, Penclawdd, 9 miles from Swansea - John Bound, station master

On the Great Western Line

Station, Gower Road - Wm. Roberts, station master

On the Oystermouth Line

To and from Swansea, about six times a day

The Swansea Improvement & Tramways Company, in the exercise of their running powers, now book passengers between Morriston and the Mumbles; trams every hour during the day - E. Everingham, manager - See advertisement

Slaters Commercial Directory, Oystermouth district, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]