Newspaper extracts for Penmark parish


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

Searches made on these place names in this order; Penmark & Aberthaw

  •  From the Barry Dock News 19th July 1901

PENMARK. SALE OP WORK AT FONMON CASTLE. — On Wednesday, the 7th of August, a sale of work, &c., will be held in the grounds of Fonmon Castle, by the kind permission of Mr O. H. Jones, in aid of the funds of the Church Mission at Aberthaw. Instrumental and vocal music, with other attractions, will be provided.

  • From the Barry Dock News 11th July 1890

PENMARK. PETITION TO PARLIAMENT.—In the House of Commons on Tuesday evening last, Mr Arthur Williams presented a petition against the Rating of Machinery Bill, from the churchwardens and overseers of the parish of Penmark, Glamorganshire.

  • From the Barry Dock News 28th December 1894

PENMARK. ENTERTAINMENT.—A very successful entertainment, both financially and otherwise, was given at the Village School, Penmark, on Friday evening last by the Penmark Dramatic Society in aid of the building fund for the new school.  ....(part extract)...

  •  From the Barry Dock News 8th January 1892

PENMARK. NEW PAROCHIAL CLUB.—A parochial club has been formed in this village, through the exertions of the vicar, the Rev Edward Morgan. The club is held in the class-room at the schools   ....(part extract)...

  •  From the Barry Dock News 18th April 1902

PENMARK. THE ANNUAL FAIR was held on Monday last, and was well attended. A sale of stock took place, and good prices were obtained.

  • From the Evening Express (Third Edition) 22nd June 1894

PENMARK CHURCH. Sermon by the Bishop of Llandaff at the Re-Opening. Penmark Church, near Barry, was formally reopened on Wednesday, after undergoing considerable alteration and renovation. Penmark is one of the most beautiful and historic spots in the Vale of Glamorgan, and in this building tradition states the great father of Wesleyan Methodism, John Wesley, himself worshipped while on occasional visits to his friend. the then Squire of Fonmon Cattle. St. Mary's Church., Penmark, is a structure of the mediaeval period, the greater part of the walls being from the transition of the Norman to the Gothic     ....(part extract)...

  • From the Evening Express (Pink Edition) 27th August 1894

STEALING DUCKS AT PENMARK. Three young men from Barry Dock, named *** were placed in the dock at Penarth Police court on Monday (before Major Thornley and Mr. Howell) charged with stealing ducks on Sunday evening.   ....(part extract)...

  • From Barry Dock News 8th March 1907

ABERTHAW. TARIFF REFORM.—On Monday evening next, at Aberthaw Mission Room, at eight o'clock, a public meeting will be held, when Mr Chamberlain's methods of Tariff Reform for Great Britain and the Colonies will be expounded, and the address will be illustrated with lantern slides. The address will be repeated at Penmark School on Tuesday evening at the same hour.

  •  From the Barry Dock News 3rd June 1892

ABERTHAW. THE NEW RAILWAY.—There are now about 150 men engaged on the completion of the station buildings, &c., on the new extension of the Taff Vale Railway Company from Cowbridge to Aberthaw.

TEMPERANCE MEETING.—On Friday evening last, at the Baptist Mission Hall, Aberthaw, a public meeting was held under the presidency of Mr D. Howell, Cwmbarry Farm. The meeting having been opened by prayer, offered by the Rev W. Daniels, Penmark, a powerful address on temperance was delivered by the Rev L. Ton Evans, pastor of the English Baptist Church, Cadoxton,   ....(part extract)...

  • From the  Barry Dock News 10th June 1892

ABERTHAW. PASSENGER TRAINS.—Hitherto when passengers went over the Cowbridge and Aberthaw Railway, they did so in cattle trucks. Now there are passenger trains, and the first ran over the line on Wednesday last.

  • From the Evening Express (Pink Edition) 16th August 1895

ABERTHAW DISASTER. A BOARD OF TRADE INQUIRY NOW PROBABLE In connection with the application which has been made by Mr. J. Ward,' president of the Navvies, Bricklayers', Labourers, and General labourers' Union, to the Board of Trade for the holding of a public inquiry into the causes of the collapse of the railway bridge at Aberthaw, near Barry, on Friday, the. 9th inst. causing the deaths of three men who were at work underneath, Mr. Ward on Friday afternoon received the following telegram, from Major Wyndham-Quin, M.P. for South Glamorgan —

"House of Commons, London 12.12 p.m., August 16, 1895. To Mr. J. Ward, 39, Bassett-street, BarryvDocks, Glamorgan. Been strongly pressing Board of Trade, and now hope inquiry will take place. Kindly express warmest sympathy of self and Ladv Quin with relatives of those who lost their lives.—WYNDHAM-QUIN, House of Commons. "

  • From the Evening Express (First Edition) 9th December 1898

ABERTHAW LIMEWORKS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION THIS MONTH. Mr. J E. Gunn, auctioneer, Cardiff, has been instructed to offer the Aberthaw Pebble Lime- works for sale by auction on the 21st inst. The works, which are situated close to the ports of Cardiff and Barry, and within a few yards of the Cowbridge and Aberthaw and Vale of Glamorgan Railways were constructed a few years ago at a cost of £5,596. The pebbles, which are obtained from the beach under a licence from the Board of Trade, produce what is believed to be the finest lime in the world, and the property in the hands of enterprising people ought to prove a most valuable investment. There is a dead rent of £100 and a royalty of 8d. per ton on every ton of lime burnt. There will be practically no reserve.

  • From the Barry Dock News 23rd March 1900

ABERTHAW. THE PEBBLE LIME WORKS.—We are informed that an infiuential company has been formed to take over the original Aberthaw Pebble Lime Works at Aberthaw, and that arrangements are being made for restarting the concern at once.