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Help and advice for Newspaper extracts for Port Eynon parish

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Newspaper extracts for Port Eynon parish

There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  • From the Weekly Mail 1st September 1883

PORT EYNON. THE AGNES JACK.—On Thursday week the Frank Stanley tugboat towed the barque Maggie, of London, from the Mumbles Roads to Port Eynon Bay for the purpose of raising the boiler, &c., of the wreck Agnes Jack, which was lost in January last with a cargo of lead ore, off Port Eynon Point.    .....(part extract).....

  • From the Weekly Mail 6th October 1883

PORT EYNON. NARROW ESCAPE OF A SCHOONER.—A little before low water on Sunday night the schooner John and Ann, of Runcorn. bound to Swansea in ballast, grounded near the wreck of the Agnes Jack, off Port Eynon Point; but soon after the turn of the tide the vessel floated off, and proceeded on her voyage. She was boarded by a boat's crew from the village, but required no help. Fortunately for her the sea was smooth, there being only a light breeze from the north.

  • From  The Cambrian 10th May 1901

PORT EYNON. HANDSOME GIFT BY MISS TALBOT. A very handsome new altar table, altar linen, and harmonium have been presented to the Church of Port Eynon by Miss Talbot, and are very much appreciated by all the Church people. The altar is 7ft. long, and 2ft. 9in. wide, made of oak. and beautifully carved. It is from a design by Messrs Jones and Willis, of Birmingham.   .....(part extract).....

  • From The Cambrian 27th August 1897

PORT EYNON. On Friday evening last, the 20th inst., a concert was held in the schoolroom, Port Eynon, in aid of the funds of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  The schoolroom was filled with a large and appreciative audience.   .....(part extract).....

  • From the Weekly Mail 9th June 1883

PORT EYNON. PORT EYNON AS A LIFEBOAT STATION.—A vigorous effort is being made in this locality to have Port Eynon constituted a lifeboat station. It is believed there will be no difficulty in obtaining an efficient crew to man the boat should the application prove successful.

  •  From The Cambrian 31st January 1896


"SiR, -Without questioning your right to insert in The Cambrian above a non-de-plume a letter which, in my opinion, contains most grave statements, I respectfully ask your permission to reply to some of Mr. Ratepayer's statements. As to the Rev. Mr. Edwards's assumed inconsistency and his inability--in consequence of his non- residence in the parish—"to make himself acquainted with the seamy side (which side is that, please?) of the working of the school," I have nothing to do, for Mr. Edwards is quite able, if necessary, to defend himself. Nevertheless, I should be pleased if your correspondent  l inform us, 1st—How many seamy sides are there? and 2nd- Does he mean the seamy side of the working, or of the school ? Let me examine his first statements "The master was not a properly qualified person for the position." Now this is an untruth. Your correspondent must be aware of the fact that no school can receive one farthing Government grant unless the teacher is properly qualified. Sir, if Mr. Ratepayer can prove that Port Eynon School has been unable to obtain every year the grant earned in consequence of the non-qualification of the present teacher, I will hand £5 to the Swansea Hospital, or, if he prefers it, to a hospital for imbeciles.   .....(part extract).....

 ANTONY. Mid-Gower, 15th January, 1896. "

  • From The Cambrian 3rd September 1897

HORTON v, PORT EYNON. The above match was recently played on the Gower Ground, where an excellent wicket had been prepared by the groundsman, before a large and fashionable attendance. Heavy rain fell in the morning, which made the wicket rather slow but some excellent cricket was seen.    .....(part extract).....

  •  From the Weekly Mail 29th July 1899

BALLOON ADVENTURE AT PORT EYNON. The "South Wales Daily Post" says: Some holiday-makers who have just returned to Swansea from Gower report a sensational incident which occurred in the vicinity of Port Eynon Bay on Friday afternoon. Among those who relate the story is a son of the chief-constable of Swansea (Captain Colquhoun). Whilst sojourning in the neighbourhood he says he saw a balloon pass over Port Eynon Bay, having two persons in the rear. On its approaching the cliff, he noticed that grappling-irons were thrown out, but they failed to stop the progress of the balloon, and the occupants, finding their efforts unsuccessful,  commenced lightening the balloon by discharging ballast. They threw out a considerable quantity of ballast, and the balloon ascended.    .....(part extract).....