Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880.


PYLE with the Parishes and Villages of Sker, Kenfig,
Cornelly, Kenfig Hill and neighbourhoods.

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

PYLE is a parish and neat village 6 miles from an in the county court district of Bridgend, its post town, in the hundred of Newcastle, and county of Glamorgan. About a mile from the village are the celebrated Bryndu coal and coke works, the property of Christopher R. M. Talbot, Esq., M.P., who is lord of the manor, and lord lieutenant of the county. They are conveniently situated about 5 miles from Porth Cawl, with Llynvi and Ogmore railway running by the works to that harbour; and a branch from the South Wales main line connecting these and the works at Cefn with that railway. The church of St. James, annexed to that of Kenfig, is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop of Llandaff, and was restored in 1877 at a cost of over #700, obtained by voluntary contributions. There is also a chapel for Calvinistic Methodists. The soil is chiefly agricultural. Population in 1871, 883.

SKER is a parish on the margin of the Bristol Channel, about 3 miles from Pyle and 7 from Bridgend, its post town. Population in 1861, 14; 1871, 13.

KENFIG is a parish and contributory borough, about 2 miles from Pyle and 7 from Bridgend, its post town. It shares with Swansea, Neath, and other boroughs, in the return of a member to Parliament. The church of St. Mary Magdalen is annexed tothat of Pyle, and was restored in 1879 at a cost of #400, defrayed by voluntary contributions. Population in 1861, 278; 1871, 270

KENFIG HILL is a populous hamlet, partly in the parish of Pyle but principally in that of Tythegston, about 1 mile from Pyle and 5 from Bridgend, its post town, and in the same union and county court district. At the foot of the hill are the Bryndu works before-mentioned, which furnish employment for a large portion of the inhabitants. About a mile from these, up the valley, are the Cefn iron and coal works, which belong to the same owner. There are also coal, mineral and fire brick works, and a cement, & c. manufactory. The Baptists, Independents and Calvinistic Methodists have each a place of worship here. There is also a National school. Population in 1871, about 1,390.

CORNELLY is a small hamlet in the parish of Pyle and within a mile of the village. It is divided into North and South Cornelly. At the former place a Board school has been established.

POST OFFICE - Pyle, Morgan Rees, Sub-Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Bridgend) by messenger, at nine morning, and are despatched thereto at twenty minutes to five evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

Letters for Kenfig Hill & Cefn Cribbwr, should be addressed "near Bridgend"

Letters for Cornelly, North and South, Sker and Kenfig, should be addressed "near Taibach "


Daniel Mr. Benjamin, Bryndu House
David Mr. John, Cross House, Kenfig Hill
Davies Mr. Richard, Tower Cottage
Davies Rev. Rees, Penyfai
Davies Rev. Watkin B.A., The Vicarage, Pyle
Felton Mr. John, Pyle Cottage
Jones Mrs. Margaret, Cornelly South
William Rev. Evan, Marlass
Williams Rev. Daniel, Kenfig Hill
Williams Mr. John, Tymaen


Board School, Cornelly North - Thomas Penhale, master; Elizabeth Penhale, mistress
National School, Kenfig Hill - William Sherwood, master


David James, Pyle
Jenkins Richard, Cefn Cribbwr
John David, Cornelly North
Jones Thomas, Cornelly South
Rees Rees, Cefn Cribbwr


David William, Cefn Cribbwr
Thomas Isaac, Kenfig Hill
Thomas William, Kenfig Hill
Williams Leyshon, Kenfig Hill


Hopkins Thomas (& wheelwright), Cornelly North
Howell Griffith, Kenfig Hill


Jenkins Rees, Kenfig Hill
John Evan, Kenfig Hill


Daniel Jones & Co. (& fire brick), Stormy Works, and at Ferryside, Swansea


Edwards John P., Kenfig Hill
Evans Evan, Kenfig Hill, & Aberavon


Bryndu Coal and Coke Co., Bryndu & Cefn Collieries, Pyle - Benjamin Daniel, manager
Cefn Iron and Coal Co. - William H. Forester, manager
Williams & Sons (& firebrick), Cefn Cribbwr


David David, Kenfig
Donne Matthew, Ballas
Edwards David, Kenfig Hill
Edwards Lewis, Kenfig
Howells Evan, Kenfig
Jones David, Tytanglwst
Jones Evan, Kenfig
Loveluck Sarah, Kenfig
Lewis William, Kenfig
Matthews David, Pwllygarth
Morgan Robert, Marlass
Morgan Robert, Kenfig
Morgan Thomas, Sker
Morgan Thomas, Kenfig
Porter Thomas, Pyle
Powell Gwilliam, Tydraw
Rees David, Kenfig
Rees Morgan, Cefn Cribbwr
Rees Morgan, Cornelly North
Rees Rees, Kenfig
Rees Thomas, Tynypwll
Simpson John, Pyle
Thomas Jenkin, Tydraw
Thomas Catherine, Kenfig
Thomas Rees, Hall Farm
Thomas Thomas, Kenfig Hill
Williams John, Tymaen
Williams Rees, New Park


Marked thus * are also Drapers

Bedford George, Pyle
David William, Cefn Cribbwr
Davies Thomas, Cefn Cribbwr
Edmund John, Cefn Cribbwr
* Howell William, Kenfig Hill
James Benjamin, Kenfig Hill
* Jenkins David, Kenfig Hill
* John William, Kenfig Hill
Lewis John, Cefn Cribbwr
* Maddock Thomas, Kenfig Hill
Matthews John, Kenfig Hill
* Morgan Margaret, Pyle
Morgan Mary, Cefn Cribbwr
Powell Rees, Cornelly North
Thomas Job, Cwm Foe
Thomas William, Cefn Cribbwr
* Thomas William, Kenfig Hill
Rees William, Cornelly North
* Ware John, Kenfig Hill
* Williams Edward, Kenfig Hill
Williams William, Kenfig Hill
* Williams John, Kenfig Hill


Angel, William Roderick, Kenfig
Butchers' Arms, Edwd. David, Kenfig
Butchers' Arms, Thos. Waite, Kenfig Hill
Colliers' Arms, Thos. Davies, Kenfig Hill
Crown, John Williams, Pyle
Crown, Griffith Howell, Kenfig Hill
Farmers' Arms, John Jones, Cefn Cribbwr
Masons' Arms, David Jenkins, Kenfig
New House, Rees Powell, Cornelly North
Old House, Ann Morgans, Cornelly North
Prince of Wales, John Evans, Kenfig Hill
Prince of Wales, Jenkin Yorwerth, Kenfig
Pyle Inn, John Simpson, Pyle
Pyle Tap, Evan John, Pyle
Star, William Thomas, Cefn Cribbwr
Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Jones, Cornelly South


Edward Thomas, Cornelly North
Jenkins Thomas, Pyle
Jones John, Kenfig Hill
Rees Rees, Cefn Cribbwr
Rees William, Pyle
Rees William, Cornelly South
William Job, Kenfig Hill
Williams William, Kenfig Hill


Edwards John P., Kenfig Hill
Evans Evan. Kenfig Hill


Daniel, Jones & Co. (and Limestone), Stormy Works, near Bridgend
David David, Kenfig


(See also Drapers under the head Grocers.)

Hopkins Thomas, Cornelly North
Williams Thomas D., Kenfig Hill
Williams Thomas M., Cefn Cribbwr


David Thomas, Cornelly North
Jones George, Pyle


Balmond Isaac, Kenfig Hill
John Thomas, Cornelly North
Rees Thomas, Kenfig Hill


Felton John (agent for C. R. M. Talbtot, Esq. J.P.), Pyle
James Benjamin, earthenware dealer, Kenfig Hill
Jenkins Margaret, greengrocer, Kenfig Hill


And their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment

St. James's, Pyle - Rev. Watkin Davies, B.A., vicar
St. Mary Magdalen's, Kenfig - Rev. Watkins Davies, B.A.

Dissenting Chapels

Baptist :-
Cefn Cribbwr - Rev. Rees Davies
Kenfig Hill - Ministers various
Independent :-
(Welsh), Kenfig Hill - Rev. Daniel Williams
Cefn Cribbwr - Rev. Danl. Williams
Methodist (Calvinist), Pyle & Kenfig Hill


For Pyle and Part of Kenfig Hill - John Williams
For Kenfig - Jenkin Yorwerth
For Cefn Cribbwr and Part of Kenfig Hill - Rees Rees

Conveyance by Railway

On the Great Western and South Wales Union Line
Station, Pyle - David Lewis, station master

On the Llynvi and Ogmore Valleys Line
Station, Kenfig Hill, Joseph W. Bailey, station master

Slaters Commercial Directory, Pyle, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]