A Chronicle of a Parish in the Vale of Glamorgan

By Stanley W. Bevan 1980

Indexed by Pat Grimes 1999, the index is only partly completed

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Group Illustrations

Indiduals listed on the People list with the same page number as a Group
below will be part of that Group Illustration.

---,2nd Line Glamorganshire Yeomanry, 1914,15 ---,2nd Volunteer Battalion, Welch Regiment,1910,36
---,Air Raid Wardens,1939-45,111 ---,Artisan Players of Southerndown Golf Club,1908,52
---,Bryn Sion Methodist Chapel Sunday School Outing to Porthcawl,1936,47 ---,Members of the Southerndown Voluntary Aid Detachment,1915,109
---,Southerndown Cricket Club,1924,52 ---,Southerndown Mission Room Concert Party,1925,53
---,St. Bride's Major Air Rifle Club,1950,50 ---,St. Bride's Major Choir,1908,70
---,St. Bride's Major Parish Council,1964-65,19 ---,St. Bride's Major School Group,1913,70
---,Wreck of the Porth Careg,1939,93

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People Illustrations

Checking the Group List for the same page number will indicate whether the
individual is part of a Group illustration or not.

Ace, J.,36 Ace,L.,36
Ace,L.,70 Ace,Leyshon,52
Ace, T.,36 Atyeo,I.,70
Atyeo,O.,70 Atyeo,O.,70
Bamon,Eileen,53 Bamon,Eileen,109
Bamon,Felix,53 Bamon,Stirling,53
Bamon,Tom,53 Battrick,D.,19
Benjamin,A.,36 Benjamin,H.,70
Bevan,A.,15 Bevan,B.,70
Bevan,Bertha,53 Bevan,Connie,53
Bevan,Connie,109 Bevan,E.,111
Bevan,E.52 Bevan,Family,8
Bevan,Gwyn,53 Bevan,H.,52
Bevan,H.,70 Bevan,Isabella,109
Bevan,M.,111 Bevan,S.,70
Bevan,S.W.,14 Bevan,S.W.,19
Bevan,S.W.,52 Bevan,S.W.,93
Bevan,S.W.,111 Bevan,T.,15
Bevan,W.J.,15 Bevan,William,14
Blomley,B.,47 Blomley,E.,47
Blomley,P.,47 Booker,Dulcie,109
Booker,Ethel,109 Booker,Henrietta,109
Bowen,A.,15 Bowen,A.,70
Cotty,V.,111 Cox,W.,50
Crowden,Sgt.P.,14 Crowley,Dan,52
David,A.,70 David,B.,15
David,D.,70 David,H.,15
David,I.,70 David,M.,70
David,Maggie,53 David,T.,36
David,T.,70 Davies,A.,19
Davies,Alfred,52 Davies,Christie,52
Davies,E.,70 Davies,F.,15
Davies, Fred,52 Davies,Peggy,109
Davies,Q.M.Sgt.,14 Dixon,E.,70
Dixon,S.,70 Dixon, T.,36
Dixon,T.,70 Dixon,V.,70
Draper,Mrs.,66 Elliot,P.C.,93
Elliot,P.C.,111 Ellsbury,E.,52
Garrett, G.,19 Gibbs,D.,111
Glover,B.,47 Green,W.,52
Griffiths,A.,70 Hadden,Cpl.T,14
Hardee,E.,36 Hardee,T.,15
Harry,E.,47 Harry,O.,52
Harry,Olison,52 Harry,R.,15
Harry,Reg,52 Hayden,F.,15
Hayden,L.,111 Hayden,Mr.E.,66
Heard,D.L.,19 Heddin,Richard,52
Herbert,J.,111 Hill,William,52
Hopkin,B.,70 Hopkin,D.,19
Hopkin,D.,50 Hopkin,E.,15
Hopkin,E.,50 Hopkin,I.,15
Hopkin,J.,47 Hopkin,T.,36
Howe,E.,70 Howe,L.,47
Irvine,H.O.,52 Irvine,Lt.H.O.,14
Jenkins,G.,47 Jenkins,M.,19
Jenkins,W.,47 John,L.,70
John,R.,50 John,W.,70
Jones,D.,111 Jones,E.,52
Jones,J.,50 Jones,W.,52
Jordan,Violet,53 Jury,M.,70
Knowles,Eileen,109 Knowles,Gwyneth,109
Lewis,G.,111 Lewis,L.,70
Lewis,Q.,52 Lewis,Thelma,53
Llewellyn,E.,70 Llewellyn,W.,70
Lloyd,E.,47 Lloyd,G.,36
Lloyd,G.,70 Lloyd,G.,70
Lloyd,L.,70 Lloyd,M.,70
Lloyd,M.,70 Lloyd, R.,36
Lloyd,R.,70 Lloyd,W.,50
Loveluck,E.,19 MacDonald,Annie,53
May,Supt.W.,111 McClean,Sir E.,109
McDonald,Annie,109 McDonald,D.,111
McDonald,T.,70 Miles,G.,70
Miles,Gwen,109, Miles,M.,70
Miles,M.,111 Mitchel,P.,52
Mitchell,P.,70 Mordicai,Peggy,109
Morgan,A.,47 Morgan,A.,111
Morgan,C.F.,50 Morgan,F.,47
Morgan,M.,47 Morgan,M.,47
Osborn,A.,70 Osborn,E.,70
Osborn,H.,70 Owen,Jack,53
Owen,Mrs.,109 Owen,Nancy,53
Owen,Nancy,109 Parkin,C.,14
Peake,P.,70 Pearce,B.,111
Pearce,H.,70 Pearce,Harry,52
Pearce,R.,19 Pearce,R.,50
Pearce,R.,52 Pearce,Richard,53
Pearce,W.,52 Phillips,J.,70
Phillips,S.,50 Powell,B.,47
Powell,M.,70 Powell,Mildred,109
Powell,W.,19 Powell,W.,70
Powell,W.47 Pratt,F.,52
Pratt,Fred,53 Price,D.C.H.,19
Rees,J.,15 Rees,Nurse,109
Richards,G.,52 Richards,S.,15
Ricketts,G.,50 Rocyn-Jones,Dr.,109
Rowe,A.,52 Rowe,H.,70
Rowe,Mrs.Arthur,53 Rowe,N.,70
Sharrat,B.,70 Sharrat,G.,47
Sharrat,H.,50 Sharrat,J.,15
Sharratt,A.,70 Sharratt,J.,70
Sim,J.,111 Sim,James,52
Smith,M.,47 Smith,M.,70
Smith,R.,15 Sneddon,D.,47
Sneddon, M.,47 Speak,I.,70
Stone,A.,19 Symes,Jim,53
Symes,Nellie,53 Symes,Nellie,109
Thomas,A.,70 Thomas,Alice,53
Thomas, D.,47 Thomas,Dulcie,53
Thomas,Eileen,53 Thomas,F.,52
Thomas,G.,70 Thomas,I.,36
Thomas,J.,70 Thomas,Mrs.J.,50
Toms,Mrs.,109 Vaughan,Rev.David,53
Verity,Gladys,53 Walker,R.,52
Watkins,I.,47 Watkins,L.,70
Watkins,N.,47 Watkins,Rev.T.,47
Wheeler,E.,15 Wheeler,E.,70
Wheeler,Eric,52 Wheeler,J.,70
Wheeler,Jose,52 Wheeler,Mr.,70
Wheeler,Mrs.,70 Whitfield, P.,47
Williams,B.,70 Williams,E.,15
Williams,E.,36 Williams,E.,47
Williams,E.,47 Williams,Evan,52
Williams,George,52 Williams, M.,47
Williams,P.,70 Williams,T.,14
Williams,T.,15 Williams,T.,70
Williams,W.,15 Williams,W.,70
Wills,A.,111 Wills,Rev.D.,111
Wimbow,Gladys,109 Yorath,G.,50


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