Newspaper extracts for St Bride's MInor parish


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

Searches made on these  names in this order; St Bride's Minor, Bryncethin, Brynmenin

  • From The Cardiff Times 3rd September 1881

ST. BRIDE'S MINOR. RE OPENING OF THE PARISH CHURCH — On Wednesday the above edifice was re-opened after being thoroughly renovated inside, a new flooring, and heating apparatus being laid down, and the walls cleaned and the windows reglazed. A new roof has also been added to the work of restoration, but the general character of the building has not been altered    ....(part extract).....

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 8th January 1909

ST. BRIDE'S MINOR. Gift of Land for Church Room.-A representative meeting was held last week of Church people to consider the kind offer of Mr. T. Jones, Sarn Fawr. Aberkenfig, to present a piece of land' for the purpose of building a room for Sunday School and other Church work. It was decided to accept Mr. Jones's offer with thanks, and those present. together with the Church officers, formed themselves into a committee for raising the necessary funds.      ....(part extract).....

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 6th May 1910

ST. BRIDE'S MINOR PATRONAGE. The "London Gazette" contains an Order in Council which states that the King approves the scheme of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for effecting a transfer of the ownership of the advowson or perpetual right of patronage of and presentation to the church and cure of Saint Bride's Minor, in the county of Glamorgan and in the diocese of Llandaff. By the scheme the right of patronage is transferred to the Bishop of Llandaff and his successors.

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 11th December 1914

FAMILY FOR ST. BRIDE'S MINOR. The above parish has decided to maintain a family of Refugees, and a strong, representative committee has been appointed, of  which the Rev. E. J. Rosser is chairman; Mr. Thomas Morgan, treasurer; and Mr. J. Williams, secretary. The  parish has been divided into districts for collecting, and if the parishioners continue their support as promised, a family will be easily provided for. Application has been made for a family of five or six of the peasant class, but, so far, no reply has been received. Great credit is due to the ladies for the able manner in which they are carrying out their duties.

  • From The Cardiff Times 22nd September 1883

BRYNCETHIN. AN EISTEDDFOD was held on Monday in the above village, under a spacious marquee, when the fine weather and an attractive programme drew forth a large audience. The morning meeting was presided over by Mr Thomas Edwards (Cochfarch), in the afternoon by the Rev. W. Evans, of Coity, and at the concert at night Mr Fergae, of the Barrow Works, presided. A feature in the programme was the offering of prizes for juvenile singers. The choral contest for the best singing of Handel's    "0 Father, whose almighty power," was between the Zoar choir, Maesteg,  the Bryncethin choir and the Independent (Aberkenng) choir the Iatter obtained the prize.

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 10th January 1908

BRYNCETHIN. Boy Rescued.—A number of boys were skating on Sunday on the large, pond adjoining Bryncethin Colliery. It is very deep in parts, and the ice was weak in the centre. One of them named Williams, a boy between 17 and 18, ventured to the centre and went through. The ice on each side of the hole held, and he grasped the edge. There was a great hue and cry, and a rope was thrown to him, but the effort was fruitless. A ladder was subsequently got, and by this means he was saved after being a considerable time in the water.

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 4th September 1908

BRYNCETHIN. Bryncethin Lock-out—The Executive Committee of the South Wales Miners' Federation on Wednesday decided to pay at the usual rate the workmen locked out at the Bryncethm Colliery. These men were locked out following a strike by some of their colleagues.

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 25th May 1894

BRYNCETHIN. NOTICE TO CYCLISTS.—Come and read for yourselves your RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES and study the riding regulations, and therefore be under no doubt as to what are the PENALTIES. Full information to be had in our windows.—Brown and Williams, official repairers to the Cycle Tourist Club, Wyndham-street, Bridgend.—Advt. Special attention is invited to the choice stock of shirtings, gents' silk and felt hass, caps, shirts, collars, ties, tennis and cricketing suits kept by W.C. EDWABDS, opposite the Market, Bridgend.

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 13th August 1915

BRYNCETHIN. DISPATCH RIDER.-Mr. Reginald Geo. Churchill, a dispatch rider, has arrived home after having a very rough time at the front. He received his wounds at Armentieres and was discharged from Birmingham Hospital as unfit for further service. One of his wounds is practically well and the wound in his left side is getting a bit better. Mr. Churchill is a brother to Mr. Bertie Churchill, of Bay View House, Bryncoch, Bryncethin.

DEMONSTRATION.—A demonstration and street collection took place on Saturday for a fund to give a welcome home to our wounded soldiers, and notwithstanding the heavy rain the affair was well patronised by the inhabitants. Close on £9 was collected and this is to be supplemented by a collection from each place of worship. Selections of music were given en route by the Tondu Silver Band; the streets were well decorated and a feature was a special banner painted and suitably lettered by one of the refugees.

  • From The South Wales Star 16th October 1891

BRYNMENIN. BRASS BAND.—We understand that a brass band is about to be started, and we cordially wish the movement every Excess.

GLEE PARTY,—The glee party has every prospect of doing well. The members meet every Wednesday night. and are already getting in trim for Christmas.

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 25th January 1907

BRYNMENIN. Literary Evenings.—Another of the series of winter evening literary meetings was held at the Schoolroom, Brynmenin, on Monday evening, when a capital programme was gone through, the schoolroom being well filled. Items were contributed by the following:      ....(part extract).....

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 30th July 1915

BRYNMENIN. BRYNMENIN COUNCIL SCHOOL CHILDREN'S TREAT.—A tea party was given to the children of the above school by Mr. and Mrs. George Howells, of Abergarw Honse, on Wednesday afternoon. The treat was given as a reward to the children for the excellent way in which they performed their part at the recent unveiling of the statue to the memory of Miss S. J. Howell, who so nobly sacrificed her life in an attempt to save one of the school children; also as a token of the family's appreciation of the generosity of the public in subscribing towards the memorial.     ....(part extract).....

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 5th January 1906

BRYNMENIN. Cantata.—The Brynmenin Juvenile Choir gave a capital rendering ot the popular cantata "Grandfathers Birthday." at Tondu Schoolroom on Wednesday afternoon and evening, last week